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Banker Gains Advantage, but
Faces Charge of Withhold
ing Certain Funds
Affidavit of Stock Broker Part-1
ncr, Frank L. Brown, Is i
Read in Courtroom
H. P. Wilson, the New York million- I
aire banker, won j a point yesterday In
his fight with Frank "L.* Brown, the San
Francisco millionaire, for control of the
stock dealing New York firm known as '
Brown, Wilson & Co. Judge Seawell j
dissolved the restraining order previ- '
ously granted on the petition of Brown
en Joint a meeting in San Francisco
of the directors of the company—Wil
son Brown and Victor Enginger. The
meeting will be held today.
A more startling development in the !
case was the reading in court of an affl- i
davit made by Brown in support of his j
contention that Wilson should be com
pelled to give his deposition in the case I
in which, the corporation is suing Wil- '■
son for $15,000, alleged to have been I
wrongfully appropriated from its funds, j
Brown quotes a letter written to him ;
January 3, 190S, by Wilson, in which it
was suggested that they divide a $15,- i
000 rakeoff on a certain transaction,
leaving out "the general"supposed to :
be Enginger. Following is a quotation
from the letter:
"As near as I can figure offhand our
rakeoff on this deal should ultimately
be somewhere about $15,000, as we are
to have 1% points on all bonds handled
by Rollins. Now the point I wish to i
bring up is this: Since the general has
elected not to go on with us and you
and I are actually putting up, out of
our own pockets, the money to carry
on the business, i see no reason why
this particular transaction should be
for the account of Brown, Wilson & Co,
1 feel Brown, Wilson & Co. are merely
continuing long enough to close up
their own affairs and that any transac
tions made by us after January 1 should
be for account of Frank L. Brown and
H. P. Wilson. Personally 1 do not feel
inclined to pay into the old firm the
profits of our hard labor In the matter
of this bond deal, and, if you approve,
when the commission is paid us I will
cut It In . two, retaining one-half for
myself and sending you one-half."
Brown says In his affidavit that he
has never approved of the transaction
.suggested by Wilson, that he has never
received any part of the money men
tioned In the letter and that it has all
been retained by Wilson. Other sums
have been Illegally and wrongfully
withheld by Wilson, it is charged by
Brown, who adds: "The whole of said
sums of money has been converted by
Wilson to his own personal use. there
by defrauding the said corporation and
the stock holders thereof."
According to Brown. It is the purpose
of Wilson and Enginger to conspire to
gether as directors for the purpose of
dismissing the action in which Wilson
is sued for money alleged to have been
misappropriated by him. "Said Wilson
and said Enginger." Brown states, "ask
this court to permit them to pursue, un
molested, this conspiracy to defraud and
cheat the stock holders of said stock
corporation by allowing said Wilson to
retain for his own use the funds of the
corporation." ...
Judge Seawell put the matter over to
Friday to decide whether Wilson should
be ordered to give his testimony before
leaving the state for New York.
THAT the world is improving, and
along with it transportation fa
cilities and accommodations, is ad
mitted by five travelers who recently
experienced a long delay on the line
of the Sierra railway because of wash
outs. In a letter addressed to The
Call the five travelers, George B.
Heath, Philip H. Jacobs, Eugene Wet
terauer, W. Y. Showier and John W.
Patrick, praise the road and its offi
cials thusly: . '■■ i y il- *■>-;•"■;■.-,.-' -YY.'
"There is so much abuse of corpora
tions these days, and particularly of
railroads, that it seems good to us to
tell of our experience with the Sierra
railway company at Jamestown.
"Eu route to Oakdale, we reached a
washout, compelling a return to James
town and a layover. The traffic man
ager. S. li. Smith, gave each of us our
tickets back and a. free dinner.at the
hotel. "We think this prove that we
are not the only good people on earth
and that the world Is improving."
According to the report of the comp
troller of statistics of Canada there
were In operation on June 30 last 24.
--731 miles of railway, indicating that
the railway mileage of Canada has
doubled in 22 years. The 24,731 miles
reported as being in operation do not
include, however, about 1,500 miles of
ficially regarded as under construction.
* • •
W." It. Ross, vice president of' the
Chicago and Alton, in charge of traf
fic, and B. C. Stevenson, assistant traf
fic manager, who have been In the
southern part of the state for several
weeks, reached this city yesterday for
a stay of a few days. They have been
spending the winter in the south and
will return to the east In a few days.
C. O. Whittemore, counsel for the San
Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake road,
is in the city •on his way to Los An
geles after a business trip to Sacra
mento.. * i ■ . ; * -
Whether or not it is lawful for the
railroads under the new commerce law
to make free use of telegraph lines for
ordering tickets, making reservations,
etc.. for patrons is forming a. matter, of
deliberation among western railroad
officials. Under the new federal law
It is unlawful to transmit* telegrams
free of charge for any persons except
ing officers, agents and employes and
their.families, of common carriers, and
except persons of such other classes as
are specifically mentioned in the act.
The matter has. been called to the at
tention of the roads by the telegraph
companies. i.
Believing that wooden, railroad cross
ties, would be transported as- lumber.
a lumber comoany of Buff a!* contracts
to deliver ties in Cincinnati from Ten
nessee ,-in . Kentucky at ', 80 cents each.
The Louisville and Nashville road
charged 92 rents freight on t each tie.
under the fifth class irate, which is
nearly four times the lumber rate.' Re
lief has been asked from the interstate
commission. * S_f_S______3
.J. P. O'Brien, vice president of the
Oregon and Washington railroad and
navigation company, ■'■■- with office at
Portland, is In the city for a few days.
A. J,.Bouffleur, chief-surgeon. of the
Chicago, Milwaukee and' St. Paul,,with
headquarters at Seattle, was In the city
yesterday on his _ way back-.to the
north. .'Hennas, been in the southern
part of the state for a few weeks.
Knox motor driven fire apparatus being demonstrated at the factory.
Well Known Makers Have Pro*
duced This Year Some Very
Attractive Models
Steams cars for 1911 show changes
in body construction, offering the pur
chaser an option in either the vesti
bule or. open style body in all three
Steams models. Describing the new
models a representative said recently:
"The vestibule body, introduced to
meet the demand for a semiclosed body,
is furnished in both touring and toy
tonneau models as optional equipment.
The open or standard type is supplied
when desired. ■'-
"The air pump on the larger . car,
employed to Introduce pressure Into the
gasoline tank when first starting the
car, now Is between the front seats and
is larger than heretofore, a few strokes
sufficing to bring the pressure to the
required point, even if the pas supply
Is low. After the motor .is started
pressure is maintained automatically.
"On* the 15-30 horsepower model the
location of the pump is the same, but
as the gasoline tank is under the front
seat, pressure is only needed when the
supply is low and very hilly roads are
encountered. '
"On the 3-0-60 horsepower model, an
auxiliary oil tank is placed just under
the front floorboards, carrying a re
serve supply of four gallons. This may
be called upon to give the motor addi
tional lubrication when driving at ex
tremely high speeds for any consider
able distance.
"A change has been made in the
Bosch dual ignition system, whereby a
horizontal coil is used. The switch end
is flat against the dash, the body of the
coll proper being underneath the hood.
No change has been _nade in the igni
tion Itself, "however.
"The dry multiple disk clutch—a
Steams producthas attracted atten
tion* from mechanical engineers and
automobile -designers. The dry disk
clutch consists of a comparatively small
number of steel disks of large diam
eter, held and driven by hardened steel
keys Inserted in the rim of the fly
wheel. The driving disks are lined on
both sides with Rabestos, the alternat
ing driven disks - being: of hardened and
ground saw steel. The degree of en
gagement is always at the control of
the operator and gear shifting is ren
dered simple."
Among-the cars -built-in. the local
Studebaker shops, now on display in
_^_ . -the company's re
| Car Building I I""**=itory is a fore
: by Studebaker- | door, deml-tonneau
_ i body, mounted on
a regular Btude
baker "40" chassis. The car. which Is
one of the most attractive ever- built
in this city, is finished -in a, golden
brown, upholstered with brown leather
and equipped with a brown mohair top
and side curtains. Wherever any metal
appears it Is nickel plated and this har
monizes unusually well with the gen
eral, tone of. the machine.
The Auburn' motorcar .company re
ports the sale and delivery of the fol
+. ■ " e> lowing Auburns:
INew Owner* *;I ■«- M- Searett, a3O
of Auburn, horsepower _, tour-
I__ a- tng car; A. R. Car
ter of Carpentina,
a 40 horsepower fore door touring car;
a similar car to A. J. Cole of San Jose,
and one to G. B. Jackson of.the Gar
den City; a 40 horsepower, five passen
ger touring car to Charles R. Gaggan
of this city. .
To clear up our stock we will sell in the next
10 dare, regardless, of price, the following used
cars.*-. . ■ * - ,
Model M Oldsmobile touring car.
1910 Bulck "40" roadster, toy tonneau.
1909 Bulek "40" touring ear.
MM Maxwell. *
1909 White • steamer.
All these ears are in splendid condition and
newly painted. We fully guarantee them. ■
523 Golden Gate . a v.
-1908 Royal Tourist limousine.
1909 .. 40 ; horsepower Mitchell touring car.
1909 Chalmers, 40 horsepower.
1910 .Elmore roadster.
1909 Peerless roadster.
H. O. Harrison motor cars.
640 "Van Ness ay.
SPECIAL?—If you contemplate buying an automo
bile for $3,000 or mora, we can save you $300
to $-00. McALPIUE k CO.. 430-434 Van Kess.
MORE life and power from your motor. Aut-O
-.- Carbon Remover doe* It quickly and absolutely.
Results guaranteed. . 334 Larkln St.
VAC. Aluminum Brazing Works can braze your
broken alum, castings. 503 Van Ness. Pk. 5120.
AUTOMOBILE - painting—Best at ■ lowest prices.
JACK GRAHAM, 1973 Page st. Market 7117.
FOR expert automobile repairing go to A. Schnei
der Eng. Works. 15th and Shotwell sts.
TO buy or sell a second band auto, ; see RELI
ABLE AUTO REPAIR CO.. 140 13th. Oakland.'
USED cars of reliable makes at very low prices.
McKEOWN AUTO CO.. 436- ...8 Golden Gat* ay.
L. H. *&I B. I. BILL. 543 Golden i Gate ay.—
.' Headquarters for Solar lamps. Vesta batteries,
Fanhard oil, Diamond chains and * parts.

Madeline Fries Says Husband
Struck Her When They Re
turned From Party
The threatened contest of the divorce
(action brought by Madeline Fries
I against Edward Fries, a district auditor
of the Southern Pacific, was abandoned
yesterday, and a decree was granted
the wife on the ground of cruelty. She
stated that her husband had ill used
her on a number of occasions, and men
tioned particularly an incident that oc
curred upon their return to- their apart
ments from a party,' when lie struck her
on the face and blackened her eye. Mrs.
Gertrude Shankland, a friend, testified
that she was summoned to the apart
ment by telephone after this occurrence
and found the furniture overturned and
Mrs. Fries in tears. The eyes of Mrs.
Fries were discolored, she said.
. "How do you know Fries was re
sponsible for the condition of his wife's
eyes?" asked Judge George Buck, who
was sitting for Judge Van N'ostrand.
"Well,, that was prima facie evidence,
wasn't it?" answered Mrs. - Shankland.
The judge smiled, admitted Mrs.
Shankland knew something about law
and granted the divorce. Property
rights were adjusted out of court.
Judge Buck granted "Benjamin L.
Stahl a divorce from Delia Stahl on the
ground of desertion.
Thomas Colby sued Breta E. Colby
for annulment of their marriage. The
defendant believed herself a widow at
the time of the wedding, but subse
quently learned that her first husband
is alive.
The marriage of Vivian Decker and
Elmer Decker Was annulled by Judge
Graham on the ground that both parties
were under legal age when" It-was sol
emnized. " "•"-
Suits for divorce ' were begun by
Mlnta de Bolt Rassfield against Ernest
A. / Rassfield, wilful neglect; Charles
Rlddell against Rosanon Rlddell, cru
elty. .;..%*--*.- • - •- * -..'v...'-.
I Notable Deaths J
.*♦; — : :——— —- ——■ — -—a*
Haven. Conn.,* Feb. «.- Frank Hotebktss,
known to Yale men for two generations as the
official in charge of the university buildings
and grounds, died today following an attack
of apoplexy. He was 70 years old.
♦— ; : __„
| Marriage Licenses |
a '■ ; — ————— „ " ♦
Tbe following marriage licenses were issued in
San Francisco Monday, February 8, 1911:
ARENOVSKY--MINTER— Eddie R. Ai-enovskv.
26, and Sadie Miiiter, 19, both of 771 Haves
■ street.'. --•'.*-.-
CAMI'ODOXICO—AZARRO—Enrico Campodonieo,
2-. 029 Berlin " street, and Rosa * Azarro, 21.
2147 Mission street. -■ •■-.■'-
-SH._rGHNF-SSi.Y-- Clancy, .28,
1006 Fulton street, and Mary IShaughnessey, 28,
fill line avenue. .' -- ;■■,.,...
CORRIDA BARRETT— Maurice J. Corridas,
84, .***'_.'? Twenty second street, ■ and Agnes L.
Barrett. 26. 2333 Mission street.
COSSABOON—O'PONNELL—Jobn 8. Cossalxwn,
25, 1574 Folsom street, and Elizabeth W.
O'Donnell. 13. 1488 Folsom. street. ' ' -
COSTA— NA—C.ennoro Costa. j ,*l. 108 Valpa
• raiso street,:and Dolores Tina, 40, 1334 Mason
street." - ......
COTTER—O'BRIEN—Edmund J. Cotter, 125, 561*1
Fourth avenue, and Katie E. O'Brien, 21. .'1.9
Fell street.
DOMING— Edwin O. Demln_, 21. 1100
Pine street, and Anita A. Henev. 18. Berkeley.
HENNESSEY—TWOMBY—Timothy 3. Henne's
sey. 25. 3337 Seventeenth street." and Hannah
Twomey. 23. 152« McAllister street.-
LUGEA—APEZTEGUIA—Santiago l.ugea. 28,
* South* San Francisco, and Josefa Apeztegula,
.25, 2025 Sacramento street.
MADISON—HIGGINS—WiIIiam T. Madison, 21,
3805 Twenty third street, and Hattie. L. Hig
gins. 18.* 1382 San Bruno avenue.
MARCircCI—MALT AGLIATI — Carle Mareueei,
31, Half men Bay,- and Gloeonda Maltagllatl,
18.-1520 Mason street. ■
tini. 22. and Maria da Ceo Gomes, 21. both of
37 Clay street.
MI'lER—Mi-I-AI-GHLIN-Wllllam R. Muier, 32.
2326 Larkln street, and Charlotte L. McLaugh
.' Un, 22. 2d (1 .limit street.
MULLEN—ATHERTON—George (". Mullen. 32,
Palo Alto, and Olga Athrrtou. 27, 2295 Sacra
mento street. ***"
NOW'EI L—B-TRGlN—Arthur W. Newell. 23,
1520 Jackson street, and Nellie Spurgln, IS,
- 1363 California street. ,
REILLY—QIJINN— Frank .1. Reilly. 21. 750 Sev
■ enth '* avenue,. and * Nellie E. Qulnn, 18, 1383
Ninth 1, avenue.*
ROI-SE-SIMPDOM—Keith ' H. Rouse.: 22. and
Laura' M. Slmpdom. 21. both of Oakland.* *-
ROUSSAN—MeM-LLEN—Walter J. Roussan. 37,
and Clara M. McMlllen. 19. both of Annapolis
SOMMER—HINCH—Francis 3. Sommer. 28, and
Sadie E. Hlneh. 18. both of Fort Barry *
STEWART—GRAF—Andrew Stewart. 40, and
May Graf. 40. both of 598 Eddy street. ;<--*_
SULLIVAN—BUCKLEY—Frederick I. Sullivan.
. 21, - 3825 Seventeenth ' * street. . and Josephine
' Buckley. 18. 197 California street.** «--. -.
TYRRELL--BROWN- Frederick W. Tyrrell, 23,
. ! 1324 Grove * street, and ■ Sophie P. Brown, 22*
: '527 Ellsworth street.
CJOCOF—DL'TKIEWICR— Vladimir Uj-cof.* 35,
lIS. Black street, and Anna -Dutklewlcr,' 37,
400 Octavia street.* ."
~~~ BIRTHS ~~~
DAVINER- In this city, to the wife of ; Joseph
A. Davlner, a: son. •.-*,'-.
FOLEY—In - San Anselmo. , Cal.'. January 27,
i - 1911. to the wife of Daniel * F.* Foley- (nee
'.*<Tobinl.:a*daughter. - - .. *..,
McCORMICK—In. Sin Mateo;, Csl., to the wife
of Frank E. McCormick, a son.
MENDELSOHN—In this city. January ,23, 1911,
to the wife of C. Mendelsohn (nee Wacbolder),
a 'son. . >* . ■
SPIEGEL-In this city, February 5, 1911, to the
wife of William C. Spiegel (nee Fischer); a
BEDCR—JOHLKE— this city. February 4,
1911, by Rev. G. A. Bernthal, Arthur I. Bedur
and Helen E. Johlke, both of San Francisco.
SCHUSTER—rACZOCH—In this city, February
4, 1911, by Rev. J. H. Scbroeder, William
Fr. Schuster and Martha A. Faczocl), both of
San Francisco. * . .
Carr. .lames 50 Lamerdln. Frederick 69
Clark, John. 60 Lunny.' James VV 79
■ Daly, Elizabeth.... 62 Martell, Harry..;... 30
Davis. Cella 62 McGulre, John J 42
Decker, Christian... 72 Merrell. Isaac '_.... 87
Dnmontelle, lieue E. 30 Much. Isabella A... —
Francis Ed- Norton, .lames ...... 47
ward 47 Packscher. Joseph... 71
Graham. P. .1 78 Rii-enstein. Albert.. 45
Griffin, Cecelia..... 27 Scelba. Marie ...... 58
Hainan. Richard.... 69 Silverman. Hannah. 80
Hamilton. Hugh V./ 4 Sobst. J. F. VV. and
Hayes. J0hn....*...; 50 Margaret"*.;..' —
Hayes. Josephine M. — Thompson, Marian C 1
Hirschhaum, Sophia. 7..! Truesdell, Elizabeth. 79
Holland. Victor 1... 18 Walsh. George...... 53
Howe, Noble 8..... 13! Young.lndies' Inst!-.. *
Hurd. Jane 8. tute .(Mass)
Hurley, Andrew .... 38 •'
Koch, Mergarethe... — Asa ro (Card)
CARR—In this city, February 1911. .lame*
Carr, a native of England, aged 00 years.- .
CLARK—In this city. February .**•. 1911. John,
dearly beloved husband of Annie Clark. lov
ing father of - Richard. Jeremiah, John Clark
and Mrs. R. McCaim. and grandfather of Ma
rlon McOann «nd the late John, Andrew and
James Clark, a native of County Cavan, Ire
land, aged 60 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral Tomorrow (Wednes
day), at 9 o'clock a. in., from his late resi
dence. ins St. Rose • avenue,. thence to Holy
Cross church, where a requiem high mass will
.. be celebrated for the repose of his soul, coin
mencing at 9:30 o'clock a. m. Interment H-ftj ]
-Cross cemetery. *"
DALY—In this city. February 4. 1911. Elizabeth
Daly, beloved wife of the late Thomas Daly,
and loving mother of Stephen, William. John
and Anastasla Daly and Mrs. | Ben Miller and
Mrs. T. Wilson, aged 62 years 10 months and
17 days. (Buffalo, N. V.. papers please copy.)
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
: vited to attend the funeral today (Tuesday),
at 9 o'clock a. m.. front her late - residence.
.1012 Seventeenth avenue South, thence to All
Hallow's church, where a requiem high mass
will be' celebrated for the repose of her soul,
i .mmenclng at 9:30 o'clock a. m. " Interment
• Holy Cross cemetery. by carriages. "
DAVIS—In this * city. February ■6, lull. * Cella,
dearly beloved. wife .of Jacob Davis, loving
* mother of Mrs. I. Kamler and William Davis,
and beloved sister of David. Harris, Salomon
and Samuel Colin and Mrs. ' H. Jacfeteoo, a na
, tive of Exlu,. Germany, aged 62 years and 10
months. A member of the Firs! Hebrew Be
nevolent Society. ' ■-.•*..
Friends and acquaintance* are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Wednes
day February 8. at 9:30. o'clock, from her
late residence, 1646 Waller street between Cole
and . Sh.-ader. ' Interment Hills 'of Eternity
. cemetery, by 11:30 a. in. train from Third and
Townsend . streets.;
DECKER— In this city, Febmary 5, 1911, Chris
tian Decker, dearly ;beloved husband of Ellse
M. Decker, and father of Mrs. Cecilia M. Cos
and Peter Decker,; and brother of. Miss Gretta
. Decker, a native of Denmark,* aged 72 years
3 months and 3 days. A member of Alta lodge
No. 205. I. 0. 0. F.. and Pacific Mutual Aid
Society and the ; Master Mariners' Benevolent
Association. ' ■- ■-.-.-
Friends are respectfully invited to attend
the funeral services- today (Tuesday). Feb
ruary 7, .1911, at - 2 o'clock p. m.,' at Odd
. Fellows' hall. Seventh " and ' Market streets.
Remains at the chapel of the Truman . under
taking company. 1919 Mission street between
**•. Fifteenth and Sixteenth. - Incineration Odd
Fellows' crematory. . . •-
Members of the Pacific Mutual Aid Associ
ation are, requested to attend the funeral of
our late brother. C. Decker.'. today Tuesday),
'-. at 2 p. m., from Odd Fellows' ■ hall. - -
HARRY PETERS. President.
* r JAMES .TERKELSEN,, Secretary. .
DUMONTELLE-In this city, February. 4, 1911.
" Rene Eugene, beloved son of Eugene and Ju
lienne Dnmontelle. and loving brother of Mrs.
George Williamson, a native of. San Francisco,
. aged 30 years 8 months and 24 days.'-" A mem
ber of Court California No. 4. F. of A.; Eu
reka aerie No. 130, Y. O. E.. of Eureka. Cal.,
and Marine Cooks' and Stewards' Association.
. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral today OTuesday).
February 7. 1911. at 9:30 a. m.. from his late
residence. 3143 Twenty-sixth street," thence to
St. Peter's church, where a requiem high mass
i will be celebrated, for the repose of his soul, at
' 10:15.a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
FRANCISCO VICH—In. this ' city, * February ...
'.1911. i* Edward Franc! scovich. dearly: beloved
husband of Ursula and loving father,' of Ste
phen, Edna and Mary , Franciseovk-h. and ;, be
loved brother of Anna Stlglich of - Austria, f a
native of Frapntnlk,"Croatia.' Austria..aged 47
- years. A member -of - Knights ■of the Royal
. Arch; F. 0. E., aerie No. 5; Austrian Military
and Benevolent ■ Association." and; of •' Zvonnilr
branch No. 61, National Croatian " Society.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Wednes
day). February *8. 1911. at 0:30 a. m., from
his late x residence^ 1050 ; Montgomery , street
near Broadway, thence to the • Church * of the
. Nativity. Fell t street •• near * Gongh, ;., where a
requiem high , mass ' will |he I celebrated I for the
repose of his soul, commencing at 10:30 a. m.
After mass the remains . will , lie in state, at
National hall,* 566 Fulton street near'ljguna.
until 1:30 p.m. sharp, when the funeral will
i' he * conducted under the auspices of tlieAus
trian Military and Benevolent Association.; In
terment Holy Cross cemetery. .~"39t&__j
! GRAHAM—In Santa Clara, February .4.": 1911.
i P. J. Graham. beloved husband of Catherine
' Graham,: and loving father of - Thomas;*i Jobn.
Charles. i Emmett,. Nell. Catherine and ; Stephen
■; Graham and Mrs.". J. McCormick, a • native, of
; Ireland, aged 78 years i and 3 months.
:- Friends and acquaintances are respeetfullv in
vited to attend the ' funeral today . (Tuesday),
; February 7. 1911. ■ at 9:30 o'clock a.m.. from
the family residence, thence -to: St.. Clauer's
I church, - where a I requiem * mass . will |be | cele
brated for the repose of soul, commencing
• at 19 o'clock. _ Please omit, flowers. •• Interment
" : _: St. Clauer's cemetery.* ".. -„
GRlFFlN—Entered into rest, in this city. Vebru
: s arv 6,- 1911. Cecelia, dearly beloved wife of
* Frank 'L. - Griffin, devoted .< mother of > Marlon
and Francis Grlffln, beloved daughter of Mrs.'
: Kate and the late % William ; Leonard, ■ and % he
• ' f-_r;l_- rri_if-|-._ «_»..!■ ...If .1
Carl J. Cutting Under Hypnotic
Influence of W. A. Wilson,
; It Is Alleged ,
.That the will of Carl J. Cutting, the
collector "of Oriental curios who com
mitted* suicide when,'lndicted.'by--.the
federal" grand , Jury on a charge of
defrauding .the customs, will be con
tested. by his mother, and brother, resi
dents of Michigan,' became * known; yes
terday.*.: John.. Murphy,"*; a resident of
Castroville, visited **.■; Judge . * Graham's
court, and exhibited a telegram received
from *F. H. • Cutting, - the brother,- ask-;
ing him to .look: into- all the- records
with; the j purpose "of > instituting a con
test. " - -
ESTATE WORTH ; $30,000
Carl J. Cutting bequeathed his studio
and < its . contents,.- said to be worth '
about $30,000,. to W. , A. Wilson, who j
; was Jointly indicted with him. The !
studio is at 376 Sutter street.':lt.com- ;
prises * the v great bulk Jof \ the estate, j
the rest being worth but few hun- i
| dred dollars. The will is a strangely |
I worded one. In it Cutting states that j
for a week he had been feeling strange,
and "perhaps the great change Is on Its j
way to me.".-■/He willed $50 to J. (""*.
K_ng, and a yellow, rose bowl to Bertha j
and Agnes Urley. /The mother of the
testator, Mrs. William A. Wilson and I
the.brother, F. H. Cutting,* were men- '
tloned In the will, but only In a para- j
graph* asking that they be informed i
of his death. • *-
Murphy says that he is convinced
from- what he I has • ascertained that
Cutting was suject to a kind of hyp
notic influence exerted by Wilson, to
whom the studio was willed. . ' .
"Cutting <I am., sure did no wrong
in-connection with the importation of
his. curios," said Murphy., ."Anything
that ihe did in that -connection;. was
while -under a spell -that Wilson had
over. hlfh. I believe he (wrote the" will
while under his influence." ■ , :■'
I The 'matter of the admission of Cut
ting's: will to probate comes jup today.
Murphy will ask that* it be continued
ten days. "
loved sister of William J.. Matthew J.*, Katie,
Josic and Agnes Leonard, Mrs. F. B. , Reye
and Mrs. C. Sehenk. a 1 native of Merced. Cal.,
aged 27 years and 11 months. - *
■ Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Wednes
day), ■ February 8, 1011. at 9:15 a. m.. from
her late residence, 842 Vallejo street between
Powell and Mason, - thence to St. Francis
church, Montgomery avenue and Vallejo street;
where a high mass will lie celebrated for the
repose of her soul, commencing at 10 o'clock
sharp. Interment Holy -Cross cemetery, by
carriage. ,
HALNAN—In Alameda, February 5. 1911. Rich
-1 ard, beloved husband of. Delia Hainan, and
father of William. .James, Richard. John, Ed
ward and Thomas * Hainan . and - Mrs. L. H.
... Krill, a native of Ireland, aged 69 years and
18 days. ; "..;• '•,;■-*
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
: vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Wedneg
day). February S. 1911. from his late cert
.. denoe, 1719 Clement avenue near Grand street,*
Alameda, where services will be held under the
auspices of Eire Oak lodge No. 17. K. of P.,
at 1 o'clock p.m. Interment Mountain View
cemetery. Oakland.
HAMILTON—In this city. February i 6.; 1911,
Hugh V.. beloved son of George F. and the
late Alice: Mary Hamilton, and brother of
Freda A., Elwood F. and Wynne W. Hamilton.
I a native of California, aged 4 years 7 months
,-:. and 13 days. .:,*-_ -•.;-"..' "*■.<. -' -.-;-■:«-
HAVES—in this city. February 4. 1911, John
Hayes, a- native of Kentucky, aged 50 years.
HAVES- In this city. February 6, 1911. at her
late residence. 2933 Folsom street. Josephine
M.. beloved daughter of Maurice and the late
' Johanna Hayes, and beloved sister of Edward
and Maurice Hayes, Mrs. K. Tietjen and Mrs.
D. Miller, a native of San Francisco.' A mem
ber Of Golden State parlor No. 50. N. D. G. W.
* Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Wednes
day), February 8. 1011, at 8 arm., from her
late residence. 2933 Folsom . street, ; tbence to
St. * Peter's church, where a » requiem - high
mass will be celebrated for the repose of her
soul, commencing at 9 a. m. .Interment Holy
Cross cemetery, by electric. funeral car from
Twenty-eighth and Valencia streets.
Officers and members of Golden: State par
lor No. 50, N. D. -a. w.-You are . hereby
notified to attend. the funeral of our late first
vice president. Sister Josephine Hayes, . tomor
row (Wednesday). February 8, 1911, ■at - 8
o'clock a. in., from her late residence. 2933
Folsom street. ROSE HAXLEY. President.
.MILLIE TIET.IEN. Recording Secretary.
HIRSCHBAUM--In this city, February 8, 1011.
Sophia, beloved wife of the late , Slemund
Hirschhaum, a native of New York, ■ aged 73
years a months and 18 days. "
HOLLAND -In this city. February 5, 1911, Vic
tor Ignatius Holland, idolized son of Patrick
and Mary A. Holland, and grandson of the
late Timothy and Margaret Drlseoll, and
nephew of Mrs. X. J. McNamara. and cousin
of Gladys. lie and Justin ■ McNamara ' and
Andrew and Michael Whelton and Daniel
Harnedy and Dora and Mary Kelly * aud
Helen Thurston, and grandnephew of -Mrs.'
Julia McCarthy, a native of San Francisco,
aged* 18 years C months and 15 days.*
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited ,to attend .the funeral today (Tuesday).
- February 7. at 10:13 a. m., from his -late
residence, 1542 Page' street, thence to St.
Agnes church, Page street and Masonic aye
■ nue. where a solemn requiem high mass will be
celebrated ; for the repose . of ; his - soul, com
mencing at 10:45 a. -m. ~ Interment Holy Cross
; cemetery, by carriage.
HOWE— In this city, February 4. 1911. Noble
Beryl Howe, ' beloved daughter .of , Wllber W.
■and Edna M. Howe, . and ward of C. < Edson
Perkins, a native of Iowa; aged 13 years and 2
*.i days.: -. -..•■■-.'. c. -
Friends arc respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral services "* today - (Tuesday i. Feb
ruary ;7, 19U. at 10 o'clock a.m.. at the resi
dence of her guardian. C. ■ Edson Perkins, 2079
Mission street between s Sixteenth . and < Seven*
teenth. ... Interment Mount Olivet cemetery, by
electric funeral car from Thirteenth and West
;. Mission' streets. , .
HURD-In this city. February* ... 1911.'Jane;
dearly beloved wife of * Charles Hurd. and
... mother of Nellie Hurd; Mrs. J. Drew and Mrs.
■" C; Reese; a native. Of Ireland;.aged (W years.
' (Lynchburg. : Va.; papers please copy
- The: funeral will take place tomorrow
(Wednesday), at 9:45 a. m;, from the parlors
. of." Mcßrearty , & McCormick, 01.1 Valencia
street near . Twentieths, thence to St.- Peter's
( church, where' a requiem high - mass will »be
- •;, celebrated for the . repose «f . her .j soul.: com
mencing at 10:30 a. m. Interment Holy Cross
..;;,■ cemetery. ■ ;-V".t ~ •• *■*''.«
HURLEY— In; this city. February 6. 1911. An
■ drew Hurley, beloved brother, of James Hurley
: of Hartford, Conn., a native of Dingle," County
.' Kerry,- Ireland, aged 28 years ' and • & months.
A member of Knights of the Red Branch. .**
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully iff
. vited to attend the funeral, tomorrow (Wednes
.' day),'. February B,'. 1911. at 8:30 o'clock a. ■„
■■; from : the ■. funeral:■ parlors of * Green; ■ Ryan . _
i Donohoe, northeast "Corner of i Sixteenth ; and
11 Guerrero street,, thence to St. Joseph's church,
| where a : requiem mass i will ibe . celebrated \ for
I the repose of his soul, commencing at 9 o^elecfc.
Interment Holy Cross cemetery.,
KOCH—In this city." February- 6, 1911, Mar
garethe Koch, a native of Germany. \
. * ' Remains at ; the funeral parlor- of: I^ary
.": Brothers,. 2917' Twenty-fourth • street I between
* Harrison and < Bryant. ; Remains: will ■be -sent
'.- to Santa. Cruz tomorrow (Wednesday) morning
.'. for . Interment^M^naßjßMn__BßWl_H
LAMERDIN—In, this city. February .6, 1911.
. Frederick:: August.* dearly •- beloved husband *- of
1 the late Elizabeth Lamerdin, and loving father
of August. Emll and Charles Lamerdin. a' na
tive of Baden Baden. Germany, aged 63 years
5 months and 1 day. -"".:-• ■-*-.**
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
: vited to attend the funeral tomorrow Wednes
day). February 8. 1911, at 10 a. m.. from the
parlors of » Valente. * Marlni. . Marais & Co.. 649
, Green street between Stockton and Powell. -'.In
r. terment Mount * Olivet . cemetery. .- ' '. .*
Independent of the Trust '
For' $75 Will Furnish -Hearse,'i a. • ar
-.,** rlngen, Kinbalmtng, Shroud, and
Cloth Covered Casket '
Caskets at $85. as -good as' sold by -.Trust
--.. Undertakers f0r.*....vr..'rt.....**.... ..*...-, $65
Caskets ' at: $50.: as good las • sold by Trust
» Undertakers 'f0r."..............;*......:,-.'.-■ $90
Caskets at 1100. -a* good %* sold by Trust **-■■-■
"- Undertakers for .:.....*........*..;".. .*:. .*' $150
, 41 Van Ness Ay. MARKET 711
'■ -OR Montis') .A.V I HOIIK MSlfli!
>: -180.. Franklin Street, Oakland * -
Auto * Ambulance . and ; Carriages, for • Hire. •,'
1....,.:.*.»■;-.,,.■ Autc. at Same Price-. . ,■ I
The undersigned, daily travelers on the ferries between
Alameda, Oakland and San Francisco, deprecate the efforts
of ■ the newspapers and automobile clubs to force you to ■ allow
more than four; automobiles on a ferryboat at one time. We
believe : that such a * practice would \be unsafe, if rfct positively
dangerous, ,and that the safety of thousands of people * should
have consideration in preference to the convenience and comfort
of a few hundreds bent solely on pleasure.; We heartily com
mend your. Vice President's refusal to permit : such use of the
ferries and earnestly hope that his position will .be steadfastly
maintained. (Signed),
G. H. Pierce,
P. W. Barton,
D. H. Foote,
Geo. H/Mastick,
C. H. Edsen,
J. M. Likens, ;
H. H. Henrici,
A. E. Acklom,
John Lutgen,
Wm. Baiehr,
Jay W. Adams,
Alfred W. Pye, -
H. F. Chadboume,
Aug. Waterman,
Fremont Wood,
W. W. Dickinson,
James Tyson
Arthur M. Brown,
D..M: Henderson,
Jos. Durney,
O. C. Haslett,
C.M.: Goodall,
LU___-— ln this city. February 5. 1911. < James
| W. - Looey, : beloved husband of Johanna Lunny
and father of James W.. Charles W. and the
: late Joseph J. Lunny,' a'native of Quebec. Can
ada, aged 79 years 8 months and 28 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Wednes
day), February _. '1911, at 9:15 o'clock a. m.,
'" from his late residence. 3953 Twenty-fourth
street, thence to St. James church, where a
•requiem high mass will be celebrated for the
repose of his soul, commencing at 9:45 o'clock
a. .m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery. ; ,*
KARTELL—In this city; r February -'•». 1911.
Harry; Martell. a a native *of - San Fran
cisco, aged 30 years 8 months and 24 days;- A
member. of * Court California . No. 4, F. iof A.;
■ Eureka i aerie > No. ; 130, *F. ' O. E.,* of Eureka,
and Marine Cooks' and Stewards'; Association.
I "Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
. vited :to attend ■ the funeral today,(Tuesday).'
I February 7. 1911. at 9:30 a. m., from bis late
residence. 3143: Twenty-sixth street, thence to
St. Peter's church; where a requiem high mass
will be celebrated for the repose I of his soul.
st 10:15 a.m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
bers of Court California No. 4. F. of A;, are
requested to attend the funeral of our late
-. brother, . Harry . Martell, from - his late resi
;. dence, 3143 , Twenty . street near • Treat
avenue, today (Tuesday 1. at 9:30 p. m.
WILLIAM L. DOYLE. Chief Ranger. 1
F. E. KING. Fin. See. '. „'.. -
McOIHRE—In this city, February 6. 1911. John
J., beloved son of the late|Philip and Mary
* McGulre, and < loving brother' of Philip and
Thomas McGuire. a native of San Francisco,
aged 42 years 8 months and 11 days. A
member of Knights of the Royal Arch and of
San Francisco aerie. No.. .**,. F. O. E.
Friends.and acquaintances are respectfully in j
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Wednes
day), at 9:15 a. m.. from his. late residence.
-S»5 Twenty-sixth street between Florida and
. Bryant/: thence to St. Petef"s church, where
a-, requiem , high mass will be * celebrated for
the repose of his •Ml at 9:4' i a. m. Inter
- meat: Holy _ Cross cemetery. . *; :".
MERRELL— In San Jose." Cal.. February .3. 1911.
. Isaac L. Merrell. father of I. A. Merrell and
Mrs. J. T. Carroll and the late Mrs. Carrie
Ehlers. and grandfather of Mrs. - Walter Lee
". man.. Mrs. A. Borer and Elston J. Carroll, a
native of Staten Island. N. V.. aged 87 years
. and 5 months. (Sacramento and , New ; York
papers please copy.)
' Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral services -today
(Tuesday), - February : 7. 1911. on : arrival of
San Jose train at 1 p. m. Interment Cypress
Lawn cemetery. - :.*-
MUEH— In this city. February 4,- 1911. Isabella
I I A;, beloved wife of John N. Much. and beloved
I mother of . Walter G.,: Alfred H., Herbert N.
and Isabelle M. Much, a native of California.
* Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
• vited to attend the funeral today. (Tuesday).
:at 9:15 o'clock -a. -m..- from :the . parlors' of
llalsted & Co.. 924 Fillmore street, thence
to * St.' Dominic's church, where a - solemn re
quiem ■** high mass will be celebrated for the
repose. of . her soul," commencing: at TO a.' m.
Interment Holy Cross eeenitery. by automobile.
ALTA" PARLOR NO. 3. N. D. G. W.—Members
are requested to attend the funeral of our late
' sister. • Isabella Much, 5< today :-. (Tuesday),
9 a. in., from the undertaking parlors of Hal
sted -& •■ Co., Fillmore street i near McAllister.
.Br order * MRS. A. THL'ESEN, President..
C.L. FAULKNER. Secretary.
NORTON—In this city. February R. 1911. James,
. dearly beloved husband of Delia Norton and lov-
Ing father of \ Hazel. - Gertrude. George ■ and
James : Norton, a native of New * York state.
aged 47 years. ■'■ .'» -■ **..»'.': -.- ' . -
- Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
-1 vited to attend the funeral tomorrow i Wednes
I day). February 8. 191). at 9:30 o'clock a.m.."
. from the - funeral ' parlors of j Green. . Ryan A-
Dotinhoe, ? northeast - corner of - Sixteenth . and
Guerrero streets, : thence to St. Joseph's church.
I where a-, requiem - mass will ibe • celebrated for
'.they repose of | his soul, commencing at 10
. o'clock. Interment Holy Cross cemetery. - ■.-*,
PACKSCHER— In this city, February (>. 1911. J0
..: >epb. dearly,; beloved husband of Anna Pack-
Health and Beauty Queries
Julia __.: It is natural to grow
heavier during*; cold; weather, months,
but your weight Is increasing too rap
idly, and I: would .suggest a simple
treatment .which Is -splendid.: for .-.tak
ing off flesh.- ■ Get.' from, the. druggist
four ounces of parnotls and -dissolve
In IH- pints • hot water. .A* tablespoon
ful of «this-before, each meal will grad
ually t take t, off the * superfluous t weight.
This 'treatmentt Isf harmless, .costs = lit
tle i and ; requires .no starving, but ■ you
must-be sure to get parnotis. -.. \
'Elsie.l.:. It is ungallant for your
sweetheart to •". chide * you t about the
downy growth on your face,; but If you
follow these; simple directions-the; hair
can *• be easily,l removed: -: Buy • an• ounce
of delatone . from * your druggist,; mix a
little withienough*.water to make a
paste,. and j apply *to - the ; hairy f surface.
Let remain for two ;or three minutes,
then rub off and wash the surface well.
While *; delatone _ is . a ■' little * expensive,
one application * usually does the work.
' May: Stop fusing' face powders and :
try •■ this "liquid powder"! for that shiny i
look and your., complexion, will soon re
sume i its: natural* healthy tint: Dis
solve 5 four . ounces - ofi spurmax ?in - one
half j pint hot water, i add two teaspoon
fuls glycerine, shake well * and . let ■, cool.
.This applied |to j the skin's surface after
washing clears and cleanses it and gives
it a ? pink i and■> white ; glow not :obtain-1
able*. with - powder r. and .* rouge. Any
; druggist can supply spurmax, and 'it is
1 Inexpensive.".*-- *■_——-•.- ...-.-.- - ; .
i": Hermes: Face 'lotions'will not-rid'
your, face of its pimples and liver spots. '
This, condition la 'caused through im
purities in the blood finding *, their wav
to * the * skins surface. , What * you '** re
: quire is .a**: blood * cleanser? and, system
tonic,'; and if you will prepare this In
expensive recipe, the: skin <will become
clear., and .you •* will feel j much v* better:
Get an - ounce" of kardene ; from - your
drufrglstl and*,dissolve lin one-half t pint
■alcohol,: adding one-half . cup sugar,
then hot water -to. make a quart. -Take
a tablespoonful before each meal, and
I'm sure you will find? it excellent.; •T.
>. Bride: >Here is a splendid recipe for
a greaseless ;massage cream: Dissolve
John S. Partridge,
Karl C. Partridge,
08. Abraham,
Harry F. Gordon,
F. M.Avery,
Henry Ward,
Geo. L. Walker,
Frank Otis,
Norman F. D'Evelyn,
E. S. Brush,
A. H. Crookshank, -
A. M. Haslett,
Geo. W. Lewis,
J. C. Eichen,
i H. J. Knowles,
Chas. J. Wall,
Henry C. McPike, /
Jno. H. Speck,
C. M. Goodyear,
C. A/Bergstrom,
Jas. Greig, '*.;.
Wm. A. Mitchell.
sober and - loving father , of Mrs. Charles 1..
Oakes and Sellna Tackscher and beloved brother
. of | Edward Packscher and the late Mrs. I Eva
Abraham, a native of I Rotten, Germany, aged
71 years 7 months and 5 days."'
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Wednes
day); February 8, at 10 o'clock a. m.. from his
late residence; 1309 * Scott. street near Ellis.
Interment Salem cemetery by 11:30 a. m. train
• from * Third * and Townsend - streets. .
RUBENSTEIN— i this city, ' February; 5, 1911.
Albert Rubenstein; beloved I husband of , Sarah
Rnbensteln; a native of Russia, aged' 45 years.
(Hanford and Los Angeles papers please copy,
Friends are respectfully Invited ,to I attend
the funeral today (Tuesday); February 7, at I*B.l
p. m.", from the chapel of N. Gray & Co.. 2100
.Geary street corner of I>evisad*ro. *„ Interment'
Home of Peace .cemetery, by automobiles....
SCELBA— In this city. February 5; 1911, Mario.
~< dearly' beloved husband of Jennie Scelba '■ and
' devoted -- father of Annie Scelba. a native of
. Rome, Italy, aged 56 years 10 months and in
days. .^>___w^j(js_)St__^___fl£(fl__3___fp(^Mjij(jg
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to.attend the funeral, today (Tuesday).
February 7, 1911. at' 1 p. m.. from. the parlors
of Valente. Marin!. Marals & C 0.,, 649. Green
street between Stockton and Powell. Interment
Italian cemetery. \ ■ -. .-<■•',-
SILVERMAN-*-^ - this city. February 5, 1911,
Hannah Silverman. relict of the late Herman
Silverman, and beloved mother of Fred and
Henry Silverman. • a native: of Bavaria, aged
-80 years,3 months and 9 days.
Friends are respectfully * invited to attend
funeral services today (Tuesday!, Febru
ary 7. at 10 a. m.," at her late residence. 810
Broderick - street. Interment strictly private.
SOHST— In Oakland. February 8, 1911. J. F. W.
Sohst and Margaret Sofcst, his wife, beloved
:. parents of Mrs. 1.. A. Emlay. Nellie and.Wil
liam H. Sobst, Mrs. H. K. Elfen and Carl J.
■' Funeral services tomorrow (Wednesday! af
ternoon, February 8,. 1911. at 2 o'clock at the
parlors <of the Albert - Brown company. ; ,*72
Thirteenth street,, Oakland. Interment private.
THOMPSON In Alameda. February 6. . 1911,
Marfan Charlotte Thompson, dearly - beloved
daughter of Mr. and-Mrs. Mitchell Thompson,
and.loving sister of Ralph : M. : Thompson and
the late Margaret C. Thompson, a native of
Alameda,. Cal., aged- 1 year 8 months and 14
days. ii "|^.>*ai.>it>w^|;itn*i*.fi^i>r^i ji|iii I'm* IO
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral services tomorrow
(Wednesday), February: 8. 1911, at 8 o'clock
, a. m., from . her late residence,. 1710 Santa
Clara avenue, Alameda.' Incineration, Oak
. land crematory. .Funeral private. Please
.< omit flowers. L%yss^3Jjpg.-*. 1:
TRUESDELL—In this city, February ,6, ' 1911.
Elizabeth, : beloved ■■ wife of - the late George
Truesdell and mother of George A. and Fred-'
crick VV. Truesdell and Mrs. R. Warara/.Mrs.
George J. Beagles, Mrs. .8. Freeman and Mrs.
j J. S. Crawford, a native of Peterboro, Ontario,
aged 76 years 3 months and 23 days. .
• Friends are respectfully Invited to attend the
funeral services tomorrow (Wednesday), Febru
ary 8, 1911. at 1:30 o'clock p. m.. at the home
of her daughter, 4."i Noe street between Duboce
avenue and Fourteenth-street;- Interment Cy
press Lawn cemetery, by carriage.
WALSH— this city, February 2, 1911. -George
Walsh, a native of California, aged 53 years.
c* nual ' mass - for ■ the deceased' members • of the
Young Ladles', Institute - will be celebrated on
* Thursday. February 9.-at 9:30 a. m., in St.
Joseph's church. Chestnut street, Oakland, un
-, der the auspices of St. Joseph Institute j No.
Ho. Young Ladles' Institute. All members and
'friends of the order are invited to be present.
MARY E. SULLIVAN. Grand President, i
JOSEPHINE T. MOLLOY, Grand Secretary.
. ASA —We .herewith' desire to express our -
*.s sincere thanks to our - many friends for ■■ the
4 comforting sympathy and beautiful.floral offer-:
'Ings extended ins during tbe sad hours of our
- late bereavement;? 'l«^<--*3|Aaa|MMM_MB
an ounce of almozoin in : a half-pint of
cold .water,** add two - teaspoonf > gly
cerine, stir -.well and let stand for a
few hours. .Nightly ■ massaging with
this «almozoin, cream jelly softens the
skin- and . removes * blackheads.',while
its continued * use will , give to ' the , face
that perfect glow .of -youthful; health.
You will find-almozoin inexpensive and
any druggist can supply it.
•Anna G.: The condition you describe
is not eczema of the scalp, hut is likely
caused through: using Injurious soaps
or «■'• shampoo, mixtures, .which *. * have
robbed I the '. scalp ;of the , oily ** secretion
necessary to keep it In a healthy * con
dition. ■*.-■. I .am'sure i you can overcome
this If .you -buy* some canthrox and dis
solve a teaspoonful in a cup of hot wa
ter."*;.-. This; makes enough for one-good
shampoo, V.and., although Its._ cost* is
trifling, it stops itchiness and soon cor
rects the dry," scaly condition .of the
scalp. * It would be ** advisable to use
the quinzoin - hair: tonic." mentioned In
another I paragraph,. as It Is: a . splendid
tonic ;in rail, scalp and, hair troubles.
Maxtne: Your thin, straggly, falling
hair with "dandruff Is.due to a starve,, ;
condition*!of»the;hair.ifollicles, and « un .
less :soon• looked : after . will be a : serious.
matter. -* You *• can * make -*- an a exce_lsr-t '
and inexpensive hair tonic *at ; home <■ If
you get i an: ounce of quinzoin from the
druggist and dissolve it in one-half pint
alcohol."" then add one-half pint of ;wa
ter. This *» makes 'a full pint ■of excel
lent tonic for the hair, and a few care
ful . treatments t of - the \ scalp twith. th's
brings back the silky luster to -the hair,
and promotes' a 1 luxuriant growth.
•J. V. M.: You are right in < saying
that dull., listless eves detract . from
womanly, beauty." The burning f sensa
tion of -which you speak does not call
for eyeglasses,** but > * rather. :;■: an : eye
tonic. If you make up 'the following
simple .and j inexpensive; eye lotion **- you
will; obtain quick 1- relief: Get an ounce
of crystos. from-the drug store and dis
solve in a pint of warm water. One
or ' two ; drops ' of • this ■ harmless "liquid
in . each seye -will_ strengthen * the _ eve
muscles: and " renew • the sparkle to; the
eye,* . , -

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