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'• Junior Call, Third and Market streets, San Francisco, Cal., January 8, 1911.
Bow-wow, Juniors!
• X> I/don't think I ever have felt so .grateful for a short tail as I did last
Sunday, I had to wag it so continuously that, had it been a bit heavier than
it is,, I would surely have died of exhaustion. I have been trying to puzzle
out ever since whether it is harder to -shake hands with, everybody or just
plain wave your tail about in the air. 1 think that the humans have a little
bit the advantage of us dogs, don't you?
I received a letter the other day from a new little friend of mine. lam
reproducing it in today's paper. Fluffy must be a very charming little dog,
and I would indeed like to take the view with her from Council Crest, and
maybe some day on my travels around the country I will be able to accept
her invitation. At any rate, I hope she.will let me hear from her once in a
while and accept Alonzo's best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.
I wonder how you all managed the first week of school after your period
of hilarious vacation. It's mighty hard to settle down to the real serious
things after a treat of fun and merriment, but reckon you're becoming, used
to it, now that the week has passed by. From the looks of the New Year
resolutions I received this week I should judge that, provided you keep them,
a number of teachers will have their work made a little pleasanter, through
the'thoughtful consideration of their pupils. Your resolutions are splendid,
and I'm sure 1 you're each and every one of you going to try very hard to live
up to them. And remember this: if you happen to fall from grace and break
,your, brand new resolution, don't let that discourage you. Just pick yourself
up and go at it again. We're not any of us perfect, and we wouldn't want to
be.if such a thing were possible. Each one of us is liable to make mistakes,
'and the only thing to do in that event is to ; begin all over again.
There's no particular glory in acquiring something you haven't
worked for; it's the one who climbs over obstacles on the road to success, who
grits his teeth and keeps at it who amounts to something in the long run.
', Supposing you do fall from grace, that's no reason you shouldn't get up, is it?
Of course not. And I know that if you make up your minds to carry anything
through; you'll win out in the end. You're that kind of Juniors.
Now that you know how much I admire you, I reckon you're mightily
puffed tip.. But then that isn't so bad. Just keep on being nice, and you'll earn
your right to wear larger bonnets. I will surely expect to hear from all of
you this week, so bear in mind the fact that there are four contests that need
closest attention, and come to Alonzo's assistance. As I have remarked
before, we can't possibly run this paper without your help. With the best of
wishes V ALONZO.
II saw Miss Muffet on her tuffet,
Eating mocha creams;
When down beside her dropped a spider
You should have heard her screams!
"Alonzo," cried she, when she spied me,
v "Take that brute away"
I turned to cough and shooed him off and
Wagged my tail in play.
Master gave me a brand new silver collar this Christmas. "Alonzo," he
said, "keep a wise head on your shoulders.or you're apt to lose your collar."
The pup was made the ungrateful recipient of a real up to date bracelet
this year, and his mutterings have permeated the atmosphere hereabouts for
a fortnight. He habitually reposes on three legs nowadays, and waves the
afflicted fourth member wildly aloft in a vain effort to dislodge the bangle.
'"Why, Alonzo," he complained with tears in his eyes, "a dog with a
bracelet's' a regular sissy." ' ..'._.
Poor pup.
I received an invitation from Hoxsey, the aviator, to ride with him the
'other day. Naturally I appreciate the courtesy, and am thinking seriously
of accepting the offer. Mother says, however, that a dog on the ground is
worth a half a dozen in an aeroplane.
"Christmas,comes but once a year," says the optimist.
"Yes,-but we spend the rest of the year preparing" for it," replies' the
'-". Little Boy Blue come blow your horn,..
-Alonzo is, here with the Junior Call;
Never", sleep late on a Sunday morn;
* ' Quickly arise and give greeting to all.
Two prizes will be given for the two best drawings submitted by the
Juniors each week, the prize winning sketches to be reproduced in tne
paper. The prizes awarded will be the best books for boys and gins
obtainable and will embrace fiction, travel, fairy lore, aeroplane building,
etc. These books are the newest publications and are being, received
every day from the east. Among them are such works as Betty's «»Ppy,
Year," by Carolyn Wells; "Clif Stirling," by Gilbert Patten; /That
Freshman," by Christina Catrevas; "Hero Tales of the Far North, by
Jacob Riis;, "The New Boy at Hilltop," by Ralph Henry Barbour, and
many others. This week's subject is, V
"A Rainy Day." . w . :. - :
.Be sure to give your name, age and school, as in the puzzle and writing
contests; and, above all things, use black ink for your sketches, as the
blue ; fluid will not permit ,of reproduction. Prize > winners will be an
nounced in the paper of January 22.
.. Below are reproduced the" two t prize winners for this week. ■ o**J
drawings deserving of honorable mention will be found on pages * and -5
of The Junior. - ;. .*,
I Awarded a prize. Drawn by Pearl Eppliger, Vacaville. Age 12 years, |
-• •
Awarded a prize. Drawn by Catherine Hansen, 1118 Fremont avenue,
Fruitvale, Age 15 years.
The albatross, that wanderer of the
seas so often referred to In prose and
poem. Is nevertheless a stranger to the
average person, and by some Is even
considered a • myth. In Coleridge's
"The ■ Rime of the Ancient Mariner,"
the albatross plays a leading part, and
one sorrows for the poor bird which,
after following the. ship for weeks, is
pitilessly shot down by a mariner.
...The albatross la the largest seabird
having the power of flight, and is
closely allied to the gull, petrel and
Mother Carey's chicken. , It > has a
tremendous stretch of wing, averaging
from 10 :to 12 feet.- The wings are,
however, - extremely narrow, being
about nine Inches in breadth. The body
is about four feet.in length and. the
weight Is from 15 to 18 pounds, a com
paratively light weight .when one con
siders the extreme length of wing. The
albatross is possessed of a peculiarly
long, oddly shaped bill, which gives it
a strange appearance; the nostrils open
from round, horlsontal tubes on each
side of the bill, but situated close to
its base.. .'■^StßKßUt^tmßtttoSßt
This great bird is generally met with
in southern seas, ; although it is occa
sionally seen on our Pacific coast. On
the Atlantic side it is rarely found as
far north as Tampa bay.
Its food consists of cuttlefish, jelly
fish and scraps thrown from passing
ships. It Is a greedy bird, and at
times gorges itself to such an extent
that it is unable to rise from the water.
Its power of flight is, however, the
most remarkable thing about the alba
tross. ' It spends Its life, with the ex
ception of , a few weeks * given ', each
year to nesting, entirely at sea, and
is on the wing practically all the time.
Furthermore, It does not progress by
flapping its wings as most birds do,
but seems to soar at will, rarely, if
ever, giving a stroke of the wing,
seemingly to need no. impetus.
Spider Web Prophecy
Some spiders are weather prophets.
Perhaps some of you have noticed In
the fields in a summer morning the
grass covered with little cobwebs.
Under each web there is a spider that
comes out of a hole in the ground, ami
all the spiders are alike. When these
webs are on the grass it is quite sure
not to rain.

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