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The San Francisco call. [volume] (San Francisco [Calif.]) 1895-1913, March 26, 1911, Image 16

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_»*_ ie Even a Dog Can't Ffeht\Everythins: __4i§ -
Cousin A_ .dak Done Get a Warm Welcome
By Steinigans
By R. W. Taylor
■bhbhb BOYS &
•lust like the anions Bleriot that flew across H -
tna English Channel and has t»tea the lead ■
at late atiation meets. Very light, yet strong. MB
Best fljer of all tbe junior models. Strong S
fabric stretched on frame of tough read. Flies 3
160 feet nr more. No work required ■tU (3
1 ready to fly when received from us. i ;. ; { ■&
We i giro you * ebolee of t__» B!et_* Of IS
a solid gold Fountain Fan with Sterling 811- ■
»er Filigree Mount, «H inches long, for atil- -JI
ing 21 packages of our unexcelled Sachet off
,; Powder at 10 cents a package. When, aold. its
remit *tv (2.40 and we will scad you either M
premium fully prepaid. Yoa will be delight.. M
ed, and we erpect your friend* wteo they see left
your premium will write ue to*. P_a't _->H*|
lay. write us today. .... ",, „-, IsU
> 121 BbyletoaSt., Boston, Ma_*7lB
ijffrOft^aVVlKlrW<C^_______________^ *"^_____j_______k_L ___■___■
WE GIVE rEEK this genuine and marvelous
Moving Picture, Machine, with 2 films with
SS slews, for selling only '24 pekgs. BLL'INE at
10 cts. raoh. THIS IS A GREAT OFFER., You
' ran easily earn good money with this splendid
-outfit.- Write to-day (or the BLUIHE. When aold
j un urn the 52.40 and sre will sand this Mating
Picture Maculae, and films with riewa. - ■'
\ 6LUIM£ KFQ. CO., 774 Mill St.. CONCORD JCT, Matt.
§Bs "Ywrjlyii|rtaflni
■• ■ •-■j^* mm\" Oerds, * cinpilars, boon,
'jr/^dtr-'> L,*«*'' *U. T Botaty *w>!
(^JTMA^' s>*rt money. 'Big profit
"^ss^yfir.rt*\\W<3^ Ptinticg for others. All I
; _r3«v,«S.v_i UK^y rasy > rult* 'e3t- Write
■t____T_»Mw_af*_i^ factor;' for press catalog
>* _-|a______^_arl__, TYPE, cards, paper.
_H_>'<--f_t,iflf'_k XHK PRESS CO..
* l*™'*' *~ ■*'* ***** , Merlden. Ce_B.
' C_rii_tfn.__f.ii J 5 e•,,*s,, ■ R»»4Te _.^^ji
V~.Uiia»^&U__T7V><»ra_r. in a'pa.kage of
,^frjtf mm AJ herbs beiislieial to
V^3_!^ _________F fM.or kitten. Cars
0 jBPPw "Ct. n * *** U '*^Ot.
IT*?' //*.,«. >« On sale at any Drug,
f^»j._^£ I Bird or i Toy Ooun-
W - aodaalswdter.-^ tert. Sent {„ ,„,,
: » any address If they do not furnish them. - «
g national Pit Supply Co., 175 milt St.. -..Ha, litis'
' Sf-___^_________sNQ RIP?.? 2
■ rel blue black .an metal. Wri*^^^*-_H| I
for SO pieces of jewelry to sell a. .. j
i2J^ "£ hi >X*.- ,n wM "turn $3.00 and «a
E-.t^.ton o."'^. Kwtty C °-
( -^^^k V\ ATdfT.RPIG
/^W^rrSw si N •*"*"» C H AIN fI S & &
- = _M______3-t-Sii_3l^^_fe»- "•• aft» 6i» anrono a ISfWwSiwP
_r-P--P_-Ksi!fllB iI \t_tV **n*<' American made .ram-wind
KSsPJCw|««CII ll «»«>>. ,«J»rant^d 6y«ar». ars«
B^^M'SBW'-I.fl/// •ni_2«paci<a«»'«!>ostca£dait_i_iar
* ' Wt^SSntm^'s/a; ***** »daTwk»i_erT^s*_ ■
tWV .^Ot^grel^/ ly.^y acid oond tJ and va _j"j'gi'a_,^ie
T^-^^^f^'WfcCft.Oeitteß, Chicago^
yet. Asi«W,uW___atfT»<»rfi_B<fc. N.tg_ Ilka a hons;
F"» tseTef sasatfct alwan larislMa; ptaiaat lil?f
y«. AttosWiaadmlsttfy vovtritada. Nslahlliaahorss;
wktae ilka a nippy, slag Ilka a canary and hsltatabtrds
and baasta of rwfd and foist, toads of fan. Woadarfal
. la»tpt'«a. sold. Moo ooly lOci 4 fat «c or 1»
I tor 80c. P DOUBLE THROAT CO., Dept. _, Fraathtasra. W. J ,
' " ' " " • —■ 1
•« ■ ' . ■' I
■consist or Chest
■ Protector (hftv. 1
Illy padded). Steel ■ ■
mmmmmu Wire Mtik, lArge ■
O-teber-e Mitt or AXA ONE ■ ;fif
Glo-ve and BaeebftU. AM. ONE ■ -S3k
•PRTOMJIM. Made by one of ■ B-k
i tba ban manufacturers to th* U. 8. ■ Bjl
Act promptly, bar* sour eattK tarty. B__Bl
, Will send frf* tMs outfit M one B3SB
premium. 6uwl_ - t_l»_*flni _.outfit ■ Hdpi
_U1 jn_k« you happy, ' ■ H
Our Baaebell Salt* irt mid* mm:
©ot Bmaetarril Salts _re"*g___e fe, si
bine, carefully woven _t»t, ___|_B-B»
bine, buck or red Z-Merta-.
You can base any color jam .rarer.
Our toll* are sudf to your Mat as. -B_fa_*_a_"-jf
fit. -The ault cr/mpiete '«o_eltl» of paatu
i (dull padded). laaed *-* *•* -Vs3
nutra.no. belt. v .-. TTiTTr.
J«flwß_*_a* -&*? *=
MOt'S XOVEXTIER. which yon e_n__l_m**
of In » very abort time on my NEW EASY!
PXAJf'Mt 10 eta. each. Seed me the -2.40.
WlßL_e-t-l_ye- : a BASEBALL SUIT
—OB A PLATER'S OiranT—joat aa de
tETl^'*£/}£• HB'WS. 649 W. 43d SU
Pet*, -j __». yew Ytjirk. . _"*
'cPllo' SfikFjT ,j • Handsome, durable Stotrij
ffi'^Ty ..Suits, just like platera**!
J^lffitV '** firm, •*»». Khaki, Bern
IEKjI-f* ?j|£ Mt color.* Suit CCB-Utaj
ll_FSr* tl* of "Coal. TrooMra. _ Leg*
EySt? pfT (toga j Bat. Coat fete.
' -__5-_i □__*« ' fat-eat '' buttons; ■•: trousers •"'_-*
'^_!r^Sf* i T foil tts>tb> leggings lac* uni
vE&MI ml ' bat bu elds atttcbed. brtuu
;_a___S/ w* „T• B",,» 800' Btf!*y
gj complete, far setting ooly M
„-' 'RlSf:.';, pieces of ear goods at-W-J
.fc-s-T * each.,. Write v for•' >00*,5
IhP} When sold return 12.40 end
k__i fcHiik. ' ** send this fell Seoul Suit.)
WAT " -88. Boston. Mm- "
-r ——— ■ «j»h ——«»»»■—*
C._ *ja meat Watch, stsm wind art
jjKi ESI We sire a genuine Amfrleea Mw
__P_jßH-__- am mem Watch, stun wiad * 4
-H-Bls-W'SJrtgatet, factory trrted. Coa_an- '
BR -__F3*_2M-mt«-d 6 "J"*'" Alto Chita and I
______HR&^_P^ a beautiful Signet King. Air
<^HBel_fF *'■' free for selling 20 packagea.
■■*_ easy selling Post Card* at 100. a i
______s^ package, - when told send us the*"
- 77 $_» and we will tend -'-.-
yon.by return mail Watch, Ring and_*sgß7jr_»_. >
Chain absolutely FREE for jour troubte.*CssCA
CRESCENT CARD C0.,-."_U10.--IC-P,III, m9* m W
———■in ■ ■ nss>'BMS£t ■■._■- i ■s-«^-^w^-rwwa__Bg"w^aa_s_asti_i___._s^_s_
4f&£&£AI.II WATCH,'
'.' 'SJX^^m.HQ^iCl£A£Xi,
Bllv'r_l'Pr/'l/i'"A™! etem-frind wsb-h with .
7: EI _. rJfc rzil&'ifffff per alao. Guaraauod SjrVara. .--
Ofc^—^^BPr'Jr -Va/fIF per si*«. Gu«rmnv»«d tjr.kra.
LeyLe_tl_suy/g 'ff-W *r"° dainty fersftllmf 30
TjpjTiß jfj~*')- -T'r--i—-'it n* 1 A- ■n-I*rffii »
. -A*';jff>.'^ jowolwtoday. WhaiiaoHwMdll.
*?ii______y-_J->^ and wo will -and waUlr. riaa & that*
y 7 ";;? ~"■ "^ . I Oa|«Watch Co. »«pte-4 CMoaafc v I
„ .—— . ■ .. i
_____fi_^^________a| __ft 'Phl*f ne "*■*<*<•
SHRSS^Vh „a.**_o
B^*"^ KW Tvhltt honehaie
__r bo* . ,i:il tlOl
rosin, Oe* for
•ailing SO" pKgs. Art Post Cards at 10c. per pkto.'
Send for carde.- When sold, send $2 and "Violin
and Complete.Outfit will be Kent promptly.' Sat.
ufartion guaranteed. WATCH CO., DeM,
5?. Chicago. ■>- - ■ ■■■■• i ■■■-. ■*- : - - ■-< ■ • .... * . i'
a Send for 12 pachtgea of oar
W^m beautiful high grade gold era
tSm . bossed poet cards to distribute
__P1 iYiVFiTJ**-" Return as'tha
Wm *1 ; 20 when collected and we
'"-«i will *«d yon by return mail
SS9M this ye« fine 14K gold .fttled
__T . heavy « band . ring, not * the
Wr cheaD kind Address B. Fa*
"dOSERs SOT Hope-bold Bdg-, _\>j>e-_» *___-.|

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