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|; volujSlE crx.— no. is. i :
WORTH $25,000
Federal Officers Search City for
Hiding Place of Poppy
Fiends Die at Hospital Because
High Price Prohibits
Information came to the United
State? customs officials last night ihat
more than 525,000 worth of opium was
smuggled into San Francisco during the
month of Xovember. The whereabouts
of this large amount of drug is a mys
tery which Inspector Watts of the im
migration department, together with a
large corps of assistants, attempted to
solve last night.
Chinatown was searched thoroughly
yesterday afternoon, but the opium was
not unearthed. The federal officers last
right turned their attention to the pri
vate warehouses, and it Is possible that
the safety deposit vaults will be visited
tomorrow. It is believed that the sup
ply of opium now being searched for
was cached by the "ring" which has
been broken by the^ developments In the
gold bullion theft case. The federal offi
cers are of the opinion that the hidden
opium Is a reserve supply and that to
a certain extent the present activity of
the government in seizing the smug
glers' spoils was anticipated by the
smugglers from information which
leaked from government employes
months ago. .
Store keepers, restaurateurs and
cigar manufacturers in Chinatown re
reived visits from the customs officers
yesterday for the purpose of locating
the contraband drug. The activity of
the customs men in frightening the
opium smugglers and in seizing large
quanties of the drug, has resulted In
opium b«=ing sold at a very high price.
The federal officers learned last Tues
day night that a large consignment of
opium was safely landed mi San Fran
cisco during the month of November.
It ig believed that this is being held
under cover until the drug becomes so
scarce that a big price will be paid
for the drug.
That there is a scarcity of opium, and
that the poorer smokers are unable to
supply themselves, is well known.
Dnring the past week Chinese and
white men addicted to the habit, who
have been compelled to deny them
selves the drug on account of its cost,
have been taken to the central emer
gency hospital for treatment, and sev
eral-have died.
The federal officials are investigating
the sale of opium carried on in the
city and county jail. The city prison will
also be looked into, for it has long
been suspected that opium was allowed
in the city prison.
In all probability steps will also be
taken to prosecute druggists who vio
late the state laws by selling opium.
Collector of the Port F. S. Stratton
paid yesterday that he wold issue to
day a statement relative to the recent
attempted smuggling of Chinese from
tiie steamship Manchuria. The charac
ter of the statement he would not de
scribe, beyond saying that it would be
broad in its scope.
Collector Stratton held no hearing
yesterday in the investigation owing
to other business. His deputies and
agents were busy gathering evidence
as to what part employes of the col
lector's office had in the smuggling
scheme. The hearing will be resumed
at 10:15 o'clock this morning in Col
lector Stratton's office, and will be
continued until responsibility is fixed;
10 to 15 witnesses to be examined daily.
The case of Customs Inspector
Freund, who admitted having been ab
sent from his post on the Manchuria
when the Chinese escaped, and who is
now under suspension, will not be fin
ally decided until the hearing is ended.
Little Prisoner Protests Inno
cence at End of Trial
CAMBRIDGE. Alass.. Dec. 14. — Hattie
le Blanc, the 17 year old French girl,
•wap acquitted today of the charge of
murdering Clarence F. Glover, a laun
dryman of Waltham. Xovember 20. 1903.
After Judge Bond ended his charg-e
end Clerk IMllinprham, turning toward
the little prisoner, said:
"Hattie le Blanc, you now have "the
opportunity to say anything that you
Pale and frightened the fiirl arose,
folded her arms across her breast and
turned toward the jury, and said: '
•'I did not do it. I want to go home
with my father.'
!•«\u25a0. -14. — Word has boon received here ' that
I>r. 1.. Patjn. r fonti'-r resident of California,
<li<»d ror^ntl.r in Bar^plona. Spain. }]<> re
sided her* a Fbort time and later went to
Mercw!. whe.re he lived for seTeral years.
Owing to fallins health he remoTrd to San
Kranrisco. whore he resided for three years.
T!i«*n he returned tr» Spain. A wildow and four
children 6urTiTe him.
I»ec. I*.— The British punboat Shearwater,
Obtain Viriaji. with a crow of 1W mpn, sta
tionod at Victoria, nrrived here toflay on a
fclx mouths' <tuls*> to South Atnerici. The
Shearwater veil! J«-ave Monday for Han Pedro,
Sun Pi-co and SouUi Aoioricao ports.
OUR CREDIT TERMS as foflows: 1
| $20 DOWN, $2.00 per Week. I
| $30 DO WNr $8.00 per Week. {
y Accounts open for men and wo- j
Children in Tableau To
Portray Birth of Christ
| Father R. C. Redahan and children, who will appear in Christmas festival. \
Report on Dibble's Resort Is
Edited Before Being Sent
to Board .
An expurgated report on the conduct
of Dibble's roadhouse on the beach
boulevard will be read and discussed
by the members of the board, of police
commissioners at the meeting this aft
ernoon with the view of ascertaining
if Dibble is guily of such serious In
fractions of the law as to warrant the
suspension or revocation of his liquor
license. The report was made out by
Policemen Byrne and Hiett of the park
station at the order of Captain of Po
lice Marcellus Anderson. The report
deals with the conduct at Dibble's re
sort on the nights of December 4 and
5, on one of which nights Police oCm
missioner Walter O'Connell was pres
ent and at which time he Is alleged to
have ordered Policeman Byrne not to
arrest the piano player for playing
after 1 o'clock. The. commissioner's
name does not appear in the report.
The report which is to be under
discussion today is not the original
document filed by Policeman Byrne.
The original report contained the name
of Commissioner O'Connell, but Cap
tain Anderson discretly pigeon holed it
and ordered the expurgated edition.
If Dibble and his piano player are
called before the commissioners and
too roughly handled it is possible they
may respond with some counter charges,
as it is whispered -about the hall of
justice that O'Connell is not the only
commissioner who has at various times
ordered music to be played after hours
in the beach resort.
Board Pleased Wth New Power
and Ice Plants
[Specie/ Dispatch to The Call]
ELDRIDGE, Dec. 14. — The new power
house and ice plant at the Sonoma
Valley Home for the Feeble Minded
was inspected today by the board of
managers after the regular monthly
meeting. The official test of the ice
plant Is being made and the managers
are more than pleased with the show
ing so far.
Landscape gardeners are at work
studying the grounds surrounding the
institution and will have the assistance
of John McLaren, superintendent of
Golden Gate park, in developing a plan
of beautifying the grounds.
The work of rebuilding the . system
of pipes in board casing used to convey
heat from the engine room to the dif
ferent buildings is being completed.
The managers hope to supplant this
system in the near future with cement
Gray hair restored to natural color by
Alfredum's Egyptian Henna. A harmless
dye — convent, quick, sure. All drugsts •
§Bt%£S£B&*s£BEss 1 For the 6^ of those who wish to complete their shopping before going home to luncheon and H
.."*\u25a0' IWli'aHß/C' to nrevent congestion at the stamp booth, wehave arranged to give y . H
Bouhie Pragers Stamps Every Esay MntU *i o'G'ock J 1
RYR Y special arrangement with the jobber we secured 1
M fP^^ sll I \lf lfF'T X^^^^^^^^^^^^ * com P lete sample line that represents the most dis- |
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WS^^ tr °duced to the coast. They rangeyinlwidthjto 12 I
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/ 7/^^o^ .Tabots, Dutch and ."lace "collars?- yokes ; V-•V -• ; \u25a0 ;\u25a0 . • .;.; .. ','*'.- , .;' ' ' - \u25a0 'M
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Km /.&±jf Persian, Baby Irish ahd : Venice ef- . oheted- Mufflers; slight imperfections " ; Ucrcliler«-^Plain,- fancy" and. O#»" 'M
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Moires;- 4-inch i widths; I7f> rtfsr s; values to 15c; ' ' 7ir* * Vnl.sLaces-^-For/ . underwear and ; n
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yard .........'. **•».*- containingv 6, special:....-. .^TVy yard ...................... < ™*r** piece of 12 yards ......:... .H
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B Pji SbM IHI MMM^fs^^Q^f Eft ffio^i^w deemable the day heforp Christmnn, or any time before if you so desire. They are |1
i/Vfth IK^ 1
Priest and Sisters Aid Settle=
ment Workers in Christmas
Work done among children by the
Salesian settlement, 1600 Grant avenue,
will be shown at a Christmas festival
December 21 in the Washington Square
theater, Powell and Union streets. The
patronesses will be officers of the Vit
toria Colonna club, devoted to intel
lectual and social diversions. The of
ficers of the organization are: Dr.
Mariana Bertola, president; Mrs. E.
Martinoni, first vice president; Miss E.
Boronio, second vice president; Miss
Emilia Zabaldano, secretary; Miss Eda
Lertora, treasurer.
Harmonized drills, drama and song
will be given by members of Salesian
settlement dramatic circles, connected
with St. Peter and St. Paul's church,
of which Rev. -R. C. Redahan is the.
pastor. An episode of the revolution
ary Avar, "Old Glory," will be por
trayed, 40 boys representing the con
testing armies. After the drama will
come concerted and fancy drills by the
boys and operatic arias.
Little girls, dancing and singing, will
feature ocean shore scenes. As a
climax to the festival, tableux will rep
resent the nativity of Christ. In this
event special training "has ben given
the participants by Sisters of the Holy
TOMBSTONE. Ariz., Dec. 14. — Le
vllle Inez shot and killed his sweet
heart, Guadalupe Alvez, and then
turned the gun on himself at a dance
last night The girl died instantly,
while the murderer lived for two hours
after shooting himself. Jealousy was
the cause of the double tragedy.
GROCER'S WIFE SHOT— Kansas City. Mo..
Dec. . 14. — Paulina Pisano, aged 43 years, who
with her huvband, Angelo Pisano, conducted a
proeeir at 301 "Campbell street, was shot and
killed in front of the store by an unknown per
son today. ' -\u25a0'_\u25a0 i:;i
Commission Company's Affairs
Are Placed in the Hands
of Creditors
;' The winter quiet of the wholesale
produce commission district was dis
turbed yesterday when the announce
ment was made that the. English-Wal
lace company, a commission firm at 10S
Washington street, had failed, and that
the affairs of the concern were in the
hands of a committee appointed at a
meeting of the firm's creditors. The
financial loss involved in the failure
was said yesterday to be the heaviest
sustained in local produce commission
circles in many years, and although
nothing was known, rumor
said^thatthe amount would reach well
up into five llgures.
The amount of the" firms' liabilities
was varlously.estimated at from $20,000
to $35,000, but owing to the condition
of the books and the number of open
accounts on which collections couldbe
made the creditors' committee. was un
able to give out a statemenbas to what
the basis of settlemetn would- be.*-"
Potato growers " in '\u25a0" the Sacramento
river districts. are said to be 0ut. 55 ,000
because of the failure and the balance
of the indebtedness is believed to be
owed largely to the firm's business
competitors /in the local market. *
An attachment, levied yesterday, was
withdrawn, the creditors deciding that
it would 'be to', their advantage • to
handle the affairs of the company pri
The English-Wallace company dealt
chiefly in potatoes, onions and beans,
and-came perilously close- to failure
abo^t six years ago, when it was saved
by the creditors taking up its indebted
ness. The -concern was the sucessor
in business of the John F. English com
pany, a prominent and long established
commission house/ ' .'>
A Magnificent Assortment of These
Acceptable Gifts for Women
Our holiday stock comprises a truly splendid variety
of the very newest styles in* vogue this season.
There are bags of all descriptions and at all prices from
$1.00 to $32.50. Plain leather bags in all colors, with single
or double handles, in all fashionable colors; bags with coin
purses only and bags completely fitted for traveling. Smart
new velvet bags and handsome mesh bags and purses of
gold or silver.
In fact, a thoroughly complete assortment of prac-
tical and beautiful presents for women or misses,
Black Leather Bags, single or 6 Styles of Extra Quality
double , (PI Leather CA <Zf\
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leather <£^ 5Q SPECIAL
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Seal <£*V <>A new green gold; (TIA
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sl Post* St*. near Kearny
Authorities on Handwriting Are
Unable to Agree as to
Writing on Map '
The taking of evidence in the trial
of Charles P." Snell on the charge of.
having. committed perjury during the
Perrin land fraud trial probably will
be concluded, and the arguments of the
lawyers begun today in the United
States district court. - :
Two handwriting experts, Theodore
Kytka and Carl Eisenschimel, contra
dicted each other as to. whether Snell
drew up the maps of the territory
which included the lands involved in
the Perrin-Benson land fraud trials.
Kytka testified that Snell had merely
made ; a few notations on the map,
while Eisenschimel : stated positively
that all the writing on the map was
that of Snell. These two were the last
witnesses for, the prosecution.' and the
first to be called'by the defense was
Miss : . Elizabeth McGillan, formerly a
clerk for Benson, who stated that she
had done the writing on the map.
--State Surveyor General W. S. Kings
bury wa» called to the stand by Schles
inger for the purpose of showing that
Perrin knew the methods of land of
fices, and had in fact acted as attorney
for six persons wishing to secure lands
in 1870. \u25a0
W*. W. Hartley of Flagstaff, Ariz.,
arid Attorney R. H. McGowan stated
that" Snell had told them on different
occasions that Perrin owed him money
and if the former did not pay he would
have him-indicted for land frauds. -
WIFE SEEKS i TEAMSTEK— A search Is being
made for Thomas Webb, a teamster, who
' left \u25a0 his home In the northern part of the
- state December 5 ' in search of work and
has* not-been oeen since. His wife and two
children arrlTed here two days ago and are
t being cared for by the \oung womaaa
.Christian association.
\±'* Vr bsbt )( Oocn Tonight
% ?r Week Night
I Oakland Store I nu ""I 11
jt^^^ Christmas
Hale's for
Join the throngs at Hale'a— shop early — we will hold your pur-
chases and deliver them any day you name. Thousands of
toys at Hales—a nd thousands of people admiring the dis-
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T Wheel Goods in the Basement ' -\ £ J
Back Combs Work Boxes
50c Women ' s Arable shell Practical presents for girls 1 or
- combs with rhinestone women; have spool of cotton
settings: have straight tops or thread, hooks and eyes, needles,
bar effects; . ;..;.'* \u0084 - . , *
. small scissors, buttons, and
75c C ° mbs wit , h inlaid- gold some have sma n spoo i s of col .
• * -r^* effects and clusters of « -„ \u0084 j tr • . t
rhinestones-; very pretty. ored sdk thread. Various styles
Ir\r\ T-i t. t °f boxes, from the heavy pasta-
11l I Elaborate metal orna- '. \u0084 „- c , .. .
•ifMi mentation on these board boxes at 2Sc to the woo<l -
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.' Pyrographic sets, complete, at Brass novelties make excellent
2.45, SAT>, up to 5.00. Many presents. We offer many
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- [3d**- j | aetfUWtf
Second Second
Floor r"" "~:"" «y'-jU "^j»^,lml Floor
:|L_ k
Pictures Are Dignified Gifts
A Display in Many. Styles at Hales
Oi^r Art Department offers hundreds of attractive pictures, ex-
• cellent as Christmas presents. Great variety, various sub-
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*£ ' A Gift Enjoyed by All tlie Fa mil j.
fflr ", ""-'"_\u25a0."\u25a0' - hvo.9 Uk» XOaatnXUrn. h»»»y «m&osse<l
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Electric Reading Lamp, Mission style and finished with art fSX«
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III I NatHan^Dolir mann Company i 1
Geary and . Stockton Streets — Union Square. j*£
Furs As Gifts
Unusual Opportunity
Furs Made by "llevillon Freres"
.London: Paris f:, New York
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QUR entire :,"£*> o Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollar
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\u25a0 In the face of facts concerning the raise in the prices
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Stockton and O'Farretl Streets
-- ' Furs -purchased now may be charged on January accounts.
--r^Everytbing Comes; to^Hjm; Who -Uses CAUL Want Ada j

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