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Senator Reports for Committee
on Performance of Plat
form Promises
Direct Primary League's Orig-
inal Proposals and Other
Changes Favored
Amendments of the direct primary;
election law to make it conform to
the bill originally introduced by the
direct primary league • were proposed
to. the legislative conference yester
day by Senator Boynton of Orovllle,
who will be president pro tern of the
new senate.
Senator Boynton, in behalf of his
fpecial commlttpp, returned a report
• covering the platform promises touch
ing direct primary legislation, the Aus
tralian ballot, the short ballot, non
1 partisan judiciaxy and the regulation
.' of lobbyists. On the latter subject Sen
ator Boynton submitted a digest of the
; Missouri law. but said that the last
' legislature did not need any such law
and that ht believed the next could
worry along without one.
The woman's suffrage question "was
: disposed of briefly by Senator C. W.
Bell of Pasadena, who presented the
draft of- a, proposed constitutional
amendment, the particular feature of
which was the elimination of the word
"male" from the constitutional quali
fication for the exercise of the duty of
The exceptionally well considered re
port on election laws returned by Sen
ator A. E. Boynton for his committee
wa sfull of cold comfort for those al
leged direct primary champions who
advocated the defeat of the direct pri
mary bill two years ago unless it was
made a nonpartisan measure. That
report not only recommended that the
legislature should return to the pro
visions of the original bill touching the
nomination of United States senators
and the formation of platforms, but it
I declared Tor a radical stiffening of the
partisan- provisions of the measure if
such {stiffening could be effected under
I the constitution.
The express "simplification" amend T
ments recommended by the committee
consisted chiefly of suggestions for a
•reduced percentage of signatures for
candidates' petitions, and placing limits
upon the time in which petitions might
be <-ircu!ated and consequently upon
the duration of the campaign. *
The short ballot report was comprised
i in* the recommendation that the state
printer, clerk of the supreme court and
attorney general be . made appointive
officers, and the confession that the
committee, could not agree upon any
others to be placed in the appointive
_liFt. Constitutional amendments will
necessary to take the clerk of the su
preme court and the surveyor general
out of the elective class.
» Other recommendations submitted by
vßoynton provided for the removal of
ihf party circle from the general elec
tion ballot, the pure Australian ballot,
\u25a0-th^ rotation of candidates* names on
the ballot, life tenure for judges, sub
ject to recall, and three alternatives
for securing tlie promised nonpartisan
judiciary. One of these was the bar
association advisory vote, which the
commission did not favor. Another
provided for a separate nonpartisan
judiciary ballot and the third for non
partisan judiciary section of -the pri-
Imary ballot as employed in 'Washing
ton. ngs|
The set program of the conference
s was finished shortly before 6 o'clock
! last night. It was announced by recog
nized leaders of both houses that the
organization caucuses* would be held
In Sacramento Monday and it was sug
gested that a senatorial caucus might
be called for Monday.
The extremely close fight for chief
! Vlerk of the house between Mallory and
I Walker had reached the stage last
night of" an understanding that if
Walker won Mallory would be his as
sistant and vice versa.
The supporters of Ed Whyte of Sac-
I ramento declared that he had taken the
measure of Assembly Sergeant at Arms
"Jack"' Stafford, but Stafford declared
that lie had votes enough to nominate
him in the caucus and veteran legisla
tors were of the samem opinion.
The Los Angeles contingent was
vociferously confident that George Co
narts of Los Angeles would be elected
• sergeant at arms of the senate, and the
San Francisco and Alameda county
legislators were equally confident if
r-s« demonstrative in their assertions
of the success of Joseph L. Coughlin of
Oakland, who was started the race
b»"y. Senator Elect Tyrrell.
After a meeting of the Los Angeles
delegation, held at the Palace last
night, Meyer Lissner issued an Informal
I statement to the press in which de
clared his confidence in the election of
John D. Works to the - United States
senate '..with a showing of 75 votes on
the first joint ballot and by a unani
mous vote on the second.
I.issner declined to go Into details
explanatory of his astonishing state
ment, which he declared was deemed
by him to be an accurate forecast made
on what "we know, of the situation.?
Heinsisted that the Los Angeles wai
a unit for Works, but refused to an-
Fwer questions touching the attitude
of individuals, saying, "We are not
talking about individuals." He also
said that the question of caucus had
not been discussed.
Questions directed at other members
of the delegation were met with the
direct information or equally effective
intimation that only Llssner was au
thorized to speak and his refusal to go
Into details suggested that his state
ment was made for the purpose of
"throwing a scare."
Sunday Call
\u25a0 •\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 ' #
Send them to; Main Office
i v cr tfirough Branch Offic^;
V \[ or telephone them*/
Committee Denies
That the executive committee
of the republican stale central
committee had ; indorsed . Ihe can
didacy of Judge John D. Works
for the United States senate ,iv as
emphatically denied last night by
officers and members of \ that
committee, who attended the
meeting held on Thursday.
They also denied thai there
mould be any attempt to use any
formal act of the party governing
body as a club to force members
of the legislature to vole con
trary to the instructions given
them by their constituents at: the
primary election polls.
Los A ngcles partisans of
Judge Works not only used the
name of the state central com-
mittee yesterday, ~ but the name
of Governor elect Hiram W .
Johnson in an attempt to siting
legislators from Spalding* to
Works. The}) used the name. of
V the governor elect coupled v>ith
threats concerning the;disposalof
places to be gtven^out by the re
publican senate and assembly
caucuses, in spite of the fact that
Governor elect Johnson had ex
pressly declared that he would
take no part in such matters:
Senator Gates Explains Meas«
ures for initiative/ Refer
endum and Recall
Two bills Involving amendment -to
the state constitution for the perfec
tion of direct legislation were read
yesterday afternoon for the considera
tion of the state central committee
by Senator Lee C. Gates of Lbs An
geles. The first dealt with the initia
tive- and referendum, the second "with
the. recall. Both bills were drawn up
in detail, but were presented to the
conference in brief form. '
With the Initiative and referendum
it was explained that the . committee
oh direct legislation had worked out
provisions for giving the people of
the state the power of legislation with
out opening the door to the enfran
chisement of special prlvileges;-
With the recall bill the question
arose as to the exemption of the ju
diciary. It was stated by Senator
Gates that the committee had not been
In accord on that point, ; but .that a
provision had been made, in the bill
for such exemption. He expressed him
self as against it. ' '
Discussion the : narose over the use
of the . recall should three parties in
the state attain an approximate"equal
ity of strength, two parties uniting for
the recall of the incumbent of the
third. The idea was dismissed as im
probable. -.-•..-'"-\u25a0
Committee Favors 600 Acre
Site for Institution for
First Offenders
An appropriation of $1,000,000 and the
selection of a proper site of not" less
than 600 acres for the establishment
of a reformatory for first ', offenders
'were among the recommendations made
yesterday by Judge Curtis D. Wilbur of
Los Angeles : before the state" central
committee In behalf of the committee
considering; that' subject.
Embodied in the remainder; of the
rough draft •of the bill ; presented were
provisions for the schooling, ot petty
criminals in various trades. : , In con
nection with ,this it, was .announced
that the committee had so^arrahged
the bill as -to; avoid -difficulties,: with
organized s labor. Further, Jt .was sug
gested that the management of^the in
stitution be: placed In therhands of; the'
statft* prison directors," which • body : it
was "deemed advisable 'to ,reduc» to
three members, with salary,
by a constitutional' amendment.
Age ' limits of offenders to be con
fined to the Institution were. set at 16
and 20 years.
Advance Guard Is Laite' '
SACRAMENTO. Dec. 30.— With the
opening of the thirty-ninth legislature
of-- the state : : of . " California \u25a0- less*; than
three days, away, this .town Crests to
night In ? peace unprecedented^ on -such
occasions. ; The hotels- are "barren! of
legislators and various, political^ lead
ers 'ordinarily to .be found v here have
not, returned, from the, legislative con
ference .in ; San "Francisco. . 'Advance
guards from all' factions in what prom
ises, to be one of . the legisla
tive sessions In 1 the history of \ the
state are expected tomorrow, and ho
tel -\u25a0\u25a0 reservations have been i. made for
them. : '"".:\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0..\u25a0': '
The formal sessions are scheduled to
begin Monday, although the day is a
legal holiday. It Is: expected Hhat Mon
day's session will last 7 only long
enough to take . an ad journment until
Tuesday.when the real work of .the ses:
sion will start ' : , ;
Company A to Celebrate NeVr
Year Eve
: chl?« o'f'HT'"* ' ? om n'ittees have
cnarge p{. the arrangements:' •
11,8X3 BOIT "; FOR, SHIP'S ! DAKAGES-Tl.o Mis' i
: -slon traaKportation and r^ntn X ooi^auy^eKan '
.. suit yesterday' in- th« \u25a0 Unlte.l .states district
- ?,T!., a s"' M ' t <h , e \u25a0s* **}s?? \u25a0v«aac#™uv*}vit£
• fl.Sia^damHppsfaHe-rPdHo have bvt>n done th<>
- l>ark<;ntln(» Kiillorton In «-<d]f>i on witlitne ferry
DecctulH.>r.ia.^. .. \u25a0 \u25a0 '
; '--J- \u25a0 - -..•\u25a0-. '•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0*- -'S-i-.'" ' ...-.-
Rpseberry Outlines Legislation
to Govern Civil-Servicefauid* •;
• Employers' Liability A
Judicial Reforms and City-^auJS'
Cou nty Government Changesi)
Are Submitted , \
Two: new . commissions are contein
i; plated in legislation "which; was pro^
- posed yesterday by . Henator I* H..Rose- ;
berry of Santa Barbara as a member of
the committees on civil'; service i-an^
merit system and : employers' 'liability. M
proposed T.ciyll-, ; service commission
is to - have" three 1 members, /appointed 1
by thejgovernor; for. terms^bf four, years
at?s3,ooo a year.; .There isUo be a sec
retary at $3.000,. in: addition;, to; other
employee. The plan- is to haye • alltpub
lic, servants : under .-"' civil, service- with
the exception' of Selective officers,- those
appointed by the -governor,' the, rlegis-'
lature and: the i' judiciary, tthe chief dep
uty ..of -.an elective 'officer, one Vwarden
of «ach prison, one 'superintendent s'of
each reformatory -and asylum, ; teaching
forces Jof : schools,^ persons I engaged;, in
work dpne Jointly by the" state and|fed- :
cval .government," state ; arid I county
librarians and physicians and. attorneys
doing /; professional >\; service?;'; In ;_ the
event of a man being \u25a0 removed 'by \u25a0 his
chief he will' have the right- of .' appeal
An 'i Industrial accident board i ls \pro
posed to handle labor, affairs.- It: is to
be composed of two .commissioners -at
$3,000 a year 'arid -the- state r labbrj com
missioner.; Roseberry. said the commit
tee would urge an" employers'.' liability
bill to do away: with the;flctlonfof"as
sumed risk "and ; place'; the"; cbst^of accl-;
dent on the consumer, and not make \u25a0 In
jury. a penalty/of employriient.' \u25a0An v al
ternative provision '•:. is included iwhlch
will become; binding; in: the; eventviof
both parties filing notice .with;' the
board.; ... It Is ; required Hhat : ' the .'injured
must; be given -medical aid for: 90 , days,
If necessary, and 1 then given, a Vweekly
indemnity of 100 per cent'of ? the salary,
in ;the* event of v total7disabilityVand of
65 per cent; for partial disability. ,
W. ; J. Hunsaker of Los Angeles out
lined • the \u25a0 proposed changes yin v the
criminal procedure. :,;": . Following are
some of . the contemplated -reforms:' • 'i
j. To permit .. three-quarters *of a
. jury to return: a- verdict, exceptlin '-•\u25a0.
cases, of life and : death;.: to j permit ;•
comment in the argument on the"
failure of the defendant -, to; testify; " :
to, require the;, court \ ! to >iexamine : :
grand Jurors and to repeal the law V
permitting the setting: aside of an
' indictment. because of ,the disquali-: :
flcation of a juror;. to repeal. the act'
requiring that defendant.be given aT \u25a0
transcript'of -the testimony. adduced •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.
. before the grand, jury; ~" to : 'f permit
, greater use of i the;. preliminary ex- \u25a0:
amination .testimony .in a- trial; to :
give greater : weight :to the •: testl- •
mony of an accomplice ; to '< call . in a
judge to: complete a trial in -the
event of ithe> disability ; or /death -of
a trial Judge ; to : give ; the *, prosecu
tion and the' defense the same num-"
her of peremptory to .
givethe people the right of appeal v
in habeas corpus proceedings. ;\u25a0-
In _ reporting *fox - the - committee .-; on
city and county government,' State Con
troller A. B. Nye said that the statetax
comrhission was drafting legislation to
carry, out the purposes of. constitutional
amendment 1, providing for the separaf
tion [of state^and local; taxation. -.The
recoriimendatiori was: made: that i^a^tax
expert: be appointed./ "Regarding ,'\u25a0 the
commission plan .of L government 'for.
cities,' the Vcommittee \u25a0;reported^*favor
ably, on measuresj drafted by., the Lreague
of California' Municipalities. ' " :'
County'jiome rule was favored*; it
being proposed that each county adopt
its - own; county, .; government : act,V r tol! be
ratified by : the legislature.^^ Controller
Nye.-.said' further ! . that* his f, committee
favored; establishing^ the office: of: public
accountant; and ,the sinstallation,5 installation, of ; im-.
proved accounting systems ' ln\ all ;; state
departments. ,-Further ( "-"elimination7 ; of
fees in payment: of county," officials- for
their services*. was, advocated.^ lmproved
business: methods, especially*;- in'-: the
state: prisons, were suggested.'.Theire
organization of the /state board Vbf{ex^
aminers with;;a ;.view ; j to j relieving"; the
govern o/,*, the j attorney, gen eral and ', the
secretary of state Jof iniuch;.: routine
work also was suggested. : >;"\u25a0
: Russ ": ' Avery ; of ;7 Los . Angeles .supple^
mented. Nye's ;talk by" saying !the; com
mittee \u25a0 would 'vhave v . bills"; providing if or
the short ballot * for j counties, ,; the elec
tion fofi supervisors : at ? large'/ tpe' recall
and :;' the : appointment \ of . nearly all ; the
county -oflicials.,by, the supervisors.
Reapportionnient Report
Reapportionment , in : the -state ; was
reported ,~oh/ briefly.'- by. Senator ;, N. V W.
Thompson iof Alhambra-bef ore .the state
central committee, conference *- yester-*
day. said '•; that "no '^definite
.bill had .been .< prepared' by the com
mittee,, but that one wbuldlbe framed
by ;the " time the legislature convened."
He '\u25a0 explained Cthat ; the ": committee? had
the co-operation • of j the} census t officials
and' that it- was- expected', that'an .exact
apportionment could .be worked^ out.
Supreme Court- Reverses 14
Year Sentence . of Emmet
• Riggins
The supreme; court .-"yesterday
versed t the l decision V of I the {trial ,' court
of- Fresno* sentencing- Brhmetgßi&gins"
to * years'.V; imprisonment . for. assault
to "commit niurder.^The; order ; ,6tates
that --"the /right ; of Ta fair impartial
Jury is;ofie of/the^mqst^importantland
sacredv of ." the - guarantees £ of 'the con
stitution.': •";= ',':\u25a0:. .'-, '"\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 : : i' 1 .' 1 ' '.; .. '. : ; - '"\u25a0 '\u25a0.'"\u25a0\u25a0: ": : . ; ; ;
\u0084;Uiggins;attackedfA.:Lu'Krelss.L; Uiggins; attacked f A.: Lu'Krelss.L Prior
toVthe -trouble; -with ":Kreisß,;t-R s ß'Kins
killed Robert -^Dean Tot / Fresno.'; \u25a0\u25a0•; This
was in"l9os,'Jbut' heTwasv acquitted.;' In
selecting" the' 1 jury, f or his 'trial ion' the
assault ; charge/ the % attorneys i for' Ri&£
gins asked :- all \u25a0[ ; .veniremen : : if ?•*_. their,
knowledge, of > Riggins', -former 'trouble
wouldfprejufllce|them. v - >iv £*&ghdB&&&
' Three' rneii^who} answered »that; inHhe
event of ,a; 'reasonableXdoubtHhey, .would
remain; in jthe jury-box. 'SAfter^theicbh^
Victionv 'arifi appeal '^was '?! made ' on^tlie
I grounds: that- the 'jury 'was;- not; an* ihiT;
I partial; one. jThejcourtliof r 2_app'eal'gdlci.
not : reach rS an f agreemeh 1 1 and|i the V; case'
was : transferred : to 7 theisuprenie|c6urt
f The f orderfof '\u25a0 yesterday v goes * intbl the'
testimony .{of '\u25a0- Simpson*^ BargrbthJ|fand
McKeen; ';• juibrs.^tp] showlthat^. th cytwere
prejudiced^ sainstHßigglns^iTheh case
is rcmandep.^forjtrlal. \u25a0 '*\u25a0<'
-\u25a0-- a tailor .12-*i : ypars • old;; ; attempt*"! , suicidel lull)
rornn at oil/ •: Kdtly,j strottSj-eßt^rdajrlaftcrnoc
1 by taUilJa' Utjj.cuuces ' uf chlwo'.wu*. L..— -<«2 \u25a0
©rlan3o3rßogart v.-vv .-v
Band in Last .Rest
Death Takes R>jrtner JBroker
for Bonanza Kitfgs|During^
Days of 'Si^
.. .; -With- : the death Thursdawjni ght \i of
Orlando. ELBogart, former confidential
broker |n: the; daTys of ,'sl for itJhejßon-;
anza kings, Mackay, , Flood' and {O'Brien,
another;6f:theVearly '"Calif iornlamploh'eer
band; has passed' away. J While^orjmariy
years i inactive,'; because 1 of . ill heaithT(and
failing eyesight, Bogart \u25a0 was '"once a
prominent, figure in : ' local|fflnancial
circles,; and^at 'one time held ffargefin^
terests - ;in many "important . mining
claims. .--.'-, . -.""-. ;=.-\u25a0; . : : '"'. . j
'\u25a0:\u25a0 He J s ; survived by : a. widow, ! a .sori^by
hisS first ;»marriag : e,>WilliamVF:4Bogart,'
business manager; for; the Examiner/ arid
a daughter, I ; Mrs^W.;B.Holdenr^Hethas
been : making "s his : home [ with'l the
for V the ,, last / f ew,»; years Tint California
street, ; arid :\u25a0 It :;was "there Uhatl- the^end
came ; from* ajrTt "attack,; of -cystitis, the
outcdrae'iof , a;sllght~stroke of fparalysis
two j years* ago. ij, , '
V- Bogart' was 2 ; not": only {the;; firstr retail
druggist of .this city, but' he also .opened
the;- first, gun: storey near* the."! old; post
offlce \u2666 building ': in « Washington % street 1
He .was, s for.'someHime';cashierf or.'someHime'; cashier
x»f ;, the.- Pacific .bank, , and .was associated
in business: withithe i firm i of;R^H.-Mac
dpriald^' - His> main interests, ~ however,
lay in mining and : -i arid t like
many another "of \u25a0? tli<i] greats men '"of > his
day, /he .made i and ~ lost t> fortunes! /f For
the las t ; few . years • he : ; had j taken prac -_
tically * riot interest i In i matters,
althoughhe "retairied^his«f acuities- until
theTendj ;a ' few ' days -after? his * eighty
first birthday. - ' ;. ; : .;;- '
; t Bogart vwas- a member of most of the
local i shoo tin g \u25a0 and ? sportin g: clubs," and
took; a; special Interests iriithe'Tule! Bell
club, of whichh \u25a0 he r was ; the : f ouridef. : ?f%
Masons Conduct Last Services
for.;: Newspaperman
; v Many federal : officials/- newspapermen
\u25a0 and ;jj businessmen "\u25a0 attended >. yesterday
the . funeral ; of 'Joseph? N.'i H. ilrwin.^the
newspaperman 7 ! and , i'clubi. 'member. 1
Services Vwere held; in -King Solomon's
hall, |1735:{FiIlmore :, street,', arid 1 were
conducted i.by,?Kirig|Solofri6n : lodge; No.
260,^F.'and^. \M. '^\u25a0VVorshipful^ Master
Fjank . Paulj Slriimen 1 read * the"s Masonic
funeral service. Interment .Avas at; Cy^
press ' Lawn cemetery ? \with Masonic
ritual. ; p:tF '"' ; O-vj -\u25a0\u25a0>-:'\u25a0 \u25a0; ; \u25a0\u0084.:--- •
...The /honorary, pall ; ' ; were
Raphael V-AVeill, Colonel ./Alexander^- G.
Hewes, John ; Landers,- Hugh '- M.': Burke, 1
DeritjH.; Robert,*^ Edward v H. : Hamilton;
Edward ' P. : ," Cahl 11 -an d < Al f fed ' P. I Black:
: i.The: o lodge- 'quartetl -^ composed of
Frank.'Ornslow.v Edwardf Fossey.-A: E.
McMilliari] arid . J.yw."< Grants acebmpanied
byiAlfred/A.:;Bockinr qrganistHsang.iv
;:. Many} beau ti f u 1 • flowers *; wer e*. placed
on ; the ; casket: 11 Among / thejlafge j pieces
cials, : ; ; amongi whom' Ifwin - worked:' on
his iV; newspaper.-, detail; s the ;• Bohemian
club, : o'f '. wh ich\u25a0 h e - had*: }i een'G th c : ;• last
surviying.; charter ;. member^ - arid (; f rorii
newspaper^ offices "with ? which!' he : ; had
been' : connected., .'..\ ;::',' ;: ; '
John Hays Hammond- Interests
;; '• Are \u25a0 Merged^ - ' '."\u25a0 /. ~
; Local a capitalists V'areiideeply -v inter-.
ested< in . the- plans I of ; John? Hays . Ham
mond c as}; represented ;by.itheii.Yosemj_te
power r": company.'^** This an^ r
nbunced;: as": the i merger y oft the sHam
are v Jbhnf Coff eyl Hays |of \Visalia,^Ees^
tor R:;Wileyjof;Bahgqr,"Me.',-, and Albert
Raymond -of fßerkeley^;: ; : -) '":,f. '^ :•; -. ; ;
VV ' T The I-. cofppanyS willji absorb i the ; Tuo-
Tumne^llght^and j powerXcQrnpa'ny^ahd
theXTublumrie^River^pbwerf company,'
both.-of^which'l John 'vHays .\u25a0Hammond
control s.;V;:. '-.-\. . '..... v...\ .'^;v'\ . •,-.:• ;••\u25a0.;,. ..=s
San ; : . Francisco 1 , field i' as ; a marketer of
\u25a0pbw*er.x'.;- .\u25a0";\u25a0".'\u25a0\u25a0'. .:'.''.,'• ::* : '!:. -,:.:•:'.-\u25a0. "^\u25a0' '•; : - :
This iiity' upright - grand.
fßowers^M^- - s n ,i riano.
Customs Employes Must • Resign
or Suflfer Reduction
in Rank
Evidence Against Men Insuffi
cient to Cause Their Re
moval From Service
Following the lnyestigatibn recently
concluded by Collector, of the Port Fred
erick '; S.~- Stratton and- Surveyor ; Charles
H. Bllrin into the i cause of the escape
December 4 of '15 -Chinese;* stowaways
from the -steamer Manchuria, in. addi
tion to the dismissal of ..Inspector
Charles Freurid, seven others were or
dere^l : i yesterday .» to either* resign from
the service "or suffer \u25a0 redoction' to the
rank'of laborers. . .'»-;' '•.':> ..'.
1 Ot the i seven" but 'one, William ;H.
Rohrbacher, was on^ duty ;on" the Man
churia the ; night of the escape, but all
the ; men 'to ibe ; degraded January 1 are
regarded bylStratton as 'having "poor
records, and in, some cases are suspect
ed of haying been involved In :numerous
plots ;• to 7; smuggleTashore \ Chinese Tarid
opium. -The' other, six i to : lose"out as in
spectors (are: % Joseph :C. - Poley. ". Fred
Probst,U Charles - G. | ;Reay- : - Harry : 'H;
Jones, ;.William;H. Spilrrian and'ClaretG.
Williams;:; Jr .: .; -:'-'\u25a0-. 'iv : ; ..." r> \u25a0\u25a0:, \u25a0\u25a0- -
•\Chief, Clerk of the Cuitom House Har
rylE.' Farmer; stated' yesterday!: that s In
some of '.the' cases • circurijitantlal
dence showed that i the" inspectors:; had
been engaged ;sln ft shady r, transactions
with : Chinese 'arid i other; sriiuggrlers^ but
that Stratton = did : not % consider i the evi
dence against .the men; sufficient to war
rant .their being entirely thrown out of
the service. , : * \ ;v; r r
i Collector. StrattonMiag named thefol
lowing me»r taken 1 from the^ civil serv
ic ®;ll; lls tt s .;to :flll : the : vacancies Vwhich will
be -caused -by \ the y removal ' of ? : the \u25a0 In
spectors.tincluding: Freund j arid \ Frank
Otto, who were ; removed i .some ' time ago
f or.r drunkenness: -Williams H/-. Deasy,
Abe \u25a0 II; Oliver,'; John. F. ißoulbard, - Peter
.W. ; Cralgie.j John"; ; Regan, Herman ; ; M.
Crowell.EmanuelE. David W.
Dow andßen^D. McGbwen. ; -\u25a0\u25a0
' l. The ; relegating,; to- tneposltion". of la
borer.;of thejnlghtirispectors- will be a
loss to;themi of !s2o;a month, lthe lower
work S paying - but ', ?70, while the In
spector, receives's9o.. - . ' \u25a0 -
i:5"-fV>blgVshakeup' among ;" the day lii^
spectors; is Jalso f being; planned 'by the
officials; at? the /head ;of Uhe:. customs
service, .although l it is not ;planned ,to
discharge;.any .of .jthe •inspectbrs.'ibut
merely -to reduce 'pay 'In! some cases and
ralseiitiln'others. v^:
.r. Stratton .believes i that ' certain of the
inspectors :,who are doing^exceptJonally
gpodiworkishould: be,raised;from's4; a
day ; to ; $s,' awhile Jothers.'v inefficient 'In
their duties, should ! be reduced- to 33 a
day. 1 .-'- ;V'V -; - r- . ,^,;: v : -- ; \u25a0 :\u25a0.>>;. ....vi*
? Stratton yesterday forwarded to i Wash
ington ;,a;; report ionii his,: investigation
into .the? 'cause'* of . the ( escape .'of the ; 15
Chinese fro mthe Manchuria,
Taken IntoJCustoiiy
"i eung-Hbw.a Chinese woman, said
to be unlawfully in'the^United States,
who tat -large * under- a ; ; $2,000*; bond;
wa s'iJ. ordered .; ; yesterday > ' by *;.\u25a0\u25a0 District
Judge .William C.^Van Fleet again taken
Into ,-t custody,' •as ti she ; was '. at * liberty
owing. to;a misinterpretation of a bail
order. Issued "by ; Circuit Judge W. '. W. k
Morrow.;'- ; " -:\u25a0;-: ;\u25a0 ; - . •-"\u25a0- -.. r
,' -The , Chinese .woman, > though -born in
China, . is-._the wife t of "a native Cborn
husband /and a fight; Is Ibeing. made in
the ;,Unl ted * States ?for £ her re
lease fon I habeas Jcorpus'proceedirigs; an
appeal;now;beln*gr. in;the supreme court;
,'tWhile t the j case i; was % being/ tried nin
the 'circuit court Judge Morrow i ordered
her.^ released '? Spending > appeal.'? . The
attorneys? fof> the \womah:jthought* this
meant.], appeals to ;.>the Z supreme ? t courti
whereas : Judge Morrow) had inVrriind ; an
apßeallto ; the .circuit: court . of appeals.
Ordered Deported
; .The six ; Chinese a few days
ago "at : Point : Richmond' by.;lmriii gratlon
Inspector. J. : X. . Strand \u25a0 for I being lun -
lawfully.4in;:the . country;',were • ordered
deported "\u25a0 yesterday -? by ( States
sCbmmlssionerjHarryjM.*.s CbmmlssionerjHarryjM.*.W right. '; '
\u25a0;r; r The' capture -'of: the j Chinese iwasUhe
resultVof; clever* detective? work] along
the v Mexican^ border > by,; Strand, : after,
his, transfer, from-; this 'port; as '-the. result
of ;a 1 i tilt : :, with ; former,^; Commissioner
' Hart -H.' ; North.': ; Strand* spent f much !, of
his Jtime- watching 5 the ; r arrivaly of i Chi
nese €i in-;? Mexican A ports,*= ; * arid ;i ? among
these^werejithevsixT: meni ordered :ide
pbrted yesterday,^ as * well Cabout ; 15 I
others Iwhom"; Strand.; has -arrested and j
had deported since his reinstatement' in
this -district^' : / : / \u25a0 \u0084 . :
"IThose'-' ordered -deported -yesterday,
werej.l/c'ei Jeow.^i Huey; Jlng, fChiir Seuk,'
Ng I Sing,^ Jee 'Tun g "and* Yep\Teun g.
i ' ' ,'i -'fflfh
Bell 1 eiephon^pirectory
; ;;The Recognized Business %j W ls - Your Friends a
; ;; '/ ahcl-.Sociaj Guide. Mappy New Year
1 \u25a0--"/ Next IssueTGoes to /Press': G^er|he-Local or Long Distance Lines
\u25a0. J . . ' o - - - j and
January 31, 1911 / / Telegraph co.
/.'.'.'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0:'. \u25a0 ' . \u25a0 '
-.M^' : ' \u25a0 '\u25a0"\u25a0 .-;:•-"'"'\u25a0'-\u25a0 ' "".'':'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 -^." •.'..\u25a0•'• : •.'".' " , " '-fi^lf '- \u25a0 ' \u25a0 .- \u25a0'"' '• "
Five States \Vithin Distance
tf^M. I"LrAt Ir 1 1 I tLlirllUNii I j
%t nd - Tf§jlli§om Oak ti
• ; -Hales -Closes Thjs -rrNew|jfea rr > s £ ye
' A sale of sweeping magnitude-— every, hat In bur entire depart-
ment : marked r today at off. When yotji know that the hats
- are all this ;season r s and in the latest stales you will realize
' what this sale means. to you. Quick elearbhees before January
; the Ist is the motive.; r
Women's Trimmed Hats—^ off 4.25, 5.0(J, 9.95.
y^a^-to-Wears--H off 1,50 and 2.35.; j,'
Untrimmed Shapes—^ off 50c for feltsjand 3.75 for beavers.
L Hal^s Oakland^ S/tore I
Gl 6 ve s £ r o m j Hal e \ s
~ Tell a Story 0] : Mighty Good Wear
i] Women's ] 2-Pearl Clasp Paris Wome^s French Kid Gloves^
Suede Gloves-rCWith Paris f*ln newest- shades. 1.50 pair.
• slitcliing. and^spearV^ point -*H.. B;^. "Gloves for Women,
embroidery. 2.00 painf/'"" \u25a0 1.00 pair.
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•Very. 2.25 pair. g§jj 1.50 / pair.
Lustrous Black Taffeta !'
At Alluring Prices * : ul
; 'A* superb quality of black taffeta," ;rich, lustrous and well nil
finishad, 36 inches wide, "in. ~£n alluring sale today. |'i
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Furriisliirigs I f or Men
; Men's Flannelette Night* Shirts lfar. In blue, , pink, ecru or
—Of- good, heavy flannelette, k™y- All sizes. 45c a gar-
: cut full and 5 r inches long. inent.
.In a good variety of neat Doctor Health .Un-
-patterns. Both- men's and derwcar-^The sanitary wool
'•:V:bbys f sizes: 50c*a garment lee " d 1 recom-
,* V . \u25a0;_•--\u25a0 . T-v-'tit j tt j fended by physicians for
Men's Derby^Ribbed Under- ;Warm th. It has no equal for
: -wear:— Winter^ weight. durability,; at the price. AH
slightly^ fleeced,. form fitting, i sizes,; regular 1.00. garments
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Begins at HaleV Tuesday Morning
Tuesday^ morning opens our great January Event in
; Gptton, offering Undermiislins, Embrofderies and.
Domestics that we selected months ago from samples
• tSat will give patrons the' very greatest values pos-
sible for their money. The markets of the United
States '.'jWere searched \u25a0ifog^'wtHs^ratil.'^p^a^^*'-
f oiind the . greatest val garments to be
found anywhere; (;, j\
Watch Monday's Call fo| details of this great sale.
k^ NEWBRO'S pi
I W II I I 5
| r\' f I- JL-O ' GERMS :\u25a0 .... I
UColnul 'issffiffi;^
-\ •••\u0084- ; - ;•;\u25a0'•_ • •\u25a0-. , ' -' y
! A Pleasing Token 10c
' It pleasure and com- «^?§<c22sfei7>
fort to the eyes the year
Mayerle's Antiseptic Eye- f
fflass \u25a0 Wiper, . the .; greatest i Alacortrj - for . clean- "
in t: glasses. It remores all stains and bletalstes
instantly- and pre Tents infection to the ?)«».!
from unclean sources.' Send as, 10c. in coin *nd j
we will mail one to; yonr friend. If' I
GEO. MAYERLE; (German Expert Optician
JL- 800 \u25a0 Market . Street,-; San " Frnncl»co i- ;
' SA >j F&A.XCI3CO
I Wlta i knowledge Inherited through seT-n
! generations, cures all ailments that the hn-
| man system is subject to, by means of teas
|; , and - carefully ' selected herbs. Conanltation
\ (dally. Phone China 501. .'
Nature's Rametfies — Toa lad Hsrft Sanitartum
' ££#$$& " 60 Cla^ sf - PiJonu China sfl. ?•
L Jale» Grand. 10C2 Keirny/
BtfWH* St.. 3. F.. am rerj glad to tes-1
\&p®r tlf y to the skill of Dr. Ch<m*
wSoSM 'ny«i». who "cured my wife oft
paraljsls after she bad sjwjt".
milny ™° n ts» tn- trettmentV
; with doctors to'tS*l<rtiJ»* j^^

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