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Board of Works Lets Contract
for Development of Key
Route Basin
Bond Money Will Be Used to
Create Docks and Manu«
fscturies Sites
OAKLAKD, Dec. 14. — The greatest
municipal harbor proj^rt in the history
of the Pacific coast was begun, by the
beard of public works this morning In
letting a contract to the San Francisco
quarries company for the construction
of the rock retaining waJl along the
n»w bulkhead line, which will serve as
:t <iuay wall in the Key Route basin
and as the margin of the 400 acres of
water front land to be created for the
< ity by reclamation. The amount of
t!i<* contract is f 47,450.
The work provided by this contract
s a small part of the whole project^
Thf greater portion was put under way
v/iien the board directed Secretary J.
VV. Xclson to advertise for bids for
Vif dredging of a channel, the material
removed from the bay in making deep
v.atcr to be u*ed for reclamation of the
Eiea back of the proposed retaining
wall. The dredgers will work up to
the rock wall, providing a minimum
<lepth of 30 feet along the whole 7.000
feet frontage which the wall will make
in t.'se Key Route ba*ln. In the dredg
ing and th« reclamation of manufactur
les land the city will expend, accord
ing to City Engineer Turner's estimate.
tr.r.0.000. To defray the whole cost of
the Key Route basin development the
municipality has the funds in the treas
ury or at command out of the recent
bond issue for harbor improvement.
The project means the creation of an
lr.Lm.j harbor on the east bay shore'
equal in areu to many international!
tra<3e harbor*. The city will own abso
lutely the quay wall facing the basin
on three sides, and the wall will be
constructed *<> that pieis may be added
in future years if required by com
iierce, thus trebling the dockage space.
Back of the Quay waU will I.c land
• .-eated by the city, with streets In
tersecting, accessible to three trans
continental railroads through switching
farintles which the city will provide.
Thlf- property will be worth f6.000,000
when filled and unimproved. The bed
"f the hay to the bulkhead line be
!"ngs to the state; the next legislature
will be aske<j to deed the property in
lee pimple to the city.
The completion of the project as it
now is proposed means the develop
ment of wharfing space extending 7,000
i-et around the shore of the Key Route
1 ashi, over which the city will be in
undisputed possession. Municipal
wharves will line the south shore of
the basin, formed by the Southern Pa-
Hfir pier, and the rast shore, formed by
the proposed retaining wall. Along
the north will be the docks to con
struct which the Key Route interests
hare obtained from the city a fran
DEVKiiOPMEarT or iias'ix
The development of the basin as
planned and being carried out by the
city is in strict accordance with the
v «juir'ements laid^down by the ' war
Oeiiartment of the federal government.
T'«at department, on recommendation
of the harbor line board of army en
, v !ncers in charge, of San Francisco bay.
* gav< the city permission to fill out to
a point I'.OOO feet west of the old bulk
.J: 1 . 3d Tine. This made possible the crea
tion •if the 400 apres of water front
i-'vd. The department gave permission
for iiie Key Route to fill solid its pier,
v.-hlrli will protect the dredged channel
fi-oai shoaling by the silt from the
Sacramento river systrm. The require
meat was that the work should be done
<>n tilans approved by the army en
*rin«ers, commenced within one year
an.l completed within six. The plans
draxvn under the direction of City En
gtijeer Turner have been approved by
Colonel John Bi.ldle, U. S. A.. In charge
<>f rivers and harbors, as well as by
Colonel W. H. Ileuer. consulting en
jrire^r for the city. As for the other
f^lfral requirements tlie'city'is-com
r.KiT-ing work within a- few months
after t!ie permit was given. The pro
;°-1 wjll be completed well within the
fix year limit,
Tiiis method of utilizing the Key
llcute basin for municipal water fronJX
ape was conceived by the present board
of public works when it* was seen
clearly that the negotiafT&ns with the
Southern Pacific company would make
aV'Solut* the city's control of Its har
bor. Mayor Frank K. Mott and City
Engineer Turner took the municipal
ity's cause before the army engineers
in charge, with the result -that the
city's plans were sanctioned In full by
the war department. The mayor car
ried on all dealings with the Key Route
and Southern Pacific companies, on the
\u25a0outcome of, which <lependeJ the. project.
Turner prepared detaijed plans which
liaye been approved, and the project
is now in such shape that Jt may
I.c carried through without any
Uelay end without* any expense
which the city has not the money to
meet. The western Water front pro
ieot, as now under way. Is regarded bj'
engineers as of far greater Importance
to the city than it was even when the
harbor bonds were voted. It is a more
comprehensive scheme at the same cost.
Such is the view taken by Colonel
Hruer, the consulting engineer, who
iias said that the city will obtain
through the project an ' unsurpassed
fiarbor at minimum cost.
"There will be no delay in complet
*-.pr the work," said Mayor Mott. "The
""administration has its plans con.-j»:«!rf.»
anil the city had already provided the
money. The contract to be let for
oredfrinc: and reclaiming the land, at
ab<Mit $250,000, will be a recorQ in
"municipal harbor work on the coast.
The project means that- we will obtain
» great -deep water harbor with, un
equaled land for manufactory sites,
all owned by the city. That means that
business will Burely ; come here, for_ the
-!ty will be able to lease'land fronting
"j an oceanic harbor, with railroads" In
access, at rates which will attract big
In connection with the city work in
the basin the Key Route enterprise of
filling the pier, dredging a channel and
reclaiming land back 'of that, the city
is. to create will proceed. That corpo
ration will spend' ssoo,ooo; on Its "proj
ect, aside from the" construction , of
piers adjoining the Key Route ferry
It.— Fifty rtiildreu froto ,tbe Gl<»Dn XtyJor
w-liooJ of this fity' will give an rxhihiiiou of
f.ilV <janc.init tomorrow pT-cniajr \u25a0 *t' the \u25a0 St.
Francis hole), San Ersncls<*o. bf fore .the.«l<»J»
pai*K to.tbe cr»BT«>nt<oii s of tbe'-riayrrouad
' --wlfliioa of Aruerlc •» /;_ '-Mlmm&gMigM
Map of a portion oflhe western water front of Oakland. The board of public Works has lei a contract for .the construction of a roci^ -retaining: Hf all
between the Southern Pacific mole and the^Key Route as indicated fey * * * on the map. The board has also called for bids to dredgedhe channel in
the Key Route basin and fill in the area back of the new retaining wall. The 'dolled 'lines marked V, 2,3, .Vete.; indicate proposed piers. This work is a
part of Oakland's big program for municipal improvement. ' - -,'~ ... _' "'
Company N Welcomes Rev.
Richard Collins, the New
Spiritual Director
OAKLAND, Dec. 14. — A reception was
given last night by Company N of St.
Mary's parish at its armory, 616 Sev
enth street, to Rev. Richard Collins,
recently appointed by Archbishop Rior
dan as spiritual director of the League
of the CroES CRdets. More than 200
members of the league and their friends
were present and in one sense the
feathering was a reunion. Steps were
taken to rehabilitate a number of the
companies which were disorganized at
the time of the fire in San Francisco.
It is expectej that ten companies will
be in readiness for the summer en
campment. Now there are only four
companies, of which Company N is the
banner organization.
The first official business done by
Archbishop Riordan on his~return re
cently from Europe was to appoint
Rev. Father Collins as spiritual .ad
viser of the league, consisting now of
four companies, three in San Fran
cisco, and the league band. Plans for
upbuilding of the league have been
laid out and the meeting last night
was the first of a number intended to
Increase the strength of the league.
Last night's program follows:
Opening rrmarku. Captain 11. J. I^eonard: »d
dres*, Ret. Richard Collins: "I>afrue of the
Cross Cadets," Colonel J. E. rtower; remarks.
tij Company N chaplain. Rev. B. P. Pemps«>y;
"Company NY* Major JJ A. Kennedy. IV O. C.
retired;' "Tlie Press." W. S. lirlntnall; "Bits
of ComPdv;" Lieutenant J. V. Fitzelmmons, U.
C. C. retired; barytone *010. Private A. Me-
Manuo: "Tales of the Pines." F. L. McGllllan;
recitation. Lieutenant G. L. Courtney: selection*.
I* C. C. quartet; tenor solo, WlnfleM Clark;
piano selection. PrlTate J. G. Martin: barytone
«010. T. F. Barrett; specialties. Prirate. Joseph
Curran: tenor solo, Serprnnt J. N. Gallagrher;
barytone polo. Private F. M. Flynn; accompanist,
Prixate A. E. Rogers. v -.
The officers of Company 'N are Cap
tain H. J. Lepnard, Lieutenant George
Courtney and Lieutenant A. J. Silva.
Plans to Effect Union of City
and County Governments -
Under Way
OAKLAND, Dec 14.— The committee
of representative men of the east bay
cities appointed yesterday by. Mayor
Frank K. Mot*t to discuss the -subject
of a consolidated city and county gov
ernment will .hold ;lts first meeting
Friday morning, December, 16, In the
directors' room of the chamber', of
This time will be convenient for the
majority of the committeemen and most
of the^n expect to be present. As the
sole object of the conferences to, be
held is .to learn what legislative meas
ures are desired to assist in the work
of consolidation when the cities may
desire it, the meeting has been called
at this time so that different plans. can
be thrashed out before the legislature
meets in January.
The members of the Alameda county
delegation to the state will
be present at the meeting. -
Miss Amy Shumway Is Bride
of Former Commissioner
OAKLAND.Dec. 14.— Albert Vander
Naillen Jr.. former commissioner of
public works in San. Francisco,, head of
a largre engineering college, aviator
and well known clubman,- and Miss
Amy Shumway, daughter! of .E..* A-
Shumway, a retired contractor of
nut Creek, were married today// "The
marriage : 1b the. culmination: of a ro
mance which began when Vander
Nail len was - making the -. preliminary
surveys for the Oakland 'and "Antloch
railroad. " r
The ceremony was -performed- at-the
home of the bride's sister, -Mrs. W.^R.
Jones. €30 Forty-third .street. Rev.
Henry J. Hobart/ officiating. On,re
turning from- their "honeymoon Jthe
couple will live at 4999,Webster;6treet.
Mrs." Lily" M. 1 Vander -Naillen,*" the first
wife of the 'bridegroom, - obtained a ; di
vorce from him ;on": the-; ground; of
compatibility.: of, temperament; and: de-'
sertion.* She was married last'. week! to
Charles W. a Creighton.Ta; lawyeVldf'; San
Francisco, who^was' el ected^a justice v x>f
the peace at the recent elect!™'
\u25a0 •- \u25a0 '&•\u25a0•-' . \u25a0 \u25a0 .. .; \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0: ' ' .-.'.,-',\u25a0 ....."-.. .- . l.^. 1.'..1 .'.. TV ,'-'\u25a0•.....
THE SAN \u25a0\u25a0.•\u25a0\u25a0ffßAffClSCO CALL. THURSDAY, -DECEMBER~IS, 1910.
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Speakers Will Tell of Bene»
fits of 1915 Exposition
BERKELEY, Dec. 14.— The Panama-
Pacific exposition and Its meaning to
the cities on the east side, of San Fran
cisco bay will be the subject for after
dinner talks at the annual banquet of
the members of the chamber of com
merce in the Shattuck hotel tomorrow
night. . \— -
The invocation will be given by Dr.
F. X. Morrison, pastor of, ( St. Joseph's
Catholic church. /The address of wel
come will be delivered bX'C.C. Juster,
president of the chamber of commerce.
Arthur Arlett will be the toastmaster.
The following will speak: '
Mayor Beverly L. Uodgliead. H: C. Capwell
of Oakland. John A. Brition of San FrancJsoo.
Jo.iquln Miller of Fruitvale. and Professor Lin
coln Hutchlnson of the economics department
of the 'University 'of California; - -• -• *e»
More than 300 businessmen will at
tend the banquet. The Shattuck. hotel
will be open for Inspection of
the guests of the chamber and its mem
bers at 6 o'clock. The banquet will be
served promptly at 6:30 o'clock.
Members of the board of directors
will act as. a reception committee at
the banquet.
Judge Wells Forced to Seize
Mrs. Lindell by the Shoul=
ders to Repress Her
OAKLAND, Dec. I.4.— pThe outbreak
of Mrs. Andrap Lindell,.;former hOuse
keeper of- Mrs. Isabella J.V Martin, was
the incident of today'; in Judg«? Wells'
court, in the trial of Mrs. MartinVfor
dynamiting Judge Ogden's home. Mrs.
Lindell's outbreak was directed against
Assistant District Attorney. Tlynea,
whom sli.e called a liar, with the accom
paniment^ of profane language. ''...-'"<\u25a0'';.-\u25a0
"You're the biggest liar in the world,
and you ought to be in^San Quentin,"
she shouted, and;, with that she seized
an umbrella and started after the prose
cuting official. Judge Wells seized her
by the shoulders and N told her' toy,sit
down, under penalty of going 'to jail
if she did riot. Mrs. Lindell subsided at
r this. . - - x \u25a0 -x~: t \u25a0': \u25a0, . -;:./ -:\u25a0
The occasion for the outbreak was
Hynes calling her attention :; to'testi
mony. she gave at the former trial of
Mrs.-- Martin, which contradicted what
she said, today when; Mrs. 1 Martin placed
heron the witness stand. -, \u25a0 „
Police Called to Quiet Mrs. L.
- Raspiller
BERKELEY, Dec." - 14.^-Surrounded
by broken; furniture and declared -that
she could -'whip 'the entire '\u25a0\u25a0 police 'force,
Mrs. ,L. Raspiller, wife of a •* brewery,
foreman, was :found>by the police last
night in possession' of ' her
home, 1019 Chariningtway. .>.• ;-;. •
* , ; The v policenien -\u25a0 were called '\u25a0 by I Ras
piller, 1 who fled Jri terror. when. his*- wife
seized an; ax and "started to break-up
.the furniture. " ;: She was "\ taken to the
receiving, hospital; for>, examination 'as
to her mental^' condition. , •- - •
A' few-weeks ago Mrs^Raspiller threw
a beefsteak andibolllrig grease' into' the
face; of^her;husband .when-"-he^com
plained that the. steak was ;. too J rare.:;-*
TKI-OITY, CLTTB". TO MEET— Oakland, Dec. . 14.
" Prof. C. B." Rnzh-of thevUniTersity of, Cali
; fornia atiri ; Wilfi*tn ; Rutherford. \u25a0; president iof
. tlie Californlacotton^mUls.'will-beMheprin
\u25a0;- clpal a speakers at : the - weekly i'm^eting ito be
.-. - held Thnrsday , noon jat i the .Hotel • Athens . by
'\u0084t he> Trl- City--- Rotary/ clab.*tj*Th p - subject jiwlil
!\u25a0• be moral education i. in '.the 1 public* schools.'
Unanimous Vote declares ihe
County Assessor to Be In=
nocerit of Charges
' OAKLAND, Dec. 14.- — County Assessor
Henry P. Dal ton -was exonerated by the
grand jury, whioh took r a vote today
and decided unanimously that the
charges preferred/against, him ;by Les
lie Blackburn and .Frank Shay had\not
been proven. ; - ' - r l''f ..'/\u25a0:..
Blackburn began his campaign
against Dalton just, before-the primary
election, in which Dalton was success
ful. He produced a number of checks
that represented payments of large
sums made by him to Dalton and. al
though he would not, say what these
payments represented, he -. intimated
that they were collections he had made
for the assessor for Improper purposes.
Blackburn was formerly. Dalton's clpso
adviser. \u25a0 ' •'• • \u25a0 -\u25a0 --,\u25a0•'
Dalton said the checks represented
loans that Blackburn had made' him.
When Blackburn appeared before the
grand Jury he was evasive In' his an
swers and pbsitively refused to make
any statement of transactions between
himself and Dalton that had occurred
In the last three years that could be
brought within the/statute of limita
tions. ' '
- Equally unsatisfactory to the % grand
jury was the testimony given by Frank
Shay, Dalton's former depujty. Shay, at
the time of. the primary election,- said
that Dalton had regularly collected $25
a month of his salary for. a long time.
He reiterated this -story; before the
grand jury, but he. coujd. not substan
tiate it. All of Dalton's' other deputies
said that no such custom as Shay had
described was ever prevalent ' in ; the
assessor's office, and they testified that
they. had never given him-any part of
their salaries.
. - .-y ' - - • ' " \u25a0 • \u25a0
Exchange Protests Against the
Separation County
HAYWARD, Dec: ,14.— The , Hay ward
real estate exchange hiSs taken 'the first
step in a campaign which, is "to.\>e
waged*: at tho of :the
legislature by the southern portiori^of
the county in opposition to the,pro
posed county division act. Resolutions
were adopted protesting against - the
division of the county on the "ground
that it was unjust and /simply, a. move
to make the outside territory 'pay" for
the maintenance of roads :used by Oak
land. : ; ; v ;<; i". •'-'*".' \u25a0*.-"\u25a0:'. \u25a0',-'/-. .',..".'\u25a0- .\u25a0-".
With the creation of a. city and
county of Oakland the division line is
to'be at San Leandro, and iti is claimed
that the burden of taxation would-be
thrown on Eden,- TVashlngton.t Pleas
anton and Murray v townships.- : ; A/' W.
Beam, president of the exchange, ; /says
that 95 per cent . of | the : benefit I will be
reaped by Oakland. 1 - v'-U .- ..(;*...-
William Angus, president of the Hay
ward chamber; of commerce,; has; called
a special meeting-for tomorrow,", when
similar resolutions \u25a0 are ; to lbe: adopted.
Your Liver "
is Clogged up
That's yrhriYf^^^ired-fpvil of »
Sort*— rUre No Appetite. tf£jjtozi
ioitseu, Indtgtsfin, ud Sfck Headicte;r v ;
Genuine must beax^sighature. Cf;
| OVlarriage Licenses |
\u25a0\u2666- . ;—:; — : _ \u25a0 .*/
\u25a0 ••'OAKLAND, Dpc. : 14.— The* following martiase
licPDses^'were Issued today: ' • .' '..
"."Albert 'Vandor Kalllen" Jr.. 52. AUmeda, and
AmyShnmwtj-. 2S, Walnut Creek.. • "
i: ' Pefpr V: I.ltrda, "2, and Agnes C. Magneson,
22. both of Onklanfl. '»
Simon J. '- Bartle, 21, and Hilma V. Hendrlck-
son. 21. both of Oakland.'
, Jay R.- I>yer. 35. and Emma E. Bay ley, 25,
both of Oakland. • . • ~\ -.
Joaquin R. l^awrpm"?. 2s. and Rosle T. Var-
cas. 21, both of San I^andro.
; Roland" K. Fay, 23, and Eleanor Wooster,' 2l.
bf»tb of Berkeley. \u25a0\u25a0 - . - \u25a0\u25a0 -\u0084
\— " \u25a0llllMlllllfU—lHl* MJ »-.,L \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0' v,. £
J|^^^^^*"W ""T—^i «*3^r *r '\u25a0HMMar T3f tfir IwO Jat "mNB/^AW -^fc^^Wtf JfSßSie — " - =*^VT? Jttf^ * &M 9 * *v£M \u25a0 ryyi 'lA .. - jf^Sß *- SL' !"tH *^r^K. JLfal - rfrl "^-
<* ' Tsjk, i.i.ir — ~ > *~ -*~^«*--^ .\u25a0\u25a0 Osklsnd Brcuncr*s
> ' . •; j- - ' - \u25a0 - •'\u25a0 j 1 .'"''\u25a0 v .'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0,-• ' . $$>
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>} : \u25a0 •••••••\u25a0•••'-•-••• \u25a0 -\u25a0'• : " - \u25a0• — \u25a0 - • "••-•-•-•• • \u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0•'• •>• -•• --\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0'\u0084.\u25a0 &
y::-: : -;-.-:> . - ;.-' : .v. v .:^'- r .\u25a0•;>\u25a0'\u25a0 -jK'.t; \u25a0-'"•"•\u25a0, :r: r * : : - r': : . •-\u25a0-..\u25a0\u25a0 ..;'-\u25a0.' - .•.:..••.•'-: . g\
Burglar Uses Fetters as Club,
Assaults Guard and Flees
With His Pal
OAKLAND, Dec. 14. — Using the hand
cuffs which' fettered his wrists as a
club, a burglar captured last night by
Deputy. Marshal Lippl of Emeryville
while acting as lookout during the
robbery of the New York meat market
at' Thirty-ninth street and San Pablo
avenue, knocked unconscious Henry
Murphy, a racetrack man whom Lippi
haJ impressed Into service to guard the
prisoner. \u25a0 The handcuffed man escaped
with his wrists in the irons and Is
being sought by the sheriff's office and
by the police. " \u25a0 . ' ';.- V-; %
Xilppi found the burgjar at work and
arrested the lookout, handcuffed him
and asked /Murphy to stand guard
while Lippi and another man-went to
the rear of the butcher; shop. They
intended to. enter through the window
and capture the thief. who was rifling
the cash jegister. : - . .
"Th*y were Just .about to crawl
through the window when they heard
Murphy at the front of the shop crying
for- help. Believing his prisoner had
\u25a0showed -fight.' Lippi -ran to the .street
to_flnd' Murphy on .the. pavement un
conscious. The handcuffed man was
gone. .In the excitement the other
thief escaped from th,e shop through
the window opened by the officer.
The burglar who was captured and
escaped is described as 25 years old,
barely five, feet tall, with thin-fea
tures," fair complexion arid sandy hair.
He wore y dark clothes and a soft black
hat. . .;\u25a0\u25a0' \
•Wife-Wahts'Divorce on Ground
• OAKLAND," Dec. 14.— 0n the ground
that" he used to tell her and their chil
dren unbecoming stories, and was
guilty of acts of cruelty- to her, Mrs.
Emily C- Banks brought suit for di
vorce today against ArtKur E. Banks,
a wealthy rancher of Niles. Mrs.
Banks says that her. husband .told her
he would be happy only when she was
in her grave, and'warned his sons never
to marry for fear they get wives like
JosTe Stover brought suit for divorce
today against George Stover, accusing
him of neglecting to provide for her
support. For the same reason Bertha
D. "Sawyer sued Jerome Sawyer far^ di
vorce. ; " , ; -~
• The following final decrees of divorce
were granted today:
Hattl» against B. R. Gltdden. desertion; Susan
aga'tost Henry N. Bathsow. desertion.
..Dee. 14. — The. federated, unprorement clubs
of-- Alameda -eonnty will meet Friday eveninc.
December l«, at S o^clock. in the assembly
-. hall of Chabot observatory.
Complainant Escorted to Court
by Friends
OAKLAND, Deo. 14.— Prosper Bacqna.
charged with assault with a deadly
weapon upon Elmer E. Tobey, was ar
rested today by Constable M. H. Lame
and lodged in the county jail. The two
men live In Albany. They engaged- in
a rough and tumble fight yesterday In
which Tobey was badly beaten. Tobcy.
when he appeared In Justice Qulnn"«
court today to swear to a complaint.
was escorted by former Mayor Roberts
and Town Marshal Chris Miller of Al
Scalp and Hair Troubles
Generally Caused by
Dandruff Is a contagious disease
caused by a microbe which also pro-
duces baldness. Never use a comb or
brush belonging to some one else.
matter how cleanly the owner may be,
these articles may be infected with
microbes, which will Infect your scalp.
It Is far easier to catch hair microbes
than It is to get rid of them, and a
single stroke of an Infected comb or
brush may well lead to baldness. Never
try on anybody else's hat. Many a hat
band Is a* resting place for microbes.
If you happen to be troubled with
dandruff. Itching scalp, falling hair or
baldness, we have a remedy which we
believe will completely relieve these
troubles. We are so sure of this that
we offer it to you with the understand-
ing that it will cost you nothing for
the trial if it does not produce the re-
sults we claim. This remedy is called
Rexall "93" Hair -Tonic We honestly
believe it to be the most scientific rem-
edy for scalp and hair trouble* and we
know of nothing else that equals It for
effectiveness, because of the results it
has produced in thousands of cases.
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic is devised tf>
banish dandruff, restore natural color
when its loss has been brought about
by disease and make the hair naturally
'silky, soft and glossy. It does this be-
cause it stimulates the hair follicle-",
destroys the germ matter, and brings
about a free, healthy circulation of
blood, which nourishes the hair root?,
causing them to tighten and grow nsw
hair. We want everyboJy who has any
trouble with hair or scalp to know that
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic Is the best hair
tonic and restorative In existence, and
no one should scoff at or doubt this
statement until they have put our
claims to a fair test, with th« under-
standing' that they pay us nothing for
the remedy if it does not give full and
complete satisfaction In every particu-
lar. Two sizes. 50 cents and $1. Re-
member, you can obtain Rexall Reme-
dies in San Francisco only at the Owl
I>rug Co.. Inc., 710 Market street. 77*
Market street. Post and Grant avenue.
Sixteenth and Mission streets, Flllmore
and Geary streets. '-» *

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