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Fiancees Are Feted Along With
Yo»:ng Matrons Back for
Visits to Home Folks
OAKLAND, Mar. h 7.—Mrs. Tellens of
York will be the guest at an
Hte luncheon over which Miss
Mona Crellin will preside tomorrow
afternoon at the family resi
\lice street. Mrs. Tellens
is a cousin of her h< c will
v.embered Ha Morgan
n Francisco, exceedingly popular
in the smart set across the bay before
marriage. Miss Creliin has
asked a number of Mrs. Tellen's for
mer friends to meet* her. Bridge
b* the diversion. A number of
compliments will he offered
Mrs. Tellens before her return to the
Mrs. Harold Spense Blask and Mrs.
Norman Lang shared In the honok
of an informal afternoon today, a?
■which Mrs. George E. Whitney en
tertained. A game of cards was
rounded out by tea. . Mrs. Lang has
been spending: the later winter in
Oakland from her home In Portland. ..
Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. Greene %rre
expected to return from their honey
moon next Thursday. The wedding
journey has included a tour of the
southern part of California. Mrs.
Greene, who was formerly Miss ITollie
Mathes, will be on* of the most
feted young matrons of the late
season. _,<?*.
' • • ■ '• J ' '
Mrs. Samuel Weston Is being wel
comed to Berkeley for a short visit,
a number of affairs being planned in
compliment to her. Mrs. Weston was
formerly Mis-s Louise Eastman, one of
the best liked girls of th* smart*set
around the bay.
• * •
Miss Harriet Stone will be a^hostess
at cards on Friday afternoon, k asking
a number of the girls of the younger
set to meet ■'is* Alice Albright,
pretty fiancee of Frederick Farnum.
The wedding of Miss- Albright and
Farnum will take place late In April.
Miss Morblo will be the Inspiration
for a thimble bee and tea, at which Miss
Edith Cramer will entertain a score
of the younger girls at her home in
Alameda on Thursday afternoon.
Morbio will leave shortly for Europe,
where she will spend several months
in travel with her parents.
• • »
One of the delightful affairs.- late
last week was an afternoon at bridge,
at which Mrs, Charles Parcells enter
tained at her home in Kingston avenue,
a r.,»erie of the younger matrons
accepting her hospitality.
• • "»
A series of compliments to Mrs.
lr Hall are being planned Im
mediately following Easter. For the
r Mr. and Mrs. Hall are the
guests of her parents., Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Houghton. Immediately fol
lowing their wedding of more than a
season ago the young folks went to
the islands to reside, but have re
turned to remain permanently. As
Miss Ruth Houghton. Mrs. Hall was
one of the popular girls of Oakland.
Mrs. Henry TVestbrook has' chosen
Wednesday afternoon, March 15, for a
bridge and tea party for her sister*
in law, Mrs. William Westbrook, and
her nephew's fiancee, Miss May Pal
• mer. The bethrothal of Miss Pal
mer and Edward W>sthrook was
formally announced last week, when
the bride-elect entertained In Mrs.
Westbrook's honor. Mrs. Westbrook is'
visiting the bay cities from her home
In the. northern part of California.
Program for Tomorrow Night in
Rehearsal Two Months
OAKLAND, March —The' opening
concert of the third season of the Stew
*"t orchestral club will be given next
Thursday evening at the Macdonough
theater under the direction of Alex
ander Stewart. , f
Mrs. Alma Berglund Winchester, so
prano, accompanied by \ Mrs. Clarke
Pomeroy and Miss Mildred Porter, will
assist the orchestra. Rehearsals for the
coming affair have been held for the
last two month*. The program: '
"Military March".............. ... .Schubert
Symphony In B minor (unfinishedl ...^hubcrt
. Allesrro— Andante < con moto
"Grande Value" " ..Veozano
"If I Only Knew"......-.'.........Liza Lehmann
"Comme Va?" 7 TobU
■? Mm. WtncbMttr
Meditation from "Thal«" Massenet
Violin obllfito solo. Miss Carrie M. Brtght.
Value from ballet "Dornroseben".. .Tuehaikownky
'•Russian Romance" Rudolph Friml
■ "Mt Heart Brer Faithfu1"...............: .Bach
With accompaniment of string octet and piano.
; "Are Maria".;.' .........'......... Con nod
Arranged from a prelude for piano by ifaeh
Mm. Winchester «
• 'A.i*gio from "L'Arlenienne" unite Bizet
String orchestra.
Owture, "I.ieht ra»alry" .".......:...... Suppe
AT $25,000 BY HEIRS
Trial of Suit Begun Agairfst the
Oakland Traction
OAKLAND, March 7.—Trial of a
$26,000 damage suit brought against
th« Oakland traction company by the
helr« of the late Mary Purdy began
today in Judg^ Ogden's court. Mrs.
Purdy was killed on April 17, 1910, hy
being caught between two streetcars
at Broadway and Ninth streets. The
plaintiffs are her husband, Charles
Purdy. and her two daughters, Hazel
Newell and Maud Wilson.
Emergency Treatment Refused
for Fractured Leg
OAKLAND, March 7.—Robert B.
Nixon fell 20 feet from a building at
Thirty-second and Chesnut streets this
afternoon, suffering a broken right
>X and Internal injuries. He was
taken to the receiving hospital, but
'atives Insisted on removing him
before anything was done for him.
Civic Section of Ebell Makes
Analysis of Organic Law
OAKLAND. March 7.—The new char- '<
ter of Oakland was > analyzedi and dis
cussed at -the civic section of the Ebell !
club, which met this morning. The
members of ; the club gathered >In 'the
afternoon for a business meeting.
--; »" ;-:,
March —Arbor ■ and fclrd ■ day wag obaerred
here "this morning 111 all the public schools.
. Bpectal program* were given and , the pflpll*
were addressed bjr wutuea liom tUe Adeipbian
club. ..
Reginald B. Cooke,
Le Conte Memorial
Fellowship Winner
Student of Philosophy and Chess
Player Captures Place
at Harvard
BERKELEY, March 7.—Reginald B.
Cooke, who was graduated from the
University of California with the class
of 1909, hes entered Harvard univer
sity to pursue a higher course in
philosophy to which department of
study he devoted most of his time
here. On account of his brilliant
work In philosophy ar.4 ' psychology
Cooke ■won honors in the two depart
ments ftnd has been appointed Le
Conte memorial fellow.
While a student at the university
Cooke was known best on the campus
as a chess player, being leader of the
team which met Stanford on three
occasions. He plays" chess as bril
liantly as' he discusses philosophical
According to letters received by his
friends, Cooke intends to pursue an
academic carter and he may return
to the university as an assistant in
the department of philosophy.
Escort of Honor Also Consists
of Young Women
OAKLAND, March 7.—With 25 young:
women as an escort of honor and four
as honorary pallbearers, the lato Miss
Katherine Johnson, a nurse of Provi
dence hospital, was buried today.
Funeral services were conducted at St.
Erancls de Sales church, with Rev.
Father Cantwell officiating-. Tho rites,
were witnessed by the nurses and sis
ters of the hospital and the medical
The coffin was decked with lilies of
the valley, and many tokens of friend
ship were offered hy the associates of
the*"young nurse, who died at the hos
pital Sunday morning after a short
The active pallbearers were mfn at
tache* of the hospital. The honorary
pallbearers were Miss Kate Courtney,
Miss Nellie Kauffman, Miss Julia Greg
ory and Miss Bertelson. Burial was in
St. Mary's cemetery.
Federal Officers Think Evidence
of Robbery Insufficient
OAKLAND. March 7.—Captarfi of De
tectives Petersen has been informed by
Postofflce Inspector "W. J. Maderos that
the federal government will place «o
charge against P. J. Gallagher, alias
Fels, the mailbag thief, who is being
held for extradition at El Paso, Tex.
Maderos said the evidence in the mail
bag thefts was scanty, while the police
here have a charge of forgery against
Gallagher, with evidence sufficient to
convict. He will ho tried for the for
gery, and taken over by the postofflce
authorities only if acquitted in the Ala
meda county courts. Detective Kyle
will go to El Paso with extradition
papers to bring Gallagher here for trial.
Report of Inadequate Housing
Facilities Investigated „
OAKLAND, March 7.—An inspec
tion.^ the county Infirmary was made
today by clubwomen, as the result of
the recent report of the institution's
superintendent, Dr. "W. A. Clark, who
said that he was compelled to use at
tics, hallways, barns, sheds and tents
to house the patients because the place
was overcrowded. Those who made the
inspection were Mrs. L. P. Crane, Mrs.
Leon Hall and Mrs. J. B. Hume.
■——— —: ' 1 — «-
Marriage Licenses
* OAKLAND, March 7.—The following iseaarriage
HceD«>B were issued today: » ■ -■ .. ■■ . . ,
. Maurice 'A. White. ■ TO. and ' Josephine A. Hot
ton. 29. both of : Berkeley.
Howard Jones, 27, and Laura A. Newman, 25,"
both 'of ■ Berkeley. . : • . - ■ •'■•.-■■.
William :A. '■ Baker, ■ 21, ■ and' Nellie: Baker,', 21.
both of San Francisco. , ■ . ' .
if Jl -~^T%' JP-te. 19 ■' '. The bearing of children la frequently
]S*& ~&^'^l JFJ? followed :by poor ;. health. • for " the
J*fM&£jjfsfjj£A/jf mother. This supremo crisis of life
j^gr £ f&rfiPw'&'&^if W§y finding her physical system unpre
>•% gM^ . Mrf^mi^* § pared - for the demands of nature,
jt/^^S* y"^J y# A ' eaves ;her ■with -weakened resistive
yjtg(jrty^W-JWMJh^/jMaCM- powers• and: sometimes ; chronic . ail
f^fly&rJ PwrW^F meets. This can be avoided JI
Mother's Friend is used before the coding of baby, and the healthy woman can
remain a healthy mother. It is the only remedy that perfectly and thoroughly
prepares the ; system for healthy motherhood, and > bring! ] about • a natural ;j and
| easy consummation of the term. Women who use Mother's Friend are always
saved much suffering when the little one arrives, and more quickly, and
with no ill effects, or chronic troubles. ,- Every expectant aether should safeguard
her health by using Mother*! Friend, ')'■-,'% ■■■J&T- mKm ''&' »ft
thus preparing her physical condition ' .: Jv^Tylfl J~f} J&/J A : *
for the hour of motherhood. This JJ a,j£ >/>/ Jl£^£/IJ '
medicine -is . for' sale :at . drug stores, O^- Ir i^puf/i vrJßi wr.W^ wr^ (
Write for free book for expectant j^*^^7 o't 9 ' ■■'■#'
mothers. f^/Pl Slf
Atlanta, Ga. WrX~WWWrJWWW
Electors Will Decide May 16
Whether Indebtedness of
$2,993,900 Be Incurred
OAKLAND, March 7.—Two botiding
I propositions, one for $2,493,900 for new
schools and Improvements to the pres
: ent buildings, and the other for 1500,
--j 000 for a municipal auditorium, will be
i Milimitted to the voters May 16. The
; "itv council has adopted resolutions
| Calling the special election, the riHte to
i follow immediately on the general mu
[ nicipal election, so that election ex
penses may be minimized.
The school bond issue has been ad
vocated by improvement clubß in al!
sections of the city and is urged by
the board of education as imperative,
owing to the rapid iti'-rense in school
attendance. The amount which will be
necessary to make scflool facilities
adequate was decided upon by the
board of education in conference with
a spe<|iaJ council committee, headed by
Oliver Ellsworth,, chairman of the au r
diting and finance committee.
The auditorium proposition waa
joined with the. school bond project on
petition of the chamber of commerce
and other commercial organizations.
The propositions will be voted on sep
arately. If both are carried the city
will issue bonds in both to the amount
of $2,993,900.
The school bond proposition Includes
$735.000 for hijrh schools. Two Bites
are to be, acquired, one at Broadway
and Forty-ftrst streets, for $85,000, the
other in East Oakland, for $40,000. On
one of these sites will be erected a
$."(10,000 building for the manual train
ing and commercial high school. The
other site will be acquired for a new
building In future for the Oakland
high- school at Twelfth and Jefferson
streets. The high school apportion
ment also includes $IR,OOO for an addi
tion to'the fohn C. Fremont high
school grounds in the annexed district,
and $80,000 for -van addition to that
For grammar and primary schools,
the issue contains Items for 14 new
buildings, costing in all _$1. 163,000.
Twenty-eight sites and additions to
sites are provided, at a total cost of
$592,000. Among the new school build-
Ings are the following:
Dewey school building, *100,0O0; College «•■
no« wtiool building, $100,000; Longfellow school
bo!M]n)r. 1100,000; Washington nlditlon. $100.
--000; Ailendale addition, 110,000; Thirteenth aTe
nue bulldjug, 175,000; Emerson school building,
$160,000; Durant building, ,-$160,000; : Peralta
heights building. $43,000: fourth and Mar
ket streets (building, (65,000;, Lockwood school,
$75,000; P%rk and DITUIon Ktreets building,
$T3.000; Perry street building. $85,000.
Tour of East May Be Prolonged
Across Atlantic Ocean
BERKELEY, March 7.—The Glee club;
of the University of California, which
will make its annual trip to Chicago
and other cities of the east at the close
of the spring semester In," May, is mak
ing plans to continue to .Europe for a
series of concerts.
y The singers with /^tie mandolin ; club
will give a concert in the Hotel St.
Francis on the evening of March 15 be
fore a number of society men and
women of the bay cities. The patron
esses will be:
Mrs. Phebe Hearst * 'Mrs. Henry Crocker ■ :
Mrs. Edgar de I've Mrs. 3nm»z Otis
Mrs.- Frederick Tillman Mrs. Bavlord -■-.-'.'". ■'/
Mrs. McLaren Mrs. Harry Williams
Mrs. C. S. Foster » Mrs." M. H. 'le Young ,
Mrs. J. W. Milliard Mrs. C, 8. Wheeler y
Mrs. Helen Nevffnark, Califor
nian for 60 Years, Passes Away
BERKELEY, March 7.—After having
lived in California for the last 60
years, Mrs. Helen Newmark, widow of
Joseph H Newmark, died last night
at her home, ISM Oxford street, at
the age of 76 years. She was a native
of Germany.
Mr.«. Newmark had lived in Berke
ley for lfi years. Her husband was
a commercial man, doing business in
San Francisco and Sacramento. Four
children survive. Samuel, Amelia H.,
Herman and Milton Newmark.
The funeral will be*held from the
family Jiomf- at 10:30 cTclock Thursday
morning. Burial will be in the Home
of Peace cemetery, San Mateo county.
Two Engineers Named to Re-
port on Sources of Supply
BERKELEY, March 7.—The city
council has appointed J. D. GalloVay
cf Berkeley and J. H. Dockweiler as
engineers to investigate -water sources
for the bay cities. They will work in
conjunction with a board from San
Francisco. Galloway will report on
Sierra supplied and Dockweiler on Ala
meda county sources. The expense,
about $5,000, which will be shared by
Berkeley, Oakland and Alameda, will
amount to $1,000 for Berkeley.
Jurist Expected to Resume His
Duties Shortly
OAKLAND, \tareh 7.—Judg© W. H.
Waste, who has been confined to his
home by illness for the last few days
wag reported convalescent today. It
was believed at first that he wai
threatened with appendicitis. He is ex
pected to resume his duties on the
bench in a few day*.
FLOWEH CAEKTVAL- Berkeley, March 7 —The
flower carninil for which the board of trade
has been making arrangements will he held
May 11. 12 and 13, according to an announce
tnent made at the hoard's meeting list niftbt
Commission to Equip. School
Yard for Children During
Summer Vacation
OAKLAND. March 7—The * play
ground system will be extended into the
annexed district this summer by the
opening of a temporary playground in
one of the schools during the vacation
from June 2 to July 31. A staff ?of
supervisors will be. paid by "the play
ground commission to take charge of
the grounds and direct the children in
games. ( '
This action was decided upon by the
playground commission today. "* Three
summer playgrounds: will : be • main
tained, one at the Tompkins school;
Fifth and Linden streets, one in North
Oakland and the third in the annexed
district &BHBg
The North Oakland and annexed dis
trict schools have not been selected.
If deemed necessary, the latter will be
equipped permanently and maintained
as a playground under supervision of
the school department and playground
board. Other sites in the annex will he
selfeted for srtmmer grounds and also
for park and playground purposes.
Money Realized Will Be Used
to Beautify District
OAKLAND, Mar.'h 7.—Preparations
were made aj a meeting of the Santa
Fe Improvement club last night tor a
theater party at the Oakland orpheum
on the night of April 17. Among the
the committee of arrangement*
L. Shaw, J. A. Munio. James Hylund
and \V. H. Edwards. The money real
ized will be usr-a in beautifying the
Santa Fe tract, extending from Tomes
cal creek to the Berkeley line and from
Adeline street to Telegraph avenue. The
club is the largest organisation of its
kind in Oakland, with the exception of
the chamber of commerce.
Employe of Los Angeles Soap
Company Leaves Widow
BERKELEY, March 7.—Henry S.
Bean, a traveling man in the-employ of
the Los Angeles »oap company, died
last night at his home, 2233 Ellsworth
street, at the age 0f%6 years. He was a
native of Connecticut and had liv. il in
this state for many years. A Widow
survives, besides a- brother in Ims An
Man Charged With Failure to
Provide Placed on Probation
OAKLAND, March 7.—On condition of
abstaining entirely from intoxicajus, J.
F. McDonnell, a traveling salesman, was
placed on probation for two years today
by Judge Welle. H> was accused of
failing to provide for his wife and
minor child. Mrs. McDonnell testified
that her husband had given her only
JSS in three yeka? and that most of his
money went for liquor.
$25 taken off each day
i'This massive mahogany bedroom suite consisting of ten (10) articles •
will be placed on sale today, and $25. 00 will be deducted from the
-' price each day. The complete suite is valued at $675. Today's price /
A f This offering starts Wednesday, J -* \ ,j^^^&i * * -*&- -*■"-- ___ ' '*m*i'^'~~
Bth, and closes Monday evening, --^^——-— KF & Br S I 9^k
» X Marfr 20th, at 6 o'clock. J PML
J^^^ts^ f r Wit $ yDi|||
'oiiiilH^ --iiifiiiifllpf^gify t^
'ji^^S^^^^^'mll- -The suite consists of-^^ffy^^«^^^^^
|l2Daysonly|P M^^ilc^edl^ (|^^^^SiW
f IZDays Unly (C -Mattress, .Lace Bed Set
W j d i,. n || w bid considered J^#
v? and jDOiSLer tvoii. j cica wL
v . under JjpooO i™
■ 'You can make a bid, and if the price comes down to your bid the suite is yours -
. —don't*bid too low or you will get left. $350 is the lowest bi3 we will accept
-;--':~^^-' 1 __'- |iß i. ■ U: ,i".—--'- ''— ': 'T' '"■■-•' '■'■■- >'-',<" '*■ .'-'■'■■■.■*■■ . ■■'■: ■-' ■ "'":- ■-';?■• ■■ -.a •'-•-* -'- ' -' -:-..: : -': .■■■■>^-... . - :.'"
pHF *» w § .^Jjf ■# wmm mZf JwM i 111 rJTS[ I '-&M I aJI 99 :2 fl
Bird Millman, an
Orpheum Star for
Next Week's Bill
OAKLAND, March 7.—Whether or not
a strange document filed today as the
last will and testament of Elizabeth
J. Bray is really a will the probate
court will have to determine.. The first
sentence of the document reads: "This
Is- a deed of gift, not to be probated."
The operative part is expressed by the
words: "I do this• day give and be
queath," enumerating property, "and
I leave after" my death.' ; *
Mrs. % Bray was 71 years old when
she ; rote # the paper, nearly six years
ago. She died December 30, 1910. The
document gives her entire estate to her
"husband, Anthony Bray, who filed ■ the
petition for probate today through,his
attorneys, Donahue ■& > Gale. :.;. Bray de
clared that he believed the document to
be;' his ; wife's 'last'-vflll and testament,
and I offered : ; It Xas I such.'; •-
The estate involved consists chiefly
of real property near East Fourteenth
street and Twenty-third avenue, Oak
land, worth about $4,000. Bray
had no children when sh" d
"Love Tales of Hoffman" De=
lights Visitors to Popular %:
Vaudeville Theater
! ,' OAKLAND, March 7.—The Innovation
- of daylight motion pictures,at the Or
' pfieum theater this week proved a great
success, and the playhouse has been
' crowded with people eager to- see the
1 , new stunt. -Hereafter the pictures will
be a regular feature at:the theater.
| "The Love Tales of Hoffman," a" con
i densed version of Offenbach's famous
I opera, has made a decided hit. Helena
; Frederick sings the beautiful^ music
> ■with rare feeling and is supported by a
good ■ company.
;The accordion"pteying of the Boudlni
■ /brothers was a revelation of what could
be done with those instruments.
' Lawrence and Fitzgerald give an en
tertaining sketch, which includes a
- melange of songs and Jests. It is called ;
■ "Just Landed." Welch, Mealy and Mon
trose have a humorous skit, ..called
'. "Play Ball,"' which is a travesty on the
• national " game."
"■.; Other performers are Merrill and
Otto, who appear in "After the
Shower.; Galetti's simian circus,"Red
i ford and Winchester, the amusing jug
glers,, and Mignonette Kokin, ": the
dancer. who imitates noted • stage stars.
'■ \ The headliner of next week will be
Hubhard-. The bill .will also in
• "elude Bird Millman, the "Tanquay of
■ the air," and others. . -
Noted Suffragist Worker to Re»
late Her Experiences
OAKLAND, March 7.—Miss Sylvia
Pankhurst, member of the famous Eng
lish family engaged for battling foa
equal suffrage for women, will speak at
Idora park Saturday evening. She will
tell of her life work and of her arrest
in England. The address will^be deliv
ered under the auspices of the College
equal suffrage leagrue. Miss Pankhurst
speaks only twice in this part of the
state. Her other address will be made
Friday at Christian Soieme hall, San
FRIDAY and SATURDAY. March 10, ' 11,
, Henry W. Savage,offers
•-- / •-■ : - - -
.• ■■*?-.tri CODING—"MADAME;. SHERRY"
Bud Robinson
Ten Days of Great .
. ' / ; —From— ' . *•."■
SUNDAY, MARCH sth TDJ5th, 1911
'..}.'■■■' Meetings Held at
First Pentecostal ChurchmeNazarene"
Corner of West, and Ninth St«.
j Take Eighth St. "Electric Car ' ■
to West or Market Sfreet '); ;■■;
- Two : Services ■: Dally
2:30 and 7:30 P. M.
i^^^^ lßii>< | l j ißll|^l _j
ACCUSED MAN HELEASItD— Oakland, March 7.
. Sedftley B. Skinner, who: was accused of as
sault on a young * girl, • was. discharged - from
I custody today.on motion. of the district attor-
My, who declared that his , eonrlctlon wm | nti»
. likely.' Skinner i was tried twice, the - Jury dlg
— agreeing both times, Ins third trial had pro
% pressed part way when one of , the: Jurors . be-"
-camcjll, necesaitatlns; an lnterrufrtloo. - — -
Of the extra fine stock of Gents' Fur
nishing Goods, Clothing, Shoes, etc.,
and the fixtures at 411 San Pablo aye.,
Sale Wednesday, March 8
At 10:30 a. ra., comprising about a
$5,00(1 stock of extra fine up-to-date
Gents' Furnishing Goods, Hats, Suits,
Shoes, etc. Fixtures comprise fine
silent salesmen cases, lights, cash reg
isters, etc. All must he sold on ac«
count of owner retiring from business.
'J. A. MUXRO & CO., Auctioneers.
Of the beautiful and modern home, 1110
Santa Fe ay. near San Pablo ay., bet.
53d and F.4th sts., Oakland, and the en-'
tire and up tt> date furnishings hi tame.
Sale on the premises Tuesday, March
14, at 10:30 a. m. Inspection daily from
I 3 to 5 p. m. House contains 7 rooms,
•■with all modern conveniences-; idVal
home; lot 3.ix107. Special terms If de
sired. Furnishings comprise best body
Brussels carpets, efegrant and up to
date; parlor, bedroom, riming room anil
, kitchen furniture. Musi be said, as
' owner is leaving- tills part of st.ire
J. .V im'XRO &' ■"().. Auctioneers.

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