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Playgrounds Directors Want to
Improve Vacant Property
of Education Board
The proposition to transfer to the
r'aygrounds commission school lots
which the school department has no
us# for came up before the board of
education yesterday in the form of a
resolution. Director Payot was in fa
vor of the transfer.' but Director
Whalen objected, saying he was in fa
vor of loaning: the school lots, but was
Opposed to permanent transfers, as the
time will come in a few years when
tlie siies will be needed * for school
Secretary Joseph Hiekey of the playi
grounds commission said tlie commis
sion was unwilling to "expend large
urns in Improving the several sites
without- assurance of permanency. The
matter went over for discussion In con
ference on Monday.
In order that the teachers and em
ployes may have money for the holi
days their pay warrants were ordered
Bent to the auditor's office this week.
The board accepted the offer of E. F.
Bump and C. S. Gushing for 544.400 for
the 35 year lease of school property at
Bush and Taylor streets and $9,000 for
another lot at Taylor and Vallejo
The Hayes Valley improvement club
was given permission to conduct the
dedication exercises at the John Swett
school. »
Mrs. Emma Pacpe was confirmed as a
first grade teacher. Miss N. C. Haswell
was elected a vice principal. Miss Lew
Ball was appointed permanent super
visor of primary grades and Cecelia H.
GUchrist was appointed a special
teacher of singing at the Bernal school.
The resignation of Mrs. Walter Mac-
Caulty, as a teacher, and of Mrs. M.
Re:np. a janitrese. were accepted.
Leaye of absence was granted to
Miss E. A. Sleator and Miss Bessie Rea.
Mrs. E. Lee was appointed Janitress
st the Cleveland school, Stephen T. Ar
nold Janitor and Mrs. A. Moran assist
ant at the Sheridan school «and Mrs. M.
MeCullough. janitress at the McKinley,
was transferred to the Buena Vista
Action on the proposal that all pupils
to schools in which there is manual
training and domestic science shall at
tend the periods in such departments.
and another that children in the pri
mary grades shall attend the school
nearest their homes was postponed for
a week.
Prisoner Given CMance to Eat
Two Holiday Jail Dinners.'
The Request that his jail sentence be
doubled was heard in Acting- Police
Judge Flood's court yesterday when
Patrick Connolly, found guilty of being
drvnk, asked that he be given 20 in
stead of 10 days in the county jail.
When Judge Flood sentenced Connolly
he remonstrated.
"Well, judge," said Connolly, "if you
give me only 10 days I will get out of
jail the 24th — the day before Christ
mas — and I will have no place to eat
my Christmas dinner. I hear they are
going to give the boys at the jail a
bully dinner on Christmas, and I would
would like to be in on it."
The judge smiled with the specta
tors, but Connolly reiterated that he
would consider it a favor to have his
sentence doubled, so the juJge com
plied with the request.
"I'll fret in on the New Year's feed,
too," said Connolly as he was led away.
Mother of Lad Induces Him to
Tell Truth to Police
Oval Burke, 15 years old. who was
arrested after a long chate in the Mis
sion residence district as a suspect of
having been one of two boys 'who at
tempted to rob an aged man. was in
duced by his mother yesterday to con
fess his part in the crime.
Burke stated that he and a com
panion, whose name the detectives
• withheld, stopped the old man and de
manded 15 cents. The man refusing,
the older boy drew a revolver and
threatened to kill him. Two police
men saw what happened and gave
Burke said that he and his companion
had robbed the house of T. E. Cum
mings. 555 Dolores street, taking an
opal ring. The ring was in Burkes
pocket at the time he was captured.
Charge of Improper Arrest to
Be Heard by Board
Charges against . Policemen Miles
and Jackson of the central station,
alleging unofflcerllke conduct in arrest
ing Frederick W. Petersen. and Ralph
Frenuf, Oakland merchants, the night
of October 23, will be heard at a meet
ing of the board of police commission
ers this afternoon. .
Petersen and Frenuf and their re
spective wives were arrested at Third
and Market streets and charged with
disturbing the peace by prpmiscuous
kifslng in public.
Thf case* were dismissed the next
day in the police court and Petersen
and Frenuf declared that they would
"break" the policemen. Petersen is a
brother of Captain of Detectives Wal
ter Petersen of Oakland.
Jake Shapiro of 24 Convier street re
ported yesterday that a masked and
armed highwayman held him up at
Gates «treet and Cortland avenue
Tuesday night, robbing him of $4 and
a gold watch.
Mrs. Dudley Newton, 2213 Octavia
Ftreet. reported the Joss of articles val r
tied at $50 through a burglary com
mitted at her home Tuesday night.
Other burglaries reported were: Jo
seph Zolle, 965 Silver street, articles
valued at $41; Bernard Clifford, 9118
Folsom street, articles valued at $12.
Creditors yesterday filed a petition
In the United States district court ask
ing that the Pacific Jupiter steel com
pany be, declared an Involuntary bank
rupt. The eteel company, which has a
plant in San Mateo county, is said to
have been Insolvent for some time.
The creditors asking that It be de
clared bankrupt are the Dunham, Car
rigan & Hayden company, Girvin &
Eyre and the Risdon iron works.
William Eschenhorst, a teamster who
lived at India avenue and Athens
street, was killed yesterday afternoon
by falling from the seat of his wagon
and being run over at Eighth and Mar
ket streets. He was €0 years of age. .
..IT will be all right," said Bar Hook, "as soon as they get the new
1 licenses." i ,
I "'What new licenses?" asked a friend.
"Don't you know about 'cm? Divorce coupons attached-^^one with
every license and two for $10," explained Mr. Hook. "Great idea. Save time,
trouble and expense and promote matrimony."
"Sure it will," agreed the friend. 'Can't you see the sales go up? Coupon
marriage licenses for everybody. Come early and avoid the rush." ,
"Funny thing about marriage," reflected a third gentleman, who wore a
look of philosophic resignation. "You give a small gold ring about as big as
a 10 cent piece and you get a yoke. It takes 10 minutes to get married and
a yesr to get divorced. System needs revision. Ought to be better balanced."
\u0084 Which, being the reflections' of one undergoing that period of transition when
a man is neither married nor single, are worth recording. It is only through
the experience of those governed by them that systems may be proved and
reforms effected.
The long year, of probation weighs lightly on others, however, who are
serenely insensible of being nondescripts, in a way. Yesterday the mail
brought a long legal looking envelope to a certain young matron. She looked
at it, wondering, and broke the seal. "Why, it's my decree," she exclaimed.
"I'd forgotten all about it!" Fortunately, her lawyer had not forgotten, or,
instead of being "restored to the status of single persons," as the printed form
assures her she is, she might still be among the lost souls in matrimony.
It was the same young matron who secured her interlocutory decree last
year for desertion, which is one of the polite reasons that may be given for
divorce. When she had been through the ordeal of explaining her reason in
court, before a score of disinterested, but apparently fascinated, strangers, a
battered looking woman leaned toward the rather pale plaintiff. Bedraggled
ostrich plumes and an odor of gin were details of her nod of sympathy. "I'm
up against the same line," she whispered, as 1 one victim of man's perfidy to
All of which is idle commentary, with no particular significance.
• • • « • • • ;•'.*-
Miss Myra Josselyn
was presented to so
ciety at a brilliant danc
ing party given last
evening by her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Josselyn, when they en
tertained 250 guests in
the white and gold ball
room at the Fairmont.
The ballroom was dec
orated simply and ef
fectively with wreaths
of green and palms.
There was an elaborate
supper after the dance
and scores of small ta
bles were decorated
with roses and greens.
Miss Josselyn is one of
the prettiest girls In the
group receiving social
attention this winter.
She is a beauty of the
Titian type like her els
ters. Miss Marjorie Jos
selyn and Mrs. H. Mc-
Donald Spencer. Miss
Josselyn and Mrs. Spen
cer, with Mrs. Gerald
Rathbone and Mrs. Et
tore Avenali, were in
the receiving party. The
Gerald Rathbones enter
tained at dinner before
the dance, and a dinner
was given by Mr. and
Mrs. William G. Irwin
at their home in Wash
ington street. Among
those at the dance were:
Mr. snd Mrs. Perry Eyre
Mr. and Mrs. H. McDonald
Spencer '«-
Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Graves
Miss Dorothy Graves
Mr. and Mm. Eupene de Sabla
Miss Vera de Sabla
Mr. end Mrs. Clement Tobln
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Girvin
Miss Lee Girvin
Mies Leontlne de Sabla
Mr. and Mrs. George Cadwal
MI6S Linda Cadwalader
Lorenzo Avenali
Mis* Helen Irrcln
Templeton Crocker
Miss Jennie Crocker
Mr. anS Mrs. George- McXear
Miss Ernestine McNear
• • . •
Another wedding of
January will be that of
Miss Linda Cadwalader
and Lorenzo Avenali,
but the date is not yet
definitely decided. The
interesting event • will
be celebrated probably
in the second week of
January and will fol
low the wedding of
Miss Elizabeth Newhall
and Arthur Chesebrough.
The wedding will be
marked by simplicity,
similar to the wedding
appointments of Miss
Mary Josselyn and Et
tore Avenali that took
place at the country
home of the bride early
in the season.
Miss Louise Blake,
daughter of Charl.es
•Henry' Blake and Mrs.
Blake of Shanghai,
China, was married yes
terday afternoon in San
Mateo to Dr. Wallace
Smith of the United
States navy. The cere
mony was performed in
St. Mark's Church.
Daughter of Late Dennis Kear
ney Obtains Decree
Margaret Zeeder-was granted a di
vorce yesterday by Judge Van Nos
trand from Adrian Zeeder, captain of
the Pacific Majl ship Siberia, on the
ground of desertion. The plaintiff is a
daughter of the 'late Dennis Kearney,
the sandlot politician. She said that
she was married to Zeeder In 1899 and
within three years he deserted her.; No
alimony was asked, property rights
having been settled out of court. Mrs.
Zeeder "lives at the Bellevue hotel.
Divorces^ were granted yesterday as
By Judge Van Xostrand— Emma Bush from
Clinton H. Bu»h. cruelty. • . " / ' .
By Judge Mopaa — Christina Nelson from John
\u25a0Vy^udge Graham— Annie Grewe from William
A. brewe. desertion. . .'.
By Judged Trontt— Bfrtha 'E. Brenton from
Walter Brenton, cruelty.
Suits -for divorce were begun toy:
Eva' McCarty against Cecil McCarty, willful
neglect. ' \u25a0 \u25a0 " -.\u25a0'"-•\u25a0\u25a0 .
Katarzyna . Laskeinlcii against C*elaw\ Laakel
nicz. .desertion. . •;'_-:-; ;-'''.- ,
Martha Luft against Johannls Lnft, cruelty.;.:
Amelia Forester -\u25a0 against * Carl Otto Forester,
willful neglect.-
Marie C. Howell against Milton H. Howell,
Cr su*»nne Paul against Charles Paul, cruelty. "
Gluseppa ! Palazotto - against , Francesco Pala
zotto, '.an&trsgßggamßgaggmgastfmm
THE -'SAN^iEfeffiGlSQQ;:.^
Mr. and Mrs. Mount
ford Wilson are going
away immediately after
the holidays, according
to their present plan,
and after a brief stay in
New York will sail for
foreign lands. They ex
pect to pass the spring
in Cairo, and will travel
in Egypt With a party of
friends. Among others
who are looking, for
ward to a journey in
that interesting coun
try are Mr. and Mrs. Os
good' Hooker, who ex
pect to enjoy a visit in
Boston before the ex
tended trip. My. and
Mrs. Robert Hooker may
visit Egypt within the
next few months, but
will not leave until late
in January. ' ...
• * •
Mrs. Paul Beck, wife
of Lieutenant Paul Beck,
will entertain at a
bridge party this after
noon for 40 or more
friends to be given at
the hoproom at the Pre
sidio, and will receive
her guests afterward
at a tea given at home.
Among those who will
assist Mrs. 'Beck in re
ceiving her guests will
be Mrs. \u25a0William Forsyth.
and Mrs. T. B.- Steele.
• . * ' •
Cards arc-out for the
dancing party that Mrs.
Edward Barron will
give, Friday evening,
December 30, for her
debutante daughter, Miss
Evelyn Barron. It will
be attended by more
than 100 of the younger
set, and will be one of
the. largest'- affairs of
the holiday season. The
date has been arranged
for this party since the
arrival of Mr. and Mrs.
Ward Barron from Eur
ope. They were abroad
at the time MI6S Evelyn
Barron was introduced
to, society, but will be
among the guests at the
second party given for
debutante of the family.
• ' *•• •
, Mrs. George Board
man has 'sent out cards
for a, dancing party to
be giveri'-Tuesday even-
Ing, . January 3, at her
home In California
street, and there will
be a merry group' of
debutantes at the affair.
The party is a compli
ment to the grand
daughter of the hAtess.
Miss Dora' Winn.-r and
about half a hundred of
her young friends have
been bidden for the
dance. The guests will
go in fancy dress, and
they are looking for
ward to the dancing
party as one of the most
enjoyable of the new
The reception that
Major and Mrs. Fred
erick Day gave yester
day afternoon at Fort
Mason, In compliment to
Mrs. Tasker »H. Bliss
and Miss Eleanor Bliss,
was a brilliant affair.
The house was trans
formed into a floral
bower, and scores of
pretty gowns added col
or to the scene. Mrs.
Day was assisted in re
ceiving her guests' by a
score of young girls, and
among these were:
Miss Kathleen Farrell
Mies Freda Smith
Mips Vlrpinla Harrison
Miss Gladys Poillon
Miss Margaret Robertson
Among those who met
Mrs. Bliss and her
daughter at the recep
tion yesterday were:
Major and Mrs. J. P. O'Xeil
Colonel St. John Chubb
Major Leon Roudiez
Captain Pierce Mnrphy
Mrs. John Robertson
Mrs. C. F. Hunt
Mrs. Eugene Ladd
Mrs. Fred yon Schrader
Mrs. H. P. Young
Mrs. H. L. Haskell
Mrs. Wilbur Ward
Lieutenant W. A. Carieton
Lieutenant J. G. Ord
Lieutenant D. C. Emmons
Lieutenant Robert Morrison
Miss Wuest
Colonel and Mrs. N. P. Pfis
Captain and Mrs. George
Lieutenant and Mrs. Worth-
Ington Moseley
Lieutenant George Goodrich
Mrs. Thomas H. Johnson
Mrs. C. F. Ramsey
Mrs..E. G. Bingham
Mrs. James Shea
Mrs. James Farrell
Mrs. GalUlard Stoney
Miss McDonald
• \u2666 •
Miss Doris Wilshire
entertained at an in
formal tea yesterday at
her home in Clay street
for the debutantes and
a large contingent of the
older girls. The house
was decorated with
roses and holiday ber
ries .mingled with
greens. In the group
that was receiving with
Miss Wilshire were:
Mr?. Jack Polhemus
Miss Marian Marvin
Miss Natalie Hunt
Miss Dorothy Van Slcklen
MUg Kathleen de Young
Mrs. Roy Somers.
• \u2666 \u2666
The musicale given
yesterday by Rev. Rob
ert Sesnon for the For
um club attracted a
large audience of so
ciety and club women.
The folk songs* of Na
ples were given by the
gifted singer, illustrat
ing his informal talk
upon the "Reviera of
Naples," and received
enthusiastic applause.
Among others who con
tributed to the at
tractive program were
Miss Carrie Goebel-Wes
ton, violinist, and Miss
Marian Prevost, pianist,
from Notre Dame col
lege at San Jose. An
hour at tea followed the
musical program.
"You are as well as
your stomach:"
A Trord to the wise is sufficient :
Henry Stoddard, Treasurer of
Company, Tells Why Com
mercial Vehicles Pay
Some very interesting facts con
cerning the motor truck were glverl
bjUt yesterday by Henry Stoddard, the
treasurer of the Speedwell; motor car
company, who is visiting the city.
Stoddard has been making a study of
the commercial , vehicle, his company
having had two heavy trucks in con
stant operation 'before i£ '.was decided
to turn out the first one for sale.
Stoddard said:
"The heavy motor truck of three tons
and over is not cheaper to operate than
the horse drawn vehicle for short hauls
averaging less than J.O blocks in con
gested districts. What I mean is such
congestion as one sees during the busy
time of the day between Kearny and
Powell streets on Market street. The
constant stopping and starting with
.heavy loads uses up tires, fwhile the
engine is constantly using up gasoline
and»oil. • - . '\u25a0„.
"When you ca*n haul your load over
10 blocks without having to pull, up
about every block the big motor truck
pays, and the longer the haul the
greater the saving. -\u0084 \u25a0
"For congested districts the light
truck or delivery wagon is cffeaper than
horses. This has been proved in New
York, where several firms have taken
our touring car chassis and put on
commercial bodies. .The well made
car, if it does cost a little more, pays
in the end, for you get quality of ma
terial and workmanship, which is more
essential in a commercial vehicle than
it is in a pleasure car. .
"The businessman is rapidly coming
to appreciate the auto, truck and de
livery wagon, but a lot of men . who
can afford them are losing a lot of time
and money. You can put off buying a
pleasure car and not feel the loss, but
with the commercial vehicle it is dif
ferent. Every day passed without its
use means much money lost."
The Diamond -rubber company has
just received the following letter from
. tneyFrank K. Mott
-\u25a0'company of Oak
"It may be pleas
ing to you, as it is
gratifying to us, to
know of the exceedingly fine results
we have reecived from the use of two
Diamond tires used on our Rambler
touring car.
"These two tires had given us 11,070
miles each when we had them removed,
feeling that we had received sufficient
"We also have two tires on our new
Rambler, which 1 have given us 8,000
miles to date, with no trouble, except
ing a couple of punctures, and they
still look good for 2,000 miles.
"We desire to express our kind feel
ing for your tires in justice to you.
and will gladly act as references at
any time."
Mayor Mott Like*
Diamond Tires
The confidence of the older and most
stable automobile manufacturers in the
.continued prosper
ity and certain
growth of the in-,
dustry is evidenced
in the announce
ment by the Thomas B. Jeffery com
pany of the completion of a new giant
electrical power plant for the Ram
bler factory. .
The new engine room covers 6,000
square feet and the equipment has
been so installed that even its great
capacity may be doubled at any time.
There are four power units, including
a 1,200 horsepower Cross j compound
noncondensing alternator, 'with three
other units of 500, 125 and 100 horse
power each.
... The room, covers an area of
8,000 -square feet and includes- three
boiler units of 500 horsepower each,
with automatic stokers. A complete
coal handling equipment is now being
added. . „ .
Each, of the boiler units is equipped
with an individual steel stack five feet
in diameter, 125 feet high. . The area
of the boiler room permits of a future
complement of 3,500 horsepower, ior
seven such units as are now installed.
The construction of the entire group
forming the power plant is of concrete
and steel trusses, with fireproof tiles
for roofs. In addition five new build
ings have been added to the Rambler
plant during . year.
Rambler Giant
Electrical Plant
INGLESIDEBS TO MEET— Residents and tax
payers of Injfleside hare been asked to attend
a meeting of the InglfsMe improvement club
Thursday night at 1033 Ocean avenue" for" a
discussion of the necessity of obtaining- a per
manent sewer . outlet. Although the laterals
In the neighborhood are nearly completed, the
outlet has not yet been obtained. ,',:- -
Gladness comes with a better under-
standing of the transient nature of the
many physical ills which vanish be-
fore proper -efforts— gentle efforts-
pleasant efforts— rightly; directed** and
assisted by the pleasant laxative rem-
edy Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna.
Its beneficial effects are due to the
fact that it is the one remedy which
promotes internal cleanliness without
debilitating the organs, on .which it
acts. To get its beneficial effects al-
ways buy the genuine " manufactured
by the California Fig Syrup Co.
Are InTi&orating and keep
the system, in good trim.
Bush and Larkin Sts.
tub ; baths with hot and
cold salt ajfd -feesh
"water ;.;\u25a0;>;\u25a0;•;'\u25a0
Hot Air Hair Dryers for Women
•;r> Branch^2lsl Geary Street -
' • ":'\u25a0'\u25a0 ~ /' "':\u25a0 '-j-.'r't**- ' ' \u25a0 • \u25a0 \u25a0 - ' '
' . ' ' " ' ' ' ' \u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0,. .. '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0' '
JmjijgfWX JUU 1 liLiiii raV/Il 11/ \
JbsW H • Did you ever stop to think what an
J*B£w¥ HT-MfiTTh <N y insurance policy the block system is [
i9pß»r JvlllllEflOv * or y° u * Watches over you by night [\u25a0
||^^^P^ >-*C- "^^ * ou ever cx P er i ence tk e ease °f
&SEk^ M^Yf^^c^-JJ mind and relaxation that come over
/Ss^J/ one traveling on a fully protected block
' / signal road ? You will if you take the
Mok / M i p Daily Between San Francisco
r^g M \ ' an " Chicago ,g
M ! Flood Bidg. — Palace Hotel — Market !
HP HE practice of dealers in women's
* ready-to-wear garments in San Francisco,
*' """""""" Oakland and vicinity has been to add to
the prices of garments the coft of alterations,
which is obviously necessary when alterations are
made without extra charge. This system is mani-
festly unfair to the customers who require no al-
terations or who do their own altering.
Have, therefore, agreed to inaugurate
a system from December 15th, 1910,
of making a uniform and fair
charge when alterations are required .
Armand Caillcau, Inc. Marks Bros.
§City of Paris Dry. Goods Go. Newman & Lcvinson
Davis Schonwasser Co. * O'CorihoF; Moffatt & Co.
Golden Gate Cloak and Suit House Prager Co., Inc.
Gould, Sullivan & Co. % Prussia Co.
Greater San Francisco Cloak Co. L. Ransohoff
Hale 8r05.,, Inc. Roos Bros., Inc.
Koenig & Collins ' D. Samuels Lace House
H. Liebes & Co. Swelldom Cloak and Suit Shop
. Magnm &Xo. The Emporium
A hp^iii^nTicori r?mc Iw1#) n noifn X» Ivl o*y ai>
, H. C. Capwelj! Co. G; Mpsbacher
Cosgrave Suit and Cloak Co. Shafran's Cloak and Suit House
>-;^Eastcra|OjMfltting" ; Co;*- Taft & Pennoyer
S. M. Friedman Co. Toggery Cloak and Suit House
JHale Bros., Inc. ' S. N. Wood &Co.
Kahnßros. Aaron Yehl , f

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