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Ellis St. Near nilmore— Class A Theater.
*F. F. MANN submits B. C. WITITNEY'S 3ln-
sical Farcicality,
Holiday Mat. and Night Prices— 2sc to |1.
Coainienclns TOMORROW (Sunday) MATINEE
The Season's Musical Sen6atlon,
Ni£ht Price?. 25e to J1.50; Sat.. Sun. and Hoi.
M*t- prices, £5c to $1.
OS^iifiS^^^^^^ M » rket iso
NiT— 4¥t^l£tW<?JffiUCB®ir Home J 2522
Srats at Thrater and Emporium.
SEAT Starting: 3londay Mght
L.\frtJLr\t\ rh«n^ w^t 1400.
HELASCO & MAYER. Otvners nnd Managers.
And Tomorrow — Tnnipbt ami Tomorrow Night
Evelyn Vanghan & Bertram Lytell
And the Alrezar Harer* 5n
Splrndidlj- Acted— Rralisllrally Staged.
rnTCES: XJjrht. 2-V to $1: M«t.. 2.', c to 50c.
J-*«t> for Snip at Itox Office and Emixwium.
f P^ *v&**6"r<& Geary I Mason
Mstinws Wednp-Pdnj- and Satarday.
Tbe Triumphant Musical Production
EP H§ ENI O §E§§
TV»'O mi&HTL^ 7.15—9.15
SID GBAUMAN. Manager. 1
LATJGH-O-SCOPE. Prices — 10c. 20c and 80c
vlX^.jL\i\l<L/lV Ellis fit Filltaore.
*** m * w * Phone West 11©4
S. LOVERIOH. Manager.
Tcmljrfct. Tomorrow Niebt and Next Wwt
In the Scintillating Musical Comedy,
Theater Newly Steam Heated.
Night itrd Sunday and Holiday Mat. Prices
—25c to $1.
SstT!rd«T Mat. "Pop" Prices — 25c and 50c.
tTT &KRS.U. %cuS"SOC>CTOH Er I>QV/t\Jk
F«fr*t and Mf»t Mapniflecct Theater In America
Direction Mania Beck
BDOTHnns RIGOLETTO. in their Renark-
• Ule Dlspltr of \>n.«tilitr «nd Strength; LA
VIA. -Th* Enchantress" : HOWARD, Scotland's
Premier Ventriloquist: MELVILLE" & HIGGINB;
the Comedy. "Hit Nerve": CROSS & JOSEPH-
European Vagabond."
> Next Sunday Matinee — ALICE LLOYD.
Ew. JPr'<*«. 10c. 250. 60c. 75c; Box Seats, $1.
Mat. Price* (Except Snn«. and Holldtys) 10c. 23e.
Sn-fmmlnsr and Tub Baths
Salt water direct from the ocean. Opea
fTPrr flay - aad «T*&lnf . iaclndlnj; Bnadays
«sd holidays, fxoto 7 a. v. to 10 p. m. Spec-
utors* gallery free.
NaUtorinm reserred Toe»d«y sod Meay
morning from 0 o'clock to noon tor wscea
caly. , i
"FXKrred Orran TVaier Plirnce"
fict Air Hilr Dryers for Women Batbei
Tfce popnlar resort for a Printer's day "or
rren'.cr. Tunpertlure ot tolldlac adjusted
to rnlt weather. . ojo»ieo
*«*> " RAIN OR 6HIKE
rtxst Hace At 1:10 p. m.
AgfUfTina M>a. Ui Ltdies. $1
9ar epedsl tralss etoppmr at the track, take
C. P. Ferry, foot ot Market st.: lear* at 12 tn.,
tt ere after every 20 minutes until 1:40 p. m. H»
• mccli;g In the last two cars, woleb ar« f
served ior ladies and their eacorts. . \u25a0
\ Save Time and Trouble byh
Members of Motorcycle and
Motor Clubs Unite in
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 30. — An accident
hroujrht the Finndem "T« - enly" nonstop
run to an end iontglit, but only after a
nevr TTorld'a record) of 10»574 miles had
been made. The previous record was
10,074 mile*. When the car ran into n
\u25a0mall excavation the driver tn his ex
citement threw off the spark: and the
engine stopped.
The members of the San Francisco
motor club and the San Francisco
Motorcycle club have entered upon a
good roads cajnpaign. At a meeting
held Thursday In the clubrooms of the
Motor club an organization was formed,
to be known as the Panama-Pacific
good roads association.
The officers elected were: President,
H. M. Owens, who is president of the
Motor club; vice president. L. A. Cosner,
who Is president of the Motorcycle club;
treasurer, Fred Wagner; secretary,
J. G. Voopar.
A committee on bylaws was ap
pointed, consisting of W. W. Bedford,
C. W. Woodward and G. W. Paytoni
W. P. Barry was appointed to go
among the automobile dealers and en
thusiasts and solicit support for the
good roads movement and to work up. a
big attendance for the next meeting.
This will be held next Friday evening
in the rooms of the Motorcycle club, 135
Gough street, when a permanent or
ganization of the association will be
Volume 1, No. 3, of the Hyphen,
issued by the E-M-F company of De
troit, makers of the
E-M-F and Flan
ders automobiles,
one of the most In
teresting booklets
published by automobile manufactur
ers, has just made its appearance and
is being distributed locally by the
Studebaker brothers company.. The
latest issue Is an interesting: account of
the conditions which caused the* recent
cut in the price of the E-M-F products.
The Reliance automobile company
yesterday received the first of the new
L9ll Knox limou
sines. They are
beauties. The 6
cylinder 6 horse
power car Is for
airs. O. W. Pollock. It has a dark ma
roon finish with, nickel trimmings. The
Interior le of French claret broadcloth,
the appointments being perfect.
The other is a 4 cylinder 40 - horse
power car, finished in black arfd brass
with light French whipcloth interior
finish. This car is for Airs. W. H. Crim.
C. D. Rand, formerly a 'resident of
San Francisco and now a prominent
real estate dealer
in Vancouver, <f B.
C, was a recent
visitor at the local
branch of the
winton motor car company. Rand and
his family are going to spend the com
ing six weeks touring through Califor
nia in their Winton Six. » He reports
that the roads are very bad in his coun
try at present, due to the heavy rain
J. Tehen has sent the following let
ter to the Diamond rubber- company:
"This Is to ack
nowledge receipt
of your letter of
December 1, in
closing a new Dla
mona price list on tires. The circular,
"Ten Good Ways to Reduce Your Tire
Expense." Is one of the best things on
tires I have ever seen and this letter
ic-an appreciation of the way you do
business. I have three cars equipped
with Diamond tires. The tires are giv
ing excellent satisfaction. The car that
we sold a short time ago gave us 0,000
miles on the front tires, touring tread,
and always more than 6,000 on the rear
tires and we covered 23,000 miles on
this car before it went into shop."
S. G. Chapman, agent for the Hupmo
blles. yesterday received seven of the
torpedo models.
They had no sooner
come from the
railroad than they
had to be sent out
again, as all were sold and the owners
were waiting for them.
New Xnmhfr
of Hyphen
1911 Kaox 1,1
monslnei Here
Come Here <o
Tour In Wlnton
Diamond Tire*
Hups Come In I
- and Go Out
The difference between an American
and a European was shown at the close
of the grand, prize race at Savannah,
Ga. Brown, the winner, preferred to
take his prize money — $4,000 — in the
form of a New York draft; but Hemery,
who finished second, wanted his in gold,
fresh from the mint. Both men were
given their way.
"Beauty doctor" firms are now put
ting out a box or casket for the fair
motorist to take with her to 'guard
her complexion against wintry blasts.
The boxes contain all manner of
creams, soaps and lotions, powders and
eye washes. Nor are they cheap, most
ly ranging in price from Jls up.
• • •
A person making application to be
come the driver of a motor vehitle in
Germany is obliged to present his birth
certificate, together with an unmounted
photograph of himself; and he .must
also submit a doctor's certificate re
lating to his physical condition, es
pecially with reference to eyesight and
Taxicab drivers' with .women's veils
tied around their, faces were common
enough In New York during the recent
snowstorm. They found that the veil
gave a fine protection against the wind
and driving snow and was cheap also.
• -.•\u25a0< • .'\u25a0 • -
Madrid has 775 licensed automo
biles, but there are no automobile
trucks. One reason is because gaso
line costs 48 cents per gallon.
The territory tributary to Port
land — all of Oregon, southern Idaho,
southern and eastern Washington — is
in better financial condition than ever
before, is the assertion of . automobile
men who have recently established
agencies for the coming year through
out this territory. New garages, a bet
ter class of automobiles and an in
creased demand for automobile acces
sories of all descriptions, together with
the c*ady cash forthcoming in all in
stances for these improvements, have
led the Portland men to wonder. .
There are some motor i taxicabs 'in
Buenos Ayres, but they are few in
number, compared with the horse
drawn vehicles, nor does it seem likely
that the latter will be superseded by
them for some time. Horses are cheap
in Argentina, while gasolene has to be
shipped from the united States, -and
is, therefore, expensive. These con
siderations will operate strongly
against the automobile for touring, or
commercial use for some time to come.
The racing drivers at Savannah make
use of complete face masks to. protect
themselves while driving. The masks
are like those used by some .women
automobilists and cover the face com
pletely.' According to medical opinion,
it is more desirable that - the . mouth
and nose should be protected than other,
parts. The rush of air coming against
the open mouth is apt to have a dele
terious effect on >the upper air passages.
A new responsibility, of the automo
»bile owner has been emphasized in New,
York city; where- Thomas, J. McLaugh
lin, a' wealthy real estate operator, has
been held in 110,000 - bail after 1 a
coroner's Jury had rendered a verdict
holding, him responsible for .the -death
of Herberts. Barnunv a friend. ; Bar
num was not run down, but -as- an
occupant of the car was .fatally in
jured when the machine crashed- into
t; pillar of the s elevated railroad." -\Mc-
Laughlin * and; another.? friend ; ; were
badly -hurt, but: recovered.- ? The' jury
found the accident .due to, McLaughlln's
alleged neglect. \ ' '
IF it were not for. the "service^ set," which', has. nothing ; to do. with
•silver tea things and table utensUs, but. refers I ' to officers ; of the :artny
or navy and their feminine complement,, New Year receptions would be
obsolete. The uninterrupted dispensing of eggnog, 'that"'.'still.distin
guishes the day at men's clubs, is a surviving detail of i the told 'fashioned
"at homes," but only a detail. The delightful hospitality of .long spent New-
Years has no counterpart in the more complicated, system of ; modern society.
A few informal eggnbg parties are; given, but they. are,' ; after all, only
.twentieth century teas with a punch bowl. There is none of the lavishness of
provender that marked New Year receptions in the days of debutantes', grand
mothers. -Then Mrs. William Gwin, Mrs. William Ashe and iMrs."- Lloyd Tevis
entertained annually in generous southern fashion.' ' They ;"kepttopen house"
New Year afternoon, and guests were'refreshed from- tables that scribes of
the day described as - groaning under a weight of good things." ?How7people "ever
survived them is a lingering. wonder of those who recall 'baked; Virginia Miam's/
roast turkeys, cold chickens, sandwiches, layer cakes, eggnog; and coffee as'
a few accompaniments of one call. It was a remarkable resistance "that
served them through a series of visitations. , One hears of { them 'with respect
for such capacity. ... ' \u25a0**'%'/\u25a0
Frequently, however, men reserved their last calls for the homes that
offered the most attractive inducements, and made-heroic efforts to betem
perate with turkey and cake until the final" feeding. : An interesting detail- of
the day was that callers 1 were exclusively, men. Women^ were always^ "at
home" or assisting others who were "keeping open house." .Taylor street,
where the Tevis; Haggin, Redington, Head and Colton homes were not : far
distant from each other, saw an endless procession of Prince Albert coats
and lavender trousers. . ;l
With a new order of things New Year calling was 1 neglected and passed,
to be 'revived but briefly a few years ago on different lines. Only in the army
something like the old custom still prevails. For so long that it has become
traditional, commanding officers of posts or, garrisons have been : required /to
receive the officers of their- command, whose imperative duty it is ''to call in
all the gold braided formality of full dress uniforms.
Since it can't be escaped, short of insubordination or desertion, it -is
sometimes made the most of by the K. O. and his lady, and calling officers'
who bring their ladies. This year the ceremony will be observed on Monday.
At Fort Mason General Bliss will receive officially. But at the Presidio
Colonel and Mrs. Lundeen will keep "open house" for officersand ladies of
the post, and a charming old time informality will leaven the formal regu
lation. . "v" v *\u25a0'\u25a0•' . . m
• 'V '\u25a0-. •
The younger boys Vnd
girls who have not been
participating in the gay
etles for the debutantes
and older set during the
holiday season are look
ing forward to the dance
this evening to be given
by Mr. and Mrs. William
Crocker at the Palace
for their son, William
Jr.; who is home from
college. There will be
about ? 100 young people
at the party and the
merry crowd of guests,
will watch the old year
out and wiU remain to
greet the new year at
an elaborate supper
party after the dance.
*.- : ;' ,i'»
dancing party
given last evening at
the Fairmont, when A£rs.'
Edward Barron enter
tained more than 200
guests in compliment to
her debutante daughter,
v Miss Evelyn" Barren;
was one of the most
brilliant affairs that the
younger crowd has en
joyed this winter. Miss
Barron wore a simple
gown of white satin and
silver, while Mrs. Bar
ron's gown was a hand
some creation of gray
brocade satin. • Miss
Margaret Barron was
gowned in white satin
and the gowns worn by
the debutantes and
younger girls were In
the popular white and
silver. Miss Merrlttileid
entertained at one of
the elaborate dinner par
| ties . given for the two
popular debutantes, Miss
Jane Selby and Miss
Marie .Louise Elkins.
Among the young peo-,
'pie who attended, this
dinner and the Barron
ball afterward were:
Miss Lee Girrln
Miss Margaret Calhoun
Miss Janet yon Schroeder
Miss Cora Otis
Miss Frederlcka Otis
Henry yon Schroeder -
Felton Elkins
Kenneth Moore
General and Mrs.'Task
er H. Bliss will beat
home this afternoon at
their home at Fort Ma
son and there will be a
large company of guests
from the service set and
many society people
from town at, the New
Tear eve reception. .
Thieves Obtain Shield Studded
With Rubies
Nimble ; fingered pickpockets deftly
removed the police badge from the
breast of former Detective Ser
geant John Fitzgerald as -he ...was
riding on a Mission street car
late Thursday night. V\ The badge I waß
a gold shield, studded 'With four, ru
bies, and was presented to him by his
friends when he was ; made.Night;Cap
tain of Detectives; under former Chief
of Police Jesse C00k. ".,:'; r . . \u25a0.'-'
Will Be Held in Our .-Recital': Hall'
This Afternoon at 3 o'Clock
Mrs. Zilpha Ruggies Jenkins
The Public Cordially InTited :
i ;...: Kcarny and Siriter Street*
;.'\u25a0\u25a0'. Take \ Elevator- to f Ejlshthf Floor
Mr. and Mrs. James
S. Webster announce the
engagement' \u25a0 of . their
daughter, Miss . Mabel
Webster, to Clement Ar-;
nold, son of Dr. and Mrs.
J. DeAnis Arnold. ; Miss
Webster is a favorite In
her set and was edu
cated in this city. . Ar
nold is a graduate .of
Stanford university and
has a large circle of
friends. The date has
not been far .the
wedding, but it prob
ably will be an event
of the late' spring or
early summer.
\u25a0 •-;. * \ . * .• - - : • "\u25a0
Mr. and Mrs. James
King Steele will leave
this- afternoon for the i
Shorb ranch in Mendo-"|
cino county, -where they : i
will remain for a visit
of several' days.
• • •
;; Dr. .and . Mrs. Ernest
DwlghtChlpman enter
: tained'at one of the en- ;
yjoyable; dinners of ; the
holiday season and the
score of guests who at
tended the reunion re
mained \u25a0to play bridge
during the evening.
\u2666 ••:•'-''•
The Christmas - jinks
planned by the society
.women who are direc
tors of the library and
reading room for the
blind was one of the en
joyable affairs o£ the
holiday week and was
given even
ing in the clubrooms in
Sixteenth street. There '.
was a Christmas tree •
and a program of enter
tainment for the blind
guests, who were SO in
number. It .was a cause
for regret that the presi
dent of the association,
who I has done so much
work for the education
of the blind, Mrs. George
J. Bucknall, .was unable
to, be present r on account
of illness. The musical
program for . the occa
sion was contributed by
Hoth'er Wi smer, Mrs.
Matilde Wismer. • Mrs.
Rahaut, Miss Helen; Me-'
sow and Miss Biber;
Among ; others ; who . as
sisted in the; entertaln
rnent of the guests. were
Rev. . Father Cummin gs
of Mission ; Dolores, Ma
jor -and Mrs. A. S/.Ro
wan, Mrs. ; Phebe . Rock
weU, Mrs. Joseph White,
Mrs. .William ' Manning,
'Miss Mabel Ayer* and
Miss -Reynolds, r .
Mrs. Eleanor Martin
was hostess at an elab
orate dinner party giv
en at her home In Broad
way as a farewell com
pliment to Mrs.Hermann
Oelrichs and her son,
Hermann Oelrichs Jr.,
who have returned to
their home in the east.
Among those bidden to
meet Mrs., Oelrichs .at
the Martin dinner, were
Governor, elect Oddie of
Nevada, ' Mr. and Mrs..
Horace Blanchard
Chas e, Miss Ysobel
Chase, W. Byrne, Mr.
and Mrs. Peteir Martin.
After dinner the party
was entertained at the
theater by Mr. and Mrs.
Peter Martin.
There will be "'open
house" . tomorrow in
most homes of the city
and the New. Tear will
be Inaugurated' with
numerous receptions of
an informal sort ; after
the traditions of hospi
tality cherished by so
ciety. Among those who
will entertain tomorrow
afternoon will be Miss
Helen Cheseborough,
who will receive at the
family home in Clay
street. TJhere will be
mostly young: people at
this reunion, but the
older set will meet In
many other homes.
* • • \u25a0 . •
Miss Louise McCor
mick will entertain at
an informal tea this aft
ernoon at her home in
Washington street and
more than 100 of 'the
younger girls have been
invited for the affair, be
tween the hours of 4
and 6.
The members of the
Century club will enjoy
a frolic on,the "Twelfth
Night" after Christmas,
January 6, at the club
house in Franklin street
and there will be. 200
guests at the holiday re
union. There is: to 'be
an informal program of
music and. song , with
surprises promised in .
the -way-: of speeches and
other, merrymaking fol-;
lowed by a 1a 1 supper. The
clubrooms will be-deco-
rated 1 with the^ holiday
red and green and the
jinks will be one of the .
notable affairs in the so
cial: history of the, club.
.:'\u25a0 -'.See ;.Paare 8... \u25a0".-.'»•
N— Y-'s
It's mcc gettingjthem in;\ # • ", V*
ting them out. "s there's p a r.way—
CASCARETS 'are known to hundreds
of thousands for the natural and easy
way, they clean out the system? of 6 ver£
"drinking.,'^'prepared,! a;box irTybur
peksket^of CASCARETS^takelone or
two Imjre . when y^ou r go to >) bed--th©n to-
rrwrrovjuriU be pleasant. v / '-"", 896
:' ' :r; ?CASCARKTS^ioc box-Week's treat-: '\u25a0:..:', '
. ment. ' All druggists. Biggest seller \u25a0 . .
in the world. ; Million boxes •» moath.
Daughter of Mr; and Mrs. W; W.
Baraes Married as Result
of Tonopah Romance
A romance which beganjjast year at
Tonopah, Nev., • during . her short visit
there \u25a0as the^gxiest •of friends, culmi
nated happily last night, when. Miss
Hazel J. Barnes of this city became the
brlde-of Charles CHaeffler of- Nevada.
The ; marriage - was , solemnized at the
residence ' of : the 1 bride's; parents, Mr.
and -Mrs. "W.^W.?; Barnes, In Larkin
street and 1 , was : ; witnessed . by, : about : SO
friends* of ; the- young-;couple.' : ;
The wedding was one of the niost at
tractive of the • season,; the house being
turned: into -a bower.- of ferns, -ever
greens, -.':\u25a0 bright : Christmas -b erries and
Qqwers.' r -; The r bride I. and 'groom stood
beneath a wedding bell, of flowers while
thejservice; was'read.'H The -bride was
given away rby, her father and ; was at
tended by t Mrs. I Grace I Fry/as •matron ; of
honor, while Tad Moore acted as /-Best
man.:.'-.-. . \ \u25a0-..-•;- - ' ''-'?•/' \u25a0;\u25a0-\u25a0': .'\u25a0- ' '-*.
• r Until recently Mrs. Haeffler made her
home in * Oakland,-; the • family having
but recently settlediin : this 'city," ;- and
the news ;of . her -wedding' will -be ;a
pleasant surprise friends 'on - both
sides of the ; bay.-^as the engagement
innouncement.had'only. just been made:
Haeffler is a- prominent* mining man of
Nevada^ After *thelr weddlng'trlp- to
the south' Winnemucca, Nev., will be
their home. -•. -• :•• :
Among those present at. last. night's
ceremony.' were:
1 Mr. and ';'« Mrs. " J. .3. Hoffmann ;
. Neubartn Mrs." Llbble Tyler
Mr." and : Mrs. Coe Mrs. William Cnise
~ .:,;.-, Mrs. R. G.yFrye
Mr. and Mrs. D.: A. Miss Myrtle Trorchold
Bowney \ M!bs Frlda Boos
Mr., and Mrs. Leo Miss Bessie McGulre
%r I>ennys • , ::-. Miss Violet Hoffmann
Mr. and Mrs. William Miss Elsie Frye -. .
Borkhoim Tad Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Van Zant Dr. G. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. W. Dick- G. W. Haley
>; lnson , - C. A. Birch
Mr. and Mrs. Charles .•
Found guilty of having deserted Miss
Annie Albrecht, the, mother of ; his two
children, Elgin jK. Gillett, . a Southern
Pacific employe,'^ was: fined $I,ooo' by
Judged Weller yesterday .morning and
sentenced to serve -one -year 'in the
county jail. Gillett, who was married
to another woman about a month ago,
was arrested December 21. • -
Birth, marriage and death notices sent by matt
will not be inserted. They must be handed in at
either of , the publication offices and be indorsed
with the name and residence of person author-
ised to , ljave the same ? published. Notices re-
stricted simply to the announcement of the event
tre published once in this column free of charge.
V~ \u25a0 — ''''. ' : "'" ' "" — ——-—————•\u25a0
| ' Marriage Licenses | ]
>-...' '. ~ '. '.."".. ' ""'.'. ''.'. .' — . " ' — — — \u25a0*\u25a0' |
The following marriage licenses were issued in
San Francisco, Friday, : December 30:
BRUNER— RUST-^Charles Bruner. S2. 2963
- Twenty-fourth street.' and Julia "Rust, 34,
2968 Twenty-fourth street.
DLLIS— LBAAIEY— John J. Ellis. 2S, 3218 Twen-
ty.flrst street, and Sylvia M. Leamey, 22, 81
Coilingwood Btreet. \u25a0' „ „„
FBLDER— WERNER— J.oseph A. Felder. 32.
Oakland, and, Mathilda V. Werner, 23, 344
> Russia avenue. •'".:'\u25a0 '-\u25a0'
KARETOF— KADIEF— AIeck Karctof, 28, Sac-
ramento, and Emma -. Fadlef, 19, 811 Rhode
'*« Island' street. "*".'* "''\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 • /' '; \u25a0•\u25a0'•; •
LARSEN— KNUDSDX— Martin Larsen. 24, 1006
Treat avenue, and Inga Knudsen, 19, 3404
Clay street. „„,„
LEON I— HUGHES— Frank A. Leoni. 21. 2148
Market street, and Mabel L. Hughes, 18, 199
Fourteenth street.
LICHTBNSTEIN — BLOCK— Milton Llchtenstein,
28, 111 Ellis street, and Rose Block. 22, 5966
Sacramento street. ----- I .' "
LYNCH— McCABE— Joseph Lynch, 24, Alameda,
and Katie McCabe, 32, 1090 Tennessee street.
MpBRIDE— HEALY— James J. Mcßride, 27, 47
Twenty-eighth street, and Julia O. Healy, 22,
24. 1723 Buchanan street, and Maude H. Mich-
aelson. 19. 32 Rlncon place.
MOLLER — HOGAN — Onward R. - Moller, 21. 235
O'Farrell street, and Mabel F. • Hogan. 18, 250
Dolores street. - ...
PIRAG— ZIRUL-Jacob Pirag. 40. 1397 Paloa
.avenue, and Juliana A. Zirul, 25, .71 Brosnan
STREIJTZ— STARK— Lawrence Strelltz, 24,
3607 Sacramento street,' and Elsa R, Stark,
23, 138 First avenue. . \u25a0
STUART— SNEED— ComIey J. Stuart,, 30, 140
Ellis street, arid Mlttle . R. Sneed, 28, 950
Eddy Btreet.
WOODS-rTRAUB— James A. Woods. 29, Grand
Rapids, Mich., and Helena E.'Traub, 27,
. Plymouth, Mich. . .
ZARO-^RING — George ;N. Zaro. 26, and Annie
, L. Ring, 18, both of 2134 Grove street.
KUHN— In this city, December 21. 1910, to the
wife of Charles J. Kuhn of Saratoga, Cal., a
\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 son. "\u25a0'- ' :-\u25a0 ' " ;•\u25a0 \u25a0:\u25a0- K':'~; \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 - . \u25a0
MAHER— In this city, December 28, 1910, to
the wife of James J. '-Matter, a son.- ,
STANBRIDGE^ — In this city, December 21, 1910,
to the wife of Clinton H. Stanbridge, a daugh-
. -'/• ter.-'. : '.'-'.- •'".!-'\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 ' ; - '\u25a0\u25a0''-" - \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0• \u25a0 \u25a0"-- -
WOOLEY— In- this city. December 30. 1910. to
the wife of.' G. A. - Wooley \u25a0 (formerly . Olive L.
Melluish)';a-d»ughter..; v . . •
Bogart' Orlando H.'. Si Meissner. Emma O." 50
Bray. . Elizabeth J. " 71 Meyer,. Henry; W. .'.55
Cooney, George H.. 10 Meyers, Catherine. .. 40
Cuneo, Isabelle :... 59 Mosbacher,^ Sophist. 56
Determann, Christian 40 Neuberg, Emma ..... 61
Forsting, Lester W. 76 Norrls, , Hiram J. . . . 67
Gilham, - Samuel \u25a0 M. 53 Painter, ; Nellie r ....: —
Gilman, -Charles H. 74 Robertson, Jessie .. SI
Grady," Thomas J... 29 Rothenberg, Freder-'.
Gray, Susan ....... SO ici ...... ...v.....' 88
Hogan, . Daniel . . . . . — Scheller, Gustavo D. 46
Janes; Julia - F. ". . : . — Stanton, , Mary .... —
Johnson, Charles A.:— Swatlh, * Steve .....24
Kohlmoos. : John . .'. : SO Williams, ; Robert A. 83
Luhn, -0tt0 '..;:.•'... 65 Whytiaw, Alexander 79
Magee, Joseph A;.. \u25a0 — Young,* Martha vj... —
Martin, Sophia' ;"...' 65 Young, .Walter .... 29
BOGART— In this city. December 29, 1910, Or-,
lando H. ; Bogart. husband of Mary H." Bogart,
- and father of William F. Bogart and Mrs. W.
\u25a0P. Holden,. aged 81 years. > v, <
Funeral services* today- (Saturday)." at 11
o'clock a. m., at N. Gray & Co.'s: chapel.- 2196
v Geary : street. Interment '.Woodlawn'; cemetery.' ;
BRAY— ln « Oakland. "; December': 80,' : 1910, ; Eliza- I
•- : beth Jane;; dearly . beloved i wife •of /Anthony
', Bray.s and sister of Mrs. D. Bunsy,' Mrs."; K.
:\u25a0 Stevens ; and : Miss < Nan Jewel \of England and
Richard cC. Jewell : of San. Francisco. - Cal., ; a
- native of England,' aged 71' years 3 months and
" 10. days. ,_ , ; :
COONEY— In this city. December 30. 1910. Nt
; his residence, 291, Union street, .George Harold,
dearly- beloved son \u25a0 of ; William and '\u25a0\u25a0 Ellen • Coo-
ney, a native of San Francisco, ; aged 10 years
2 months and 18 days/rr -' "- . : v V ;
V; -Notice; of i funeral hereafter. }•;
CtTNEO I (BADIN)— In this t city, -. December i 28.
'"'l9lO, \u25a0\u25a0 Antonio Cuneo, "dearly ,» beloved . father
.* -of \u25a0. Mrs. i Mary ' Flrpo, - a . native •of , Verel. \ Cor-
? slca.' Italy,: aged 89 years ; and 6 months. -- -
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in-
vited to t attend the £ funeral . : today c (Satur-
.: day), -December. 31. at \ p." m., from the par-!
;: : lors tot ? Valente, ~. Marinl," Marais & . Co. , 649
jf'.Green street. \; ;^ . . U./.- j : '.,.. ; '
DETEEMAITM— In this" city/ December SO,'v 1910.
Christian Determann,*; dearly * beloved husband
'-'\u25a0' of Katie *c Determann, - ; and , beloved : brother ; of
- Henry *" Determann : ; of c' St. * Louts, ,; Mo.ro snd
; Frank '; Determann;- of * Sacramento, \u25a0•\u25a0 Cal.; a ; na-
r tlve'of^Germany.-aged'^Ojyeani^ month, and
- : " 28;daj«:";:'"v-vs"----.*- •.:':-;• \u25a0•- -;\u25a0"•'. •"."'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0v<^:;-";~-j
. \u25a0 Remains at his late residence. •4 \u25a0 Chattanooga
! \u25a0 street- near .Twenty-first./ Notice -of; funeral
1 l-.'j hereafter.' . '-''. ;^MOBP"9B9BHBB"sSBStt
FORSTING— In Fruitvale. ' December; 27, :: 1910/
r ? > Lester - W. ; : Forsting.'s belOTed .father of • Fred
r ': Porstlng " and " Mrs.\ Francy ; Forsting 2 Tucker," a
%:. native 1 of t New .York, aged 76 years >7- months
"r-and.l9:dBjrs;^ .:.-::\u25a0;' .^•.-'\u25a0V '\u25a0\u25a0'.\u25a0>'.-/.' '-.ij '\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'
«;j--.'; Friends and acquaintances are respectfully, in-.
'-^ vlted s to 'attend. : the : funeral: services i tomorrow
,' (Sunday) ; ! Januarys I,' 1911,^ at -.: 10:30 ; o'clock
%:' a.*- m.." \u25a0at | the < chapel of I Arthur , A.\ Barber - &
V : Co.; i 3329 <,' East p Fourteenth r street. :/ Fruitvale,
£' under , the '; auspices) of : Brooklyn ' lodge 1 No.'' 225,
F; j& : A.-4 M. ;. : Interment : San _Lorenzo ; cemetery.
GILHAM— InS this.; city; ,; December/ 29. -V. 1910;
" " Samuel ' M.*;-; Gllh'am. i. beloved ; husband • of -\u25a0 Mag-
14 gie v i Gilhami ? and : father iof .William /. Harvy,"
,= Joai * Marian 1 and ) E'J Van '; B.*t Gilham, 1 a (
¥i of if Oallf ornia,';^ aged i 63 "i years B . months 'j and
ji. T 23idays. .'\u25a0 A.;. member of ,McKlniey lodge" No.
. -, ..\u25a0\u25a0v".. \u25a0-. , -..\u25a0,
j^.-H Remains.'- at" the; chapel • of the- , Tniman : un?
*i-dertaking s company,-/, 1919 i, Mission > street <- be-
U- twecn • Fifteenth 7 and > Sixteenth, will ', be ', takes
I'-'i.t :\u25a0-.-\u25a0 - >-- k\u25a0• \u25a0'-..*,,
Mb. Ghas. Haeffler
. Mining MMs Bride
special; services to.
Special New Year eve services will
be held at St. Mary's cathedral tonight.
At the vespers, which will begin . at 8
o'clock, a special sermon ,will be de
livered by Archbishop Denis J. O'Con
nell. Dedication of the blessed sacra
ment and an elaborate musical program
will be features of the evening's devo
tion. Masses will be said tomorrow
morning at '\u25a0$\u00847 ,.8 , 0:30 and 11 o'clock.
to Grass VaUey, Cal., today (Saturday), at 9
g p. m. 1 , for intermont. .:
GILMAN — In this city, at the resilience of Ga-
briel Moulin. December 30. 1910, Charles Henrj
Gilman, a natiTe ol Massachusetts, aged 74
Friends are respectfully inrited to attend
the funeral tomorrow (Sunday), January 1,
1911, at 1:30 p. m.. from the; chapel, of "X.
Gray & Co., 2106 Geary street corner of De-
rlsadero. \u25a0 under the auspice* of the General
Relief Committee. I. O. .O. F. Interment
: Mount . OUret cemetery, by automobiles. \u25a0 _ \u25a0-,
GRADY— In this city. December 2S, 1910.
Thomas J.. dearly beloved hn«bandof Mjrtlft
Grady, and loving son of Delia and the late
Edward Grady. and brother of Katherine. -Ed-
ward and William Grady, a natiTe of San
Francisco, • aged 29 years. JL member <Jf Bar
Tenders' Union and Twin • Peaks parlor, N. S.
- G. W. '
Frienda and acquaintances are respectfully In-
rited to attend the funeral today (Satur-
day), December 81. at 8:15 a. m.. from his
late residence, 39W Nineteenth , street, thence
to Mission ; Dolores church, \u25a0 where a requiem
high \u25a0 mass will be celebrated for the repose
of his soul, commencing at 9 a. m. Inter-
ment Holy Cross cemetery.
, . TWIN PEAKS PARLOR. 'N. S. G. W.— Offl-
\u25a0 cers and • members of Twin Peaks parlor. Jf.
S. G. W. : You are , requested to be , present
at the funeral' of our late brother. Thomas J.
Grady,'. from his late residence. 3054 Nine-
teenth street, today (Saturday). December 31,
at 8:15 a. m. ng/mWiimimiWi'Sagf{am
S. MYERS, President.
_ Ji PENDERGAST, Secretary.
GRAY— In this city. December SO, 1910. at' the
-residence of 'her niece. Mrs. M. Connolly, 314
Guerrero -street, - Susan Gray, a native of
County Armagh. Ireland, aged 80 years.
Friends and -members of the Third Order of
St." Francis are respectfully invited to attend
a requiem high nuns,, which will be celebrated
. for the repose of her soul, today, (Saturday),
commencing at 10 a. m., at Mission Dolores
' church. Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
HOGAN— In this city. December 29, 1910, Daniel
Hogan, , a native of Ireland. . ;•/
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In-
vited to attend - the funeral , today (Satur-
day.), 'at-10'a.'. m., from the parlors of D. I.
Kenny . & Co., 1719 Eddy, street near Scott.
Interment Cypress Lawn cemetery. . by 11:30
train at Third and Townsend -streets.
JANES — In San " Jose. December , 30j 1910. Julia
F.,,wife of Rev. Elizah Janes, and mother of
Herbert ' Janes . and .. Mrs. -E. C. Merrill and
Mrs. A. M. Lopez, a native of New York.
JOHNSON— In this city. December ' 30. 1910.
Charles August." beloved husband of Elizabeth
• J. Johnson. - and * loving father of . Ray . C. and
- Adeline D. Johnson and Mrs. \u25a0 Edna Bishop, and
grandfather of Loralne Bishop, a . native of
Sweden.. ? \u25a0 - : ' \u25a0.'....- •
-Remains at the parlors of 11. F. 'Suhr & C«..
2919 Mission street between. Twenty-fifta and
' Twenty-sixth. "
KOHLMOOS— In this "city.. December 29. 1910.
John, dearly ; beloved husband of Elisabeth
Kohlmoos, -loving father of Mrs. C. Meese.
John 11. . Emma J. i and Oleta C. Kohlmoos and
;the late .Herman C. Kohlmoos, and loving
brother .of Christian Kohlmoos. a native of
Hanover. Germany,.* aged SO years. A member
of Harmony lodge No. 13. I. O. O. F. : (Stock-
ton and New- York papers please copy.) .'. \u25a0>'
Funeral 6trlctly , private. . . Please omit
flowers. :: Remains at the parlors of - Theodor
Dlerks & Co., .900 Devisadero street corner
, j McAllister. •
LTJHN— In this city, December 27. 1910, Otto
Luhn, beloved husband of -Dorothea Luhn, and
• father of J Mrs. A. Linck of Hamburg. Ger-
many, and the late Otto Jr., Robert. Edward
and Willie Luhn, a native of Germany, aged
63 years.
: Funeral services -Will be held at 'the chapel
. of th« Odd Fellows'., crematory; today (Sat-
urday), December SI, 19^10, at 3 o'clock p. m.
MAGEE— In this dty.-D«»cember 30. 1910, Jo-
: seph A,, beloved husband of Anne • Magee. . and
* father of Anita 'Magee, a native of Massa-
; chaaetts. . ;"" '\u25a0]'\u25a0- ',";'-
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully, in-
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Sunday),
at 2 o'clock; p.- m., from his' lata residence.
;* 467 \u25a0 Fourth ". avenue- . (Richmond). • thence to
Star of the Sea \u25a0 church* for services, at 2:30
--. p.. ni. .Interment Cypress Lawn cemetery.
MAHTIN-^ln this : city."* December 29. 1910. \ So-
• phia Martin, dearly .beloved, wife of: Martin
/Martin, and loving mother of Louisa. Evelyn,
Rubin and the late Alice Martin, a native of
; "Nova Scotia, aged 65 year»l month and 2
;days.-,' : : ',-:-;. •'•":.-. -.—. — , '-.'.'':' .
' The funeral ' serrices will be ; held today
(Saturday),' at 1 : o'clock p. m., at her late
i residence, 42 Diamond . street, between Seven*
- r teenth and - Eighteenth. ' : Interment * private, at
: vGreenlawn cemetery. ,'*.,'
MEISSNEH— In 'this .city,^December 29. 1910,
..•Emma" C.,' beloved- wife , of the late Otto R.
mother;of Mrs. \u25a0 J. Mecchi, . Mrs.' \u25a0 A.
• Goldstein,': Otto and Edward Meissner, ~ a native
' ; of Sacramento,'- Cal., ; aged : 50 \u25a0 years 5 • months
and 10 days. :-.- "• '-\u25a0'•\u25a0\u25a0 .' ' • .
r ' x Friends r. and acquaintances \u25a0 are ' respectfully
Invited to attend the. funeral services Monday,
January- 2,- 1911; = at^l o'clock p. m.," at the
chapel of Julius S. Godeau, 41* Van ' Ness ave-
nue near: Market street. .Interment Mount Oli-
vet cemetery. .^^^fS^SfNNBSKBKHtf
MEYER— In this city, December 30, 1910,' Henry
\u25a0 -s William \ Meyer, beloved *• brother -of Cord -F.,
' ': Charles; L.,V John", J.. "Herman C. . and George
I W. ; Meyer and . Mrs.- H. ' Scudder. • a native ; of
/Stockton,'- Cal.; aged 55 years 9 months and 1
'\u25a0- "- day.'-iS'j'j-r^' ''\u25a0'.-' '-\u25a0 '. : - ".''\u25a0>• :- '. "\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0
• Remains 'were" forwarded to' Stockton, Cal..
''December SO, • 1910.' from ' the \u25a0 parlors of H.-F.
. Suhr • " &\u25a0' C 0. ,.', 2919 / Mission . street :* between
" Twenty-fifth andiTwenty-sixth;- \u25a0 Interment; in
i the family plot, r Stockton. ' '
MEYEBS— In this city. December 2s! 1910/
:;, Catherine, : dearly* beloved wife" of John Mey-
H era, -and idolized mother of "Annie." Irene.* Wal-
'" 'ter.and Alfred Hilly er and Myrtle and Stanley
t '': Meyers, : and 5 loving . aunt of • John - and ; Fannie
'\u25a0 \u25a0 Curley. .: a -• native -of. Eyercourt, • County Gal-
•; . way, -Ireland, aged 40 years '6 months and 4
•-days/ \u25a0;'*»"\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'. '•'\u0084";^-: vi-.''^:^ . ..;-., \u0084--, „-\u25a0;,- ;
\u25a0 "> j •\u25a0>\u25a0 Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in-*
.'a vited S to "attend *--the '-funeral .' today . (Satnr-'
i-ji day), ; December 31;: at . 8:30 a. tar,.> from' her'
v late i residence,: 3673 ..Twentieth \u25a0 street between
y. .Valencia r and \u25a0 Guerrero," thence ,to St. James
';; church, *;«nd :\u25a0- Guerrero streets;
> where; a •. 6olemn'Tequlem high' mass : will be
,^ celebra ted v for/. the f repose; of '.her., soul, !com-
."•.- menclng .- at *9? a. in." \u25a0 \u25a0 Interment Holy t Cross
\u0084 cemetery., by carriage. v, \; ; . \u25a0:-,
MOSBACHEE— In this . city,: December .3o, ; 1910,
American Institute Changes Its
•Place of Meeting to Study
Rebuilding of City
- ' £•:,>> \u25a0 5
San Francisco., now .the best built~
modern city In America. Is to entertain
the American Institute ot Architects*
which will meet here In convention at
the Fairmont hotel January 17, IS anil
19. It will be the forty-fourth annual
convention of the institute, and 150.
de'egatea will be in attendance from
the east, middle west and the Pacific
slope. ' '\u25a0;"\u25a0\u25a0;
.Usually the conventions are hetd in
Washington, but the Interest aroused
among architects by the marvelous re
building of San Francisco has drawn
them ,to this city. , -, ,
A-banquet has been planned for the
visiting delegates at the Fairmont ho
tel, January 19. to which will be in
vited the governor of the state. th<\
judges of the supreme court and heads
and prominent members of the facul
ties of the two great universities an»l
other men of prominence. ..
Many of the delegates will be ac.
companied by their wives and a recep
tion for the -women" will be held at the
Fairmont hotel January 17. Sight see
ing trips have been arranged to cover,
the city, the bay. Mount Tamalpals, the
University of California, Stanford uni-,
versity and other points.
The convention party will leave Chi-,
cago by special train, stopping at Den-,
ver and Salt Lake City en route, andj
will arrive in San Francisco Janu-,
ary 16.
Management Entertains at a
Mission Restaurant
The management of the Wigwam the
ater banqueted its employes at a Mis
sion restaurant last Thursday night.
About 30 were seated at the banquet
board. The theater orchestra rendered
music. Among those present were C.
Alberts. H. Wiley. W. Duggan, M. B.
Amsterdam. R. A. Schetle. L. Arnold,
Charles Newby. W. Innes. T. Smith. W.
R. Whorff, J. Callan. I* Dolllver. Har
old Hayes. D. Spellman. L. Goggin. A.
Allan. F. Mitchell, L. Kearney. R. Mayo.
W. Hartwell, H. Game. H. Juhrs and
J. Silver. ' i
Sophia, dearly beloTed wife of Gerson Mo»-
' bacber, and Idolized mother of Jennie. Btnin-
nel. Minnie and Esther Mosba.-her and Mrs. C.
A. Knudsen. a native of Austria, aged 58
< years.
Friends and aequaintanrM are respectfully In-
Tited to attend the fnners l tomorrow (Snnday>.
January 1, at 10 o'clock, from htr late resi-
dence, 731 Fell street between nilmore ami
Webster. Interment Salem cemetery, by elec-
tric foneral car from Twenty-eighth, and Va-
lencia streets. Please omit flowers. . .
KETTBERO — At rest, in San Rafael. December
30. 1910. Emma Neuberg, relk-t of the late
Adolph Nenber?, and beloved mother .of Mrs.
Manuel Nathan. Mrs. Seymour Gabriel and
Mrs. Mose F. Kanfmann. and sister of Herman
and Abraham Brand<>nste.ia and the late Meyer
* and Simon. Braodensteln, a natl-re ef Huemme.
Germany, aged SI years and 10 months.
Friends are respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral tomorrow (Sunday). January 1, at
10:30 a. m.V from the restdence of her daugh-
ter, Mrs. Seymour Gabriel, 143 Sixth avenue.
Interment Home oC Peace cemetery,** by wuo-
NORRIS— In this city. December SO, 1910.'
Hiram -* Jay Norrls. betored husband of the
late Katherine W. Norri*. and taring father of
Edith and Mabel XorrK • native of Ohio.
aged x 67 years 5 months and 11 days. A mem-
ber -of Lincoln post No*. I. G. A. R-: L'nity
lodge No. . 181. I. O. O. F.. and Unity lodge
No. 61. Knights of Pythias.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in-
vited to attend the funeral Monday. January
2. 1011. at 1 o'clock p. m.. from hi* late
residence, 23998 Howard street. Interment
Mount Olivet cemetery, by electric funeral
car from corner of Twenty-eighth and Valen-
cia streets, at 1:45 p. m.
PAINTER— In Bagtoa, San Mateo county, Nellie
Painter, beloved wife of Dr. J. B. Ptlnter.
and mother of Mildred Painter, and sister of
Mrs. Emma Scott and John and William Wil-
liamson, a native of San Francisco.
. - Funeral - services tomorrow (Sunday). Jan-
uary 1, at 2 o'clock p. m. Interment pri-
vate. . - -
ROBERTSON— Ia Berkeley. December SS. 1910.
Jessie, beloved wife of John Robertson, mother
of Francis William Robertson, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. William Armstrong, sister of An-
drevr Armstrong, Mrs. Jules Ny, Mrs. Peter
Bohfer, Mrs. . James E. Oliver and the late
Mrs. Fred W. Meadows and Jaoe Armstrong,
a native of San Francisco. Cal.. aged 31 years
and 23 days.- (Edinburgh. Scotland, papers
please copy). ... r
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
vlted to attend . the funeral services today
(Saturday). December 31, 1910. at 1:30 o'clock:
p. m.. from the chapel of the Truman under*
- taking company.' lf»lf> Mission street between
Fifteenth and Sixteenth. Interment Cypress,
. Lawn cemetery, by automobiles.
ROTHEMBERG— In Oakland, December 29. 1810. '
at the German Altenheim. Frederick Rothen-
-berg, a native of Germany, aged 83 years 1
month and 2S days.
SCHELLER— Ia Redwood City. San Mateo
county. December 20, 1910, Guitave Ernest
Scheller. husband of Angle Scheller. axtd father
of Roy Scheller, a native of Indiana, aged 43
Friends and scquaintances art respectfully in-
1 vited to attend the funeral Monday, January
2. 1311. at 10 o'clock, from his lute residence,
thence to the Catbolie church. Redwood dry.
where service* will take place at 11 o'clock.
Interment Holy Cross cemetery (Colma> by
train leaving Redwood st 12:14 p. m.
STANTON— In Point Richmond, December 29.
1910. Mary Stanton, beloved wife of the lit*
John Stanton. - and loving mother of Eddie, j
John Jr., Nellie. Walter and Patrick Stanton
and Mrs.° Mary English, a native of Ireland.
Frienda - and acquaintances are respectfully
vited to attend: the funeral today (Satur-'
day) at 1O o'clock a. m., from the parlors of
Gantner Brothers, • 3460 \u25a0 Sixteenth street be-
tween Church, and Sanchez. Interment Holy
Cross cemetery, by carriages. •
SWATIH— In this city. December 30. 1910. at
the city and county hospital. Steve Swat lit, a
.native of Austria, aged 24 years.
WILLIAMS— In this city. December 29, 1910.
Robert A. Williams (United States navy, re-
tired), father of Dr. R. B. Williams of San-
sallto. CaL, Mabel B. Williams of Pasadena
and William J. Williams of Portsmouth. Vs..
a native of Massachusetts, aged 83 years. -
The : funeral services will be held today
(Saturday), at 11 o'clock a.,m.. at the chapel
,of Odd Fellows* crematory. Point Loboa ave-
WHJfTLAW— In, this city. December 2D. 1910.
Alexander Newton Whytiaw. a native of Mis-
sissippi, aged T9 yean 3 months and 24 day*.
Friends and ; acquaintances are respect* nj»y
Invited- to attend the funeral today (safer \u25a0
day); at 10 o'clock a. m., from the chapel of
the Old People's hon>e, corner Pin* and Pierce
streets. Interment Cypress^ Lawn cemetery.
YOTJ2TG— In thi* city. ' December 29. ; 1810,.
Martha J.; widow of Richard Young, and
mother , of Hortense J. Foreman, a native of
Boothbay, * Maine.
The" funeral services will be held today (Sat-
urday >, at 1 o'clock 'p. m.. at her late re»l- -
dence, 1433 Oak street. Interment private. .- .
YOTOG— - In this city, December 30. 1910. Wal-
• ter (Balxar) Ycnng. beloved brother of Mrs.
Charles Huth and Mr«. Conrad Schneider and
Albert Toußg.' a "native of Hesse Darmstadt
Germany, aged 29 years 11 months and 20
: Remains at the parlors of Suhr A Wieboldt,
1355 Valencia street near Twenty-ftfth.
JlltlUo b. bUUtAU
Independent of the Trust
For 575 Will I^nratali, Rente, 3 C«r-
." - vlagem, Emb«l jnln e, S aroad nm4
',".-!; Cloth 'j Covered Caaket
Cavktts "at f*3. \u25a0 as food as •oW fey TtMt-*^. |
CudMtakers for $«s
Caskets at *50. : «s good as ioM oy Tnst *-. ;
- Cndcrtakers for .......................... $>• \u25a0
CssktU at $100. mm good •• »old by Trast
Undertakers tx •••\u2666•..tl3t,}
- 41 Van >>\u25a0\u25a0 A*, t. ' MABJTZZ 7U -\u25a0 • : \]'
205 MoaU-y } At. " [ HOXE WIM .
1305 Fraaklia Su Oaklaa4
HAnto AAboUac* and CarrUxe* tot HJzm[

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