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The Cairs Saturday Real- Estate
and Financial Section is the
best medium of its kind in Call-
Joseph G. Robin Takes Poison
as He Leaves House for
Stomach Pump Saves Indicted
Financier's Life as He Col
lapses at Court Door
NEW YORK. Dec. 30. — With head
•erect, shoulders squared and eyes
leveled at the battery of cameras
trained on him. Joseph G. Robin, the
indicted banker, stepped from his sis
ter's home this morning to face ar
raignment, calm in the knowledge that
Tie had swallowed a dose of hyoscine,
the dead! j- alkaloid with which Doctor
CrJppen killed his wife, Belle Elmore.
He collapsed before he could be taken
Into court, with the exclamation, "I
am a dead man; I have taken poison
The cas^e was postponed in the great
est excitement, a stomach pump was
hurriedly brought into play and the"
sjck man was carried first to the prison
hospital and later to Bellevue, where
he lies tonight in the prison ward. No
charge of attempted suicide is entered
against him. and it is thought he will
recover, although the action of the
hyosclne is clow, and much will depend
on his vitality.
The time at which Robin took the
drug Is: approximately, fixed by the tes
timony of Dr. Austin Flint, retained for
Robin by William Travers Jerome, his
counsel; Dr. Louise Robinovitch, his
sister, and two detectives who rode
with him from his sister's house to the
crimin&l court building.
Doctor Flint told the court that as
nearly as he could judge the poison had
been Igi Robin's system about three
quarters of an hour when be collapsed.
The two detectives were positive their
prisoner swallowed nothing on the way
to. court.
Dr. Robinovitch said her brother was
in the habit of taking hyoscine in small
"doses to counteract the effects of mor
phine, which he used to deaden the
stabbing \u25a0 pains by which gallstones
made themselves known. She kept the
drug in her house, and she thought her
brother s wailow«d 12 tablets. At Belle
vue tonight -the examining surgeons
estimated that Robin had taken about
one-tenth of a. grain.
Kobin seemed' in good this
morning — better than at any time since
his troubles began — and he made no
effort to scree,n his face from the cam
era as hitherto. The first sign of ill
ness tras when iie staggered, stepping
from his aatomobilo -to the criminal
courts building.
In the elevator he weakened so rapid
ly that the detectives had to lift him to
a 'couch. There he sank into uncon
sciousness, and was not revived until
the Etomach pump had been worked
vigorously. Its prompt use saved his
Outside the corridors of the criminal
courts building fairly hummed with ex
citement, but in the court of general
sessions itself Judge Cram was trans
acting business as usual, -9 when At
torney Jerome stepped rapidly down the
"Your .honor," he began, hurriedly,
"I am here in the Robin. case. It ap
pears that the defendant has taken a
drug.. He can not be stimulated. An
ambulance has been summoned and
surgeons are now pumping his- stom
ach. The delay Is unavoidable/
Dr. Austin Flint, retained by Jerome,
was called. The assistant district at
torney asked him what Robin had said.
"He said," answered Doctor Flint. "I
am a dead man: Tve taken poison tab
lets." I found his face flushed, the pu
pils of his eyes dilated, his pulse 160
and feeble. He told me he had "^wal
lowed "the poison three-quarters or an
liour previously."
The case was postponed until the re
ceipt of further advices as to Robin's
Robin's frustrated attempt on his life
today leaves the question of his sanity
*tlll open. Dr. William Mabie for the
Ftate and Dr. Austin Flint for his coun
sel examined him last night and found
liim physically able to appear in court
today, but they did not pass on his
mental condition.
In the affidavit submitted by his sis
ter, when she applied for. his commit
ment to an asylum, she swore he at
tempted suicide last Saturday and gave
'that as one. evidence of insanity.
There were no further developments
today in connection with either the
Bank of Northern New York or the
Washington savings bank, both of
•vrhichare in the hands pt the state
banking department, but the state de
partment of insurance took over the
affairs of the Title and Guarantee com
pany of Rochester, N. Y. A large force
of accountants is at work on the ledg
ers of the many interwoven companies
which Robin promoted.
George Bidinger Pleads Guilty
of Assault to Murder
G^orgp Bidinger, who attempted
October 2 to hold up the Inmates of the
saloon of; Giovanni Ghiotto in Mission
street, pleaded guilty of assault /' to
commit murder and was sentenced "to
three year* in San Quentin by Judge
Cabaniss yesterday. He fired a num
ber of shots, one of which injured
Frank Sullivan. The defendant Is only
20 years old, and on account of his
youth Prosecutor McNutt suggested
that the court deal leniently with him.
I NEW YORK. Dec. 30.— A strike of
the firemen on the municipal ferry
boats plying between South Ferry and
Stftteh 'Island today was 1 short lived,
the representatives of the men. after a
conference with the city officials, an
nouncing that an agreement had ; been
reached and the firemen would return
to work pending- Investigation of their
. -Ttoarges of overwork.; -
v^ \u0084 •_ -
ItXKGES FOB. THE PAEK— A proportion I* to
\ be -laid before th* park eoeunwioner* to b*re
J Alma Erase finjr Sundays during the hand con
cert* «t the park. \TJip expr-w i« to be borne
* fcj tbe United Railroads niul other parties.
The San Francisco Call.
Wealthy Nobleman
Sinks to Poverty
Arid Takes Poison
[Special Cable to The Call]
BERLIN, Dec 30.— The sui
cide of Count Percival Douglas
was as dramtic as any of the
many tragedies enacte, din , Ger
many during the Christmas sea
Count Percival was a descend-,
ant of the ancient Scottish fam
ily. Formerly he was one of the
wealthiest men In Berlin, and
owned large estates in east Prus
sia. He formed an unfortunate
attachment for a young woman
for whom he 'sacrificed his posi
tion In society and much of his
Determined, at last to end his
infatuation for her. Count Per
cival married the young woman's
sister. r *"
The countess'soon learned her
tausband's- affections did not be
long to her, sued for divorce, and
was granted it. Count Percival
quickly dissipated what was left
of his fortune. Finally he was
forced to live In poor lodgings.
Christmas eve the count retirea
to his bed and swallowed cya
nide of potassium: He did 'not"'
take enough of the deadly drug
to kill himself instantly and
died only after -12 hours of ter
rible suffering. •
Count Percival's suicide has
stirred society to Its foundations.
The edtails of it, which became
known today, throw a glaring
light on one of the most .vicious
sides of Berlin life.
wne Government Gunboat, Unseaworthy and Armed
With Two One-Inch Guns, Relied on to
Defend Puerto Cortez
[Special Dispatch ie The Call]
PUERTO CORTEZ, Honduras,^ Dec
,30, 30 « — Following; rumors that the United
States cruiser Tacoma had sighted the
revolutionary ? gunboat* Hornet last
night, the American consul, at the
instance of Cohimander Davis of «• the
Tacoma, today warned all Americans
to remain indoors if trouble began.
Notice •was given the commandant to
day that the Tacoma will land ma
rines to protect American interests
here tomorrow.
The Honduras gunboat Tatumbla is
[Special Dispatch to' The* Call]
WEST UNION, 0., Dec. 30.— The
Adams county grand Jury . today re
turned 73 more indictments and more
than 50 persons appeared and pleaded
guilty in connection with the investi
gation of wholesale vote selling. A
majority of them were disfranchised
for" five years and fined $5 to $15. The
total indicted now is 1,141.
A man 37 years old, who was fined
after pleading guilty, said that vote
[Special Dispatch lo The Call]
CORDOVA, Alaska, Dec. 30."— A mass
meeting was held by the citizens of
Katalla, in the Bering- river coal dis
trict, today tO: protest against the bill
introduced in congress^by.Representa
tive Hitchcock of Nebraska providing
for the withdrawal of all Alaska coal
lands pending" investigation. '.During
the* meeting Representative Hitchcock
was severely criticised for liis action on
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
CLEVELAND. Dec. 30.— The cash
Value of honeymoon bliss will be de- ;
cided in the local courts as the result -^
of a suit for" $507 damages from the
proprietor of a hotel, filed today by :
Mrs. Laura . Riehl of Washington, ; D. C.
In" the list of "damages submitted by '
Mrs. Riehl; ls one reading: ]
•'For time lost from honeymoon, sev- ;J ]
eral days, $50." » - r i
[Special Dispatch to' The Call]
-FRESNO, Dec; -30.— T0- protect the
health of school children y Dr. G. L.'-
Long, health officer, . has /put a stop to '
holding church services and dances In
country schbolhouses. -/ "
The t matter came up ;;in ' connection
with the Barstow schoolhousey near
Fresno^ where : .nearby ~ residents /have
been "accustomed, to holding-/ services
:•?; ; SM^ J;?SM.(i&BGO, :<: < SATURDAY, DEGEMBERS3#39ip.
Customs Officers Receive Or
ders to Seize Vessel and Find
X Contraband of War
Steamer Lackme of Seattle ; Is
Suspected' of Being 'Char*
tered by Filibusters
AN ORDER from Washington that
the steamer La kin c of Seattle
be seized by the customs au
thorities and searched for contraband
of war destined for the Mexican insur
rectos has brought to* light an organ
ized effort by the American and Mexi
can governments to break up a ring of
.filibusters that has' been operating from
Pacific coast ports.
It also revealed the source: of the
endless supply of ammunition that has
been pouring into Mexico through a
secret , agency! during ' the ; last' six
months. Mexico had been trying to
clear/ up the mystery "and v using :every
expedient to learn if the shipments
were* made across the -harbor. 'In' this
work •.. the 'American customs officials
had been working with the, Mexicans,
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in the harbor, but its* two one pound
ers are not expected 'to be ?of • much
use in defending the town against an
attack ;by the^Hofnet," which; isfrer
ported 'as having four 6 i inch ; modern
rifles ; -Tmd*-thf«er?Tir&chine guns. - The/
Tatumbla is not considered * seaworthy.
Guatemalan troops arrived at Morales
last night. > This move is- taken .here
to mean that a land -attack by i the
Honduran revolutionists is expected
along the border/
Fighting has already begun "at Las
quabrados,'according to reports.
buying conditions have existed.; In
Adams county since he was a boy. :
Judge Blair , expressed '" : the opinion
that there was an arrangement for, vote
buying by republican and democratic
managers. *';\u25a0. -.-.-..•. '-'; '\u25a0\u25a0]\u25a0
. Of the '400 voters who have been be
fore/him each one said he had never
been, approached by more than one or
two precinct workers, thus indicating
that each one had his own list to look'
after. , ... ; ' ; ' • :\u25a0 -\u25a0 \u25a0 ' ' ' \u25a0:'
the, ground that he should not attempt
to meddle with Alaskan affairs untiT he
becomes familiar with conditions VhereT
' "Afterthe mass meeting-; the \u25a0following
cablegram was; sent 'to Hitchcock:^.
, "Three hundred American born citi
zens each / eat'Hsourl "db'ugli I Christmas
dinners. How much ".longer must we
continue to endure hardships because of
some one who does inotkriow?" \u25a0 t
\u25a0A> lost trunk caused the suit: ; - Mr.
anVl Mrs. Rlehl were, in Cleveland Au-^
gust 20 on .their honeymoon trip." When
they left a porter, H%vitched checks, and
instead of- their trunk"?. they"; received a
case of samples: They hastily post
poned -their jtrip . and; came ; to .Cleve
land in search of the trunk!' but were
unable to find it, "- '-'
Sunday morning and \ lodge dances 'Sat
urday : evening:; There,; have/been; some
oases of diphtheria there. ' -\ , :
. \u25a0 Vlt Is^easV to regurate: school cliU
drexv," - ; skid % Doc tor ; Long^V'a nd f \ l . th c
school will be /ready, to ; open ; Tuesday.
After having it; fumigated i I'do not"pro:
admittirigja.'; mlxed^JhurcH^congrega
tion or ; by . a ; crowd i of - danceYs/'..* \u25a0•\u25a0 :\: \
Burke Hears Strong Evidence
Witnesses Forge Stout Links
(BRain JBf aw^MgKter
Is RetoE
Doctor s Nervousness Was
Noticed- by^AttacKes Jl
' ;Of Sanatorium -
[Special Dispatch Jo ThCall] '
S^ANTA ROSA. D«^;* 30.--The/; links
of ;', evidence connecting • Doctor
Buvke 'with theTdynamiting 'of the
tent of-: Lv , Etta Smith /were /forged
stronger: today than ;at{ any, time.dur
ing the' timejof , the > trial/-by;the.:testi
mony ; produced : at /the trial today -by.
Earl Edmunds, aj nu rse ;at the . sana
torium/ .The defense/in/yain tried to
discredit his. evidence,^ but .he Hheld;. to
his statements. ; .And the ' conclusion
saw Doctor Burke deeper; in, the: throes
of the charges against \u25a0 him f than ever
before. 7 'The witness* "'stated Vthaty he
was in; the diet kitchen-prior* to the
explosion. ."'\u25a0//; \u25a0/ ' '\u25a0: ':' - •'\u25a0 / '"'\u25a0.,'./ •-*;
.. "Is it not a f act /that ; you were, snot
in- the diet kitchen at^i<Jl/when the ex
plosion /\u25a0' occurred?" '/asked Attorney
Leppo.',, ' -. ': , \u25a0 ' //" _'//"'-". ;
\u25a0-'//'lt is not.'.Vshou ted back; tlie: witness.
, The defense "endeavored to show/that
Earl Edmurids 1 was "not* there "and Vtiiat
Ada Clark, a nurse; Vas" likewise
sent. Edmunds" protested • they/were
there. She -was" washing, dishes part
of the time and the /remainder' of the
20, minutes: or Mialf^an!; hour the: two
spent In-unrayeling as/puzzle..;, / i
Leppo Brings Up Conspiracy/
.; Leppo interjected the:much;hinted-at
conspiracy in this caso /on' thef part of
pillafd/"'Hitt,- '.••Edmund's; r"Abbie-»r "Abbie-» Smith
and Ada /ClaJrlo into.; his. questioning.
He • sought to draw/ from/ the < witness
an admission that he; -and Ada 'Clark
had ; .been^ frequently.-! in I[conference/as
to -theunature of; thelr/'testimony 'and
that it' was a fact thf y.vyt'ere'Jndt : ih^the
diet /lvitchen : at .-th^'/iiine/of Itafe-^exr'
plosion. : ... . . / '\u0084-\u25a0:'•
/.Edmunds.testifiedjthatThe and -Miss
Clark had talked over the case casually,
two or ( three times, but' there ' had; been
no. agreement as. to what; they iwould
testify. : . ; '\u25a0 - -.: . &?f'ti§sffisSffl%&
"Are you' friendly to; Doctor Burke
now'?" asked Doctor IBurke's lawyen
"I am in a way," was the reply. '
"What dp you mean by, qualifying
In a/way?" demanded Leppe. .
"Well, i mean that I have no per
sonal grievance against him," said Ed
Juror Questions Witness :
Juror George Trickman asked per
mission to T ask the witness a » questionl
He wanted to know where an/aisle : in
the sanatorium building/ had. its exit
or entrance -on .the porch] : He desired
to 'be -sure as; to where Edmunds saw
Doctor/ Burke /in Uhe aisle; The wit
ness saidjhe saw! Doctor. Burke coming
toward; the -closed door that -opened
on" the*; north -of the porch. ; He ex
plained, with'the.aid of the chart, the
location "of the doors. ..\u25a0 ,\u25a0'. '
Asked why his evidence regarding:
Doctor Burkes being*nervo u s a' short
time ; before the explosion differed : from
thatgiyen before the gra.nd. jury, when
he then - said Doctor Burke --- was : cool.
Ho explained that when 5 Doctor Burke
was nervous/ ho did riot.' display as
much \u25a0; agijtation ; as /other/ people,/ but
took it more quietly.- \'
'/; Miss ; Ada Clark was the next ; witaess
and she- corroborated Edmunds'
testimony as being with^ him in the
diet kitchen at -the' time of ; the explo
sion. She , said she : also ; saw • Doctor
Burke \ and ; Jean 'Maxwell, the night
watchman,' a short time before the ex
plosion. t , .'\u25a0• ;'--- .'\u25a0'. .;'.' '/ -
She/ said she saw Doctor Burke at
the tent afterthe explosion and;he.re
marked ' that rLu Smith had )blown her
self up. and i that she might have had
th eel ynarii ite : for two years.' \ '. .
: Miss .\ Clark testified' as to, her/ haying
seen 1 a note written by Doctor/Burke
to . Liv ; Smith, /in \u25a0 which the 'doctor said
in substance:/
"Dear l.u— lf the moans do not come
for yon to tfo.Trith-your.trnnlai[tomor
row,-1 "Will ro 'to Oroville ' nod get, and
you 1 remain 'iintll-I;set back.' r - ;
•'//";. v-///^DRJ^.}iv:niJRKE. t'/:..:.t '/:..:.
j. This ; letter, has been ; lostiTarid "rieither
side hasj.it. / .There ;was \u25a0 some r objection
as to; "the ;\u25a0 testimony, .regarding . the
nurse,*, but ythe , objection was (overruled.
Biirke^LaughsVat: Witticisrh;
'I vwoiild « you ' to \u25a0 look 'at' counsel
arid at the jury,"- saidLeppoj addressing
the' witness.//-:/, :; / ; /.;. --^ir'-i-h /'.'". '\u25a0/-;/
;^"I woiiidj;siiggest^that;you allow tlie
court to direct /the : conduct," : replied
Lea.-_ . , , : \u25a0'."- -\u25a0\u25a0 ./'/'/-
: "Well,;, "gentlemen; I can't^see which
\u25a0way; the '}, young /lady, is /-iookirig," re
mark'ed-rJudgejSeawell/ \u25a0•".. ;,J, /;/;;/;-:
"Counsel on both-sides are haridsome,
you know." The court's rejolnderj^g
yoked laughter; in - which both i Doctor
and Mrs. Burke joined; •,•;'".;\u25a0
"Of /course, I 'can, not ; expect the wit
ness 4 toslookjatsme,Vrsaid?vWilliarit|Fin-
1 -^*^ > trW-'-i^^''*^^^ > '^ v **""~'^^*'^^-V** i -. :•-.-• -\u25a0 *%\u25a0!&\u25a0\u25a0-* '.?-;*\u25a0
ley, Cowan or jcounseliroriDoctor-Burke.
The' witness^was r asked- If 'it' was not
a- fact = that: she^repeatedjßhejnotef to
other^pepple.'^S^irepi^jttatTin^had 1 :
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\! Ada Clark, rvhotoas^
Attorney for- An^steH^Magazine .Represehtative Intimates
/ "J; ' R
; [SpeciaVCibliJoJThe Call] g
. :LONbON^Dec/ 7 3O.^The s ca^e f j of ii'd^.t
ward*F.^St>ilius, : ; arrested^ in ''connection'!
with .ithe^'attac.k f in*, the '-Liberator hprtU
• -• •-:.;\u25a0* - : .\u25a0£?CZ". : ..-,<- . \u25a0 \u25a0:.'- -'..'-, ~-i'\' • v: *^m
King* George/ of -England, ' -will, "* lf* lt I
comes .toftrJal^uhdoubtedly "cause a : tre^-}
mendous iiihtearnatlonalr. sensation,* said ]
\u25a0'-' \u25a0 •\u25a0•"\u25a0 \u25a0\u2666>Ci'^W:*'."}S'' •--. '-•'. . ,- -» »*-""h"i
Solicitor Newton tonight. 'Newton,*,who i
was-counsjilijfdr "j D6ctor> Crippen,- has '
been ; retainedsto^defend Myllus. # ..,' .-\u25a0.,, \u25a0/'
"If "the- csfee^is 'tried,' many serio'iisr*
statements '.undoubtedly; will} be; miade/r
.- ~.1 '•'\u25a0 - •'•iriffiirr-r' - \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'.•' . ••.'•--\u25a0- : »..".» Vv3
as the, prosecution^ can' not-hope'to J get «
-.'\u25a0:• ' «"•-\u25a0"' -'^oiiiiay;> :* \u0084''•\u25a0\u2666-• .- r?;:i "-i#»^.<-,i
a conviction^w.ithQut igplng. deeply^lnto'l
\u25a0'-. \u25a0- ;" \u25a0\u25a0' ••». i w" %*\u25a0».*\u2666 >. ! ' \u25a0«..- v --. ""- « "-«V.^ ?\u25a0
the, matters! wn4cn^all"of'us*,will''regret4
to > see, aired," i said.'*Newtori. '\u0084 /. -/- '^ *'V,'^;. I
•: Proof thatkheißrltishlgoyernmeritrcS-i
garda the " Lirjerato'r's * attacks' on tHe i
\u25a0 \u25a0;;,- / -\u25a0-' \'.;?*->.-ljt \u25a0\u25a0£.:•* •»\u25a0'\u25a0;.:\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0:\u25a0:-- r - *•'•--;•»•}
' ;; NEW -YORK,- Dec.r 3<).-^-If f pictures { of
Brighami Young: and*the 'Mormon; temp
le /are 'engravedj 'updri^the' ; i silver*j'se'rv
lce;;presentedr:to .vthe-. battleship. -t. Utah
States .-> government J is ;^not -.. perturbed
over j the ,- fact. / ' ' ;_ / • - -" -•= -
. 'T'ormal ,"pf6t^"t^a^a,ilnsC.lthe,decora
NEW YORK,/^DecS^SO^Mrs.- Julia !
Kuttner f Earle h has /obtained \u25a0', in i ap- I
pellate division of^the supreme court an *
annulment 1 , of £ her /marriage '.'to --Fer- I
dlna'nd; Pinriey : Earle - at 3 T enice, 'Italy,* ',
March 17,\l908;-Earle/was divorced from L
Marie* EmlliejGishbacker,- in'; Paris* in
1908 on- her.' suit "fo'r.'desertionii Her fall-
FerociousHpogs-Break Lash and
'\u25a0:': ' bestroy> Quarry
J ;MOUNrD;AyERNpN,;snU*. = De&V:3o^ A'
pack of bloodhounds,^crazed'by. the ex
citement 'of a; long 'chaser; broke f loose
from" their /keeper:' today: while -trail-:
irig^ a/.* man ; suspected*^ of •burglary ; at
'Carrier : Mills, ; cornered their// victim'
"andf'to're/ him > to,: pieces: : /man's
body/,was; soj*tVrribly/ mutilateds by 'f the"
hourids'that'wh'eri 'the- 'owner 'caught7up
rwlthX-ttie ;/dogs f.it ;bpre j' only /'a^^llglit s
,'MBemblanceMo/^a^hurnan^b*ein^ls> r ;'.-Tlie''
tityV'- ; Johnj;R6berts;*V'ho> had /charge
laerrif jury, 1 - ' ' : - : -"^''f^f/.'r\.- r 'J '\u25a0':\u25a0"'-"\u25a0"" '.; /*
X^^?bQPrtn^l^a,/cqSnwiff-fo \wtsL « 1
kirig'as -'dangerous -Is^seen -»in' > these
facts'^ j r y:;^'-',^:li'^^yy:^ ' ./ \u25a0
LiFirst- I—The^upu^ual^jprocedure1 — The^upu^ual^jprocedure "^(the
first^of ' its kind* iri T England); in^havlnff
My iiusj arrested .on -a'^a'trarit \u25a0 issifed by
a iuUge/ in .chamber.^chargirig'nim i'with
publishing! and tutteriVgt.false^ and $ ma
licious-libels \u2666 concerning t his* majesty,
tlvejking: // •; ; / \u25a0,^/^"x T/'l^^'Jy^',
. .VSecond^r-ThefseizureTof * ah > copies 'ot
itHe«;Elberator. i '^i >: , * \u25a0:'.: i.j j*. .
;i-;Third-4ThVjbTder^^lssued lto;tbe^Enfir
lashypreis, to t refrain -from 'any; mention
of tthe^rrestjofiJlylltisi » ~ > .-. .
*H Fourth— The » unprecedented f ball v of
* I( >ssQO'jJ* ['\u25a0 ;*';\u25a0 f -' r^.;-} '-'/L.^ / .-' (
." Fifth— The V probability 1" that;, My lius
wy'l >' be; JiKerated^if "hel;,willj apologize
and Vf urnish " a*; heavy » bond :^ not •' to 1 re
peat^the^offerise;^. •; '• ' . "
tibn';i;of^the;servlce-;was^ lodged >-jwith
C.f Miller, of f this < city,- actiri^for * the
Tvornan's l republican ] clubs. .
MUler^ received fa. \ letter^ today^f rom
Assißtant tWln
throp fof Hhe " "navy%i department j' saying
triat! the;* departments' did "» riot- feel It
coiildi ; superyise/suchc matters. "
• -'*-- '*'/•»' \.'..''"-{T><;>2 ' I",'': \, '-.-.\u25a0 . \u25a0 V
ure;to r transcribe^a- portion .of ;the de
cree fin> the^register/where./'the \u25a0mar
riage /was ; recorded a until t thee : months
after ?;Earle's « marriage '-.to vhis
wife|suspended the dlvorce)forlthat pe
riod «and~ gave .the' second Mrs. Earle
grounds contest 'the; validity /of : her
marriage. . . / • • \u0084. .
Shot* Extricated I s From 7 Charred
: Skulls i of /Couple"^^
.- 'PORTSMOUTH, v Dec.l '29. — : That
MinoVand foiiver;Platt,*' weaithy '* bached
.lor;i;bfotnerß, : -vwere:^nwdew'd*Ab'eitore'
i** 1 .?!?'-^ bodies r, "were * burned 'tin « the * de
structlqn? of their; home Jy esterday; ; was
gatiori\ today. "- .' '* '. "-; "'.""\u25a0
/.Fifteen v shots .extricated J from
c skull s'of |one 7 aridi several V^snialler
not ltro m Uhe skulljbfither,"othe'r. A >Blood
a^Joorty^butcherknlfe!^ found- .'on the
: doorj;sni \u25a0 andlenipty7shells : f pund : nearby ;
areljamong 'ithe'V evidences 5 of \u25a0 a " double i
murder. . v ><Si, -; :\u25a0':\u25a0'• , \u25a0•-.
"^l.t^ 1 . 8 : probable J that" arrests .will be
made jwlthiri* the: next < 24? hours/.
Conipany Formed <o, Operate All
;the Pnblic Service Systems
of Oakland and
Water, Traction and Electric
Power Concerns to Be
Merged Into One
Giant Body
30.— The United Proper
; ties Company . of Califor 1
nia, with a capital of $200,000,000,
filed -articles of incorporation at
Dover,' Delaware, tonight. It
was organized for the purpose of
effecting a merger of public util
ity companies of Oakland and
Berkeley, California. In the com
bination .will be the water, trac
tion and electric power companies
and r the .ferry system known as
the ;Key ; Route. 7^*^;
charter of the new.corpora
tion;:, was secured through the
agency ,. of ; the^ Dela^vai^itrtist
company of Wilmingtb^aiiix^,*
direction of Christian B Za
briskie of 100 William street.
New f ,York. It is the largest con
cern ever organized under the
Delaware incorporation % la\vs.
The directors are: F. M. Smith.
W. S. Tevis, R. G. Hanford. all
well known -millionaires of Cali
fornia ; .Gavin. McNab, the San
Francisco attorney; C. B. Za
bnskie, the New York represent
ative of -F. M. Smith ; Dennis
Searles, manager of Smith's rail
road interests in Nevada; W. R.
Alberger, Smith's personal repre :
sentative in the Key Route com
pany, . and Harry W. Davis of
Delaware. Davis is named as a
director merely to conform with
the Delaware laws, requiring that
one member of the directorate be
from this state.
As set forth ; in its charter, .the
new corporation proposes to ; en
gage in ,the construction and
operation of railroads, steamship
lines, electric light and power
systems, water plants for domes
tic purposes and irrigation,
"wharves, docks and warehouses.
It is stated that a new steam
ship line;;' will be established, but
details' are withheld.
The operating offices of the
new company will be in San
Francisco and Oakland.
There was evidently somefde
sire.for haste in the incorporation
of the company,, as : Zabriskie
made a hurried; trip to Dover and
back by auto tonight'for the pur
pose, covering a distance of 100
miles. He /will? leave r for San
Francisco : Tuesdty .
The . company paid a'filirig fee
of "• $10,100 *;tb' the state of Dela
ware./. :
\u25a0g|RONG ; #N;ION
'Company, Terminals and
* D deks; for Oakland
The formation of the^United States
Properties company, as* outlined in. the,
foregoing dispatch,' brings definite an
nouncement of new and powerful al
liance in the field of California flaaace.
•It together F. M. Smltli and
.William S;- Tevisi two of the Btronse3t

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