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Athletics Turn Tables on New York's in Second Game
Vernon and Oakland Play to Big
Gmtlery for Eddie Smith
Monument Fund
Club-— "Hob. Lost.. Prt.
Portland ....;;..11l 74 600
Verton 114 85 57R
Oakland ........ 100 »4 537
Sacramento ..... 00 107 456
Sun Franelnen. . . 00 110 450
L«» ; Aniceleß..... .79 123 ' 301
* 'So names yeiiterday. -'
Portland at San Francisco.
Oakland at Saeramentor
Vmb»u nt Los An^elr*.
OAKLAND, Oct. 16.—The Eddie Smith
monument fund was considerably added
, to this afternoon as the result of the
ball game, between the Vernon and Oak
land teams. The exact amount realized
will not be known for several days,' but
kUdging I.by the attendance at the game
|,Klay it will run well into four figures,
~* The game itself • was , somewhat- of a
joke, neither side taking the'air,ise
riously, and it was easy: for -the Oaks to
, tack a 6 to 2 defeat on the striped war
rior?: who work for Happy Hogan. The
one big feature of the game was the
work of the three Oakland recruits,
Bohen* pitcher: Gleason, catcher, and
Menges; shortstop. Bohen' had the
Tigers eating out of his hand, letting
them down with eight hits and striking
out 10 .men. Manges, the Oakland high
t -'school shortstop, played a sensational
game by pulling down a number of. h^rd
chances piirj picking -off a bingle for
himself. Behind the bat Gleason showed
t nat It* will ■ht -a. valuable man to ; the
club next' year.' -;";,: • ; :
"Red Dog". Devereaux ; was; included'
in the Vernon ;:lineup, cavorting at
shortstop and. as usual, he gave an imi
tation of a circus. With Hap Hogan
following the "Red Dog" to bat, the fun
wag fast and furious, but the pair: of
„ clowns failed to rattle young Bohen. .
OrviHe Kilroy pitched five innings for
Vernon and did /nicely,- being touched
*ur only three hits, which: netted one
• tally. The Oaks crowded into the run
column *In the .second; spasm, Zacher
" making- the circuit on a walk, McDon
■ nells wild heave of Menges'-greunder
a,nft a. double steal. -.
The" visitors forged' into th« lead In
the sixth.- Carlisle singled, and after
iloss fanned, Ten ant and Hosp singled
in succession.; Bohen struck out the
heavy hitting,Stinson in J.he pinch, but
: t.» .iohnns'- Kane, came through with a
double that sent Carlisle and Tennant
rrj-fng across the pan. " '"■ = * v:
• The Oaks tied it up in the seventh,
n-iui. Gipe .pitching for the other fel
.-' lows-and Brown in Hogan's place be
• ■.., ta« r-inte. Gleason bit off a single
and went to third on a wild pitch.
Brown loafing instead of retrieving; the
, ' ,-";';Rot<*n i 6 luug sacrifice fly brought
• Gl'ason home. . V: : ;'
. ° Glpe lobbed, the pellet over in the
ei&jith and the Oaks added four, more
a i „ <?. C^v walked and himnn beat
out an In Held hit. Zacher's .single
nxn«d the corners, but Hetling^rould
s ..>. -zihj- good tor himself and. fanned. ,
, George Cutshaw was there at the: good '
old psychological moment, however.and 1
o drove in three runs with a triple: to th« ;
Kcore board. Menges hoisted one over.;
, G •« «:;♦> i and Cutshaw rang the bell. The
tl . \ K.RNON .^
ab. R! bh. PO. A.E.
, c Carlisle, <■: f ......... 4 1~ i " 1 0
*' Uoss. if - - 3 0 110 0
Trnnnnt. I*. ............. 5 I 310 0.-1
Hcsp, 2U. ...3 0 1.2 4 0
«rtß*on. r. f * 0 0 0 0 0
s McJ»onnrll. Ub.... 1 " 0. 1 - -
pfTerf-ni-x. »s.".*.;•:' .4 0 14 2 0
Hos«n. r - l! " 2 ' •
' Klifoy, p 1 "• <> 0 2 0
,'• Br<iwn. C. 1 '> <» l'2O
• G!pe.--p 2 0 0 0 • 0
• KnV. 2b*v.- 1. 0 1 0 I ri
8 Ralefga, I. f.. •• i . ■'.« " 0 0 0
Total •■ • --. ••■--• •• ■> 2 S 24 13 4
«J OAK I. AN" I!
AB. K. BH. PO. A. E.
.. Hoffman. 1. f.... 4/0-210 0
•* Coy. r. tI.J. 2-1 0 " " •
' Ti^emann. 1b............ 4 1 2 12 0 0
• Zacber. c. f... -3 2 2 1 0 0
WolTPrton. Sb 2 0 0 1 1 0
Cutshaw, 2b... . ..4 1 12 2 0
MfTigrs, «5.... ....." 0 11 •' 0
> UIeMOD. Ie - .3 1 1 9 40
Bo'jcn. p •• •- " 0 0 • 4 0
iirtting. 3b.............. 2 _!' ._£ _!! _? _2
Tot*! .......r.. ......30 « 9.27 IS 0
0 Vcraon .....:. 000 0 o '_ -: 0 0 L o—2
a" HMeh!«> •". .1 i 1' •-° '!■:<» i »>— s
Oakland.. ...0 10 0 0 0 1- 4 x—6
J Basehlts i....... 8 oil 1 " - 4 x—
0 off Kjiroy— 1 run «n>l 3 hits in/3 innings.
c Three base 'hit -Cutshaw. Two base hits--Ten
ant. D*Tcreaiix, • Kanp. ~ Sacrlflee ./bit— Coy.
Stolen bases—Zach«, Cutshaw, Menges. First
base on called balls—Off BohMi 2, off Kilroy .!.
f>ff Glp' 1. Sacrifice 1 fly—Bohen;-•*Struck-nut—
iiv Boli«>n , 10. -br; Kilroy. 2. by Glpc- 1. - Hit by
pj'tchefl hball—Hosp, McDonnell. Uooble plays—
McDonnell to Hosp I" Tennant: Cntsbavr to Men
bps -• I's^rd ball—Gleason.' Wild pltrtwf—Bo
ben" Glpe' Time of iranie—l !l!"lllr *nil 40 mm'
ulfs. • Umpires—Hildebrand and Van Conrt. '
Sidelights on Ball Game
Between Oaks and Vernon
Tommy Tennant, the suspended flrat Facker of
the Seals, eaTorted' at the initial , corner for the
■ >N'ill»jt«r».-: Tommy bad hi» eye on the ball ail
*" ernoon and got: three hits for himself, one of
Jri'in jroinsr for two b««e«. . ;.
» Zafhrr pulled off a sensational catch in the
fc<?rentb. comfns in from .'center.field ■ and grab
ling <sipe'a Texa» leaguer back of second with
■ oone* hand.; •-■-""■.'■. - , ~ ■ -".. '•■•■ ■"■;• '"■ ■•■.■■•..-'■■-
Woltertoo - has picked . three re*! ... lire , ones in
Bobeo, Olea*on and Menses, They, played like
', ••ran*. ■ ■ '■ <■■ -, *'-/~.i -- .- ■ ■''./, •*>■■ {■:?:.>
Pernnll. Able*.- Neninger and Wnres will not
play.any more th!» waaon. The other 18 husjdes
will make ther trip: to ?Sacramento. ;
Hogan trie.l to ?et mar with smtnethinp wh»n
7*<iher: scored ->n a double»steal *in '■ the * second."
-• Hap made a bluff at tagging 7.«cher as he came
tearing'-Into i. the * plate and tossed • the ; ball i Into
the middle of the-diamond.- He misled the run
ner by Three feet.
peTereanx ■M* st; hid old tricks, a'mlns bis
h'ai at the pitcher as though *it : were "a gtm, but
Bo* <»n went about his business and absolutely re
fused if, pet rattled. ■: ::'.-. \ -
A number of well known Elks acted as peanut
.butcher* Hn<i did: s thriving business in the
■ bleachers/;- 'l.v/; ■"■' ■.* -' -^ ' '. --'■--' -~:z'. '- •■'.'.»■■ .y- ■; ■-'-■■-
Two tough new*!ei« persisted In In*nltlne Jfartt-^
"*' noni ** he walked to and from coaching line
'o «nd "Mart" lout.:hl»; temper in the serentli -and
c Yanked both horn from their scats and put them
' *oB«:de! The park. , - . "' .' "~''
St. Mary's Team Plays
Twice This Week
OAKLAND, Oct. 16.—Wednesday aft
ernoon -»the - first Rugby team of ' St.
• Mary's lines up against the second var
*tv of California at Berkeley Saturday
afternoon the University of the Pacific
team meets St. Mary's on the campus
At present the football squad num- .
Hi»ri! 40 men. The second tea:n asrgre
iration will be Riven their initial work
out Thursday afternoon with one of the
<«>fi.ms around here. John ;Cooney*was
Jilected-captain of this team: and Frank
-juigrnl manager.
Roth is out of the game with a broken
finger. Simpson: has completely recov
ered from wrenched knee.
The junior league Rugby schedule
will'be resumed Wednesday afternoon,
when the San Rafael team plays San
Francisco in the second frame of the
series. -
fill ,\<;o, Oct. 16.—Rain < lusfd :!, postpone
ment of, the b**pball:sr"me h^twwo the Chicago
Am«Tlc»n Nutlimat clubs Hero in tt»
*«»««vnd!n«tnß;today, witb the Amci-leaa leaguers
Baker Breaks Tie in Sixth With Home Run
Collins, Who Doubled, Scores Ahead of Him
Plank Has Slight Advantage Over Marquard and Giants
Only Tally Is Made on Misjudged Fly in Second
John Franklin Baker, third; baseman",
poled a home run over the right field
wall of Shibe park, -scoring "Eddie"
Collins, ahead of him. today, he put
the Phlledalphia* Athletics: on an-even
footing: with V the Xciv York Giants,
and the two teams will now go to
New York for the third game tomor
row in the series for the world":', base
ball , honors. —Philadelphia .-0,
New York 1. ■ Paid attendance, 26.256.
The big hit came in the sixth inning,
with- two out and "when the fighting
Athletics „ad touched up' Pitcher Mar
quard of the National league, cham
pions : ■ for ' only ~ three hits. . Batter's
smasji was the last in the game for
the. American." leaguers,. but it was
enough. - ■ .• " '~; . ■'*-.'.
And just as important as Baker was
on the - offensive, was '"EdJle'.'.'Plank,
the star left hand pitcher of the house
>f Mack, on the'defensive, •> The vet
eran southpaw never pitched a better
rani* 1 in his long; career. Only one of
:he Giants reached r second base, and
hat was Herzog,- who made that«bag.
■n a long hit to:, center, field, which
Jldring either misjudged or-lost in. th«
sun.V- Plank was never in trouble,. and
n the last six Innings Sew York went
jut in -order.
Marquard Pitches Wei)
Marqiiard, on whom .Manager. Me
3raw had pinned his , faith •■, to . make it
two? straight victories": for New,;, York,
pitched - a game, that 'i was > almost the
equal of that of Plank. allowed
the heavy hitting Philadelphia team
sut ■ four hits, . two .in the first : inning,
in which the Quakers got their first
run with the help; of a,: wild pitch, and
two in the .sixth,*! Collins*, double and
Baker's^ hit out of i the grounds. In
the eighth inning Manager McGraw
changed pitchers, sending in Crandall,
a. righthander.' \ ;.;.-;■
-The, New York left hander.'only once
during the game showed any unsteadi
ness and that: was -in the * first • inning.'
He ■ appeared -to be » nervous, and for a
time had trouble reading Meyers'" sig
nals. ; It looked as though he would
"blow up," i and ; Manager - McGraw no
doubt thought so, too, for he imme
diately sent- Crandall; down * the sido
i.nes to warm up. * * : " .■■■"•',: r.;;;-.
But Marquard, under the steady
coaching .of,. his Indian catcher, soon
settled downian.l he had no more trou
bel until Baker"broke up ;-the*fgame
in the sixth inning. Marquard, how
ever, j was hit harder • than , the ? score
indicates.: :'■'-. . , „•
Plank phad eight strike outs, Devore
falling I&i victim «• to * the v crossfire:■ de
livery of; the Philadejlphian four times,
while Marquard struck out; twice •- and
Snodgrass and Murray each once. Six
of the Athletics went out by the strike
out ' route.; * They " were: • Lord '.■■.t wo,"
Baker, Murphy and 5 Plank two. Mar
quard •' got J four of these , and * Crandall
two. Lord and Plank in the closing
No Bases on Balis
Neither; Plank • nor Marquard gave a
base on bails. The only misplay,charged
against them was Marquard's : wild
heave in the first inning? and a man
hit by a pitched ball by ; Plank. : The
Athletics- went out in order in five
innings. r< : - . ..'„* 7;'*"., -,' ** " r < -■?
,: New • York's only run was ; put -: across
the plate by the lajst- half rof ,the» bat
ting order. :It came in the second in
ning. Herzog drove a fly to center,
which Oldring failed Uol- get, and the
New : Yorker pulled up at second. He
went Jtol third bn Fletcher's J infield; out
and raced across the home I plate when 1
Meyers shot a single to left. Philadel
phia's" run r came in the | opening inning.
Yord. the* first; man up. singled to right
and reached i, second on Murray's fum
ble. '■'■: He "was -sacrificed hi to .•** third- by
01drlng;and came home on Marquard's
wild pitch. ' „ , - -.- '
?;Ther?flelfiing» honors today were the
reverse of those Saturday. The partic
ular S feature i was Lord's s quick ? fielding
of Snodgrass* h. long hit and his rifle
shot throw to second, .which caught
the; fleet footed centerfleldpr^ by a
coupled of yards trying to stretch the
long single into a double.
In the ninth inning Collins took a
nasty bounder from the side, and tossed
nut Murray, ending ihe game:
Philadelphia went through the game
without a miscue,lwhilelthe Giants had
three S errors «|charged against them.
The great pitching of. both Marquard
and Plank gave the fielders few chances
for sensational work.
The crowd that »aw the first of the
world's championship games hero was
600 short of the attendance at the s first
game for the world's title, played here
with Chicago last year.
Coombs in Reserve „ •' ' '
Connie Mack was all . smiles when he
appeared in his office in the tower of
Bhibe park * after the game. He had
played another card, but not the one
McGraw - had expected, and still haa
Coombs, the "iron man," to take up
the gage of battle on | the polo grounds
tomorrow. Th*>. crowd ■ fully>* expected
the tall manager to trot out Coombs,
who won three world's series games
last year. Plank was not used In the"
series with Chicago in 1910, and there
was some misgivings in the crowd as
to! the outcome of the game. But
when it was seen how well the south
paw was working they cheered him on.
The game began with New York at
the bat. '!,-:^*ffei
The first ball pitched by Plank was a
strike and the crowd cheered. Th&
next also was a strike and the third a
ball. fourth pitch sent the little
left fielder Devore back to the bench.
Captain Doyle sent a fly to Lord, which
the latter almost lost, slipping on the
soft ground as he started after the ball.
Scorebook's Tale
Of the Great Game
AB. R. BH. TO. A. E.
nerore.-l. t •.... 4 0: 0 .'i 0&1
Do.Tl*. 2b.*..' .:/..:.'.'4.0 . 0 12 , 0
Sniwisras*. c- f.::....'... 3* 0 2 1 0 ; 0
Murray, r. f.....'.....:.. 4 * 0.-.; 0.0 0 1
Merkie. ib..rr;.."...vr:..,:i 0 17 0 l
Herzoff.rSb....... .... 3 111 10
Fletcber, ss .1 0 . 0 1 10
Merer*, .c. • 3, « 1 * 1 " 0
Marquard, , p..r......... .'2 0 ,'.O 0 2 0
Crandall.. p , 10 0 , 0 0 - 0
Total : 30 1 . 5 24 7 3
. ab\ k. bh. ro. a. c.
Lord. 1. : f... .^.*..*.....'.".* 4i;° 1.. 1. 2 'i: , 0
Oltlrin*. c. t ./......... ...3 .-0 . 0-1 0 0
Collins, 2h..;.;...^.-..;.. 3 1 2 2 4 1
Baker..-iCb.V.t:.■.".."...... 3 11 -1 10
Murphy ,\ r. t... ......;.'. " : ' 0 ..' 0«; 0 •*- 0 : 0
I>*rin*ib:.:.\..::.:.:..: 3 0 . 0-*3O 0 0
Bi^r.T. s^:..'.'. -:7i~.~SiT.'.".'.': 3• r 0 'V;o*-**2 •> "- 2 1:0
Thomas. c* .". .....:...... 3 , 0 ? 0 *,* 9 0 - 0
Plank, • p... ;"..\ :;.-..;-.'.. 3;'*■•»; o o 2\ 0
•• ■ Total .....:........... 2S -3*4 : 27 rlO ;^0
»iv York ....-.:;. 0; 1 <> o O 0 0; 0 o—l
T'iiil«<lHl>liia ; :.;.:.!- 0 ft ; 0 0 2 ,o;o;!x—3
::Two .base*Hefzog. (■f.ilins. Home run—
Baker. * Pltrhlujc -Marrjuarfl. 4 ' hit" *In, 23
times at bat-In. 7 innings; Crandall.'no hit* fin 3
timr-s at b*t In 1 inniDir.,. Sarrlflfp lilt—Oldrintr.
I^ft on * baßes—Xeiv;' ; York 553 Philadelphia 2.
First > base 8 on * errors—Philadelphia r, 1. ,v- jut * by
pitched ball— SHank ,(8no«!pra»»). Struck
oat—By * Mar«|tiard, 4. s by.?Crandall.; 2..-.by ? Plank
X iWild, :• —Marquard. ; ' Time. •of j, jatne— l
hour» and '«2; minute*, =, Utnptres^-At* the.; plate,;
Connolly; : j- on '.> the V bases, y Brennau; \ left \ field,
Klein;*. rigbt field,*~l)iu*(tn. :'- „- •• ».*-,
Sndogrrass was tipped on the shirt
front by one of Plank's speedy Inshoots
and went* to first. He was left there,
as Murray filed to Collins. »: *
~i ln the isecond half of the opening in- 1
ning-,!l^ord.raised the hopes of the home'
rooters; by sending: a slashing single to
right. Murray was after (the ball like
a flash, but fumbled Wlt^<and Ix>rd
sprinted f. to second. OklrlnK laid down
a . pretty sacrifice, whir!) put Lord on
third, an<l then Marquard let loose a
wild pitch and Lord came home. si Col
lins singled and Baker," always danger
ous, came up to the plate. It was here
that Marquard showed ; signs of un
steadiness. He I either could not Sea tcri
,or .« didn't : understand * Meyers' signals.
Finally ihe •;gotv; them ; right, and t under
the coaching of j the Indian he struck
out Baker. Murphy, filed to Devore.: ■ $ j
Score Is Tied :'
;■'."; Merkle I was easily disposed •of in the i
second inning, Barry to ; Davis. Herzog"s
long hit got away from Oldring in
center and - the * third baseman * stopped
at second. > Fletcher went 1 out. Collins
to *.Davis. xz. On this ' out. Herzog * went
to third and came home on Meyers'
single*to left, evening up the score.
For Philadelphia in the second in
■ ning. Davis was tossedi! out by Doyle.
\ Devore *■ made fairness fof & Barry's long
•fly and Barry reached second* on the
muff. He was left there, a»" Thomas
sent a long fly to Devore and j; Plank
went out on a alow grounder, which:
Meyers % picked .&up 1 and i shot *to Merkle.
v^Devoreg struck out ■ for the second
time when he came up in the third In
ning and Doyle went out by ; a fly to
Lord. Snodgrasf singled to right after
two strikes had been, called on him and
-wm ; i; left Mon % th« ?s base % paths. Murray
' being tossed out by Plank. The Ath
letics went out in order In the third
inning. Lord striking out. Oldrlng
fouling to Meyers and Collins flying to
Devore. - "
The pitching: of Plank and Marqu*ra
became hard to beat. New York went
out in quick order in the fou«h. Col
lins made a pretty pickup of Merkle's
bounder and tossed him out.
lifts da high fly to Barry, which nearly
got away from him, and Fletcher was
an easy out, Barry to Davis. For the
AthU'tics „f in the fourth. ■ Baker was
i tossed out by Doyle. Murphy seat a
fly *o Devore and Davis sent up a
high foul, which Meyers got under.
triThei Indian catcher was first up in
the 'i fifth Innlnr, and went out, Baker
to Davis. struck out on four
pitched balls, and then Devore got the
tough from Plank, as he struck g out i
for the third tim*.
Plank Strikes Out j
Philadelphia's fifth inning was quick
ly played. Barry dropped a a bunt In
front of the plate, but made
a neat pickup and shot the ball to first
r ahead of the shortstop. Thomas sent
a grounder to Fletcher, and -g Plank
smiled as Marquard j sent him back to
the bench on three pitched balls.
„: ? Davis took Doyle's grounder unas
sisted in the sixth. Then Snodgrass
1 sent a fast single down the left field
foul line. Lord raced after the ball,
and when Snodgrass got near second
he found-that s Barry, through great 8
throw by Lord, had the ball and was
waiting for him. Murray struck out.
Lord had gone out on a fly Snod-
and OldrJng on a long drive to
Derore in the second half of the sixth,
when the breakup came. Collins drove
a. two base hit to left field, and the
crowd called '■ on X Baker to bring him
home. Baker allowed two balls to go
by him, and then Marquard 3 sent up one
that Just suited i 4 the best horn* run
hitter on the Athletic team. The ball ;
sailed over the right field wall, and
Collins, who was with the crack
of the bat, "loafed" home when h«
saw that Baker had put the ball out
of the grounds. Marquard kept his <
nerve Su face of the 3 to 1 sclre,
and struck out Murphy. • •■ :
it now took two runs to tl« the
score, ami the Athletics' rooters began
to sing. Merkle hushed them by using
a single to center on the first ball
pitched. Herzog flied to Oldring and
Fletcher was'an easy out to Baker.
Merkle was caught napping, Plank to
Davis. z
In the Philadelphia?' seventh inning
Davis drove a. liner to Doyle and Barry
lined to Fierzog. Thomas sent up a j
fly to Fletcher.
Meyers «ent a terrific drive to Collins j
in the eighth, which the acond sacker
held on to. and ■Crandall, who was sent >
in to bat fei»Marquard, went out. Col
llns to Davis. Devore struck out for i
the fourth time.
Plank and Lord struck out in the
eighth inning for the American !
■ eaguers. and Oldrlng. the last man |« ,
come to bat for the home team, went .
out, Herzog to Merkle.
New York maJe a desperate attempt -.
to do something in the ninth, but It
was futtle. Doyle fout«d to Thomas,
j Snodgrass struck out. and Murray sent
I an ugly grounder that'Collins snared
j and tossed to Davis.
The total attendance was 2(L256. The
total cash was $42,362.50, divided as fol
lows: Players, $2?..199.75: each club,
$7,733.25; national commission. $4.2*96.25.
The attendance was divfded as follows:
17.290 at $l, 119 at $1.50, 1,074 at $2,
T.T64 at $3.
New ; * York —Devore ; : fanned. v:; Doyle
flew to Lord. Snodfrrass hit by. pitched
ball. Murray lined to Collins. No run?.
Athletic* —Lord singled and took sec
ond on Murray's v fumble. He. % went to
third on Oldrin*r's sacrifice," Marquard to
Merkle: Lord scored on a wild pitch.
Collins 1, beat out an infield hit, Crandall
warming up for v the Giants. r Baker
fanned. Murphy out to Devore. One run.
I vlt was decided that a. ball hi * over
temporary * fences'v would go ■ for. two
< York —Merkle out. Barry, to Da
vis. Herzog doubled to center,. Oldring
misjudging the ball. Fletcher out, Col-
Hns3tolSDavls,iHef2dgf taking third.
Herzog scored on Meyers'- single. Mar
quard fanned. One run. '
Athletics —Davis out, Doyle to Merkle.
Barry drove Sa" hard fly ;to left: which
Devore I got under but muffed. Thomas
flew to Devore. Plank out, Meyers to
Merkle. No runs.
New York—Devore fanned. Doyle flew
to Lord. Snodgrass singled to right.
Murray out, Plank 'to Davis. No runs.
f7 Athletic* —Lord fanned. Oldring fouled
to Meyers. Collins flew to Devore. -No
runs; - - -„ _ ■'„-'.-'
New York —Merkle out, Collins to Da
vis. Herxog out to Barry. Fletcher out,
Barry to Davis. No runs.
Athletic*—Baker out, Doyle to Merkle.
Marquard haa settled down consider
ably. Murphy out to Devore. Davi3 out;
he fouled to Meyers, No run;?.
" ° »w/York—Meyers out, Baker to Da
vis. Marquard t fanned. Devore fanned
for the third time. No runs. . - ;.
i Athletic* —Barry buntedC and was
thrown out at first, Marquard to Merkle.
Thomas out. Fletcher to Morris. Plank
fanned. No runs.
• New —Doyle out to Davis, unas
sisted. Snodgrass singled to left. In at
tempting to stretch it into a doable he
was j caught at * second, Lord Ito % Barry.
Murray fanned. No runs. ■ ..
Athletic*—Lord S flew -to Snodgrass,
Oldring out to Devore, the ' latter going
to the fence to ; get - the ball. Collins
doubled to left. Baker drove the ball
over the right field fence for a home
run, scoring Collins. > ([The crowd wont
wild with Joy, several minutes elapsing
before quiet was restored. . Murphy
fanned. Two runs.
SEVENTH INNING ' • . , -'-
New York —Merkle singled. Herxoig
flew tn OldrJng. Fletcher flew to Baker.
: Merkle was caught off first base, ' Plank
to Davis. No runs.
Athletic* —Davis drove a hot liner to 1
Doyle and sat down. Barry lined to
Merkle- Thomas flew to Fletcher. No
New York—Meyers out to .Collins'.'
Crandall, batting for Marquard, out,
Collins to Davis, fanned for the
fourth time in the game. No runs.
Athletics—Plank fanned. Lord fouled
to Merkle. OldHngr went out, H#r«og to
Merkle. No runs.
NIXTH IXNtNG , , , „.—■■-■
New Y»rk— Doyle fouled to Thomas.
Snodgrase fanned. Murray out, Collins
to Davis. No runi.s.f3KßSSS^i*^^^s'
[Special Dispatch te Th* Call] f^^^^|
W WYORK, Oct. !«.— Walter Coffee, the
Purlfte coast welter weight, disposed of - Jack
Dean Ing tonljrnt In the fourth roaad of ! their
bout tt th« Fordoo Athletic flub. In that round
the. westerner landed ;* • % right hand f hook Mon
Denning's jaw and the latter struck the floor
andßfeiaftt»6d| there until after he haa been
conn ted • out. Denning & demonstrated 6 be, i^trU
quicker I tud cleverer than i Coffee, ; but ■ the latter;
exceedingly alow, had a terriflr punch.
The Y. M. C. A. federation in completing ar
rantementa - for I the handball 5 tournament S tot be
held at the local «»ocl«tlon} FViday oight. Teams
from * the I Oakland, s Berkeley « and San s Francisco
aßaoeiatfon* will compete 'i:**".ff the single and
tonhle championship* of the ffderatfon. Friday
Blfbt. Octoher I 27. the ftrnt ; indoor track meet of
the league will he held at the Oakland association
gymnasium. Full I team* f from the three associa
tions trui take part. , - •
Presidio Golfers Play in 72 Hole
Par Handicap Tourney for
Fair Scores
The Par; handicap. tournament over 72
holes; that will occupy the members -of
; the Presidio club until October 29
starter! Saturday J and was continued
Sunday. c «nd the '.results were made
known yesterday. * ■•
t':'i Seventy-two holes -are to '. be played
against {par fbe fore? October 29. and the
players can play rounds of 18 holes ?at
any time they select. A number of the
members ft have played one 3 round and
some of them have gone over the course
twice and finished one-half of the tour
nament. "■".■' - " :. •'.
Of those who have played thus far, F.
A. Wilklns is in the lead, having played
two rounds of IS and been three down
on both rounds. J. B. liundgair has
only played one round and is two down.
The Wjlkins Par; handicap,* for which
the members of the Presidio club have
been competing for somp time, was
permanently Sunday by Hubert L.aw.
This was a 1 three win cup and Hubert
- Law won it for ' the third time, when he/
defeated F. W. Yon Shroder Sunday irt i
the play off of a ; tie of two weeks ago. j
" l«t round . 2<l round >
■holes 'holes*';
M Name — Handkp. down ' -'- down ; i
F. Morton 14 X . «
H. K. Law 31 2 5 j
A. T. Vogrelsftng 16 6 10
.1. B. Lundgair U 3
W. H. Stewart ....... 14 ft
F. A. Wllkins l&,> 3 3 ■ j
W. C. Italßton 18 lf>
P. C. JODftd 18 12 .. !
F. M. Brown 18 :>
C. J. Stephens 11 • < 9
W. K. Oathrle ...10 11
H. B. Kflth 11 5 7
R. V. W»tt 14 « : ••
W". F. (Tfgt 13 "
F. W. Tfrn Sohr<)Cder .. 10 fi <:
C. A. Stewart 8 I T
XV". a Darlfl 1 5 .. ■ .
F. R. Day 12 i»
H. B. RatnwJpll ... 14 4
A. M. Baldwin : 17 « '-^jg?;*
\Y. Postl^thwaite.. IS "> , .^~.Ti|jV .
W. V. Moyrt M «5
F. O. F-r»st IS 11
A. O. Bt*phMiss IS $

Rpy Spjmrmr "of Sfln Francisco and John Al
bftglitiof Drover.*, two rWrr young n>ntr>r<\velt*::
racers, l'ohirnfd from the <*a*t .vwferday ai><!
will oppose § Collins «in tli« ;' professional i rarp at I
S«cranif!!to Friday. The content ? will ho a t>«
turp of annf>xntlnn ?4-<»lrbratlii!i;
Many people suffer untold misery from
poison oak and poison ivy, but the very
first application of Blit* Dermoline
gives soothing- relief, and a few applica
tions accomplishes a speedy cure.
Henry Warmecke, 2971 2lst St., San
Francißco, writes: "I have been a great
aufferer from poison oak for years.-As
soon as I came in contact with the same
wherever it grew I was sure of having
a heavy dose. Fortunately, learning of
your remedy, I immediately applied it,
with magical results,"from one to two
applications perfecting a cure. I can
highly recommend the same to all."
If you suffer from poison oak or any
skin affection write to the Blitz Remedy
Co., 16 Geary et., San Francisco, and
they will gladly mail you a free sample.
Blitz Dermollne will cure eczema* pim
ples, rash, Mv«s and, in* fact, al! skin
affections, and the very ffrst application
will convince any sufferer of Its merit.
4 There is no need for any one to suffer
when relief can be obtained so quickly.
Go to the nearest druggist, buy a 50 cent
jar and you will wonder why you never ,
tried It before. Sold by all druggists, <
Result of Today's Game £x
pected to Change Odds One
Way or Another
' With a game to the credit of each
team, betting on the world's series re
mains-at evens in this city. Commis
sioner Tom Corbett repon* • ■;'
Philadelphia money on hand, but little
!coin that is willing to take Giant?.
The fans held the odds ;at evens Sat-'
urday and -Sunday. despite > the Ath
letics' defeat, and were offering 10 to 18
that the Mack men would win yester
day's contest. • •
.1 Despite the bettors' leaning : toward
the Quaker City champions, Corbett
expects the ; odds to tilt in favor of the
team winning today's game, If , the
Athletics iare gvictorious;j a sharp turn
may bo expected. If. the Giants; con
quer, . they will be short favorites at
: best. . ..„•.-.. " „. .
- So far there : has been - lots 4of wager
ing, though :no big bets.- Corbett Is
hoping that the Giants' backers will let
loose their coin'today; as Connie Mack's
followers have loaded him with com
missions. ■ .
...:.■• ■ , . .- : * • -. ...-
EjBLjL2fcjLAA^JLaB B^i> 53S Srr^^B iffl 19
BwRI lr#ll ■?&•• iHi
i^«l ILI
■I Ryl 1 <^pM I
Mtßtßf <k*J^B :v^r^HNl^wTj^H
tSs3 %" "s^^^u^H^^^^^^^iiZlj^Bfiv£B^^ff^^^^vCHlife^ft^^^BbSb^^^bl V *
H--^«^^B B JUB SJViiHiiiiaßraHaiSfif^SSKifTiHHl
i ■Apjfi'Bßf IWHU f PBI
Maiden Gelding Surprises Wise
Ones by Winning in New
Record Time
SPOKANE, "Wash., Oct. 16.—Rake, a
maiden gelding which' performed indif
ferently on numerous occasions against
fields just as indifferent, came to life
with a start thismoon,' choosing a
field of such stake, performers as t Dick
Baker and Ocean rin which tto earn ; his
first? winning brackets and to establish
a new tra<"k record for the mile and a
! quarter 5? Marathon on the Alan course. •
i in 2:09 4-5. three-fifths of a second bet
! ter^ than Zoroaster's time of ; last week.
I Results:
I FIRST RACE—One mi!*: selling:
j Odds. Horse*and Jockey. ;-. : . rin.
10-I—Johnstown .",................ '
I 18-5— New Capital *(C&tton) = .-•'•'•"• 7;.::... .,; 2
: I 12-1— Vtlsini (Post) . .;^ ..... ...........'. ; .. 3
s*. Time v 1.43 l-~. Fwl'etta. Binocular. > i
! Isle. Nebraska I***. > PhlHlstin»,r Kalseruoff. St.
| Salvania. Lady "MeXally, also ran. ■ ;,
SKCON'n RACK —One '.- mile '{/ selling: .
, Odd*. Horse? and Jocfeex. y"• v; Fl°:
[. 4-I—Juan (Gross) ..;.. .:.. '.•• ■ «■•• '
j 40-I—Sneezer-*; (Rons) ':..-. .-*.; .t.:.......
--: ! 12-I— Patriotic s (Nelson* * .'-T7: .V.*,. V.. ."*•"".%.'.'... •'•
Time. 1:4.1. Aftermath. Royal Hirer. Ocean
i RboTe,*"-Boriniei? Hard. Sorrowful. : French CooU,
; Bucolic, Charles J Oreen, ? M----back, also ; ran.
TIHRI) "RACK—S|i-'fnrlo»?s; selling:
*; •■ ".-3 — Vanir ■''(Bustoo)-;*."..'..:-., ."*..'• ■• • .'• • •;•. -•' I
15-I—Dnd« iSfldem .....:.....".... r-■ • ■ - •
■ ,V 1— Manassph (Frarb) *:.'.".:.,:..".'........... •
Time. 1:153-3, Glralf,: Penang, Kubicpa 11,
Pico, Jonathan, also ran. -v.'^ ;: • .i yi,
FOIHTH RA*'E—One ami a quarter miles:
selling: , •
; .Odds.•■-* Horse and J Jockey. „ Fin.
10-I—Rake (ForaytM r— ■............ ..*.,;; '. ..'1i
■: ■9-10-^-Ooean - Queen ■;• (Callnhani • .*:...:......»."..' -'
S-l—Edwin T. WtJ*r i iMwxtmn .. .*....'...'..;"; ■"•
»Time.^2:o9 4-5. Dick Baker, Edna Stewart,
;■ Luke Calcs.' al^o ran. ■ ■<
'*& FIFTH RACE—Six furlongs; selling:;
\ Odds.*.* Horse »iii! "Jockey.;. 1 „• /:,Fl'i.
J.--1— Biskra (SpliVid .....". „ :,.V.::-.... .1
I•- —(Jllbwt ;' Rase '(liullinan i.-;; :.v;.-f; X,: ,..' -
7-I—Ru«ty-Co«t (Gro»iß> .......... .V. *i. .'.'.* 3
Time. 1 1:15 1-5, ;: Judge HeT»d' >rson.tl?en"Stoa?,
; Marie * Hyde, * Saiti€st. Tristc, " Thon>*sv. Culhoun,
. also ran. : '-.■■•, ■■.'■-"■ \;: /*-.'*,'.;•;. ..'
:-.-? SIXTH I RACE— SeVen furlongs; f selling '..',
' Odds. Horse anil JoHify. r ■ ' Fiii.
i ! 8-"—Venetian (Fowyth» '.■!>.',................ 1
f 5-l_Sala!i (Gross); ... 1.....;......... .*.'.,.".: -
t IHereti"1 Hereti" t Buxton I /;.."..;'......;./........ >
- Time, 1:27 4-5; -» Commerce,' - Rota, Back i Bar.
r Delena.; Slnu- Feinn, also ;ran.'; ';i ■: ■ '' •>
i hi'- Following the ? entries'at"; Lake Clt<r : fi,-.r.-'
i .Tuesday;;, October --JJi'i;. ,•: »/^ ..i.'->.' I"■*'> "^ !'''* v*
FIRST.,'RACE—Five and a hair^furfonps;>pn-Ss
". Ing: 2 year ol'Js: -r.-^ --■■::">■..-..:■ ir.;- 1*- ■. s r;'■■',**--"■"■■■
Error „...:.:....r.:.llo!Masalo-...V..v...'.":.;:i07" *
Eastman :■*:.. r..V.r. ..110 Islsewber« ?.".-.:.;, :..•.' 107. ,;
i Marjyrie-Fleming."V. 107 Prince-. of { ' Bohemia *.*. 1< 7 '
Flyiojf f Door v..... ;. 107 Burl - *......;.-.-; i.... •< "
■ ! Wild Fern :.......:lo7!Auto' Girl .-.".;. v:.".,"."•:>«•»•
| Ostentatious'■".■'.'•*•'•""• 107'il.fiwu :.'^......'; .-... ..;, : 'T '
SECOND RACE— Six furious:*: 'sclliug;:D jcar
- i olds land? upward: , ; --- ■.' .. „ .
I John H. SheebaD.'..ll2[Salnest -■/. ..;v........Wl
! Novgorod '■.'.'.'.:'.'. ."..". 112ltjretehen a ....'..'. iltCr*^
" i Canteni ......"..;.. 112 Binning . .'..". I*"!
: i Sllrer Stocking: . V.: 112iGood Ship if..; r.:.'. „!»*"! -
I Mazie Girl .;.-.'.....lo7|Paijwtta .....;......;lf-:
--; ■ Zool.rr..'.:.'..T.:.*.;Ul7iCanapa :............ ...!»7
'■'■ THIRD RACK— Sis'; furious*^"selling: :• yo a 'r
= I olds': and 'upward: *:*.' . • ;' •- - '
; ! Marburg .C-.;.".".':..: 114'PiiMin MlnsfrH .:..l f"^
■ I Kld>North^^;:...:nillChllU'-...:;..'...'.::..imv
I.pu* 1^ch.....:..".-.Vlll'Cleapat; ..:;:/...."...H"<*.
Ptssenger. "..■.""Vr....'.lllTßrda ■ --..-. :.*.'..;...-..100
: Adena."...........;..! 11 !l/omond .........;V..l<H'.
■I BeUsnieker;..:?:.: r.iniCollnet .:: :."..-. ..l?t
h FOURTH- RACE— Vlie. rii'urt a*, half * fnrloas's; "
'; nurse;;« ll'ages: - ■• „ ; ' , ,'.
, I T See* It; ..:.■.......10R1Ja0k Paine ' 1..'..... . .100 -,
"Metropolitan '".'.'.;.*.".lO.Tfopperfrtwn ".. ..'.'.'.".'. '■• ■ : '
i Dr.yr>onKhertyv......lo3iAdal Mr-a.le ;....'.. iil'O :
,'. Black Fluid ;V. ■;': ..lOO'Ffrn 1,...... *........, WO .
i Ara»eecr.*r.'.2.;.'...v.lOOjVeno Yon •--.-';. .:...:-.* !>". ,
'! *:FlFTHsßACß—dnc.'ttiUeV.^citlnn";"-^ year .-!<. ■ :i*
>' and upward: : ,7-;. :!,:•>•■?,,■ »■'.<-' -Vs--;,-:";"-;--' '■***■' * *
f Southern Gold Ul'Tlie M«nk ~.........-.la-J ;
: Patriotic ............111 Elgin >;.-.....;;*t:....V.V ,
U F1genti.•."......■...,.. HI Sir Angus . .....10.1 ::
~ Fores;u«rd-.*".;. ,'•. .'.'.lll'Stoneman. • ™vt, 5.'i...-.: '••i> - \
;*« icariaD vr.^rm.'.T^.KWSTahoe>.... .:1T..:'... ..-.P7 .
;, Chanticler ...::..:.'. 10-Tlßeu< Orceolenf ;':.. I r. f«7
' f SIXTH RACE— Six nir!ong»; s- Utng: .'! "yea?-,'•
.'■ olds : and upward: ■ ' --- :?•'• :.:».; -;- ....":•. .'S;-rf»<C
t«ni'Rosglngton ..... 1241 Quick! Trip. »;.".. ...;112 -:
: .Dsrelngton ... .*....; 12i:Bllly ■:. Myer ...:.'. V.%1 117>.
" Band t ;:............:jH>!Lef!carr.....—r.;.v: i'/;il0' ri
Tripping: ......... .124. Quick Trip ;.;i: .112 .
on 121 Billy Myer 11l
iWLeiscar 130
Hfi Kddi. Mott Mrs
Balella .•.;.*..;.;'.... Ertmond Adams ...,l<"'7
Sir ■FretfuU. r.%..;:v.1121Crex::..'..:..'......i. 107 .
'*;i\t"«ftl»er* clear; track -fast. -• - - ■•;•"''""' *.■■.•/
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STRIKE —then, you'll believe
what physicians say about
Black Havana cigars. Then,
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