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Wise Brigade Expects Odds to
Veer in His Direction
Ere Battle
Rural Followers of Knockout
Scrapper Back Him With
Great Confidence
Retting ors th« Hogan-Frayne mill.
ThSch Trin be decided Saturday after
noon, continues at even money. Judg
ing fro-n the talk on th* lin* and the
deductions reached by the so called
vrlse men of flstdom. the chances are
that Hogan -will become the favorite
t«-say by at least a point and that he
will enter th^ ring at about 10 to ?.
This. hf>w*>v*»r. m«y b* offset by a sud
den rush of Frayne money at the last
Tt 5s a b!t puzzling to some of the nH
tfznersj They can not understand why
a lad like Hngan, who has never gone
more than four rounds In. Ms life,
should rule *>.t evens with a seasoned
1 ampaisrner like his opponent. They
recall that Frayne beat Die-k Hyland In
20 rounds and held his own against
O^ren Moran, Tommy Murphy and the.
m&rvelously clever Freddie Welsh In
in round scltos. all within the last two
But. as has be«=n explained time after
'toe. thp bettors of San Francisco are
th* most peculiar set of men In all the
world. If they tnke a liking to a boxer
th«»y will plunff on him, no matter
wbat the conditions are and no matter
what sort of a performer he Is -pitted
Tills I? the reason why they have
™^ Hopan an even money choice
against Frayne! Another 5 and a \**»ry
pla.i:sibl«» reason is that tlie four round
youngster la absolutely Ike hardest
hitting lightweight that this city has
produced in the last 10 or 15 ypars. Up
can hit from any angle and with either
hand. It goes without saying that if
he lards a full one on Frayne's jaw the
battle will end without further cere
mony, for Hogan is always quick to
follow up his advantage as well as
ov:ick to deliver the right sort of a
blo-tr with his= right or his left.
Frayne is a splendid defensive man.
He is hard to lift, with the
right hand. He 5s also fast and an all
ground pood ring: general. However,
Ms knockout record, dees not stand out
prominently. He Is not a knocker out.
never was and probably never will be.
He has a Fpler.cid one. two punch, with
which he hopes to pick off Hofran.
T'l" one rounfl terror has a larsre
'•"•'lowing of friends around Vallejo.
\u25a0in<! h.lfo around Orland. Chico and
Woodland. They have bern unloading
Th<»Jr coin on him tbroush his manager,
T .Valter Franey. The latter has also
\u25a0vappr*»ri several hundred dollars on the
• han<"f»p of his proteg-e, aH of "which
, as d«ne a whole lot to keep him "on
•~ven terms with his more' experienced
\u25a0pponert. who. tip to the present time,
has lacked this financial support.
Ho?an occupies about the same posi
tion that Jimmy Eritt di<i when he was
in his prim* 5 . They all want to see him
beaten, but at the same time they are
\u25a0uinine: to pay their {rood money for
t'.iis privil^g-e. Thus Hogran is a great
pugilistic card, one of the best box
office men since' Britt's time.
Frayne dropped down to the 136
mark yesterday afternoon after
j "ompleting fiis day's work, and Trainer
I Tlv Kreling- came to the conclusion
tVsat the J>oy was about right. Frayne's
weifrht was a source of worry for many
of his friends durinpr the last week.
From present indications, however, he
should be able to do 123 pounds four
hours before the battle without any
trouble. -- 4
Johnny worked five rounds yesterday
v.-ith Charley Reilly and Jimmy Allen.
He did not extend himself as much
as has been his wont during the last
two weeks, merely toying with both
boys and doing just about enough work
to keep well, warmed up. He still
looks big. more like a welter weight
than a lightweight, but if he can make
the weight, this is an advantage rather
than a drawback.
Frayne will do a little more boxing
and roadwork today, and on Friday
afternoon he will break up camp and
come to, his home in this city. Frayne
has been working for nearly threye
\u25a0we^ks and he beli.cves that he would
be taking a serious chance if he would
attempt to make a Battling Nelson fin
ish and go through the hard grind up
t.-j the last minute.
Frayne will be handled by Tiv Krel
ir.g. Kid Parker, Charley Reilly and his
brother. Martin. AI White, the Oakland"
man. probably will bet $1,000
or more on Johnny, who is now under
his wing. White js waiting till the |
last minute, when he believes the odds |
will be about 10 to S in Hogan's favor, i
\u25a0 KeveraL large. bets on Frayne have al
ready l>cea made In Oakland.
\u25a0 Ilogan will box a few rounds with
K<l«iie. Dennis and George Green this
afternoon. Then he will pack his be
longings ar.tT say goodby to Billy Shan
non's and the cozy little training quar
ters where he has been working for'
th<* last two weeks. V
Hogan is on edge, nervously anxious
to get at Frayne. He is.down v to 134 *£
pounds, which means that he can drop
to the required notch within a few
hours by the drying out process. Ho
gan will do his roadwork this morn
ing and expects to be at weight by the
time he starts boxing.
According to George Green, the vet
eran middle weight, Hogan is the most
likely lad of his class produced in Cali
fornia for many a long day. He firmly
believes that this tearing youngster
Mill register a knockout within 15
rounds. Green has taught Hogan many
a useful trick during the last week.
The old time fans will remember that
the \eteran was one of the past mas
ters at Jhis game when he ranked with
the greatest welter weights in the
unrM, and" he is still as clever as of
Hogan did only roadwork and a lit- 1
tie light boxing with his trainer yes- j
ter<jay. He will attend a local theater;
tomorrow night so as to keep his mind
off the event of the following day. In
Hogan's corner will be Green, Dennis,
Kid Williams and Manager Walter
Frayney. The one round terror prom
ises to carry the battle to 'Frayne. from
Promoter Ix>uis Blot has arranged to
have his brass band on . the job at
noon. This collection, under the lead
ership of Fiddler Steve Douglas, will
give an open air concert at Efght and
Market streets, after which it will pa.
•ade around the town and pullup at
the arena shortly after 1 o'clock.—
There will be only one preliminary, a
Mkely looking 10 round affair between
'he black cyclone. Ruf us Williams, and
Kid George, the tough youngster from
Kacraraento. Up to the present time
•Jrorge Is the only one of the middle
-who has been "able to make a
Ifindoff against the colored bruiser.
Williams stopped Lupe Carranza In two
lounds in the preliminary to the Nel
s-'Mi-Morau contest nearly three \yeek<j
«igO- -
fScectal Disiaich io Tin- Call]
." LOS ANGELES, Dec. 14.— - Jim Flynn and Tony Caponi have
been matched by Tom McCarey over the 2t) round course at Vernon
New Year's day. As a semiwindup attraction McCarey hopes to sign
up Leonard Lauder of Los Angeles and Antone la Grave of San Fran
cisco. McCarey received Caponi's acceptance tonight and immediately
wired transportation to the Chicago scrapper. Flynn has been in training
at a local camp for several weeks and alredy is in good condition. Another
attraction for the New Year's day card probably will, be a. bout between
Frankie Sullivan and Billy Capelle at 1 0 rounds.
Robert L. Hedges Asks Mag
nates for Permission to
Sell Club
NEW YORK. Dec. 14.— Robert 1,.
Hedges notified the annual meeting of
the American league of professional
baseball clubs today that he had re
ceived an offer for his majority interest
in the St. Louta club and with the con
sent of the league, he would accept it.
The, league appointed a committee,
consisting of President Ban Johnson,
President Charles Comlskey of Chicago,
and President Frank J. Farrell of New-
York, to consider the offer and report
tomorrow. It was commonly under
stood that the sale would' be approved
and that the St. Liouis Americans would
change hands.
The identity of the persons making
the offer was not made public, but it
was intimated that the sum involved
would mount well into six figures, and
that John B. Bruce, a minority stock
holder, would increase his holdings.
The Boston National league club also
is in process of sale. "William Hepburn
Russell and James P. Phalen were to
have paid today $130,000 for the major
ity interest held by John P. Harris, but
were able to show only $60,000 in cash.
They had an option which Harris said
he was willing to extend indefinitely.
The matter stands in that position, with
only this much definite, that Fred
Tenney will b*» manager next season, no
matter who is owner.
Thomas J. T^ynch was re-elected
president of the National league for one
year. .
His acceptance belied reports that he
would not take such a short contract.
An effort was made so to change the
constitution that a president might be
Selected for more than one year.
On the proposition the vote stood 5
to 3. Charles "U*. Murphy of Chicago.
Charles H. Ebbetts of Brooklyn, and
Horace Fogel of Philadelphia defeating
The National league adopted a reso
lution agalnt the acceptance by players
of prizes, such as were contested for
by I^a Joio and Cobb last season.
Under the bylaws of the American
Jeagup. theold directorate, consisting of
representatives from the Boston. New
York. Cleveland. Detroit. Washington
and Philadelphia, will take their places.
Vice President C. W. Somers of -the
American league was re-elected.
Friction in the St. Louis club of the
American league came to a head today.
The matter of an outright sale was
preceded by a clash between Hedges
and Bruce. Hedges proposed to employ
Fred IJake. late' of Boston, as manager.
Bruce insisted on the promotion of
Bobby Wallace, .the crack shortstop, to
the position.
This and other incidents of baseball
history had their share in determining
Hedges to offer his majority interest
for sale.
Freak Tennis Tourney
Is Interesting
The California tennis club has start
ed a continuous class tournament on
the "club courts this week that is af
fording the members considerable
The players are all classified and
draw for positions and any player can
challenge the player one or two posi
tions ahead of him. The challenger
either has to play within a week or
be .defaulted, and the winner goes up a
point on the list.
The player ranking first in a class
can challenge the last player in the
class above. '
Xo defeated player can challenge a
man above him until he has defeated
the one below.
Play will continue in this tourney for
a month and the one making the most
progress will be awarded the prize.
Twenty-five players have entered and
already several matches have been
played and a number of challenges |s5
supd. The results up to date follow:
M. Rosenberg defeated his brother; Al. o—4,0 — 4,
R — d; r. Jones defeated Lieutenant Ward. 4—6,4 — 6,
rr — 2. 6—2:6 — 2: J. Lillient'ial challenged .T. Code: P.
Jones ohallensred A. Hooper; S. Chapman cbal
lenped J- I*. J.etlerraan:- Jv Chapman ehalleaged
J. IToohstadtrr; X. P. Naples challenged S.
Chapman: \V. G. Knowlton ehalienped H.
Schmidt hdil J. (;<»xlfeHow: A. Rosenberg: rhal
lenged K. Fotirell: M. Rosenberg: clmllcnjred
I>ortor Lovopjnve: Doctor LovegroTe ohallensred
Mcl Iy>nc: Dooior I^drrman rhallenped S. Lillien
thal: lieutenant .Ward challenged 11. Topp.
Tlie „ drawings and classifications
were as follows:
Champion class — M. Lonp.
First c-lass — W. R. I/?Tcprove. M. Rosenberg.
E. Fottrell. A. Rosenbt-re. H. Rohlfe. G. Good
fellow, H. Schmidt, W. Kaowlton. S. Ulllentbal.
Do«t«r Ledcrman. j
Second class — R. Topp. I.ientcnant. Wn'rd. A.
nooper. T. Jonen. M. Lllllenthal, J. Cahlll, E.
Bolcer. J. Code.
Third «-las«— J. Lilllenthal. J. Hochstadter, J.
S. Lcderman.
Fourth class — S. Chapman, W. Maple?, A.
Chalmers. . '
CAMBRIDGE. Mass.. Dec. 1 4. — Among
the athletic stars who received honors
at the hands of the senior class of Har
vard university tonight, when the class
officers for commencement week were
announced, are: First marshal, Lothrop
Withlngton, . Honolulu, captain of tlie
football eleven; Ivy orator, Allen
Greggs of Colorado Sprl'hge, and odist,
W. C. Greene of Baltimore, who recently
was appoUited a Rhodes scholars
PEKSACOLA, Fla.. Dee. 14.— Surprises nt
tended the running of fire races here this aft*i*-'
noon. In which ' favorites were decisively, clowned."
Percy Ts,Tlor*r«g the. only, sneeessful first choice
and his victory was attended by a runup, his
orrntr belug forced to pay $105 to retain him.
Results: -v. , . \u25a0;-. .-;•."
First race, orto mile — Bustem. fl to 1, rron;
Procla, even, .second; ! Miss Vigilant, , 1 to *J,
third. Time. 1:48 2-5.
s>econd race, one mlle-^Hardinp. 2^4 to 1,
won; Ossian, 3 to 5. feoond; Warner.' Griswell,
1 to 2, third. Time," 1:47 3-5. .
Third rac«, six and a- half furlongs— Percy
Taylor. 3 to "s. won; Chief . Haye*. 2 -to 1; *ee
ond; St. Donstan. «Ten, third. . Time, 1 :26 2-5.
Fourth race, fire- furlongs— Jennie Welle, 10
to 1. *«Ron; Ameron, 3 to ' 1, ; aecond ; - Gerando, 1
to 2. third. Time, 1:04 3-5. .
Flfth:race. fire 'furlongs— Cherokee ;Ro*e. 8 to
5. won: Annie Nelson, even, second; Lodeitone,
eT«>n. third. . Time. 1:05."^* '
\u2666Sixth i race. one m!!e— Our. Nugrrt. 4 tn I,
*on: Whlptop. 1. to \u25a0 3,' second; . San > Gil, -out,"
riird. Tiuif, l;-J0 4-5. - - \u25a0;•. .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-.
Academic Athletic League Re~
moves Ban From Athletes .
of Church Organization
The /Academic athletic league offi
cially notified all high schools yester
day that all members of the league
can compete at meets held by the
Sunday School league. The Sunday
School league' has been granted ad
mission to the Pacific amateur asso
ciation, although for a long time it re
fused to enter. The Academic league
formerly placed the ban \u25a0 on all high
school athletes who competed in the
unregistered meets of the. Sunday
School league.
Rnjrpr*. the rrnck 220 sprinfpr nt Lick, will
probably transfer to I^m^ll after tliß holidays.
Lowell bas volnntcerprl the use of the basket
boll court to the Ssin Francisco subleapue in the
pvrnt that the lrainie Is iinablo_to secure suitable
courts for the coming ohainjtionfclilp tournament.
.TBines nansobolT hns been olrcted manaser.of
the bHsket ball team st L<w<>ll liifrh. xn<\ 0.
Murdock lias b'ren elnoted to the rnaiiHgrerial du
ties of the baseball tram. . > x
\u25a0 Oeerpe Kel'y will captain' the basket ball team
of the PaclSi- beichts grammar f-rbool in the
Public Schools athletic league tournament.
The girls* teamF from Franklia and Yerba
Btiena grammar schools will play off their sobed
nl<*d basket ball game at the South Side; play
ground court tomorrow afternoon.
The Polytechnic hiih girls have organized a
swimming club, and 30 girls have enrolled. In
terrlasp events will be held in the. spring, and
meets will be arranged with other girls' clubs of
the city. ,;\u25a0:..'
Tlie girls* basket ball team has elected Wllma
Bell to captain the teatn during the rominc sea
son. The team to represent Poly will be se
lected «fter the holidays.
. W. Barnes has been elected basket ball captain
by the Polytechnic boys* team.
At the election of stmlent bo<ly officers held
yestprdny afternoon at Polytechnic high school,
the following students were elected: President,
K. Frates: vice president. (1. Jones: basket ball
manager. G. Duggarf; girls' basket ball manager.
Miss Bell: baseball manager. A. Esola: swim
ming manager. (.'. Dlnmore;" tennis mnnaper. F.
Priti'hard: girls' tennis manager. Miss . Xagel;
yell leader, R. Goldsmith.
The MarySTllle high school basket ball team is
after the girls' championship of the state, and
has sent challenges to San Jose nud lx>s Angeles
high "school tenm>(. fJamcs will nlso probably be
arranged with the best of tb**' local girls' teams.
Manager J. Peters of fheOJarysville track team
has made arrangements for a dual meet with the
SuttT City high school' immediately after the
holidays. \
The girls nt the Star of the Sea school hare
organized a bat-tot ball teatn and are busy prac
The "Imps" team of the Tamalpsis chib de
feated the Tamnlpais militnry academy basket,
ball team on Tuesday nisbt at San Itafacl by 21
points to 16. • —
It bas been rumored Uiat the Hitchcock,-mili
tary academy would go over to the Rugby game
of football next season, but at t!ie banquet hold
by the team early In the week the old game held
first place. Athletic Director Rent ley states that
the matier will be put to a vote of ' the sudent
body for fli>al decision after the holidays.
The new gymnasium at Hitchcock will be ready
on January I.'atid th« basket hull team will start
operations immediately. There .will be an open
court of full dimensions in the gymnasium.
The; physical department of the y. SI. C. A.
held the regular monthly meeting on Tuesday
night. Reports were received from various sub
committees, ami W. L. Pennant advised the de
partment to schedule, games In all branches of
sport with the clubs of the city. - .
.. Fencing will -be taken up extensively, and an
instructor will be nppointed immedltaely. It was
decided that the regular meeting of the commit
tee would'be held on the second Tuesday of every
month hereafter.
The. committee In charge of the ladles' night,
wh'fli will be held tomorrow, reported that the
.program hr.d been definitely an-nnged. and would
consist of a high jump, pc>le vault, one. mile race
and basket ball games between picked • teams
from the gymnasium classes.
Wrestling exhibition*, will .be' given by W.
Kuncdt and Edward Leech, who are the 'cham
pions of their divisions in th» association. _
Interclass Trophy Goes
To Second Five
OAKLAND. . Dec. 14.— The second
academic five scored an easy victory In
the final game of the academic division
of the interclass basket ball tourna
ment at St. Mary's college and captured
the. championship trophy: by defeating
the third academic team 31 — 3 this aft
ernoon. The size and speed of the win
ners enabled them to take the lead
from' the start and they bad no trouble
in outplaying: their smaller opponents.
Chiles, at forward for the- winning
team, played the star game of the after
noon and contributed to the large score
by. shooting 10 goals.
Although outplayed by their, larger
opponents the third academic team
made a gallant bid for a low score! and
the work of ilaher-and Ford kept down
the number of points 'made by the.win
ners. •:\u25a0??;'
Tomorrow the sophomores play the
juniors, but It is not likely that the lat
ter team will make Tariy. showing, as
they were easily "defeated last- week by
the seniors. . . .
• The retention of the first academic
team in the. tournament by the athletic
oflicers makes two nioreV games' to be
played^ before., the finals; --Befofe, the
end of the; tournament .the .first acade
mic will line upagalrist the seniors and
the : winner of .''. tomorrow's :: game - will
play the freshmen:; The dates ; for these
have not been, announced. '\u0084'.- '
' The' teams in : today^>game were:
Second Academic— Chile* t and Cwil, forwards;
Rr»sfi. fMiter: Maßce-Jaii'l ITeaiey.Vfniardfl. - ..
Third Academi.c ; - : -Ford and'l*erovlcli."forwardß:
Simonich. c^nttr; •Jlabrr «ud . Cavanauifb, • guards.
Referee, Gceclpy; umpire, Fltzslaimous.- « =•*\u25a0 ;,.«.
Soccer League Leases
Playing Field
ALAMEDA,; Dec.: 1 4.— The Bay, Coun
ties. Soccer league:.has secured .a 'lease
of one i year from the ;Dowr pump engine
company tor ; the ] field : at, the southwest
corner "of ' Clement "- avenue and Oak
street. The football .organization? is
composed "of the- Alarhedas, ;Oakland«,
Corinthians 'and- Albion .Rove Vs. ' The
lease' was negotiated ]by C. /A.. Borle
and Alois.^Kist of ; the 'North; Side Im
provement-club. 'r T ' ' %v •
Preliminary Plans Are Laid by
Committee- for the Pacific ~
Coast Championship
The committee appointed by the Pa
cific Amateur association, consisting
of R. W. Dodd (chairman), G. A. Schilt
ter and Charles Minto met yenterJay
and completed preliminary arrange
ments for the third "'annual basket ball
champion tournament of. the Pacific
An important decision made by the
committee Is that no player; may. ex
ceed the standard weight, of the class
he has entered. In previous tourna
ments the teams were allowed to make
the average weight of- the class by
dividing, up with heavy" and lighter
men in the team. .The weight of the
cositff tant must be officially announced
inune.liateiy preceding the 'game, and*
weighing is to b«*'dorn» in uniform con
sisting iof pants and; .uppers. ' Shoes
need not be tak^n Into consideration'
In. maklng'the weight. \u0084 V
The- location for the games, was left
undecided till the' next meeting, and
in' the meantime the' courts at the
Young Men's Hebrew association and
the Tamalpais club will be inspected.
H. S. Rockwood.. advance manager of th"
world's champion • basket ball team of Company
F. Wisconsin .national gimd; left .'yesterday ."for
San Piego to complete arrangements for games
with tennis in the. south. •
The national guard TiasUet ball team of. IjTer
more has arranged a schedule of gameß as fol
lows: \u25a0 .Pocember' IT. with St. .Maryjs college;
Derember 23. with Santa Clara coll«'«r^; January
s\i. with- Tamalpais cbib: January 2**.^ with the
University of th» Pacific; ; January '22, wltti~the
University-, of California.
,Tbe Seminole club has anno\mced Its »chrdule
»s follows: December 1(5. with Smilor;club: &&\u25a0
comber 20, with Irisb-Anifrienn- team; I)ecemb«r
22. with . Tamalpals clnb; December : 24. with
Tiiveruiore fiatlonnl guard; January 25, with Bel
mont military academy. ' \u25a0
Stanford Ruggers For
North Chosen
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
Coach 'Presley" has announced the
names of IS men who will compose
the cardinal varsity Rugby team which
will journey north to play Vancouver
during the Christmas vacation. They
are: . .... . \u25a0 ':' ' .
Fitting, Sunborn, Partridge, Olmstead, Dole.
TV. Ij. Smith. Bamngartner, Obeda. forwards;
Suudelb-wing forward; Cass, half;' Franf. Har
rigan. fives; Berryman, center; Thoburji. Geiss
ler. wings; Erb. full; substitutes, Woodcock and
Worswlck. .. '-. ' ' .
These, men, rath Manager Burbank
and Coach Presley, will leave Palo Alto
on the morning of . December 22 and
will leave Oakland on the 11:20 o'clock
express, which will carry them through
to' Seattle. Puget sound will be crossed
on the steamer Charlotte and they will
reach Vancouver on Saturday, Decem
ber 24. The men will. have but one day
to recover from the trip, as the "first
Ramcjs to be played on. the following
Monday: . The remainder of the series
will be spread out during the following
seven days, matches being announced
for December; 29 and January 2. . .
Plymouth— Chprboursr— Soutbnmpt on
Philadelphia — Queen at own— Liverpool
Act*- "i'ork—Tiondon Direct .. j
Xew York — Jionrton — Pnrin — Rotterdam
Via Plymouth and Bouloffne-Sur-Mer
X. V. — Cherbourg — Dover— Antwerp
New York— Qtieenstovro— lilrerpool-
Dcufon— QiieenstoT* n— Liverpool
Xew York and Boston to ... ( - ,
The Aatoreji, Madeira, Gibraltar. Alprier*,
YlHefranclie. Genoa. Xaples, Alexandria
Romanic... .Feb. 4 Canoplc .......; Apr. S
Romanic .......Mar. IS Romanic . .'.Apr. 29
Cretle "... : . : .-.Mar. : 20 Cretic . . . . ..May .10
•CEDRIC (21.03T, toaf) . . .. . ..Jan. 11.- Feb. 22
•CELTIC (20,904 tons) ......Jan. 23, Mar. S
*Larg-eMt steamer* to 'the Mediterranean
. Portland— Liverpool \u25a0'. :
Dominion- . . . . . .Dec. *-'4| Canada \u0084'.. ..... Jan. U
' Spanish! Main— Panama Canal
i££ 4 S. S. NEW YORKni;.
G. N. KOEPPEL. Passensrer Agent Pacific Coast,
\u25a0' 318 Geary street, opposite St. Francis 1
. Hot«l. San Francisro. :„ . \u25a0 : ;. ' .
Blla Al - Gibraltar -
aaaaaKnaH . Genoa ' "_.--:'. i
fs £$§*ffty%43ins -tfiyPi f INDIA
' 1, , m \u25a0\u25a0 ' '--Far East:.;..
'- ~n • \u25a0"-^- \u25a0' \u25a0 .Australia
fe 1 0 yd 'v lol^^
\u25a0 _ 1 1— g— »~. & - Paris, Bremen
. Exp'e^aJlngs.. ." "'^^^Sfj '
G W«*hgtn..-Tan. r. »Xeckar... . .Dec. 2» .
Kala.W.d.Gr.Jan. 1" Fried. <1..0r.J8n. 14
Prinr F. W". .Jan; 31 •Rheln.Tues., 'Ffb. 7^
. K.Triuz Wm.leb. H nremcri.Tues..Feb. 21 '
- . ... .-..\u25a0-. -\u25a0 * ' 'Bremen direct. ,-','.':\u25a0
SATURDAYS 11 a.m. v
•Berlin fnewV.'JaD.-7 Koen^ Albert: Feb." 4".
K.Luiae.Wed.:.Tan: 25 tßerlln (hew) Feb. 18
V>mits Gibraltar. ; .t OrnUs __ Gibraltar- Algiers >.
\u25a0 -\u25a0->\u25a0\u25a0 Wirele»« and Submarine Sipn.-ils. --,-r • .
Independent Aronnd-tbe-World- Torirg. -
TraTelers', Checks Good All Over the- World. V
OELRICHS A CO.i Geni Agf.. 5 lPiray,'.t.T. ; '
Robert :C*ppHe. G. -X.'- IV C.:' 150' Powell gt.;
opposite St.'-Francla hotel. San Tele-
pbone-^-Kearny 4794.'- ; /.»-*:*.•\u25a0
." Oailines Every^Thurtday and Satardiy.; M
La t Touraine.Dec. \u25a0; 28 I ; La Lorraine.'. . Jan' 5 '„ H
La ' Bretagne. Dec. i 2 9'>' .I ~- \u25a0 La Savoie.v. . . Dicr' B^H
:' EXTRA?! SAILINGS! \u25a0;;-:\u25a0'."
These stee'mers carry one; class (II) ' cabln"' : H
passengers only: - r , :'";.' < \u25a0 • .- E
Florida. . . ': '; iDec. ': 24 : I Caroline. ... . .J»i,l7V X
Chicago..!.. .De 0."24 | HNiaßara;V.v.Jan7,2X,--fi|'
FtIGAZI BROS.: Paclflc ; Coast- Managers. H
630 Montgomery street, San \u25a0 Francisco. VCmbin " ! H
Office. CS3 "Markets street. . \u25a0 /-• "\u25a0 . \u25a0 a
' \u25a0 CanadiiV? Paclfio ': Empress .", Un» f.'bt .'\u25a0 Steiiua^n •
•slUdk : weekly between Montreal -j and I LlrerpooL
Wireiess uu all » teamtrn- /\u25a0\u25a0 ask any ticket ax»»t.
or >» riie i.;,'i^i HiMJi.: U. ±\u0084 t*X*c» aottO. - sj*a -.
Stanford Soccerites
Down Soldiers
[Special Dispatch l»-The Call]
Playlng'a. remarkably good game, the
Stanford .soccer -team this' afternoon
took theteamof United States soldiers
from the . Pr'eslJlo into. camp by a score
of 2 to t. This was easily ; the best
gam*) tliat^has 'been seen'on the; local
.flejd. : and *the"playingj of the Stanford
team was a revelation to the spectators
who- had been of the opinion that the
soldiers would have but little trouble
In winning this game. The, soldiers
overwhelmed' the local team' earlier In
the season. - \u25a0 . .-^ \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 v ' v .
,-Fyfe wan thr particular star of th?^
game, -making; both scores for the lo
cals, one by n kick into\ the goal 'and
the: other by heading the '.ball. 'Benny
Erb. -the varsity' Rugby captain, also
putuio' &>plendid game. Rutzler. for
the soldi*™, played ' a very fine game
ard made the only ecore for the sol
diers; - ; : '•""\u25a0\u25a0, :\u25a0: \u25a0 ."'.V.-v-':-'
United .Ptit«« coldterp— Alk«n. * McKww»n.
O'llare, Rutxler. Barton, forward": Smith. Dele
innr. McElray. halves; Schrader, Monohan". fulls;
Lynch, go*]. ."-,.\u25a0 s;;x V i _ \u25a0
', Stanford— lllgjtins.Pung. Erb, Fyf<*. Williams,
forn-nrds; t Clyde. Reynolds. Humphries, halves ;
McCnnn. King, fulls: Stunrt.. goal.
P?t.p.-imprx lpave from Broad-
-:-T«y .W'barTes (Piers 9 and
."Low rates. Including . berth
. Special KounJ Trip Rates.
ProslfVnt./T .'."..... ...".Dec. 32, Jan. 25, 4p."m.
G0vern0r... . .... . . ... ... .'. Jan.MS, 2 p.m.
•Queen.-. .......... ....... ..Tan. 1. 19. 11 a. m.
Pnebia ...... ......:.... Dec. *19. Jan. 6. 2 p. ml
Umatllla.'. .Dec. *2»5, 2,p. m.: Jan. •23,1 1 a.m.*
Senator.'. .....'.. ........... .Jan. lO.^ll a.' m. ;
.. ,/ 'Only-steam^n cslltne at Santa Barbara.
Connpctins; ' at Seattle for Skagwsy, Dawson,
- Fairbanks and all points on the Yukon. .'
Pre5idrnt... ............... .....Jan. SO. .11 a. m. '"<
G0vern0r.... ......7. ...Tan. 3. 21. 11 a. m.
Pnebia... .Dec. 24. 4 p. m.: Jan. 12, 25. 11 a. m.
Umatilla .......Dpc. 10. Jan. 16; 11 a. m.
Qu»pn. ripe. 20, Jan. 7. 11 a. m.
Toppka... ..Di»r. 19. 24. 20. Jan. 3, J<. 13, 11 a. m.
s\ i'edro:
Curacao. . . .Ttb of pacta month. 12 ra.
-A I, A SKA I'RUISES 101 1 licave \ Seattle
Spokan».;.Tu'ne 14. 28: Jul.r 12. 26: Au?. 9. 9 p. \m.
r Right rPSPrrpd to change this schedule. *
Tloket Officei*— Palace notpf. C 53 Market st.,
' }G Market pt. and Broartwaj- Wharf. ._
\u25a0 Telpphoae Kparny 492.
OAKLANP--IJ2O Broadway. Tpl. Oakland 5680.
CD. DUN ANN. Genpral Passenppr A?pnt.
' " Steel Steamships
Every Wednesday and Saturday
: TICKET j -fi4R->llrket*Bt.
OFFICES: '} 678 Market st.~* .'..'
' Howard st.. Dock No. 3
R. J. RINGWOOD." GeneraI Freight and Pag-
spnjrer Apenr. Slfi Merchants", Exchance. ..
mj*^ Tehuantepec Route
Regular Font Freight. Serirlee
•ailing from New York every six days,
making direct connection with Pacific
! steamers sailing from Sallna Crux,
1 Mex.r every six'day6 for San Francisco.
i TORK.V Also to Mexican and" all /prin-
cipal- European ports -under .through
rates and through bills of lading. Sail-
ings from San Francisco every 12- days.
i —For rates and further particulars ap-
ply to i DEARBORN & LAPHAM, , Gen-
eral Agents, . 8. -Bridge street, . New
General Agents. Pacific Coast. ,
\u25a0 310 Sansome St.,- San Francisco -
i'LOS^NfiELES . ; ;:
Leaving al I Jlonda ys, Wednesdays,
A *p;;m.-,iy Thursdays, 'Saturdays
From Pier ; 7, Pacific Street Wharf
* For 'further, information, folders, '
*' ' etc., .apply .,
Pacific Navigation ty^J^Z^h.
okirxtat; steamship compaxy
S.. S. Chiyo:Maru (via Mani1a):..'....:..... ...
.-. ,-." :;.."." . .... .Tueiday, Dec. 20, il9lo
S. S.-Tenyo Maru. .Abont Tuesday, Jan.- 10, 1811
S. S.- Nippon Maxu. About Batnrday. Feb. 11. 1911
Steamers . sail from company's piers, Xos. . 42,
44. \u25a0 near \u25a0 foot* of ' SPQond street, at \u25a0 1 - p.- v m.. . for
Yokohama'- and'. Honrtonjrc callln? Nt Honolulu.
Kobe (Hiogot -and 3 Nasasaki . and : Shanghai and
ronnectins"-at 'HoDskong* with *\u25a0\u25a0 steamers for
Mabila,' "lndia; >te.\ No cargo received \u25a0on board
on ;daj\ of -"6aillnsr. .. Kound>-trlp .tickets ' at ; re-
duced -rate;. \u25a0•.-.'<\u25a0 •'• • — • -. .-. : \u25a0
---"For'frPijrht. "f" 1 passage.'. anplr' at oClce, 240
James' Flood building. " .W..H. , "AVER V.
- •\u25a0 - "..*;" ..*; . Assistant General*. Manager. . -
New .'\u25a0 Through ; Pnsoenser - and Frelght/Serxice
S. S." AORANGI (4.258 ' t0n5) ; «ai1«. . . . . . . Jan. 11
S.'- &: MAITAI i (3.3BS tons) sails. ...V. .7:Feb. 8
1 Sailings 1 CTery 2S dayse'eonnoctionat :Welllng-
'ton^and^Ajickland^for.tNew/Zealand .ports ;and
Au«traliB. , : ',' : '\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0 ' - • ''" ~, \u25a0\u25a0','\u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'"
OCEANIC S. S. CO.;: (J«n. Agents. 60 Calif. «t.
Ticket Office. 673^Tarket ,st. - Tel.' . Slitter 648.
. •«• '' :: . v. \u25a0\u25a0 "\u25a0 •' \u25a0 •'\u25a0'"•_'ii__ ____^^___^___
*M«ripoia' sails * 11 '; iu^ n>:.\ Dec.\ 2B/ "
I Specula Tanlti : round Urlp stlSs,:s tlS5, : first - class. :
'uhWrtfllT II " ; S..'S.t? Sierra . (10,000 tons"dls-
• IIUnUUJIrU > placement) sails ll'a.- m:;| Dee.-
"°4 :1910."v; Special round trip $110. first class.;
; OCEANIC iLJNE,: 673 Mkt.;.tel.Kearny>l23l'
llhllhilll II 8- 8. -Uirllne"; (13.000 ', toas) - sails
H 13 1 i noon. Jan. 4. for • Honolulu and
-.8 . S." Wllhelmina ;( 13.500 tons) . sails "noon;
Dec,**>2i;* for^Honnliiln; and s Hilo. . Bound trip \u25a0 to
Uonolula.*.\ first ?' class; ssllo^ and up.' .: • - . •
-"V : . "':;\u25a0„,• \u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0. : '- 2C& \u25a0 Market *»t.* j '.' r . : s. \u25a0.
\u25a0 .'.'\u25a0\u25a0;. .\u25a0.'.'-\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0'.., \u25a0-\u25a0\u0084-\u25a0..-•._\u25a0' \u25a0' \u25a0 — '
Winged V Football Team
Will Disband
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
VALLEJO, " Dec. 14. — "Win or lose on
New Year's . day, . the winged V's •will
disband." declared Manager Jack
Thornton today."-'
"We have found that the members of
the ; team will not all "bfe residents of
the city next year. Besides, we have
been organized for .eigrht years and It
Is time that we save way to some of
the other local teams. Since 1902 we
have played 66 cames and the defeat at
the hands of the Century aggregation
was the first \u25a0we have suffered. We
believe that is a record which will
stand for many, years, if not for all
time. ..'.., • .
. "The team was first organized when
the present, members were attending
grammar school. Before disbanding
the team, intends to hold a big smoker
and invite .all of its friends. From its
various games the club has netted a
substantial bank account." ,~ V,v
Urn : (Foot of Market Street) ' Arriva
• 2.15 a Klles. Tracy, I*tlirop, : Stockton,
Lodi, Gait. Elk Grove. Sacramento 11.18?
8.401 Hayward. Nilei, San Jose. 7.08 a
7.00 a Rienmond. Port Costa, Benicla, Snisun I
--;.'. Dison,' Sacramento. Roserille,Marys-> 7.28p
Tille, Redding. Dunsmntr. J 10^8?
7.00t Elmlr*. VacaTille. Runwey •• . - 7.28p
. 7.00 a Davis. Woodland (Marjrrille, Oro-
vtUe), WiUiam*. Maxwell. WTHows.
Hamilton. Coming. Red Bluff 7.28§
7.40 a Vallejo. Napa, Calutoga, Santa Ross.
' Mahraea . 6.08p
7.40 a Avon, San R»oon (JLtTermore) .... 6.48p
7.40 a Niles. Pleasanton, tjvermore, Trasy.
iAthrop, Stockton." Lodl. Sacramento. 7.23p
7.40 a Tracy. Los Banos. Kerman. Frwno. .. 4.OSp
B.ooa Newark (Centemlle), San Joss. Les
Gato», ' Wright, Felton (Bonld;r 1
Creek). Santa Cnu.... 543p
8.20* Port Costa,- Martinez, Byron, Traey.
Stockton, Merced, Fresno, Goshea
Junction (Hanford, Armona), Vkalia,
Porterville, Bakersfidd 4.48?
8.20 a Yossaito Va!l-y vis Merced ' 4.43p
r-- 9.00 a Niles (San Jose), Llvemore, Stockton 'Js^Us.
(\u2666Milton). Valley Spring. lons. Sacra-
mento. : : 4.08p
9.00 a Soaora. Tuolamno aad Angels. . . .-\u25a0 \u25a0-. . 4.08p
9.00 a Atlantic Express— Sacramento. Truc-
kee, Ogden. Salt Lake City. Denver,
Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago ....... 8.28?
S.4oa Richmoad. Port Costa, Marttnea
Bay Point. . .:. 6.08p
1 0.20 a Vallejo, Mare Island. Kasa II .28a
10.20 a Los Anselei Passenger— Port Costa,
Martinez. Byron, Tracy. Stoekton.
Mereed, Fresno (Hanford, Coaling*.
Visalia), Bakersfield. Los Anseles. .... 7.43p
10.40 a San Francisco Orerlaad Limited —
Denver, Kansas City. St. Louis,
Omaha, Chicago 5.28?
11. 20 a Shasta" Limited— Portland. Tacoma. .
Seattle.. / 9.18p
12,00(1 GoldSeld Pass.— Port Costa, BenJcia,
Sacramento, Trackee, Hazen. Wa-
btiska (Yerinzton. \u25a0 Mason). Mina,
Tonopah. Goldaeld. Laws, feeler. . . . 7.43 a
12.00n Davis, Yolo. Williams, Colosa June-
. tlon. Willows 2.48p
1 2.00n Marysville. Chieo. R«d BluS 4.08p
I. ODp Niles, Irvtazton. San Joso 2.43p
1.40? Sn Leandro, Niles, CenterriHe, f 9.08 a
Newark. San Jose '; \ 7.48p
2.00p Newark. San Jose. Los Gatos, Wright,
Felton (Boulder Creek), Santa Cm... 9.58»
2.40p San Leandro, Nile 3. San Jose 9.28 a
- 3.00 i Benicla. Winters. Sacramento — Wood-
'- - . - land. Knights Landing. Tudor, Yuba
-1. :.': Gty, Harysville. 10.48 a
3.20p Port Costa (Stockton). Martlnei,
A Byron. Modesto. Merced, Fresno 1 2.03 p
i 3.45p Via Sausalito. West Kapa, St. Helena.
Ca115t0gi....... 10.33 a
4.00 p Vail 'jv.Va pa, Calistoga. Santa Rosa.
\u25a0 - Martinea. ban Ramon. Livermore.. .. 9.23 a
4.00p Niles (CenterviUe, Newark). Uver-f 10.28 a
more. Tracy, Stockton, Lodl....... \ U.l3p
4.40p San Leandro, Hayvard, Nile". Pleas- . :"\u25a0/:--
anton,' Livermore, ' Tracy, Newman,
Kerman, Fresno 1 1.18?
5.00p Vallejo, Port Costa, Benieia. Sacra-
Vmeato, Lincoln. Marysville, Oroville.. 1 1.23 a
5.00p Davis. Woodland. Yolo, Arbuckle,
Williams, Colusa Junction, Willows. . . 10.38p
5.O D p Rus.<ell. San Jom. Los Gatos 9.25 a
5.23p San Leandro, Ntles, San Jose 7.43 a
6.00p Owl Limited— Los Angeles B.oBa
6.40p Eastern Express— Ogden. Pueblo, Den-
- ver, Kansas City, St. Loub, Chicago,
. ,' Port Costa,' Benicia, Sacramento,
-Truckee, Reno, 5park5. .......'. 8.28p
6.40p Havward, Niles and S3h Jose . 6.48p
J7.00p Vallejo, Port Co<a. Martines, Bay
Point and Way Stations tll.lBp
7.40p Rlch-non-l, Port Cosja. . Martlats.
Cornwall. Byron, Tracy, Stockton... 12.48p
8.20p ore;an Express— Sacranasnto. Rose-
\u25a0 ville. Marysville. Redding. /Ashland,
Porthad, Ta^-na. Seattle. Spokane. 9.08 a
9.00p Chin aad Janan . Fast Mail— Ogden,
V" Cheyenne. 'Denver, Kansas City.
Omaha. Chicago. 2.48p
\9.03p Port Costa. Benicla, Sacramento. Col-
fax, Truckee. Reno.. lO.OSi
• 9.40p Bakenfieki. McKittrlck. Monarch.
Moron, Fellow ....;, 8.28 a
9.40p Richmond, Port Costa, Tracy,
~ . Modesto, Merced. Fresno, Hanford.
Coallnjsa, Visalla. Tulare . . , 8.28 a
9.40p Portland Expresi»--Daviy, . Willows.
Red Bluff. -Weed . (Klamath Falk),
.- Ashland, Roseburg, Portland, Tacoma
. Seattle : 12.28p
9.40p Hunter's Twin— Saturday only. San
Jose and Way Stations. . .' J7.48p
.NETHERUND'S ROUTE-Frem Pacific' Street Wharf.
CollinsviUft. Emmaton, Rio Vbta, We'.na. Ryde. Wal-
nut Grove, Vorden. Courtland,- Clarksburg, Sacramento.
I Steamer Navajo. leaves San Francisco 8:00 a. m.daily
except Sunday, stopping at points shown, arriving Sac-
ramento 6:00 p.m. j Leaves Sacramento 9^X) p.m. daiJy
except Sunday (no stops en route), arriving j>an Fran-
\u25a0 cisco 5:00 a.m. - *
Staamer Modoe or Apache, leaves San Francisco 1.00
p. m. daily, except Sunday; arrive San Francisco 11.30
Mission Street Wharf— D3lly— Hourly from 6.00 ajn.
to 9.00 p.m., indnsive. . '£ • . :/.
.To Oakland and Aiamsda— fG.lo, t&45 a.m.. and then
10 and 45 minutes-past the hour until 7.45 run.; then
&.30.-9.15. 10.00. 10.45. 11.30 p.m. and 12.15 a.m.
To 'Alameda and Fruitval* via Honsshoe, tarn« as tbeve.
a for Moraine, p for Afternoon. \u25a0 t Sunday excepted.
i t Sunday only. § Saturday and Sunday only.
; aSunday and Monday only.
%@£^M '. Schedule Effective j
[email protected] ::: J November 1r j 9.10 !
\«-jUw/: : : v'sio's, ferry depot I
San KmncUco
Leave | \u25a0• - '•— Via Sausalito ! Am»e i
7:45 a Petalunta.- Santa . Ro&a. HeaWs-J ~~ i
' burg.' Oloverdsle. Uklab.
" llts, \u25a0•Snfrwood." •GuerneTllle.j
•Monte Rio. 'Duncan MliU,'
\u25a0 ; — Sebastopol ". .;..' ) <5:"J^ r»
8:15 a ••Sonoma. »*Glen r.11f.n. .»-. .. : Jts:os p
8:15 a|Pt. Eeye*;! Camp Meeker. Caza-I .
drro ........;. .....1t6:33p
}8:45 a Petaluma. ganta Rosa. HeaMs-
hor;.' Oloverclale. GuerneTllle,
-Mcnte ,Rl>>, Durban "Mills t7:*tt p
, 10:4-1 a Petaluma. Santa Rwi:...,-......| 4-35 p
W:43 p Pt. Iteyt*. Camp -Meeker <l*«ve«{
' * from . C*za<2er0) ........ \u0084.'J7:O3p
1 3:13 p PetMuraa. Santa 'Rosa. - Heala^-f
• ' burg.' Cloverdale, Uktab. Uunr-f
• - Monte R!o. Dua-.an! \u25a0
", "\u25a0'. '\u25a0 - Mills.-- sebastojx*l \u25a0' ill ift-V^
' 4:45 p Sonoma; ". Glea ' E11en. .". :.........; 9-35 a
S:l5 p PPtaluma. Santa Rob» •;..; 5:35 a
Bansallto. Mill ..Valley, , San : £a/ael — Daily
every -30 .minute* \u25a0 from • 6:45 ; a: m. until 5:45
i a. m.;bcurly nntll 2:45 p. m. (except the 2:15
p. m. does not -run to San Rafael on, Sundays >,
then 3:15. p." m. and every 30 minute* nntil 6:45
» m.. then 7:45. 9:45 p. m. and 12:01 a. m
Tairfax— Leaves _'t6:45. t«:13, 8:13. 8:45
8:43, 10:-t3,: 11:45 a! ra., 1":45.- 1:43," C:45, 3:15*
8:45, «:15.> 4:45. 5:15. 3:45. 6:15, S:«, T-IS*
9:45 p*. m..tl2:t)l*a.nj. • -- .''
Ban Quentin via San Rafael— 6:4s a. m. tl*43
p.m.. jS:4S p. m. :. t -> -
Tlburon v ana ? Belvedere-.- rla •• Sausalito— Week
days: : 6:45,-7:43.'8:45,|9:30 a. m.vi 2:4-5 315
4:15, 5:15; 6:15 p.* m.; : 1112:01 a. nu Sunjar"*—
«>U. 7:45, 8:43. |9:30. 10:43. 11:45 a. mT l-^
1:45.3:15^4:15.5:15,6:15 p. m..i12:0l t a. m.
•Banday8 4 arrtTe:.7*S3 p. m. ••Sandav* arrive
7:05. p.-Bt.*;; r ..tExcept i Sundays.- JSoadays cnlj
only.^iTlburon direct. SJTaursdajs
only.' ->'\u25a0•"; ;>\u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0".'\u25a0»\u25a0.'\u25a0':; \u25a0,'\u25a0:\u25a0' \u25a0 ", "«\u25a0".\u25a0'•\u25a0
. ;Pacliia* transfer company's' asenta.are author-
ized i to ' check • baggage . direct from * re*"*-—
Oak Park Eleven Will
Play in Seattle
CHICAGO. Dec. 14. — Oak Tark high
school's championship, football team
will play at"; Seattle December Z'*.
meeting the Wenatchee (Wash.) high
school team -there for the championship
of the Pacific northwest.^ The final
>^, . . . . * . —
word came from Wenatchee last night,
stating: that a guarantee to cover ex
penses had been raised and all that
\u25a0was necessary to put the game through
was the acceptance of the terms by
the Oak Park. Considerable dickerrns
is now going on for the second game.
which will either so to Portland or
Denver. This will be decided upon to
day and also the route of the team.
According to the 'second outlook, it
appears that Portland -win get the date.
although Denver is making a: strong
fight to secure a battle for the- X^rth
Denver high school, -which hold 3 tha
title of the Rocky mountains. The
teams will leave for Seattle Monday
night. ?t- •
Leava (Third aad Towcsesd Streets) Arrtva
t5.10a Viltncia Street. Ocean Vie-r. Coba,
CeaeJerieg. Baden. San Bruno t6.35a
6.30 a Sonth Son Francisco, San Josa. Gircy,
(HoUb*er), Sarsent, Pajaro, Watson-.
Tille. Sant* Cna 7.5 C?
7.10 a Sooth S«a Fnnrisco, Filo Alto. San
Josa. Way Stations.. 7.30 a
7. 1 0 a Jtayiield. Las Altos, Los Gates t7.2C p
B.ooa Shore Linn Liisifed— Pa?o Robles
Hot Springs, Sa&a Barbara. Lcs
Angles 9.3Cp
B.oo* El Paao, Ssn Astonio. Eo'Jston, New
Orleans, Chicafo ana East 9.3 C9 1
8.05 a Th« Co»«ter — San Jose. Fajaro ("Wat-
sonTille. SanU Cnu). Caatroriils.
(Del Mante, ilocterty, laciilo Grove'),
Salinas, ScledaJ, Paso'Roblea Hct
Sprinss, San Luis Cbispo, Serf.
(Lompoe), Sasta Bi.-ba.--a. Veßtura,
Oxnard, Los Angeles 1 1.43?
B.loa MsvSftld, Los Altos, Los Gate?, Wri?h«.
Gjenvood (Bo'ilder Cr«ek), Santa Crcj,
WatsonTiUe, CastrovUi*. Eel Jlcate,
Monterey, Par lac Grova 9.CCp
1 9.fioj Saa Jose. Gilroy. Salinas. Fiso Poblei
Hot Sorinss, San Luis Cbispo —
Tret fines — Watsonrille, Saata
, Crus.' Del Monte, Monterey, Pacine
Grote 4XOp
1 0.40 a Eouth San Francisco. Buriingame. Saa
Mateo. Palo Alto, S*a Jos» 18.3Ca
1 0.40 a Los Altos. Hosts Vbta. Los Gate*. . { 13 { *%$
1 1 .30* Valencia Street. Oceaa Vtar. Colca,
Cemeteries. Baden, Saa Brcao l.3Sp
1 1 .40s South San Francisco. San Jore t B.ZCi
2.00p Del Moato Espres*— Saa Jote. Gilroy.
_ Sargent (Watson-rille, Santa Cruz),
Del Monte. Monterey. Pacific Grove,
(3allnas> 12.30p
205? Sonth Saa Francisco. Palo Alto, San
Joee. 8.43 a
t2.05s Les Altos.. Monta Vista, Lcs Gatos. . . . +3.23?
3.00p South San Francisco. San Vateo. San
Jose. Gilroy . Tres Ptnos, Salinas 1 0. 1 0 a
3.00p Watsonvtl!e. Santa Crua. CaitroTille.
Det Monte, Monterey, Pacfio Grove 19.10 a
3.13? Santa Clara, 'West Ssn Jcse. Los Gates,
Wright (Boulder Creek), Sasta Cruj. lO^Ca
4.00 p Sunset Express — Tucwn. Deming. »
El Paso, Houston. Ke*» Orlean?.
Chleaga 1C.53a
4JX)p Washlngtoa Scnset Eoct»— Wastfcg-
ton. D. C , New Yoik and East 10.53 a
4.00b KansaaCity. St. Loois, Chkazo 10.55 a
4JJOp Paro Robles Eot Springs, San Luis
Obispo. Santa Earbara and Loa
Anseles :.. IO.BEa
4.20p South San Francisco. San Jose 1 9-CCa
t5.05p Burlin^aae. San Mateo, Palo Alto.
San Jot 8 and Way Stations 9.45 a
t5.20j Redwood. Palo Alto. Saji Jote l.rOn
+5.20? Los Altos. Mcnta YUta| Lcs Gatos t3.25?
t5.25p Burlaigajae. San Mateo. San Jose .... 3.25 a
t5.30? Lcop^ — Valrncia Street. Ocean View,
Cemeteries. South Pan Francisco,
23d Street. ZA and Townsend +6.4 C?
5.40p San Bruno.San Mateo.EtdTrood.Falo f t7.25a
Alto. Santa Clara, Saa Joia \ 7.35 a
t5.40p Los Altos. Los Gatoe. :3.43 a
|6.00p Millbrae. San Mateo, Palo Alto. May-
field. Lot Altos. Los Gato? t3.COi
t6.05? 23d Street. Visitarion, South San
Francisco, Valencia Street t7.l = p
6.30p South Saa Francisco. San Jose. .T. .... 5.45p
B.oop The Lark— Paso Ecbles Eot SprißSJ,
Santa Barbara, Lo« Ac eetes. 9.30 a
8.05 p Loa Angeles Pa.«*nger Gi'roy. Salna.«,
Px» Robles Ect Springs, San l.cU
Obispo. Santa Earbara and Los
Anaeles B.2Ca
1 0.00? San Jcne and Wey Stations 7.2Cp
I 1.43p South San Francisco, Falo Alio. Saa j 7.4 5 p
Jose. \ JICSOp
To Oakland. Berkeley. Berrymsn. Eait Oakland and
frairvals — Daily— From 6.C0 a. d., and erpry twenty
minutes until 7.00 p. m.. io<luaive: then 7.40. fi.ZO.
9.00. 9.«. 10.20. 11.00. 11.40 p. m.. 12^0 aad IJ2O
a. m. /
To Sather and Mslros* Via Seventh Jt— Daili^-Frorn
6.00 1. m.. and every twenty ttinutes cntil 7.t0 p. n\.
tadusiTe. then 7.40 L 8J». 9.C0. 9.1C. 10.20, 11.C0
and 1L.40 p. m. ' '
T» Stanehortt— Dally Except Smday— 6.Co. 7.CP. %,CO.
9.00 a. m.. 2.20. 3.00. 4.C0. 6XO, 5.40 p. m. fcundav
only 9.00. 10.00 a. m. LCO. 2.00, S.Ca 4.C0. 5.C0.
5.40 p. m.
To Oakland First St.. Fruitvaitt. Atatretfa, via Korseth?*
—Daily— From tS.OO. 6.20 a. b.. and every twenty
minutes until 8.20 a. m., inclusive; then 9.CP. 9.Z0.
10.00. 10.20. 11.00. 11.20 a. m.. 12m.. 12J20. 1.C0. 1.20.
2.00. 2.20. 3.0 a 3.20. :3.40 p. m. and every twenty
minutes until 7p. m., incisive; 7.4 P. 8.20. 9.C0. 9.46.
10.2a. 11.00, and 11.40 p. m.. 12.20 and 1.20 a. m.
Additional trata to Oakland Fir*i St., 2.15 a. m. -
To W«t Bericeley— Daily Eicept Fvcdar-Frcja B.CQ
a. m. and e^ery twenty mintnes Tctil 3.20 a. m., inclo-
river then 9.00 a. ra. and cTerr hour until 4.C0 p. n>., .
inclusive: then 4.20 p. m., ana every twenty rrinutM
until 7.00 p. m.. tnclustrs; thea 7.40 p. m.. 8.20, S.CO.
9.40. 10.20. 11.00. 11.40 p. ns. and 12.20 a. m.
To Wwt Berkeley— ?CTda»a only— Frctn 6.00 a. m..
'then 7.C0. 7.40. 8.20. 9.C0 a.m.. ferfurtre; then 9.20
a. m. and every twenty minutes 7.00 p. m.. biclusire;
then 7.40 p. m.. 8.20. 9.00. 9.4 a 10.20; 11.00. 11.40.
• p. m. and 12.20 a. n.
T» Corkin— Daily Eicept Sasday— ?rca COO a. n. ard
every 20 rainutea until 8.20 a. m., farluxire, th»r*
9.00. 10.00 a. m.. 12.00 n.. ICO. 2.C0. 3.C0, 4.C0, 4.20.
140. 5.00. 5.20. 5.40 and 6.00 p. ra.
To CorbJn— Sundays only— Prosi 6.00 a. m.. tiaa 9.00
a.m.. 9JJO a..m. and every tsreaty minutes until
To Stsje. Rlchmenar Puß.t.m— 6.oO a. m.. 5.40 p. m., f1.20 s
Union Transfer Co. acthoriztd ' to ehtek Baasaat
direct from residence. •
| MUIR WOODS /rfSfe^
1 Rw"^ Tria from San Fraasiago, $1.30 v
I iT.Sia ftrectsta It. Htar waaft If. Taaaigais t
I ff««tdjy| StraUy Wtekday Saaiay Weekday j Suwlay/.
9:45 a B:4aa t 7:2oa', 11:50 a 7:20 a 10.4P*
1:45? 9:<sa 1:40? f:«? 1t:^»
* 4:45p 19:45* -2:«? I:5Cp 4:4Sn V.ih
...... 11:45» 4:50? 2:55p * 3:Q0? 2:15?
1:45r >..:. 3:si>? 3:«?
...... 2:45; ...... 4:40p 4:<3g
• Saturdays. t Moadaya. 1 Mt. Tamalpais only.
TTfiit O-S™»»s Satadito Ferry— TeL Kearny 4350
Geit?rrJ Oi~a-e— MHI Valley. CalL'arnia. Td. Mill Valley SI
"I»:r3 tt Tmiijiis" tzl "Hair tea." zri il« ju i?m (tr &rM
U.l X" if AS i> I.M lj.it liiiiia-V 8.0 UTJC* \
Ma"rg'lafaad ifkvyV ar<L Vallejo, Man^S^Htlrrta
; Sasts If arc 7:OO. 0:45 a. in , 12-30. 3:20.
6:00.6:30 p.m. Meals a la Carte"
Poc^ aol of rice, Nortc End Terry Bnfoffmt
' f&soes: Searay 406; Home c 4703.
Don't Worry ; It Doesn't Pay I

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