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The San Francisco Sunday Call
California Women Who Think
Is a Woman’s First Duty to Her
Husband or to Her Children?
Where should her heart interest lie? Is it possible, do you think, for
the wifely affection to triumph over the maternal instinct? Think it over.
Which do you love the most, your husband or your children?
From the beginning of history up to -the present day, mother love has
been extolled in song and story. It has been called the greatest of all loves.
It has been said that a mother will forsake everything for the sake of her
child. What do you think about it? Would you?
Says a girl whose views are purely theoretical: "If I married a man, I
am quite sure that I could never begin to care for anything as I should for
him. My children I should naturally love, but they would nevertheless be a
secondary issue. My love for my husband would be supreme."
Do you agree with her? You married women "of California, what would
be your stand in such a question? Draw from the material of your own
observations. Go deeper and search your own natures. Which reigns highest
in your heart, your children or your husband? * '..
To elucidate the question: Suppose your husband lay ill in bed, helpless,
unable to move, and in the next room your little child lay asleep, peacefully
unconscious of any danger. You return from a neighbor's to find your home
in flames. Which would you attempt to save, your husband or your child?
This is a subject that is bound to go deep. It is one on which every
woman should give some expression of feeling. It can only be answered
by women, and YOUR views are wanted. Sit down and think it over. Is
your love for your husband greater than your love for your child, or vice
There is no set limit to the number of words in your contribution, though
a letter of between 300 and 400 words is the most satisfactory. For the
cleverest two sent in The Sunday Call will give each week two pieces of silver
ware. Make your letters interesting , and confine them to the: question.
Address The Symposium Editor, The-Call, San Francisco. Sit down and
write your answer at once.
A(&l<ai_{__®ir_&L Vs©w.s
A Constant Render ,of Human Nature
I believe A. jJ. C. has analyzed the
perfect woman. Her illustration defines
a condition that exists in every case
where the family has grown—but the
Income stands 'ill.
The man does the same duties, re
ceives the same wages, but the woman
assumes extra cares and less compen
As She loses her strength comes a
natural discrepancy in the household
affairs. A right thinking man makes
allowance and sometimes lightens his
wife's labors by kindness and helps in
the house. I do not mean he does the
dishes, but he waits on himself when,
It Is possible and takes care of some'
of the children when at home. 'SMM
His wages will not allow the ex
penditure necessary to keep up every
thing, so little by little something Is
given up and some comfort done with
When the woman gets tired and dis
couraged she is not so good natured.
and when the husband sees that she is
peevish he gets cross, too. Sometimes
the whole household will suffer " be
cause the mother undertook too much
labor and Is tired out.
I have heard women say: "My hus
band does not want me to work so
hard, but I can not seem to save
enough money to get things done." Of
course not. The woman .does not work
like a slave because she likes It. She
sometimes Is smart enough to look
ahead. She does not see a ghost of a
C®MH_®H_ Sots® ;M©H]j_« [email protected]
Charlotte Thompson, HolUater
I have been reading your many let
ters In regard to the proper places for
wives to shine, and I can not resist
adding my views, founded on experi-
ence and observation. I do not believe
It Is a safe proposition to generalize
upon this matter; we must take into
consideration Individual taste and tem
perament. What would please and de
light one man in a wife would be
treated as a minor detail by another,
for Instance, a student, a college grad
uate, would admire and covet an Intel
lectual wife; to him, that is the great
est thing In life; 'tis true he would not
wish her to eclipse him, but it would
be the main attraction. A musical man
would be proud of a musical wife; her
achievements along this line would be
an expression of his hopes and desires.
An artist would be drawn to a beauti
ful form and face as naturally as the
bee is drawn to the flower. lam will
ing to agree with my sisters in their
Ideas of "feeding the brute," as In
nearly every,lnstance that cuts a very
prominent figure. If she is not an ex
pert in the culinary art there is usually
a shadow on the fair face of things. It
Wommi Kfe®^ Mot's Mp to'SMna©
f By The Adviser
An average man wants his wife to
shine everywhere. A woman under or
dinary circumstances can and will
shine everywhere. That is, if she loves
her husband and tries to please him.
She should be neat about the home and
be able to handle the household In a
businesslike manner. She should al
ways be happy and meet her husband
at the door after his hard day's work
is done. If there Is anything a man
loves to see it Is his wife looking cheer
ful and happy. When he receives a
welcome greeting he then loves to go
into his home and sit down to a hearty
meal, which has been cooked -by his
happy little wife. After he has finished
his meal he is ready to sit down by the
fireside and smoke hi* cigar or talk to
his wife of things which passed during
the day. . ' *f^steffl-_a
On the other hand, the man must
make things pleasant for his wife If
he wants her to shine everywhere. He
must not come home looking for trou
Mm Ota Mot to SMia© Ewir^[email protected]
Stores, silver, . f faucets, furniture,
dishes, glassware, lamps, brasses, shoes,
hardware, floors and windows are all
Improved by a shine. No doubt the
_.-«rage man wants his wife to shine,
or superintend the shining of all these
As to that other shineof natural
superiority, genius, geniality, cultured
attainments, high minded ideality, ar
tistic temperament. Individualityonly
a selfish, narrow minded man would
want to lessen —a broad minded one
does much to inspire and keep It
Wffliate to IB® W©m<& ©if frfeir
Being a constant reader of The Call,
I have become tremendously interested
in the replies to "Where Do Men Want
Their Wives to Shine?" arid ' while I
may . seem i more 1* or \. less \ pessimistic,/-1
s am merely one of many,speaking from
A observation. /It seems ll to '} me that a
*-man really wants to be the "bright
" star" himself, j and /so < long - as"; he ;Is
allowed to / perform his little selfish
pleasures without being rightly chas
tised by his wife's tongue or demeanor,
be considers he has the wife of wives.
chance for things to come right unless
she keeps the money for extra hire.
Circumstances''compel each couple to
do Just what they are doingln nine
out of ten circumstances. ;
All that seems necessary to keep ,
peace and happiness is the real love
and respect between the members of a
The woman In every family Is on a
pedestal, but outsiders can not see her
shine. The husband wants all the
scintillating rays to reflect within his
own dominion.
A man's wife is Just what he makes:
her. She entertains and looks pretty
or cooks and works to see him smile.
She does not neglect him if he exacts
attention, and if he shows appreciation
she will always be his sweetheart as
well as his wife.
I think much depends on whether
there are more member* of the house
hold than Just husband and wife. More
persons, more confusion, and conse
quently more cares.
I know that I would not care to as
sume the duties of a large house If I
did not have the use for It; and I could
Imagine a perfect union where the hus
band expects his wife to be free to ac
cept outside ■ pleasures with him. To
be ready and look well for any occa
sion. .-'-'.'".
After all Is said and done, I guess
that every man who does Just what la
right will find his condition Is O. K.
His wife would not change places with
any. one. - -■ ■. ■".. ',-,. -:;.. * "'•■■
Is not absolutely essential that she soil
her dainty fingers In the kitchen, but
she should have enough executive abil
ity to superintend that part of her
I think the solution of this problem
rests with the woman of tact, one who
knows when to talk and when to keep
still, when to sympathize and when not
to. I do not agree with B. B. that men
are such selfish animals. I find just as
many selfish women as men, and there
will be Just as many men In heaven
admitted on the basts of trying to
please as women. A woman certainly
should be neat In personall self -
respecting women are; she should: not
feel • that after, she is married she
should treat lightly that part which
she considered so essential before mar
riage. How ashamed a woman would
be if her admirer discovered her with
her puffs pinned on the . lace curtain
of her boudoir or her shirtwaist shame
lessly exhibiting its full length outside
of her skirt. To sum up the whole
thing, there must be common sense,
practicability and tact, with a good deal
of stress laid upon personal appear
ble or thinking about all his business
troubles, as most men do. Of course,
a man has to tell his wife of his busi
ness affairs, but not to such an extent
that trouble arises. This Is not the way
to help his wife to shine. "/Jgßj__K_g^_
Besides seeing his wife shine at home
a man wants to see her shine In his or
her company. She should look pleasant
outside of her home as well as Inside of
It and be ready to entertain her friends
in the best of fashion. She should be
neat In appearance and try to be at
tractive to a certain extent. And be
sides this, she must be able to carry on
a conversation In an entertaining man
ner. It is not up to the wife alone to
be able to do all these thing*. It I*
the husband's place to help his wife In
all things and if he does she will be a
pleasure not only to him, but to all his
friends. •■_■ Men -who want their | wives
to shine everywhere should make them
happy and the shine will be, forthcom
By B. I. S.
sparkling. By a generous understand
ing and encouragement of his wife's
shining, does a man ' increase in bril
liance and gain ln.lovableness, and the
rule works both ways.
So I believe the average man wants
his ' wife to shine ' all the time as his
wife, and all the ■ time accordingly ;as
nature has 'endowed, her with' a . con
tinuation of the graces that first at
tracted him to her.'*.-'■ „
- In ■ nursery, kitchen, * parlor. or club,
a secure belief that he wants her -.to
shine will do much In the development
of both.
By MRS. E. I. T.
Of course, it Is understood that he
wants her ,I, to be/a lady always,'
whether preparing his meals, Joining
him -in a: game of cards, _ entertaining
his : friends accompanying 5 him to
some place of amusement. Therefore
my solution s Is: As '•> long; a* you humor
a man, realizing he , Is, after all,; only a
man/and be yourself j a .wife,: not an
imitation, 1; you; are .bound ,to f shine. A
man wants, his wife to ' shine as an all
around, true, good j woman—a : woman
he' Is proud to introduce to his frienda
as ! "my wife.'* . ,-,
Is a Woman’s First Duty to Her Husband or Her Children?
Ribbon as Jewelry
GROSGRAIN ribbon of rich quality
and heavy weave plays an import
ant part in personal decoration
these days. vlt has been used for some
time with gold and Jeweled slides as
watch fobs, but Is now being ; put to
many other uses. ■ ■..•' «•
- A woman In mourning, who can not
afford to buy herself a new black
enamel or gun metal watch, may wear
her gold one, provided the chain Is
somber. This is often of onyx beads
twisted Into a rope, but more econom-,
leal is "a long chain lof grosgraln rib
bon with slides and hook of onyx or
dull jet. •
The width of these ribbon guards
varies from half to one and one-half
Inches, the three-quarters width being
suitable for older women. v
The ribbon watch guard is no longer
popular for mourning only. They are
smart Just now to hold watch or lorg
nette, worn with Jeweled or enamel
slides , at Intervals throughout its
length, with hook and catch to match.
Sometimes these slides are set In rhlne
stones, again In 'turquoise, or semi
precious stones, occasionally In finely
chased gold.
Besides being new and fashionable,
such a guard Is serviceable and much
better form for ordinary dally wear
than Jeweled gold chains or even the
antique silver ones set with amethysts,
lapis, or jade. / '/
The grosgraln ribbon guard for eye
glasses Is now a familiar sight. Oddly
enough, the wide band of black ribbon
hanging over one cheek is becoming
and by its smartness takes away the
look of old age that eyeglasses fre
quently give.
Quite new are pins and brooches In
which grosgraln ribbon Is utilized to
bring out settings of brilliants. Some
of these are in bowknot or true-love
knot shapes bordered with rhlnestones
set in silver, others are long bar pint
for veil or belt, the background of the
grosgraln crossed with a central and
end ornaments of filigree and rhlne
stones separated by rhinestone slides.
Sometimes this ribbon is made up
Into dog collars crossed by Jeweled
Laughter a Tonic
rHE girl who knows when and how
to laugh has acquired one of the
best weapons with which to fight
her way in the world.
There was a time when the tearful
woman was as fashionable as the faint
ing damsel of the early Victorian pe
riod, but that day is happily passed.
The woman of laughter has supplanted
the woman of tears, and in these pro
gressive times women have learned to
laugh at most things.
They laugh at love, jest with pain,
and smile right under the shadow of
death; consequently life is robbed of
much of its depression, and things that
are Intolerable are made endurable by
the saving grace of a smile.
The fountain of tears so persistently
and unscrupulously tapped In our
grandmothers'-. day has run dry. It
must be a relief to the modern man to
realize that women are using other arts
Of persuasion and that red lips and a
lachrymose manner are as out of date
as crinoline. __Ss_£_-________B__l
The power of tears has for years en
abled women to gain the things their
hearts were set upon, for men are cow
ards before the woman who-weeps and
weeps well. But while they yield*■ the
point of the moment it is to be doubted
If the women gain ah much as they lose.
To begin with, nothing else so surely
destroys beauty than the habit of tears,
and they leave an aftermath of resent
ment: and distaste In *.' a .man's" mind
against the woman who uses them. llf
she can get what she wan ts by smiles
and: laughter, Is it not the better and
pleasanter method?
Tear* are the weapon of the weak,
but the strong woman smiles and turns
life's rebuffs With skillful laughter.
No girl; should undervalue the power
of laughter/v Giggling and tittering are
strange abortions of this beautiful art,
and are apt to be shunned- unless one
wishes to become a; nuisance; but
wholesome laughter, coming fresh from
hearts that are ; gay, and even from
hearts that are; sad, for some of the
sweetest laughter flows from Just such
hearts, will rob a bitter moment of : its
sting, and will : soften; the ' keenest dis
appointment; It also allows sorrow to
hide, her head beneath the bright 1 rai
ment of gayety and grieve in secret.
The woman who can hide her sorrow
in laughter is a public\benefactor.' How
many,- of 'us have had"' our, load lifted
and ; the pain; eased" f or' the moment :by
the : girl ** who has the gift of" laughter I
And how, many«" wretched V situations
•have been overcome by the woman who
knew when and how to laugh!
To 'realize that the tearful /woman's
knell has; been struck, one has only -to
read modern? fiction. The ; tearful, red
, eyed, / moist young ' person . whose * nose
was always buried in her pocket* hand
' kerchief I; and whose * lover /' was ;* con
; stantly ; having his:heart wrung by her
woes* Is a heroine of; 16. ; And- appar
ently not* a tear Is shed by the public
over her passing away.
•Thei novelists i of. the day . are .taking
the J "new" woman for their heroines;
women whom V life "• has ; struck • blow
h after blow until j, they ; have learned the
art of.laughter; women, who know how
to Jest In ._ the t face of ' disappointment;
women who have a comforting sense of
;i^-V'-" •'■■•..■'.'-'.' "■-- :■.;.'.«_--.■..
Hurt a woman's feelings ; nowadays
slides and clasp, with a large oval or
square ornament In the middle of .the
front. The dullness of the ribbon is
so much less becoming than velvet that
it Is not likely to"" become very popu
a '"
Exposition of Woman's Work]
GREAT preparations are being made
In Germany for a unique exposi
tion to be held there in 1912, to be
known as "The Woman In Home
and Business." The chief organizer of
this gigantic undertaking Is Frau Kom
merzlenrat Hedwig Heyl.'the author of
Germany's famous cook book, ,the
founder of many flourishing charities
and the president of the Lyceum club.
With her on the committee are Frau
Fla Wllle, one of the foremost Inte
rior decorators in Berlin, and fraulein.
Dr. Alice Salomon, the founder of the
only school of philanthropy in Ger
many. They have -divided the work of
the exhibit into eight divisions.
According to the proposed plan the
household division is to show, among
other things, three model homes, one
for the laborer, one for the middle class
family and \ one with all the conveni
ences and luxuries of a perfectly equip
ped modern house. Besides there are to
be models of all the large institutional
homes which women have either organ
ized or are managing now; ; the diet
kitchen, the school kitchen, coffeeeand
tea houses and milk booths. Then there
will be models of shops as they ought
to be, with special emphasis on the wel
fare !of the ? shopgirl i ■ and / the;; sales
.woman and an exchange of recipes and
household hints. Finally, arrangements
are to be made for an exhibition of the
Various schools in which Germany leads
the world.
The division, "the woman in her ca
reer," "Is to tell something about the
9,500,000 workers, from the one archi
tect, Fraulein Emilia Winckelmann to
the countless teachers and deaconesses.
Here there will be a niche for-every
woman who has done something worth
and she smiles gayly at you or wilfully
misunderstands your meaning; break
her . heart, she smiles still and com
mands " your admiration by the power
of quiet laughter.
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noticing especially for those who are
the pioneers in their work, such as
Fraulein Elizabeth yon Hahn, the first
woman to bring her. art education into
the commercial world as a window
decorator, the first woman , archaeolo
gist, : the first; police Inspector, the first
assistant In an X-ray laboratory, and
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,«lally.-,c._ ' ' „...--... .. ....
of collar stay, Frau , Schneszny. The
science department Is going to bring
a model of the new hospital managed
and controlled entirely by women doc
tors, and the art department is going
to j exhibit the work of women artists,
sculptors, /actresses, Interior, decora
tors and all manner of craft workers.
The seamstress, the ; book' agent, the
waitress, the dairymaid, the hair
dresser and even the scrubwoman is
to have her place In the exhibition.
So much for the first two groups.
They are by far the largest and the
more important. Some of the other
groups include the woman as ruler
(with portrait* and histories of the va
rious heads of the royal houses), as
collector, a club; member and as a
factor In German colonization.

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