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M c Far land and Murphy Are the
Prospective Fighters if
There's No Slip
Packey McFarland, the peerless Chi
cago lightweight, and Tommy Muipry
the shifty performer from Boston are
practically matched to go 20 rounds .it
this city Thanksgiving afternoon.
This was the announcement made |
yesterday by Promoter Jim Coffroth,!
and it came after the noted impresario I
of pugilistic affairs had been using up
all his energy and all his resources:
during the last month in order to land j
a suitable card for the important holi- C
day date. There is still a possibility i
that the match will slip. up, but with |
only an ordinary break on the lucky
enu of it Coffroth is certain that he j
will stage the big attraction and thu-J
revive the local fighting game.
According to the terms, the men art ,
to meet at 2:30 o'clock in the after j
noon at the Eighth street arena, weigh
ing in at 135 pounds four hours before
tiia bell brings t,hem together. The ;
casual' fan will see at a glance that I
McFarland will have all the better of j
it in-the .weight,. as .'135 pounds is his -
dish and has been for several years I
past. - - l
Evidently Murphy feels very certain ,
of being able to take the measure of)
the stockyards champion, otherwise he i
would not consent to any such weight ,
conditions. Murphy always has been ]
looked upon as one of those legitimate
lightweights who can easily make 133 j
pounds ringside or a coup' j of' hours
before entering the ring.
If McFarland starts against Murphy j
it .will mark his second appearance in
' the ring here, and the same may. be said ;
for Murphy. Packey introduced him- '
self to the fans of San Francisco in A
very, emphatic way - the afternoon of'
April 11, 1908, by knocking: out our own
Jimmy Britt in six rounds. It really
was no contest and the Chicago boxer
did not even work up a sweat.
The Harlem performer also crushed
In here in a manner that -was just about
as forcible. He nosed Owen Moran out
of a 20 round verdict at Dreamland the
evening of February 28, 1910. This was
one of the real big upsets of the year,
"for* Moran ruled a 2 to I.favorite and
the wise fans did not see where the
Britisher had a chance to come in sec
ond. But he did. ....
There is no question that McFarland
is a wonderful fighter. Everybody will
stand for this. But he is a great per
former who really never has - had . a
.good chance. His unfortunate weight
has been against him in the past, but
they used to say the same about Joe
Gans, and whenever the departed old
master was forced to make 133 pounds
ringside he mad'! it ail right enough,
and invariably showed up in the ring
good and strong.* * *
Murphy is a shifty, two handed boxer,
, who has held his own against the best
of them. The only men to flatten him
were Terry McGovern and Knockout
Brown. Terry beat Brown he was
only a kid, while Brown put him away
last summer in the second round of a 10
round battle. , -.
' ; ' :'. x* A *.■■*"'""-.
* If he successfully pulls off the Mc
-Murphy affair here this month
there Is little ' doubt . that Coffroth
will land Wolgast and McFarland for
the great lightweight championship
battle New Year's day. This is the card
that he is after, though from the, looks
of things he will have many a rival in
the bidding. 7 --.v, •
Since the champion has i started to
talk in a' John D. Rockefeller strain
most of the promoters ,have made ar
rangements to sidetrack him. He is not
at all backward in saying, that he wants
$15,000 for his bit to meet McFarlartd,
and this little . announcement imme
diately, quieted the New York pro
moters, who imagined** that they had
a chance to -stage-the.bout..-
Wolgast did get $12,000 for beating
Moran. the "fourth of July; here, -and this,
was more-money than he*ever got in
his life before. Incidentally it is more ,
than he will . receive '<for -his? go with
Freddie Welsh in Los Angeles Thanks
giving day. Never, in the history of the
game has - the * southern city been able
to. compete with San Francisco in the
purse line.; - ' 7 ; -
• The champion is a great ring attrac
tion, but none of the fans believe that
he is worth $15,000 for one .20 round
battle. He - never has 7received*-* it,
though he is trying hard to' get; it 7? It
looks like a race I between" Coffroth and
McCarey of Los Angelas when.the time
for signing up t this card rolls around.-*
The bidding 'is sure Ito be very spirited.
•. ' *; ; i?*.! '-■- * ' <::-•":'■■: y
Jack McDonough, the .. prominent
sporting man, -who Is well and favor
ably known: in this city. Is.toiloom up
as the -manager of a promising -young
feather weight? boxer. This kid's i name
is Tally -X Johns and he *- has?'flattened
every, man of his * weight, in* the -north
west. . Johns looks >so * good that Mc-
Donough will bring : him •to * this " city
shortly search• of action., i
Johns wants to fight Tommy Dixon;
Johnny Kilbane, Young Rivers or/even
Abe Attell. He can make 122 pounds
ringside and fight strong. He is only?
20- years of age? and*; has never?? been
beaten. When he comes ;to ! this * city <he
will have the -backing: of r several* of ;' the
best known sporting; men of Montana. .
•who look -upon ; s him as?? the * coming j
feather-weight"champion. - ---•*. J
Electric Vehicle Making Strong Bid
For Popularity Throughout Country
Ray xHollaway,: driving Hudson touring car- down steep side of Twin peaks. 77
Pioneer Man Tells of Increased Interest in the New Types of Electric
Cars—Hudson in Unique Test
R. H. Morris, .who recently assumed
charge of the. electric vehicle depart
ment of the 1 Pioneer/Automobile com
pany, the ? newly appointed northern
California ; distributers :of j the Flanders
electric, returned yesterday? after ."* a
month's s visit at the Flanders plant in
Pontiac, Mich., and others of the big
electric- car factories in the vicinity |of
Detroit.." Morris is most enthusiastic
over the prospects in the electric field
and predicts that the use of this type
of vehicle for both commercial and
pleasure - purposes will increase ?. within
the next few years at almost the same
ratio as the gas car.-? 7 -
Discussing the electric-vehicle .and
the prospects for 7. the future, Morris
. "The automobile - manufacturing? In
terests * have : now firmly r awakened j to
the fact -that a vehicle X propelled 'by
electricity has a /field that the gas fear
can not ever; hope-to enter, and .with
this in mind haye 1 undertaken? to?put
out * a machine * that 'can do more work
than .the,;earlier, electric models., were
.ever called upon to perform. ? ,
"In my. inspection at the ..various
plants'. I -.-,visited ; I found that; a great
many improvements- and features have
been; incorporated in the 1912 cars. 'For
instance, the new models will be light
er, roomier and? will; set much closer to
the 'ground, ? while the wheel base will
be/materially longer. 7 Indications 7 are
that f within y, another?' year the worm
gear * direct - shaft drive t will %be ? univer
sally used and an electric control and
an * electric brake will' add to ; the »pleas
ure and safety of operation. This sea
son the* colonlal type of body will pre
dominate,* 4 and judging from the hit this
style has made in the east it has been
a: happy suggestion of the builders. .?•*
„ "The new,; Flanders has H met with
favor throughout the *' entire east, and
the 'car; is typical* of the genius after,
whom it was named. The fact that the
company has* sold (over 3,000 of these
machines since ?. the initial announce
ment a few/months ago speaks for it
self." xx,~i 7-:-.;?; ; : .y.:;._.. */...,;; ..^7 7 .*■
. The first of the \ Flanders models are
expected to arrive here; within the next
week. The ?; Pioneer company -' is \ plan
ing to make the electric vehicle t depart-.
ment lone of the big features of its in
stitution, and • Morris will immediately
begin work ;in building up his organiza
, tion. r '?'- 7 ??">-???' ■?7;-7v?'?7 -'": ?
•■'-'-. A-*AA'*X 7* --'; -.■!'? -. ,; ■
[--Hudson« ; Stand* ; Severe Test—To I
fully- demonstrate the power of ? the
Hudson motor, as well; as the strength
of Its brakes, S. 67 Chapman, northern
California "distributer Xy of '-t the Hudson
car, *"' sent one ?of the - Hudson - touring
cars7to the .crest* of Twin peaks and
there ran the car down the rough side
of ■ the hill to san angle of some 30 de
grees; The car was held in its perilous
position -for some-time;and was then
easily backed *to "the: road: again.*- The
stunt was done -In the presence jof 7 a
prospective Hudson 'owner by Ray7Hol-"
laway, one -of Chapman's demonstrat
ors. The prospect took the * car.
" * ' *_* * * - * ■* t ■ ,
- E-M-F in Desert 7 Race Some inter
i esting sidelights ; are X shed on the re
cent.Los Angeles-Phoenix road race,
generally conceded to be- the most dif
ficult;; of A road 7 races conducted annu
ally. in ay lengthy telegram received
| yesterday ?by -General* Manager C. N.
j Weaver, of.; the v;Studebaker,.*Brothers
company- of California from L. J.
Oilier, manager* of the *, Los A" Angeles
| branch;of«the ;Studebaker corporation,
I who- went..to"?the Arizona capital ,in
| the interests of the E-M-F J and Flan
ders -"cars,? which participated in the
grueling test. The telegram;follows:**:
I.:- "Final": finish n findings fives ,t E-M-F
fifth place in Los Angeles-Phoenix race,'
defeating?: 12 cars.-,?: Hardships -were
many, particularly to us. While E-M-F
was being.*?, ferried across the Gila
j river the bottom of;. the ferry gave way
completely,"^sinking the sturdy car. ; It
took eight mules over three hours to
I get the -.'car.out of 7 the river,- but in
spite ?of-* this we made;* a * good 1 finish,
running •-the?? car - with 7 water soaked
I parts ? for over ; 170 miles, finishing the
i last >,: 25 miles ";; in >'" the;: dark without
i lights.*-..:?:,;*.- -•: •'■' i, 77' - --y -...;.?'-Y><-yvs
17"* "Flanders had r unfortunate incident
after leaving Yuma. s Reached -there in
1 16 hours. ;?Both■■*♦ cars were' the sensa
j tion of the desert? race, as :they were
;. the | smallest t cars * entered 'i and* received
jan ovation"? in I every town along* the
route. Flanders* finished after making!
I repairs % inside of time and both cars
are * acknowledged by I everybody as be
i ing wonders 7 for being able ?> to v stand
the grueling test."
# * *
j ' Buick - Roadster Makes \ .*; Record Uat
Mount Hamilton—Word has just been
received by the Howard Automobile
i company, distributers of and Na-
I tional cars, that?: the little model "34"
Buick roadster has broken the record
iup Mount Hamilton. The little car ac
! complished the remarkable feat of
I climbing! the grade from Smiths creek
i,to the j observatory, a distance of | seven
I miles,!;in 23 minutes, negotiating this
••■ : : '.' . a .
Copyright.. 1011. by R. l 7 Goldberg 7
bad grade and the 365: turns all on .the
high gear.?,: This is a ? remarkable per
formance and was a :pretty; good dem
onstration . of, Buick a power. The car
was driven by J. E." Sloan, who has ; the
Buick agency ?at San Jose and Palo
Alto. ■'■ -y -V--S-- ? '■"■ '-'"x ■. -■■?.• -„-• * *..-?
mm In km , Celebrates 7 ."Victory*'-^-*
J. W. ■ Cummlngs, Pacific coast manager
of the Mlchelln tire, is celebrating a
'-'victory//7 the <-.'advent of 3 a daughter,
the first ;ih^the? Cummings household.
Cummlngs was ?the ;*proudest? mans; on :
the row yesterdays: and .everybody/ knew
before a minute's talk with the popu
lar Micheliti ? manager- that the babe
was j the i finest tin? the: land. Congratu
lations poured in on him from all sides.
" New Elmore* Due» Today—A. J.?
Smith, western distributer of the El
more I car,"? expects a shipment of Elmore
"80" touring cars. from the Clyde fac
tory today. ■'?- ••• ? - . '
:-> - - • * * *
Wand Back From lYallev Trip —Sales
Manager .Wand:-; of - the. Haynes - Auto
Sales company, coast distributers of the
Haynes:and; Krit cars, returned Tues
day from ; at week's f trip through the
San Joaquin valley. Wand reports the
automobile??? industry in *?• the y§ region
booming and announced' that he estab
lished? several Haynes"and Krit: agen
cies during his trip.: "?* y.x- ;■■■■**.*. '*--:*■.*?-
-'-7.7777?*?- ■- ;*'XXXI*AAAX.X-X': 77
Candles ;Serve as ?Headlights—The
Pioneer Automobile company tells of a
novel method that one of their cus
tomers used to get headlights when his
supply became suddenly
exhausted. He - discovered" one t? night
when driving ? his 5 Chalmers cars that
his Prest-0-I>lte tank was empty. He
had no generator and there was no
supply, station near. The side lamps
d d not givtj sufficient light to guide
him over the road. It looked like a trip
home in *thS- dark, when he got an in
spiration. Going into a crossroads gro
cery he s purchased two candles. These"
}} c i ? dto ''^ ie «as tips in his solar
headlights. As soon as the candles
started,* to burn brightly the reflector
threw, a goodnight on the road. At
first this was out of focus, but was
soon able : ; to adjust it. 7..The candles
proved very successful In lighting him
home. --'",. "• * , - i- ,* 11 *
.'; Physicians .recommend the Lurline'
Ocean Water tub baths for nervousness,
insomnia am rheumatism. Try one for
that tired feeling. The Lurline hatha
are at Bush and s lLarkln JstfieiSmmm
- - . - - - ~--- .
Edda Surprises in Fifth Race by
? Beating Hazel X Burke
Princess Calloway
. LATONIA, Ky., Nov.7:9.—Leamence
won the feature event at Latonla to
day from a good .*' field ' of distance
horses. Stinger was I second and Font
third. Edda surprised l the talent in the
fifth /trace 7by winning .from 7 Hazel
Burke i. and Princess Calloway. Free
Lance, the favorite, won the third; De
tect the f second,; and Merry Beau? the
opening race. A* good crowd attended.
: First race, six: furlongs— Beau, straight
Jio.flO, % won; - Joe • Diebold, place * $4.00,* second;
.Viley.show $4, third. Time, 1:16.
• Second*; race, nix 'furlongs—-Detect, $8.30
straight, won; ■ Beach Sand, $5.10* place, second:
Mudsill, $2.70 show, third. Time, 1:15 2-5. '
Third race, Six furlongs—Free Lance, straight
$5.10, won; Pliant. $4.80 **place,; second; Bros
sean. $4.20 show, third.•*. Time. 1:15 3-5. ? :' ;
"X Fourth . race,v one ; mile 0 and 170 1 yards—-Lea
mence. straight. : won; Stinger, $2.80 place,
second; Font? $3.50 show, third. Time-1:47. .
; Fifth race, • one mile—Edda, 7 straight • $8.60.
won; Hazel ■ Burke, place $3.30. second;' Princess
Calloway,; show out, third. Time, 1:42 4-5. -
■ Sixth . race, » one and an - eighth * miles—John
Furlong, $4.70; straight, won; My » Fellow, $10
place, -. second; . Sam Barber, $4.20 i show, " third.
Time. 1:56 1-5.
; Latonia entries <tor tomorrow: *■;' ■* ■-'■.
I First race, selling, 1 3 year, old Allies -.' six fur
longs— Maynora .105, Rose Worth 105, Helen I Bur-
I nett 105, Nan Ferguson 105, Tender r Bloom • 105.
Evia* 105, Rose O'Neil ; 105, ? Coletta' 105, Plain
Ann 105, - Miss Detroit: 105,. Agnes May - 105, At
tentive 110.. . .
■ Second ' race, *> selling, 3 year olds, one mile—
j Lucky^ Wish 106. * Andrajosa ,' 106,:» Dorbie . 106.
Madam Phelps 106, • Bouncing Lass 106, Bettie
! Fuller 106. . Colonel: Holloway 109, Pierre Pumas
I 109. Sleeth; 109, Toddling 109,' Brig 110, Bonnie
i Chance ; 113. x.y ■ '■■■■■■ -'-- ; ■,:,;?:..-:.. *>y -- *.-: : .
|7* Third race, selling, 3 year olds and* upward,
six <■ furlongs— Masste * 103." Center Shot ; 105,
I Floral Queen 105. Jeanne d'Arc 105,-High Range
1 108. Prince Ingoldsby 108. J. H. Reed 108. Jack
, Weaver-- 108. J. J F. *. Crowley ; 108, Bob Co 111.
■j Magazine 113,.H0r1c0n;113.:. : '
-? Fourth . race, y handicap.* 3 year olds - and *< up-
I ward, six furlongsDuquesne 100,* Grover Hughes
| 103, Raleigh D 106. Little Father 108.'.Helmet
109, T. - If. Green : 15, i Ethel D : 116, Follie Levy
116. Meridian 117. *,-;, f v.i,- ---•».- ...
-.:.-., Fifth '■ race, selling,; 3 year olds: and - upward,
one and a sixteenth ?. miles—Edna - • Collins % 95,
Halddennan- 96. Tay >Pay; 100." Labold 102. Louis
RHI 102. Ed Keck 102. Mockler -105,* Judge
106. Sam Barber 107. ' y^ - ;- ..-.
» Sixth race, selling, -,3 year 'olds; and upward,
one and, a sixteenth miles—V. Powers 93.;Billl
ken 96. Charley Straus « 100. - Sweet - Owen J 102,
Compton 105.- Console;io6;y*Falcada« 107, Henry
Hutchinson 100. Queen Marguerite 111." r
; Weather. clear. v Track fair. :*?:-. 4 7
',-- The weights for -the Latonia Endurance stake;
at ; two. miles, for horses \of ' all % ages, i were ' an
nounced t today.'?-. The race i will %be run tomorrow
and will be,the crowning. event of the fall meet
ing;; of the Latonia Jockey club. : The weights
are: --.High * Private? 121, Meridian 116, Bonnie
Kelso j 114; * Countless'«ll4. • Star ; Bottle 114, Gov
ernor Gray 114. Plnkola y 112, Cherryola 111,
Marksman 110. Star Charter 108. Herkimer 108.
Fireman 107, Aylmer f 106.« John £ Furlong, ; 105,
Stone ? Street j 105. Milton :B 1 105, John i Reardon
105. Royal • Report : 105,*; Princelike 105.! Messenger
Boy; 103, Azo 102."» Any Port f 101,7 Princess I Callo
-way..99.; Swannanoa 98. - Volthorpe ; 98, ;. Star
O'Ryan i 98. Starry Night.-^-—,; Forehead 96,? Mel
ton '. Street; -i-i., Mockler .^— ft Beach * Sand * 95?
Naughty Lad '—-.", Mudsill 93,; Single File -S—,-
Archduke —r-—. Feather Duster 90. »■ -v 7 :?? "»
. *7 '- via the '
Standard and Tourist
Sleepers, Electric
Lights, Electric Fans,
Steam Heat, Obser
vation Cars. Union
665 MARKET STREET, PALACE HOTEL. Phone Sutter 1651
71168 BROADWAY, OAKLAND. Phone Oakland 132
'.. - *y.': s: l '^.^^-xS&i!.sa;: ?.:■... ,--,:-. ■ i.fvZ&mxmaimrtmm. . i - - -te . --.--. ,* .-■^-•:-..*;..-i - r . ..
wmuAM '&j
Card : for Today's Races a Well
' Balanced One; Results of
JAMESTOWN,- Va.. Nov. 9.The rac
ing today was featureless, the track
was , heavy . and the ' fields r were small.
The card/ for tomorrow: is a well bal
anced one. ■:■ Summary: " 7*
9.First • race, six furlongs— straight 9 to 1,
won; Mad River, place 7 to 10, second; Lady Me-
Gee, show out, third. Time, 1:17 2-5.
1 Second race, ' seven ; furlongs—Chilton Squaw,
straight 12 to 1, * won; Gold Cap, place 2 to 1,
second; High Flow, show out, third. Time, 1:31.
Third ?: race, six y; furlongs — Minnie , Bright,
straight 10.to 1, won; Lad of Langdon, place 2
to ;1,. second; Baby Wolf, show even, third.
Time. 1:18. . -? - ■ *-'-•. ' - -~ 7
* Fourth race, one . mile—Capsze. straight;-* to
1; - won; Martin *W. - Littleton, place out, second;
Suffragist, ■ show out, third. Time, 1:43 2-5. .a-
7 Fifth race, - one Sunlike, straight 4 to 1,
won;-Wood Dove, place 4 to 5. second; Red
Jacket.'show 4fto *1. third. % Time,; 1:46. ;\
X' Sixth race one and a. sixteenth miles—Sager,
straight 4 to 5, won: Helene; place 2 to 1, sec
ond; Maromara, show even,; third.;- r Time, 1:51.
Jamestown entries: .*,-'*•■■
? First race; selling. 3 year olds and upward, six
furlongs—Ella Bryson 101. * Rue 101. 'Helen Bar
bee 101. »Mexoana 99. 'Cooney X 99, Shedwood
109; 'Patrick S 96. Sam Matthews 98.?? " 7 ■
- Second race.: hurdle. 3 year rolds and upward,
one "and three-quarter mileß— Pathfinder I 142,
Bound ' Brook - 142. . Doctor Heard 142; Sam ; Ball
152.-Gay Deceiver 136. r-. - ; ? . ?? >
Third race, selling, 2 year olds, five furlongs-
Sadie "Shapiro-103. Duke Daffy, 103.?MaxentIus
103, Norma Girl 100. Promised Land 100. Mileage
100, 'Miss Joe 98. Kittery lOO.Arany 106. ;
Fourth race, purse. 3 year olds, six furlongs—
Kormack 97. Touch Me 97.:*tOnagerlC0, fAlta
maha 100, 1 Candidate 107. Babbler 99.? *
fH Fifth I race, selling. 3 year/olds and upward,
one i mile—Michael Angelo 108, »Beancoup 109,
•Herbert 4 Turner 101. Feather Duster 101. Rag
•man 107. ;;''-■>"-'•- '*'"??'-" ?:'~V?7'77*'7: ■■*-•
Sixth ■<. race,, selling,, .-> . year olds; and upward,
one and a sixteenth miles---Edwin jL. 107, Ardrl
107,' Golconda 1 107. Bang " 107,, •Lord ; Elam ? 102,
Brandin 09, Monte Carlo 110, *Nadzu 106, *St.
Joseph 106. • 7i
•Apprentice allowance.,
tWllson entry.
Weather rainy. Track sloppy.
+__ ■ — : : —, w
? First race—Rose O'Neill, Nan Fergu
ion, < ollettn.
ix Second raceßrig, Colonel Hollo-way, i
Pierre ■> Dumas. - *?- ' j
: Third race—.!. H. " Reed, Magazine, j
Jeanne d'Arc, j ' "x,-A.[-A' "-7i7 i;- '7
! Fourth .*■'--• race — Meridian, Grover
Hughes, Little Father.;; I
t Fifth Mockler, Tay Pay, La- j
boldtte. ?.: *" '■' A:"-A''-~ ':'iT"-:':;« ; -■'; *V
t Sixth Faleada, Queen Margaret,*
Henry Hutchinson. . ? ' j
-:..*- ■ »x^ - •;•!, . —— « — ;?",.;-'
The St. Ignatius Rugby football fifteen yester
day > afternoon defeated ; the ; team ; from the Hitch-"
cock Military .'academy-on the St. Ignatius sta
dium by a' score of 5; to 0;7 Flood scored the lone
touchdown, which was con verted s by. McCarthy.
".. Read'on? the classified-pages? of * to
day's Call what the leading Real Estate
Firms will ido on Sunday, Nov. 12. 'l.*y-
Alleged Scalping Will
Be Investigated
? CINCINNATI, 0., Nov. 9.That the
national" baseball commission has ob
tained evidence regarding ; the charge
that ticket scalping was prevalent dur
ing the recent world's baseball series
in New York and Philidelphia, was in
dicated today when the commission
definitely decided to pursue an investi
gation. 7 7-*
A meeting will be held by the com
mission in New York December 11, at
which the result of the investigation
will be announced. Not a semblance of
a clew as to along, what lines the in
vestigation is to be conducted or „what
evidence was. displayed before the
meeting today, was made public.
Player Williams, over whom the Sac
ramento club and the Boston Ameri
can league club * had a controversy, was
declared a free agent.? v
M Stanford: university. Nov. •9.—coach
ConDibear of., the University of Washington I an
nounces ; that E. B. Mayer of, Seattle is having
a I gold 1 cup I made as a trophy for a three cor
nered race between California, Washington and
Stanford. Connlbear states-that the cup will be
sent* south.'soon - for exhibition : and ■ that * the
Washington manager is making his schedule in
such a way that his crew will be able to come
south ■at the time of the California-Stanford
regatta: ■: ' .*- -' ■ . -'y ■■*'--■:■• - ■-'■--■-- ..•-■*--•-
S Almost Any One May Secure
I a Splendid Growth of Hair
:X You can? easily find out for yourself
if your hair? needs; nourishing, if it is
thinning, getting dry. harsh and brit
tle/or? splitting at the ends. You sim
ply, nave to pull a hair from the top
of? your head and closely examine ? its
roots. If the bulb is plump and rosy,
It -is all right; If 7it is s white and
shrunken, your hair is diseased and
needs nourishment.
We have a remedy for hair troubles
that can not be surpassed. It has a
record cf growing * hair ; and curing
baldness In: 93 out of 100 cases? where
used 7 according \to directions 7f or? a
reasonable length of time. XX It will
even ■ grow hair *on bald heads ~if the
scalp is ; not .glazed and shiny. That
may seem like a - strong ;statement-—it
is, : and we mean it to be. and no one
should doubt It until they have put our
claims to an actual test. 7
We are so sure that Rexall "93"
Hair • Tcnic will completely " eradicate
dandruff, prevent baldness, stimulate
the scalp \ and? hair roots/stop falling
hair i and grow new hair that we per
sonally - give our ; positive? guarantee; to
refund 'every penny; paid,:us | for Rexall
''93"7 Halt : Tonic in every ; instance
where it i does not do as we claim or
fails to , give entire satisfaction ■to the
user. 7—?? 777! • ?777?':' ?7-7
, Rexall ''93" Hair Tonic is as pleasant
to .use as clear spring water, j It' is per
fumed r: with a ',-. pleasant; odor, ? and ? does
not grease or gum ,? the : hair. We l have
it in two sizes, prices; 50 cents and $1.
We urge you to try Rexall "93" Hair
Tonic on our .recommendation and with
our guarantee back of it! You cer
tainly take no risk. 7 ......._ ...
7 Sold only by The Owl: Drug Co. stores
In . San £ Francisco, ? Oakland, Los An
geles, ? Sacramento; = Seattle, *; Portland
and Spokane. " .„• 7 :-,~
'vsrr DR. JORDAN'S*"***
'x . >C"\t ■ .Weakaeis'or kit? contracted ch«»»e
. 'i^siy positively cured: by the oldest I
" ,'" 7«rf specialist en the Coast, E.t*bli»h«d •
'I Kffiß \\ OB*l*>oa free and strictly private,
jj) *W'*, (y Treatment penoaally or by letter. At '
-»££*■-. -a positive cure is every ea»« v*> -
'vlßßW^i^rtikaL-^--*, .y ■■-.--?. -y~V-:■,:>..-•-*|
.:■ J7IE&'A writ, for hook, PrfaosoPHV *
7' Yfzfyj '-■ 7. Or MARRIAGE, mailed lr»-lm i *
I -'' II 7•ls ' '/' valuable book forssnee.) y , . I
£*&** 606
''. ffijl —MialjliMJ : -'**' a ' guaranteed r cure
■' •* ■&'«. 7 for ?• Blood vr-; Polsonyi
T» 'mJk 1 -On/-20; MINUTES In'
?:• li -. .'- T^EsL §f. my of aces. ; Then you
go about your work.
SsPSis^ fi^SSWs ls tbe new ' Scientific
i HK^^^g^-aifl^B^l -Treatment.: It's the
- „™;f M«W-^W^7a extract? of ithe special
UK. IfwUrinSLL organs of young, vigor-'
51 THIRD STREET, animals. It feeds
X; San Francisco* Cal. -'tbe tired, \ worn nerves.
k ■■■' ■ ■ .rejuvenates tissues and
{ promotes i strength by natural means. . I de
sire to spread tbe good X news ito every weak'
; or,' prematurely j old -; man. Call ? or? wrfteliilJ

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