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Japanese Liner Shinyo Maru Is
to Have Palm Garden on
Upper Deck
EIE Pacific 'Mail
steamer City .of
Panama, Captain C.
I. Holland, arrived
trom Ancon and
Mexican ports yes
terday afternoon
and docked at 6:30
p. m. Captain Hol
land reported a
pleasant voyage,
without incidenL
On board the
steamer were eight
:abin passengers,
12 steerage passen
gers, 469 tons of
:argo and bullion
to the value of
Charles G. Altona. a:German merchant from
Mtiatlan; Rlcgrdo Chong, a wealthy Chinese,
who**was refused entry into Costa Rica and I*
now on his way back to Hongkong by way of
this port; John A. Dolan of Oakland, who
boarded the ship at Ancon anil is returning from
a trip to New York; Emil L. Uohndabl, for
merly of the United States army, now a first
captain in tbe Mexican army, who Is returning
to his home In Oakland on leave of absence;
I Carl Liest. a merchant from Mazatlan; Pierre
r Raybn: a French merchant from Guatemala;
YVllhelm Traske of Guatemala; Adolpa Ulrica
of Mazatlan; Walter J. Y'eale. a real estate
man of Los Angeles, who is returning from a
brief .visit to Mazatlan; David H. YVUliama, a
jJSriia'ag man from Costa Rlsa, who boat led,, the
'-■„../■ at Ancon. -
New Marti Liner Here September 14
The new Japanese liner Shlnyo Maru
t of the Toyo Kisen Kalsha company is
preparing to sail for this port in a few
weeks. , Plans of the vessel, which is oi
the same dimensions as the Chiyo and
the Tenyo Maru. have been received by
the officialg--at the local office and reveal
many important Innovations in the in
ternal arrangements. All the passen
ger cabins will be on the outside and a
palm garden will be Installed on the
hurricane deck, which is a distinct nov
elty on the Pacific. The passageways
will be higher and wider than on any of
the other Maru liners and the music,
smoking and lounging rooms will have
a different arrangement. Captain H.
Stanley Smith, formerly in. command of
the Nippon Maru, willsail the liner on
its maiden voyage from the orient and,
from present advices, it is believed the
Shinyo Maru will arrive here about
September 14.
Sounding for Centesmia Rock
Congress recently made a special ap
propriation to blow up Centesmia rock
In the north channel, but when the
Red Stack tug Sea Prince carried a
party of surveyors and divers into the
channel yesterday morning to locate the
rock so that operations could be begun
they were unable to find it, in spite of
the fact that the spot where it was
supposed to He has been marked by a
buoy for 10 years.
This rock takes its name from a Brit
ish ship which struck upon it 10 years
ago when under the pilotage of Captain
Freeman, now pilot commissioner. The
ship would have foundered had not a
number of towboats pulled it off and
grounded it on the mud flats before it
went to the bottom.
The north channel Is used by coast
wjse steamers coming from the north
and by steamers from all points when
the bar in midcfcannel is rough.
Submerged rocks, such as the Cen
tesmia, in so narrow a channel, make
the -passage dangerous, and the" fact
that the present buoy, which was placed
after the Incident 10 years ago, is not
on the site at all but misleading, makes
it especial dangerous to large vessels.
.The outfit which visited North channel
-.yesterday found and charted a number
_ef smaller rocks - which, they think,
is-.iould be removed. Another attempt
will be made to locate the one for
which the appropriation was given.
Bay Pirates Active Again
After several months of relief from
the depredations of the bay pirates, it
seems that they have become active
again, this time on the Marin shore,
and, according to reports, nothing is
safe that Is left unguarded. It devel
oped yesterday that a flat bottomed
boat, 12 feet long, with a brass bottom,
had been stolen Friday from the Lange
Launch company of Sausalito, together
with a pair of oars. Owners of boats
and -hipping paraphernalia along the
Marin snore, complain of many similar
experiences. -
French. Sailors Have "Rough Liberty"
Two majestic French .barks, which
have been attracting the attention of
al! frequenters of the water front for
several weeks past, lie at their moor
ings at Howard street wharf No. 1, and
until Saturday night took little part in
, water front activities. it la the custom
j, on thes* foreign ships, however, to give
,* member of the crew. $1 on Satur
day, nights, and on this occasion the
c-omblned crews of the Brlzeux. Captain
Rose, and the Champigny. Captain Cas
tes, came down-upon East street and
overflowed into Howard street in their
wooden shoes and took complete pos
session of the front For the rest of
the night there were fights in every
quarter, and mariners with long mem
ories said that they had«not seen the
water front in such a state of ebullition
for,many years. Fortunately there were
no tragedies. The sailors were finally
gathered into their fo'castles. and yes
terday morning all was quiet in the
Isthmian Steamer* Undergoing Repair*
The big British freighter Trinculo
and the steamer Pennsylvania, which
arrived in this port from Balboa June
- 2" and June 25. respectively, are under
going extensive repairs and a complete
overhauling. As yet no sailing dates
have been arranged for -them.' The
Trinculo is at Hunter's point and-the
Pennsylvania at the Union Iron works.
Water Front "Vote*
The Pacific Coast • steamer Governor,*
Captain Cousins, arrived from Puget
f>und ports yesterday after a pleasant
A (tyage.^taamSkvnukWmw
, The Matson steamer "Wllhelmina will
arrive tomorrow from HonoTwlu with a
good passenger list and a large cargo of
island products.
The Andrew Welch, Captain Kelly, t a
Matson bark, sailed for Honolulu yes
terday with a cargo or fertilizer and
eight passengers. :-^Kf^V^ommb&*»
I The steamer Flfleld, scheduled to sail
»lfor Bandon at 2 p. m. today, will not
steam out until 6 p. m.
The British steamer Cowrie, Captain
Jackson, 36 days from Sumatra, arrived
vegterdav with 5,439 tons of benzine
consigned to the Standard Oil company.
Three million and nine hundred fifty
thousand feet of lumber came into port
yesterday on coastwise ships.
I Army Transports
The Crook 1* In port. .*»
Tbe Buford .- in Manila.
Tbe-Logan 1* in port.
Tbe Sheridan is In port
The Sherman tailed for Manila July 5.
The Thomas Is at Mare island.
The Warren it at Manila.
,; By I nlted Wireless
Rnnday. Jnly 23.
for Vancouver—Will ptss San Francisco at
noon. July 23.: All well. Expect to arrive at
Vancouver about Wednesday. . , ;;-.
STEAMER ROSE CITY, from Portland for San
Franclßco—July 2.1, ; 4 a. m., latitude 44"deg
Sailings Every Thursday and Saturday.
La Savole Aug. 3 I La Provence. Sept. 7
, La «_£«•;_■».}?: \ {-« ' «_*•»•• ■•; ■**%■ \*
«,. v.. „i.. »„» it l* Lorraine.Sept. 21
-I Li Lorraine..Aug. Ii > La Provence.Sept. 28
CLt aralne..Aug. 24 i La Stvoic... 5
Espagne ....Aug. SI ; La Lorraine.. 12
FL'GAZI BROS.. Pacific Coast Managers,:
' 030 Montgomery street, San Francisco. Cabin'
office.'CSS Mtrket street '
Movements of Vessels in All Parts of the World
north, longitnde 124 deg west; barometer,
30.12; temperature, 52; -wind, northwest;
clear. . .. t
STEAMER OLEUM, from Sao Francisco for
Seattle—Jnly. 23, 7:30 p. m.. 45 miles north
of Point Reyes; moderate northwest wind and
smooth sea.
Pier 3 Washington Pier 17.. Union 1
Pier 5 Jackson Pier 19.....~...Uni0n '-'
Pier '..... Pacific Pier 2Pf,..v Filbert
Pier 9. Broadway 1 Pier 23... ..Greenwich 1
Pier 11.....Broadway 2 Pier 25.....Greenwich 2
Pier 13 Y'allejo Pier 27 Lombard
Pier 13 ..'..;-.".;•*! Green Pier 51 Powell
Pier 2 Mission 11 Pier 24 Spear
Pier 4 Mission 2 Pier 28 Main
Pier C.-.V....Howard, 1 Pier 34.....".... Beale
Pier s Howard 2 Pier 30........ Fremoiit
Pier 10.......H0ward 3 Pier 38... . . First
Pier.l 2 Folsom" 1 Pier 401
Pier 14...... .Folsom 2 Pier 42 .P. M. S. S. Co.
Pier Ifi Harrison Pier 44J
Pier 20 Steusrt Pier M Fourth
From | Steamer - | Date
Portland ft Astoria..., Washington . ...IJuly 24
Tacoma ; K. of St. George July 24
Hllo Enterprise July 24
! Tacoma Centurion July 24
Grays Harbor 0. C. Llndauer. July 24
Sal. Cruz ft San Diego. Nebrsskan .... July 24
Seattle direct Curacao ."..:..*. July 24
Humboldt Santa, Clara.... July 24
Portland A Astoria.... Rose City...... July 24
I/is Angeles Bear .......... July 24
San Die/o ft Way Ports City of PueblH. July 24
Sua Diego ft Los-Ang. Yale . July 21
Humboldt City of Topeka. July 25
Seattle ft Tacoma M. F. Plant. ... 'July 2.1
Honolulu WUhelmina •• • • July 25
Willapa- Harbor ... Qulnault July 25'
Portland ft Astoria.... Falcon ......... July 25
Seattle ft Tacoma..... Car105'...:..... July 20
Los Angeles .' Centralis July 2d
Los Angeles.... Harvard July 28
New York via Balboa.. I Peru :.. July 26
Los Angeles....... ....[Excelsior ...... July 28,
San Pedro & Way Ports Coos Bay.. . July 26
I/is Angeles Ports Illanalel July 27 |
China ft Japan Chiyo Maru..... July 27
Honolulu '.: Hilonlan ...... July 27
Seattle ft Tacoma..... Buckman . .."...IJuly 27
San Diego ft San Pedro. G. W. Elder.. 27
Point Arena & Albion.'.: Porno IJuly 27
Puget Sound Ports Umatilla . ..[July £8
San Dice,, ft Way Porta Governor ....."..'July 28
Lo* Angeles ......Vale [July 28
New York via .Mackinaw ... (July 29
Portland ft Astoria.... Beaver .IJuly 29
Los Angeles Bote City..... .'July 20
Portland ft Astoria.... Roanoke .!July 20
Los Angeles '...-. Nome City /.'July 29
Date | St met | Destination (-Sails (Pier
Julr 24! Santa Barbara.ll.os Angeles. 1 pml 51
July 24jFifleld ICoqnille Riv 2 pm[ 19
July 24'Oovernor I San Diego... 2 pm . ft
July 24j\'ale ..'. [Los Angeles. 4 "in 1 7
July 24!Redondo .:.". .-ICoos 8ay.... 4 pm' 10
July 25' Coaster [Portland ... 5 pm| 27 .
July 25lNorthland .....Portland ... 10 am 19
July 25|K. of St. George' Sydney ..... 12 m ....
July 25'Montara [Nome 4 pm ....
Jnly 25 Bear (Portland ... 12 . m 40
July 25INorwood ..... .(Los*Angeles. 2 pm ....
July 20|Vanguard Humboldt .. Ipm 19
July 26iCentralla ...... Grays Harbr 3 pm 21
July 26! Wasp Puget - Sound| 5 pm 38
July 2GjWashlngton ...Portland ... 5 pm 27
July CClStnta Clara.... I Humboldt -..10 am 13
July 261 Harvard ...... 'San Diego... 4pm 7
July 26. Sea Foam......l.Mendocino ..I 4 jim 8
July 26'Chlna |Hongkong ..I 1 pm 42
Jnly 2R|Clty of Pnebla. Puget Sound! 2 pml »
July 26!Maital I Wellington .11 am 21-
July 2fi]Carlos ■". ILos Angeles.) .... ....
July 26' Rose City ..[Los Aceeles.lll am 40
July 26! M. F. Plant IPuget Sound 3 pm' 7
July 26!Exee1510r.......jC00s Bay... .... 19
July 27 City of , Topeka Humboldt ..111 am 1 I)
July 27INewburg . [Coos 8ay...1 3pm 21-
July 27' G. C.- Llndauer.(Grays HarbrJ . .
July 27IState of Cal.'..[San Diego...! 2 tim ft
July 2StTale ...."..;.... San Diego...j 4nm 7
July Ouinault .... ..iwillapa Hari..
Jnly 2SIG. W. ..Portland ...lift am 13
Jnly 2K'Coos.Bay San Pedro...) 5 pm 11
July Harvard .'.'.-.:. Los Angeles: 4pm 7
July 29]Honolu!an ...: Honolulu ... 12 -m 38
July 29lClty of Panama Balboa - . (12 m 42
July 29|Governor. ..... Puget Soundj 2pm 0
Jnly Roanoke San Diego...! 7 pm' 13
July 29JBnckman .....iPngef Sound 1 pm "7;
July 29|Nome City.. . .'Portland ...| spm '27
Destination ' Steamer ,>:-| Date
| Skagway ft Way Ports. iCitv of Seattle.|Jnly 24
I Vaides ft Cordova. ....Alameda . .:..... I July 24
Nome ft St. Michael... l.iiokenbaeli ....(July 25
Skxsrway & Way -Ports. iQtieen July 26
Kodlak ft Way Ports..[Ad. Sampson..-.. I July 27
| Skagway & Way Ports. 'Humboldt ......IJuly 28
Skagwuy ft Way. Ports. 'Ramona July 20
V. S. Branch Hydros— Office
A . branch of the United States hydrographlc
office, located In the Merchants' Exchange, is
maintained In San Francisco for the benefit of
mariners, without regard to nationality and free
of expense. Navigators are cordially Invited to
visit the of flee. - where complete sets of charts
and sailing directions of the world are kept at
hand for comparison nnd reference and the latest
Information can always be obtained retarding
light*, dangers to navigation and math-, of In
terest, to ocean commerce.
... Lieutenant. U. R. N.. In charge.
j Sun, Moon and, Tide
i United States coast and geodetic survey—Time
and heights of tides at Fort Point. For. city
1 front .Mission street wharf add 25 minutes.
Sun rises ..;.'. 5:05
Sun sets .- 7:27
Moon rises...... .....; 3:10 a.m.
New moon . .......July 25. at 12:03 p. m .
First.quarter m00n....:. August I,'at 3:20 p. m.
Full moon August •■'. st n:46 p. m.
Last quarter m00n..... August 17. at 4:02 a. m.
, J Time I ITimel iTimel I Time!
July! —-| Ft ' IFt J Ft )Ft
:l wi in w| 'l w: fa;wf
24.. I 4:08|—1.4111:401 4.71 3:47 .3.31 0:411 6 4
25..1 4:58'—1.5112:23! 5.0> 4:5»| 3.3110:35 6.4
24..1 5:441—1.4! 1:041 5.01 5:42: 2.0111:31 6.0
27..! 6:20'—1.1 1:421 5.2! 6:37 2.71..: .
IH WI .1. W „'H\W , -|L W
28..| 0:28| 5.7 l ,7:12!—0.6" 2:19 l 5.3! 7:34 25
2«..j'1:26| 5.2j 7:55 " 0.1) 2:57| -5.41 8:361, 2 3
.TV. 2:30: 4.6] 8:42J o.B' 3:361 5.4|'0:411 2.0
Items of Interest to Mariners
of the Pacific
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
" EUREKA,' July 23.—The steamer City of To
peka " arrived from » San Francisco this' morning
with freight, mall and passengers.
The British hark Antlope sailed for Australia
today with rough, clear, wet and dry redwood.
7 The steamer Despatch sailed for San Fran
cisco today with redwood lumber.
, The steamer Santa Clara salted for- San Fran
cisco at noon today with freight, mall and pas
sengers.'-" ..
The 'earner Alliance sailed for Portland and
Astoria, via Coos Bay points, today.
SAN PEDRO. July 23.—Steamer Klamath ar
rived this morning, out six day* from I Portland
by. way <ff,- San - Francisco.■;. and after : landing
passengers and freight proceeded' for San Diego
carrying 1.100,000 feet of lumber for wholesalers
at that port. ;
: A gram received hy the" National Lumber
company reports the sailing of the steamer Fran
cis H. Leggett from Astoria carrying 1,400,000
feet of lumber for this port and having In to* i
log raft containing 5.500.000 feet of lumber con
■. ...... y.; .'. ■■' ATLANTIC; OCEAN TRAVEL - '.*-'*," a I
~___~'*'~"^ < ft. 1,. *L-» <\. _ J ii_gß_*'Ni ililtf in l ril E Ift a Bta__alk_£j*__*J—«
U rC O U I*l U »"© »PRES. LINCOLN July 20, IP.M. 1
I ""/"." fKAIS'R'N AUG. VIC.Aug. 8, 12 Noon I
i lAf_*__al_J tAMERIKA Aug. 12, 11 A. M. I
W O IU , PENNSYLVANIA . . .Aug. 24, 10 A. M. I
0_ ._ *-»-..«_-.-. ■ a-.-.-, tUneicelled Rltt-Carlton : a la * Carte Ret- fl
ri An Ocean Liner taurant, Gymnaalum. Electric Baths. _le?a- H
.Two Grand Cruises by the Urge new trans- s tor. Palm Garden. •Will call at Plymouth a
atlantlc Steamship CLEVELAND (17,000 : and' Cherbourg. U
tons), the first to leave New York on Octo- - ■ - J
her 21, 1911, and the second from Baa . "":«•__' I* "-as : - a _» n
' $__n andllnclndlng all necessary ei-| 110 Day* . 1110131131, \ l*3pi6S, 1161103 |
■*""" op penae* hoard and aatiore.j Duration c « luunrili: »„_ ,_ a'» .-_ I
ANNUAL EVENT "Around the World £' 2* «mS •'' *" Aug. 15, ?A. St- I
Cruise*" trip* »In: October, 1818, and Fabrn. ._'s_ M„ J„„ Jt»V-' '■'■' ... Aug.* 20 |
: try, 1913. by the large Croitlng Steamship '* s' HAWBLRt* ....*. ..Sept. 23 |
'.Victoria -Lnite. . '".< Tourist Dept. for Trips >Everywhere.;" B
I J - TOURS to.West Indies, Spanlnh Main, Panama Canal, I B
I- II to 25 DAYS." «TO to »12.V - . -.-t.J
_, Write for Booklet* of All Cruises |
1 signed to the Hammond ' Lumber company at San
Francis, . : , " • '
The Pacific Coast company's steamer City of
Pnebla touched here \ today,^ bound from San
Diego for San Francisco, by -way of Redondo
Beach and Santa Barbara, and after taking pas
senger-.! nnd-cargo proceeded.
Steamer Nome City arrived tills • morning, cut
six days from -Portland and San Francisco. Har
rying passenger* , and 1.000.000 feet of lumber
consigned to the y Southern : California Lumber
cotftpapy. •:(.' ...." . .... - -"' ■".
: The Pacific Navigation company"*- steamer
Yale touched here today, bound from Sail. Diego
for San. Francisco, took passenger* and freight
and proceeded. " , '■ **■'
The freight steamer Coos Bay cleared toda>
for San Francisco. Hueneiue, Ventura' and Saul a
Barbara with cargo consigned to the Pacta*"!
Coast.Steamship company..
- Departures today, included the passenger and
freight steamer Bear for Portland and San Fran- ;
Cisco with a heavy cargo. '-..'.
Steamer Centralis will complete the discbarge
0f,'575.000 feet of lumber for the Southern Cali
fornia Lumber company, and It schevlirtad to clear
tomorrow for Grays Harbor to reload, taking
passengers and freight for San Francisco.
The Pacific Navigation company's steamer Har
vard arrived from San Francisco direct with a
large passenger and freight list. •
Steamer Rainier, now discharging lumber at'
Redondo Beach, will arrive here tomorrow with
the balance of cargo, loaded at South Bend. ;.
Arrivals at Bedondo Beach Include th> steamer
Bandon from the Coqntlle river with 750,600 feet
of.lumber and telephone pole* for the Santa IV
syttem.'[email protected](MhMMßMM|BßMßMplp^Bßß'
LOS ANGELES. July 23.—Arrived—
City of Puebla, from San Diego; steamer Har
vard, from San Francis,,,; steamer Vale, from
San Diego; steamer Klamath, from Portland:
steamer. Nome City, from Portland; steamer Fott
Bragg, from Mendocino.
Sailed—Steamer Bear, for Portland; steamer
Yale. for San Francisco; steamer Coos Bay, for
San Francisco; steamer City of Pnebla, for, San
Francisco; steamer Klamath, for San Diego." •: „
I PORTLAND, July 23.—Steamer Breakwater,
PORTLAND, July M.— Steamer Bretkwater,
from Coos Bay, was the only arrival la the har
i bor today. It carried passengers, 250 tons of
coal and a consignment of sashes and oor* for the
.east." --..-.«
Steamer Roanoke, due tonight from.San Pedro,
did not arrive In the river until late in the day
and will not be docked until tomorrow.
Salvage work on the wreck of the steamer M.
F. Henderson, which was rammed and sunk in
the lower Columbia river early Saturday morn
ing l.v the tug Samson, began today under the
direction of officers of the Shaver Transportation
company,' owners of the submerged towboat.
- Steadier Olson ft Mahony. which left the Ore
gon drydock Friday, sailed from Astoria this
morning for Nanalmo, B. C at**lM«|Bap_(
Steamer Breakwater left Astoria today and ar
rived at its dock about 5 o'clock.
The government ocean going dredge - Chinook
will go on" the port of Portland drydock at St. |
Johns this week as soon as the Oklahoma vacates ,
' the ways. It is thought that the Chinook - may
return "to work at the entrance to the Columbia,
river by the first of next week.
- It Is probable that the new customs launch '■
H. W. Scott will be accepted by the government
ami commissioned August 1. It will be one of
the best appointed small crafts In the harbor.
Order*'for Its curtains and " Interior finishings
have been.placed, and the work should be done
tbls week. i .■,■-..
The cruiser Boston* gig was kept almost con
tinually In service today plying between the ves
sel and the public wharf at Stark street.
Schooner Cyrus . King is headed for Portland
for lumber, having left San Francisco Friday.
ASTORIA, July 23.—The steamer Breakwater
arrived today from: Coo* Bay with freight and
passenger* and left up the river for Portland
to discharge. , •■.' "-.'.--
The American steamer Falcon sailed today for
San Francisco with freight for New York, via
the Mexican route.
The barge Amy Turner sailed today for San
Francisco with a cargo of lumber.
The steamer Olson ft Mahony sailed today
with a cargo of " lumber for San FranclscoX
- The steamer Klamath sailed today with a'
cargo- of lumber for San Francisco,
add COAST SHIPS ..........
SEATTLE. July 23.—Arrived: Steamer City
of Seattle, from gway; steamer Prince Ru
pert, from Prince Rupert.
—Steamer • Buckman. . for Tacoma;.
steamer Prince Rupert, for Portland canal; ,
United Statg» steamer Snohomish, for Neah hay;
flatter States steamer West Y'lrclnia. for Brem
erton: steamer City of Seattle, for Skagway.
Weather Report
-United- States ;- department of " agriculture,
weather bureau —San. Francisco. July 23. 1911.
™~ r ? ■}■ - '-■". »
— = — ■» -. o — — 2
'." STATIONS 22 ff =_ .r_~
8 -'*".
--": . " * : * n"^ :'
Red Bluff 0.00 . 0.00 I 0.00 (LOO
Eureka .:.". 0.00 0.00 | 0.11 0.00
Sacramento ......... \ 0.00 I o.' I 0.00 0.00
ML Tamalplas... 0.00 0.02 | 0.01 0.00
San Francisco . I 0.00 I Tr. I 0.01 I Tr. ,
San Jose .-. Vo.OOl 0.00 j: Tr. ] 0.00
Fresno 0.00 0.00 I 0.00 LOO
Independence .. 0.00 0.00 I 0.00 0.27
San Luis 0bi5p0...... 0.00 0.00 i 0.01 0.00
Los Angeles 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
San Do I .:.....\.. 0.00 0.11 | 0.00 0.01
In the following,table the maximum and mini
mum temperatures ami rainfall-are given: "
— h ' sT, ~ ,c -I
" *. % % B. ■*. 'J5 :
! _m"s* 2 ■** ** '
_■ : ' S*. ilf_iS__ _- -"■ o
' " ".' " E ,=-- '■'" 5 '2. "•"?.
: *_ .: : - *" ■" •.
Baker ..'...|, ..|46|.":. .1 1 Red Bluff..| M|6410.00
Boise 55!52:0.00 Reno ...;.. f)0[56j0.00
Del Monte.. 67J55J0.00 weburg ;".. 100150 0.00
Eureka .... .56 5210.00 Sacramento- 86154 0.00
Flagstaff .. 7614810.00 Salt' Lake.. 82 6210.00
Fresno .... 0616410.00j San Diego.. 7016010.00
Helena ... 70|50!0.00' S Francisco 60J.">0!0.00
Honolulu .. 52!««'0.12j San Jose;.-. j 74 M'O.OO
Indepndnce I ..1601.... S L Obispo 74 0.00
Kallspel ... 78 45,0.02| SE Farallon 56 5410.00
Los Angeles 7616010.00! Spokane ... $6154'0.r>0
Modem SOlsßio.oß[i Summit .... a 42 0.00
M Tamalp's 7510310.001 Tacoma .... S0|58!0.00
North'* 4* Head 88 5810.00 .iTatoosh "... 68152 0.00
Phoenix ... 96 7410.00 Tonopth "... 84 6010.00
Pocstello .. 80 4810.00 Walla ..... 06 6010.00
Pt Reyes Lt 56 4»i0.00 W'lnnem'ca. saI.M'O.OO
Portland ... 06!60[0.O0' Yuma .... .110417210.00
Abilene ...110618010.001 Knoxvllle. ,| 8816010.00
Atlantic CI 8216410.00 Louisville ..|SBi6OJO.OO
Boston ...-. ■ 84'62)0.00! Memphis ... 86174:0.01
Buffalo ...* 7216410.00 Montgomry 84 70 0.04
Charles- 88174 0.00; Montreal- ...".76 5610.00
Chicago ... 74I68'0.00: Moorhead .. 66 R410.42
Denver 1 76;.W0.00i New Orleans f>o!76'o.f>o
De* Moines. 82170J0.35, New York;. .806410.00
Dodge City. 82168 0.36, No'Platte.. ,78|6o!o.00
Dnliith .... 5815212.64 Oklahoma .': D2|74 0.00
Durtne. ..". 8052'0.05j Pittsburg- .. R4|60(0.00
Eastporl :. 78154 o.ol| Roswell ; ... 08|6(!!0.00
Galveston . 8818210.001 St , Louis..: 88|7210.34
Creep Bay. i; 4 n.*'4 St Paul.*..*. 70160)0.87
Hatteras .. 86174 0.00; Tampa ...'. PO 7810.00
Havre 7215410.n0, Toledo, .... 80 6010.02
Huron .... 68162|0.r)4| Washington 88 5810.00
Jacksonville 1*0)72 0.02 Winnipeg \ ':. 52 ....
Kansas' City Bfl'74'|o.o*V
A depression of' great depth ha* moved from
Kansas north-eastward and . now - overlie* • Lake
Michigan. ' It will probably move rapidly : east
ward. It is followed by an-area of ■ high ; pres
sure : now passing rapidly * southeast ■• over the
Rocky mountain , section. The . weather ■on the
Taciflc • slope pis „ generally. • fain, In the Crest
B**ln cloudy weather and thunderstorms are re
ported. From the Plains states east to the At-•
I lantic the weather Is unsettled. Showers are re
' ported In nearly all of the central states..and.ln
some places heavy rain. At Duluth 2.18 inches
have fallen In the past 24 hours. At Kant City
the river Is at a stage of 26 feet, : owing to
heavy rainfall. : Eight Inches of rain fell in Ne
braska Saturday night.
, There has been a decided fall in temperature
over the .Mississippi valley and all the Missouri
valley. In Minnesota .the temperature; has
fallen 20 degrees. On the other band, the tem
perature baa risen about: 20 degrees In Oregon.
Afternoon temperatures of 100 at Roseburg and
80 at Portland are reported. '
. - FORECAST. : .
For San Francisco and vicinity—Fair Monday,
somewhat warmer: moderate south wind.
-For Santa Clara , valley—Fair Monday, some- ■
what, warmer; moderate north wind. . .
For Sacramento: valley--Fair Monday, con- !
tinued warm; light south wind; showers in the
For San Joaquin valley—Cloudy Monday, con
tinned warm; light west wind; thunderstorms
in the Sierra. •
For California south of the Tehachap'.—Fair
Monday, high fog In the morning, light north
wind changing to south. ' '
A. G. McADIE. District Forecaster.

. Depth at mean low water, entrance to harbor.
PLACE I Ft. I Date ' Remark*
Grays Mar! is July 1 1 ........■■ ■. .......
Willapa B[~2B (July 1|...
Colum. It.j 23 (May 27|
Nchalm R[ 0 lilir. 28iCbannel,:>4 mile south
■ >/.[i j _____ I -of buoy; 200 ft. wide.
Tlllmk B.| 10 |June annel straight E%N.
Vaqulna B| 11 (Mar. 14; Buoys N. 0. C. 3, N.
■■: "■■ ■•■ "<•■■(■ ■ - r ' - '• I■■ 2.. S. 4.. W. 6.' gone.
Sluslaw R| 7H|Jnly 1!
Umpqua II 11 Hi July 3.
Coos" Bay.i_lß_| July 1 |
roqliUle'Rl Bi^jjuly 1 (Channel well to south.
Klamt'n R| 5 |June 2 ■■ ■
Rogue Rlvj 4 (June llChannel shifted. alight
- I I :| :ly south. ■ '-.•■'- :
11 . 10 feet In straight chan-
Hmbld: 10-18! May . 1 nel; 18 feet In north
[ channel, narrow and
_____ _____ I [ crooked.
S Pedro B( 21 (May 31(No change in channel.
S Diego Bj 27V^|Mar. l|No change In channel."
S Pablo B 23 >i I Nov. SOiDepth lv dredged chan
l_ I „__ I nel.
Alseya R.J S [July 2!Channel. well to south
! [ • I . and narrow.
Snnday, July 23.
3:50 p. m.. stmr Governor. Cousins. S3 hours
from Seattle: pass and mdae to Pacific Coast
steamship company.
3 p. m., Br stmr • Cowrie. Jackson, 36 days
from Sumatra, via Yokohama 22 days; 5,439
tn benzine to Standard Oil company. ,
4:30 p. m.. stmr Brooklyn, Madsen. 40 hours
from San Pedro; ballast to 11. Templeman.
5:30 r>. m.. stmr Vanguard. Odland, 2:; hours
from Eureka; 340 M ft lumber to K. J. Dodge
ft Co. • >
5:30 p. in., stmr City of ■ Panama, Holland,
23 days 21 hour* and 42 minutes I from Ancon.
via Mazatlan (5 days 3 hours and 19 minutes;
pass and mdte to Pacific Mail steamship com
pany. ; f.;. ,--.:• "."
5:30 0, m.', stmt- Prentiss. Iverson. 24; hours
from Eureka; 400 M ft lumber to Pacific Lum
ber company. *
5:55 p. m.. stmr Falrhaven. Paulson. 05 boors
from Port Ludlow; 750 M ft lumber to Pope
& Talbot.
0:23 p. m., stmr Samoa. Boyc, 14 hours from
Caspar: 380 M ft lumber .to Caspar Lumber
0:35 ... m., stmr Acme. Olsen. 20 hours from
Eureka; 400 M ft lumber to Charles Nelson.
7:20 p. ra.. stmr Ravalli. Nelson, 25 hours
from Eureka: 780 M ft lumber to Hammond
Lumber company.
•1:15 a. m., stmr Sea, Foam. Henrlekson, 18
hours from Shelter cove, via Mendocino 14
hours, via Point Arena 11 hours; pass and mdse
to C. 11. Digging.
7 a. m.. stmr Noyo. Swansea. 17 hours from
Albion; 0,500 ties, ■90 cords bark to Albion
Lumber company. „""■».
S;2O a. m.. stmr Northland. Bodge. 36% hours
from San Pedro; ballast to E. J.-Dodge ft Co. '
10 a. m.. stmr ; G. ". C. Llndauer. Sandman. 03
I ■hours from Grays Hafbor; 500 M ft lumber to
YY'llson Brothers compamy.
11 a. tu.. stmr Charles Nelson. Hansen, SC
, hour* from Mukllteo;-rSU:M, ft Inmber to the
Charles Nelson company.
'1:35 p. m.. stmr James S. Hlgglns, EUasen.
42 hours from San Pt-dro; ballast to C. H. Hig
. gias. - - -'•*
Sunday, July 23.
■ 3:33 p. m.. stmr Hanalei, Hamma. San Pedro.
■ 3:50 p.. m.. stmr James S. Higgin*. Ellasen,
Fort Bragg.
3 p. m.. stmr Johan Toulscn, Lancaster, Port
| land. -^^gxaEßt^ilSOmMim^^ti^m^gagtsl.
6:20 >.. m.. stmr Pnmo. I.lib-land. Albion.
: ' 9 a. in.. stmr. George W. Elder, Thompson,
I San Diego.
11:35 a. m.. barge Carondclet. ' Doyle, Port
! land, in tow tug Daring. „^BBBHt*a£_Bl
VANCOUVER >>^_ii>^
Berth and Meals Included in Fare
Los Angeles, 'Santa Barbara, San Diego
President or Governor. .Every Monday.' 2pm
•State of California . Every Thursday. ,11 a. m
•Only steamer calling at Santa Barbara.
Seattle (Direct 1, Tacoma, _Townaend,
Victoria, Vancouver, Alaska
President or Governor.. Every Saturday. * 2pm
Umati11a..."......:.... Tups.. August 1. 2 p. m
Puebli, Wed., July 26; Tues., Aug. 8, 22, 2 pm.
' Eureka (Humboldt Bay)
Topeka.i..July 27; Aug. 1. 6,11. 16, 21. 11 a. m.
Cuaymas, Mazatlan,. La Paz, Enaenada
Curaca0.................M0nday, Aug.,7, 12 m.
Alaaka Cruises 1911 Leave Seattle
Queen....... v .. ..July 26; Aug. 9, 9 p. a.
1 Leave. Seattle '.?'■•/
Nome-St. Michael— Aug. 15, 10 a.m.
„, Right , reserved to change this schedule. -...'■
TICKET OFFICES— Hotel, 653 Market at.,
16 Market at. and Broadway Wharf.
Telephone Kearny 492.
OAKLAND—II2O Broadway. Tel. Oakland 5680
C. D. DUKANN."GeneraI Passenger Agent.
*p3&>. AMERiCAN-HaMhAN
%J^*yip Tehuantepec Route
Regular Faat Freight Service
sailing from New York every six days,
making direct connection with Pacific
steamers sailing ; from Sallna ;. Cruz,
Mex.,' every six days for San- Francisco.
YORK. Also to Mexican and all; prin
cipal ; European ports under through
rates and through bills of lading. Sail
ings from San Francisco every, 12 days.
For rates and further particulars ap
ply to DEARBORN & "LAPHAM, Gen
eral Agents. 8 Bridge Street. New
General Agents, Pacific Coast
. 310 ; Sansome, St.. \ San ; Francisco.
S. S. Cuiyo Mam .... .Wednesday,, Aug, 9, . 1911
I S. 8. America Maru Wednesday, Aug. 30, 1911
iS. 8. Tenyo Maru :t.".. Wednesday. Sept. :6, . 1911
1 S. 8. Shinyo Maru (new). .Wednet.. Sept. 27, 1911
I >« Steamers «ail from company's pier. No. 34, near
j foot of Brannan st.,;at 1 p. m.,',for Yokohama
and Hongkong, calling at Honolulu, Kobe (Hlogo)
and i Nagasaki and Shanghai, and connecting at
! Hongkong with steamers for Manila, India, etc.
I No cargo: received on , board ■on - day of tailing.
Round trip ticket* at reduced rates.
• For - freight : »nd i passage apply • at office, 4th
floor. • Western Metropolis National Bank ■ build
ing, CiS Market St. W. H. AVERY,
Assistant General, Manager.
UNION S. S. CO. of N. 2.Ltd.
New Through Passenger and Freight Service
WMiMiiVaiaiati 7.. - Without Change.
i S. S. MAITAI (3,393 torn), sails 11 *. m. July 20
i S. 8. AORANGI (4.268 too*), talis 11 am. Aug. 23
! ..Sailing* every 28 days; connecting at Welling
i ton > and .Auckland : for - New Zealand.- port* , and
I Australia. *"r&**t* lt'&lV&lVKßm*''?lVm%mKt'
*••-■ OCEANIC S. S. CO.. Gen. Agt*., 100 Davis tt.
s Ticket Office. 673 Market tt.; tel. Sutter 84S. - ,
11:35 a. m., tug Daring. Johnson, . Portland,
with barge Carondelet in tow.
- 11:30 a. m.. bark Andrew Welch, Kelly, Hono
lulu. .- • :".". '" ;"-'"'..
---11:50 a. m., stmr Helen P. Drew, Gonderson,
Point Arena.
' 12:10 p. m.. stmr Oleum. Curtis. Seattle.
TATOOSH, July 23. 9 a. m.— Clear; wind.
northeast; velocity, 24 miles per hour.
POINT LOBOS. July 23, 0 a. m.—Cloudy:
wind, west; velocity. 8 miles per hour." • t .;
POINT REYES. July 28, 8 a. m.—Foggy;
wind, northwest; velocity. 3 miles' per hour.
FABALLOKBS, Jnly - 23, 9 a. = m.— Foggy;
wind, northwest: velocity. 4 miles per hour.
POINT LOBOS. July £3, 10 p. m.—Weather,
cloudy; wind, west: velocity. 12 miles per hour.
COOS . BAY—Arrived -:. July 23—3:30 p. m..
stmr Nann Smith, hence July; 21; 3:30 p. m.,
schr Omega, hence June 29.'
ASTORlA—Arrived July 23—8 a. m., Btmr
Breakwater, from Coos Bay. *: , • ..-:■'.
-„ Sailed July 23—5: a. m.. stmr Olson ift Ma
hony. for British Columbia; It a. m., bark Amy
Turner, for San Francisco. _BaKßS***saflßSßXs«B*)
Arrived July 23—3 p. m., stmr ' Roanoke,
hence July 21.
POINT LOBOS—Passed July 23—11* a. m., Br
stmr " Prince John, from Glasgow.' for Vancou
ver; 4 p. m.*, stmr Alcatraz, from Greenwood, for
San Pedro.
' EUREKA—Arrived July 23—10 a. m.. stmr
City of Topeka. hence July , 22., <<3|t-aMI
Sailed "July 23—11 a. m.,- Br bark Antlope.
for Sydney: stmr Despatch, for San Francisco;
noon, stmr Santa Clara., for San Francisco.
Arrived July 23—6 p. m., stmr Wellesley,
hence July 22. -
Sailed July 23—3 p. m.. stmr Alliance, for
Coos Bay; 5 p. m., stmr J. J. Lopgle. for San
Francisco. ' .■■''.
MUKILTEO—Arrived July Stmr Hornet,
from attic Hlfb&Vil3>Htai
Sailed < Jnly Star Gray wood, . for San
Pedro.''';-'' .
VENTURA—Arrived July 23—3 p. m., stmr
Whlttler. hence July 22. ■> ■-" -, -■'
POINT - REYES—Passed Jnly 2fl—Stmr Alca
traz. from Greenwood, for San Pedro. .
i TATOOSH— Passed In July 23—Schr Stlmson.
hence Inly 1. for Ballard; stmr Bee, hence July
19. for seaMf.-^attmmmwmmo^immmmmu^
Passed out, July 23—Jap stmrv Seattle Maru,
from Puget sound, for China and Japan; stmr
Jim Butler, from Everett, for San Pedro: stmr
Graywood. from Mukllteo, for San Pedro: Br
bark Inverness-shire, from Hastings mills, ( for
Sydney, -a • |RSaVNQßt»G r *a%?'.
Passed In July 23—Nor stmr BJornstJerne
BJornson, from.Noyo. for Tacoma.
Passed out: July, 23—Stmr Hyadea, from Seat
tle, for, Honolulu; stmr Carlos, from Tacoma,
for San Pedro. : ;,
HONOLULU— July 23—Bktn Newsboy,
from Aberdeen.-
QUEENSTOWN—SaiIed Jnly 23—Star Maure
tanla, for New- York;. stmr Celtic, for New
i York. *
:- LONDON—Railed July 22—Stmr Reclames, for
Tacoma. •* JiV 23—Stmr Minneapolis, for New
York. • ■-.- - '■"•-■*•
LIVERPOOL—SaiIed July 23— Stmr Bellero
phon, for Tacoma and Seattle.
MOVILI.E- Sailed July 22—Stmr California,
for New York.
NEW YORK—Arrived July 23- Stmr Baltic,
from Liverpool; stmr Martha Washington, from
Trieste. ' . ,-., ."".aflMlaf
I Arrived July —Stmr Mlnnewaska, from Lon-
I don: stmr La Touralne. from Havre.
MONTREAL—Arrived Jnly Stmr Teutonic,
from Liverpool:" stmr Corslcan. from Liverpool.
Sailed July .22—Stmr Laurcntle. fur Liverpool.
Collapse Carries 250 . Persons to
the Ground
NEWARK, O. July Twenty
persons were injured, six . seriously,
here today when the grand stand at
Newark baseball park collapsed dur
ing a game I between ' the | Newark ; and
Wheeling clubs of the Central league,
carrying 250 persons with it. Many
women and children were in the stand
at the time. :'»
-,-,.- -xJ^'i^As'-^y^^.Tff.^Pj.'.'s^.-,-.-.- -.
/^S&v Schedule Effective
|&I=9 : June 4, 1911
1 V_JL«*_ union ferry depot
xfjly' t San Francisco
Leave] VIA SAUSALITO - Arrive
-|:(i:4sa!Petaluma. Santa Rosa, •Healds
» I burg, *Cloverdale. Guerneville. i
Duncan Mills. Cazadero. 29:06?
7:15 a Sonoma. Glen E11en...... V. I 6:05p
; 7:4.'.a Petaluma. - Santa Rosa. Healds-
I burg. Cloverdale. Ikiah. Wll
- llts. Sherwood, ••Sebastopol... 7:35p
B:l3ajPt. Reyes, Monte Rio, Cazadero. . 7;35p
'etaluma. Santa * Rosa Gnerne
, I vllle. Monte Rio. Duncan Mills.
J Caaadi (leaves from Duncan,
Mills) I 7:05p
tO:lsa|Pt. Reyes. , 18:05p
79:15 a Sonoma. Glen E11en..... *S:3sp
10:43a]Petaluma. Santa Rosa ■ 4:.10p
12:43pjPt. Reyes, Camp Meeker, Duncan
I Mills. Cazader0.*................ 410:35 a
T2:4spj Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Guerne-I
- i vllle. Duncan Mills.. ...
3:lsp|Petalumt. Santa Rosa. ; Ilealds -
I burg, Cloverdale, Uklah, Gucrac
, vllle, Monte Rio,"" Duncan Mills,
- j Sebastopol (to Cazadero Satur-
I day and Sunday) .<*.: 11:05 a
; 4:4spiSoaoma, Glen Ellen ............. 9:05 a
5:15p Petaluma, Santa Rosa .......... 8:35 a
5:45p Pt, Reyes (leaves 7:15 p* m. Sun '
I day 5):....."-. '..... 8:03 a
Sausalito, Mill Valley, San Rafael—Dally every
30 minutes from 0:45 a. m. until 9:45 a. m.;
hourly until 2:45 p. m.. '.hen 3:15 p. m. and every
30 minutes until 7:43 p.,m., then 9:15. 10:45
p. m. and 12:13 a. m. (On Sundays In addition —
Every 30 minutes from 0:45 a. m. to 3:15 p. m.,
excepting 2:15 p. m.) .-aMaai**aaiaaßt_Mßßs|
Fairfax— r*:4s, 7:15. 7:45. 8:15. .8:45.
9:15, 15, 110:13, 10:4.".. 111:15,' 11:43 a. m.;
112:13, 12:43., 11:15. 1:45. 2:45. 3:15, 3:45. 4:15.
4:45, 5:15, 5:43. 8:15, 6:45, 77:15, 7:45, 9:15.
{{10:45 p. m.: 112:15 a. m.
* San ftuentin via San Rafael— 9:15 a. m.,
1:45' p. m. ' ..
Tiburon and Belvedere—Daily every hour from
6:45 a. "i. until 1:43 p. m. (except on Sundays.
7:45. 8:45, 9:45. 10:45 a. m. boats do not stop at
Belvedere, but extra connections made at Sausa
lito on Sundays only for Belvedere with boat*
leaving San Francisco at 8:35,0:15 and 10:15
a. m.): then 3:15 p. m. and every hour until 6:13,
then 7:45. 9:15. 10:4;, p. m. and 12:15 a. m. -■■*
.-•Sunday arrives- 7:05 p.: m. *• Arrives 7:03
p. in. daily. fExcept Sunday. {Sunday only.
'Saturday only. {Monday only. {{Saturday and
Sunday only
Pacific Transfer Company's agents are author
ized to check baggage direct from residence.
■4jg^Baf_Ulli WOODS tV^s
«_*_ via s«us«Liro rcwßY ***^B
___fu mTmcuiii I p. new ■mwj v. mt. ________ Tg|
pjf wmm jliiiit ____________ I ___5j | shut «_§_ \
_ff TiSiTTfijrmnTSt 7 26iViOIOa' _R
Hi I 45p 915 a 140p!2 50p 140 a 11 15a' |
111 *v 45» 845 a 12 24(h) 445p 1240p fM
t*_ '...... 1045 a 450* 35Op*I000p 232p flf .
|Hf.';.;., II 45a ...... 450p „.;... '.340p:fl|c
. ..... I 45p ...:.. 550 p....... 4 40a f&J
m '.•••• - 2+s'- 6+s<' s«op_V
-' -Ifrc «i_rtm wir, - tutumtfij. ikt, 840B____r
iMtir Wteas ___r
\H__ ticket offices: _|__r
- JMMBkfirn.lita'-IHI) _^rT
MsTWJtlfctthii 440 _^^^T
OFFICE: _^^r
"' _bar
!1 __F
Hl£!£&sriZ~&B&''*—, m>i ■' mi ■s?*;*^Ma3
Marelafand Navy tirdTVafieJo, Napa, StHelena
_ Boats leave 7-00, 9:45 a. m, 2:30. 3:20. [
0:00.8:30 p. m. Meals a la Carte.
Pock and office, North End Ferry BolldlaA
\PJwnea; Kearny 408; Home C 4708.
• BoW •■ y J_^**^^_mH lA?_B_L£_L_i _B
[For j folders,' tickets,' etc., apply Pacific > Navl-| ;
I gat Ion ■ Co.. (UM Mhiket; St.. , San; Francisco. ■ 1
UAVAI til"it ' S. S. HONOLULAN (13,-
II IPI 111 I I I 000 tons) sails noon, July
UVIYVAiI_*U*U 29, for Honolulu and Hllo.
:> S. S. WILHELMINA (13,250 tcus) tails noon,
August 2, for Honolulu and Hllo.
-8. 8. LI'RLINE ; (13.000 ■ tons) tails noon,
August 10, for Honolulu and Hllo.
Round trip to Honolulu, first class. $110 and up.
Mariposa sails 11 aT m.. Aug. 6." -
Special Tahiti round trip $135. first class
rlflnllll 111 II ''-" p ***" Sierra '10.000 tons dls
lIUHULULU placement) sails 11 a. m.. Aug.
. 12. : 1911. Special round,trip,sllo, first class.
OCEANIC LINE,*. 07:; Market; tel/, Sue 64S
League of Cross Cadets Sail
From Santa Barbara on
. , Steamer Yale
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SANTA * BARBARA. July 23.—The
League of the Cross Cadets of San
Francisco and Oakland, who have been
here for a week on their annual camp
ing expedition, left on the steamer. Yale
tonight for their homes. They were
given -an enthusiastic sendoff,. almost
5,000 Santa Barbara people accompany
ing them to the wharf to hid them bon
voyage.:,.' ...'.... ;* . ''"'-:.;,;';:'' :
When the Yale tied to the wharf it
was given three cheers, which echoed
to the mountain tops.; It was the first
daylight visit of t a vessel so large, and
the citizens were enthusiastic in their
appreciation of the landing. It is be
lieved now «hat the Yale and the Har
vard may ;be Induced to make Santa
Barbara a regular port of call. "
The cadets;, concluded their .week's
program ■ with a dress parade on the
boulevard, their maneuvers, being wit
nessed by hundreds of people. The
cadets will .come to Santa Barbara
again next summer for their encamp
George W. Winkler's Return
From Arizona Proves Fatal
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SANTA ROSA. July 23.—County Sur
veyor George *W. Winkler of Sonoma
county died this morning at Preston
from pulmatory tuberculosis. For more
than a year he was in Arizona. As soon
as he returned he began to grow worse.
Winkler .was elected, county sur
veyor four years ago and was re-elect
ed last, fall by a large majority, al
though he was in Arizona all through
the campaign.
Thomas B. McXamara, his chief dep
uty, who conducted the campaign for
his. re-election, will probably be ap
pointed to fill the unexpired term.
■ «a«*s**-tt-^ at ■^j-t-*i-"--n--irir->ii-) ' ""*" "•'•*T'*'-T**,''t*Br*''aT*i'^^ _, _ > _ |rM _ |n »_>_ fc ___ fc _____>___ fc _. || _ tM _ ir|n| _ | at _
Leave (Foot of Market Street) ■ ArriTt
2.15 a Niles, Tracy, Lathrop, Stockton, Lodi,
' Gait, Elk Grove, Sacramento, Rose
- viile, Auburn, Colfax - lI.IBp
640 a Hayward. Niles, San Jose. 7.08 a
7.00 a Richmond, Fort Costa, Benicit, Sui-1
tun, Dixon, Sacramento, Rosevillo, f 7.28p
Marysville, Redding, Dunsmuir.. J 10.38p
7.00t Elmira, Vacaville, Rumsey.. .:.. 7.28»
7.00 a Davis, Woodland (Marysy*Jle,aOre-.'#_■__■
ville), Williams, Maxwell, Willows,
Hamilton, Corning, Red Bluff .. 7.28p
7.40 a Vallejo, Napa, Calistoga, Santa Rosa,
Martinet, San Ramon, Livermore .. 6.08P
740 a Niles, Fleastnton, Livermore, Tracy,
Lathrop, Stockton, Lodi,Sacramento 7.28p
7.40* Tracy, Patterson, Newman. Lot Banos, -
Kermaa, Fresno 4.28p
B.ooa Newark, West San Jose. Los Gttot,
Wright, Felton (Ben Lomond, Boul
der Creek). Santa Cms 5.48p
8.40 a Fort Costa, Martinez, Byron, Tracy.,.-
-" Stockton, Merced, Berenda (Ray
mond), Fresno, Fowler, Selmt,
Traver, Goshen Junction (Hi—ford,
Armona), Bake afie1d............. 4.48p
" 8.40 a Viatlia, Lindsay. Porterville, Ducor .. 7.28s
8.40 a Yoseauta Valley via Merced 4 4.48p
9.00 a Nile* (San Jose), Fleasanton, Liver
more, Stockton, ("Milton) Valley
Spring, lone, Sacramento 4.28p
9.00 a Tuolumne, Sonora, Jamestown, Angela 2.48»
9.00 a Atlantic Express—Sacramento. True
', - - ■ kee, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Denver, '
Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago 8.28b
9.40 a Richmond, Fort Costa, Martinet, Bay -
P0int.................;. 6.48»
10.20 a San Francisco Overland Limited— Den- fI_HM
> i ver, Kansas City, St Louis, Omaha,
Chicago...... :... 2.08p
10.40 a Vallejo, Mare Island, Napa.. 11.28 a
10.40 a Lot Angeles Passenger—Port Costa,
Martine:, Byron, Tracy, Stockton,
Merced, Fresno, (Hanford, Cosing*.
Visalia), Bakersfield, Los Angeles.... 7.28p
11.20 a Shasta Limited—Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle ..................... 9.1 Op
12.00n Richmond, Port Costa. Benicit, Su'r
' sun, Elmira. Dixon, Sacramento.... 11.08 a
12.000 Davis, Williams. Colusa June, Willows,
Germantown, Orlatd, Hamilton 4.48p
12.00n Marysville, Chico. Red 81uff.......... 4.48p
I.OOp Niles, Irvinjton, San Jose 2.48p
1.20p San Leanlro, Niles, Centerville, New-/ 9.08 a
ark, San Jose .............. I 7.28p
1.40p Newark, San Jose, Los Gttot. Wright,
Felton (Boulder Creek), Santa Crui. : 9.1 Op
2.40p San Leandro, Niles, San Jose 9.28 a
, 3.00p Goldfield Pass—Truckee, Haxen, W»
buskt (Yeriturton, Hudson), Mini,
Tonopab, Goldfield, Laws. Keeler... 7.28 a
3.00p Benicia, Winters, Sacramento —Wood-
land, Tudor, Yubt City, MarytvUlt .11.08 a
3.00p Davis, Arbuckle, Williams, Willows,,
Oriand, Hamilton ...:..*......."... 7.28 a -
3.20p Valley Flyer—Port Costa (Stockton),
Martinet, Byron, Modesto, Merced,
Fresno,' Goshen Junction,' Tulare,
Bakersfield, Mojtve, Lob Alleles.. |2.08p
3.45p Via Sausalito, West Napa, St. Helena,
Calistoga ........-.........;....' 10.35 a
' 4.00p Vallejo, Nana, Ctlistoga, Santa Rota,
Martinet, San Ramon,Livermore.... 9.28t
4.00 a Niles (Centerville, Newark), Liver-/ 10.28*
more/Tracy, Stockton. Lodi I lI.IBp
4.40p San Leandro, Hayward, Nile*. Plese
anton, livermore, Tracy, Patterson,.
Newman, Kerman, Fresno lI.IBp
5.00p Vallejo Port Costa, Benicia. Suisun,
Sacramento Lincoln,' Marysville,
OrovUle ."'.:..".:.............. 11.28 a
5.00p Davk Arbuckle, Williams, Willows,
Oriand. Tehama , 10.38 a
B.OOp Riss-11, San Jose, L0tGat0i......... 9.28 a
§5.00p: Wright, Glenwood, Big Trees, Santa
Out . ...... .: 19.28*
5.20p San Leandro (Tiles. San Jote),Sunol.
Pleasanton, Livermore 9.48t
6.00» Owl Limited--Los Ange1e5.".;....... B.oBa
6.40p Eastern Express—Ocden. Pueblo, Den
ver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago,
. 6.40p Port Costa, Benicia. Sacramento,
Truckea (UkeTthoe),Reno, Sparks 8.28p
6.40p Hayward. Niles and San Jose 6.48p
77ATOp Richmond, Vallejo, Port Costs, Mar- '
• . tinea. Bay Point and Wty Stations {I 1.28p
7.00p China ana " Japan —Ogden,
;-' Cheyenne, Denver, ; 'Kansas City, „ -^ .
Omaha. Chi cig0.....;. 2.48p
7.00p Tort Costa, Stockton. Sacramento, Col
fax, Truckea (Lake Tthoe),'Reno.. 10.08 a
8.20p Oregon Express—Stcrtmento. Rose- :
ville, Marysville, Redding, Ashland,
Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane 9.08 a
9.40p Bakersfield, Mc Kit trick. Ha relt on. Mo
narch. Moron, Fe110w.5ha1e........ 8.28 a
9.40p- Yosemite Valley Sleeper |ia Merced to
El P0rta1.....;:::.-.r....-.:: 8.28 a
9.40p Richmond, Port Costa, Tracy, Modesto,
Merced, Fresno, Hanfoti. Tulare.. 8.28 a
9.40p Hanford, Armona. Lemocre, Huron,
Coaling* ...r.::r. 8.28*
9.40» Visalia, Exeter, Lindsay, . Porterville,
Ducor, Vamoso .......:. ..... 8.28*
9.40p Portland Express—Davis, Willows, Red -SESSS
"*" Rluff, Weed," (Klamath Falls), Ash- -
land, Roseburg, Portland, Tacoma,
.Seattle :..............:....., 12.28p
11.40p : StnUtnlro, ; Hayward, Nflat, Pleas
. -— •aton. Liveimore, Tracy, Stockton. 2.48p
HEThERUND'S ROUTE—From Pacific Streat Wharf.
This | tout*; offers exceptional opportunity for Auto- '
mobilists to reach all point* on the Sacramento River.
ColUnsvUle, Emmaton, Rio Vista, Isle ton, Ryde, Walnut
Grove, Vordea, Court land,, Clarksburg, Sacramento.
: Steamer Stminoit. leaves San Francisco 8:001. m. daily
except Sunday, stopping at points shown, arriving Sac
ramento 6.-00 p. m. Leaves Sacramento 9:00 p. m. daily
except Sunday (no stops en route), arriving San Fran
cisco 5:00 a. m. ... •:•'■-'■_.'•' ;
, Steamtr Modoc or Apache, testes San Francisco 1:00
p.m. daily, except Sunday; arrive San Francisco 11:30
p.m. -■■■.--.. . ..-■. .--; . ■. ,-.:>
South End Ferry Building for Broadway Wharf. Oak
land— 00 a.m.;+7.00 a. m.. then 8.00 »jn. and every;
hour, daily, to 9.00 p.m.; inclusive. Boats leave Broad- =
way Wharf at same hours as above for San Francisco.
The convenient route for automobilists. -
*•_>■'* LOCAL FERRY TRAINS—Via Alameda Pitr.
To Oakland. 14th Stand Alameda. Soath Side (Electric
Service)— +6.10, +6.45 a. m., and then 10 and 45 min
!,n^?,?*S the until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30, 9.15,
10.00,10.45,11.30 p.m. and 12.15 a. m. ,
; To Alameda and Frultvals vi* Hotsttho* tarn* at atovt.;
M Union Transfer Co. authorized to cheek Baggage direct
from residence,» r _■ ■ , •-
Of2ee and- salesrooms, cor. Van Ness and Sacra
-1 mento- (former Walter building). Phone Frank
lin 2264. Home C 6553; residence. 806 Ashbury.
10 large Hare* and 10 large Horses: also Wagons
and Harness suitable for ranch.
_£© AUCTION _£___,-
Every MONDAY and. THURSDAY, 11 a. m.. at
209 Valencia St., of the largest assortment of
horses, wagons, buggies, carts and, harness of all
I kinds. Outside stock sold on commission. , Phone
Park 2723. WM. CLOUGH, Auctioneer.
**_-_ AT AUCTION —By order 'of " 8.. J.
__*_? Wurch I will sell 47 head of all pur
pose horses and mares; also land, peddling and
camp wagons; also pony outflrAtO highest bidder;
no reserve. WEDNESDAY, July 26, 11 a. m., at
664 Broadway,; Oakland. ■ .- -
. J. W. MEDEIROS. Auctioneer.
50 horses, broken and unbroken; tome saddle
horses; 1 mire with mule lit, at R. R. corrals.
| 3th an. Union sts., Oakland. TIES., July 25, 11
I a.m. L. G. OATEN, Auctioneer.
Parlors to Gather in Sacra
mento for Santa Rosa Trip
[Special Dispatch to The Call] . . „
SANTA ROSA, July 23.— delegation
] consisting, of D. K. Colclough chairman
and F. A. Print- secretary of the joint
ninth of September committee for the
Sacrament*, parlors of - Native • Sons
spent the day here conferring with the
members of the local committee of ar
rangements relative to the visit of the
Superior, California, delegation. The
visitors propose to gather the Native
Sons in Sacramento on September 8
and make the trip to Santa Rosa on the>
morning of th" Sth by special trains.!
WOMEN TO SPEAK—A meeting of the Hayes
. Valley Improvement association: will be held
in the Uiis- house, 520 Hayes street," tomorrow
evening at 8:30 o'clock. The' topic of the
evening will be "Equal Citizenship." A num
ber, of women speakers will he present. J
23. —George Hopkins and E. I'mphred were ar
rested here, today for speedinircwlth their au
tomobiles In the county road, by M, R. Brown,
the county motorcycle policeman,' and held for
trial. ; ■
——' v.
Leave (Third and Townsend Street*) Arrive
t-i.lo* Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma,
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno 16.35 a
6.30 a South San Francisco, San Jose, Gilroy, 3__M__]
(Hollister), Sargent, Pajaro, Watson
ville, Santa Crux 7.50 a
{7.00 a Sunday Excursion—San Jose, Gilroy WSKM
(Hollister), Del Monte, Monterey,
Pacific Gr0ve.................... J.10,5Cp
+7.00 a South San Francisco. Falo Alto, San
Jose, Way Stations.. 7.30 a
7.00 a Mavfield, Lot Altos, Los Gates +7.2Cp
B.ooa Shore Line Limited—Paso Robles Hot
Springs, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles 9.30p
B.ooa El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, New ■
Orleans, Chicago and East 9.30p
8.05 a The Coaster —San Jose, Pajaro (Wat- .
Bonville, Santa Crui), Castrovilie. x
■%. (Del Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove),
\-v Salinas, Soledad, Paso fiobles Hot
Springs, San Luis Obispo, Surf, (Lorn- v
poc), Santa Barbara, Ventura, Ca
nard, Los Angeles...... 11.46 a
8.20 a Mayfield, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Wright.
Glenwood (Boulder' Creek). Santa
Cruz, Wattonville, Castrovilie Del
/Monte, Monterey. Pacific Grove..... 9.05p
9.00 a Bin Jose (Gilroy), Salinas, Paso Robles
Hot Springs, San Luis ObispoTret - •
Wattonville, Santa Crui,
Del Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove 4.00p
10.40 a South San Francisco, Burlingame, San
Mateo, Palo Alto, San J05e......... +6.301
10.40 a Los Altos, Monta Vista, Los Gatos... { T _;*_J
11.30 a Valencia Street. Ocean View, Colma,
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno ..... 1.35p
11.40 a South San Francisco, San J05e.....:.".". |8.20 a
1.20t Saturdays only—Easton, Son. Mateo,
Palo Alto, Mayfield. Lot Gatos,
Wright, Felton (Boulder Creek;,
Santa Crui J9.55p
2.00p Del Monte Express—San Jote. Gilroy,
Sargent (Wttsonville), Santa Cruz,
Del Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove, 3*BsW*|
(Salinas).... ...;....:...:.. 12.30p
2.05p South San Francisco, Palo Alto, San
J0te.......T:.-Trr..Vrr.r."..:;;.. * 8.45 a
2.05 p Los Altos, Monta Viet*. Los Gatos + 3.25p
3.00p South Stn Francisco, San Mateo, San
. Jote, Gilroy, Tret Finos, Salinas. 10.10 a
3.00p Wattonville, Santa Crui, Castrovilie,
Del Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grova 10.10 a
3.15 a San Mateo, Redwood, Palo Alto, May-
V field, Los Gatos, Wright (Boulder ■
Creek) Santa Crui 11.05 a
4.00 l Sunset Express — Tutcon, Denting,
El Paso. Houston, New Orleans,
• Chicago.... 10.65 a
4.00p Washington Sunset Route—Waahing
ton.D.C, New York and East 10.65 a
4.00p Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago... 10.55 a
4.00p Paso Robles Hot Springs, San Luis
Obispo, Santa Barbara and Los
Angeles ..:.. ....... 10.55 a
4.20* South San Francisco, Sin J0te....... t9.COa
t4.55p Redwood, Mtvfield, Los Gatos, Wright, a___H
. Glenwood, Felton (Boulder Creek),
StnttCrui ."....;.:........ fl.lßp
+5.05p Burlingame, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Sao
Jote and Way Station! 9.45 a
t5.20p Redwood. Palo Alto, San J0te........ I. lOp
+5.20p Los Altos, Monta Vista, Let Gttot,... +,3.25p
+5.25p Burlingtme. San Mateo, San J05e..... 3.25p
+5.30p Loop—Valencia Street, Ocean View,
j-f :■••■■.'. Cemeteries, South San Francisco, 23d
Street, 3d and T0wnaend........... +6.40p
6.401. San Bruno, San Mateo. Redwood,/ +7.25 a
Palo Alto, Santa Clara. San Jose.. \ 7.35t
J5.40p Los Altos, I.os Gatos, Wright, Glen
wood, Big Trees, Santa Crui...:.. 79.45 a
+6.00p Millbrae, San Mateo, Falo Alto, May
field. Lot Altos. Lot Gates > fB.ooa
6.00 a Saturdays only—Wright, Laurel,- Fel
ton (Boulder Creek), Santa Crui. . c8.45t
t6.05» 23d Street. Visitarion. South San Fran
cisco, Valencia Street ....: 17.1 Ep
6.30p South San Francisco, San J05e....':.",'. 6.45p
B.oop The Lark — Paso Robles Hot Springs,
Santa Barbara, Los Ange1et..:...:... 9.30 a
8.1 Op Los Angeles Passenger— Salinas,
Paso Robles Hot Springs, San Luis '
Obispo, Santa Barbara and Los An
ge1e5....................... 8.30 a
I O.OOp . San Jose and Way Stations 7.20p
i 1.45 a South San Francisco, ■ Palo Alto. San
J0te...... :................ 7.45p
' ■■'■ . ' :.". ' ■ "■■ " ■ - - •■'
x LOCAL FERRY TRAINS-Vla Oakland War.'
To Oakland, 18th St., Berkeley and Btrryman—Daily—
From 6.00 a. m.. and every twenty minutes until
8.20 p. m., inclusive; then 9.00, 9.40. 10.20. 11.00.
11.40 p. m.. 12.20 and 1.20 a. m. . Additional bottt
.' Saturdays and Sundays only 8.40 p. m., 9.20, 10.00
-10.40 and IUO p. m. , .
To Oakland. 7th and Brotdwty, East Oakland, Fruitvil*
and Mcl rest—Daily—From 6.00 a. m., and every
twenty minutes until 8.20 p. m., inclusive, then 9.00
9.40, 10.20. 11.00. 11.40 p. m.. 12.20 tnd 1.20 a. m.
Additional boats Saturday tnd Sunday only, 8.40 p. m.,
9.20, 10.00, 10.40 and IL2O p. of
To Oakland First St. Fruit-vale, Alameda, via Hortethot
:. —Daily— 76.00, 8.20 a. m.. and ever}' twenty
minutes until 8.20 a. m., inclusive; then 9.00, 9.20,
10.00,10.20,11.00,11.20 a. m., 12 m.,,1.20.
2.00, 2.20, 3.00, 3.20, 13.40 p. in and every twenty
minutes until 7 p. m.. inclusive; then 7.40. 8.20, 9.00,
9.40, 10.20,11.00. and 11.40 p. m., 12.20 and 1.20 a.m.
Additional train to Oakland (First St.). 2.15 a. a.
To sioMhurtL-Daily Except Bnnday-6.00. 7.00. 8.00,
9.00 a. m., 2.20. 3.00, 4.00, 5.00, 5.40 p. m. Sunday
only 9.00. 10.00 a.ra., 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4,00, 5.00,
5.40 p.m.
To Wert Berkeley—From «6.00 a.m.. +655, +6.4*0, +7.00,
•7.20. +7.40. •S.OO, +8.20. 78.40, +9.00. 79.20. *10.00,
! 710.40. +11.00, 711.20, 711.40 a. m.. »12.00 N., 712.20,
712.40. *1.00, 71.20. 71.40, '2.00, 72.20, 72.40. *3.00.
1 :73.20, 73.40, *4.00 p. m., and even- twenty minutes
until/7.00 p. m.,-inefoaive; then *8.00 p.«m., •9.00,
' 89,10, §10.00, b10.20.*11.00.*11.40 p.m, and*_L2o ajn.
To Cort ■—From *60O"a! m.. ++3*o. +7.00. +7.20, +7.40,
- +8.00, +8.20, +9 00, •10.00. 710.40. 711.00, 711.20,
. 711.40 a. m., •12.00 N, 712.20. 712.40. *1.00, 71.20,
: 71.40, *2.00, *2 20. 72.40, *3.00, 73.20. 73.40, •4.00.
•4.20. *4.40, *5.00, »5.20, »5.40, *6.20, *8.00, §9.00
and §10.00 p. m. .^S__3O9_MJB^K_B
To VTtortt, Siege, Pullman, Richmond—o.oo a. m, 5.40
• p. m., 0.20 p. m. '."■
— : ; ; -—: —
a tor Moraine. •Dairy » for Afternoon.
tsundty and Monday only.
+ Sunday excepted. X Sunday only.. „ * '
I Daily except Fat. and Son. , cMonday only,
•"Saturday and Sunday only, ■

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