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Miss Ernestine McNear to En
tertain Younger Set at
Fairmont Today
OAKLAND, Feb. 6.—Mrs Paul Dins
more will be a hostess of the month,
planning an affair at the Clareinont
country club on the moon of Thurs
day, February If. A large number of
the smart ;;et have received cards for
the occasion.
Miss Ernestine Near will entertain
tomorrow afternoon it the Fairmont, \
asking a coterie of the younger set
from both sides the bay to accept her j
hospitality. Miss McNear has been one
of the debutantes of the winter. She
will leave shortly for St. Louis, where
she will visit for several weeks as the |
guest of Miss Marian Turner, who spent j
a part of the early season in Calif or-J
nia as Miss McNcar's guest.
The announcement of the approaching
wedding of Archie Ross, son of Mrs.
Mary Ross, and grandson of the late
Mr. and Mrs. William Herrick, to Mrs.
Elliabeth Wallace of Eureka, la of in
terest to the friends of the bridegroom
elect's family in Oakland. Ross is a
graduate of the University of Califor
nia and has achieved success in his
profession i/ electrical engineer. He is
a nephew of Mra. Mark Requa. Mrs.
Wallace belongs to a well known fam
ily In the north.
Miss Peane Tlsdale. the popular Ala
meda bride elect, has chosen the even
ing of Tuesday, March 14, for her wed
ding with Edward Lelghten Varney. A
number of complimentary affairs are
being arranged In Miss Tisdale's honor.
After marriage the couple will take up
residence in the northern part of the
One of the bridge parties of the
month to claim a 'urge number of the
local smart set in the guest list is
that which Mrs. Joseph A. i.-inslor will
give at her home In San Francisco^, on
the afternoon of Thursday, February
lfi. Mrs. Chanslor is a sister of Mrs.
Charles Parcells, who will assist her
in the receiving party.
Mrs. Thomas Watson Cushing will en
tertain Saturday afternoon at cards,
the affair being the first at which she
has received since taking possession
of her new home. *
An interesting program of ensemble
music was enjoyed this evening by a
number of music lovers, who were en
tertained by Miss Cora Jenkins at the
Jenkins school of music in Randwick
street. The numbers were given by
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Savannah and Miss
Jenkins and included some Interesting
compositions. A romance by Tschai
kowsky, transcribed for two violins by
Savannah; a serenade in four move
ments by Sin-ling for two violins, and a
Bach sonata for violins and piano, were
heard with interest.
The wedding of Guy Smith and Miss
Endora Malinda Kelsey will be an In
teresting event of Saturday evening,
taking place at Epworth Methodist
church in Berkeley. More than 100
guests have been asked to witness the
marriage ceremony, which will be read
by Rev. .1. A. B. Fry. Miss Grace Kel
sey will attend her sister as maid of
honor. Roy Bailey will assist the
bridegroom. Miss Kelsey Is the daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. George Powers Kel
Robert Harnden gave one of his in
formal Sunday musicales yesterday aft
ernoon. It was largely attended by the
Berkeley musical .<*.. H. L. Mustard
of San Francisco was heard In a group
of songs during the hour.
In honor of Miss Elizabeth Remmel.
the fiancee of Dr. F. F. Jackson, his
sister. Mrs. M. M. Gonzales, will enter
tain at a prettily planned affair on
Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Frederick S. Rtratton will give
a dinner party Tuesday evening at her
residence, 1301 Harrison street, with
Sigmund Reel as the guest of honor.
Covers will be laid for 12 persons. An
Informal musical will be given.
Third Member of Trio Will
Take Chances Before Jury
OAKLAND, Feb. 6.—Robert Bocalich
and K. E. J. Coleman, alias Edgerton,
two of a trio arrested for grand larceny
accomplished through the medium of
a crooked card game, pleaded guilty
today before Judge Wells. Dusan Had
zlch, the third member, will appear for
trial In Judge Wells' court tomorrow.
He Is accused of a similar offense. The
other two admitted today that they
were his confederates in mulcting J.
Pavollch of ?3SO. _
Plan to Bend Berkeley for Im
provements to Be Considered
BERKELEY, Feb. 6.—School bonds
and finance will be discussed at a meet
ing of the City club of Berkeley in
Unity hall. Bancroft way. tomorrow
night. Frank F. Bunker, superintend
ent of schools, will open the discussion
a-1"1 School Directors Roy J. Young and
R. A. Berry will participate. A reso
lution will be presented opposing the
bill now, in congress prohibiting the
printing of return cards on stamped
postals. v , •
Dr. T. T. Read of Imperial Uni
versity to Talk on China
BERKELEY. Feb. *>.—Dr. Thomas T.
Read, former professor of metallurgy
of the Imperial Pei Yang university at
Tientsin, China, will address the mem
bers of the mining association of the
university in the mining building
Wednesday evening on "The General
Outlook of Mining In China." The lec
ture, which will be open to.the pub
lic, will be illustrated by lantern slides.
. BERKELEY, Feb. 6.—The funeral of
George E. Lawrence, .who died in San
Francisco Saturday, aged 44, was held
this" afternoon from his late home in
this city, r.tS Blake street. Rev. Rich
ard-M. Vaughan, pastor jof the First
Baptist church, conducting.the services.
Many friends attended. The body was
cremated at the Oakland 'crematory.
Lawrence was a brother in law of John
H. Whitman.
"■ •
• '*Just 22 roll'top office desks must be
sold at H. Schellhaas',' Oakland. ■■*.- :
Who Is Pastor of
Brooklyn Parish
Fiftieth Anniversary of Found
ing of Institution to Be
Celebrated .
OAKLAND. Feb. 6.—The jubilee an
niversary of the Brooklyn Presbyterian
church. Twelfth avenue and East Fif- '
teenth street, will be celebrated with an ]
interesting program beginning Sunday !
morning, February 12, and closing the 1
following Sunday. February 19. The
church was organized February 17,
1861, and has a history of 50 years,
making it one of the oldest churches
I In Oakland.
The anniversary services will begin
with a' jubilee sermon by the pastor
of the church, Rev. H. K. Sanborne.
Other services of Sunday will be a
Sunday school rally, beginning at 12:30 I
O'clock, in charge of William B. Wad- i
dell, superintendent. Greetings will |
be heard from a number of former su
perintendents, among them W. H. H.
Hamilton, Franklin Rhoda,. J. C.
Adrlance. William de Wolf and A. J.
McKnight. At 7:30 o'clock in the even
ing Rev. Hugh W. Gilchrist of Mount
Hermon will talk on the "Evangeliza
tion of California." The program fol
lows: .. 1 >
Tuesday evening— Brooklyn rally antl roll
call, with un organ reclral by J. 11. Goold; lec
ture. "Half Century of Hißt.ry." Mrs. W. 11. 11.
Hamilton; "Reminiseeaees of Early Days." by a
charter member. V. 8. Northey. ami other pio
neer members; poem. A. J. MeKnlght; message,
Rev. Frank Adams.
Wednesday evening, beginning at 8:15 o'clock—
Annas] dinner by ladles' aid society, music by
the Leach orchestra: auditorium devotional,
music by Henry 1.. Perry; annual reports and
election of officers, music by young people's
Thursday evening, beginning at 7:30 o'clock—
Annual missionary meeting, I'resident A. .1. Mc-
Knight presiding; devotional. Rev. 0. E. Hart:
installation at officers, followed by duet by Chi
nese girls; address. Miss .isMina Cameron;
music hr Miss Edith Hlhberd; brief m-sss-rcs
from Hrooklyn missionary workers, including
i Mr. and Mrs. John Russell. Rev. and Mrs. Clar
ence D. Herrlott. Dr. Llilian Shields. Rev. Ar
thur Hicks. Miss *'• .ii.in: greetings from Dr.
Sarah Vrooman of Indian. Ml. Edna Mc_ra*sv of
Itnb and Mrs. Lucy <- a y. Shasta Indiana.
Friday evening, beginning at 7:30 o'clock—Ad
dress. "Scotch-Irish In America." Rev. Alexan
der Eakln of St. John's church, Kan Franc sco;
music by Mrs. E. J. Jolly; "A Common Herit
age. History and Horizon." Rev. W. F. Laweoa.
Rev. L. L. Loofbourow. Rev. Orvl'.lc Coats; "One
Lord. One Faith. One Baptism." Rev. H. _
Hays, Rev. F. Kiiod*. Rev. _. A McAfee: greet
ing-. lltv. F. S. Brush and Rev. F. L. Good
; speed.
I Sunday, February 19. beginning with morning
I service at 11 o'clock—.Sermon. Rev. E. S. -Chap- ;
| man, former pastor; address, '-Toe Passion
I'lay." Rev. W. H. r.siulon, president, San Fran-
Cisco theological seminary. _.-;
Members Will - Petition City
Council for New Automobile
BERKELEY, Feb. 6.—Members of La
Loma improvement club will petition
the city to place the new Sea grave
automobile fire engine in the north
eastern section of the city. A com
mittee composed of G. H. Richardson,
Prof. A. S. Eakle, 3. B. Harve and
Prof. A. C. Lawson was appointed to
Interview the council at Its meeting
tomorrow morning. The • council has
announced that the new engine on Its
arrival will be placed In the North
Berkeley flrehouse at, Vine street and
Shattuck avenue.
—— — a
Berkeley Postoffice May Be
Closed on Sundays
BERKELEY. Eel,. 6.—Postmaster
Clarence S. Merrill Will forward to
Washington tomorrow two petitions,
one staining 13,400 signatures for the
closing of the local postoffice Sundays,
and the other of about '400 signatures,
against the proposed closing. Workers
for both petitions have been making a
lively compaign in this city for sev
eral weeks, and the closing petition,
framed by the carriers, will probably
be given preference.
Lad Missed Mother and Walts
at Hotel
OAKLAND. Feb. — James Blider
back, 14 years old. of Weed, is at the
Crellin ' hotel awaiting word" of his
mother. Mrs. C. M. Hetrlck .of Eureka,
whom he came here to meet: Saturday
night. He -failed to make connections
and missed his mother. The lad missed
a train at Port Costa, was carried back
to Sacramento by an error and was late
In arriving at Oakland.
OAKLAND. Feb. 6.— H. C. Tuck, ed
itor of the socialist paper, the World,
charged with criminal line] by". Captain
of Detectives'*-Petersen,: will: he tried
before Police 'Judge-Smith tomorrow
The veniremen-for the Jury have been
summoned by Sheriff Barnet,"Attorney
Austin 'Lewis,: counsel. for,. Tuck, re
questing that this duty be taken out of
the police department. The prosecution
■"■--— • !
I Berkeley School Superintendent
Addresses Pilgrim Brother
hood at Alameda Church
•» ____
1 ALAMEDA. Feb. "Religious In
} struction and the Public Schools'' was
j the subject of an address given tonight
! before the Pilgrim brotherhood of the
S Pint Congregational church by Super
intendent F. F. Bunker of the Berkeley
school department. In the course of his
tnlk the speaker said:
""Schoor officials have It -within their
power to. say. "We believe so strongly
tn the value Of religious instruction In
' providing a complete and vital educa
i tion for each child that we are' willing
| M each Wednesday afternoon to ex
cuse for half ■ day all children In .the
: public schools whose* parents desire
j them.to spend that time at the several
(churches in , religious study and wor
! ship.' ■**..* .
"There are M legal difficulties In the
way of such an arrangement. I asked
the state superintendent of public In
struction, Edward Hyatt,. who Is our
legal adviser in such matters, for an
unofficial opinion on this point. He
wrote to me that he saw no objection
to such a course either legally, morally
or In any other way.
'The only objection which society at
large could raise to this plan would
be the fear that this division of the
schools would Introduce sectarian rival
ries and jealousies. This might be the
result^ if we were considering some
European nation where sectarian feel
ing runs high, but 1 would not fear
It in this country now. for here such or
j ganizations have grown beyond the
doctrinal differences which in the past
j caused so much bitterness.*'
■ ' :*vi'i -
Halcyon Club Is Arranging an
Interesting Program
OAKLAND, Feb. 6.-—A vaudeville en
tertainment followed by a dance will 1
;be given Tuesday evening, February
21, by the Halcyon club of Trinity
• Episcopal church in Ebell clubhouse
! auditorium for the purpose of raising
! funds to install electric lights In Trin
ity church. Telegraph avenue and
' Twenty-ninth street
Among the features of the program
.'will he two choruses that have been
i coached by Lancelot Sucket and the
j presentation of a farce under the di
: rection of Falrchild Sherman.
The committee in charge is composed
of Fred Sherman (chairman), Nelda
_"vers and N.ward Sacks.
I The choruses include Lillian Ford,
; Mary Sherman. Mildred Diggs, Lillian |
I Campbell, Cary Mehan. Norma Lanable, i
Nelda Even, Lolita Tuttle, Margaret
j I&ek and Evelyn Loeder.
I Others who will take part are Reava 1
i Wortsk, Margaret Taylor. Alice James,
Will' Love tt and Lillian Gard.
Three Day Session 'Is Being
Held in Oakland
OAKLAND, Feb. The annual con
vention of the first district of the In
ternational Alliance ; of Theater and
Stage Employes of the United States
and Canada commenced a three day ses
sion at the Hotel Crellin this morning,
with over CO delegates In attendance
from California. New Mexico, Nevada,
Arizona and Colorado.
The meeting today was devoted to the
appointment of committees for the com
ing year. This afternoon the delegates
took a sight seeing automobile ride
about Oakland. Routine business will
be attended to Tuesday and Wednesday.
Among the prominent members of the
organization at the convention are Cart
M. Taylor of Los Angeles, sixth vice
president of the alliance; William H.
Haycock of Sacramento, John H. Mc-
Glnnls of Stockton, William E. Patter
son of Fresno, Charles F. Burgreen of
Denver. Colo.. F. £. Casey of Oakland
and John F. Kleley, president of the
Oakland branch of the organization.
*» m
Concealed Spring Raises Occu
pant From Seat
BERKELEY, Feb. 6.—Edward H.
Hoi. mechanician for the local depart
ment of the United States bureau of
Irrigation on the campus of the univer
sity, has Invented a new chair, designed
to aid invalids in arising from it. ;A
spring concealed at the side of the chair
releases the clutch and the Invalid Is
raised out of the chair with but little
The chair has been recommended by
Prof. D. T. Fowler of Los Angeles and
one is already in use at the Roosevelt
hospital in this city.
Hoff has had the chair patented and
may place it on the market.
Mrs. S. B. Caspar Asks $5,000
of P. Bakar
OAKLAND, Feb. 6.—Trial of the
$5,00. damage suit for false Imprison
ment i brought .by j Mrs. Sadie |B. Caspar
against P. Bakar, a butcher, was begun
today In Judge Wells' court.; Mrs. Cas
par was arrested *on a charge of. petty
larceny,, at the Instance of; Bakar. The
latter said that he had found her In a
room of his home and had missed cer
tain articles. Mrs. Caspar was in jail
about two days.
Silver Ware and Jewelry Stolen
From Berkeley Dwelling
BERKELEY.. Feb. Burglars en
tered the home of C. S. Quick, ISOS Le
Roy avenue, while; the' family was out
for dinner and stoje silver a-are" and
Jewelry valued at more than; $200. The
thugs made an entrance Into the home
by forcing the' rear door, after which
the;;dwelling was completely rifled.
j The police are conducting an' invest!
--| gation. * l'Tfl_pJW--wlWfW^S!B_WfflSHßrit
Daughter of •Noted Suffragist
Asked to Lecture
BERKELEY, Feb. *;.— Efforts are be
ing made ' by; members of * the , Berkeley
political equality; league to have, Miss
Sylvia Pankhurst. daughter 'of the vet
eran suffragist, speak In this city In the
near future. 1 Mrs. William Keith.. lead
er in the suffrage movement, 1- said that
Miss Pankhurst would a great factor
In the campaign shoula >ie come to the
Director of Museum Says There
Are 76 Species and Popula
tion Is 10,000
-. l—L\
BERKELEY, Feb. 6—Joseph Grin
nell, director of the museum of Cali
fornia vertebrate zoology, chief avian
enumerator on the campus of the uni
versity, has just finished an official
count of beaks and has announced that
the bird census for 1910 willapproxi:
mate 10,000 souls.
The census gathering process was
one of the most unique ever attempted
in the United States and in, his inves
tigations Director Grinnell had to
traverse with his assistants 530 acres
of level, woodland and hilly ground
comprising the campus of the univer
sity proper and Its watershed to the
east in the Berkeley hills., ■ _
In a bulletin Issued from the uni
versity he admitted that his estimate
was rather conservative. Attempts at
padding are denied.
The centers of • population are de
clared to be the oaks on the campus
and the dense thicket, on the north
slopes of the hills. .
The census gathering could not be
rushed,'as was the federal census last
year. Grinnell devised a plan in which
he divided th. bird inhabitants into
four groups.
These Enumerator Grinnell admits
are arbitrary on his part. He elimin
ated some, he says:
Beeaoae of the arbitrary limitation of the
present Hat to those species which have been
seen 80 the ism vers'.!.,- gran-da. a number of well
known birds of the San Kraneiaeo bay region are
notably missing. Many of these, such as barn
awallor.-. .Trllowthr.it. *<*___ bluebird anil red
winged blackbird, will doubtless be added ln
coarse of time, at least as transient. .
The reports show, that there are 31
different permanent resident species
on the campus, 21 winter visitants, 21
summer visitants. 3 transients, making
a total of 76 species.
Dr. William Cheney Speaks at
Oakland College
OAKLAND, Feb. 6._ The flrst 'of a
series of lectures to be given under the
auspices of the Oakland college of med
icine and surgery was delivered tonight
by Dr. William L. Cheney of San Fran
cisco, who spoke upon the subject.
"Duodenal Ulcer." The lecture was
given at the college building, Thirty
first and Grove streets.
Lectures will* be given every week
throughout February- and March.
Other speakers will be:
Dr. F. M. Huntington. "Operation and Con
servative Treatment of Tuberculosis Bones."
February *■'*: Dr. Henry J. KreuUnian,"Retro
Displacements, Their Significance end Treat
ment," February 20; Dr. (i. -11. Kvana, "Some
•''ironic N ->tiib»rcn|.iii» .I.nng Infections." Feb
ruary 27: Prof Ferdinand Ij-yta... '*l_r Ac
complishments In Radiography." March 6. • Dr.
(_____. C. Moffitt, "Tetanna," March 13; Dr.
Howard Morrow, Lantern Demonstration of
Skill Diseases." March 20; Dr. 1.-m.ley Porter.
•'Sotentl-lc Infant Tending.* With Some Important
Departure* Therefrom." Mat 2". \ .
The attendance Is limited^ to physi
cians and students of. medicine. -*
J. H. Dockweiler Suggested as
V Transbay Member
OAKLAND, Feb. 6.— J. H. Dckweiler,
consulting engineer of the city of Oak
land in its water rat© litigation, may
be the appointee of Oakland and Berke
ley to the Hetch Hetchy J conference
board of engineers, which is to present
a report at the hearing before Secretary
of the Interior Balllnger.
San Francisco has named as its rep
resentatives on the board Professor
Marks of Stanford university and E. S.
Freeman, one of the \ engineers in
charge of subway construction In New
York. The San Francisco supervisors
asked Oakland and Berkeley to appoint
the third member of the board.
J. D. Galloway, a Berkeley engineer
well informed on the Hetch Hetchy
project, also Is suggested as the third
member. The city officials of Oakland
and Berkeley are holding conferences to
select their representative,who will be
appointed in a few days.
President Don M. Roberts Pre-.
sides at Luncheon
BERKELEY, Feb. 6.—Thirty-five
members of the Merchants' exchange
gathered at the Hotel Shattuck . today
for the flrst of a series of' monthly
luncheons. Don M. | Roberts, president
of the organisation, was the toast
master, and a number* of local mer
chants ware heard on' subjects of in
terest to the association.
BERKELEY. Feb. 6.—The 60 new
cars which the Oakland, traction com
pany * will put "on - its Berkeley -and
Oakland lines will be of the pay as you
enter variety. The cars are now being
constructed in the ] shops of •> the Y. St.
Louis cur company and will soon be
ready for delivery. They will cost
$s,loo;each and represent a total In
vestment of $306,000.
BERKELEY, Feb. 6.—Josef Hofman,
famous pianist, will render the third of
a series of concerts before the Berkeley
musical association sln the auditorium
of the high school the evening of Feb
ruary 21. Only members of the associa
tion holding season tickets will be ad
mitted to the concert.*- Mayor - Beverly
I_ Hodghead is president of the local
organisation. a
OAKLAXD. Feb. 6.—Thirty-four; final
decrees "of divorce were granted. In th.
month of January, in /Alameda county,
according to. figures compiled today by
County Clerk, Cook, .-. pn« marriage was
annulled. - During : the same ■ month ,154
marriage licenses were -Issued * In the
county.* clerk's ': office. ' .The : number" of
new suits . for divorce filed '. during' the
month was 49. ,
| Marriage Licenses |
♦——— __—___—.— *.:.' ■■■:;,. - —. j
_OAKLAND," Feb. 6.— The following ' marriage |
licenses were "_ issued 'today: "."■ ■ • ■ !
.'John ! Nnnes, 38,'' Newark, and Maria G. I'cr- i
elra. 20, Irvington.
Manuel Cunha. .7, and Mary A. Harvey, 34,*!
both of San Francisco. j
George .W. * s.-hmuek. - 22. Spokane, and Clara
M. Bryant. 20,;, Oakland. * ■
John :Thomas. ■ 21, * Wheeling. W. Va., and
Florence R. Reeves,; IS, Alameda.
- Charles B. Hawe, 33, and .May _. Morris, 31. I
bo*l, of Berkeley. "I
Birth of Emancipator Occasion
for Services in Berkeley
Schools Next Monday
BERKELEY, Feb. 6.-*-With speeches
by veterans of the civil war, the schools
of Berkeley will celebrate Lincoln's
birthday next Monday. Stories of the
war will be 'told- by the speakers from
Lookout Mountain post No. 88, Grand
Army, that the memory of the days.of
the conflict may be kept alive.
Assignments to the schools have been
made as follows: Columbus—James W.
Thompson. Charles H. Burr, Levi Z.
Shrader,* Edward J. Tan. Emerson-
John 8, Boyd, Lyman Allen. W. A. Hud
dart, Henry Ayers; /Franklin—A. E.
May, James W. Thompson, Edwin C, Ar
nold, William A. Crowl; Hawthorne
W. H. Sells, -Patrick A; 'Graham,
George W. Hadden.'James Kelley: Hill-
William Kleinfelter.R. A. Ken
dall, Henry Lamp, W. H. Wiseman; Jef
ferson. T. H. Gilbert, P.-& Easton, Jo
seph Honor, X. .: M. Miller;; Lincoln—.J.
Schoonover, Gilbert . Sheppard, J. H.
Wilde, Richard McCoy; LeConte—O. G.
May, W. H. .Finney. J. B. Harris, O.L.
Newton;' Longfellow—A. B. . Olney,. An
drew Lepper, John Wagner, J. W. Pend
field; Oxford—William H. Wharff. J.
Henry Wynian, John T. Morrison, C. R.
Lord. -'rilMlilWtfWßtf
Joint exercises will be held by.the
WhltUer, McKinley and Washington
preparatory high schools' in < the audito
rium of the Berkeley high school,' at
which the veterans will attend :In a
body for addresses and other exercises
Friday. night. .
Auxiliary's 24th Anniversary to
$c Fittingly Celebrated
. Election of officers for the coming
year and a program of Scotch recita
tions and songs kept the'members of
the Channlng auxiliary busily occupied
and entertained j yesterday afternoon.
The .nominating, committee, consist
ing of Mrs. Frank Sumner. Mrs. Albert
Lyser, Mrs. F. H. Abbott.; Mrs. E. C.
Burr and Mrs. G. L.* Cunningham, pre
sented a ticket on which appeared the
names of those who have held office
for the last year, with two exceptions,
Mrs. A. E. Buckingham being chosen
as third vice president and Mrs. W. R.
Wheeler as , corresponding " secretary.
The ticket as proposed and elected Is
is follows: President, Mrs. C. E.
Grunsky; first vice president. Mrs.
Horatio Ward .-'fbbir.s; second vice
president, Mrs. Bradford Leavttt; third
vice president. Mrs. A. E. Buckingham; j
treasurer, Mrs. E.. W. . Stadtmuller;' re- -
cording, secretary,. Mrs. Raymond- B. j
Hollingsworth, elected- for the third
time; corresponding secretary,.. Mrs.
W. R. Wheeler; business secretary, Mrs..
Samuel W. Cowles.
Arrangements are being made for a
breakfast to. celebrate the twenty
fourth anniversary of the founding.of
the auxiliary. The affair is to take
place In the parlors of the First Uni
tarian church about the close oflFeb-
ruary. .*'',-.'.;. -.. : " «'"■". ■ „' - ' ■ "
-'The, program of the afternoon con
sisted of Scotch "recitations by , Miss
Rhoda M. Mitchell.
The hostesses of the afternoon were:
Mrs. Byron L. Jackson, Mrs W. J.
Gray. Mrs. W. P. Plummer, Mrs. C. D.
Rhodes, Mrs. H. F. Whlrlbw, Mrs. H.
S. Tittle and Mrs. William Ross.
Third Annual Reunion Will Be
Held Saturday
Graduates of the historic Lincoln
grammar school will assemble Saturday
night In the Bellevue hotel for! their
third annual banquet and reunion.* On
this occasion^ members of the class
graduated in 1873 will be welcomed
Into the organization, which began with
members of the classes of 1866 to 1871,
Each,, year graduates of succeeding
classes are admitted. Next | year grad
uates of the class of 1874 will be per
mitted to join the association. '„,
. The Lincoln jj grammar school, built
Just before the close of the civil war,
was erected In Fifth street at * a cost
of about $100,000. Many of the gradu
ates of j the famous.: public school are
men now. prominent in many walks of
life. The originators of the reunion
Idea were Thomas Burns, Alexander M.
Robertson, E.F. Green, Joseph Green T
berg and Arthur j Lev-lnsky. A perma
nent society was later effected, with
Thomas Geary, John Britton and David
Belasio as prime movers In its organ
ization. , .*' '','.. a" .la
. Officers of the society for; the. pres
ent year are: Joseph Greenberg, presi
■ dent; Alexander Robertson, vice presi
; dent; Thomas Burns, treasurer, and F.
G. Holber, secretary.
Will Not Be a Candidate Against
the. Incumbent Executive
„A LAMEDA. Feb. 6.—A. F. St, Sure, an
attorney of this * city, and "former.' city
recorder, announced today that ■,]■ he
would .not.be a candidate for mayor
against Mayor W. H. Noy at the spring
elections. St. Sure said that he was a
strong supporter of the incumbent
executive. , * _ /
Suburban Brevities |
' Captain at Detectives Walter ,J. : Petersen * la
confined' to ■ his * home '. with an * attack: of Is
grippe. ;• He *: may be absent from bis office
. for several days. ''THpgllßMffßjJ.'nfl .fa-Bill
Inventory and appraisement of the late.Marl
' etta Btetfanonl.. widow « _ -the a* pioneer Jew-"
ler. was filed today. "* It accounts for property
Jto the value of $11.604.70., -*■ ..:*-' /
W. F. FLETCHER JU. Oakland. Feb. 6.
1 Willard F. Fletcher Jr., son of Captain Wll- I
lard F. Fletcher,who for. yeiira was a member
-of the Oakland police department,' died In San
. Francisco, February 3., lie was born In Stock- |
ton .1 sears ago.-- ".-f
6.—According * to. the report of County Treas
tirer Kelly, there Is a "balance of!' 11.-27,556.01
In the , county .treasury. The receipts during
. tin- month of January were : $11ii.08",."3 and
the dlsburieinenrs t_W,MS.I4. -3B_BBgM_B(
SLIDE BLOCKS *BOAD-^Hayward. .Feb. 6.— A
landslide > on > the Crow i Canyon road. Just ■ be
yond th* Geary.ranch, has destroyed the bridge
erected by. the county to span the ravine made
by a ■ former .. slide and baa ■ blocked *. all ' traffic
'i on the , thoroughfare. t. County. Surveyor Havl
'> land - plennlng -.to temporarily j bridge L'tb*
slide. The bridge, costing $2,100, was carried
-Into the creek." ,;.,' '•: ■ >',* ■
BAD" FIBE >. AVEBTED—Oakland. Feb. 6.—But
, for ' the i quick ; work * on ' the • part • of < Oakland
■ i traction I employe* .In responding -. to the ' alarm
. and ; subduing ■ the ; flames, , the - entire .block' of
■ frame . dwelling, on the i north t side ' of .{ East
Fourteenth street between Ninety-sixth* and
- Ninety-seventh »avennes, l* la '_ Eli-hurst, would
I bare < been j burned last evening when j the Elm
,• burst.cafe lunch' counter caught on fir*.
WATER 1" KAIKI Bt_R_TS— Oaklaud, * Feb. fi —
; Basements, yards "and flower floors ■of w more
than a score, "if lions- were.flooded thla after
noon anil a portion of the roadbed of the Oak
■ ■ land traction company** Hayward line washed
.out when one ot the big main* of the I'eople's
;:" water ' company burst under the car tracks rat
Eighteenth avenue and Rant Fourteenth street.
In Kltchbnrf. - Car. service i was delayed t uutil
. the break could be repaired '"^____B_____m
Edith Chipchase,
Who Won Honors in
Fancy Dress Ball
Graduate of University Re*
warded for Most Unique
Dress at Mardi Gras
BERKELEY. Feb. - 6.—Miss Edith
Chipchase, who was graduated from the
university with the class of 1908. cap
tured the honors at the Mardi Graf, hall
of the Prytanean honor society of the
upper class women of the university
last Saturday night. She was given a
handsome California pennant by - the
committee in charge of the affair after
Prof. David Barrows, the Judge, had
declared that her costume was the
most unique. ■ -■ *
At the fete, which is an annual affair
of the society. Miss Chipchase wore the
dress of an Indian squaw, elaborate
with the beads and the blankets of the
wife of an Indian chief. She attracted
considerable attention, and Professor
Barrows awarded her, the prize, over a
number of other students who had eos
tames especially made for the occasion.
Miss Belle Clarke, general chairman
of the fete,* announced today that more
than $.00 was realised from the vaude
ville show, moving pictures and Mardi
Gras. The proceeds will be divided be
tween the students* Infirmary and the
fund for the building of Girton hall.'the
proposed | headquarters for the senior
women on the campus.:
E. S. Rowland, Who Stole $100,
--000 From Bank, May Be Freed
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
HEALDSBURG, Feb. The friends
of Edward- 8. Rowland, former cashier
of the Bank of Healdsrurg, are prepar
ing "to seek a. pardon for him. Row
land, while cashier of the now defunct
Bank of Healdsburg, robbed it of more
than $100,000, according,to his confes
sion to Bank Commissioner Watson, at
the time. the t shortage was discovered,
and „. after, a »hard fought" trial In the
superior court was sentenced ;to six
years in San Quentin. He has made a
model prisoner, and as the amount lost
was made good by bis aged father and
other?, is believed Rowland has been
sufficiently-punished.' .* .
r "* * ■ ■ ■**•* '' *■ ■
Cloverdale Is Anxious to Have
California Birdmen Exhibit
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
V CLOVERDALE, Feb. The manage
ment of the Cloverdale citrus fair,
which is to be held here February 22
to: 25,; inclusive- is making ;an effort to
secure the services of Fred J. Wiseman
for an aviation meet on the opening
and closing day.: of the fair. .. '.."-.-.:-;r
--; Wiseman , is- the; Santa Rosan '„.who
made . his ** own:. aeroplane and success
fully flew with it at the aviation meet
In San Francisco.
, He is the first,native Callfornian to
win. prizes; at, an aviation "meet: ln a
machine of his own manufacture.
Learns That Trout Return to
Stream They Spawned In
[Special Dispatch io The Call] ■ ','■.":
SANTA CRUZ. Feb., 6.—After .'several
days of, experimenting .at the .fish
hatchery; station*, on ii Scotts. creek. Pro
fessor ;Gitberti.yesterday- caught .eight
of "a.; number., of stecl.'ieau i trout; which,
after being tagged, were, thrown back
Into, the ..stream last year. After
an : examination•'of the eight spec
imens. .Professor Gilbert perceived; un
mistakable signs of a regular arrange
ment .of cmarkings; on t.-irVbo'"'''---.
plalnlly; indicating.' periods In their
growth, which 'enabled him to cjrr.;;
the different ages, of the fish -; from the
dates inscribed on the tags. *
;C— : TheMinisterial association held a special
meeting today t.i pay a tribute of respect to
Rev. ' Robert : Cornell, , rector: of . St.'. Stephen's
' Episcopal church, who leaves to aaaunM a new
chare* •In ,- Victoria, .B. C. ■ Resolutions' of, re-
I .* gret were adopted. ■;*'?,*_i^3EJ^i*Jyjy*__fS
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can quickly be overcome by
Purely Te-getable jr&nj**
—act rur-Jv and &a££s_~C . TVTC f_rf
gently oa t_e >S?*S«4 U\RTtRS
Ever. Cure J_%fe£& <S?>T TLS
B-ioume-^^" >_T H»VER*'
Deis, and l_dige____ They do their doty.
Small P2l, Snail Dose, Small Price,
Genuine »u«b__ Signature x
Dalton Wants Recommendatii
of His Request for More
deputies in Office
OAKLAND, Feb. «.—-County Assessor
Henry P. Dalton's request of the grand
Jury to.be given an opportunity to lay
before It the needs of his offide in the
shape of additional deputies and In
creased salaries for them was heeded
today and the grand jury held a session
this afternoon, at which Palton was
present. .'V, - * V *
"The county assessor insisted that re
cent i legislation ; had' greatly Increased
the duties of his office and made neces
sary, the employment;of, more deputies.
He said that the work i that will be
begun March 1 can not be properly done
without more help. ' -
, In a report on the needs of county
officials which the. grand jury sent, to
the', legislature '; last week the recom
mendation was made to - give Dalton
no additional help, the report stating
that he could get along very well with
what, he had. ' .
The grand jury gave out no state
ment today as to whether It had under
gone a change of mind as the result of
Dalton's interview with It this after
noon. " Its final report is being pre
pared and will probably be made public
In a few days. , A venire for the new.,
grand jury has already been impaneled. .
Petticoat Votes Will Decide Re
call Election "■ Today .. ,V
SEATTLE, Wash.; Feb.: 6.—The cam
paign for the recall tomorrow of Mayor
Hiram C. GUI closed tonight with a
great meeting downtown addressed by
Mayor Gill and with numerous meet
ings in all : parts of the 'city. in.'the in
terest of j George W. Dilling. -candidate
of the Public Welfare league.
Mayor Gill was, elected In March of
last.year by 3,300 plurality, but car
ried only four downtown wards and
lost the other" 10. The women's votes
will be the determining, factor tomor
row and will be the first test of woman
suffrage in Washington. Of the 71,000
voters registered 22,000 are women.
The recall petition alleges:
That during the time Gill has
been mayor ne has shown him
self to be incompetent and unlit
for the position.. .•
That he has abused the appoint
ive power by selecting tor _,».-»-..»-•.
" and political reasons men person
ally unfit for the offices for which
they were "appointed.
That ho has wholly failed, re
fused and neglected to perform his
• official duty by enforcing the crim
inal laws of the city.
That he has permitted Seattle to
become a home. and refuge tor the
criminal classes.
That he baa failed to enforce Im
partially the laws and ordinances
of the city. .-. *
That continuance In office of Gill
. i.- a menace to the business enter
prises and moral welfare of the
■ city. -, * --.'.-;,.: . -„-'*
Hazel Wadsworth to Become
Mrs. Malcolm Youker
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SA_\"TA * ROSA, Feb. 6.—The engage
ment of Miss Hazel M. Wadsworth. the
daughter of Mr., and. Mrs. James D.
Wadsworth of this city, to Malcom G.
j Youker. son of Mr. and Mrs. G. G.
i Youker of Rincon valley, has been an
nounced. The announcement is the
I culmination of a romance begun, at
j Stanford university, when both were
I freshmen in the class of '10. Youker Is
i In Hilo, Hawaii, employed as an engi
neer on railroad work, and Miss Wads
worth expects. to -sail ** this month to
meet him in Honolulu, where the cere,
mony will take place. They will live
m Hilo. Miss Wadsworth is an accom
plished musician and a leader in a large
circle of friends. * Her father Is a com
mercial traveler for a large.San Fran
cisco wholesale Arm.
BOBBERS BAID BASK—Unwood, Kan.. Feb. 6.
* Three _M>ber_ early today blow open the wife
• of the _.tu-*O-d state bank, secured $1,800 la
' . ilrer and currency and escaped. .
i _■ „-.. *-.•.-.- • .■■ . ... r ■.
Try This Home-Made
Cough Remedy
| Costs Little, But Doe* the,-Work
i; '< Quickly, or Money Refunded.
-_HL X one t pint of granulated sugar
with H pint of warm* water, and stir
for 2 minutes. Put 2M. ounces of Pin
ex iflfty cents' worth) in a pint bot
tle; then add the Sugar Syrup. Tako
a teaspoonful every one, two or three
hours.. »*--.-.-.«■---. ■-.
.You will find that this simple rem
edy takes . hold of a cough more quick
ly than anything else you ever used, .
Usually; ends a deep seated cough in- v
i side -of _-. 24 * hours., Splendid, too. for ft
whooping couch, chest pains, bron- ■
chitis *. and other ; throat troubles. It*
stimulates the "appetite and Is slight
ly laxative, which helps end a cough.
This recipe makes more and better
cough syrup than you could buy
ready made for - $2.50. It keeps per
fectly and tastes pleasantly. ■ - „.
Plnex Is the most * valuable concen
trated <; compound of Norway white
pine extract, ; and Is rich «* in - guiaicol
and - all * the ■_ natural pine »■* elements
which are so ' healing to the mem
branes. Other . preparations will not
work In this formula.
] .;.. This * plan ** of * making cough syrup
with * Pinex and * Sugar Syrup - (or
strained t honey) -has' proven so popu
lar . throughout the -United States and
Canada that it .is often Imitated. But
I the old.*** successful * formula has never
\ been equaled. \ '■*-.■.,
- "A-' guaranty of absolute satisfaction,
I or money, promptly, refunded, goes with
; this recipe. - Your, druggist has Plnex or
will get it for you. If not, send to The
| Plaex Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Branch Offices
Subscriptions and advertise
. ments will be received in
< San Francisco at the follow
. ing ■offices:
Marks * & Flnck *..**
Open ' until * 11 * o'clock: every night
Miller'- Stationery Store
' Blake's ~ Bazaar
*:-.■*! M 8 . VAX •* NESS '. AVEXUE
Parent's Stationery**. Store
Tremayne's r Branchy .
Jackson's Branch
07. VA„E_.'IA . STREET
Halllday'. Stationery Store
. Maas Bazaar. Tel. ■ Mission J283

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