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Real Estate and Financial Section
The San Francisco Call
New Building Is Replica of
Famous Roman Temple,
the Pantheon
Work of Best Artists and Arth
sans of City and Will Last
for Ages
Tl.« Savings union bank -of San
Francisco is moving into the new build-
Ing at <3rant avenue, O'Farrell and
Market streets, and will begin business
there Tuesday.
This is one of the monumental build
ings of the new San Francisco. It Is
modeled after the Pantheon of Rome
and is purely classic.
President Drum, the directors and
the architects. Bliss & Faville, worked
over the plans a year before construc
tion was begun. When a start was
once made the work was carried on
with speed *and the building will be
occupied exactly a year from the time
;ft • was begun.
The new bank building is a conspicu
ous and beautiful object in almost the
center of the retail district. Its. light
granite walls" and tall, graceful col
umns, .surmounted by a pediment with
carved figures, give .it the appearance
of a public building. . . ;
Opposite it stands the newly com
pleted Union trust company building,
of massive and stately style. These
two new structures form a striking
contrast to these corners before the
'Where the Savings Union now stands
was then a five story frame" ..structure,
occupied by a saloon on the ground
floor, with offices' above. On the Union
trust corner there was then a low,
wooden shop of one story and shabby
in the extreme. The two pictures
united on this page show the trans
formation from that period -to the
It was the endeavor of the .officers of
the Savings union to make their new
building; the- embodiment "of the finest
work of San Francisco artists and arti
sans. : ; / ..', *jV_-. '<* ' \u25a0;
Working in conjunction : with the
architects were several of the city's
leading artists. Haig Patigian de
nlgn'id the head of the goddess carved
in the pediment above the front en
fltr&nee. as well as the two eagles rising
tn' flight.:
" \Arthur Putnam designed the buffalo
pads on the large candelabra and on
iStl'the lighting fixtures:
The monumental" bronze 'doors of the
Tiuilding were designed . by Arthur
Mathews. The bronze. panels show four
successful periods in the race develop
ment of California— firs* the Indian,
then the Frarciscan missionary, fol
lowed by the miner, and, last of all, a
youth. symbolizing the new 6an Fran
tisco. in the act -of csrvthg a city out
of a block of stone". '.'.-.
ArtiFt John Zeile designed the direc
tors' room, which is up under the dome.
Tlr» style of this room" is French Re
naissance. The spirit of the per'od Is
carried out in the mural decorations,
the woodwork and the furniture.
The interior of the bank Is finished
in marble and bronze in soft tones. The
counter and paneling of the walls is of
Tavernelle marble from Verona, Italy.
It is a crea.m colored stone, admirably
adapted to fine carving.
The counter screen Is of the same
marble, the pilasters of which are high
ly carved with th«> original symbol of
the bank, a beehive, and a model of the
present building.
The bronze trimmings of the win
dows are In a soft bluish gray finish,
to harmonize with the marble.
The most striking features of the
interior are the two massive granite
columns in all of the four sides, flanked
with pilasters at the corners and highly
carved capitals.
Above these rises the attic story,
with pilasters and panels In Caen stone,
supporting the vaulted ceiling, with
skylight in the center.
The interior is a perfect square 63
feet 6 Inches on the sides and 60 feet
--from the floor to the dome. Subdued
1i fc -::t filters in through bronze grill
work of the windows and from above.
The artificial Ilght'is from two large
bronze candelabra. at the entrance and
from lights concealed behind cornices.
The effect is very harmonious, 1 blending
with the mellow tones 'of the furnish
The structure is of great solidity,
having a steel frame embedded in rein
forced concrete. It is practically a solid
monolith and ts believed to be inde
Marble staircases lead down into' the
basement, where the -safety deposit
vault and various accessories connected
with it are located. The door to the
treasure vault Is a solid piece of Har
veyized nickelplated steel weighing 18
tons, made by the Bethlehem steel
works. The whole construction of the
vaults Is of armor plate, the same ma
terial as used on battleships..
There is a large 1 * number of pri
vate rooms finished In marble for the
use! of patrons. There Is also on, the
•basement floor a reception and lounging
room for the convenience of the pa
trons of the bank.'
The new building^will bring together
the San Francisco Savings union and
the old Savinfca and Loan society, which
were consolidated in September.- The
latter society dates from 1857, the Sav
ings union from 1862, and the two'com
bined x'irtually cover the financial hisi
tory of San Franclspo.
The bank has deposits of more than
$20,000,000 and a capital and surplus of
$3,500,000. ;
The purchase of the armory site for
the state of California^ by the citizens'
armory gttm. committee was effected
yesterday and the deed: con veying-*be
»Vop«rty at the southwest corner of
\u25a0fourteenth and Mission streets,: the
\u25a0 location of the Cold Southern
i'^iflc hospital, from -the Southern Pa
,cflc company to the state of Calif ornia 7
' was placed .on record. .Th!s makes
available the large appropriation passed
«t the last session of the legislature^
Contrast shown by too" \u25a0piclurcs}ofj the old: and^nexo)San^Fraricisco.;: ,The u&
comer looking- up j Grant ayenuz from Mari^et 'street- before the fire. '. On[ the -right is \u25a0 the' : ne£> Building \ ofi thcJJniori trust company/, formerly :occupied:b}) a \ one story: vtooderi shack- \
Closing of Year Among Savings
Banks Shows Mostly
The loans made by savings banks
this week show no building loans' of
any size. The loans . were mostly re
newals or straight loans of compara
tively small amounts on improved real
estate. ,
The 540,000 loan of the * Savings
Unlonto Hugo Abrahamson on the 30
by 40 foot property- in the west side
of Grant "avenue, ; 40 feet north of . Sut
ter street, was a" renewal. '
The Union trust company made a
straight loan of $50,000 : to Louis and
Dora Friedman on property in the
southeast side of Market 'street, 200
feet . northeast' of .Fourth . street,' lot 25
by 100.. _ •
The German: savings; sll,soo loan, to
Rose Woodworth on.the 75 by:l2o*foot
property in ithe^west' side of: Sixth^ave
nue. 275* feet; south of Cabrillo street,
was a \u25a0 r en ewa.l^Sjj§^U
The same bank ." made : , a" straight! loan
of $7,000 ; to John;C.ißateman-on ; . the, so
by 110 - foot -property at 'the northeast
corner : of Pine and -Broderickt streets,'
and the 22 ; by \u25a0 76 foot! property -aV the
southwest corner of I Bush - and • Steiner
streets. '\u25a0"..'•-\u25a0': \u25a0 \u25a0 '.' .. \u25a0 "\u25a0 T\u25a0' . .\u25a0 ;
A straight, loan of $8,000 was i also
made by \u25a0 the German- savings- to- Hen
rietta "and Isidor. Breslauer on" the '50
by 90 .f00t .property, in the northwest
line of >Ho ward r street,' 175; feet {north
east'of .Ninths street.
The same bank's ;loan' of _ $5,000 -to
Spencer Grant '•on two properties in
Twentieth • street, near •Howard; and .; in
Clementlna.street • south jof Eighth,; was
a renewal. '*, \.
The •' Savings '.Union made l&i straight
loan of $3,000, to; Leon,; and Victorine
Levy on property; 23 . by \u25a0 100 : f eet iin - the
west side ,'of [Mission street, 115 ;feet
north : of ; Seventeenth.":^ ; :
The $90,000; loan made by the German'
savings .to^W.H.: Leahy; andhisiwtfe
on the "temporary city hall property \u0084in
the north side of. Eddy, street," 6B:9 feet
east of "Mason,'; 68 'byri7s feet, was^a"
renewal -of an; old -jban , and ->.. not \u25a0* a
building loan Jfor' the. purpbse.of erect
ing ;the Tivoli* opera;, house, as er
roneously reported. • '\u25a0';. .-;
The Hlbernla'savingsV^So.OOO. loan'to
Helena* Schmidt; on. theMs; by M27; foot
property - In? the north .side >of i Calif or
nia street, 127 feet east "of Octayia, was
a ' renewal ' for brie year ; at"E %-: per I oent.
The^lZ^'Siloan-by the Savings Union
to the TempletohV Smith.-" investment
company on 60 :by 100 : foot; property >t
the south corner (of? Ninths,- and? Sherif
\u25a0Jan streets .was; a"\ renewal. "\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 7 . '. .
. The German- savingß,made a straight
loan -of - $6.500;-to » JohniH.-and^Lotta
Bohl is ' an 4 i ; Bern hard >. and \ Dorat Berg
on' the' lOOJ byj 100 ; f oot^ property -^at th©
northeast corners of Twenty^second and 1
Tennessee . streets. ;. \u25a0 • \ - . ; \u25a0 • -'\u25a0.\u25a0:
The r $73,000- -loan. by- s the- Columbus^
savings, to v'AliceiD.'. Gould .-on", the* 45 'by.'
137 :6* property;! in i tbeV'southeastVside .
Market ;street, : 91' feetiihortheast\/of
First,- and the .'45 * by- 137:6vf00t-lbt:.in,
: north' side Jof /\u25a0 114,' feet
west "of - Devisadero^street, 4was' a • re-
'0^ • : s^; ; ;:frMct
SOLD FOR $60,000
Street Lbt{ Valued |at
V Rhine & Co. report the . consummation:
of an exchange { for? Dr. ; Clyde \" Payne
of the \u25a0 Aberdeen 'apartment ; house. .' ".
The Aberdeen ' is -situated > in? the 'east- 1
erly 'line of; Hyde street, r 97 ; : feet {north
of 'Sacramento, -and- consists of -15- thVee
room: apartments 'rentlngYat* $430 \ per
month, -and. the - purchase'- price. Lwas
$40,000:.* \;v ; i ~x -.;\u25a0'. f^y'M :--- : S : '•:'\u25a0'' "-•
T The ; purchaser, • Frederick * Grass,- \ was
represented ? by "Graham-Williams i'com
panyy.', who '.' gave; f as sp part'?, payment la
lot '62' feett 8 %-rihches?byj9Bifeet*inV the
westerly > : line 4of ''-Valencia \i street,' 1 " 107.
feet' hbrth'of.Twenty-fourthTstreet; the
lot " j being r taken :in -by 'Dr.;; Payne -at
$30^000, •-;- .'.'\u25a0 \u25a0"-."• -"- \u25a0...:."..\u25a0 :, ->.iv. . :\- V;
;• ; This i- sale., makes ~ the.'; fourth /apart-*
naent' house \u25a0 ownedipy. Clyde Payne sold
through^ the Q agency % qts Rhin a]: & " Co.*
'during '.'\u25a0s the ;:\; :\ year^f- they {}, having \u25a0 • sold ;
th e ; Madison'; :r Aator, £ •Bungalow and
Aberdeen ; apartments, 1;'1 ;' all ;: being ; ln^ the
vicinity 'of 'Jackson : : and ; Leayenworth
: streets.V •\u25a0 :\u25a0. \u25a0'- \u25a0-' ;•"' iV ;.->\u25a0 •/\u25a0'\u25a0 '-'. ; l':/ } '"\u25a0\u25a0 ' ?.'-'•
' vjßhlnej. ; &• J Co. ',' report ;Uhe - sale I, for,
account :,- of ?N. /S.-^ Friedberg r A to "j Dr.*
Q. .!*: Helms.f two J6 rand^7' r ' ro^°ni* fiats"
i n ; the northerly/; llri* Jbf &Washi h'gtqn 1
street, \u25a0 25 £ feet' 1 west^of^yWebster/v lot
25 by 90 (feet, CthV purchase price ; be
•>y Fbr^theVj account^ of | J. y Kelly,*; to 'Ja'
client,!the^sbuthea"sterly,cbrner7oft Ninth'
and vTehafna -; streets,llpt| 30>by^ 80 *: feet?
PiiTcliasefjiriceiwasilS.OtlO^J , r •; r;
VSanjFraiicisco^ls [Place^for
\u25a0 '.:\u25a0\u25a0 Building ;Homes\
\ , .The] Urban ' realtyjimprovemerit ,' com
pany, s organized \ only -one Jyear ' ago,
has 'just rnotlfled' its' stock holders Uhat
its ;net Jeamirigs : f o^ : the v : ftrstl year's : op-;
'erations . areiequalHo>l2.)pcr vcerit per
annum"'- on -tie :"a^o^
*t«J* stock.liwitiiout^considerinsfthe'%ad
', vaiiced lvalue] of; its 1 real S estate, linclud^
ing,, interest v« and s taxes/^ Joseph^ :A:
Leonard/ trnanager|,of -jAthe'L icompany,
inakesTthe]following|statement:," ' v y':{',~,
W- VThetcompanyf is* preparirigjto -;raake
'* X bond • /issuers' the ;.' s ec'iirl ty £ f or ;~" the
bonds ito^be" three ,'tojioneT;; at V a J'gqod
rite of " ;?interest.^ i : The^| denominations
.will f be as^will* e'nableTsmall^ v in-"
| Vestor s %Xa f. get £thej maxl mv m£ fate J r of
I Interest^ass saf elyjas; If ;the"y>: had" large
•urns ;to? invest. -~% ":.v \u25a0:\u25a0'•" ?'>:-;"C: '\u25a0", \u25a0\u25a0 '/ "\u25a0'\u25a0: 3 %
*^?Th© i-dlrectors '< y&n&'rf. stock
holdersiof ? the f compaDyi are! among • our
of *: thej;most|laudable^enterpr^sesgand^
seems ?also'£ to"* bef sat J sf actorily Z. profit
able. ' , , •
j f:£ U,Tho.:iettort};tOj supply k home £ seekers
j with ; fcoo"d?iipmes£bni easy* t e_rms ) atj'cash ;
iiprices.'HasJ islbein^f done)iby^thi3 S*com^
!'ithatlr'.b"uiineismeri^maj*^tf^lnduced'§t6'" :
1 reside;inrith^|city^^djng|it|allgth|ir
\u25a0\u25a0suppbrtfandJlnfluencjWinstea^^f [giving
! 'it " to"? theTsurroundin ti' towns 'and r'«yil-'
1 lages." '*^B^^-'"'- ' '\u25a0' /\u25a0
Increasing Demand^ ior^ Small
Tracts^ toiPut Into- Alfalfa
anid Corn v
;; \u25a0 *\u25a0, ,r .''-.r-r. .j;' 1 :-'\ v j " '
J The brisk business i,done':%by;',the • Co
operative : land ; and ; trust .company? in* Its
Merced 'colony ; lands 'during ' the *holi
.'days -• proniises^vell ' for ; the friew ". y'earl
J. i S.*j,Cone,^ managrer" of j. the firm," : said
yesterday: v . *>\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0'\u25a0-,\u25a0"• .\u25a0':'.\u25a0*: : ; ~->':''l f . * \u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0 " : Mv\(, :\u25a0"'•.• V
n:7,'dr_diha^ilylthero^isj;a^falling^bf£ :^at
twoj^weeks Vindicate ia]*gnc;6win"gr^demand
Vfstlfitendttpl improve *thelr|rarich'es| at
f and} corn jbeihg^'thVHpre-!
dominant /crops." ?^:; ;>'« '<? \ . " . 7: '
: salesjin|Merced
'colbhy}lands;during t thella6tvtwoiweeks:
g5J,v E/jl Swope tot X San ta^Clarat"j county,^ 20
"acres ; :r "Ay >B: : Kalar^bf Santa' Cruz
"cbuh ty , *' l 2 0 } acr e s ; f J."? H.i Nah m ; arid *RT
Ridihg^offLbsi*Angeles,i2osacres.T/l. ' .".
$,§ John|i Schubert^oJl^Alberta^*- Canada,
D*ouKht%tfacts:agsregatirig-; 174 i acres. V
'.:'\u25a0.-•\u25a0. G.'iH.'iUmbsent'&JCo.jhaveSleaßedi for
fthel Murphy Mestate^th e^ buildin g|* j list
\u25a0 completed* at :>th*e: 'southwest tcbrner.jof
'GearyJahdfMasorrjstreets^to* Gottfried
r Meyer,»forl 10 Syearijaj^ tliejtotalf rental
S$60;000^-. -Premises ? to ;(\u25a0 bemused; for
'fobmlrig^house'iipurposes. J . \u25a0- .
-'\u25a0<\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0, .\u25a0>.-\u25a0,..-..\u25a0•\u25a0- .\u25a0«-\u25a0-:- . -j^> -..\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-v .-->.\u25a0\u25a0 -^- -"'\u25a0' - •* -':.
?A.Th t efboardrbflKe^lth\Kas|recoramVnd;
V.d^thla^c3mf^orttst'atiohs^beTpV6vided f in
:'-;^;:;v: : "'::^?'':~r;'C'.: 'v-~^":^"'" --.'\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 :\u25a0'-'\u25a0
Finishing of Line Through to
Will Benefit
San Francisco
"The greatest event of this year to
thej Pacific coast "was '\u25a0 the completion
of the -Western' \u25a0Pacific^ to' San- Fran-;
cisco,^ . said \u25a0J. , P. "\u25a0• Spaulding, - manager
of.thelCorth: Coast land company,'. with
ofnees yin . the Mills -building, "arid '""'I
.ventureytne prediction \u25a0 thatTthe gfeat
est^;event -l of i the "i coming: 'year ' will be
the ? flnlshlnEr: of ; the" Grand Trunk Pa
cific to'- the .'northwest: coast, i .
'•^.-TJntil^^thls^year.v'yery/i-'few ; people
knew.-of;. central .British: Columbia.
Even .^persons ; long president in the
province'! spoke '.of; ; everything, north of
Ashcroft "or.'-Kamlbops" as- 'northern
British; Columbia? JgEßafiSaElßM
- ;,"Thls"i mistake < -was i quite^ a : natural
one. - \u0084The: w hole*deyelopment;,of Brit
ishjColumblahas;been"alorig,its south
ern fringe. vVancouverV \u25a0 Its /largest
town,"; Js ? located 'at ' thejextreme ' south
west [corneri of ithe \u25a0 province." •" -
r?"Northiof t thelmaln-line v ofithe Cana
dian *; Pacific »• railroad r the"^ difficulty ' of
travel .was .very? great.;: Itlis only wlth-
In"th&;last'.flye!'years-— since: the Topen
ing * \xpl of f.thei Crow's h. Xest^ line?— that
the . development) of rthe'enormously rich
country.; between- the; main -.line; of the
boundary* became,. possible./ V
U J:"Withln* they last; four,* years,' how
ever/all',this has T changed. ';, When • It was
'decldedi'rbyiitne ,' Canadian"; government
that* another Hranscbntinentan railroad
"should ;be} built across-Canadaithe";sur
,veybrs t located i its C route » throughu gh * the
: Yellowhead ;pass-^-the* lowest and lsast
difficult^of f allf the^rdads ; throughythe
Rockies. :-' Frbm'the' Yellowheadi pass to-
Prince; Rupert this • survey.' follows the
valley/6f jthe;upper^Fraser;tp:itSfjunc
. tlon : with! the \ Nechacb, r arid ; thence ;up
that stream "and- the i Bulkeley,- 1 to \u25a0 the
Skee"na :'andi down Its ; valley to ; the " Pa-
i /'.The . : management. *of .;;.;the « : Grand
Trunk- Pad fie .\ railway? states
Ithatt itV is • probable Uhatt no< other /area
In | North § America vcan /equal . » this : ppr
\u25a0tiorik of * British" Cblumbia^in^richness
or: _varl ety^of • natural tt, resources^
I "The principal ? interior"/ city"? of
" VPopulation -^ Is &*& * pourlrigHlnto Vj that
cbuntryr at tan - '"rate.'
.Thousands are -; only .v jwaiting £t or. : the
construction (of Grand > Trunk "s Pa 1 - 1
xiflc p to ; Tget^ into -to
jveiop p its y forests,'; its rjflelds.^ltst mines
arid t. its^ ; mariixf actures^irWhen ':-; that
itry,^Fprts|Georg.e Jwili j be r one .' of - the
large\cltles tof * Canada land 3 the 'second
city i In I British :Cblumbla?/,' : '.- ;.
.-:•, "That :ista':countryAthatr;iCis^ well
,worthithe vwhile ;>of i Sant^rariclsco ibus-"
inessmenVtb j look lOyerJiundUo] lay "plans
It6jcoritrorithe|trade;ofilri'as:many lines
ka\j>6*»Wle."- y ''';' : -.'--"'i-''.r '"\u25a0"-.-'\u25a0 -\u25a0.\u25a0' \u25a0r-'--.r' ; ' .'
; : ; . Edward^^Brien,,/ who; was ;'," with " the
jVon'* Rheini'r'company «;f or il O yea rs, has
\u25a0become^connected^witluHhe tcity real
r, Harrigan, ' "Wei
denmuUeff^&^Rosen*tirn, : -• -- • ;
Double the Size of the Old
Hostelry and Is of Higher
Lease Based on Positive As- -
snrance of Exposition and
Has Novel Clauses
- The new Terminal hotel- to be built
in Market street, within 200 feet of the
ferry building, will be the first large
hotel' to be built in" that district since
the fire.
It will have a frontage of 127 feet Jn
the north side of Market street opposite
Steuart street and will extend back to
Sacramento with a varying depth up to
200 feet.;.
. The hotel will be six stories high,
with .300 ." guest chambers, besides a
spacious lobby and stores on the ground
floor. "William .. Curlett & Son are the
The building will be a steel frame
structure,"', with gray stone front and a
handsome marquee at the entrance.
Most of the rooms will have baths in
connection. ..The halls "will be wide and
all * the v rooms will have outside ex
posure. ; '*3BapS|
The building will cost $250,000. Con
struction will : be begun in May and
work pushed so that It will be ready for
occupancy in; October.
The new hotel will stand on part of
the site^of- the old Terminal hotel, bjit
will' be.twice as large and of a much
higher class. It will maintain a popu
lar scale of prices with first class
service. , .
- The hotel will be under. the manage
ment .'of Otto Muller, one of the pro- «
prietors of the Bismarck cafe. Mailer
and a number of other local men have •
formed a corporation, which has taken
a ; lease of : the building for 10 years
from the builders, M. J. Sarage and
members of the Prengle company, who
have • incorporated. : themselves las the
Terminal investment company.
:A notable feature of. this lease^t* that
it is 'based; on -.the ; positive expectation"
of the Panama-Pacific exposition •'being
held here in 1913. Vvl' \\ :
The lease averages $40,000 a year for
10 ' years,'- with privilege of extension
for 10 years more, making a total of
$800,000. It is on a graduated scale,
reaching the highest amount during
the fair year, and declining after that,
and again, rising to the same figure
during.the final years of the tenure. '
. Manager Muller took the lease be
cause of, 1 his" conviction that, the ex
position is a certainty.'. The success of
Otto^ Muller and his brothers Fritz and
Charles in the management of /.the
Bismarck :'slnce the fire has been phe
nomenal. /While other. cafe proprietors
were^hesitating about coming into, the
downtown district, the Muller brothers
showed their : faith by going in on a
large scale and were amply rewarded.
• Otto Muller will manage the'new
hotel on his. own account. He has had
extensive experience in the hotel and
restaurant business in exposition cities,
having been established at all the large
expositions In the last 10 years — at
Buffalo, . Norfolk (Va.); Omaha, St.
Louis. Portland and Seattle. He ex
presses opinion that the Panama
Pacific will be the greatest and most
successful of all.
Ruby Wliltham to George FUmer improTtment
cotnpanr.-lot in E line of Tweary-flfth nvenne.
150 S of Clement street. S 25 by B 120: MO^,
Rax F. Bajles to ume. lot in B line of Twen
ty-fifth - aTenue, 150 S of Clement «tr««t, S 25
-^Hamboidt baildinsr and loan aawsdagon to X
Soott Leary. lot In W lin» of CTayton street/ 62:8 \u25a0
S of Page. S2sby W 106:3: «10. -.. r-•r -• .
Soren Jesson and wita to J. P. Trwsn^^ot In ,
S line of Pacheco (P> utreet. S2:« W of El g ht-{
eenth areime. W 23 br S 10Or 510. # .
ParksMe realty company to R«lfe.d? Eard?l^ •
ben. lot In E llneof T p e t n «fc' e *?« th a ** llu « > - »9 '
S of V street. S 25 by E 120: $10.
Rose E. Carrier to Joseph Recbel, lot in S Un*.
of H street. 82:6 E of Twentieth aTejme, E^SJ},^
Nelson and wtfe to' Peter Soren»otA\
lot In w Une of Tenth avenue. 33:3 • X of &
.treet. X 25 by W 107: $10. -
Laura J. Grnmagle to George ITOiner improre
ra^nt company. 'lot la E line of Twenty- fifth aye-
Sne. 175 S~if Clement street.' S 25 by E 120:
George M." Perine and wife to Henry J. Ohlsen.
lot in S line of Ea«t a*enne* 113:11 E of /Holly
Park aTenue. E 25 by S 108; $10. \u25a0>~JS3BBHB**
. Keal Estate aDd DeTelopm»nt company. to Wil
liam and Marr Klrrane, lot. in. W. line of Wis
consin street." 200 S of Twenty -second. S 25 by
W 200, and two other pieces; $10.. \u25a0 :
Simon Kappa and .wife to Sophie WltcWe, - lot
in S line of! Liberty street. ISO E of >'oe, E 2»
by S 114 ; SII>.3MMWIWMMnMpMH
- Eoman . Catholic bishop of Monterey and Lot
Angeles et al. to the. Boman Catholic archbishop
of i San \u25a0 Francisco. . lot In W line of Stockton
street,' 27:B Xof Jackson. X 27:6. W 93:6, S 55.
E 44. iS 27:6," E 40:6; $10.
' Hannah M." -W Hi lnscn , to : Emm a B. H«PP*. lo*"
in S Une s of .Liberty street. 150 Eof Castro. E
25by-S 114: $10... . .
William r D. ; Corcoran and . wife to Emma G*
Houpft, i lot ' in J* . llae of Twenty-»e»enth street.
195 Eof Church, E23by N 114: $U>. '
Ellen Murpby t» Emm* G. Hoppa. lot In SB
ltne of; Perry street. 150 NE of Fifth. NE 25 by
SE SO.' and a fifth interest \u25a0In one otner piece:
• Bert W.'.Hopps to Emma 6. Hopps, lot \u25a05K
Mqck ;8; subdlrfslon .to Castro street addition :
SlO V .--. y-'i*-'-. .\u25a0\u25a0-» ' \u25a0 - . .
... Samuel. MootetA Mildred W.Klncatd^etaU
lot in E line of Howard street. 200 S of Twenty
fourth; 525 by- E 122:6: $10. __ . .; .
Jacob Heyman company to .Patrick Murphy,
administrator. John Crowiey (deceased), lot at
SW corner of , Forty-fifth arenue and.T-9tre-t^
-Ss^S Rlordan. half tame
!n lot •in W Une of Bryant street. 26 9 of
8 26 by W ICO; gltU „
is! - * SteVi to Lyfila : A.- Steres. lot at V ;
corner of < Moscow stre*t and Iwiia «tmm». KB
\u25a0^J&^Soktrf wife to George W. Turner. lo«
In W llneof Sixth aTenue. 183:S X of California
I lot iri W line of Peralta *'«n e - *°° Sot """V
intsrest in lot 7. block Y. Park L*ne tract 3;
.? Jacob' Schneider to Mary G. _lot to
SB line of- Natoma street. 175 SW of Sixth. SW
25 bT SE 75.' and one other piece : $10. \u25a0 .
Securities (a corporation) to . Martta
Kroto*aner.lot at SE coper of gutter and Hjd»
Sr»ets E 62:6 by S $7:6: SIO.^BSMjM^MM'M
:? : William Helblug and wife ( to same. Jot^atSß
corner ofSutter and Hyde streets. E 62:6 or S
I Sr7 Walter-"S.',Brsnn to Jessie H. tot S,
i ht<y^t 552.- -Bar -Park. homestead a"*)<riaUon; 110.
" Wtnfleld *S. - Da*ls : to " MercantUe : trust com- .
nunv -lot ln»X line of .Wasbingrton street. IC3.W
It Spruce. -W 62:6 by X.127:5%: $10. \u0084;
0I V P C coldwell and wife to Elliabeth W. Da
rid«>n."lot>to'X line of.Paelfle street. 97 :« . Wjj
of Sansome.W 41, N 57^, B I,*S 11:3, B U, #v

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