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Detroit Factory Names Max
Rosenfeld as Northern Cal
x , . ifornia Agent
The Paige-Detroit is the latest car, to
Invade the local automobile field. Of
ficials of the Paige Motor car company
of Detroit have just closed a contract
for the coming season with Max I*
Rosenfeld of the Auto Sales company
to handle the output of the Paige fac
tory in northern California. A car
load of 1912 models is already en route
•nd Rosenfeld plans to inaugurate an
aggressive campaign to bring the car
Into local favor.
In speaking of his new line Rosen
feld said yesterday: "The Paige people
have been after me for -some time to
handle their line In this territory, and
at the Arm's solicitation I recently took
a trip to Portland and viewed the entire
line of cars and the work they were
capable of doing. The demonstration
I witnessed %o pleased me that I think
I have made no mistake In taking over
the line here. The cars possess
strength and speed and in addition to
these features are popular priced.
"The company Is turning out four
modelsa roadster, a torpedo body
touring car. an. inside drive coupe and
a touring car with detachable rear
seats. Personally I think that the tor
pedo body car' will prove the most
popular model, for it has attractive
lines and Is about as showy a vehicle
aa has been turned but by any factory."
i "To the advancement of the auto
mobile, more than any other industry,
we owe the present high rate of de
velopment and high grade of new form
of steel," said M. J. Hammers, senior
manager of the Abbott Motor company
of Detroit- "In the past, when one
desired more strength the * designer
simply added more material and more
weight This is not so today, for If
anything he must lessen the weight
while doubling The strength. This was
not possible to do in the construction
of th* automobile, for weight was one
of the most Important factors, and
through the experiments made neces
sary to cut down the weight of the
automobile have arisen many of the
most Important discoveries in* the
treating of metal. If tbe automobile
designer desired to increase the
strength of a certain part of the car
he set about changing the molecular
structure of the steel so that Its elastic
limit was increased three-fourths. This
he did by heat and the addition of other
metal, like chr.omo, nickel or vana
diam- „£, few years ago these metals
were little known or used in the In
dustries and were to be found only in
the laboratories. Today they are a
staple product and are used In springs
and shafts of almost every automobile
These and other alloy steels will stand
a strain of 2.000.000 pounds per Inch
and can be bent and twisted to an ex
tent never dreamed of. Aluminum
solder is now a realization. Auto
genieua welding has been a common
practice through the advent of the
automobile. These and other advance
ments are all the result of automobile
What la considered one of the big
gest transactions that has occurred ln
the motor car industry for some time
is the recent formation of the Willys-
Carford Sales company, which will act
as a selling organization for Garford
? cars. Widespread surprise was caused
iwhen the announcement was made that
-fjohn X. Willys, the energetic president
of the Overland company, had con
summated a deal with Arthur 1.. Gar
ford, president of the Garford com
pany, whereby Garford pleasure cars
and commercial vehicles would be
marketed by Willys-Overland dealers.
The Wlllya-Garford Sales company (the
headquarters of which will be in To
ledo, o.) has a capital of 110,000, all
stock being owned and controlled by
John N. Willys and his Overland asso
ciates. Garford is not a stockholder
nor an official in the new organization.
The Willys-Overland company and the
Garford company will remain aeparate
and distinct entities, each conducting
its manufacturing operations as In the
past,- the Willys-Garford Sales com
pany being absolutely a selling organ
ization pure and simple.
»i NEW YORK, July 22.—Automobile
It racing drivers do not object to one
mile track meets provided proper pre
cautions are taken to put the track In
safe condition. This Is the sentiment
of more than a hundred drivers of
racing automobiles who are in New
York for the annual meeting of their
national organization. The primary
business of this convention was the
taking of action to insure the enforc
ing of contracts between the drivers
and the race meet promoters. The
racing men decided to act in accord
ance with the automobile contest asso
ciation which meets In Detroit August
11 to 14 for the suppression of • irre
»- sponsible promoters. The. bringing of
stimulants of any nature into the pad
dock at race meets was.strongly con
demned by the meeting. It was de
cided to recognize two classes, profes
sionals and novices, in race meets here
after. Arrangements were made for
a representation of the drivers at the
funeral of Lewis Strang. .
• Mra. J. M. Etlenne, who recently took
i delivery of a Premier car, is now on a I
*-tour of the extreme northern end of the
state in the machine. In a telegram !
received from Shasta Springs by the
Cartercar auto company, local distrib- I
utors for the Premier, Mrs. Etlenne
state, that she has already, covered I
every description of road for I distance 1
of about-2,500 miles and contemplates i
.considerable mote travel.before return- :
* ing home. Although driving the ma- I
chine herself Mrs. Etlenne has experi
enced no difficulty in, negotiating all i
of the roads encountered.
Frank "Wright of the locAl Elmore
staff returned Friday: after ,-, two
months* trip through southern Califor
nia with Charles McGary, a late addi
tion to the ranks of the Elmore owners.
McGary and Wright covered some 2,600
miles throughout the south and had not
the slightest engine or other mechani
cal trouble. Wright, left McGarv at
Kings City and returned here by train,
while McGarv continued his trip In his
Elmore car and drove into the moun
tains on a prospecting tour.
According to Information received by
Carl Christensen, loca 1 distributer, of
the National- car,, Len Zengel,"- winner
if the Fairmount park road race and
reserve - driver «on the .-blue flying
squadron,.has made a.-permanent con
nection with the - National company.
Zengelwlll be seen at the wheel of the
big blue car in all of the principal
events on the motor calendar.
j-^.*M. B. Charles, sales manager of the
( Thomas O. Heydenf»ld company dis
'i tributers of the Marlon--cars, ? reports
the delivery :of a Marlon u fore-door
touring car to F. C. Franck.; of Santa
. Clara and one of the same type to Mrs.
Caroline Lane • of-Capitola.. The' firm
alsc delivered a torpedo : roadster to
A. Hughson of Modesto."
A Federal truck driven by Paul
i Nichols, expert In the truck depart
j ment of the Standard Motor Car com-
I pany, climbed to the summit of Twin
j peaks last Thursday and experienced
I no difficulty in reaching the very top,
j carrying a ton load. It was Nichols"
i intention to drive the truck out of the
auxiliary flre system reservoir now; in
course of construction on the mountain,"
j but the workmen refused to allow him
| to make the; test, so Nichols, bent-on
some sort of a demonstration, ran 'the
! truck up the sheer side of tha.peak and
j reached the summit. The Federal is j
; the first truck to make this ascent.
nig Basin Attracts Motorists—W. 4 F.
Zech and family of San Francisco hive
just returned; from a four days' tour
of the Big Basin in a touring Autocar.
1912 Announcement
The First "Underslung'* Touring Car
at a Popular Price
Regal "35" Underslung Touring Cai
REVOLUTIONARY! STARTLING! Such $1400 is a challenge in values. not "riding" in a* Regal "Underslung." ■ * all other types of automobiles have a max
words as these will fly to the lips of every /.. It's a prophecy come true. An ideal built Being a roomy car, the "boxed in" feeling, imum clearance of but 10 inches the sune
person interested in Automobiles who reads around & permanent ptinciple. A supremacy so noticeable in other cars, is forgotten. riority of the Underslung in this important
. .the caption of this advertisement for it that brooks no argument. -Never has a car : ITS THE "ECONOMICAL" CAR Thon Particular is apparent. Besides, the height
means another chapter has been added to been offered-for approval. with so much - *I *'* *"*• , xu;num^AL f tAK. Thou- {th motor and ,„..„;„•' "' mo , "",
. the history of motor car perfecting-the . confidence-^ Never acar created' : -^nda-^ a f?ord to buyacar.-but. 'OMn * £ "^rfMiS thS ?s exSSSnJI
presentment to a vast army of prospective embodying so many proven advantages. . ' they can .afford. to keep one. Here is dth „*"?"J™" ISnISS v
automobile purchasers of a new standard It's a dominating car-a \ twentieth century - . their opportunity. The frame of a. Regal perfect lubrkatTon SUSpenSlon enSUres a
of value embodying such exceptional ad- ' masterpiece. BffißSffii ' Lnderslung 'is below the axles, every, X l uuu*
vantages of purchase that all existing com- OVERWHELMING ADVANTAGES. So ' Xds Mn^ vlSrFand " THE PRICE IS A SENSATION. ' This car at
pansons sink into insignificance. many, so exclusive, so emphatically Bupe . 'heobstruct^'aX^^^a^^i * 1400, P£ SentS a unique standard of value.
IN A FEW DAYS the Regal "35" Underslung nor arc the advantages offered in the Re- . £ es "?£■ saving « LS. K3£ SESSS! W?, f *?*& SS eVCr
Touring Car will be the most talked about gal "35" Underslung Touring Car that ' but is even more * Q the "life" of ?Je car' se^entv^he^ at IeSS 2l£ $4'oo°' <*"'
' car in the country, because, all over this their emphasis will convince every pros- The finest steels, the most highly tempered t y there are no existing compan
broad land, the great daily newspapers and pective purchaser of his present good ; for- bearings, must eventually give way before ■ to substantiate its £™t a n . nna
other publications will have told the public tune that he is about to buy an automobile ceaseless hammering, wrenching and the < £/'?i?lS luJn P£?£ «, v" °-n
that at last there is, indeed, one tangible -a statement that is easily proven. thousand and one strains the Chassis of a - ' '& li^^l^^^^^^
and epoch-making advance, not- only in ips THE "SAFE" CAR. It recognizes the motor car endures, but the weight of a Re- " \ 'car perfecting It off!r?Kin a^t^
.engineering'construction, but <n dollar demands : of gravitation. It's as different 'gal Underslung is not continuously strain- essentials thin ha* hith^rtn ,S
for dollar value that will immediately revo- from the U p-in-the-air type of motor car as * ing and fighting with the frame to lower possible at any figure helm*' th* JS!
lutionize opinions and ideas as to what the, "safety" bicycle is. from the high- itself—it is in the mathematically, perfect. its ' great assets of safety b*«utv r- *'
, constitutes an ideal motor car. wheeled relic of the past. The weight is normal position. The Regal Underslung fort and economy are excelling It m*
UNDERSLUNG CONSTRUCTION has been "slung'-below the axles instead of ™? * construction eliminates. the ; diseases .that built by men Who have faith in their prod"
' used for years. It's new only as applied' pended above them. The center of gravity . shor Jn th .We of the average car. uct,-faith in the great buying public and
to automobiles. Famous designers ami %]1 so low that it hug. the road. Turning , ' e£^ fc wi^fc^ 7 who value above all things their reputation.
engineers, all the authorities of note are ■? .J" rtle' . .th * cause, of "% of al automov , W. One other• feature--- he If you are a ; close observer the Automo
. a unit -of agreement that uaderelung con- bile accidents,, is almost reduced to an ira" «L£ n^Kj^^r he - bile Industry after you have seen and
struction is*the perfect, hence the only possibility. Another point-suppose you «Mmumihwsep^ "demonstrated" the Regal "35" Under
type of construction, especially where speed . when upoir your travels a water hole drive is^den^red from motor to rear aifles , slung five-passenger .Touring Car you will
and absolute safety are required. Hence, ' hat?■ deeper than^ou, think and your car "^>2 »^ «£**■* say it is --
it rvinvariabJy used on railway trucks, in- is driven down tothe- ground. In theXn- IT'S THE "BEAUTIFUL'!-.CAR. It's the t, > *.._ - ... .
tenffban cars; etc. But-hitherto the only. . derslung Type the frame wll 1 strike instead I kind of beauty that goes deeper than paint . The. Greatest Achievement
' .objection to it in the Automobile World of the • fly "heel-saving the crankshaft -it's built right into the car. The curves £.1 V wwlOTfc
was its addition of price. .It cost so very v from serious injury.v Or, again, if a spring 'and lines of the Regal Underslung are mas- the Year
-' much more to build an underslung auto- ' should, break the Underslung Frame terfu , in 2egance---they delight the eye. THE p FrA , »w* lINnFPQf iTMr taiib
mobile. Despite its excelling advantages, .cannot.fallto the. ground These accidents . You must* see this car side by side with 1H i fnS 3? VNDERSLUNG TOUR.
motor car manufacturers considered this ex- do happen. The Underslung always tarns* ' , othen cars to appreciate its good looks. ING CAR is furnished with Demountable
tracosi. It meant either a prohibitive priced corners on four wheels not on two,: and at You will notice the "sweep," the "rakish ™* , (on* m? u"tab,e Rim in'
car, or, too great a reduction of profit. almost any speed-and the tendency to skid . trim," the long.low body 5 that suggests' tlT ,Ji lded,• U U the com P|el* car. .
lrTll '; rtlD ;rr , r >, is rcduced^o » minimum. A man has less power and speed, the broad "wing" fend- HERE ARE A FEW SPECIFICATIONS'
•LET US GO BACK three or four years-The to think about and more time toenjoy_his . ers> the general appeal to the most refined Wheel Base', 118 inches-Tires 34 x 4 in
Regal Motor Car.Company were the first nde if he arts at the steering wheel of a sense of proportion: There is a "Unity" of Three speed and Reverse, Selective Sliding
to design, manufactureand sell a- Stand- Regal Underslung -He s driving a safe . excellence in its every appointment that in- Nickel Steel gear transmission Fou°cvf
ard 30" five-passenger Touring Car at _a car-an insurance against accident. terprets every ideal a purchaser can possi- : \ inders (in pairs) 35 H.P. Motor Bore 4 i
price #;hich gave every man of .moderate IPS THE "COMFORTABLE CAR. The have about a car, while to own a Regal in. stroke, AH in. Dual ignition-with mag
n income an opportunity to own^not.only "a -words «' Undersl ,'. and "Comfort" are' Underslung stamps a man as a copnowseur neto. Transmission Hyatt Nickel Steel
good. automobile bu a car that cou 1 twins. It's the one- car that harmonizes of what motor car beauty of design really roller bearings. Standard equipment. Gas
.stand. by side with o her^c^thensel-, wit h any kind of a road has the faculty means. - . • -searchlights, etc.;
ff^^JSiJ?^l^oli« of ironing out the wrinkles of that "bad . ROAD. CLEARANCE. The superior con- '. OTHER REGAL CARS. Regal "20" Under-;
was compared or by whom-This was the stretch, the motorist invariably mees be- atructional advantages of the Underslung - slung Roadster $900 (the car that created
car that tumbled 'prices by creating a cause it embodies another element of con- end itself to this problem. Under a Regal a furore). Regal "30" 5-passenger Tour
greaterdeS for what was' then consid- struction that iSUnX e"d^ spring, arC "35"Underslung Touring Car are ten inches Sf_?ar (open body), $1000. Fore-door.
11l l V rv ..shock-absorbing.• The side-swaying mo- of uniform road clearance, which makes it ■ $1050. Regal ; Demi-Tonneau' open and
, •' tion is also left out of this design, and you , possible to use, a perfectly flat 'dust: panj.- fore-door type, $1000 and $1050 ■ Regal'
THE RECORDS OF THE PAST are eclipsed will miss the sensation of parting company.' consequently, whatever the speed, there "40" 7-passeriger Touring Car (fore-door)
today, the Regal habit of looking ahead with the car when you come to the "sharp are no miniature swirls of dusty "tornadoes $1650. '
is at' the. very apex of justification. The turn." The line of travel is always for- kicked up under your car—the dust is left feEGAL DEALERS are everywhere Visits
Regal "35" Underslung: Touring Car at ' ward, it's a velvety" motion, skimming," in the road where it belongs. As 80% of or write us for a catalog. vwnone
TKe Dealers Who handle Real cars are especially chosen; for a high^ standard of service. They are r representative of all that tends to upbuild
n* **V i,*:'.* a permanent and highly profitable business upon the foundation of service. Their interest in customers does'riot end ''
with the sale of a «car but begins with the purchase of a car. We are always looking for the "Regal Standard" among dealers. /Wire or write
Regal Motor Car Company, Detroit, Michigan
FRANK O. RENSTROM, Cor. Van Ness Aye. and Golden Gate-Aye.
: Park 600tf \ ' . " '
(i. A. Boyer. president and general
manager of the Consolidated motor
ear company, has been visiting the
Pope-Hartford factory, will return to
the city Tuesday evening. Boyer is
expected to bring back with him ad
vance information regarding the 1912
Pope-Hartford line. In his letters to
Acting manager Doyle. Boyer has re
frained from writing much about the
new. -firs but was enthusiastic over
the. Pope-Hartford commercial vehi
cles, the first shipment of which will
arrive at the local headquarter* In
about 'one; month. . -
Elmore Owner Haa Fine Trip— Byron
Jackson, one-of-the best known local
machinery men, has Just returned from
a tour of l.is; miles in his F.lmore
"50." Jackson's trip took him as far
south as the Mexican.border.* During
the entire trip Jackson claims he was
not obliged to make an'adjustment or
change a tire.
■■ Joseph Weston,, coast manager for
the United States Tire company,, has
gone to Portland*, and . Seattle for a
general survey of the; trade conditions
In "the northwest. Business In that
section has been showing' steady gains
and Weston looks upon It as one of
the best fields In the west. In addition
to visiting Portland and Seattle Weston
will: spend some time ln Tacoma, Spo
kane and several other smaller cities
which are coming to the front as auto
mobile centers. ;
Foy Succeeds Pelton— it.
Johnson. Pacific:coast manager of the
Stewart & Clarke Manufacturing com
pany, has appointed Frank J. Foy as
manager of the; San Francisco branch
of the-firm: Foy was assistant man
ager of th* local branch ;for the last
two years and .takes the place vacated
by H. L. Pelton.
T. J. Beaudet, chief of Don Lee's.me- j
chanlcal force, returned yesterday, from !
a' month's visit;to i the Cadillac factory,
where .he - attended ;: the convention 'of i
mechanical experts. This conclave was i
held for the sole purpose of acquaint
ing all the mechanics with the new'
features of the 1912 Cadillacs. Beaudet |
says the new models will be a! surprise I
to- motorists in the ; way -of many im- ]
provements that have been added to
I Mtrlielia Tiros Win International 1
Contest the international light .car
contest held over the Eoulogne circuit j
ln • France on June 25, Michelin tires j
not only won first place,* but were used
on the -„ first five cars to finish. :- The
race of. 387.6 miles was .won in a Del- I
age car by Bablot, who states.he has j
always used Michelin tires and has
found them worthy.-, of his greatest
confidence. ' - *9MMMa-Mn9ffi-SMOSSnR
Manager H. 1.. Owesney of the local
Wlnton branch reports . that he is ,ln
receipt of -, advices«. that ; on; the stage
run between Kirkland and North Bend,
Wash., two seven passenger Wlnton
"sixes".- are giving -excellent service.
Although this 60 mue,run Is over diffi
cult grades.> and , the condition of the
road la, none too good, the big; seven
passenger cars make the trip in a few
hours.,; ■' ■ ;":-;> • "
A. J. Smith, western distributer of
the Elmore car, reports.the. delivery of
an. Elmore thirty ..horsepower touring
car to Percy Keatinge of the well
known local- firm of contractors", an
Elmore of the same model to A. Kendall
of* the Cadillac <-t hotel *; and a third
thirty horsepower touring car -to P.
P. Qulnn. a local contractor.
Advices received from Reno late yes
terday afternoon by the Howard Auto
mobile company state that the Buick
car. which was pitted against a. Dorris
in the Reno/, to Winnemueea and re
turn .*. road J race, reached Winnemueea
some : four hours ahead '. of - the" Dorris
car. The road was over a. rough • and
sandy; country and the Buick made the
trip' in eight hours and 30 minutes,
beating the best former time between
the two" cities three hours and a half.
The return to" Reno is to be made to
day and the Buick will be allowed the
time it gained over the Dorris on the
run to'Winnemueea../ The distance cov
ered - was 204 miles: and • considerable
money was" wagered on the result.
Many motorists accompanied th« con
testants far out on the course, t

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