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Parry and Pathfinder Are the
Latest Models to Arrive;
• Notes From Row
? Two - new makes of cars are to be
placed before the local motor car fra
ternity for approval. They are the
Pathfinder and Parry cars, manufac
tured by the Motor Car Manufacturing
company of Indianapolis and come with
a good record from the east and from
southern California. B. ,F. Jacobs,
western representative of the Indian
apolis factory has just closed;:the
northern California agency with W. A.
"Weeks and J. Co veil, who are to es
tablish their headquarters'ln this city.
The new agents plan to operate under
the style of the Motor? Car Sales com
pany and have ft 5 established temporary
quarters with the Middleton Motor Car
company in Golden Gate avenue below
Van Ness. Already a carload of the
Parry models has arrived and the
Pathfinder cars are due within the next
few days. In the south the Parry has
won several records in economy and
road tests and has grown popular.* The
new agents believe" that, they will have
little difficulty In .bringing the car, to
a high place in favor in this part of
the state.
Victorious American Car Returns
The four passenger underslung Ameri
can car which established the record
between Sacramento and Tallac re
turned to the city yesterday and was
the center of an admiring crowd at the
showrooms of the American Motors
company in Golden Gate avenue.' Stand
ing on the hood of the car was the
big Valvoline cup, which was captured
by the American for setting the record
at 4 hours and 30 minutes. Marc Bun
nell, who drove the car, was the re
cipient of many congratulations from
local enthusiasts for his clever work
in making the run.
• • •
Hudson Stripped Chassis on display—
S.. G. . Chapman, the newly appointed
northern California distributer of . the
Hudson car, has just received an elabo
rate stripped chassis of a Hudson model
33 and it is commanding much atten
tion at his Van Ness avenue salesrooms.
The chassis is finished in white enamel,
and the cutouts are so arranged as to
give the motorist a clear* view of the
vital working parts of the Hudson car.
• * »
Simplex Car for Santa Barbaras —
Manager J. N. Burge of the Simplex Pa
cific coast agency reports the delivery
of a 50 horsepower, seven passenger
Simplex touring car to Clinton B. Hale
of Santa Barbara. Hale drove the ma
chine to his home in the* Channel City.
• ■■•...*
Pike Predicts Big Chalmers Year—
Hoy .".I. Pike, formerly connected with
the Pioneer Automobile company, paid
a visit to the new headquarters of the
Pioneer people last week and congratu
lated them on their new building and
the. Imposing appearance and con
venience of their salesroom. Pike is
of the opinion that 1912 .will. be the
greatest season the Chalmers company
as ever had. He not only bases his
opinion on what he , saw and * the in
formation obtained here, but also from
the amount of enthusiasm and the num
ber of orders place with the different
-Chalmers agents throughout the coun
• * »
*, Berlin Is Motorists' MeccaW. TV.
s Westphal, who is touring through Eu
ope in his Stevens-Duryea. writes the
Pacific Motor Car company that there
ire but 40,000 autos in all Germany, and
„ a peculiar feature of most all the ma
chines is that the rear wheels reverse
A when making a sudden stop. The cost
;o. 75 degree gasoline is ,but.3o cents a
i gallon. Berlin has the best taxis in
. the world, the most courteous drivers
'■.and the cheapest rate, as the fare is
but 20 cents per mile. ¥
• • •
Tour* to Oregon In Locomobile—Ll
Wi Dake of this city has just returned
from-a., trip with his family into south
ern Oregon. Dake made the t tour in
his big Locomobile and reports that he
experienced no trouble whatever dur
ing the journey.
• • •
S. G. V. Car for Local AttorneyE.
Stewart, head of E. Stewart & Co., dis
tributers of the S. G. V. cars, reports
the delivery of an S. G. V. model to
G. R. Perkins, an assistant district at
torney of this city.
Chiefs Imprisoned as Hostages
and Paid by Government
. The Lolo tribe, or rather the series
of tribes bearing this general title, ft oc
cupies the more inaccessible mountains
in western China, on both sides .of the
Yangtse, in the provinces ?of Szechuan
and Yunnan. Their aggressive turbu
lence '-: has prevented travelers from
penetrating the country? to any great
distance. .
These" wild Lolos have hitherto pre
served their independence, though in
order to repress to some- extent their
habitual bloody f raids 1 into settled
Chinese territory, hostages: are taken
from the frontier villages for their
good behavior. .
These hostages 'are representative
chiefs who take turns of imprisonment
to go pledge for the good- conduct of
'-the tribes. These chiefs are paid* a
nominal sum by the Chinese govern
ment for thus serving a'period in dur
ance, and - after serving a term of three
months they are allowed to be > relieved
by other representative men "of their
tribes. The people live in -rude* huts
and seldom build substantial houses,
like the settled Mantze. ? ?V
Pickpockets Seemingly Do Not
Suffer From Hookworm
Jewelry worth $713 was stolen from
the home of Victor Ettienhe? Jr., at 770
Dolores street,? Sunday.; night- ;, The
burglars forced an entrance? through a
rear door. "■' '- ."-• ■"■'-\"-y - '■'■-
•The home of J. T. Knight of 4619
Seventeenth " street ft was ' entered ?by
burglars" Sunday ; night ? and jewelry
worth $405 was stolen. [email protected]|
Pickpockets' stole * $13 and a check
for $40. from- the <* pockets, of George
W. Davis of Ashland, Ore., at ) the: ferry
building Sunday night. \ . *. ; ; ; ?
M.?? Farbuncho of * 312 Montgomery
avenue reported to the» polio yester
day?, that' pickpockets had -taken $40
f rom'his? Sunday,? night. ; ii?- .; ?;.-.:--'-
, Robert '.Kallman of '800 Montgomery
avenue also. was -.the. victim of pickpock
ets. ;He lost **10. \ '■, • *
. Should taxi drivers be provided with
change? 'is a question?" which has Just
been f informally settled by ft the y Paris
police. . A fare . alighted at Rue "de?
ftVauglrard, . and tendered a five franc
piece.*?* The driver;?ft grinned ? and ? ob
served? that he had no change. The
- fare f: offered .ft to procure " it, and the
driver?; followed. • ; Some??; difficulty 'wafts
experienced in ; obtaining the?? change,
and ??on the? fare? ?: looking round ft*;he
noticed the flag was j still* down. The
meter had registered 25 centimes since
he had-alighted.'.?. He appealed to a
policeman, who, without hesitation,
decided against the driver...?••■; ; ; ;!
This morning from i 9, a. m.; to I noon,.
the beautiful natatorium of ft the Lurline
' Ocean ?-. Water} Baths, Bush and Larkin
streets, vis ..reserved ft "exclusively for
women bathers. ?-•* ;'""'-"?
Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys
Policies on Concrete Jail Cost
County $1,380
[Special Dispatch to -The Call] -,%".-.%>
SACRAMENTO^Sept? 4.—lnquiry into
the*; fire Insurance policies * held by Sac
ramento county has developed that not
only has the new'fireproof? jail been
insured for $100,000, for which Py. the
county has paid $1,380 in premiums,
but several"steel* and iron? bridges.;in
the county have been insured? against
fire. ft.- ■"■'■'"'■ --: -ft? ,•?"•--'
The new Fair Oaks bridge, construct-^
ed entirely ii of steel and ;concrete,?;*; Is
insured for $16,000.' Several other steel
bridges are likewise protected.
: It developed today v that; one ; realty
firm, the Robert 1 Govan company, .wrote
th© entire $ 100,000 ~ insurance son the
Jail?. They, distributed the w policies
among ? four companies for which 1 they
are agents. \
. The - insurance ;; matter promises to
come to a head .tomorrow when the
supervisors meet. . ; . >v
Labor Day Parade atV. Capital
Oyer Mile Long
[Special ;Dispatch to: The '• Call]
' SACRAMENTO, Sept. 4.—Two thou
sand union labor men marched in a pro
cession almost 5 two ft miles 1* long ,: j this
morning as part of their observance of
Labor day. The procession ,was divided
into three 'i sections—federated "trades,
building trades and ? iron trades. . Five
bands .were inline.' .-'ft"
Many of the unions appeared In uni
forms in competition for a prize.
I ■ The Glaziers' union won that for r the
best uniformed i local; the | mlllmen \ won
the prize for ft the best appearance and
the * electrical ; workers won the float
prize. .
Wife's Companion Is Shot in the
Thigh by Jealous Man
[Special Dispatch to The Call] ',-;•'■'.
SACRAMENTO, Sept. : 4.—Al? Hewlitt,
purser :on»the?steamer Seminole,, came
upon his wife in company with Charles
Theobald,* a ? bartender and .affinity,
shortly after midnight and took three
shots at Theobald/ one of them striking
him in the thigh. Hewlitt suspected his
wife of unfaithfulness and instead rof
leaving for * San Francisco, last evening
to join the 'steamer, for the return "run
to Sacramento, he stayed in Sacramento
and kept watch. A search of ft the re
sorts located his wife and iTheobald In
a cafe annex to a saloon and Hewlitt at
once opened fire. Hewlitt was ? placed
under arrest. • *."..?/?
Bride Is Mother in Law of
Charles F. Curry
[Special Dispatch to The Call] '
SACRAMENTO, Sept. 4.—Mrs. Sarah
Hutchinson, aged 72 andt mother in law
of former Secretary of State Charles, F.
Curry, 'was married last night to Robert
Chapman, aged 72, by Rev. S. Fraser
Langford. - Fearing that a married
daughter" of her intended * husband was
coming from Berkeley to Interfere with
the marriage. - Mrs. Hutchinson induced
Chapman to secure a marriage license
yesterday.' Chapman' is a retired capi
talist of Sierra Madre. His Aye children
objected to - the marriage. Mrs. Hutch
inson has been employed by the' state
highway commission.
Search of Creek Fails to Reveal
[Special Dispatch t to The Call]
FRESNO, Sept.;; 4.—Sheriff • McSwain
and aft party of; searchers today unsuc
cessfully dragged;; Mill creek for the
body of Arnel Lampe, who was drowned
'. In an attempt to divert the course of
the water a large hole below the head
gate, where ? Lampe disappeared, was
covered with". sand.
It is now thought that the body is
burled ;10 or }15 feet below this. *
j/ry^Sj** I S_. WMmmmf
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Tries to Drive ' Auto;j Through
Door of Saloon
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
.v SACRAMENTO, Sept. 4.—For ; using
the ] sidewalks *on X street as ,an auto
mobile boulevard' in the wee sma' hours
of the morning. Russell Rivett, son of a
prominent ? merchant of | this city, was ft
this ? morning* put under arrest •by the
police. - ' ■ .'
ft He spent , half ,an hour or so in ? the
city? Jail until he' could be balled out by
friends. ,- ? ft; "•.?. ? ■„" '?-"??:"'?/'?'.," ".,■■ ,"':
?ft Rivett was caught? driving ' his auto
mobile up the sidewalk in a/i [effort? to
effect an entrance into a saloon. V Marble
plates??arid* glass'show*cases ;In ft a cigar
stand outside suffered. . ft? " 9 ,?>?,???
V; A charge of » malicious "mischief has
been placed -] against? him and he will
face trial tomorrow. ,
President Must Make Treaty
. With 1 Solitary Survivor ?
[Special Dispatch to The Call] -
v OROVILLE. ; Sept. -4."*—- * Before ./.the
United" States can " take steps *to care
for, provide for or deal with the mys
terious^ Indian, ? thought to be the last
of the Yana tribe, President Taft must
make ft a treaty.? with< the} Indian."H"; That
was ? the announcement ? made today by
Professor Waterman of the University
of California: rft Sam |patwee;> a member,
of the tribe of the northern Yana, who
is from Shasta county and Is; more than
901 years;old*>talked?,with; the mysteri
ous Indian today. They could"' under
stand each other, but ? not perfectly, and
the; strange ? Indian" became greatly ex
cited and talked rapidly in a strange
tongue." ■! •■ •■ ,'ft- :/ ■.*.'. -ft '','?• :
New Company/ Has? Acquired
Whitmore Properties
I ALTURAS, Sept..; 4— Forty-six '?< hun
dred acres of land. 3.500 head of cattle
and 250 head of-, horses and mules are
Included' in one of j, the. largest transac
tions in this county for many years,
in F which ; the W.'^B./Whltmbre^?lAnd
and Livestock company sold out to the
Klamath Lake Land and Livestock com
pany. While the -new? concern-has, not
made* known ft; its plans, Vit? is thought
the land Willi be? opened for coloniza
tion. ;? "J./ C. Franks, I a^ft. former United
States marshal .;: of ? Alameda, is .:, presi
dent of the company.
Puts Tobacco on Wound and Re
sumes the Chase*
[Special ft Dispatch *to The Call]
*: MONTGOMERY;,; CREEK. Sept. 4.'—
Although bitten by a rattlesnake -last
Saturday, ft; Elmer ft Bryner of ; this- place
would not ?abandon" two deer which he
had slain. \ ? , ///;//
He kept right on; hunting and car
ried i home his game. ,'*.'
; After beating the snake off with his
gun ihe killed it. cut/ out /; the; place
where? the fangs had -entered' the i calf |
of his! leg,/ applied .aft? chew of tobacco i
to ft the/wound and proceeded . to where ,
the deer lay. -■ " \\ _s '
Glover From Gloversville to
Breed Them f for Pelts
I CHEYENNE. , Wyo., * Sept. 4.—With
I 100 prairie dogs captured near Rawlins,
Wyo., as a part* of ?? his ? •''baggage,"
Perry Williams, a glove s manufacturer
of - Gloversville. N. - V., passed through
here * yesterday..: en , route : ito < his \ home,
where,? he \ said, \ he was > going to 1 start
a prairie dog farm as an adjunct ,i to
his business. Experiments with prai-
I rie j dog j pelts, Williams ft declared, had
i shown them [to be valuable, in the man- i
ufacture of fur gloves. ft? ? *
graphic : refluent; by 'he ." sheriff jof .: San * Lute :
Obispo county the police began; a search .Tester- j
" - day for Frank Hame. wanted in the. southern .
'. V city / for * forgery.' : Hame; is«3o ? years • old.* 3j ;
feet "■* "ft inches -tall," and weighs 1150 pounds.
'*"'«*' He;.is : thought „.to ; bare ;a *; room ?In.. a.. Geary. j
— street lodging house In this city. .ft I
Ringling Brothers' Famed Show
Will Give Parade on Fri
day/ Morning
? Ringling Brothers' circus begin
a four days' engagement in San ft Fran-
clsco next > Friday "afternoon, giving i two
performances each day ■: until arid in
cluding Monday, September • 11./.Many
Improvements have ? been? made jin the
organization ? : since Its ft last ' appearance
here j two/years * ago.;,r It will be S seen"
here with a complete new company of
foreign if performers, the j] majority of
whom i are making their first ( tour of
America. There arei'"S7s? artists. T< The
program «? ? contains many Z% novelties,
ft trained 1 animal acts being featured.
There are a?? score of ? thrillers, and 50
clowns will ?' furnish ith c comedy. *J -.:' ?"^
?? The big will arrive ftft In the city
on five special! trains [of? 85 cars. The
combined length of these trains is more
than a mile. The show has 1.289 em
ployes, / 650 horses, half ? the /elephants
in J?America and , 1,000-; menagerie ani
mals. When all j the canvas ?Is up, 14
acres of $ ground i are /covered." >-On ? the
grounds ft are ; all '" the ; shops • found Jin fan!
average city of 10,000, an electric light
ing s plant, !Ji hbspital,';*?postofllce *5 and a
hotel, where • 4,000 meals 'cooked and
eaten day in the week. This ; city
of ? tents? also has its own doctors, den
tists, lawyer and police force. V. '
: The show will be seen In Oakland on
Thursday, coming directly 3 here* from
ft that point by way of Sari/Jose.; The
engagement will begin with a ' new
parade on Friday morning. ■* **
An , Interesting? i discovery Is an
nounced at : the % library •„ of the St. Ce
cilia academy, in the form of the man
u*«rlpt «of, a 4 hymn to* Rome by Franz
Liszt. The? work, which opens with the
phrase, 5 ''X> ? Roma appears ,? to
have been written during the com
poser's ; stay >at »? the * ilia* Adrians, at
Tivoli, only - a short time before j his
death. ; >/' -f.Vr.".">-■ "ft.-ft ft.- -?■?•?--■---' ** C
"We ? mean ? Just what we say—'
come here any old time—pick out
* $50.00 .:' worth sft of furniture n and
carpets/ and:? we r will :, send ft* the ft;
a - goods >to your it home;, on * a 1.00 ft
; payment: ? These terms ? can't ? be:
;equaled*ln .the city.
$25.00 Dining Tables (M 5 An J
? 6 feet extension /■'■/■-'vlJ)*™!!; <
$1.00 ffllD^L 22,50
$1.00 a Kkt[jtljf tn 75
Week. 11^-^^S *IO,ID
Size of I^^^ Ser Pen'
Mirror pl^^p tine To
18x20 i^jjP^^J Drawers |
! |4 Room? Outfit Complete for
$145/ Pay $2.00 a Week ;
' ■ Our $145 outfit includes well made and
ft reliable ? furniture; that makes ■ the s home }
*'5 co«yJand'attractiTe.--'D<»i't; commit the r.
~ ft? folly'! of ,"■ renting ?a I furnished ; flat, thus ;»
V helping to pay for some one else's furni
', ture. *2.00 weekly will furnish your home.*:'*
mymm ... - — — - *1
Rosary Bead, . M Christmas Card*
'.. With heavy rolled (toM *ft jm /lmmm AmWT/^F&m^Jfc AW W MTM-W&^ books in Sta
'cross and chain. Jet, * . %m* m\^7AYMm\ /TWA JM MATAY aTaTM * U'^rL r D, Pp ', n ,fZ
j amethyst..-topaz.^crys- mmmmWjmWmm-^mW .r*W.^lS^T^ *-/* *Brnm^ % IT" Mif mTmWM ' hundreds of handsome
Jal.•;emerald.;.-«moon- ?^* ** m Amr awr —_f^~- —" ■ —mmm-mr mw am English cards which
stone and pearl beads -^■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■^ railr h* "graved trlth
in satin lined box. AY y°ur crest or monqgram
Several Foreign Shipments of Handkerchiefs
Bretonne—Fine type of Irish hand-embroidered pure linen, in fifteen 111111111
"ftj^^-g., ■;■ . designs. Each 25^ . -s\ * 1 .***, sk3 :
, *'-%'\^: r* Sunspun—Dainty hand embroidery on very sheer fine linen. Hand- • J^jTm* ■ .-,
fj\^\w^-■-■■'- kerchiefs worth more than. 25*^. ifc*fl«H|C^
;-4mmmm4%mmW^%im*y Alpine This embroidery a new Swiss industry. Fifteen designs, ™HS"^^;"*l^
very fine and dainty. 25£.
ft' '" ■ ■'■ ■ ' '■"■■■■■■ "■■"■" "" _"' ' ■■■" ";*-'• ft" ' ••'*"••''■- "■"*:.■■■.*••• ,* ■ -",'■■, ' " '„■','''. '..,.,'? - '.. ft —?~~ *
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; The styles are, the newest fall models, the materials are voile ',•: and fine! lingerie. % <!)£}&
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price, .•■'■■. v .,/ft.? T'.-?ftft??,?i V * • • -'",-••'- ."-; r; • " -/■'-/- " !
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Cloths of Renaissance New Shetland Veils
Special at $4.95 Special at 79c
These elaborate are ?circular,?measur-ft: The manufacturer allowed us a price con- .
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is 24 inches, finished with deep border? of?' \ : 400, v in ft black, white, brown and navy blue.
Renaissance. f%(AriNeedleworkDepartment) \ : * r ■ (Special sale section)^
*" ' '' Sale—3oo Halcyon Me^saline
■rat ' • Petticoats at $1.95 Each
J"f|k The material so fine -.beautifullywoven as^to resemble};
#Mf Petticoats at $1.95 Each
FL ||\ c material so fine and so beautifully woven as to resemble
/^"^^^A^^^^ a very heavy, rich piece of 'silk, i Every thread iis cotton,* color
■*■■ ' ' JL \0 .*. ings are beautiful. V vtl /.'.'■; *-■
#S?^ frJU* \\ y Soft, lustrous and desirables as silk. v These f perfect •
/ tL^"^^ \\ fitting, deep flounced petticoats '■ show novelty accordeon
/ M. ■■ I \ flounce. ? Rose, Copenhagen, .- navy, brown, helio, gray,
/y! m^ h" \ myrtle, ? wine, emerald, white and black. Bargains/
•■s It - W^%/m f Embroideries:: '%:^u > . .\ ,
Vy/.M. WW " Third Annual September Sale
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"^\\wll} ' lit 111 '////// very low prices placed on them. ;_,:;/: ..::.;?:.>?•.
*""/ /••-M\\\\\\lliil'*''|.i 111 fl fell////// ' : '- I C •',;*''--'j "Edges; in s.Swlss, ' : . in, .. ■: J Edges. 8 to . It; i
■iI mm I 111/ ' 5c yd- ? a '„ n f°° k, n7! 49c yd- .^ss^i': I.'^
'■ " /HI fl Ml I 111 1 ■'[!'.'' '/•- Cambric. 6: to?. IS ; corset coverings, ft Bands; inser,
■-.?: i '.// -|:1/S I|!I•Rl P* 1 i'llull'f*' 1 -',*;' '*■'' /inches in width. ; 'Insertions 1% tions, galloons, 3 "to> 15, allovers^: ■:
: / // ' ?l!Lll : \ I-"'* ltM'l Mllllf ' * to 5 Inches. Fine qualities. 27 - inches. „ »- . ' ; *
■//*•-/ MMt^J- lyimllilliii*/'''"'?' ■:' ' ft *■*;: .:;•; S"f\ ? J Flouncings, 18 to j ;
/// /IIMIW^ 1 25r uj f s dr h from T6 to 6yc yd- ?n« mc. hh«r: ncl««
// yW'llj^lllmlllilllUllll^TM L mmJC yCI. 18 inches. Inser- _. Rtiat9t wlth Irish lace border
// mlnnl^ttlW^^WMmi'- " sertions, 2 to 6 and insets; bands, galloons,, 27.
/ /r^W/M'/^ C inches. Flouncings ;in Swiss and „ ■ inchftallovers. - ;-:.:.
/--'' r7'? M/lmV/m!!mwWiW -'■ Nainsook, "^lB.- Inches deep/Gal- <T»* // If. V ; J./? xqu l8"e:Z ft?
i¥<m\m MA l/'M^Ui'i lh loons, and ribbon beading, also /. / V JjCl. Aounclngsiin
I- •■ '/WlrMWW.ltl™ \\\\\\\\ ' 5 handsomet corset 'cover , embrold-P '* ' < -.- J " eyelet or
•/ i:'*^'!lWl I Willi 111 I'lllS^V ' cries,', elaborately designed on solid embroidery effect, with J
■■'-:^^mWtiW^n\vm\\\ '• ' 'Hl^MnUVi^: 1 Plain or crossbar fabrics. ? hemstitched;. or -scalloped finish, n
.^ftW/y/i/l^ifl^ " - • 45 inches in depth.
Mm/ li lli\li I \\vl l\r»«-^ /39c t/i/. Ed». in Swiss. ««/. 19 ud. ss&as-s
~%0 M i' \l I 1 Wiy^ ">yr tIU Nainsook and J) I < W liH flouncings of
,'u'l!l-llll!^^. ? ***■*%* «/"• cambric, 16 to ,12? V* ' •-'V i/ * fine, Swiss ,
\Vvt>llutl //'/^^'i^^~Z^^' inches. Insertions, 2to 3 inches; with elaborate designs, including
''ft xwMWLwfc'^y^^^^Z^*' galloons, 2 to 6; flouncings, 18 English eyelet and Irish lace 45
/'* ''Slifiß^S^^^^^-^^ .? and 27. ? -/ ft ""'/. ' Inches deep. "
Thousands of New Towels at Bargain Prices
This Third Annual September Sale offers quantities to tempt institution buying. Qualities and
prices \ for the most frugal .housewife.- Every towel a saving. • , , V? ?
Cotton huck towels, ;: / f\„ Extra heavy honeycomb O O Hemstitched lin«n huck towels, with
Hemmed red border,* /UC towels , 2 1x50, each, . j£ Z.f^ floral damask border, size s* r~
hemmed red border, # l/C towels, 21x50, each, **** ' 19^x37 inches. 25C
Hemmed two-thread bath I C Extra • h towe , Each.
towels, sire 19x38 inches #^C fIQ feo S'K^'d^dimiS border 'T^ 8 '
'Extra heavy honeycomb . /O r ' size 2 1x42. Hemmed. • ' 25C Xs. "S _44 r
towels, each, # UC -v each -.•".>/ ', ~-JK' and 23x43. ftEach, , ' TTC
*' Turkish Bath Towels
Hemmed bath towels, -with O/l- Extra, heavy nap, r hemmed '3 0- Extra .heavy, and extra large C Q
heavy nap, 20x42 inches, ;. /^.v^.C/'/plain^w.hi bath towels at JOC white bath towels, each, OC
Heavy double nap bath tow- .- 1} '££'. Extra heavy; : plain white y~A/Q Extra heavy and 'finest <}Tial- *7 C>
els, plain or colored ■ border, A* iJ, C": bath; towels,, hemmed,' each, #.0 C??I ty bath * towels ; at; each, ./ OC
. ** - -. *' i. \(Sale .; held first floor center) , ..'•. *j .
Third Annual September Sale of House Wares
A few of the many hundred items of money savings: ff^SffiWag
/w ;>/!/. Hot point electric iron (illustrated), guaranteed, $3.95 ff^nf^-smp^
a f : ' > . , - A^U 1 Electric toasters,. complete, ready ; for use. Special, $2.48 <==2===J=x3^"'
»,1 /.^^Bk/' ,-. J M ' $3.95 for?so-piece?Embossed?iWhite?Hudson/Dinner Set/// - /
\^j^^____^SB|^^^*M^f for 50-piece Rich Gold-Band Genese Dinner Set.
\_v, . .' Floor "Wax, well known Old English, 1 pound cans. 39e.
• ■^**a^m.im*^i*ssm&^ * ' Dnstless > Dust Cloths— Indispensable, ft Special fat tl9c.; ?'??•'
, ; t;]^^ < Cedar Sweeping Compound. . ? Great labor saver, 21c.ft-;;
250 i resh,new 4&s&£^^mim>*. .; i^^^seid^^^.
£***" 11 Coll j lICW /^^^^^^s, iW^W^IM^S /A^^^^^v
House; Dresses tf^^B BBW i^^P*
**oC Wl C55C5 M&M gm vwlg Mm^a ra I i &§»§^
s,/ ,?| I 111 ill/>"/ ' ' V^S '
lot comprises sample^A M.^T^ Spj+sil' ||| jjj j J to^^^^
Phenomenal values every |iv s gg M L lOlliljll 7
one, and there are all sizes lf|jrail ■S „ IL.^- ilT'^lLV' ■ Si =3 EHr''/
(Sa/c /ieW Second Floor, east section) 1

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