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Reading of Every Resolution Is
Signal for Battle on
rectum of Members of Council
Brings Out Charges of .
Unfair Play
!' BERKELEY. Dec. 3o. — Five hours of
tormy session marked the closing of
the forty-fourth annual meeting of the
California teachers' association 'today,
and the excitement during the closing
hours was so intense tliat Chairman Al
fred Roricovieri could hardly control
tjfc shouting and gesticulating school
Pteachers -who "would have their views
lizard wluen resolutions were voted on.
The "conquest of the regulars over the
insurgents by a vote of 4 to 1 added
fuel to the flames, and throughout the
entire day there ' were charges and
counter charges of trickery, neglect of
§«suty, politics and other open and covert
Insinuations. .
The bright spot eft the meeting was
the announcement of the union of the
10.000 teachers of California, now divid
ed into lour separate teachers' associa
tions in the four sections of the state,
into one body, with one council of edu
cation composed of 10 delegates from
«*• h of the present associations. Only
in affairs of state interest and import
ance however, will the state associa
tion created today join bands, as in
ether affairs the four separate divisions
Trill transact their business as now.
The meeting today had hardly; been
cajled at 10 o'clock when the storm
t>n>l;e on the presentation of the teach
irs' retirement bill, which was up for
indorsement before action .on it will
Vbe asked from the legislature. The
bill was framed by Prof. Alexis F.
L&nge, and its introduction caused a
storm of protest.
The excited teachers, in their efforts
to be heard and to secure the floor,
crowded around the speaker's rostrum,
and it was only at intervals that quiet
was restored, only to have the storm
break out anew.
Sirs. Mary Sprague. of the history de
partment of the girls' high school of
San Francisco, was a leader in the
demonstration and represented the San
Francisco teachers in the fight. They
insisted that the proposed law should
allow the teachers to engage in private
work after retirement ,a motion-which
was passed after a heated debate. -
The primary teachers were aligned
ag-alnet the high school teachers in. a
second wordy battle. The lower grades
declared that they on retirement would
receive but a small salary while the
high school teachers would secure a
greater benefit. They insisted on a uni
form basis for the proposed pension
act. The high schools won out.
tThe main provisions of the bill which
as finally adopted are: That a teacher
sail receive after 30 years of service,
-.1 reaching the age of 60 years, a pen
sion which shall amount to one-half of
her average salary for the last 10 years
»>f service in the schools. This sum is
not to be less than $500 nor more than
51.200 a year.
* Minor battles were waged when the
. -rtfport ol— Colonel Harris WefristocJc,
.chairman, was presented on industrial
• education. A number of teachers de
clared that the words "commercial" ap- i
• filed to "industrial" should be stricken
out, as the commercial schools are pro
vided for by the state, while industrial
. education, domestic scienec and the
like, are neglected.
Colonel Murphy of San Francisco was
theieader in the defense of the com
mercial schools and was the main
speaker when this debate occupied the
attention of the convention. After a
war of words the convention decided to
eliminate the word "commercial," and
the resolution asking, for state support
for Industrial education was carried.
A resolution regulating the rural
schools and the appointment of super
intendents caused more warfare, and
this was only settled when thep ropoeed
law was voted, down.
The teachers indorsed the fair for
San Francisco in 1915. Copies of the
resolutions will be sent to California's
representatives in congress.
Other resolutions passed were:
Indorsement of plaj-jrroands.
A d«tt law for. the encouragfcaieat of general
More careful soperrlsion of tbe health of the
children in U»e schools.
L*w for tl»e mnrf satisfactory Ucterminatlon
of rhe tenure of ofSce of teacher*.
Knd<-«rM>n>em ot statft board of heath's cam
paign for saniiationfl
Higrto^r salaries for traohens.
Eaactin«M(t of suitable legislation to correct
<3i*<*ouniin;: ot t^achprs*- salary warrants.
Second only, to the stormy session
field at the closing, was the election of
\u25a0members of the state council of educa
tion. The nominations yesterday showed
the attitude of a large number of teach
ers who fought to secure the nomina
tion of the -insurgent ticket, but, the
regulars carried the day.
; *"A* ,a .result. Miss Howe, president
*»lect-of the association, denounced Le- ;
t m" Armstrong, secretary of the meet
"jgr.Jn strong terms. She declared that
.he and other members of ' the" asso
ciation had been purposely misinformed
by Armstrong as to the matters\which
were to come before the meeting yes
terday, at which the nominations were
made. - (
"They have not played fair," declared
Miss Howe, "and I am exceedingly an
*rry over the whole affair. No notice
•was given us as to the meeting for
nominations yesterday and there" was
deception practiced by some of the of
ficers of the association. '.':
"The nominations should have been
made this morning at the regular ses
sion, hut instead they were rushed
through yesterday while many of the
teachers were away, expecting that this
Important matter would be part of the
closing session. /
• "There was, therefore, but a third of
the association membership present at
the meeting and the others did not
know that an, election; was being. held
today. That accounts for the small
number of votes cast."
The activity of the regulars was evi
denced by the fact that Edward Hyatt
leader of the Insurgent ticket, received
but 145. votes, while the "machine"-car
ried the day with each- of its candi
dates, receiving more than 225 votes
The* 10 members elected to: the council
of education are:
Jam** A. Barr E. Morris Cox
D. R. Jooe* FAnln F. Lantrp
Morris E. Dailey OHrw P. Jenkins.
JT. W. Linseott ~ tiara M. Partri<lire
Alfred RoDcorleri Will C Wood;.
The election ra Ised such • a storm ', of
protest on the part, of the insurgents
t hat resolution s , were parsed .', at i the
meeting: to the effect that the nominat
ing committee must submit its report
the firet \u25a0 day of the ~ convention,- the
names to be posted, in: a- conspicuous
place. To* this list In alphabetical' or
der the names of other candidates may
James Ferguson, leader of. me insurg
ent movement, declared ".the new. metb
\u25a0od« of nominating lwould"do ? away iwith
A «lique:. which;" 1 sought to control the
scon vention offices. He said that in 'the
'f uUrre there !>ronl4 J>e"«oe«a' jwltttds.
In the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys
Learns After Second Marriage
That Report of First Spouse's
Divorce Was Faise H
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON, Dec. 30.— Mrs. Sarah K.
CarmVan.of this city has applied to the
superior court for assistance in freeing
herself from one of her two husbands.
Mrp. Carmean only recently ascer
tained that she had one more husband
that the law allows and filed a suit for,
annulment against -Nelson ,E.; Carmean:
Mrs. Carmean, an attractive -womaji
of about 30 years,- married Mlke'Mul
queeny of this city March 4. ,1903,' and,
according to the complaint : filed' by. At
torney Light, lived with him for sev
era 1 yea rs. Finally the - couple sep
arated and she departed, for Joplln, Mo.,
while her husband remained in Stock
ton. \u25a0 • . ;' :"•'
It was while in Missouri that -Mrs.
Mulquecny met Nelson .E. Carmean.
Carmean. it is said, grew 'very fond of
the Stockton woman" and- proposed.' • < --
Mrs.' Mulqueeny, however, would not
listen to his pleadings until ;-some
months later, jwh en she received word
from California that .Mulqueeny" tyad
secured a- divorce. and 1 had married an
other Woman.- .Then, -according, to ,the
complaint, Carmean's proposal. was ac
cepted. \u25a0 '\u25a0'.' \u25a0 ' \u25a0_ . " - \u25a0 \u25a0 V-J
Later Mrs. went
to South Dakota, : where she learned
that her 'Stockton' husband' had not
secured .a- divorce. She; -hurried _. to
Stockton and, finding husband No.. 1
•was willing to take her" back, "filed" the
suit against Carmean. 1 -• • \u25a0
. Carmean ,is said, to be on the, way
here and a contest is expected. , .
Great Damage Done- in Alaska
by Water Which Burst
From Frozen Stream*
CORDOVA. Alaska, Dec. 30.— Forest
Ranger George Johnson "returned today
from an inspection of the Bering \u25a0 gla
cier, region and confirmed' the. reports
of \u25a0 the great 'damage' done by the flood
which ' burst fro'rii the glacier last
month. Because -of. the. heavy fall of
snow ( he was unable, to reach the. chain
of lakes above the glacier todetermine
the cause of . the - phenomenal jflood,'; but
he verified' stories of enormous, dam
age done to tlie large sweep. of country,
between tlie glacier, and the .sea. \ '
Johnson also investigated the\where
abouts of H. S-Wisejand Kayak Sniith:
Wise and Smith" escaped^ injury, but j£n- t
derwent .thrilling*'' experiences , and; iri-f
dured hardships jn ': making their^escape
from . : Icebergs? and <cold£**water A'that
swept down the Bering sea .valley.' The
two men " were : asleep . in' their, cabins
on the banks of the Bering,. river when
the flood bore down on them. _
Thinking that the flood would soon
subside, Wise and Smith piled their
belongings on top of the bed and drew
themselves up to escape the cold water,
which was rapidly, rising. They re
mained in the cabin until , the. water
rose above the bed, when .they, took
a canoe and, after a severe, struggle
with the flood, reached the high ground
at the McDonald coal mine.
Ranger Johnson says that .thousands
of acres were swept by the flood j and
that the loss to prospectors and home
steaders was heavy. The water in Ber
ing lake,_many miles below the glacier,
rose 10 feet within a few hours, carry-
Ing away thousands of feet of cut pil
ing and sawlogs.
Bearer Says Life Was Threat-
ened, by Thieves
NEW YORK. Dec. 30. — The lost opera
scores in the Metropolitan opera house
$10,000 prize competition,- stolen from
an Adams express company wagon last
Saturday, have been recovered. John
Rea,- who handed the . four manuscripts
to the Harlem police today, said his life
had been if he, told how he
obtained possession of .them." ; ' -'-"'I
Last Saturday Walter Damrosch,; one
of; the judges in \he , competition, which
is for the best grand opera composed
by a native American, shipped the four
operas -by the express;, company -* to
George W. Chadwick, : director, of the
New; En gland; conservatory of, music in
Boston.^ The package was stolen from
the '.wagon while the driver was deliv
ering another package. Rea," about
whose personality, little, seems;.; to "be
known, said that two men had given
him the bundle and told him to turn it
over to i the police., \u25ba'," ; g '
Caiv Qoesijntb DitcH ; Men Are
Picked Up by Frank Chance
SAN,; DIEGO, J iV. Dec.^ 'SO.-^-Speeding
soutliward toward the.Mexican' ; lihe at
a rate said" to '; have- been . in / excess ; of
40 miles an hour the big^Knox Giant
car driven ; by.v Barney Oldfleld ? and'con
taining /James" J. . Jeff ries, .f ormer \u25a0 chani
pion heavy-weight of '\u25a0. the '.world. I went
Into a* ditch- this; morning near National
City, turned ' turtle and was > wrecked
c o m pi c t c i y*9SRRttHB^SBQRB|
Both Oldfield^ and' Jeffries ; .were
thrown" to' the ;• ground violently, but
escaped with- "a"1 .-few "rninor,. injuries.';-;,','".
The wrecked\ machlneTwas'^sehtvback
to San Diego, and -the car "containing
Frank'.Chance,;captain-manager;of the
Chicago National V league :: ball I',; team. 1
which was -following- the \u25a0Knox,-i picked
up/.oidfleld and Jeffries, 7; a.nd: the itrio
proceeded von'i to Mexico ."on a • hunting
expeditioru - i \" "\u25a0
\u2666\u25a0 . .:. ... /.;.„., ; , ;..; _ ..;..,',.';'/"4:»'
in the association and more real Cwork.*
;-'. At' the close of the .•convention! this
afternoon -{ members ., of \u25a0 the" • "executive
committee met in the. Hotel?' Shattuck
for a discussion of/ what ;, bills recom
mended \ by -the :- 'association^ should * be
given- the greatest- attention. before 'the
coming session (\u25a0 of -the - legislature.^ :'lt: 'lt
was • agreed . by. the 'committee lof Jwhich
Duncan McKlnnon; is that the
mostf pressing^needs I were laws.' for in
dustrial education, i better J tehif re '.-1. -1 or
teachers'and^alretifement bill.;" These
proposed? laws i will ;bei presented! to i the
legislature; early l in January^andf every
endeavor made'tohavel them ; passed.
." wood • City.-; Dect 30.— Tlie -' followinj? ? marriage
1 Jp^dppb w*Tfi n issued r tn : San*; Mateo f county :
• William v;- ' JlcMasters,* 30,; an d« Elrlra \u25a0 M"Y d«
:, T^ica ; 2i, - both of San 5 Franclßco; » Olaf .' JcnVen ;
l;26.;and Charlotte v ßalirenburg,;lS,' bothtof. Sill
Silver Ware and Clothing Found
in Trunk Is Claimed by 5
[Special Dispatch to ThcXall]
\u25a0 ' STOCKTON, Dec. ; 3 0.— A girl 1 7 \u25a0 years;
of age, employed as a domestic at the
home iof - Deputy County:. Cle'rkvHubert
H.-.\Brlggs, whose ; name "is .withheld
from publication at the requestf of > the
Juvenile/ court attempted to
commit- suicide^ today- when t ordered^to
leave -the Briggs.: residence because of
the; alleged:- theft' of - articles ";belohg
ing',to:the fairiilv-:' ; ; '-; ?>: \u25a0 \u25a0
"; She drank: a "bottle of lyeol and was'
hurried :'_" to * the'; emergency -.7 hospital,'
where it^is 1 said; that Vßhe'". will' live^^--
. The girl formeflyj .worked':for; : Mrs'.*
Jake Wagner," a"; neighbor \u25a0; of Mrs.
Briggs. ./'. Her -mistress that
articles, missed: were- taken by' the girl;
and "on opening : her; trunk | found silver
wa,re and wearing^; aoDarei.
: Mrs. Briggs. called in a ipainter, who
was working ; in' an i upstairs .room, '. and
informing the ;girl'.> what, she V bad
learned.^ told her to? leave, /girl
steppedlinto' the^ bathroom farid drank
the lysol: • ; Turnlng.Uo the' painter , she
said:",; :."Goodby, Mr." Smith." . : -
' ; He . . recognized i that "l something was
wrong^arid had the girl taken^to the
hospital. , . ;.'
The -girl Twill be .taken I in, charge
by; 'the. probation officer. '.and her case
will : come; before ' the juvenile , court. '; ."
He Gets r Arkansas Woman's
$4,500 and She. Is Almosf
Stranded at Sacramento v
. . \u25a0 . \u25a0 .-. ..-.-\u25a0 \u25a0-\u0084...;.- . \u0084 \u25a0 .
[Special Dispatch, to The Call]
- SACRAMENTO.' Dec! 30.-^— Mrs._ Mona
Young, of Cottonwood, Ark.,*/ appealed
to the police today for'the arrest of her
husband, Harry Young, on the ; charge,
of -fleecing her. out.of ?4,500, which; she
allowed ; him to . handle after the/ir wedf,
ding about a week ago in •; Denver.- :Mrs.
,Young was'Mrs.;Mona Parker, and met
Young through an advertisement in a
Denver ' paper.-. ' Correspondence | was
commenced* with Young in" Lps Angeles
and culminated iria wedding. ":>.;>• ;
. Mrs. f Parker^ had ; several grown chil
dren who 7 bitterly : opposed -the marriage, 1
so she- sold " her, 1 farm y in ] Cottonwood; to
her son; getting- $4,500. This'money she
gave :to -Young, uponi receipt *bf Tcertifl-'
cates iin -an Arizona .' mine * which! ;,were
worthless. They jthen s started for: Call-,
fornla," - but iYourig? left -thef, train < at -a
small station:^ Mrs." Young ; did" not: no
. tice ; his absence until some j hours >l ater/
an d 'then fcam'eVto Sacramento. 1 ' -: "^ ' " \u25a0 ; '\u25a0"•
- She has been referred to 'the, Los An
geles; police. .Young left; her: with, but
$100.'. --. -•:";\u25a0 \u25a0• \u0084:-:•\u25a0—; :;;: ' -{ -'.-•;-\u25a0- ; ; ;
Lack: Time to Attend ; to High-;
way Duties
[Special^Dispatch -to The Call]
STOCKTON, Dec. 30— Secretary Fred
A. vEckstrom; of ; the I'highway;" commis
sion has the resignations of \u25a0 five ; mem«
bersof the advisory, board.iJ Some s time
ago the r -board (instructed; " the j? secretary,
to inform' those : members I who -were,
unable " : to * attend - the : rneetlngs . ' that
it would be better to allp^-. others who
could spare-the jtime* toVierve;-' \u25a0' ;
; Tomorrow the boardiwilirpass'on the
resignations, the 'members*
asked ,to be - : excused from:, further
servlqe' on", the Aground that" they^; did
not . have". the" .time to. ''attend" '.to the
duties . required. V. \.'^ V -; ; ;'-.. \u25a0.-_"\u25a0; '\u25a0..'> .-.\u25a0'/
The members are: C.;i A: Black of
Lodi, J.* Brack Jr.V of :NewjHope,i Henry
Lorenzen of \u25a0 Ban ta.- F. ; 0.'.-I Housken f of
Tracy : and F. H.vKincaid; of ' Ripon''. ! ;';
[Specia! Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO, Dec*' 3O.rr-The North
ern i Calif ornia"; Bee Keepers*, association
elected ; officers fatl the \u25a0flfthannualicon-*
yentlon, held (\u25a0here.today.^L^-W.'j.Walker
of ; Sacramento .! was'^chqsen president;
Harry X. . Hill of :. Willows,' vice i pfesr
derit;: B. ; B: " Hogabooni llool ot > : {Elk^Groy'e7
secretary and ; treasurer,* arid M. 1 C Ilicii
ter of Elk Grove and C; Hauser of Sac
ramento;'directors,' \u0084>;.\u25a0" • /
[Special -Dispatch, to The. Call]
.-:.:; RED : BLUFF,' Dec;, 30.— Fife early to
day '-, destroyed;" the '> large^li very barn
owned by D. W. ButlerViwhib" operates the"
stage.be tween this city and Manton/.Two
horses iwerej burned"; io f death ;and 1 three
others ' were so';badly. ! burned'* they were
shot.%Th'e\barn|was a total 'loss.:;' Most
of- -the'* vehicles \u25a0\u25a0 were saved. .'The -s barn
belonging^ to; ; T."-: PPr. r Lambo, .: adjoining,'
was damaged: /-.-••' -' : .' :.V: .V V ."' 'IX'-.:'
-. v SACRAMENTO. ,: Dec.-; 30/— Treasurer
J6hni;'E. ; ;l;McD6ugald; : of :"the:fcity''and
,county 6rSan;Franciscb today .^ald into
the. state ItreasuryTthe^first' installment
of p thel" 1910 % taxes, : '.the ."amount '; being
$1,254,300.57.1 This leayes"ohly i one"coun- a
ty, Los 'Angeles;' tol.be '; heard; f rom 'at the
state * treasurer's /office, \u25a0 and;! this ~ is J'ex-:"
pected^tomorrow.. morning. "_/\u25a0',':' ; 7 i
[Special I Dispatch^ to TheiCati]
'SACRAMENTO, ; Dec- SO^T-In^pursur
ance | of ' their j' annual 'custom;^ 60 1 cafol
singers *' from • Grass jValleyv will !sing ?in
the; streets j"of s> Sacjfamentotom' Saturday^
morhSng \u25a0Jh^ceJ^bration^'of :NewsYear^'lri^
the i past Jtliese'-jsingers . have "been -here
on.theflrsrof'.theyear, Jaut aslthey are
\iue Uo: sing;; in f Stockton jonV that* dajv
theyjwill singjhVre Saturday. .^;, , ;
[Special Dispatch to The Call] . '
PLACERVILLE. Dec. 30.— A call has
'elected if orHhe'rensulng]yeaf.%TheTcall, s
\ signed X byi G.^W.|Hall;* president,*!lntbe
ing mailed.' today.
All; Sonoma Xounty to Make
Merry at Santa Rosa as
* 1910 Dies t
[Special Dispatch to The Call) "
-. '- SA^TA : ; RX)SA;: Dec. 30.— The passing'
ot the old and the approach 'of the.new,
year will be .observed; fittingly 'by the
"residents • of ;" Sonoma county tomorrow
evening^ in this city at n mar*di\-gfas
carnival; r. It- will be tlie i'firW ceiebra^
tlp'n of the kind ever /attempted -in; this,
city, : but \u25a0as ; handsome . and very val
uable, prizes have beeni offered for mas
queraders It 'ls expected tlie affair." will;
prove highly 'BUCceßsful.-;, ; y '-. ,'\u25a0 •'
;. Fourth -strcetV the ; main thorough
fare of the city, from 'the Northwestern
Pacific depot : toE street, "-'a distanceof
more than half , a mile, . ls>-brllllantly'j
illuminated ;by electroliers. The'^mer- I
chants have "entered into" the -'spirit :ot |
the ' occasion and Sa re ; decorati n g,' the! r.
stores, all of which , will' be .; brightly
Illuminated.' throughout,- the ., evening. 'h \u25a0;,
j"*The SantaV> v Roea ,- arid " •" Healdsburg
brass vi baridsTjWlll'Vpfovlde I* street^con^
.certs; while 'all jtlie .hotels fand'restau-;
rants ; will "have >''orchestras.>H Tons^' of
confetti;' have -beeri^ provided '• and'- thou
sands of people!; will: attend" from \ the
surrounding country. '
Woman Despondent Over ; 111
, Health < Leaps : ; Into \u25a0 the
Sacramento - River
: ANTLOCH, r Dec. ,30^Despondent ove.r
.ill '.lieaitlafMrs. *F£ W./Garllch, : wifefof"
arwellj known farmer , on'. Sherman isl
and, committed :>sulcide last night : by
jumpi nginto: the : Sacramento fiver. Her
08111 * 1 witnessed ; the "act * from; a^dis-"
.tarice.'ibut, arrived ; too late tto: save her.
t V.The'body- was- re'eoyered- soon- af ter
!ward"and wili;^be 7 serit ;for burial ; to
Oakland,;. where Mfs.i ,'Garlich',"hadibeeh'
living i recently^ with her, family. ; \u25a0-'
\; Some time ; agb ithe ; woman i attempted'
suicide \ and, \ as \\ aj result, *was . !kept iun -"
[der»- constant- surveillance/ but - as 'her
"health -improved-: the .vigilance *of .'her
protectors; was ~! relaxed. ..." '• \u25a0'\u25a0'."..\u25a0 -\u0084': \u25a0'.-! .'
c ;•\u25a0:;\u25a0", IS iSET; FOR^ JANUARY 3
Alleged ;\u25a0 of Jj; Bagnasco
Appears * in - Court
[Special Dispatch to .The Call]
: '. NAP A?" Dec*. 30."^Sldney Xiwless, s who
is charged, with killing Joseph? Bagnasco
with "| an' ax; In j February," 1909,'- appeared
before } Judge":, Gesf ord J, in' : the ; superior
courts yesterday, afternoon. : The i" ; time 1 of
his ;pleading|to' the; murder, charge was
set for; January 3," ; 1911, at ; 2 p;;'m. : The
killing) occurred : at K. the / Captain J BricV
place * near . Oakville," in ; this -county' ici S .
\u25a0 Attorney; JJ^M/ Palmer, 5 who defended
Lawless '. -wheri^he \ was fdeplaredf Insane
by, a; jury.two years agb^arid^was'com^
| mitted ;to;,.the;:Ukiah; state" hospital"", re-:
! signed lffoiri- , the /case "? yesterday,^, and
; Judge Gesf ord appointed iW.< T. \Ru theft.
I ford.tb'act as counsel;forlthejdeferidant/ <
! •"'. Mrs. ' Lawless is : In ; Europe '\u25a0; with 'Mrs.*
|Brlce.>* ..•\u25a0\u25a0;/\u25a0•._•-;
Mike Leahy to ; Be /Hanged^ at
: Folspm in 1 February
[Special 'bispaichlto}tjie Call] ; " / \u25a0 ;
.' SACRAMENTO. -Dec; : 3 o.-— Mike Leahy,
who wast sentenced : to ~ beY hanged '; for,
the ; murder =of \u25a0J: H.% Chateau' mr Placer
courity.iwill -be among«therfew;murder-l
ers\;in^ Calif ornias who^will go to \u25a0-his
death without' havings anTappealHol the
higher; courts. : The s date r of -i execution
has Ibeen for .February^ by^Warden!
Rejlly 'of ,';Folsom | prison,^ and % Leahy's
time, for i taking iari^appeal'; has; expired.'
It ; is ra 1 rare i murder. caseUhatf does I not
His "attorney, says , there 7 are -no grburids
for; appeal.' ' ,- - ; jl ,;; - \.- ' : '';_ -': > \u25a0 .--':: , :
[Special ' Dispatch to The Call]
V STOCKTON,- i Dec: ' • 30.— The county
jail authorities .; are 'inJi a {quandary Sas
a- result, of ;a : ; case /of smallpox i within
the bastile: -\u25a0'.? ;• ' ::- ; \u25a0
| " iTesterday,^William !.T ßrown,' "\u25a0•" arnegrb
j^ervihgfa t term'jf or; petty,] larcehyXwas
|"taken X withy smallpox ~\. and* removed ? to
|.the|pesthouse; !:':'. : r h : :-.<^ '\u25a0*%t- V;vj '*';/. K:^,-
•I Orders :?have '.been^issued^ preventing
, the^ officers ;*f rom * lo'cklng '', up ? any,:; new
prisoners** or Vallowirigh any;' inside^ to
'get? out;;" The^ county -jail (serves r 1 for
both' county > and :i city, .^purposes, s arid
•there ••is yno .other -^place T. in $ which '% to
ihcarcerate^the 'offenders.; *c. ,\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0" I; .
'; : Doctor.*? Frledbergerri the health offl
cer, is of the opinion .that, nol further,
cases \ will* occur, **but atolibefon
the'(saf ej side.*% Eyenlthel"trustles'tjhaye
been v locked ruppandl building. given a 1a 1
thorough^ fumigation ). from "; the " .base-^
nieHt to. the" third ;fibbr.; \u25a0'.-" ; : ; ' i
[Sp^cmVpispaich to ThirCaU]
; STOCKTON;^ Dec;i : 30^-A;: delegation
ofeTS'/resid^entslof^GrasslValley^lwhlch 1
ilncludes'|thj||'fambußi!^roi|Bln^ei lncludes'|thj||'fambuBi!^roi|Bln^e
arrive J here;J tomorrow^ noon 4t6?/par-^
tlcipate ; inf the] Ne wiYear; celebration ; to
ibe!b.elditomofrow, nighty \. :;.;'. .; : :
?EThe^ singe rs^'willr- be ?heard in; the
streets,.' and : whileihere the
guests- < of- the ; Stockton -Merchants 1 -, as
sociation':" ' "\u25a0 ":'.^'-y-^ r \V : z-r f '/\u25a0:.(* "-sC ('" : ;'*' -';
\u25a0j. All] arrangements forj the: blg/celebra-^
ti6riJ.have"beehfc6mpleted,V and -scores
o f JJvi sitors fare f exp ec ted % f r6rn|all fsec^
tibns";;6f > ,the ;^county"" and surrounding
counties.-..;' -^.- ;:;*- ; . *:. * ~^rfSr-~~i}y;''?*-"y.\'-r:*t.- i
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:}_ g : i FOUI^PLA YjIS tFEAREir
'^STOCKTON,! Decs3o^Dave\T^Ray^ a
ifarmer > %fJ.thelNew|Hope|district^has
i Stpckton|3^pecember^ ldljjjtoifsell «.| holly]
.berrfe's^andf; f rieydßfand|Tela.tivea} have
about! $200 ;iint-hi«}poasesßlbn,;and| foul
Andrew^orenson, Modesto! Ho*
Tel Owner,: Attacks Woman
and Cuts Own Throat
[Special DUpatch id -The Call]
'::> MODESTCv Dec. ; ; 30.— Andrew Soren*
son, a Modesto* businessman, slashed his
wife horribly today [ In ah"; attempt ;to
murder, her, - : arid^ebmmitted "suicide"; by
cuttirig| hls'i throat. -'." Soren'son has "been'
acting peculiarly^ f drJseyeral weeks, and
itM s xbelieved^ \u25a0-that 'he)., became % Insane
suddenly. -The "tragedy occurred In' the
Mazer-.; hotel, ; ; of ' which ; Mr. ; and jMts.
Sorensen wore Joint * proprietors. «, Mrs.
Sorensbn is % at V a\ local , ; hospital ;in a a
S ??"l ou s--Condltion> and' does 'not know of
her.' husband's death?'. Shells expected to
recover. 1 - ."-IV-.'., •'.;;*. ;-.-;-\u25a0 .j-''.;w- .-\u25a0'\u25a0„ \u25a0/' . \u25a0"
' iSbrenson}first^ciioke-"his' wifejthen
went>lnto, the'diri_lng:'room ; ,of the hotel,'
seized C a 1 large ibutcher,; knife' and' at
tacked -her. ; - The'» woman's • screams i at
and^Sbrensbn retreated finto: one of the
roomßiofUhe'hotel.'; : -The : pollceiwere.on
t ." e i scene ' 1n 'a few) minutes ? and" broke
into ',. the -i roorii, ioji find ," Sorensbn V dead,
with, his: head J nearly,; severed, from' his
body.t.The .woman's leftharid'wasnear
ly . severed i f rom ;the -wrist,- 1 the , bone -anti
all^; the \u25a0 tendons •being : ; cut. ? The-.third
finger.ofj her right }. hand .was ; entirely
severed,?, and ;sho ,has ? twol deep \u25a0 wounds
on -the.head,' one cuttingthe bone., • "
' Bothy.partles ,' ; to"^ the -\ tragedy were
members; of; leading^ Modesto jfamllless
s .?? e E?oniwas^ engaged i'lnithe grocery
businesstherei-w-lthUhe-flrmsof A.jStief-'
vater ;, & ,. Co. ''^ for 4 several ;' years • b ef ore
going ,intolthe:hotel;business.v r • v>. r
Petrpleutn Properties ,* Corpora?
r tioh of Londoii Files Articles ;
at Bakersfieid
\Spec\aVDisfalch to The Call]
; vBAKERSFIELD, ] Dec. 30.—A/memor
•andum; and certified particles .'of \ incor- ;
poration; of .the r 'Petroleum i;- Properties
Syndicate,; Ltd.; were filed j here .today.!
The "main" office of » thel'cbrpo'ration? is
I m 'London - and -the ' capitali tal : stock - ' is
;£2s.ooo,oconsisting of 25,000- shares 'at
>£1 , a share. The \ syndicate"; is a - pri- 1
vate I company, , Its (membership] is ; lim^
ited^ '. tqs 6o\~ and the • liabilities ' of r - the
[stockholders ; ; are limited sto - the "stock
;In ithe'Corporation.V'-*?*,-* % \u25a0 7 ;.
t -The-^objectv of -;the '.company'., as set
forth ..in f thei-articles..:isvto i find -and
develop ; petroleum,* coal;- asbhalt, i guano
;and; naturairgas.^ Provisions". are made
lands, ; the z . transportation' of ; the colon
jists and' the , development of -the land
! either^ by.^eultivation br r mining.^ The
papers are certified .to; by
iWestacott,*; vice' arid deputy "consul:gen
;eralfof- the'tUriited States at ! Londo- ;:.*, :
i A s complaint ; in Intervention, was i filed
by ' W.:, S. 7 ,; Liebendorf In",theTcase , :of
Charles AW. "; Guild * against : the [ Monarch
oil company. ;iGuild; is 'sulngifor..th'e re
covery iof i $8,000 ; he J alleges Us due . him
f roxhjgthe ; cdr'compahy > t orj: 'theVsale .of
, the ; south west quarter^ of section ' 34-30-'
22. t0. 5/ Harris.".. Liebendorf alleges ; that
Induced jHafris ; to' purchase" the land
and claims r the'commlsslonT-y- The quar
ter. section r sold',for. $80,000. '. .-- '--'s
A ;-bili; which ?It';is j thought I will* have
.the ;effectjbf}quleting<; the', title. to all, of
the oil' lands'^ withdrawn* by<'th'e?gbveirn
ment"July ;3,vwhich-,were under process
of .development : at j the ? time,-;.has ... been
drawn' up byithe oilmen's: committee of
•seven,* which*, was ir appointed : at - the
meeting ; in\thls ; clty^November 12. '% The
r bill ' provides *, that i persons ' corpor
ationsirhavlnglocated-billlands prior, to
the rj.withdrawal < orderi and ; prosecuted
their -work faith ; shall; beiau
thorized ito ; make*- proof* Sunder
terms 'Jj and 'conditions *v of :";the nilriing
laws,' and t that -patents »be' issued.' .-/The
\u25a0bill fc wlll>be' presented 'f or .the^ cbnsidera
tidh;. of v congress 1 ; within a^ short {time;-
Thercoriimittee will leave 'in a'few days
f or .Washington. ,. i \u25a0"':;.\u25a0;\u25a0.
Prisoner. Says HejTboki Animals
as^Pay/f or ; Wof k"
k -v FRESNO^" Dec.:;3o.— R. Nakomoto,' a
Japanese^was given Uwo. sentences >"of
one year each'in 1 San' Quentiri by Judge
Church »bf ,<;the,< superior x court today.'
Nakoriioto; pleaded ; guilty] to\ the charge
of I- taking^ two : = horses^ belonging X to" a
countrymanifwhb,^; he i *says, ? ? owed 4; him'
money/: for.-, work 3 performed: ; de
fendant' said '\u25a0- that^ he 5 was* ignorant lof
the t laws ; of : ;thls (country |and !;that >; he
believed ) he iwas -the f proper, thing
when {he -appropriated T f the .'horse's V as
compensation; for his\work.
[Special Dispatch to '? The Call]
Dec.:; 30.;— Supervisor C. A.
Geisendorf er, of ..Weimar, is in a hospital
at ; Sacramento,? suffering ?from\ injuries
thatTmay^yet : caused his \ death. .He Iwas'
blasUng;[bedrbck^inv" the^county \u25a0» road
Btickfof|dyriamlteTexplbded s;prematufely.%"5 ;prematufe
ly.%" His j f acej and fchest^were I lacerated
and -'he-received internal injuries. ' \
G. H;; Kehw6rthy> Pleads Guilty
-. Harness Fraud
fc>FRESNO;rDec. O.^G. -; H;. Ken worthy,
was f sentenced\by£Judge ; Churchfof \u25a0 the"
superibr.|j court rStodayJlto • four
years fin j SanfQuehtln l - state prisbnfaf ter"
Uie~|defe^dant*en.tered[afplea'{of guilty
.toVa"ia"chargeJ-^pf ! SfKen- J
worthyjwas f accused ?6f I having * secured
credit |t oj,the|extentjof ?slo3.9s|from^Ja
Fresno >| Harness fflrm'? and ithen r dißposing
of the goodsfb"eforejsetth"ng r for themi
[Special lDispatch to } The]Call]
3STOCKTON,IDec^s3^^-City; Superin
tendent j of I Schools! Franclsjof /LosfAii^
geleail addressed f a| meeting jvof /citizens
, torjightj;at| the j hi ghjTßchool g auditorium
;on $ industriall| education : g3 Stockton "i?j i s
co'jtemplati n gjadd^jigja^tradefschbbittb'
Its l p'ubl^c|Bchobl|systemif arid I the \ citi-*
Cat* i] the] matter)' secured i the fof
pgnizeti. 1 autfaVrU jtf^ ttieTqueition.'
Case Is Tried Behind , Closed
Doors Owing to Sensa
tional Testimony
[Special Dispatch Jo The Call] r
f;STOCKTON, Dec.- SO.-^-Judge C. W.
Norton has \u25a0 taken ;under advisement the
divorce v case .o f : Mary - J. ; Rhonemus
against Elwood ;. Rh'onemus, ; /which, on
account; of ithe'aTlesed unsavory testi
"mqnjv was tried behind closed doors. * ;
: The-- defehseV through Attorney Ed
Van Vranken, moved : the, case be "dls"^
missed on the grrourid that the plaintiff
had;not. lived in California a year. The,
plaintiff, concurred. The ; defense then
uryed the trial lot the. -case . : on ; cross
complaint,' and the motion was granted.
.'-Following! are the names' of 'the'wit
nesses who testified: .Dr. Fisher^R.
Clark, j Forrest "Ithdnemus;; Mrs. -Ernest
Khoblock,' Mrs.' 1C- Baker;' "W.li "Wisdon,
LVrJjiLucasland An tone; David and John
Campodonico. . "V. SBmS9BBB0£&
TEAMSTZBS :IN J URED-'-llerman ; Nansky -and
t Thomas Moore, • teamsters, were injured yester
. day at Tnrk i and • Buchanan \u25a0 streets when the
. teams ; they • were ; driving \u25a0 collided »wlth rtreet
: : ' cars. -. 1 Nansky .-.\ras thrown ' in • front of '\u25a0 a car
i and was : eared ' from death ' by., the fender. -He
.:* was badly- lacerated. ; The Injuries received by
\u25a0; Moore .were slight.;- \u25a0 >.- : < , .. ';, if \u0084\
I : -'iH -B^'l" BH'BB >: ' : ' ;^^^^^^ !
mi WM WkWi Mm 1 1 •1-wiW-^ I m mm
riMjmro^f^wH} .* - ißhß'hS^Hmii^™ : S< V; ''' ' \u25a0' ' '
I Ymi Can Solve PiFiiiE:
'^mji-V -^ "fx v ; . : " •* \u25a0' /t -\u25a0 ; This. ssoo. upright grand Bowers
Mis "uzzle Can
'" "'.; C. v - v ; ; J * >rice \u25a0 \
\u25a0 f-'f -' 1 Same make, only fitted .with
P la yer- Price, $7 SO. {
est correct answers we will give abso- J^^^^^j^^^fe^^^§lj |'
'be hotifieid by 'mail'ahd "all 'prizes must
'\be; called) for -within fifteen i days ' from •« » » «»\u25a0»\u25a0\u25a0»\u25a0\u25a0»»\u25a0\u25a0« »...\u25a0«..».«.\u25a0 . ..
. closing ?6f contest. It is not wrong \u25a01. . i"r^ v • (
..to.'use thisVpaper. Onlyone person. One ot, the -world's best, pianos. V
» in a 1 family . can -enter. The ] winner ? rlce * '.}**?-, ' ;..',.. .\u25a0.. \u25a0 . .. ' ,\
of the first special prize in this great ' 3^,"^V^f^' ""^gagaaagssi ;
publicity contest will receive absolute- I Sq^^^^^"^^^-^^
ly free the $500 Bowers & Son Piano, I I s^^^^^^^^^Q3
or if they prefer they can have their |] 1 s^^^^^^^^^^^9§
choice of either of the other two by ft ' I^~T = T^~~.^~^^~~\J*i
paying: -the -difference as above. Other E^^^^J^^^^^gn 5
special prizes to be awarded in order *; 1 * 'gg^ff't'P'Sl '
This contest is being held by some L^^^^^^^^^^^^^F
of the world's largest manufacturers {M
of high grade pianos. These manu- | XVI
facturers" believe they can make their | M\2^^^^i^^^^^\
pianos 1 better known in this way in «< '"*»^J
\u25a0two'or^three'weeks^than it would be
in any, other : way in thf.mmf :T,: T , , ,-,"', ,t t ',',,, t \u0084,,',,, t t
number, of -years. • . ..-.-\u25a0, ;-,.,: «-
In Addition to the F^JF^E£IlIl
Above Prizes O^^^^
. every prizew inner will -receive, ac- &\ll//i 5
cording to the merit of the solution, a *$^\///6k
,v bona fide Draft for an amount, from s&* i "*4&? ;\u25a0\u25a0
• "$25.00 to $137.50. .These Drafts will be ,-:' tF5\
accepted by us at their full face value - '.' .-..;^BsL. *
to apply on the purchase of any on* ' '''''\u25a0#Jr* > wrii*W?lfi^i
;of the above new.-, pianos that we are Wr \u25a0 lll ™^^k'" r
vf lntroducing to. the piano-loving. pub- fc^^
He throup-h this mammoth advertis-
ing- plan. The above mentioned Drafts ', \u25a0 -.- J "" « j
This genulnW. diamond ring,
, $135.00, three at $130.00, three" at rt «»\u25a0«.\u25a0. \u25a0 T i t . \u25a0 \u25a0...,\u25a0\u25a0.
1, $125.00, >three at $120.00. three at - -- .
v $110.00.'three;at $100.00, tenat $75.00. _ \u25a0' "_\u25a0 - r , ' \u25a0 .
ten at $50.00,, and all correct 'solutions \u25a0" -:-"^'B"; i^*. \u25a0 .-~ r m^^ i
. will receive a Draft for $25.00. ' J '\u25a0"- T^ •' »*—Jr '«— -^ ' M 4
Think. of it! If you solve this puz- S JL^^ R 8 ;
zlecorrectly-you- will, receiver IN AD-" ' ••^. . . ~ . .?.. . m
DITION to.oneiOf the, above elegant " . *_ "
prizes which you get ABSOLUTELY . j^p"***^
FREE,' a' bona fide Draft, as explained - jjy_jiJ^»S
in the last above paragraph. » ' h.(uh^ »
"These pianos have an enviable repu-
: tatlon- In , many . of t the largest cities X^p^ "
and the manufacturers believe they • , g3» —
can introduce them in this market °^<|SSrgL.
more quickly and satisfactorily by
giving the people THE SAVING of the " iP*^3**sEr»«X
enormous expense of an Introduction ' B&E?&lK&&&a&Siwk.
through ordinary methods. Any think- ' "V^^^^^^^wL
that any manufacturer of a reliable E&^t§^&^kittEm
piano can well afford to make the P^US'«v^s|rt2fa«s3?i •
above liberal offer, if by so doing he ' KSS^lsS? i^iiw^S^faß
make his instruments a*s well known ECjfi^wypKK^g^^-gfla. ' . . -
in, this vicinity during the next thre» "^fSlHBHSIgl^j
or four, weeks. as would take three or \^}^3r^^^^i^S
four years .by ordinary methods of VaePfsQH^SSS'lfliw • !
; advertising. •^\u25a0SHHSHftiSHBBKIIBB "^^a^^w^y "
This Is the aare of co-operation, and ' >Sj^^S^S^^
the manufacturer of these pianos cor- *S£&?-*g3T %
I x\ rectly*believes ; that the b^st- way to *~""^
•t.introduce t them." to this ;market .isto This - 2ft year piiaK>nt«.j ),'j.,'
„' spend -the advertising money In mak- : in *f;.'* o'.--0 '.-- y * ar ;:;? : } lai ? ate *d . lady's •
SPECIAL, OFFeSs^O THE PEO- '"Walthaxn-gold :\u25a0 watch, "thin '• model.
SjPLtE'rather.than; by; employing world- - . .-*.--.. ' """-' ...
4 U famous 1 demonstrators t tatt t a \fabulous \u25a0-'"'"""' * ' ' * V* ' * ' * * ' " *"* « \u25a0 »<•••
; and( making -the people pay .--\u25a0-'""- ''".'- ' ' "„. .\ "" f '•;- \u25a0 ' ;*; * " •
; for such'methodsjby-asking aheavily \u25a0 ' '.f^-T"V ; -g . . : , \u25a0»" ."^
inflated price for the piano. " P \ !S_B B f I
; .InUhe event'of:a.tie:for,a«y of the 1 " -\u25a0 ? *B^T* -I-- -^vl- "",
'.--. prizes. the ±. cash < value of ; the" prize * ' ' - \u25a0 : ". -*\u25a0 \u25a0^^': * }m »\u25a0 'M • I
' willvberdivided-equauyibetween those -_ r - • "* .. .';: ; " ',"" ' •
"tying.,; ALL CONTESTANTS "WIL.L, i^.- "
RECEIVE A VALUABLE PRIZE FOR \u25a0 ' /&** '^L "• •\u25a0
Send by Mai! or Bring J^^^^^^^l
J. T. Bowers & Son '^*Sf" • .
.'.-,'* "-",'' - T his ?20* year •guaranteed gent!*-'
35t:Post'St, - San Francisco,' Cal. raan> ;^vauham; f gbwi watch, isa* '
\u0084..". ... ' - .- - mod©!.-. .- 1' **• \u25a0-. -.»\u25a0 \u25a0 -vr- -'\u25a0\u25a0-\u0084 j-\ ~ . .
Elizabeth -;J.; Sperry- Succumbs
After Two iYears^Suiffering
iFrora?Paralysis '/\u25a0
[Special Dispctch to The Call].
' STOCKTON,'; .Dec. 30.— Elizabeth J.
Sperry. one .of the. early residents of
this i city, idled .late : last 'night, having
been a sufferer from .-"paralysis for more
than two years. ;
- Mrs. Sperry^ came to California In
1868^malcins;the trip by ox team along
with a party: of relatives. -They located
In this . county.; ;shewas>a s native of
Blggsville,:Ark.. arid was ,66 years old.
She was the wife of. Nelson B. Sperry
arid mother of , Mrs; E. C. , Williams of
Bakersfieid. Orrin^M.: Sperry of Sacra
mento,Mri.*X:N;- Draper and Cora E.
Sperry; or Stockton, and sister, of W. F.
Curry, Mrs.* J. B. Freltas, Alvin B. Curry
and'Mrs. 'Charles Light. ' •
MTTaDEiI ; CASE DROPPED— The ease azsttwr
Murray B*nnett, charged with tb« murdpr of
William IlArlcl. a clerk, who died after bHnsr
seyerelT beaten Id a- Jizht in \u25a0 the Mirror cafe
the nljrht of NoTember 27. waa^dlanifiuwl br
Judge Weller yesterday inornlns on motion of
, the district attorney.' .
- dianar<>Hs, , Dec. 30.— The state bank at s«w
Palestine* here. wa« robbed today nt
$8,418. Kot a penny of the bank's deposits
\u25a0wau'left.' . - . '..'.\u25a0;'\u25a0 "\u25a0'--*.-. \u25a0 •"." :..''\u25a0'

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