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Aggressive Campaign Is Begun
Against Socialist-County
Gang Combine
OAKLAND. April 23.—A campaign
for the re-election of Mayor Frank K.
Mott and a city council in harmony
with he administration will be opened
"in this city tomorrow. The Matt com
mittee, which is composed of leaders
In civic. Industrial, commercial and
professional life, has decided to put
the issue for the election May 9 plainly
before the people, it is whether 'they
desire -the present constructive and
progressive program ,to be continued
by.men of the highest capacity and In
tegrity and trained for this work, or
whether they ••.-ire to turn over the
city government to a combination of
socialists and county gang politicians.
This question will be put to every
voter in Oakland. Every citizen will
be asked to cast his ballot for Mayor
Mutt and the men who have proved
their fidelity to tne administrative up
building of the city.
This ticket is as follows:
.Miyor. '"rank K. Mntt.'
5 Auditor. <,eor_r» E. tires*.
<'«trnnii*--'*i'-or Ne. 1. Edwin M*">se.
rnmmis*.|nner No*, 2. William .1. Bacrn*.
rot-nmls»l(in*fr No. 8, Frederick C. Tuner.
rommiffioiKr Si A. John Forrest.
Supervisor .toe Kelley and County
Clerk Jack Cook are sponsors for the
socialists''county ring opposition. They
have spent thousa+ids of dollars to qual
ify their men. and they are continuing
to spend money raised from all kinds of
.sources to carry through the ticket.
Kelley is more than anxious to cap
ture the commission tinder the new
charter. His political power has re
ceived several serious setbacks In the
county-' through the vigilance of Dis
trict Attorney William H. Donahue.
Kelley and Cook has specially In mind
the •nihility of defeating City Treas
urer Edwin Meese. Meese has been for
many years a strong factor In the city's
growth. He has given to Oakland years
of service in a wholly unselfish way,
and because of his splendid integrity
has been the trusted adviser and ex
ecutor of many Important interests In
private life.
Meese is the only candidate for com
missioner on either ticket who has had
expert experience with the public funds
and the Intricate problems of taxation.
He is now city treasurer, and he will be
selected <***►* commissioner of revenue and
finance If elected. .
Merse Is the sort of man who will be
driven out of public life if the socialist
county ring is successful May 9.
Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock the
businessmen's Mott campaign club will
meet at the Forum to continue the flght
made during the primary campaign. The
club will be enlarged and a series of
big.meetings will be arranged. Hun
dreds of men holding a real interest In
Oakland have given notice that they
will take an active part in the fight.
All partisanship has been laid aside.
The single purpose has been stated In
the decision to flght the socialist-county
ring combination as inimical to the beat
interests of the city.
Society Women Working Hard
for Annual Event
OAKLAND. April 23.-—The anuual May
fete for the benefit of the Ladies' relief
society will be held In Breed and Ban
croft place, Webster and Orchard
streets, May 6. Many interesting fea
tures are being planned for the success
of the affair, and society women of this
city will be in charge of the booths to
be opened. ;
During the afternoon a card tourna
ment will be conducted in the Foster
home by Mrs. Henry M Bull. Music
.will be furnished by the Boys' Retreat
band. Miss Matilda Brown, president of
the society, is chairman of the general
arrangements committee.
Miss Brown is being assisted by the
following members:
Mrs. E. 0. Mathews I Mrs. Charles Butters
Miss A. E. Miner Mra. A. H. Breed
Mr?. Spencer Browne Mrs. H. M. Bull
Miss Campbell I Mrs. A. F. Cornwall
Miss Rakewell I __• Mona Crellln
Ml** Louise cli* Frem* i Mrs. F. M. Greenwood
..rrJr- - „ M™- E* H- Qsrthwalte
Mr*. H. P. Kenan | Mrs. Frank Glass
Mrs. R. A. Well-man _ Miss Elizabeth Gill
Mrs. Jefferson Maury ! Mrs. William G. Hen-
Mrs. U. I>. Mathes I thaw
Mrs. E. C. Williams Mrs. J. A. Hill
Mrs. F. F. Weston Mrs. Thomas Pheby
Mrs. Henry Wadsworth Mrs. J. J. Valentine
Probation Officers to Describe
Juvenile Court
OAKLAND. April 23.—Mrs. Elinor
Carlisle, preident of the. Child's Wel
fare league, will speak' at Mowbray
hall; In Vista street, near Vernal
avenue. Piedmont, Tuesday evening,
upon the subject, "The Home, the
Larger Home, and the Child," under
the auspices of the league. The meet
ing has been arranged by Mra Nelson
<- the Community education com
mittee. Other speakers will be Pro
bation Officer Christopher Ruess, who
will,tell of "The Growth of the Juve
nile Court." and Miss Beatrice McCall
who will talk on "Our Girls and Our
They Will Be Shown About
Oakland in Autos
OAKLAND, April 23.—Elaborate
plans are being made by the Oakland
lodge of Railway Conductors for the
entertainment Thursday. April 27, of
tiie delegation of conductors from
Pennsylvania to' the big convention In
Jacksonville, Fla., who will pass
through Oakland. A luncheon will be
given at the headquarters and automo
biles have been provided by the cham
ber of commerce and the party of 40
-will be taken on a sight seeing trip
.-it.o'jt the city. The visitors have been
making a tour of the United States.
Lodge: Members ;of . Other Cities
Will Attend
LIVERMORE, April 23.—Livermore
Druids will hold a four day carnival
from April 2« to April 29. The commit
tee of arrangements' has been at i work
for three months: There' will be repre
sentatives *in the entertainment from
the neighboring towns.: The' closing day
•will* see- a street* parade, with -Druids
nnd Eagles from Oakland and San Fran
cisco at the.head of the marching line,
lloats-v.tll depict the Industries of the
ty_BMW-_-B_i s&j___B_l_iS__-____
Lurline Lyons, Who
Makes Stage Debut
At Savoy Tonight
Well Known Berkeley Amateur
Actress Who Will Play in
"Sister Beatrice"
BERKELEY, April 23.Lurline Lyons
Montgomery, a young society woman of
this city, niece of Prof. H. R. Wiley of
the faculty of the University of Cali
fornia, will fulfill a lifelong ambition
by going on the stage. She has joined
the Olga Nethersole company, and will
make her first appearance in the Savoy
theater, San Francisco, tomorrow
She has been given the part of Bar
bara In the Maeterlinck play "Sister
Beatrice," with which Miss Nethersole
will open tomorrow night.
Miss Lyons was a charter member of
the Beta Sigma dramatic society of
San Francisco several years ago. This
society, composed of well known mem
bers of the younger set, staged ama
teur theatricals annually.
It was as the leading lady of this
society that Miss Lyons thought of a
stage career upon which she is Just
entering. She is prominent In the
younger set, and formerly lived In Pan
Francisco. She is related to Wlllard
Growall. the San Francisco clubman.
Her father is a prominent attorney of
Los Angeles.
.Since living here she has made her
heme with her uncle In Benvenue ave
San Leandro Festival Will Be
Held in June
SAN LEANDRO, April 23.—Officers
have been chosen to complete the plans
for the annual cherry carnival, which
will be held at San I_andro about June
10. The streets will be decorated, and
besides the athletic and literary pro
grams there will be a parade and con
cessions, with various amusements.
M. J. Andrade is chairman of the gen
eral committee, W. J. Gannon is secre
tary, W. F. Cunningham financial secre
tary and .1. J. Gill treasurer. . ■** -
Other committees appointed are: !
ExecutWe and decoratlfe—. 0. Meyers, 11,
J. Andrade, If. S. Rogers, J. J. Bailey, H. L
Relehsrath and D. "C. TofTelmler.
Parade— V. TofTelmler, T. Madaria, B. _.
_*•*•_, C. B. Crane and Dr. C. H. Miller.
Entertainment—B. F. Eber, I. B. Try, TV. J.
Gannon, T. A. Sulllran and Joeeph Hoerat.
Fraternal ordersJ. Vargas, William Muntt,
B. F. Eber. John Perry. Mrs. T. Madaria. Mrs.
V. T. Braga. Mrs. T. Cardoza, Mrs. N. Hooley
and M. C. King.
Automobile parade—Dr. C. L. Coleman, I>r
C. H. Miller, F. O. Meyers and A. S. Vargas.
Concessions—J. J. Bailey, H. L Relcbsratb
and M. 4. Andrade.
Cherry—M. S. Rogers. J. Vargas, I. H. Begler,
A. S. Vargas and M. GeJsenbofer.
Charles Sans Arrested in Oak
land Bakery Case
OAKLAND, April 23.The police have
traced the-threatening letter and at
tempted dynamiting of J. Cassou's bak
ery at 811 Clay street to Charles Sans, a
former employe of the bakery, who was
arrested late last night.
Sans* arrest has led the police to dis
card the theory that Cassou was the vic
tim of a gang of blackmailers. _j The
threats to kidnap Felix, the baker's 8
year old son, was part of Sans' alleged
purpose to keep Cassou frightened, say
the police. .
The prisoner when arrested said he
could not write in the English language.
Later he was induced to give the police
examples of * his writing, which, ac
cording to Chief of Police Petersen, re
sembles the misspelled threatening notes
which Cassou received by mall.
Sans has no family here, living in a
lodging house. He has been arrested on
misdemeanor charges In other cities. |
Piano Classics Rendered at the
Greek Theater
BERKELEY. April 23.—A, large
crowd was present at the Greek theater
this * afternoon to hear ' the . piano
recital In the half hour of music at
the University of California. '
Ashley Pettis rendered the program
which contained the following selec
Prelude. .......................... Rachmaninoff
"Wldming" * Schumann Liszt
Nocturne, .- sharp major ..Chopin
■tads, A flat major ....Chopin
Etude, C minor .Chopin
Impromptu ." ....Chopin
Scherzo, C sharp major ............Chopin
General Window Open for Mail*;
Specially Ordered
ALAMEDA, April 23.— Alameda
pOßtofflce was closed today for the first
Sunday in its history. Owing to the
plan arranged to supply mall urgently
needed therei was .no '..complaint' over
the Sunday-closing* from disappointed
mall, applicants. The' usual box* de
liveries and special letter deliveries
were maintained, but the general de
livery;windows, were closed, save from
9 to 10 o'clock, when mall, especially
ordered the previous day, was de
livered. ;,*■_
Members of Adelphian Club to
Appear in the Cast of
"Cindy" • * ,
OAKLAND, April 23.—An Interesting
feature of club development during
the last few years has been the recog
nition of the talent of the j members
whose names .have occupied prominent
places In the regular programs. The
Adelphian club of Alameda has recog
nized the worth of a Berkeley club
sister whose pen has brought her
something more than local fame, and
next month through Its dramatic sec
tion will' produce her original play.
"Cindy." A number of the best known
members of the club have been as
signed roles. . The production promises
to be one of the most interesting af
fairs on the May calendar.
Mrs. Sidney Montgomerie Haslett is
another local clubwoman whose farces
have been produced by the clubs bor
dering the bay. ;le-;.-'v
The rasa Guldi circle depends al
most entirely upon its membership for
the weekly programs. The Twentieth
Century club and Alta Mlra are for
tunate in having as members some
clever musicians who provide many of
the musical programs. Early in the
season Ehell was charmed with a
travel talk by Miss Mabel Thayer Gray,
a former president. The'dramatlc sec
tion of the Oakland club will follow
up the success of Its play last month
With a second dramatic production be
fore the close of the year. In addition
to the amateur thespians and musicians
in the Town and Gown club the Berke
ley organization Includes a dozen or
more women debaters and lecturers
upon whom It depends for many of Its
entertainments. - -*-.-; ;
A muslcale will be given by Ebell
Tuesday afternoon with Miss Maude
Wellendorff, pianist, and Mrs. Clar
ence Wetmore, vocalist. Miss Wellen
dorff will leave next month for an ex
tended sojourn abroad, so this will be
one of her last public appearances In
the bay cities. As president of the
Berkeley piano club Miss Wellendorff
has been prominent in musftal circles.
Mrs. Wetmore is a member of Ebell.
Mrs. William Lawrence .Tones, vice
president of the Twentieth Century
club of Berkeley, will be the honored
guest at the California club Tuesday
afternoon and give an Interpretation of
Bernard Shaw's "The Devil's Disciple"
before the San Francisco organization.
The women of the Town and Gown
club will hold.its annual session to
morrow, when some important matters
pertaining to the California federation
of women's clubs will be discussed.
The clubwomen will be called upon to
Instruct their delegates at the state
convention concerning the vote on the
suffrage petition. It is understood that
many of the Berkeley women are op
posed to the introduction of the sub
ject at the federation gathering. The
club gave Its annual luncheon Satur
day, Mrs. Lucius Greene presiding as
hostess. ■>■■*■'.
* • :"-" '** V _'
The program at the Oakland club
will consist of music and readings
Wednesday afternoon, when Mrs. H. J.
Patterson and Mrs. James Pennycock
will share In the duties of hostess.
Miss Gertrude Kohnke of San Fran
cisco will give several Interpretations.
The installation luncheon, when Mrs.
C. S. Chamberlain took her place aa
president, succeeding Mrs. Leon Hall,
was a brilliant affair, enjoyed by more
than 100 women.
At the April luncheon and business
meeting of the Oakland New Century
club, Friday afternoon In the clubhouse
in West Oakland, Mrs. H. L. Eastman
will act as president In the absence
of Mrs. Robert Watt, who Is . spending
the season in southern California.
The Etude club will hold its last
session of the season tomorrow after
noon, when a program of music will be
rendered by the clubwomen. Mrs. Ethel
Hunt Safford, who has been elected to
succeed Mrs. Josephine Crew Aylwln as
president, will take her office. Those
who will be associated with her on
the board of directors for , the coming
year are: Mrs. Aylwln, vice president;
Miss Ruth Baker, recording secretary;
Mrs. George A. Faulkner, correspond
ing secretary; Mra Otto Voss, treas
urer. ' - ' - i ,■*...
The Twentieth Century club Is ar
ranging for the annual breakfast the
first Tuesday In May, and later an
al fresco luncheon in Piedmont park.
Last Tuesday the club listened to an
interesting talk by Mies Harrietts
Richardson of San Francisco.
Mrs. William Osbourne, who made
her home In India for 20 years, will
continue her interesting study of life
there Tuesday afternoon before the
members and" guests of the tourist sec
tion, of the Adelphian club. An Indian
girl will sing some of her native songs.
"Conservation of Girls" will be dis
cussed by Miss Myrtle- Mills, executive
secretary of the Young Women's Chris
tian association, before the Alta Mlra
club Monday. A musical program will
be rendered by Mrs. Douglas Cushman,
soprano,. accompanied by Miss Irene
The bible history and literature sec
tion of Ebell will meet Monday after
noon and discuss the first passover In
Christ's ministry. Papers will be read
by '- Mrs. C. J. Long, Mrs. E. C. yon
Helms and Mrs. A. C. Posey. The Cali
fornia ; history and landmark section
will meet ■*. Thursday. "Governor Mil
ton S. Latham" will* be the subject of
a paper by Mrs. Herbert Lang. Mrs.
A. ; H. Glasscock will tell of "Joaquin
Murletta and* his Banditti." "Ham
burg," by Mrs. A. A. , Dennlson, and
"Cassel," by Miss Henrietta Frear,* will
be the subjects presented at the Friday
meeting of the tourist section.
The members of the Fublola hos
pital association will hold their an
nual rummage sale Wednesday and
Saturday, when all descriptions of mer
chandise will be offered for •*' sale at
their.* rooms, .Twelfth and Webster
street*. Mrs. Reml Chabot Is president
of the association. -
The members of the .Suffrage Amend
ment league of Oakland have opened
headquarters In the Union Savings
Bank building for their campaign for
the adoption of the amendment giving
women the franchise which will be
submitted to the voters of California
this fall. The leaguer will * engage a
permanent secretary to assist them.
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
VALLEJO. April ? 23.—Coroner B. J.
Klotz has not as yet been able to i have
the.corpse picked up in the Mare island
channel yesterday * afternoon '*. Identified.
Residents of Pinole visited here this
morning^ to i view, the" body, as it was
believe, .for: a time -.that it was that
of .1. Maloney- of Pinole. -They *fV__-e
unable to l identity, _____ - -*'• *x
College Students
Who Will Appear
In Spanish Play
*'*.', ■
Members of Circulo Hispanico to
Stage "EI Brazo Derecho"
at Hearst Hall
BERKELEY, April 23.—"El Brazo
Derecho," a one act comedy with seven
characters, will be staged In Hearst
hall by the students of the Corculo
Hispanico, the Spanish society of the
University of California, Monday even
ing. Like the Chinese play, the comedy
will be presented in the language of
the country in which the scene is laid.
In the cast are Miss Hazel Dell. Miss
Elizabeth Heald, Miss Laura E. Holmes,
Jorge A. VlUegas. Clarence Heald, C. B.
Chapman and Thomas F. Lopez.
The comedy deals with the love of Sil
via and Fernando, around which is
woven a complication in which the
other characters are involved. •*-,"',
The officers of the Spanish club, who
will stage the play, are: President.
Henry N. Neil; vice president, C. B.
Chapman; secretary-treasurer, Ml**»
Elizabeth Heald. Prof. Carlos Bransby
of the faculty Is the director and coach-
Musical numbers will precede and fol
low the comedy. The soloists will be
Ivan G. Martin, Mrs. Anna Maria Yorn
holt, Harold P. Williams and Mrs. L. T»
Hengstler. Members of the Women's
mandolin and guitar club will assist the
soloists. .'.:-.
Members of Catholic Organiza
tion Receive Communion
BERKELEY, April 23.—1n accordance
with custom the alumni and active
members of the Newman club of the
University of California received holy
communion this morning at 8 o'clock
in Newman hall. 2630 Ridge Road. Rev.
Clarence K. Woodman delivered the
After tho service breakfast was
served in the hall. Officers of the clu_
for the ensuing term were elected as
follows: President, I. T. Qulnn; first
vice president, F. A Plant; second vice
president. Miss Agnes , School; corres
ponding secretary, Miss Margaret Hur
ley; recording secretary, Miss Helen
Weber; treasurer. D. J. Lord.
On account of the meeting of the
Newman club the regular morning
services were suspended.
Former Section Hand Accused
of Shoplifting ;
PLEASANTON, April 23.—Francisco
Lano, a former Southern Pacific section
hand, was arrested yesterday by Con
stable Locke while trying to get away
with a suit of clothes which he»and
Jose Morales are alleged to have stoJen
from Arendt & Co.'s store, The two men
entered the shop together. While Mo
rales looked at the% goods 'Lano is said
'to have hid a suit under his coat. J.
Sylvia, a clerk, gave chase and warned
Locke, who drew j a.) revolver and fired
five shots. Lano /stopped, but Morales
escaped. The prisoner will be arraigned
before Justice Quinn Tuesday. .
■______________. '.. ■*' , '.'.'
_^r*_rw-» '••___-- *-______ The. highest type ; of ftipptoesa _•
M -Uf ¥ I cT-lT^riVT reached. havil-* children in the
m ill 1 J Il^ r_-|^' home *ut th<- coming of the little !
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IN THE O§l |\^ _M " ÜBed by the cx Pectant mother in
V«__-—* '' ■.' Ivy X J_ __/ preparation '- of * the ordeal, carries
* _•„ 5 v"' ,~~- *'* her through -the crisis with safety.
This great remedy assists nature in, all necessary physical changes of the-sys
tem, affords bodily comfort * during ■ the*: period of waiting,:; and \ preserves the
jymmetry of form after.baby comes. > r The penetrating arid soothing qualities of
Mother's Friend ' allays: nausea, ; prevents "'. caking of the breasts, and la every
way contributes to strong, "healthy
motherhood. Mother's Friend. \is ■''■"lk'-JB'* ' '■'■ '-■*>
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mationfor expectant mothers. • f^L ,■•'-' ■ ,_. %' '•■•"- -%.**» maa*
r .-«___ ««». x -^r42IFIS_-til:
■.;-.____.__Jf_ rA ,_-_wJL__S___liJfe
T*i*_r_rMllt_T_;i|--M«rf l-^JiniiliririliT—i-i*Ti, , - **'**nr—ran ,
Mayor Elect Wilson and Council
Will Probably Lop Off a
Few Heads
BERKELEY, April 23.-—Now that the
socialists have gained.control ,of the
city.council, which lias the appointment
of all the city officers, there is post
election gossip regarding' whether
there will be dismissals throughout
the city employe list to make way, for
officers fitted to carry out socialist
principles In municipal government. '*:
; Members of the Good Government
league opine the ax will fall on al
most all of the present city force, but
politicians close i to the incoming, ad
ministration maintain that the social
ists will follow the. rule of the present
council and make but few changes in
city employes.
The principal change will be in the
office of the city attorney, which will
follow the resignation of City.Attorney
Frank D. Stringham, probably In -a
month. Stringham Intended to resign
several months ago, but was persuaded
by Mayor Hodghead to remain. He has
undergone a serious operation and is
far from well. He will now carry out
his Intention and quit the post in a few
weeks. Assistant City Attorney B. D. M.
Greene will probably go out; of office
with Stringham. '', ,
. F. W. Dorn, a socialist who' spoke at
several of the Wilson meetings and
took a prominent part in the campaign
just closed, is said to be slated for
Stringham's position, although the
matter has not been decided yet. E. E.
Keyes |is ; mentioned as assistant city
The axes of the socialists, especially
that of Mayor elect J. Stltt Wilson, are
being sharpened for J. D. Galloway, an
engineer and president of the City club,
who criticised the Berkeley election In
an article in the California Outlook,
in which he declared that the election
of Wilson was "a triumph, of the
grafter, the sorehead, the crank and
the push." ,
Galloway, with J. H. Dockweiler of
Oakland, was appointed by the city to
prepare a report of possible water sup
plies for Berkeley. Galloway was to
receive $1,000, and was recently named
for the work by the city council. ,
.Unless Galloway actually prepares
his report before the end of the present
term for the council, the appointment
Is likely to be revoked.
It is unlikely that other city officers
will be disturbed by the new council,
Most of -them held office prior to the
inauguration of the new .charter two
years ago. Mayor elect Wilson has
stated from the public platform -that
changes will be made only for Incom
petence. His words have reassured
some of the older employes of the city.
The board, of education situation
promises some lively developments. If
John A. Wilson is assigned as commis
sioner of finance and revenue, which is
likely, he will sit as a member of the
board of education with Mrs. Carlisle
and Herman I. Stern, both of whom
have declared that the board shall as
sume active control of the schoola.
In| that case Superintendent j Frank
F. Bunker will be shorn of much of his
power. A prominent socialist, who was
formerly a school teacher, would not
be averse to accepting*the position
should Bunker resign for any reason.
Mrs. Carlisle, with the support of
Wilson and Stern, will now be of the
majority and not minority, as she has
been for the last two years with Presi
dent Roy Young, Prof. W.C. Morgan
and Commissioner R. A. Berry in con
trol. ,
The ascendency of Mrs. Carlisle will
be marked by the renewal of the fight
to open the schools for meetings of the
Improvement clubs and other organiza
tions. District Attorney Donahue has
rendered an opinion * that school build
ings can be used only for school* pur
poses, but the new board will probably
override this opinion unless a test
case is made.
The civil service program will prob
ably be carried out In the -several de
partments of the city, according to
Councilman elect John A. Wilson, who is
strongly In favor of It. - In that case
most of the city hall employes will
be assured their positions during good
behavior, although appointive by the
Midnight Oil Period Approaches
With Examinations
BERKELEY. April" 23-^Examina
tions for seniors who hope to, obtain
their degrees from the University of
California at the annual commence
ment next month will commence
Thursday morning. *, Examinations for
other students will commence May; 2.
Lectures and classroom work will end
Friday, after which the (undergradu
ates will prepare « or s the * semi j annual
testa May 12 will mark the close of
the examinations, and the .students
will be free to go to their homes or
take part In the graduation . exer
cises. y _
Rumor United Properties. Di
rector Will Succeed Kelly
OAKLAND, April 23.*—There Is a ru
mor that W. R. Alberger, business asso
ciate of F. M. Smith and a director of
the United Properties of California, will
succeed W. F. Kelly, who has resigned
as manager of the Oakland traction and
Key * Route companies. , Alberger ' is * a
trained " railroadman:' He Is now vice
president of the traction company. Al
berger recently returned from a confer
ence with F. M." Smith In New York. No
positive ? announcement has . been made
In regard to. eKlly's successor. „'_.*
No man can be greater than his wi
will permit. ;- : .. : ?1 .
•Billy" Williams,
Revivalist, Who Is
-tii-ring Oakland
Drummer Evangelist Draws Big
Crowds to Meetings in '
Three Churches
OAKLAND, April 23.—Evangelist
| William Williams, who Is holding union
revival meetings under the auspices of
the Union street Presbyterian, the Cal
vary Baptist and the Centennial Metho
dist churches, spoke today in the Sun
day school of the Centennial Methodist
church to a .large "gathering of boys
and girls: -He'will conduct a similar
meeting Wednesday, April 26, his sub
ject to be "The Devil's Bouquet."
Williams, known as "Billy" Williams,
the drummer evangelist, : has had con
siderable success during trie first week
of the revival in Oakland, and will
preach every day of this week in the
three churches. At the Union street
Presbyterian church tonight he spoke
on "The Young Man and His Company,"
one of his most noted sermons.
Among the topics for the week upon
which Jhe will speak" at * Union street
church are: "Trimming Up," "No Room
for Jesus." "Our Attorney," "Conver
sion," "Jacob's Ladder,'.' "What a San
Francisco' Paper Says a. Drinking Man
Should Say to His .Boy," : "Breaking
Home Ttes."
Man Plunges Into Estuary and
Is Drowned
.-. OAKLAND, April Thomas Con
way, a workman employed on the Web
ster street bridge repairs, was drowned
In the estuary this morning when he
fell from the bridge and was made un
conscious by striking on, girders. He
slipped J|om the bridge while prying
loose a stringer, his bar breaking from
its purchase and the jolt taking Con
way off his balance. His body was not
recovered. Conway lived at Fifth and
Castro streets.
... ■ _ w
More Than 80 Members Will
Take Part .
SAN LEANDRO, April 23.—More than
80.boys will take part in the vaudeville
show to be given May 6 by the San
Leandro Boys' club. The club band will
give the music. The officers of the or
ganization are: Albion Howell; presi
dent; John Simpson, vice president; Jo
seph de Mont, secretary; Paul Sampson,
treasurer. The clubrooms were fur
nished by Mrs. R. S. Farrelly, who gave
all the funds to provide a club for boys.
AUTO SPEEDERS A____T__*__San « Mateo.
April 23.— Speeding sutomoblli'-ts were arrested
on the San Carle* road today by.. MotercTcliat
-Brown. They will appear tomorrow and Toes
■•, day. before Justice of the Peace I.smkin for
bearing.. Those who were arrested were Fred
Moiler. F. Kingelberg. S. Perssou, B. H Milli
-8-n and lliam Ed-fen. \ *
quarterly meeting of the German general be
nes-olenf ■• society will take place . tomorrow
evening, at 8 o'clock, st the German hospital
Fourteenth anil Xoe streets. '
Cheap Rates IBjji§s__r I
"Personally Conducted "
Reduced Round Trip Rates—
May 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23/24, 25, 27, 28, 29 31.
And many dates in June, July, August and September. |
Good until October 31st. . * Choice of Routes.
The Rock , Island has made arrangements to'conduct special
parties to Chicago and the East, leaving San Francisco and Oak- £
land on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 16th and 17th, passing | ,
f through the Sierra Nevada, Salt Lake City, Royal Gorge and \.
• >; famous scenery, of the Rocky Mountains; making stops of several
• hours at Colorado Springs or Denver. v
Liberal stopover.privileges. Standard and Tourist Sleepers. '
If you are contemplating only a one-way trip, it will pay you
to join one of these excursions . > . . J J ■ m
.^.^ For, detailed information call .at our offices or fill out coupon 1
below and mail to me. KBlSBl**«ii
'- C. A. Rutherford, D. P. A., 882 Market St, San Francisco, Cal. - I
■, bend me circular in regard to above Excursion and quote . $
lowest rate t0.....:........... One way" ft
I ** Round trip.
Name ■'"*: .'....":..'.: •: .-.....'.
.'-'•. - „ *•■:•'..■ , H ' -/
i .'Address _;*. v. .*..*. C. '■'■'■ ■•■■.'. ■■-."::. '.",-- .:* .*•-'■■ ■ -,'■ 1,
i_ _ -• \ m
Rock Island Ticket Offices I
; 882 -Market Street 1120 Broadway
'/Flood Building. San Francisco, Cat. Oakland ll
Improvement Workers Elect Of*
fleers and Begin Boosting
: Campaigns .
;.. OAKLAND, April 23.—The Piedmont
Improvement club held Its annual elec
tion of officers this week and the fol
lowing were chosen for the ensuing
year: ', President, J. W. Hamilton; vica
president, F. M. Reed; secretary, P.
S. Barber, treasurer, R. O. Reed.
The musical program was the feature
of the evening. Among those taking
part were: E. M. .. H. . Crockrell and
.lames Connelly."
At a meeting of the Redwood Im
provement club 25 new members' were
admitted, adding to the already sub
stantial membership of the organiza
tion. A resolution asking for fire hy
drants along .Thirty-fifth avenue was
passed ", and will be presented to the
city council at the next meeting.
The Melrose Improvement club and
the Melrose businessmen's club gave
a dance and entertainment In Melrose
Central hall Friday night"for the bene
fit of . the Melrose school boys' band.
J. P. Kergan, E. F. Smith, G. A. Jans
sen, J. O. Hunter, T. E. Frageas, J.
Bloodsworth, William Souza. N. Nutter
were in charge of the affair.
Hayward Boosters Chosen
HAYWARD, April 23.—A^ a meeting
of the Hayward chamber of commerce
a booster committee of five, consisting
of F. I. Lemos, J. B. Parsons, S. C.
Smith. State Senator E. K. Strobrldge
and A. W. Beam was appointed to make
a systematic campaign for new mem
bers. ' . I'"_ *
A committee on the revision, of by->
laws was appointed consisting of
Messrs. Wllbert, Allen and Friend.
Messrs. Beam,; Grear. Armstrong and
Crosby were appointed to request the
Oakland traction company to lay a
double track from Llewelyn switch to
Hayward. A. A. Denlson, secretary of
the Oakland chamber of commerce, de
livered an address urging* co-operation,
with the Oakland" organization. -
• m ;'.'._
The equal suffragists In Oklahoma
have translated woman suffrage lit
erature Into the Choctaw, Chlckasha
and Cherokee tongues.
The Way to Tell Whether or
Not Your Hair Is Diseased
Even if you have a luxuriant head
of hair, you may want to know whether
it Is in a healthy condition or not.
Ninety-eight per cent of the people
need a hair tonic. You can make a
test yourself that you can see and un
derstand, which will tell you whether
your hair is healthy or not. Pull a
hair out of your head;-if the bulb at
the end of the root Is white and
shrunken, It proves that the hair Is
diseased and * requires prompt treat- i
ment If Its loss would be avoided. If *
the bulb ;is pink and full the hair is
healthy. '„•-_•-"-
We want every one whose hair re
quires treatment to try our Rexall "93"
Hair Tonic. We promise that it will
not* cost anything if it does not give
satisfactory results. Rexall "98" Ha'r
Tonic is designed to overcome dan
druff, relieve scalp Irritation, stimulate
the hair roots, tighten the hair already
In the head, grow hair and eradicate
Out of 100 cases where It was given
a thorough, conscientious test. It grew
hair on 93 heads, which should be suf
ficient : proof that Rexall "93" Hair
Tonic contains extraordinary: remedial
and hair growing qualities. It is be
cause of our knowledge of this prepa
ration and our sincere faith in Its
goodness - that we want you to try it
at our risk.
Rexall "93" Hair ■ Tonic Is a clean,
clear preparation, which does not
grease, gum or thicken , the hair, and
It has a very pleasant odor. We have
it in two sizes, prices 50 cents and* $1.00.
Remember, you.' can obtain Rexall
Remedies In San Francisco only at The
Owl Drug Co.. Inc., 710 Market street.
778 Market street,* Post street and
Grant avenue, Fillmore and Geary
streets * and Sixteenth and Mission
Is -an' Antiseptic and Germicide, de
stroys Pernicious- Mouth Germs, Ar
rests and Prevents Decay in Teeth.
25 cents at all Druggists'. Made in
California, sold everywhere..

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