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Is the thief of automobiles, player'
pianos and libraries. . In other
words, get your sets of Book/lovers'
Contest pictures and coupons-'.. in
early. Something might happen!'
Passes Senate, 53 to 27, Ma
jority of Republicans Vot
ing Against It
Taft Follows Closely Defeat of
All Amendments and Is
Both Perkins and Works Line
BIT in Favor '•' of Measure
Up m Favor of Measure
on Final Ballot
Home Stretch History
Of Reciprocity Measure
WASHINGTON, .Inly 22—11 a.
m—Senate taken up reciprocity.
11:15 a. m. to 1:25 p. in.—-All
pending amendments defeated on
roll rail. : :
l'3->—BUI passed, 53 to 27.*;;''
President Taft win sijen the
bill July 20.
The president said. -I am
gratified and delighted."
Senator Penrose saidt "It *n
WASHINGTON. July ; 2.—The
reciprocal trade agreement
between the United States
and Canada embodied in the
reciprocity bill that proved a "storm
center in two sessions of congress,
passed the senate without amendment
by a vote of 53 to 27. A majority of
republicans voted against.it. Of 53
votes for i.. 32 were democratic and
21 republican. Of the 27 against, 24
•were republican and 3 democratic.
This action, settled the whole Ca
nadian reciprocity question as far as
congress is -"• concerned, and save for
executive approval arid the Canadian
parliament's ratification, virtually made
the pact the law of the land. * ,*- --
Congressional practice will delay the
affixing of the president's signature
until next Wednesday, when:the house
is ■ again in ; session. The reciprocity
bill, having originated .- in the house,
must be returned there i for * engross
ment and for the signature of Speaker
Clark, while the house Is sitting;.
The Canadian parliament has not yet
acted on the agreement, and with one
exception, the provisions of ' the bill as
passed by congress will not become ef- .
fective until the president issues a
proclamation that Canada has ratified
the pact. The exception to this pro
cedure is in the paper and pulp, sec
tion of the bill, which, it is announced,
will become immediately effective when
the president signs the law.
How Senators Voted
Following is the vote on the bill:
Republicans against the bill—Borah
and Heybuna, Idaho;; Bourne, Oregon;
Brlatow and Curtis, Kansas; Bnrnham.
New Hampshire; Clapp and Nelson,
Minnesota} Clark and* Warren, Wy
oming-; . Crawford and Gamble, South
Dakota; Cummins and Kenyon, Iowa;
Dixon, Montana; Gronna and Mc-
Cumber, North; Dakota} La Follette,
"Wisconsin; Llppltt, Rhode Island; "Lor
imer, Illinois} Oliver, Pennsylvania;
Page, Vermont: -Smith,' Michigan;
moo L*ah. •
Democrat* . * gainstßailey, Texas;
Clarke,- Arkansas; Simmons, North
Carolina. "-. ■'„ .
Republicans for the bill—.Bradley,
Kentucky; Brandegee and McLean,
Connecticut; Brigs*, New Jersey;
Brown, Nebraska} Barton, Ohio} Crane
aad ■ Lodge, Massachusetts } Callom,, Il
linois; Guggenheim, Colorado} Jones
and ; Polndextcr, Washington} Nixon,
Nevada} Penrose, Pennsylvania! Per
kins and Works, California; Richard
son, Delaware; Root, New York; Ste
phenson, Wisconsin: Townsend, Michi
gan) Wet more, Rhode; Island.
Democrats for— Bacon, Georgia;
Bankhead and _. Johnston, , Alabama;
Bryan arid Fletcher, Florida; Chamber
lain, Oregon) Chilton and Watson,
West Virginia) Culberson, Texas) Da
vis, 'Arkansas Foster, Louisiana) Gore
and Owen,, Oklahoma) ; Hitchcock, Ne
braska) Johnson, Maine; Kern and
Shlvely, Indiana) Martin and Swanson,
Virginia Martine, ; New Jersey; * Myers,
Montana; -" Newlands, Nevada; O'Gor
nisu. New York; Overman, North Caro
lina; Paynter, ■ Kentucky; Pomerane,
Ohio; Reed and Stone, Missouri; Smith,
Maryland; Smith, South Carolina; Tay
lor, Tennessee) William*, Mississippi.
Result Delights Taft
) Senators who were absent were: Du
pont, Delaware; Frye, Maine; Galling
er,' New :Hampshire; Lea, Tennessee;
Percy; Mississippi; Raynor, Maryland;
Tillman, , South Carolina. ;
■.' Senators who were . present but did
riot vote because of being paired with
absent senators, were: Dillingham, Ver
mont; L, Sutherland, " Utah; : Thornton,
Louisiana." ,
' There are two senate vacancies—from
Georgia (due to the r resignation of
Senator Terrell) and Colorado.
; From thel White House President
Taft followed the votes on the amend-,
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THE San Francisco CALL
Joseph C. Campbell,
Who Was Crashed
On S. P. Ferry Boat
District Attorney Believes That
Slayer of Powell Killed Girl
on Mount Tamalpais
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SANTA ROSA, July 22.—District At
' ' '. ■
torney eLa. began work today ,on a
clew which ,he -believes may connect
Dr. L. t C.. Chlsholm, "convicted of I the
murder, of." John. D. Powell at ; Fort
Ross, with the Mount : Tamalpals . mur
der * mystery "'of ' about " two years s ago.
Lea r has - received information that
points to the fact that Chlsholm, who
was (Sentenced, today to life imprison
ment for the Powell murder, may have
been • implicated In the death of the
unidentified woman whose ' body was
discovered on the slopes of the -Marin
county mountain. . , „
■-' Lea refused to divulge the j nature of
the clew in, his possession,I but "'■ is
known to be working on the theory
that the murdered woman was a Finn
named Minnie - Passl,' who was'- em
ployed as a servant'ln San * Francisco
and ' disappeared shortly before the
discovery "of the body on Mount Ta
malpals. / ■ ■• ;'■
Lea f -telephoned tonight? to Under
Sheriff Charles . [ Redding of- Marin
county, asking for a description \ of j the
clothing " and .other effects of the
woman murdered on Mount Tamalpals,
and for the number on. her watch. • In
what way he has discovered any con
nection between the Finnish '.servant
and Chisholm i is' unknown.
;"*.' Chlsholm * appeared In ."court, today
without a mustache. - He showed little
indication of nervousness, -arid when
asked whether he had anything to say
why sentence should not be pronounced
made ?no ~ reply. , Judge * Seawell then
asked * counsel;' for , the defense ■ if any
motion for a new trial would be made,
receiving a"- response ■ in■ the negative
from Attorney Butts. *. .;";
In passing sentence the court declared
that there was no doubt that the motive
of | the ( crime .was to secure the Insur
ance" on Powell's life,', and that j all /the
evidence * showed that: it was * planned
and executed deliberately. ',',/"
With the/ aid 'of !a> laundry mark and
the label In a hat District Attorney Lea
is trying >to * establish the identity of
the dead-man.;' Chlsholm* said he knew
the man - under;, the ' name of Jack Wil
son and ;. that he changed. it" to Powell
at Chlsholm's suggestion. , It is believed
that Chlsholm could clear. the mystery,
but he is silent. ,-"'/ '• '->'•"-*■
The mark "T t *7o"; was on the ; man's
underwear.;. An effort is being made to
locate the laundry using mark
ings, 5' with the hope " that it , will have
the name of the man.
The hat was''made' by Roelfs & Co. of
Philadelphia ; and ", from its - factory and
lot number has been traced to Tom Dil
lon's stock; in '• San;- Francisco. , ; Dillon
says the hat was sold last January, but
Is unable to give the name of the pur
chaser. -.;;. "-','
;" DOWAGIAC, / Mich., July 22.—Three
young women were drowned ; last night
in Dewey; lake, nine miles east pi here.
Train Moves Unexpectedly and
Pinions Him, Preventing
Chance of Escape
i Injured Man for Many Years
Was Known as Leader in
California Politics
I Fracture of Arm and Six Ribs,
; With ; Internal I Hurts, Makes i
Condition Critical
JOSEPH« C. CAMPBELL, for ; many
years a prominent attorney of the
San Francisco bar and * formerly
one of the best known republican
politicians in California, lies in a pre
carious condition at St. Winifred's
sanatorium as a result of Injuries re
ceived in an accident ' Friday evening
on the 5 Southern Pacific ferry boat
Solano at Carqulnez' straits. ':--.
Caught In a narrow passage between
j two lines. of cars on the ferry' boat.
Campbell was crushed, suffering a
broken arm, six broken ribs and" in
ternal injuries; which have caused Dr.
Win-low Anderson, his attending phy
sician, to diagnose his condition as
critical. '"."'..'
Accident on Ferry Boat
The accident occurred while Campbell
was returning, from Sacramento. f When
the train upon which he. was coming to
this city was taken aboard the ■ Solano
for the crossing of the straits from
Benicia to * Port Costa, '; Campbell; left
the cars for a breath of fresh air and
was walking . about the . decks of the
boat when the accident, happened.
The several tracks on the deck of the
Solano converge bo closely at each end
of "the boat L that only a very narrow,
space is. left between them. Campbell,
who is a large man, was at one of the
narrowest parts 'of ' the .." aisle ,- between
two of the ; tracks when the unexpected
moving of -the cars on one side caught
him between the two parts of the train.
Before; he- had a * chance to escape the
danger he was crushed > between ' the
moving cars on one side and the sta
tionary line on the other. As hla bodyl
was ground in the narrow space it waa
thrust forward and down between the
tracks." 1
Spine Badly. Hurt
His left arm was broken between , the
shoulder and elbow, and it was at first
thought that this; was the extent of
his Injury. First aid treatment for the
broken arm was given by , a doctor who
was a fellow passenger on I the train,
and Campbell was hurried to; St. Wini
fred's sanatorium immediately upon his
arrival In San' Francisco. There Doctor
Anderson set the broken arm and dis
covered that - six ribs, three on each
side, had snapped in the crush and that
the spine was badly hurt.
"Mr. • Campbell's , '. injuries are very
serious," said Doctor Anderson yes
terday. , "The fact - that 'he Is a'< large
man is against him, as Is also his age.
We hope that he will pull ; through, but
he will not be 'out of danger for 10
days at least. In addition to the broken
arm and ! ribs there. is a : severe injury
to the spine, and his body la badly cut
and bruised from head to foot.
Internal Injuries Serious
- "The most serious danger lies in the
extent of ; his internal*: injuries. / The
ribs :on the left i side were broken di
rectly over the heart, and therei is al
ways ■ danger In such a case that : the
heart, or > lungs may.; be penetrated. or
compressed. Jit; is impossible ] to- say
how,badly" the heart or lungs may have
been injured,' and it will Ibe several
days before we can say definitely that
the danger Is over."
Campbell suffered Intense ; pain all
day I yesterday, and « his ,'. condition.. was
such"that he /could give no clear ac
count of the manner ' in; which the . ac
cident occurred. His wife arid daughter
were j with him v during most of f the
day, but other visitors were, not per
mitted at his bedslde.'^-____-!*-»»t-W-M
, For .; 20 years 'J Campbell has been
looked: upon as 'one; of the ' leading at
torneys of , San , Francisco and has i been
engaged In many of the greatest crim
inal j and civil cases tried * on the Pa
cific coast.
Son May Be Sent For
-Up to the time of the flre he had long
been , active in republican . politics, and
was a leading speaker Hri^ many cam
paigns. He ; was * chairman., of : the re
publican '■,'' state : ". convention in Sacra
mento in 1887, and participated in many
subsequent: conventions.
In the early days of:his; local prac
tice / Campbell /was * associated with
"Patrick Reddy, in the law firm rof Reddy,
Campbell ''". & ■ Metson,'. which . latter be
came' the firm of Campbell, 'Metson^ &
Drew, .with>/■ Campbell as ■'•':the senior
member. ; Since.the tire, Campbell'was
chief i counsel in the; defense of Mayor
Eugene Schmitz, j Indicted during ; the
graft :" investigations, • and also was
counsel j for John A. * Benson in the ■ de
fense of the Hyde-Benson_Dimond land
fraud cases.
In 1909 ", Campbell severed his con
nection with; his ; old _firmt and retired
from criminal practice..; At the present
time he -Is . the £ local *- counsel I. for the
Continued on' Page SO, Column a
Checking Booklover Sets Begun
Ten Cords of Answers Received
This picture shows the pile of answers received in the Booklovers’ Contest as compared to an ordinary sized
young woman.
Booklovers’ Contest
The Call is now going over the answers
received from contestants. Any con
testant who is interested is cordially
invited to call at Room 307 Call Build
ing and view the checking, which
is open to public inspection. The list
of correct answers, will be published
when the prize winners are announced
Only Industry Closes and ,500
Inhabitants Must ; Seek i Liv
ing Elsewhere
[Special Dispatch to The x Call]
CORAM, July 22.—The fires were
drawn from the Balakalala smelter
here; today. 'The shutdown will be for
an ij indefinite j period. '"i
The * Balakalala Copper company spent
$1,000,000 building • this -smelter; and
$150,000 *to » install the _ Cottrell smoke
purifying plant. The mine contains
onel of 'the largest bodies -r of copper
ore in • the world. It is paying ; hand
some returns.
: The; coiupany employed between 500
and; 600; men. : Now everything's'- shut
down but ■:■ a . little saw . mill at \ the
mine. ','-Nothing /.will;, be / torn .down.
Nothing % will be shipped away. . This
causes Coram residents ;to '■ believe '; that
the company will resume some day
either /when >a" bag. house . Is Installed
or when the ; Cottrell process of han
dling smoke proves; a success.
Residents ; are leaving • orieverytralri
and ;In '•; a , little: while ; all; that ; will -be
left of the town, that once had a popu
lation of 1,5*J0, will be the watchmen
at the smelter and at the mine.
His Wife Dangerously Hurt in
the Accident
LEMANS, France, July 22.—While
practicing for • tomorrow's «Grand Prix
for automobiles, a car, driven by Janin,
was ditched" near Chartres. Janin was
killed < and \ his wife, .who accompanied
klaj^iUriget.P.'ua^ injured. v
Separated From Her in Infancy,
He Was i Unaware of His -
''■'•?' Parentage
[Special Dispatch to The Call] i *
-. DENVER, Colo., July 22—Separated
from * his • mother since ;he was ; a few
days old, Edgar Marquis," or Frisbie,
Oakland, , Cal., was today rewarded
for.; his search ./of • several' years when
child and parent .were reunited at the
mother's home in North Denver. From
the mother, now Mrs. Edward Marshall,
was gleaned the story of the separation
years :ago./"'-. . .'■'.'; ',■•"' , . ; .
Deserted less than a year after her
marriage to John H. Frisbie, the young
wife found retreat in a Denver lodging
house, where twin boys;were born. The
babies were . taken from , her , and :■ left
on the doorstep; of then' United; States
Senator N. P./ Hill,:by whom they7 were
sent •"to* the county hospital. Subse
quently, .they were adopted by Robert
Marquis, a wealthy merchant.
Regaining her strength, Mrs. Frisbie
WW\~ tiaWIHS —BHWii'SI"I tjllftanHßr willH ft'llijSLflll
took employment as a domestic *. and
finally located her sons, in Marquis",
home. She saw, them occasionally un
"'** »:■■•-'..' 5" "■■ :'; ", * -'-'. .: ■ --./-'.':. ' '-■,•■;/•' :-,*.",
til Marquis moved to Oakland, at which
time.;she .was in. too straightened cir-
cumstances to undertake caring for
them. The boys grew to manhood
ignorant that; Marquis .was not their
father until his death a few years ago."
At once ,- EdgarV- began the search " for
hla _ao thes.
YESTERDAY— Highest temperature, •- 60?
lowest* Friday night, 52.
fog in the , morning, somewhat warmer; light
south wind changing to moderate West.
Judges Sign Correct List and
\ You Are, Invited to Come and
Watch the Tallying
i Were you ever dropped out in the
middle of the Pacific, ocean and told to
bail out all the water by dinner time
that night? ' •
' If that ever happened to you you can
realize the feeling with which the corps
of t Booklovers' Contest checkers started
their task of checking up the 5 sets of
answers yesterday morning.'
\ There -. are just 10 cords of neatly
wrapped; pictures and coupons waiting
to be tallied, and every one of them is
Just crying out to be checked first. The
total number of sets submitted weigh,
it is estimated; more than 4,000 pounds.
And every set has to be checked three
separate" times. ■ ■ '■"'£>* */"'•" -//'
How many thousands - there- are ;no
one . knows ;as ; yet. ; We've; corded * them
up and estimated the total.'weight, but
nobody, has even offered to count them.
There are some things at'which "even
the bravest quail.',.!; .
■ And the worst of it is that the check
ing was begun yesterday / with*/ the
knowledge _ that thousands * and thou
sands of contestants are already im
patient *to ; hear who • has: won. *' There
are ' several hundred letters "already In
the office asking , when in the name of
creation we are going to get about an
nouncing the. winners.
We must ball out the Pacific,' and do
it by dinner time! /".;.'
Judging by the pile of sets and the
rate at which we are able to wade
through them, the .'winners^will be an-
'__ Continued on Page 18, Column 4
Relatives Consider Appeal to
Governor Johnson for
Added Reward
. • - ■ - • ■ -... \'< '• -•. . ••. .-•
Detectives Are Given Carte
Blanche on Expenditure of
Money in Search
BAFFLED at every, turn, -with
each clew or rumor having
, dwindled to/nothing, it was the
• .•; ■ ■ consensus of opinion at police
headquarters last night . that Mary
Gertrude Ilg has committed " suicide
for reasons which can only be con
jectured. Miss Ilg has now been miss
ing five and-a half days and .detec
tives have reached the conclusion that
the missing - girl is a victim of ; self
But one ray of hope was thrown on
the case yesterday—that from San
Jose, which proved futile upon inves
tigation. /. '"/;."
, In response to a telephone message
at 2 o'clock yesterday, afternoon from
P. W. Metcalf 'of 38 East San Antone
street, San Jose, giving information
that a . young woman • answering the
general description of Miss Ilg was
working in -a -' hotel in ! the southern
city, Detective George ; Cashel, R. .H.
Gripp, the missing ' girl's fiance, and
William Ilg, her brother, left on the
3 o'clock train.
• The young woman whom Metcaft
had .reference to is working in the
Hotel Montgomery as clerk at the ci
gar stand. The three men who inves
tigated the , clew came back to San
Francisco. last night with ,the. same
story of the last few days that it was
not 'Miss Ilg. '.- .*,.., :'..
I -If Mary: Ilg is not located; within
the next few days it is the intention
of* the/ family . to petition Governor
Johnson for an additional reward to
be offered by the state.
The reward, as it now-stands, is
$1,000 for information leading to the
girl's whereabouts or to her body, if
she is dead. The offer is made by; the
family and friends of the missing girl.
Who are the principal donors has not
been made public.
\ For the lrst time since Miss Ilg
disappeared July , 17 v Reinhold H.
Gripp, the girl's -sweetheart, in an' in
terview ; with a Call representative
yesterday reviewed his acquaintance
with Miss Ilg since the time they first
met. Gripp, for the first time, admits
he 'was engaged to the*. young woman.
Family Has Headquarters
"'• He denies absolutely any knowledge
of Miss Ilg's whereabouts and repudi
ates .any rumors which have gained
circulation ;to . the effect* that he was
In any way a party to her disappear
ance. - ;'./'.; „ ..; _'- .',
; .It became known yesterday that the ?
family and friends : have ' established
private; headquarters on the sixth'floor
of the Crocker building and are direct
ing . the ; search ' on / their own account.
irrespective *of the police • department.
, "All clews or rumors coming Into the
possession of friends of the family are
Immediately, communicated to the room
in the Crocker building. Here Wil
liam 5 and Henry Ilg, brothers of . the
missing* girl, are associated with R. H.
Gripp and his friends. ;j r The telephone
number is Kearny 5 2222.
- ■> Money is being ; spent freely, by the
family. .Detectives^ and - other police
officials; have Instructions to ; use their;
own Judgment as to hiring automobiles
on clew's. _
More: Detectives on Case
The, police are '• at/ a standstill. The
ground formerly ' hastily delved Into
wasf gone over more thoroughly "t yes
terday,'-.but with the same result. ; No
real clew of the girl's whereabouts has
been found.. „_■'.'..
i As a last resort. It was said at, po
lice * headquarters ' '■'. yesterday, Chief
White will add Detectives James- Mc-
Gowan and' George McLaughlin • to ;the
case. : McGowan and; McLaughlin/have
been successful In the past; in " solving
baffling cases. ..'
Theoretical work on th* mystery
has stopped. , All theories have ex
ploded as fast, as they were brought
to : light/The startling fact, that a
girl, leaving her home In 1; Hartford
street at 8 o'clock on,' Monday last,
has not been seen since or heard of
baffles the police and they acknowl
edge; it.
All questions and theories have been
unsuccessfully ; gone ; Into. Twin Peaks
has been tfceroushly ••arched and tha

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