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Berkeley and Oakland Service
Systems to Be Conducted
by One Company f
$200,000,000 Concern Formed
to Operate Across the
and most extensive operators in pub
lic utilities In the west Closely asso
ciated with them is R .G. Hanford,
who has builded fortune upon fortune
through success In mining, water, land
and electric power deals.
These three men, in their new asso
ciation, will control the Key Route
ferry system, the Oakland traction
company, a vast water system .now
know nas the Tevis project^ powerful
electric companies, and thousands of
acres of land., encircling the cities of
Oakland and Berkeley. These united
holdings account for the capitalization
of $200,000,000 .
The merger means a new -water
system for Oakland in opposition to
the People's system; the extension, of
the Key Route lines to San Jose on
the south and into Contra Costa coun
ty; the entrance of ne- ivelectrical com
panies into Oakland; the development
on 'a vast scale of the water front
controlled by the Key Route with a
modern system of wharves, docks and
warehouses; a new bay terminal and
depot for the Key Route; the opening
as home tracts of many square miles
nf land, and the operation of a new
steamship line.
It is altogether the most gigantic
enterprise in recent years in Califor
nia. It was not accomplished in the
flash of a day, but comes as the cli
max of a long series of negotiations.
The way for the merger was effectu
ally paved within the last two weeks,
when F. M. Smith sold his interest in
Ihe .People's water company to Frank
C. Havens and purchased- in . return
the Havens holdings in the ' Realty
Syndicate, the Oakland traction com
pany and the Key Route company.
This deal involved some $3,000,000.
At about the same time Smith took
over the holdings of William G. Hen
*haw in the traction company and the
Key Route., >* t , . • ;
By this series of operations Smith be
came absolutely dominant in the Realty
Fyndicate, the traction company ar?d the
ferry system.; It has long been hie
ambition to build up these properties
x:ntii they were second to none In tha
From the membership of the direc
torate of the new corporation it is ob
vious that Smith, who originally gained
f?me as the borax king, will dominate
the industrial field in.Alameda county
as he does the borax deposits of Death
valley. The majority of the board of
directors rests with Smith. .He will ex
ercise a personal influence -that -will
amount practically to Authority. -73EE§§
To round out his projects in the
fullness of Ms. own conception, it be
came necessary for Smith to ally him
self with Tevis. Smith had the>»land
and traction companies. Tevis had the
water. Hanford brought into the com
bination electric power interests and
extensive land holdings.
The Tevis water properties consist
of watersheds in Alamedaand Santa
Clara counties, which he declares to
be capable of a daily supply of 200,
f'oo,ooo barrels, or five times the pres
ent supply of Spring valley.-
It is stated that at one time Tevis
and Smith had in view the purchase of
rhe Spring Valley company, but the
terms could not be adjusted satisfac
"Without delay, it is said, plans will
be extended to bring the water from
the Tevis properties Into the city of
The Intention is to wholesale
w the city and let the municipality
retail to the" house holders. This-wlll
mean certain and active opposition to
the People's water company. A situa
tion of the keenest interest will there
fore, arise. Tevis states that he can
deliver the water in greater quantities
and for a lower price than the existing
utility. " '" • - .
That is 'Laxative Bromo Quinine. Look
for. signature ot E.TV. Grov>e. ; Used worlJ
over to Cure a Cold in One Day. 25c.*
•: *v 111 1 Some One Wants It! I
% VOL.S \\\ ; ";-.-' I
\ vmm tfipn to s % T HAT somethin s y° u have I
\u25a0i OTETME ' I but can nt^ u fe to good .y- |
\u25a0'• 4 «: .\u25a0 advantage * some one in " |
rj J || this big city is trying to .
, v ' ' "••'\u25a0 ?5 find. That very some- <
1R A 'i thing you Jiave N been wanting |
••v^ ;.- x U4U 4 but dont .know where to buy
> \u25a0 - i j cheaply some one is anxious to
:| CALL, J'f \u25a0 getridof. .t. t ; / '\ : \
:• WAIMI .;-2 A Call want ad .will find: just \ 5
::| . th e people you want because! it |
i . T:- \\ goes into the bestlan'd the mogi: . ; |
Z ;Vs homes of the city and is read by 5
j v)% y° u read the classified . |
"• \u25a0 •&Sk^'^ : '$ fi columns in The Call^'Try^put- |
: j^T t•' f: 'ting an r ad there^offcring'totcx-/ %
: V)V) \\\ change a thing you don't want |
;. /aY •' -I or something, you can \useCt., lt. =;•'\u25a0' |
> ljj\ ;-| I works to perfection. -Phone |
s*_ j \u25a0— — 1.. . vi '.z I KEARNY* 86 - * -,•'.'•"\u25a0'\u25a0
Mission Street to Join
Market and 12th Is Plan
' ----- ; \u25a0•\u25a0 - " t — ; — __; — " •; , — _ ,'.-',.'".. *
Mapi 'of- extension of : Mission < tireet to connect ttn'f/i (Market sir eel- at
. . Tv>elfiK,ds proposed bjf the Mission promotion association
Won Worldwide Fame as Head
of Investigating Commit
tee in 1894
NEW YORK, Dec. 30.— -Clarence
Lexow, formerly chairman _pf a senate
committee to .' investigate the city gov
ernment of New York, died at his home
In Nyack, N. V., tonight.
Lexow was known the country over
from the committee, to which his name
was given. His death was due to pneu
monia. He is survived by . a widow,
three children, and three brothers.
Clarence Lexow. was born . In Brook
lyn in 1852 and graduated from both
Columbia university and the University
of Jena. Hetookup , the practice of
law, entered politics in 1893 mfwypyp
law, entered- politics "and in'lßa3 was
elected, to the state senate. In the year
following he was appointed chairman of
the committee to investigate the city
government ,of New York, universally
known as the Lexow committee.
The results were startling. For the
first-time the public heard of the police
"system." The illicit alliance between
officers high in the department" and
gamblers, proprietors . of disorderly
houses, hotels and saloons that" violated
the excise laws and other, law breakers
was uncovered. The Rev. Dr. Charles
Parkhurst gave.testimony that shocked
the nation. . \u25a0 . . -.>-/.'\u25a0;
- Inspector Byrnes, at that time 'per
haps the best known police 'officer in
the world, resigned., The whole depart
ment was shaken from top to bottom.
The ; excise laws were revised and
"Raines law" hotels began to-be known.
In fact, the methods and. much of the
material of the Lexow committ have
been fruitfully, available ever since for
many cities in the throes of reform.
In addition to his. services. as chair
man of the Lexow committee Senator
Lexow was chairman of the joint legis
lative committee that drafted the bill
chartering the clty> of Greater New
York. His Interest in reform extended
to party primaries and a bill ! regu
lating them bears his name.
He was chairman of the committee
on resolutions in the state convention
i-n the presidential. year of 1896, which
introduced the flrst ; goll plank, and
In 1900 he was a presidential elector.
In--: recent --years '-he devoted himself
to his law practice and' private busi
ness. At the time of his. death he -was
a director in many companies.
\u25a0who took poison Christmas ere at the home of
. ber «i*ter. 225 Ivy street, died yesterday morn
ing at the Unlyerslty. of California hospital.
Tbe j-ounjr. woman became despondent when
deafness resulted from an operation recently
c performed. ' ' '• \u25a0 ' * ' .
Fruhlins will -be the speaker, at the Young
Women's Christian association. \u25a0 1249 O'Farrell
street, Sunday at 4 o'clock. "Loyalty to Vn
se^n Realities'.' Trill be the subject* for the
afternoon. Mrs. -Nettle Blnme will %\ng. :
Promptiofl Association; Calls
Mass Meeting of Property
> Owners for Discussion '{f
Plans, for the- extension of Mission
street to connect with ' MarketJ at
Twelfth are being perfected by the
Mission promotion association. A fund
of ~5120,000 has been pledged by -the
property i owners of Mission - street >be-.
tween Ninth ": : and Thirtieth ; to <\u25a0. pay.: for
the work In case an assessment district
can not be established i to " finance /the
project or. the supervisors do not: pro
vide for it. Complete r plans "are being
prepared by" Thomas Q. ; Peckham, ; con r
suiting engineer for the. promotion as
sociation,- and' Arthur-? G. r f Scholtz, * de
signing [*. engineer- for the- association.
At a : mass meeting \u25a0 called "for; Monday
evening, January [ 9, at the Missio-n ". pror"
motion association hall,' Valencia" street
near Sixteenth, ; to; which all 'property
owners : in * Mission :, street from Ninth
street to -the- county.; line,. w£ll'« be spe
cially, invited, . the project will be fully
discussed and' the prospective
The .proposal to continue -West Mis
sion street"; through- to Market in a
direct line v has \ been ! abandoned as, un
feasible and . surveys : have , been \u25a0 made
for the . extension 'of \ Mission ; street " as
a widened thoroughlare, direct : to --' the
southwest corner of : Twelfth and | Mar
ket streets. _ This will providy© a' direct
artery f rom ' Market street, the ; city's
main : thoroughfare, .to? '-'the- ' national
guard armory at the fite. purchased
for the armory building at: Fourteenth
and Mission streets < trough the- efforts
of the Mission promotion association. <,
..iti. will also, provide foritfie-widening
of Mission street to • 125 or ; 150," feet be
tween Market street ; and \Duioce ave
nue,"; bringing!: it into, connection! with
the civic - center., of ; San '• Fraaiclsco at
Van Ness .avenue rand ' Market .'street .; =•"
The triangular parcel of land known
as the Mission plaza will be; eliminated
so as to unify. Mission ; and ; West Mis
sion streets at . that) point, thus " doub
ling the, width of Mission 'street 'north"
of Thirteenth: and' providing .for; an
artistic plaza" mv the center, of the-wid
ened thoroughfare. -From thtei point
Mission street will be"; continued, in a
northeasterly^ direction . /diagonally
through the block . between West : , Mis
sion, Twelfth, Market, and' vßrady
streets. This, will give property in the
remaining portion of the block a front
age; in Mission: street.; .t. t ''•:. '\u25a0':,
In this manner Twelfth -street bef
tween Market and Mission will be made
a portion of Mission ".street; and. the
confusion that now*. results ". f rom C. the
irregular course of Mission! street at
this point will be removed.v :." . ;
One : of j the ,- chief advantages is the
provision for direct car. j service from
Market ;street into \u25a0 Mission, the main
outlet of the city. ;
~ The good roads committee of ; the
Mission promotion^ association, consist
ing of .Thomas " G. 'Packham, ; PPr. r Brod
erick,; Arthur -. G^ Scholz, ?J. \u25a0 B.": Zimdars
and Arthur -WarreriJ will have the com
plete^plans-andssurveys!,ready for the
mass meeting "January,- 9 } : and; immedir
ately afterward the ; matter will be pre-f
sented .to" th«>pr6pe'r.. ; authorities, • \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0
\u25a0 The \u25a0 project .'-= has been f. embodied :;" in
the complete-plans «of > the good roads
committee, which . is '.; kiiown \as i the ; Ar^
thur, \ G.- Scholz '/municipal "•- good \u25a0 *roads
"system. \u25a0 The special committee. of^the
association of ;which:F.iMeyerJ is
man; which .was? appointed to •: investi
gate :: the •' project,';.' will - also participate
in- the discussion -.at [theirnass-meetlng.
Onet of .the chief » of; the
proposed , pi an is ;. the : f act %th at i Rli ssion
street' inUts'. widened' state iWill^riin'fdl
rect to- the iblock between , Eleventh and
Twelfth,' . Mission; and /Market £ streets;
\u25a0which has: been proposed?. as "the "site
of ; a union depot or : a* municipal;audi
torium.; Wbllttl!lߣUUHßi6fss£?. . -
Bonds ! Voted for Purchase of; 67
Acre .Tract
[Special 'Dispatch to The Call]
PETAL-UMAo Dec.-30.--At. a ;bond
election itield^yesterday^the^citizens of
Petaluma.^ decided* to'j-purchase^Kenil-3
worth park : ; for; a, public -playground
f rom.^ -;the; estate fof Harry\ Stover, the
racingvking.^-/ BM| I : l'r v " .-\^ ' . i
'"The tract contains " 70 - acres, part . of
which; is? outside the city -limits, and
can = ; be : acquired * f 0r.^20,000. ; .The; land
will Vbe'^transf erred^'toHhe city within
a^few^'days/ •;;."V- ..;• ' ; ' : ; J*:'*.' : t-r "-*'•!.'. 7.. "'::''.\u25a0:
The park' formerly*.wajs .owned .by. the
Sorioroa-Marin.^agricultural'^ association;'
and \u25a0was'j the scene ' of many/districttf airs
andi race .f.The'Tlandf Is* partly"
set with trees, and '; has v a' : . fine -race
course. ;'"\u25a0 HBHeiBBS^V-' -'"'^
In Fact, Rumor Is Vpainiully
;'tKANSAS: CITY, ; Dec. VSO.-T-A:; recent
report that J. <p. ( "Jack") 5 Cudahyi and
his ".divorced i wif e,*i'?Mrs.l: Edna :• Cudahy,'
had J met yin . Pasadena,-^* Cal.^^ a"nd "were
about litoJ'effectj'aerec^nciliatlon.Uwas
emphatically Mrs.^i Cudahy;
who: is here. "It- is >. absolutely", false,"
declared : "V^ Intended
going, to':PaßadeHalfor,theiholidaysAbut
or. three " weeks.^ Reports-} of ' a Srecbn-{
ci M a 1 1 6 n7/e ithe r ! presentfo rTpr ospe ct ive,
are'painfully ridiculous.":' ",;> -;C r>~?. :~ \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0':* \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;.
Burke Enjoys s ßemarks of- At«
torneys When ••PrettyioW. \u25a0\u25a0
Ada Clark. Tells of, Physician's
Note to. Lv Etta .Smith
About;Oroviile?Trip .
Continued from Paflrt* -1"
told^District) Attorney ; Leai v but : Vcoilld
not remember; others. ' < .* \u25a0 & ! •
She rwas 'asked what .time Earl-^Ed
munds'-! came Into the * diet \ kitchen \ on
the; night of 'they" explosion',
Bald it was 15 j or r "2O minutes before the
explosion.' % At; the time j-the;^ex
plosion \u25a0 the .witness - testified Tehe" and
Edmunds exclaimed; /Bimutaneously,'
"Lv Smith."', • ' ' / V/V" '
j She said -Edmunds^ left the ; kitchen
with a "leap- and /bound' ; and ».Bhe \ left
the. room fas [quietly. ; a 8 :Shefc6uld.'?There
was great : confusion; on the .outside) and
people \u25a0 came *-; f rom}: here., and J there ..j to
se© V what > had ]. \ Ada Tciark,
pretty and petite," more attractive,-pos
sibly, .^thari 'any" other of \u25a0\u25a0' the V female
witnesses f; called '; at [;*. the : Burke \u25a0; trial
again, took '- the ' stand • at -,the
afternoon session and -Attorney * Cowan
resumed^ the Across ':- "
She • testifled again as to what Burke
saldafterthefexplosion. ;
• "Doctor \: BuVke ; said - L.v I Smith was
insane/ -We \u25a0 hayeV expected = this ; all '\u25a0 the
time.> » She .won't ; "know what ; : struck
or whatT hurt^ her. v™ He: said Cshe will
keep ron saying, : ; • What : happened to
me?',, '.. :\u25a0, \u25a0: i~ ; \u25a0"-' \u25a0 \u25a0". ;-. : , \u25a0.. '',;:\u25a0• ... .-; \u25a0 . :-,;'/,
"Doctor .Burke :said 'she was insane
and did not ! know" what , had. happened."
; : The ;glrl; denied that: she had!; first
said i to.' Doctor^ Burke, "L.v ;has Iblown
herself up." ' '.';-o'\"' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0- . .\u25a0.' \u25a0'.. '...'-\u25a0\u25a0:./",
"When 'I- first saw Doctor Bui-ke, I
said, IGood? gracious, doctor, has
happened V 'and "he ' replied, 'I fguess our
girl has blown herself up.'" v" " -V
Gilbert D. VBoalt, associated with
Charles *S. ? ,Whseler, the ; San Franclseo
attorney, was. ndxt'called 1 to the 1 witness
stand:i He teßf;medUhat4he Iwas^in^a;
room^on the : th Ird floor ]of the ; sanato
rlum;building;with his father. :v;He said
on the evening; of ' the explosion . he '; had
endeavored to find;Doctor.;^Burke'in
directly, ,but , had : failed to do so.
;Oh / the": morning ./following the ; ex-;
plosion : he saw- Doctor Burke, 'arid: the
physician was^ then \very.' nervous;? his
hand 'shook and' he tdid-notVlookihlm
squarely In ; the eye as he hadi done 'pro-!
vidusly. '\u25a0'. • Hej said; hhre r had • nn t discussed
the explosion with Doctor Burke. -While
he'dld not hear.Lu Etta Smith.telephon
ing:* to f'Attorney* Wheeler,<he;;said^he
knew the telephoning was i taking -place.
. : District ; Attorney^ Lea stated the .the
ory. Vof -the > prosecution was that the'
dyriamite*;exploslon -'.\u25a0"occurred' ;oii' ;the
night of the*> arrival ?ofl an ? attorney in
the' offlce. of Attorney C. S. ..Wheeler, Ho
whom L.v Etta Smith" had : telephoned in
regard ;to ; a damage > V> suit
against Doctor Burke because ,the com
ing expose was* feared by^ Doctor. Burke/
\u25a0 ;L.eppo made a vigorous reply,' stating
that Lv Etta Smith had no cause of ac
tion and that she knew it. Leppo declared
that theidefens.e" would show, later, that
knowledge t of .;the t fact r that i no « suit
could ' Tie maintained ; led} to i the .adop
tion < of another " course '|to?' get ; ; even.
Counsel i Cowan) and Z Leppo^ moved f.; to
strike out all v , of (; Boalfs r; testimony.
Judge ; Seawell would * not Fgrant V the
motion, except in so far as that portion
relating ; tor? the condition* c of : | Doctor
Burke -on thej morning after; the explo
sion. That part was stricken out.' ; .
V Miss Violet JWhitcomb; of .Fruitvale,
formerly, a nurse at Burkes sanatorium
and Iwho^ nursed 'Lu: Etta :. Smith after
the explosion,-: told of having;seen'Dis
.trict I';Attorney^^LeaVtake1 '; Attorney^^LeaVtake 'a sample" of
the ' arsenous f powder ? from Uhe |box in
Lu? Etta Smith's; tent after the explo
sion.;-: . ''- '-,;\u25a0.' ; '\u25a0:'\u25a0:".\u25a0-'. \u25a0'- \u25a0:.' -":\u25a0'\u25a0, ;.:. '.'\u25a0 .-
?'""' She". testified to .: having Tseen Marian
Derrigg at the ; sanatorium; and to'hav
.ing;. seen. ;.th© Derriggf^woman \go to
Burkes: ; hduse .; in .; company ".with ' ' the
doctor,: some : time '. after i the;. explosion.
Ontth© night of ; her arrival the: witness
said i the :. woman was I with 5 - Mrs. 'l Burke.
.;; Mrs. J. ; E.fJobe testlfled^that :she was
at Burke's ; sanatorium on"; the :2d? oorr r 3d
of January and that Marian Derrigg had
come there some time: early in March. %
'•'\u0084 At .this stage of the proceedings court
adjourned 'until .Tuesday ;= morning : at
10; o'clock. Judge Seawell "specially ad
monished Uhe , jury, asj 1 to Uhe 'care ithey
must: exercise in; refraining from:talk
ing? about lthe'i case > themselves or, per
mittingjothersitp ;talk^ about; thef case
with:them^pr^in their; hearing Tand not
to. form or express anyiopinion uhtil'ithe
case is finally, submitted" to them. : \u25a0'\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0,-\u25a0 :-';: -'; ;-
Guns, Batteries;and Mines Will
Be Possible
[Special; Diipatch ; to The! Call]
Dec.; 3o.— The Pana^
ma ?r? r canal will:-, be I fortified £with]Uhe
heaviest;'; most 5 modern % nipst - approved
and /most 'complete ; guns; \batteriesv and
system of mines, 1 known r to military
science.^' .:<,,v"-.:- '^.'u'r^/i-:^^';'^ r y '^'~:- '.
, Every, deta,il;of the plans' the national
board ;;of i defense {worked : out; for 4the
protection- of "the canal will be carried
through;-. , : V : >" ; v-.•..v -.•... i; '"-':- ; \u25a0• .'"'• '"'"'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 '"'\u25a0"\u25a0 : %.-'\;
\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0-\u25a0 The j plans ; for the . fortifications, f fully
prepared, are; in. the; office: of the^engi
neer^of}the*:army.' ;.They>* were drawn
by f -; General; Marshall/? recentlyiretired
as 'chief of the armyengineers.fafter^h*
had | visited \ the '\u25a0• canal fzbnej and?< fully
inspected ' the isituati6n.;'.TheTarm'y. en
gineers ready- to >'f proceed 'with ? the
as ;: soom as f congress ?\u25a0 says f; the
word. ' .-.\u25a0.\u25a0.'-...-\u25a0 - :-<^ ; -T.:' ; ;':.^ : i:' r -;. •".' ""'.;".. \u25a0•
YoungfliekeyWins Bout
[Special Dhpatch-ioithe Call]
;\u25a0;• SACRj\.aiENTO.^DecV^Sp^Ed" Smith'
'of ft he; Redwo^drclubTof {Oakland jlosrtUo^
S. Salva Jores of JSacra.n^eptbJ tonight^ at'
the monthly, amateur' card staged|b^
the local; club? ; Smith won -the Estate
champioriship yiin Uhe^llß Jp^Tn^ifclass
froniJSalvadofe) in jthe] November| tou^
name"nt;\b'ut ,th"c
round| tonJght^Thelßedwood^clubihad
feated Murray 'of; Sacramento|jiQ^ur 3
founds. ;^Thilb v est tflght^ of "the v seven
bouts ? was ?Tomf "Ahern's f • victory y- over,
AzevedojOf iSacramentp>inlfourjrounds.'
Shreck-* defeated -« Pappa i in three
rounds *and;:lEricksonwwon^from"|Gou-"
lard. 2SRumar6£knocked? out IKellySand
Romara' finished .Young SanJow of Oak-j
land?in lone round. * , •'.>.-;--
b-xtlers iwiflH F tattlkappylwew ".yEAK—
c : -Mf"aßhlngton,-s Dec.is 30.— New Sl'ear p. prpe tines
\u25a0 from ? 1 oreigrn < rulers t are"! being . received r - by| the
;..Wh itc House.'* convey Ing , to { President LTaf t \ the !
\u25a0 usnal i M Icit ations , 61 1 the i aeaßon.*i Replies * are
' being '; sent \u25a0 proniptl/-. - -• \u25a0•- '• ' • .
Mexico; Secures Co-operation of
Customs to Stop v
UiaHedjStaiesA^Qoyernment 0r
; ders^Searchjto^F^eserye ItsJ;
Own Neutrality
Con tinned :. t rom Pace 1 .'-
but they ) were \ forced : : to confess - theni
•Bivesibaffled;'-:-- 4 .';"- .-',- \u25a0\u25a0-•\u25a0"\u25a0- .'\u25a0-'." ,L-'. \u25a0\u25a0' '"
'j At this 'point 1 the discovery/wasVmade
that ; thereon tfaband was 1 cavingn g Pad fie
odast'ports by. regularly. employed ves
sels. ' These ships 'touched, .at -small
ports inlets (along' thel coast of t the
states of Sonora. and Sinaloa, where the
cargoes were 'discharged, j
h Dr. \u25a0 j P.- .;, Ornelas, ; cb nsul general -; of
Mexico, conferred : with <Collector of the
\u25a0Port* Strattoh ' Thursday". \u25a0 \ Stratton>has
been !" advised \u25a0 :by;'.:telegrapfilc_ jinstruc
tlons • from - -Washington \. to'- collaborate
wl th': Ornelas mVi nY iocatin g j. the source Vof
the t shipments »of {arms. \u0084 . ., \u0084
II f :The -United. States -Is taking these
measures : to maintain its i neutrality.. So
serious is : the -\u25a0 si tuation ; that O* nelas Is
said to ' have' placed considerable infor
mation In the hands^ Qf iStrattdn'V'and
Clayton Herrlngton.^who represents the
department of justice.-^-: ;
-Herririgton. left* Saii -Francisco sev
eral days ago on a mysterious mission.
It - is '; known / that ' he; is i endeavoring ; to
learn * the ".* identity :.of the" persons •". in
volved \ in ; the' 'contraband .operations.
He?: has r ; been; watching,^ shipments 'L all
along'the'eoast and 'ls believed, to have
to Los Angeles; to be .on "hand
when ; the Lackme puts Into : San; Pedro
harbor. ; v . ' ; >
.;": - Collector . Cornelius . Peridletori of • Los
Angeles * was advised Ho seize ; and ex
aVnlnes the ; Lackme.~ : This ? he ,'did when
the ship*; touched 'LosfAngeleg. : After a.
hasty search , he reported: that it was
free from? contraband"! of war.' and \- re
leased ..the^ship.v- However," the custom
officials are; convinced ;that. the Lackme;
recently '[chartered;! Is ; In i the ' employjof
the , Ostensibly the Lackme
has .taken^out ! papersj for .. a cruise ~to
certain , Islands off " the'vjwest - coast of
Mexico,' where '\u25a0:'.\u25a0 the- exploitation of
guano-beds ;is 'belng-.considered. V " .
" ..The TLackrae : has dropped out of si ght.
When 'this ; fact I became iknownT yester
day; it leaked out that the United -States
was : taking vigorous measures to: check
the -traffic f ; in i aVms v, and
that; is ; supporting; the" Mexican" revolu^
tipnists.vr Special : envoys : for • thei,Mexi
can government visited Washington're-;
cently and," after explaining facts to the
war. department," asked- for co-operation
in ; breaking ' lip the", ring, r;
- This was agreed , to, and dispatches
were > sent 'to the -customsV officials on
the \u25a0 rPaciflc ./coast : ordering ,- them to
search- alii suspicious 'vessels - clearing
for Mexican -ports.- "Consequently, dur
ing - the ' last \u25a0; 1 0 - days; i the , customs in
spectors; v have :\u25a0 ; had 'to make ; ". a, \u25a0> hasty,
examination .. of 'the outgoing • ships
(bound - for- southern"; ports, • In ' addition
to searching Incoming vessels. '*- -..;: ??- r .
): " In the ; last \u25a0 few months ' thousands of
! rifles hava,beenUaken^ into Mexicojf rbm
the Pacific coast.? This fact has been as
certained';by. the Mexican officials.?? .Thja
arms were < carted i over i the "• mountains
of --Sinaloa .to the ; railroad") running , to
Guadalajara.' [: : There the shipments were
loaded <;as i merchandise? and' freighted
south 'i and then north : into •"Chihuahua;'
Railway employes- on the Mexican roads
are." believed 1 : to" have, facilitated the
shipments ,: of arms.
•:, The i .'revolutionists have -; %een ;. very.;
strong, in r Sinaloa. ; Last ' year '. the only
political {. of ' any."; importance
occurred t\ In -that stated lAt * that 'time
there \u25a0 were rumors ' in X Mexico . City", of
large quantltlesyof: arms*, finding; their
way,; into"* the": mountain- fastnesses ; in
the .north.' The election \for^ governor
caused :- : clashes ; the soldiers
and the "partisans" of; an; anti-Diaz .plat
form.' \u25a0 -An , effort was ."made^. to : ; flnd
where i theTarms • came ;f rom. .but with
out ? success. a ;Ari arsenal; of the " 1 nsvir^
rectos y. was ;vhow'ever.:}>Thls
resulted In : the i< government •: doubling
its i. vigilance. I The Mexican; authorities
fear f that;; the ; insurgents iarej concen
trating arms ih : s6me remote 'spbt v to be
used i against vthe federal forces* at <&
criiciall moment.';.!
Rebels Reported Routed
I". 'DOUGLAS, Ariz., Dec r3o^r 30^— The- first
battle c.wlthi the Insurgents^and'the ; first
:blood;shed'in:Sonora during the' present
insurrection^ is £ reported ; in a -_message
received?: here S.today ; f rom |; Mo'ctezuma:
Thel/ rebels |numberedrso^fahd;an7equal
prefect : of I Moctezuma,* : clas he'd rat'r a t ' Tam'-j
pich l." ; 20 .miles " southeast "^6f •IMoctezum'aV
The battle.lasted'; thY:" ren£lre;'rnornlng
of December/ 28,^ both \u25a0 forces" firing j from
coyer; ':-".! The prefect, .however, "";.' reports
the f rebels r 'routed, v leaving 1 one r:dead,
four.-wounded-and ten. prisoners.
k Aiutrini?"Wiil;vEhtcrtairi at the.
University;. Club
. .George 7 Pafmly.Day.'v 1 treasurer of
YaleXuniversity,' will arrive In this iclty.
January,. 7* after.- a.l leisurely /trip 'across
the 'continent. J He iwill^ be/the ;-guest
that- evenirigrat' a*, banquets given, in.his
\u25a0K6rioribjrJ,Yale -"alumni ?*at^the^UniverJi
sityiciub:t>The). committee^ of ' arrange^
r mentslt includes ft/James^A^Ballentine;
Knox \ Maddox". and?. Gerald* Rathbone.t .;
J;TAmbhgSther.f:fprmeVi : Yale'l'men;\wh*o f
have 'signified i their intention- to be
present>at fthe^banquet; are: - '( '^ '\u25a0•"?•\u25a0'
V>': H/ •Crocker '..\u25a0> } : Victor! l Metcalfe , ' .
XVTemploton I , Crocker^ Wllllam^Prlngle ~ ;
Shepard'Erts •/-.-. ("-;\u25a0\u25a0 (iordonlßlandlnffrx-;
; Samuel. Knight i.- *• Thomas ! H.< Breeze
[Judge S J. ! i*M.t Allen '';';, DonaldiCameJont - \u25a0'
!W.T ff.'i Jordan* .." ... Congregsman? Elect WU
'W.I Maj-o.NewhaU > ; :- liam Kent' -. "
; Charles jPfge \u25a0,:;.:-;.''•\u25a0".."..- :, ; \i .. \u0084. ,-. • ' \u25a0 ."
: .: Pafrhly 'will deliver a lecture on, Yale
college^ illustra.tedsby/alseries|of | lan^
tern'S slide's Jdescrlptivel of LYale '"and - U s
environs,':-; at £ the ;; Young } Men's 7. Chr i» "£
tian': association^ theleveningTof/Januarr
T/S.This'jlecturexwill^beTfreeUo; the
•public. '*»*,»'„*-', \u25a0 " \u25a0 ,
Street \u25a0bancinglahd )Music to \u25a0 Be
a 'Feature
: The, Mission street^ merchants 1 - asso-
tinleashed^between ff and
,Twenty;-f ourth'< streets.^! Slission y street
(rias|_beent decorated
rand'iibuntingV^ana^varicolored ; lighta.
Bands swlllibe^atlthjßjpfihclpal|corners
and J open! Ai r/d a ricln gii s | to"J b« f a.Tf eatare
of i the: night;- vTherelgnSjOjtiQueenJiilja
prises ISamuelT! Rosencrantz I(chairm"ari)r
All Rowdyism Barred \u25a0
In New Year Festivities
, .Rowdyism is '- the ' one element .
that'will be 'cbhsplcuously ab
sent In' the, rlot'of. fun that" will
hold theiclty while v the '.: old year
is : passing rand* the new one Is
into; its iownitonight..^ln
• the orders' that '/went; out ?yester
In ,\ the"-? police '.department "from
the'bfflce * of I Chief - Seymour, vex
. pllclt *: in«tructtonß were 'given
.that *the^lightest - lridicatiori< of
hoodlum ; tactics"; must r-b« met* by
,-her that^would; make 'Impossible
f or \ the \u25a0 crowd ito • have . its s enjdy
; ment. ; without {* any unpleasant
ness.- '\u25a0 '.;- »•; / . '^ ; .;.-^. : .
-l\ Chief . Seymour ; says . that - you
,r..: -»<- : '-• .-*\u25a0 '.'•": \u25a0~? .\u25a0>•'>»\u25a0 : * \u25a0 «\u25a0 >' >
; ThroTr^ paint or talcum porvder.
< -\u25a0* .lii'leld 'brnihn or tree bonffhs.
;>j Uie confetti that ha« once been
throvrn and has. fallen to the
[ gronnd. * : _ \> J "\u25a0: .';;' : . ' •- ""- ,' ..•/,
•« ' Blow «- aoot ;\ throneh [ tubes at
paaaersby. ' ', :> '
: y;. Form* in- ; lines or "vredce V t»
make your '. vrnyl ronshl y t h rough
thief crowd. - * .f' 1 . '- K--.l'.' , '
But^th'e chief has noobjections
if; you , cram all the .'merrlnjeat
possible-IntoSthe few hours ' that
pass.by In the darkjbetween.quit
,tlngitimevthis afternoon^ and the
cold; gray dawn J of" thefmorning
after? , -He -invites;all 'citizens "to
participate .; in "the ; festival J that
will • send,, ; 1 9 1 0 on •I ts -way , and
give", the glad ."hand to. the, baby
twelvemonth:; Market* street will
be/ open to'the throng and all
forms of revelry that keep with
in » the borders of. the law wlll.be
";J Every man in the police depart
ment^, will be. on- duty today, and
\u25a0 tomorrow. While ] the crowds are
: in\ the streets "Captains ' Shea.,
Mooney and /Anderson ' will '"" have "
charge . of the « platoons of police.
i Any: violations of, the chiefs
orders will; occasion arrest.
New Year Greeting to Be Given
to Troops at Posts of
A telegram was received yesterday
at. army headquarters as follows: "The
president sends. New; Year's greeting
arid : cordial appreciation of service to
the' troops of your command," and then
followed an order that the message
be transmitted to the posts of the de
partment for publication to the troops
before noon, January 1.
Major. Robert H.. Noble. First Infan
try, left Thursday for Fort Leaven
worth, Kansas,, where he will enter the
army service school.
Major J.. T. Myers, U. S. M. C, will
leave in a- few . days for Fort.l/eaven
worth, Kansas^ where he wili take a
course of instruction' in the army, serv
ice schooUJ&SHtttBUBmBBKBB&ABSKti
Captain Thomas J.". Powers, . Thir
teenth^ Infantry, recruiting officer,- has
been % relieved . from duty -at Fort Md-
Dowell, Angel island, and from further
duty on ".;.' recruiting service, and will
come to San Francisco in time to join
his, regiment- and "proceed "with it to
the Philippines "on .the April transport.
He-has' been; granted leave of absence
untll'April 4.
, Headquarters and Company ,1, Third
battalion of engineers, : will be relieved
from^duty at Fort Leaveriworth, Kan
sas/and proceed to San Francisco In
time to sail on the transport leaving
this : port ; for; Honolulu' October "5.1911,
to%relieve>the headquarters and "Com
pany: G,. Second battalion of engineers',
which \will sail from Honolulu October
13, /and i will proceed to Fort; Leaven
worth,- Kansas, for duty.
About 60. noncommissioned officers of
the Thirtieth 'infantry.' of whom ' Se
rgeant; Major O'Connell .was the senior,
made a trip, around the bay yesterday
morning ori the Barry, visiting the non
commissioned officers of the battle
ships in -the bay. v
.The remains of Sergeant Jerry Miller/
Battery A, iFifth field artillery, who
was ; killed [by falling, over- a cliff -In
Lombard street la V few - days ago. were
shipped last -night from the: Presidio, to
his father,. John R. Miller, Swltz City,
Army Orders .
WASHINGTON. Dee." 3o.— Army ord«n: . Cap
tain ; Joseph. L.. Knowlton. • (oast artillery i corpn,
Tclll'reportjto; Lieutenant ? Colonel John, C.' W.
Brooks.- coast .artillery corps. , Presidio :of . San
Francisco, \u25a0 for! examination for \u25a0 promotion, v"
'r First Lieutenant WJCole Davis." medical corps."
la i relieved . from > duty -at Fort Ethan -Al len ' and
,wlll . proceed «to Fort Wadsworth,* N. > X;." and re
port to ; the commanding officer of „ the Eightieth
company.- >• coast artillery. .- to accompany : th«
Nln»ty-flf th \u25a0. company > to : tbe Philippines,-; sailing
from r San \u25a0 Francisco i about- March 5. ; "
;, First -~ Lieutenant J.Wayne >-.H. Crum,. medical
corps, is relieved from doty- at Madison .b arracks
and will j proceed , to . Fort . McKlnley. Maine, and
report to the, commanding officer of th» Ninetieth
company.': coast artillery, for : duty,' to accompany
that organization and the Twenty- third company
to .: the Islands, sailing from < San
Francisco about March S.-^MtJMPQMHRMIfaHB
'\u25a0First Lieutenant.' Philip'; Remington.. Twenty
second | Infantry, is asstgaed \u25a0. to the \u25a0 in
fantry 'and will - report to the • commanding gen
eral,* > department r of r California., for ' temporary
doty pending tha sailing. of a transport for the
Philippines. - \u25a0r . \u25a0 .; • - >
ELIZABETH SEED ESTATE \u25a0 IS \u25a0 $7S,ooo—Red
wood; City.- Dec."< 3o.— WUliam ; H. Bias, tsras
j\- nrer rof Santa - Cruz " conntj-, ' has : been ' granted
"\u25a0.•letters »oft admlntstration the- will
": nexed in 4 the' estate of. Elizabeth: Reed, conslst
<••;iog \u25a0 ttf \u25a0 a'- ranch at Pescadero ; ra lued at -. about
,>; $75,000. ; ;.;\u25a0. „-.' ;j........; j ........ . .;..
'HMroaamEß.By.THr '
M sat om.Ttimjai nrasoußonu"
Legislature Wfll Be Asked to
t A w>ropriate $ 1 50,000 for
R. W. Hoyt Takes Preliminaxy
Steps Toward Startinj
[Special Dupclch to The Call]
PORTLAND Ore., Dec. 30. — Prelimi
nary steps were taken today by Ralph
W. Hoyt, president of the Portland
rose carnival and honorary vice presi
dent of the Panama-Pacific interna
tional- exposition, looking toward ask
ing ' the legislature to recommend an
appropriation of $150,000 or more for
an Oregon exhibit and building at the
San Francisco fair In 1915.
J Hoyt Is preparing to lay the propo
sition before the heads of the local
commercial organizations and also be
fore T. 8. . Wilcox, president of tha
Oregon development' league, ' urglnff
that a proper bill be prepared and pre
sented by the united front of every
commercial' body In the state of Ore*
gon, and there are 125 of them.
"Inasmuch- as Oregon is a next door
neighbor to California and the expo
sition will help us nearly, if not qutte.
as much as It will ; that state, I feel'
that we; should get^in on the ground
floor with a handsome appropriation.'*
said Hoyt' this morning. , s "All that \*
necessary is to show congress that our
moral support Is with San Francisco."
Already Oregon's, delegation In con
gress, together with that of every
one in 'the other eight trans-Rocky
mountain states, has been > pledged- to
do all in Its power to have congress
act favorably toward San Francisco.
The Oregon development league and
the local commercial bodies have also
pledged themselves to work with their
business clientele in the east . to use
pressure on congressmen from-doubt
ful states.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 30.— Major Gen
eral Duvall, commanding the division
of the. Philippines, has cabled the war
department an unqualified denial of the*
published reports that a wireless-tele
graph station built and operated by
Japanese had- been discovered in the
Philippines, and that quantities of
arms, ammunition and explosives -had
been found illegally in the possession,
of Japanese.
PlttufleW. Mass.. Dec. -30.— The death of Fred
Boueaa today iacrcased the nnmb^r of fatali
ties from yesterday's explosion at 'the More
wood Lske Ice company to 17. •
-a dP"** 1 ?*
pr ,P vored weaves and
pfpep j be seen at our es- >^^i|
a^v«i i : assortment of the
iSy^i Post *v oTcocrew j|Kg3
"Christianity as Christ Prsached It"
and other Unitarian publications s«nt free. Vi-
dresa P. ,O. M. Committee. Firat "Cnitarlan
church. Geary and Franklin its.. Sao Francisco. ,
,•"\u25a0:'\u25a0; " \u25a0 > - ; rs-<r s-<
Branch .
' 2151 GEABT ST^ an Perlsadarn
. Porcelain tabs s with hot 1 I
and cold, fresh and salt
water. Each room fitted
;. with hot and cold, fresh
and salt water shower.
;; K nit Bred Ocean ; Water PLUNGE"
Comfortabiy Heated 1 and Con-
stantly-Circnlatiiig. :
I *Hot Air Hair /Drier for
/women" bathers.'* _ Our own
? \u25a0 Mo4ern La n ndrj.. Towels
I and Suits thoronghly j
washed and steriUied.
. ixsPEcrriox ixvttk©
STvuniixe baths* .
.*s_^v THE D tAJtOSD BRAND. J^
«k srw? s?*?* s<aUed -**•"'«• Ribbon; x/\*
1?j *^ SWS Take bo stkep. B«r •fToop V V
ISI iM »JaSo.ii> bi£a.\d piixs, faTS/

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