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Leo Rappaport Takes Tem
porary Charge Until Dar
row Makes Decision
District Attorney Denies He
Promised Ortie McManigal
at the trials of John .1. McNamara, *pc
retary of the international association
of bridge and structural Iron workers,
and liia brother. James B. McXamara.
charged with murder by dynamiting. Is
under consideration by Judge George H.
Hutton, who today became presiding
judge of the superior courts of Ijos An
A 8 presiding judge, he can. If he
chnopps, transfer the cases from Judge
Bordwell's department, where the in
dictments were returned, to one of the
Judges of the criminal department.
Judge Hutton returned to IjOs An
geles yesterday after an absence of a
wppk and has many other matters to
occupy his attention besides the Im
pending trials of the McN'amaras. He
•aid he was considering the matter,
however, very carefully, as he knew
that the nation was deeply interested
In the cases, and he wished to select
the Judge best equipped for them.
Mrs. AlcManigal in Collapse
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
CHICAGO. May I.—Report from T,os
Angeles today that-Mrs. Ortie K. Mo-
Manigal. wif<» of one of the three al
leged dynamiters being held in Los
Angeles for "le destruction of the I.os
Angeles Times building, was to be
taken to the California city as a wit
ness in the case, led to the discovery
that she Is in a state of nervous col
lapse nt her home, in South Sangamnn
street. Her condition is said to be the
result of worry over her husband's
Mr?. McManigal appeared greatly
distressed early after the news of the
arrest of tlie three men was made pub
lic. Khe grew ill and four days ago
took to her bed under a doctor's order.
'My sister has been in awfully bad
shape sinoe Ortie was arrested." said
William ißchutz, Mr*. McManlgal's
brother, today. "We haven't hjeard
anything about her going to Los An
gela, but she could not go. She would
not live through the trip. I have got
the doctor's word for that.
"The first day she was In bed she
sai.l something about going to see
Ortie. The doctor told me there was
no rhance of her standing the trip. I
thought she would stand the strain, al
though she was badly worried, but
since she has been in bed she seems
to have gone to pieces. She Just Has
ther« without saying a word. The doc
tor nays that she should not see any
District Attorney Menaced
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
LOS ANGELES, May 1. —District At
torney Fredericks received today a
death threat from a person in New
York signing his message "M. J.
This is the name of one of the men
indicted as one of the dynamiters of
the Los Angeles Times building. The
letter, which bore the postmark "Times
Square station," was dated April 2fi
and Is similar, in fart, almost identi
cal with that received by Detective
Burns a few Jays ago in Chicago.
T#e letter says in part:
"I am an all round machinist and
clock maker by trade and can make
any kind of an explosive myself with
out the aid of anybody, and I will kill
you and Burns like a dog. as I know
you both personally,"
"The letter is probably from some
anarchist," said District Attorney Fred
ericks tonight, "but I am in doubt if
writer is Schmidt."
Burns Find Evidence
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
INDIANAPOLIS, May I.—Detective
Burns regards the testimony of W. G.
Morehart of Portland, Ind., as one of
the most important links in the case he
is preparing. Morehart, Burns says, not
only positively identified McManigal by
picture as the man who bought 100
quarts of nitro glycerine from him last
August under the name of J. Bt Mc-
Graw, but by analysis he identified the
nitro glycerine found in Jones' barn
near here in a piano box, which, he as
serts, J. J. MeNamara rented.
1 Wf> will be able to show," said Burns,
"that MeNamara arranged with McMan
igal to buy the nitro glycerine and that
he furnished the money for it."
Burns declared today that he was not
employed by the National Erectors' as
sociation of New York to run down the
rynamiters. but that he is working for
Mayor Alexander of Los Angeles.
(iompers Is Confident
Gompe.rs, president of the American
Federation of Labor, said this after
noon that he had completed his work
* her* in connection with the arrest of
* J. J. MeNamara, who is in jail in Los
- Angeles, Cavl., and that he would go
" to Chicago late today.
"We have received evidence," said
Oompern, "which clearly disproves the
. charges against the men and shows
that they are entirely innocent. At the
* conference this afternoon a permanent
organization was perfected to take
" charge of all the details connected with
the men now under arrest.
"This organization will have charge
of the defense and also will prosecute
the charges of kidnaping, which have
arisen her* in connection with the tak-.
ing of MeNamara out of this state."
Protest Against Renewal of
John Walters' License
[Sptcial Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON. May I.—Jake Ohm and
Noah Welty, representing 50 residents
of Vernalts and vicinity, appeared be
tciTs the supervisors today and filed a
protest against rer.rwing a saloon
license to John Walters. They claim
that Walters has not been conducting
his place properly. The matter was
referred to Supervisor Ansbro and Will
be taken up at the next meeting of
the board. *
"ses were granted O. Y. Wood
ward of Woodward island; B. Sangul
netti, who has a saloon on the Mari
posa road; K. & B. Capitanlch, who
conduct a saloon on the Copperopolis
road, and Peter Demattei, owner of th«
•aloon at Elntracht park.
Louis Gatto, a Lathrop saloonman
who was burned out yesterday, was
permitiPd Jo open his resort in another
»«4iH«, Mo., May 1.-Th« 700 men tmployefj
at the Mit*ouri, . Kanst* and Teia» rail war
»hops b*re resumed work to<Uy «ft»r a «I<**
flown *mr» April 28 on account of th«'month>
•pproprutloa Uartait been exbauftwl. • '*
Finger Prints of McNamara
And Bryce to Be Compared
L(SS ANGELES, May I.—Samuel L. BfOWne, chief de
tective of the district attorney's office, took prints from James
B. McXamara\s thumbs today. The prints, it is said, will be
sent to San Francisco in order to further identify the alleged
dynamiter as J. 1.. Bryce.
Prints of all of McNamara's fingers also were taken, and
these will be compared to the finger prints which detectives
discovered on the iaunch Pastime, which is saul to have been
used by the accused dynamiters in transporting the explosive
they purchased from the powder company to a point in San
Francisco bay whence it was taken to a vacant house in South
San Francisco.
McNamara objected vigorously to the finger prints opera
tion, but Browne said he obtained clear impressions.
Attempt to Rob Napa Man Leads
to Arrest of Crooks by
Railroad Police
OAKLAND, May l.~Tw« pickpock
et*. Thomas McCarthy, 22 years old,
and Harry Raymond, 35 years, who
tried to rob David Hatt<m. a Napa
man, of a purse containing $15 at the
Oakland mole this afternoon, were
captured by Hatton and a Southern
Pacific conductor and were given into
the custody of railroad policemen.
They were booked at the city Jail on
a charge of grand larceny.
The police found records proving
that both prisoners are members of
the "Kid" Sullivan brigade in San
Hatton was about to board a train
■when Raymond jostled him, causing
him to lose hia balance. At the same
instant Hatton felt a hand groping In
his pocket where he carried his purse.
He seined the pickpocket's wrist and
shouted tor help.
A conductor readied his aide while
Raymond was trying to free McCar
thy and he seized the pal. Then the
railroad policeman came and the
thieves were cent to the city Jail.
McCarthy served five years at San
Quentin prison for robbery. He has
been employed as a news agent lately.
Raymond, whose trade Is tending bar.
has served several sentences in local
jails for petty offense?.
Don Philippini and Band to
Give Program
v OAKLAND, May I.—Another n of- the
Tuesday afternoon symphony concerts
will be given in the theater at Idora
park tomorrow afternoon. The Don
Philippini band will play a group of
classics and will be assisted by a num
ber of grand opera soloists.
Adelina Dossena, a lyric soprano re
.cently arrived from the east, and
Marlotti. a tenor, will be the as
sisting artists.
The program will be as follows:
OT#rtnre, "L« Font del DMt(no"........'Vi>rdt
■•P*#r tijrnt ,suite, Op.-«••:....:.;.,.....areit
"Pray," solo for cornetto and trombone
••••'...•.............■....• Philippini
fltg. F. Plfrno and M. la Greca.
"Caratina." from "Barber of SeTlll»"....B«Milnt
Walt*, "ArdlU" Ardlttl
Adcllna Ro***n«.
Franfl finale from "Meflstofele" Botto
OTertore, "Rienil" Wagner
"Largo" ; Handel
"Angelas Scene, Pittotenqiip" ........M«K*eni>t
"Amore Castlslons" ......"....Clement*
"Original Hue*' PnMalazia
Adelina Dosaena and Adnlfo Marlottl.
"Preludlo Caralllerla RuMlr*na"..... .Mascagnl
Site at Broadway and Twenty
sixth Street Chosen
OAKLAND. May I.—Property has
been purchased by the First Presby
terian church at Twenty-sixth street
and Broadway, where a new ediflce will
be built by the congregation when the
present site at Fourteenth and Frank
lin streets is turned over to the new
owners. While the church owns prop
erty at Nineteenth and Harrison
streets, which was purchased in 1907
for $37,000, this site will not be util
The committee making the newer
purchase is composed of A. L. Adams,
H. H. Gribben and H. N. Morris, with
Rev. F. L. Goodspeed, pastor of th«
church, as an ex-offlcio member. Th«
new purchase has been indorsed by ;
both the advisory board and the board
of trustees.
No date for the buiWlng of the new
edifice has as yet been decided upon.
here 57 years, but
couldnt Speak v. s.
Aged Frenchwoman Dies at 86
Without Learning It
CHICAGO. May I.—There died in Chi
cago yesterday a woman who, although
a resident of the United States for B7
years, never learned to speak the lan
guage of her adopted country, never
cared for any but the customs of her
own native France, and who for half
a century was a central figure in nearly
all the Important social gatherings of
French-Americana in Illinois.
The woman was Mme. Louise dcs
Combs Favard, who was a member of
the old French nobility and was born
86 years ago in Cherbourg.
Fifty-seven years ago she came with
her parents to the United States with a I
colony of French people who settled at ■
Nauvoo, 111. The French immigrants
purchased the village from the Mor
mons, who were then making their
first western migration, which ended at
Salt Lake City.
Eugene L. Whitney Succumbs
to Bright's Disease
BERKELEY, May I.—Eugene L.
Whitney, formtr warden of the Idaho
state penitentiary, died at the home
of his brother in law, Frank E. Arm
strong, 2249 Hearst avenue, this morn
ing of Bright's disease.
He was 66 years of age and is sur
vived by a widow and three daugh
ters, Mrs. Bartlett Sinclair of Rath
drum, Idaho; Mrs. Harry Sheelworth
of boist, Idaho, and Miss Helen Whit-
The body will be Shipped to Boise
City, where h« made hit home, for
For a Tonic
Xothing better can be used than the
Italian-Swiss colony's fine ports and
Sherries. Every drop Is alive with the
health giving properties of perfect
grapes grows in sunny California, *
Anti-Government Forces Rob
Teamsters of All Supplies,
Reports Contractor
Con tinned from Faa-e 1
creased to 731 men. and that he haa
more than he can arm. Olron left for
his camp In the mountains tdnight.
Many of the Jnsurreeto * bands
throughout Sonora are Ignorant an yet
of the peace negotiations. Bacum !«
threatened by the force* recently
routed out of La, Dura, Buena Vista
and Oumurlpa by General Ix»renso
Torres. Another band In the vicinity
of Sun Bias, Sinaloa. id preparing for
active hostilities, and a third force In
organizing for an attack upon Corral.
The capture of Topolobampo, an Im
portant port on the west .coast Is con
firmed. The jefe politico* placed on
the steamer Bonita, with all port fund*
and papers, and with other officials
sailed to Guaymas on the steamer Car
men. \- - ~ • '•''. •" •
A deserter from the American cav
alry entered Cumpas a few days ago
and r»bbed three Chinese storts. He
went from there to the nearby town
of Jamalra and boasted that he would
go back for more plunder. He did so.
When he reached the entrance to Cum
pas 10 armed men were awaiting him.
In the fight which followed the dt
serter was killed, but in the fight he
killed Carlos de la Cara and wounded
mortally Joaquin Vasquex and Ramon
Manje, well known Mexican citizens.
Hi Tlgre, the mining camp with the
greatest output of gold and silver in
the state of Sonera, Mex., will be
starved out In less than a fortnight
if the rebels do not retire from the
field. Enrique Woolfolk. the teaming
contractor, notified the mining offi
cials at the camp and In this city
today that h« could no longer trans
port supplies, as the rebels were not
only taking: all provisions from his
wagons, but commandeering mules
and stock feed.
There are many Americans at El
Tigre, where new cyanide and stamp
mills are being erected to double the
output of precious metals.
Salinas in Marin County
[Special Dispatch to The Call}
LOS ANGELES, May I.—Francisco
Salinas, deposed commander of the
rebel troops at Mexican and now un
der Arrest here at the request of the
Mexican government, was living in
M&rfn county at the time the offens*
with which he is charged in Mexico
was committed, according to state
ments made today by Salinas" attor
Salinas was arrested here Saturday
night, the specific charge being that
he had committed robbery in Lower
California about July 1, 1910. Mem
bers of the liberal junta here assert
this was a trumped up charge and
Salinas' attorneys today declared they
can prove absolutely that Salinas was
in Marln county during July of last
After Salinas, had been arraigned
here today in the federal court he
was held without ball and remanded
to the county jail.
Salinas crossed the border into the
United States when his troops at Mm
icall mutinied. He came Immediately
to Los Angeles and was at the head
quarters of the revolutionary junta
when he was arrested.
Gunboats Kill Many Rebels
Assisted by the guns and marines of
the gunboat Tampico. Colonel Jose Bel
tran yesterday repulsed the rebels who
attacked Mazatlan. according to re
ports received today by, the department
of war. The attack was begun in the
forenoon and continued throughout the
greater part of the day.
The guns of the warships were
trained on the assailants and the large
number of deaths in their ranks is
thought to be the work of the explod
ing shells. The federal casualties are
not reported.
Reports have also been received by
the war department of a battle today
at Chlstla, state of Puebla. The fed
erals are said to have routed their
Cadets Outdrill Freshman Com*
panics for First Time
BERKELEY. May, 1 —For the first
time a sophomore company of cadets
of the university captured the honors
for the best drilled company at the "
annual review which was held all day
today. Captain Cl D. T. Ostrom of
Company E was awarded the univer
sity banner, and that company next
year will carry the colors. Thia of
ficer's company formed the guard of
honor for Roosevelt when he was here.
The drill, which was held in the pres.
enoe of several hundred spectators, was
judged by the following army officers:
Captain John B. Murphy, Lieutenant
Richard P. Winslow and Lieutenant
Myron S. Crissey, coast artillery.
Fifteen companies entered the com
petitive drill, and the judges did not
arrive at a decision until after several
of the companies had been recalled for
further examination. Captain Ostrom
was loudly cheered when his company
was picked the winner.
The sophomore company Is composed
of i students who '- are compelled to < drill
under th« university regulations,';but
who have not • tried for honors in : the
department of military science..: '
This morning - the cadets ./were in
spected and guard mount was held, fol
lowed by regimental review. 1 •* '> ■
Fierce Battles Are Fought in
Streets and Bloodshed
Is Widespread
Chinese Government, Helpless,
Hopes to Restore Peace
by Concessions
Continued from Page 1
being directed by "Wu Bum, the brigand
chief. Ijuk has led personally '-a force to
the north of aCnton. He looted the mar
ket at Chunkluk, 20 miles north of Can
ton. He then m^-fl* ft wide detour to
the west of Canton and fell on Fatshan,
a town IS miles to the souhwes t he
capial f he prvinee. Here he fir* de
stryed the palace of the assistant mag
istrate and then tv rned the town over
to his followers to be looted.
Advices state, that Shulhuna:, on the
West river, has f»Uen before the revo
lutionaries, who murdered the prefect. '
The battle at Fatshan was hard
fought, the Imperial troops giving bat
tle at Lung Shi bridge. Thirty-seven
soldlern were killed before the tro&ps
fall back.
The revolutionaries are cutting the
telegraph wires throughout the scene
of their operations and communications
between Canton and points to the north
and ' west Is generally Interrupted.
Traffic on the Chinese section of...the
railway leading north from Canton has
been suspended.
A report that Shamlen, the foreign
concession abott Canton, had been In
vaded lacks confirmation. The Amer
ican gunboat Wilmington has the
plac* under her guns.
The viceroy of Canton, who took
refuge on a gunboat after his palace
was burned Wednesday night, has or
dered troops to pursue the reb«ls in
the country. The authorities appear
from the latest advices to be in con
trol of Canton. The gates of the city
are closed and no one Is allowed to
enter, a vigorous roundup of stmpects
is being made. Seven gunboats are
anchored off the city.
Judge Waste Decides in Favor
of State Controller
OAKLAND, May I.—Alameda comity
is not entitled to commissions totaling
$80,000 for collecting state taxes, ac
cording to a decision rendered today by
Superior Judge Waste, in which he gave
Judgment in 1 favor of A. B. Njre, state
controller, in a suit , brought. against
him two years ago by the county.
At that time permission was granted
the firm ,of Reed, Black & Reed and
Attorney Clarence Croweil to sue Nye
for 5 per cent commission for,all state
taxes collected in Alameda county for
the preceding four years. Judge Waste
maintained that the county had no
ground for a claim, as the taxes were
not the.occasion of additional expense,
being collected at the same time as the
county; taxes. ....;•.■ . . .".
Thp suit wss filed in the nature of a
test of an old statute of 1876. Attorney
Crowell announced that he would ap
peal from the ruling of Judge Waste.
Some of Them Weigh Quarter
of a Pound
OAKLAND, May I—An eg* exhibit
was opened today at the chamber of
commerce headquarters. Twelfth and
Franklin streets, by W. P. Nichols
processor of the exhibit of the Alameda
county commission. Nichols has a num
ber of large sixed cggK, some of which
weigh a fourth of a pound and measure
seven and a quarter inches in circum
ference and eight and a quarter inches
in length. Oakland is rapidly becoming
known as a chicken center and Nichols
expects many more specimens to add to
the growing exhibit.
Richmond Women Choose New
Officers for Organization
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
RICHMOND, May I.—At a meeting at
the residence of Mrs. B. H. Harlow the
Friday Afternoon whist club elected us
officers: Mrs. Harry Adklnson, presi
dent; Mrs. F. B. Adams, treasurer; Mrs.
K. M. Ferguson, secretary. The next
meeting of the club will be held at the
residence of Mrs. F. E. Adams in Tenth
street. '
/WW^ Blanche Ring
S Blanche Ring
Sings For The
Come in and Hear Her Records ■-
"Billikin Man" ; "Nora Malone"
"I've Got Rings On My Fingers" v
"Yip I Adee i Ay" "Top of the Morning"
"Come Josephine in My Flying Machine"
Our Sheet Music Department
Carries' alt of Blanche Ring's Songs
Victor Talking Machines, $10 to $68
Victrolas, $75, $100, $150, $200
Any Victor or Victrola on Easiest Terms
I «J "HOUR OF MUSlC—Player-Piano and Viclrola Recital
Saturday -afternoon at 3 o'clock in our * Recital Hall.
- Public cordially invited. Take elevator to eighth floor.
Sherman Ray & Go
Kearny and Slitter Streets, Sail Francisco
Fourteenth and Clay Streets, Oakland
Carnegie Fund Commissioners
Award $34,100 and $1,310
in Pensions
Purchases of Homes, Education
and Payment of Death
Benefits Ordered
PITTSBURG, May I.—Thirty-five
awards In recognition of acts of hero-
Ism were made today at the spring
meeting of the Carnegie hero fund fom
mi»sion and the issuance offline silver
and 26 bronze, medals was authorized.
In addition the money accompanying
the medals amounts to $54,100 and pen
sions to widows of heroes total $1,310
Of the large amount. $1,000 la given
to George K.'Mulr: of Grand Rapids,
Wis., who was awarded a bronze medal
last January. Mulr Is now Suffering
from tuberculosis at Wales, Wls.. and
the commission makeß t the money
award to care for- ; htm.
* The money is apportioned as fol
lows: y »
Six thousand dollars for worthy pur
poses; |200 liquidation of mortgages:
$3,700 for other indebtedness: $4,n00
purchases of homes; $14,000 for educa
tion; $3,200 death benefits, and $1,000
for restoration of health.
Tn nine instances the heroes lost
their lives and the award Is made to a
member of the family.
Since the inception of the commis
sion, 4,891 cases have been re
fused recognition; 487 have been grant
ed, and 893 cases are still pending.
Today's awards Include:
Rudolph Oshorn, aged 45, attempted
rescue; Donald C. Ball, aged 6, from
runaway team at ESelllngham, Wash.,
September 12, 1905. Sustained inju
ries but child escaped. Bronze medal
and $1,000 for a home.
August Wesley, aged 27 (died), at
tempted to save two men from suffo
cation in mine at Bingham canyon,
TTtah, November 21. 190 S. Silver medal
held In reserve for family.
Hugh Burneg, aged *22 (died), ac
companied Wesley in entering mine.
Silver medal held for nearest of kin
when found.
Joseph Rohesa Jr.,. aged 22 (died),
helped rescue men from burning mine
at Cherry. 111., November 13, 1909. Sil
ver medal to father.
Present Alumni Head Will Be
Returned to Office at Annual
Luncheon May 17
BERKELEY, May I.—James K. Mof
fltt, for several terms head of the
alumni council and association of the
graduates of the University of Califor
nia., again has been nominated for the
office. He will receive the unanimous
vote at the annual alumni luncheon in
Strawberry canyon at noon May 17.
Other nominations jnade are: Sec
ond vice president, Charles H. Bentley;
secretary, Milton T. Farmer; treas
urer, Perry T. Tompkins. Other mem
bers of the council—representatives of
the colleges at Berkeley, Miss Cornelia
MoKtnne, Frank Otis and Warren
Gregory; Hastings law college of law,
A. K. Graupner: pharmacy department,
Dr. H. M. Simmons.
Governor Hiram Johnson, who Is a
former student of the university, will
be one of the speakers at the luncheon.
Others who will be heard are: Presi
dent Wheelei^ James K. Moffltt and
Warren Olney Jr.
Further commencement week events
have been announced. The women of
the swilor class who will banquet the
evening of May 13 at Hearst hall will
be addressed hy these speakers: Mrs.
Wheeler, Miss Lucy Sprague, Miss Lucy
Stebbins, Mrs. R. 9. iHolway and Mrs.
M. Bancroft, the guests of honor and
members of the class.
The men will hold their feaat In San
Francisco, and the speakers will b«:
President Wheeler, Major E. M. Lewis,
Prof. Edmund O'Neill and Prof. Henry
MOrse Stephens, as well an students.
The faculty has sent out invitations
for a reception to be held at the Fac
ulty club the evening of May 9.
Caught in the act of robbing the home of 'WII
-llim Q«nsbfrjter at San Lorenxo late last
nlflbt a man giTln«r hi* name at Edward Rller
wa« arrested by Deputy Sheriff Harcourt, who
had been summoned by telephone.
Dr. Agnew, rectal diseases exclusive
ly. 821: Market St., 8. F. . •
Today's Meetings of
Improvement Clubs
Green , Valley Improvement
club thl» evening:,' at Vienna and
Ruaala atreeta. >
«. Park 'Richmond Improvement
clnb, at «1 9 Hlxt h nrennr. .
Went Knil Improvement • club,
thin evening, at "5540 " Mlmloh
Mlaalon Merchants' nnaoclatlon,
at 2337 MUalon afreet.
-- Mlaalon Height* and Church
.Street, Hub, . ,4hla evening;, at
; Nineteenth and Ctmrch; Afreet*.
flvle ■ Betterment league, at
Daly. City.
Holly Park Improvement dab,
at 319 Creaeent: avenue.
(Clubs are requested to furnish
data for this column.)
Berkeley City Engineer Ap
: proves Plan ,of Gateway
• BERKELEY; May I.—An ornamental
arch \ will:'fie built,over Allston way At
Shattuck avenue from the Hotel Shat
tuck to the . People's water company
building,' for. the Berkeley flower fes
tival, which will be held here a week
from Saturday.::
A. SH. Herrmann, president of the
hoard of trade, under whose auspices
the carnival will be given, drew the
plans 'which were approved by v Clty
Engineer J. J. Jeesup.
The arch will be 2« feet high and
40 i feet .wide. It will be constructed
'of wood covered with bunting. • Elec
tric lights' will outline the arch at
"night. The arch; Is « planned as an en
trance. to - r the carnival -grounds at
Milvia street,and Allston way.
Suburban Brevities
I.—Policeman C. J.Steele of th« Berkeley no
, force ha* reigned to accept a position
with the Southern ' Pacific company In Pan
Fr«nci»co. ; ■
Eva Lane, a domestic who took poUon in Dr.
J. 1,. McLaren's office Friday, )i»« been held
for examination hr th« lunacy oommfKHlnn. in
. veetlgatlon ha« led the authorities to suspect
that the woman Is demented.
Summer Furniture
Extensive New Assortment IN STYLES
— the Cottage or Bungalow
For the Living: Room
Stratford Oak, Old English,
Satin Walnut, Wicker or Reed
For the Bedroom
Waxed Natural Oak, Fumed Oak
White.Creamor Tinted Enamels
For the Dining: Room
Flanders Oak, Old English,Wai nut
In the Newest Shade of Brown
For the Living Room or Porch
Full line of Tennessee Red Cedar
storage of Furs and Garments
Exceptional Qualities at Low Prices
216-228 Sutter Street
SI 00 mm 1100
Mr. C. I. Mehedlnteanu, the pro
prietor of the World's Fair Barber
Shop, of 6SI Clay street, near
Kearny, w'M pay $100 reward for
the arrest and conviction of any
person or persona who will steal or
destroy anything that belongs to
his property now situated at
681 Clay Street
Xear Kearny Street.
■• -.-*" -■■ ammmmm^m'^ mm~m' . „, - „.■.■ .. ...... .... , ■ ''
Under the name management.
' Entirely rebuilt «lac« the flre. '
The finest reildence hotel In the World. OT«r
looking the San Francisco bar and Golden Oat«.
- The two great hotel* that tiara made San Fran.
Cisco famous among trareleri the world over. ■
Society of Callforala Pioneers' Batldlac
v Fourth Street Near Market
California's Moat Popular Hotel
400 Rooms. * * 200 Bathii.
European plan—sl.oo per dar and up. Dining
room eating 500. Table d'Hote or a la Carte
ferric*, m* desired. , ;
From 11:30 a. m. to 2 p.' m.—9o cents.
■ Maoaxer. . ■ Ant. Manager. ,
European plan, Si per day and up; American
plan, $2.23 per dar and up. American plan to
permanent guests, (90 mo. and op; European plan
to permanent guests, $5 per week and up. > Steel
frame, eUta A. strictly fireproof. EDDY ST.
Sun of Publicity Never Shone
on Past of Female
Lawyer for Defense Scores the
Court for Ruling Against
VITERRO, Italy, May I.—The trial of
Camorrist* for the killing of Gennaro
Cuoccolo and his wife wal resumed
Joday after an Interruption Of a week
due to the illhes« of a. Juror.
Maria Stendardo, the only woman
among the prisoner", was called for
examination. She admitted her early
career was not above rfproach, and
that her home had been the resort of
evil persons, hut denied that she had
guilty knowledge of the Cuoccolo kill
The woman's assertion that she had
been imprisoned 15 days before an
order of arrest wan drawn against h«r
led up to another application t>y a. law
yer for the defense for permission to
examine the warrants served by the
carablnleri. insisting that they had
been issued in blank. This request
had been twice refused and the court
today refuted to modify Its rulM*. In
disgust the lawyer shouted:
•Thio whnip trial Js an aberration."
Many documents were read today, lr'-^
eluding one showing payments t« ™
eelved by OenArro Ahattemaggio. th(*
informer, since hlq arrest. The letter
was intended by the defense to shotv
that sums of money received by him
Increased after he had denounced his
fellow prisoners.
At the conclusion of the reading En
rico Alfano, th« alleged head of tlie
camorra. turned to Abbatemaggio and
"What a fine gentleman you ar«,"
The Informer responded:
"It was honest money."
For Northern and Eastern Points
choice or 1
Illustrated Booklets on Applleitiei!.
% - G. W. COLBY. General A«ot.
I" ■ ■■ ■ 665 M»rk« St. (Pallet HateJ).
Stork ton Street, A bore Batter
San Francisco
. American* plan, % 3.00 , day
European plan, ■ 11.50; day
A aotel with ) eterr modern ■ conTtnlence.
I>ery room conneetine with bath.
Newest and Matt Popular Commercial Hotel. '
IT-19' Powell Street ;at Market
Si* stories of solid comfort. Tea nrst <•!•■»
••tin* nova* within oot block. B«Ui $1. £S
tbe*ow. V" r°Om*; not * <Urk rts°"' »
"VJLjH-*- w- TCEPIN. Propa. >nd Man.
FQtmtt vwnen Royal iM Hamilton HoteU.
A. Qulctt, Reflaed Home off InoauaJ
= Excellence
American Plan, with batb, from 14 a a.
, Earop«an Plan, with bath ~ froi « 1 daV'
;_-";; PwltlTtlr Fireproof.
Half j Block from Colombia Theater
HMnHHf CadOUc HotH C ?
EL^Rjffil °r" worth "reiu*™" %j
IH^Bllj^gigay American plnn to p#r-
Ttff~_!ir»mnfjt "•"■-"it « U e*u. $« *nr>
■^-^gt^aaiimmW'-^ ■'■ up: European pUn, H
. per day. > , - i

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