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The Smart
decided, bo she reduced him. An appraiser would %- have saved time and,
trouble. " 7 ' ' ?7 -•
There would be many things for an unprejudiced appraiser to consider:
demand in the market, as well as intrinsic -value.? Also the personal equation;
a man might be worth $20,000 to one woman*, and nothing at all to another.
But if he is worth $20,000 to the women, his value may be placed at that sum.
There would, of course, be specula
tion. Inflated values. A price of
$1,000 might^be asked^for a-50 cent
specimen^ who course, be specula-
Inflated values. A price of
might be asked for a 50 cent
en, who by surface glitter
would deceive a purchaser, and the
buyer's point of view must be con
Paris Grand Opera Co.
* Opening Wednesday, November 15
Wed. Night and Sat. Mat.,"_ES HUGUE
NOTS," -with All-Star Cast, Including Three
Prima Donnas, 'Ballet, etc.; Thurs. and San.
Nights. "FAUST," in Its Entirety (with
Ballet, etc.); Fri. Night, "La JUIYE" (In
cluding « Ballet); Sat. Night, "LAKME"
(with Ballet).* .-■ ';
PRICES—Box Seats. $5; Lower Floor. «4.
$3; Upper: Floor. $3. $2, $1. Coupon Books,
J good for 30 seats any time. $90. $75 and
< $43; good for 50 seats any time, $150, $125
and $7.->.
MAN, CLAY & CO.'S., Kearny and Sutter Sts.
MAIL ORDERS must be accompanied: by
check or money order,_ payable to Will L.
Greeubaum, • care Sherman, ; Clay A Co. '"/js*
'? /'?■ -'.-/ MASON & HAM-IK PIANO? ? ?
M ■ fifff ■_ ELLIS & MARKET
%^\Al.\ JL_r Phones— 2460;
ii ii ■■■■■■is ■i" —^ Home, ClO5O
2nd and Last Week— Time Sat. Night.
In "He Came From Milwaukee" j
) Night and Sat. Mat. Prices—; to $2. !
NEST—Beg. Sunday Night—One Week Only
In "The Paradise of Mahomet"
SEATS NOW Sffg $1.50. 1;
In the Stupendous Musical Comedy Success
By the Authors of "Three Twins"
PRICES—S2, to 23c
l^L *__l_^h_o^[s__Q ***** *arM
High Class Popular Price Attractions.
POP. MAT. SATURDAY .:.... 250 and 50c :
The Great American Play,
The Aviator of " Laughter, ?
In the Song Farce,
Don't Lie To Your Wife
Savoy Prices Never Change— $1 to 25c
Sg_gStl§j_?tSEATS READY - NOW.
«■ f tVRRSU. «_*i.&~OC*-OH--C- TONtNt
Safest and Most Magnificent Theater in America.
DR. LUDWIG* WULLNER, the'; World Famous
Lleder Singer. Coenras'l V. Bos. 7Accompanist;
FOUR FORDS, America's I*reniler Dancers;
JOSIE HEATHER. * the "-.Winsome s Kugllsb Come
dienne;; MABEIXE ADAMS and C. H. O'DON
NELL. Presenting '•_!!«" ; tills,? week ..only);
AUGUSTINE and * HARTLEY, ? Barrel Jumpers;
SAGER ■: MIDGLEY' and ? Company; 7 LILLIAN
SCHREIBER; - New., Daylight- Motion* Pictures;
ERGOTTI and LILLIPUTIANS. -" - i '■'.?'
Ere. Prices—2sc, 50c, 75e^?Box-Seats, $1.
Mat. Prices (Except Sundays and Holidays)loc,
25c. 50c. Phones—Douglas 70. Home C 1570. -
Air»T»W Sntter""-Slemer
ralLcLZd.l Ph°ne West l4°°
--T *"~~^' W** Home Phone S-4242 7
BELASCO & MAYER. Owners and Managers .7
* . .' Aided by the Alcaiar Company, In * •
Frank ' Mayo's * Dramatization 7of '* Mark Twain's
t Famous "Thumb-Mark"?Story...;
PRICES-— Night, 25c to $1. ; Matinee— to 60c
Seats for; Sale at ! Box Of flee; and - Emporium. -
Next—Mß. McINTOSH ;in George ■ Ade's Comedy,
Swimming and '* Ton Baths '■[:>-,
- Salt water direct 7from" the I- ocean. '.- Open
every x day ; and J evening, i Including - Sundays %
and holidays, from 7 a. m.* to 10 p. m. Spec-,
tators' gallery free. -"? .:*.■«.-■;..-.-:-;* Vy.,v.7
Natatorlam reserved ■" Tuesday; l and i- Friday;
mnrnings . from 9 , o'clock -to I noon ; tor women.
•Filtered Ocean Water Plunge"7
" ! —Constantly ■■'■'- Circulating— ■'»:?
Hot air *= hair dryers. 5 Electric ->. Curling 4
Irons and Shampoo Room for Women Bathers
free. '",? "-:, .'iyi 7 "-~7 "■'A^-"''< xi .v.5--.
IT was interesting to read yesterday
that 7a':husband may be worth
$2,000. % Also that one may be . di
vorced - from a bad investment,
meaning a husband who does not turn
out AwcU '..'financially.?-' It?recalled -the
$80,000 husband in New York (paren
thetically? one wondered at a $78,000:
difference) and suggested a necessity
for some sort of matrimonial-appraiser;
at least more rational finance.
-The woman who took $2,000. for her
husband had originally marked - him i
$20,000. ■> He wasn't worth it, a judge I
7Digressing for a moment, it may. be
pointed -out that the marriage ex
change, unlike the produce or stock
exchange, has no recognized place in
society.. It is hidden somewhere be
hind divorce, or concealed in suits for
alienation. of affection.? One of these
revealed, the $2,000 deal yesterday.
: Reverting to the buyer's point ."of
view: Suppose she pays 7 $1,000 and
finds perfectly ,no account creature
on hands ' after : the honeymoon,
would she be justified in suing the
one to whom she 1 paid $1,000 for him?
Wouldn't an x appraiser, •- protect"7 the
buyer from gold bricks and- wild cat
schemes? - ' 7 ? ..
? .Then,take the woman who married
in the belief that her husband was
prosperous /and found he was/not.
The husband* in yesterday's list was
proved not accountable, but. all the
same, the;woman was a victim of un
regulated conditiorls in the market. If
affections are to be bought and sold
with marriage conducted on; a sound
financial basis' in America, there ought
to be some system about it:
7??;7.-:.?7? ?. .-.*•'■-■ ■'*'■■ X* r':y. '■ ■ Ax
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Sharon* will
entertain a house party over the week
end at *; their : Memo 4 home a and several
parties are? planned In ■.'■-. that -vicinity
this week on account of the-football
game. There„ will •be groups of? young
people at the -various homes ;in Palo
-Alto? who will attend the game be
tween the University of -California and
Stanford. Every society girl that wit
nesses i the game will /wear* either the"
blue and gold or the tell tale crimson
that is the emblem- of her loyalty to
her college for the day. '
','?:-. ? ,-■? *'.*//. * ? * .
-The Misses Grace Brown Wilson and
Margaret Earl Wilson have sent out
cards for a tea to be given at 4 o'clock
Thursday ? afternoon, November 16, at
their home in Pacific avenue. The af
fair will ybe i in? honor of Miss Hannah
Woodman. A large number of the
younger set have been invited. The
Misses .Wilson I are daughters of Mr.
and Mrs. .- J. K. Wilson • and nieces of
Mrs. • Elwood 'C. Brown. y ?
** 2. 'i? v 7?7?:•'•*#?*• ?■*;*■-.' *7:-7
. Miss Esperance Ghirardelli will be
the hostess at a tea Monday; afternoon
at her I home in Pacific avenue. 'Miss
Charlotte Wadsworth i will be the com
plimented guest. v .v-^..y, -
■ - '*.* *, ._ * AA'Ax..A\y.
Cards have * been received for the
; marriage !of Miss Harriet-* Allen and
John ?i Marshall*. Williams Wednesday,
November: 15,» at :Harrison*: N. *. Y.fi Mrs.
E. G. Williams, mother .«of * the .bride
groom, and .his sister. Miss Margaret
Williams, went east a few,: weeks ago
to ; be,i present :atr the ceremony. After
an extended * wedding journey/in Eu
rope/the young couple will" return to
establish their home here.?
:-'''■ "■■:■■ *A * x#.iX''' '*?7 "" -'
Colonel % and * Mrs. Lincoln * Karmany
will arrive here Sunday •on 'the! Logan.
They ,have. been 4 visiting friends . in ;
Honolulu, where they were* entertained
extensively.-^ and will be in? this city
for a visit before going■! to i- Washing
ton. Colonel -and* Mrs. Karmany are ;
accompanied by . the daughter of 7 the
latter, Miss Lucille Cook. ' * - "%X
-■:■?*'?■ -'-'•7-7*??*:?? ■ ■#?-?' i*7r> . X- ?7
Mrs. Paul ; Kingston . has sent out
cards for a c tea Wednesday, November
29,' at ! her home in » Vallejo t street. The
complimented guests will be Mrs. The
odore I Murphy I and Miss I Clarlse; L.ucke,
the fiancee of Bruce Fair, who has been
entertained? at? several'recent'^ affairs.
'■:'.' X * :'#K '#;•'? ?:-;;'-
Mrs. Gilbert Stanton Johnson {.was
hostess at a luncheon and linen shower
yesterday at her"home in f. Claremont
in honor of Miss Marguerite Coffin, the
fiancee of^Shirlev, Walker. The table
was ■-: decorated % with |; red satin > ribbons
And:brilliant dahlias. The place/cards
.were - tiny cupids, and a scarlet bell
suspended from the *ceiling*. showered
the daintyigifts^on the guest of honor. \
The guests were: --• x ...,y * t -
*Miss Cora; Mat* | Mrs., Albert M.'Johnson
I Mrs. Arthur Cornwall: Mrs. H. F. ; Henshaw *
.Mrs. Horace Coffin | Mrs. C. A. Barrett 77
Mrs. A. B. Spencer '■.-■'"■ | Mrs. Rtifus -Steele' ''.X j,
Mrs. A. G. Bogjzs ' Mrs. Wm. E. Secombe
■»?'?"*'-- ?y.: '. -\?/'. *;#'■- &x # ■'• "'..?.:*.
•*7Rear Admiral and Mrs; C. B. T. Moore
entertained at one of the elaborate card ;
parties of the week at their- home at
Yerba rßuena. 7 A score of the : army and
navy j officers and their wives enjoyed •
the affair. v .
./•.::-.^.-.7'.:--/.vt*7-." *xX- '*.// 7?" A '-' ?
Much sympathy is being extended to '
Mr. and ; Mrs. Ellis/Wooster; on account 1
of .'the 1 death of /their daughter,?- Doris
Alice. Tuesday. y When , Mr. and? Mrs; I
Wooster returned »a? few months ago
after a long residence in the east it ;
was hoped that the ! mild climate here
would prove of benefit to their daugh- I
ter who had been s ill, but the /change' '
proved s futile. f Mrs. Wooster was | for- ■'
merly Miss Adah Bichards, a sister of
A. W. Blow. Mrs. Charles M.'Ray," •
wife of Paymaster Bay. 11. S. N. Miss
Nina Blow is a niece of Mrs. Wooster..
Mrs. ,C. E. Grunsky the Misses
Grunsky have sent out cards for tea 1
Tuesday, November 21. at their home in
"Union / street... ?," M£S.7» Grunsky and her
daughters recently from the
east,7'and* the*, November tea is the larg
est affair? they J have r given since their
return.' *: "*■■" • -7*7:7 ;^~x> f. "?7."'* ??7 y:r. '-"-
x.' z . Let Louise's ;skilled ■ operators do your
nails; and dress your hair or make tup
your hair goods in" the "Wistaria
Bower" —fourth 7 floor X Sachs 7 building,
140 Geary [street. 2 "X There's'' no place like
it ? for luxury.- and« satisfying treatment
and 1 surroundings *Ohly7 women patrons:
received. Tea served free . daily to
patrons.? Come and see the most artistic:
and most up-to-date institution that
the new-. San Francisco can * boast."
Facial massage, scalp treatment, double
chins reduced. Everything in hair
goods. Combings made up. *'xA*xr%i&ftt
Seven Year Old Girl Violinist
To Play at Orphanage Benefit
Proceeds for
"St. Joseph's
- Asylum
Little Antoinette
di Kola, the 7 year
old violinist, will
be the chief attrac
tion at the concert'
and literary, enter
tainment, which the
sodalities "of St.
Ignatius church will
hold; on ? Tuesday;
evening, November.
28,.in Sacred-Heart!
hall, Fillmore and
Fell streets,/ for the
,benefit" of the y. re*-"
building fund of St.
/Joseph's X "orphan;
asylum. 7j*lljpMl|f|"j
[ There 'will, be an
interesting pro.
gram ? presented by
popular talent and
1 great interest cen
ter about the ap
pearance Jof the lit
the violinist, -whose
[ ability- has • aroused
much 7 praise '* from"
musicians." The en
tertainment will be,
hon? sectarian 5"
character, persons"
of7all "-denomina
tions 7* contributing
to the;worthy causa
of housing the par
ent less little ones
of the city of
which there are 400
: dependent ■ upon )■ the
care of the .sisters
of X St. -Joseph's . or
The -committees
: planning 7 for y the
entertainment' are: •
■— . ■
Antoinette di Nola, young violinist, - wholnfill appear
[ at the! entertainment' to be given ifor the bene of St.
I j Joseph's orphan asylum building fund. ■'; "
:.. Chairman—M7J7Pbpe77 - ... ,-•? ; >'A"A A% 'X'CA',! '"'A:''AX x
- Press—Miss Kate: Thomas, Dr. W. :D. Howard and John Coughlan. , ■ r *;*
7*Program— Miss L M. Ragan,;Miss C. Planch?,. Ml*. M. Thompson and Miss
Kate* Thomas. /../■ - '7-* ''*■•'. ■'■■- ■■■.-iX -■ ' -■•-. /-.'/•'- XV' 7-» " t-IxA'XA xAA
Arrangements—William * O'Shaughnessy, D. --: Murphy, . Miss J. G. Inglis , and
v . SSDecoration—Mrs. M. Zeigler, Miss Edith Paul; Miss May Murphy and Miss
Kate Thomas. 7
7 R Usherln charge, Dan Danahy. / ■ ' ???
The Call is engaged in the development of good cookery in California. : The students consist of
the housekeeper fcf the ) state. The teachers; are ■ of , that • same ? great, intelligent | company. All
are learning by interchange of : their best recipes and ideas through the open column* of The Call.
The page, "California .Women Who Cook,*: appears in The Sunday Call regularly, i Choice pieces
of i silver ware . are awarded Ito' contriWtors ■of recipes 1 each week. Send < your best to The House
keeper, ' The Sunday Call, San I Francisco. =■ Perhaps recipes amon*r the following , will offer a pleas
ing change in the household of. the reader: '!■.*- ' 7 7
A. C. Jochmus, Pacific Grove.
Cream Dressing; One-half teaspoon
salt, one teaspoon flour, one teaspoon;
mustard, one ,;tablespoon7sugar, two
tablespoons butter,'.two egg yolks,
three-quarters cup cream, < one/quarter
cup'vinegar./ Mix the dry ingredients
with 7 the butter, ■ add yolks;; of ?* eggs.
then cream and lastly vinegar.
Cook over hot water.; urvtll it"thickens.
Strain, if necessary, and chill.
Estbh\With*.-' Green Peppers eggs
beaten with ,T*f one-quarter cup '[. cream,
two ■ tablespoons ? butter, two ■ - table
spoons grated 7 cheese, four finely
minced ; green peppers, one tablespoon
tomato { catsup. 7- Cook all * ingredients,
except eggs and cream, for/two "min
utes;? then add * eggs and. stir until
thick. Serve on/toast or^crackers.
* Japanese Eggs—One and; a half cups
boiled rice, six ? hard cooked eggs, one
and a half cups white sauce, one tea
spoon onion juice, one teaspoon soy or
Worcestershire sauce, 5 one x teaspoon
parsley. Pile the ; hot J cooked rice on
a platter, cut the eggs in quarters and
Imbed . in * the rice; * pour over them' the
sauce flavored with the onion Juice and
the soy "or 7Worpestershire*f sauce,/and
sprinkle the ( chopped parsley over the
'tOp.i??', 7/'7y'7;/ ;*./.:. '-.: ..?/ "A'AAAI
* Note—Soy. is a sauce to be found in
some stores where Japanese/and Chi
nese products are sold.'. Its principal
ingredient is from the soy: bean.
BWhat these musicians think of the
San Francisco, Nov. 9, 1911.
The Wiley B. Allen Co.,
San Francisco, Cal. >
I have played .many'pianos .and; Dr. Wullner
agrees with me that the Mason & Hamlin piano is
the best piano in every respect made today in
America. The tone
quality iS Wonderful. the World's. Leading -Accompanist;.
- _£&»*&? -< I—ra Ti/ _1 „BfcTj!v^^^sr«^^^^ *' * 1 _ - P9S H9!9P*3?°™* VH*,a|H99nraHG9E^MiaMWffWi^Hm^^Bm_
I have never played a [7^7 , .^^W^^^^jj^^M
piano with such a P%^ JP^^^^^^^^S
' fi_ SEl■_■_■—S3S___s_slkiiS___S " ■' •*■"/,■-■■ !•'',*' ' -■-•■J *g^&«Sil^:gsjfeiSßßßfo-::: < -7- * - ™¥^^^^^^8_ *
the World's Famous Lieder Singer. _ W'A:':^Mx thbBEIIP"
tone. Glt?&£ ':'&9B___l
; With'; kindest regards -from Dr. Wullner as well * P^fc/ **-** - ]Rh_
as myself, I remain, fofSiP-? *|k ; vB_H
<•* - *" '.'■■'■ * ■ * ■■■"' '*. -. ■3k»xsss^SSK ■:>'';^:S HI
very sincerely yours, I^aH: ft* 'y M
■„ '?* . . ■ * . ■■■: - /* ■ ■■ *■* £^^jbß_ „___jb&* ' r *v^*^H_3l_f___^__
Mason & Hamlin pianos are shown in all styles at §fip9K 1
our warerooms and sold on easy payments when jg^» jA I
desired. *. WgBHmM __I^_BS___H
rmM'ffeV MiMJPtt- ATM QBMM&lfrjrSs* I |___B
BkT'Wwy *FMm#'m*t9jß* //»,/Bgf r/y y 7/^ rag _M_BEBililBii^____ili___M
liry-f «^%^ VW^rvirV/<-\/ v^~^p^^- tv? ~t>*^ EHr* __S_&B9_hkBh____B_h9^__9|l
v.y»gMlttfillt*<«w^*;^y^*^ m^^mW 'WJwxPk _^B_BfanM_^__Bl_S*F^W__s^s^
-*' V "*? *?-" , TWO p EXTRASCES ■ Mt§H^^^^^^^^^^^j^^^S _&
V *^* - 7'V *■• -* i - ?i3r**ff_^^^_m!iMillft ■....■■. ■ ;■■■* _—-—____Kft_3_ME___i 3—:
135-153 Kearny and 217-225 Sutter Street
ItJi j«»c-u: WITH FIRIT, •. „ »^^^^^^™^^«_______B_f ,|
c ■ J I
Mrs.-j B. O. Donovan, Santa Rosa
, Braized Teal Duck Cut into pieces
one yhead7 of celery. 7the white part)
. and > chop fine with a sprig of parsley,
a? small onion and a piece of : garlic.
Boll'but (enough * corn flakes to make a
cupful and add to '■:._ celery^? etc*. " Chop
fine one hard boiled egg and add with
a y half teaspoon of sage, a pinch of
mace and 'a'good; dash of tabasco. Heat
well with ar; heaping;'teaspoon^ of soft
butter; [salt?to taste, and enough beat
en raw?'egg to bind. Fill the ducks,
after cleaning well; and sew up. Put
them in "x a braizing ;pah (anyearthen-'
ware one is the best). Chop fine some
celery,*' parsley,v one J onion? and ?a ; piece;
of ;■ garlic; I put with? the duck; {also two
'tablespoons of /cider, vinegar, >a* glass
of sherry wine, a pinch of? sage, ; red
pepper and salt, a pint of stock
and two * heaping?; tablespoons? of *y but
ter. Cover tightly/and cook in a me
dium oven one hour. ** Mix with a little
water two tablespoons 7of *7 browned
flour; add this and a half cup of capers,
adding p more soup (-' stock Xx.it needed.
Cover X and' simmer in oven one X hour,
more. Beat to a paste?, the 7 yolks of
three hard boiled eggs with a 'teaspoon
of soft".butter/a 7 pinch of J salt and make
hot with tabasco; form into 7 small
balls, put t the ; ducks* on long pieces
of ; put the egg balls around the
ducks, pour gravy over sprinkle
with fine cut • parsley and serve with
guava',■Jelly.',". "'...' ,7v77 .-'" *'* - *
Rude Persons Need 'White'
- { /-v H„ dear,"; sighed the lady-who-always-knows-some- -
, I ;'l How, "I'd just love to go. There's, nothing; I'd like
-V--. better , than to slip off to the .woods on a day like
this. But, my dear, I've promised to meet Mrs? L.-in
:town—you>know we are oh that air committee together
and buy some decorations."
"Why,7big-sister, said Molly; "didn't I hear you say
ing that she broke; an? engagement with you : the other
day because she had . a chance to go auto*ng with some
righ 'neighbors of I hers?" •"'• ..7*7 , 7 ■_ .77 "-'" ',>- .'.?.. -„...?.
- . "Yes," said the Tady-who-always-khows:sofnehow.
•777*7 "Then when on -earth, don't you telephone, her and
break the .engagement today for, the. same reason?''
7 "I shouldn't like to do that," said the '-lady. „
XA, "Hut if she does ? thing's like that jto • you"' * pro-! --
tested Molly, 'why shouldn't you do things - like that to her?" . .
X- "That," said the lady-wboralways-knows-somehdw,* "is just exactly the
reason I shouldn't." XXfAA
7 "I don't see that," said Molly. '-' 7 , -"'• --, 7 7 -!' 7' "7
;. "Why,you see," 'said the ! lady, ."it's quite evident from her doing that sort
of thing that she isn't used to people who have much sense of honor and
obligation. Now, isn't it all the more incumbent on; me for that reason to
show myself that kind of i a person? It always;' seems to me *. that when 1 people
are "rude! thoughtless or mean to me that i's just one! more reason: why 1 I
shouldn't' be that way .to xttiemX'.'AA~'A.A-[~^X ~ : „~'* . y7 ' 7
7 Don't you think that the lady's ideal in this matter is a beautiful one?
I do. ■ '„ ■: ' .•' ■ '
How often we say or. hear! others;say, "She'*does this or that to me"; I don't
sec why I shouldn't do it to her.7-.* 7 *"'" \\.. ' "
Why, that's -just; exactly thes reason why you shouldn't J 7 '
Being rude, '■ to ,; people7!wh6' are ? rude ?to 7 you, being 5 * ungrateful *to . people
who have shown you f ingratitude, meeting thoughtlessness with thoughtless
ness and! meanness with meanness—why, this is to fight fire with fire. And
; despite| the old' notion that it,is ;good to do that, I've • always: found -that water
is a much better! agent for putting out flame. r„- .7,7.!
y:;-- '■• Haven't y0u?7.7? "■ ■ * '■' xX_--'A\~x +, . • -
Perhaps • you. can afford to show. "yellowness' • toward big people who are
too big and fine to be affected^ by ! the contagion. 7 - ! /•• 7y-■"■. '■'"..' 7;
But: the smaller people"fare,!! the bigger and whiter you ought to show
yourself to them. They need the stimulus of your example. They need'the'
support your point'of view. ?: ; ,- - * '7*.
,7^ She was impolite to you—why shouldn't you be to her? ' yyy"■'. A'
Aj- He was dishonest and (overreaching ?in j. his ? dealings ■'*• with you—why
shouldn't you treat him v the same way? 7 y [7 , 7! AAx .77 ■ ? -.!
y Dear sir. dear madam, have stated the"* very; strongest reason why!
you should live up to your highest ideal of yourself ■; in your dealings with
this person. . ?\ * y y-7 ;.-.- •--'-■ -.._-■.- -
', " Here's wishing you ■ the strength to do it!
The "Bard of Avon"
Enter Jewish
Women's Council
7 The/Council* of t Jewish /Women cele
brated the /eleventh-7 anniversary of
, { their institution in thisf city by ' an/in
,j : formal luncheon, which was held in
1 | the Scottish Rite auditorium at 12:30
o'clock^yesterday afternoon. The af
fair; took/the* form *a ? Shakespearean
,treat,'?• both/ as ? regards /the . breakfast
\ "and-j the entertainment which * followed,*
and the program/under«the /direction
. of Mrs. Mark Neumann, president iof
the organization, and her assistants.
; was so arranged that the senior? and
m junior members : and guests found equal
pleasure .in every/number. / *
7 During*? the breakfast/ Mrs.\: Julius
Kahn - officiated /as/itoastmistress ■/ and
trie; responses, to her toasts' were -given
by Mrs.' Bert Schlesinger, Mrs. Martin
A. Meyer,,Mrs.' Henry' Sahleln;and Mrs.
M.^R./Fleischman/,;/.' 77; / ,7/ ■ * AA:
Following the repast a one act play
"Shakespeare's 7Ladies/Speak" at Last
was given hy members of the council/
The prologue^ was read'; by? Mrs. Henry
Abrahamson. Mrs. M. C. Sloss took the
; part of Portia, Mrs. Sam Caro played
the j role /of | Juliet? and "i the .parts "; of
Ophelia and- Lady Macbeth were given
by/ Mrs. William / C./' Vobrsa nger.i..--• and
■. Mrs/Otto Irving/Wise,/respectively.
Mrs. Lucius Solomons sang the solo J
"Cleopatra" with a piano accompani
ment by Miss Helen Livingston. The !
music for ;the/ afternoon was under
the direction /of Mrs. David Hirschler |
and Mrs. Simon Ketten. ' j
This morning, from 9 a. m. to "noon,
the;beautiful' natatorium of the Lurline
Ocean Water Baths, Bush and Larkin
streets,//:is7 reserved 7 exclusively . for
women bathers. - - -
Ruth Camerom
,♦. —,—, —--♦
v Prof. George H. Boke' of. the : law de
partment of the University of Cali
fornia has arranged a course? of 10
lectures; /prepared/"with -reference; to
the recent grant of suffrage to. women;
with the purpose of qualifying; them
for their political "~?responsibilities, to
be given-at. his residence, 1100 Lombard
street, corner of-Hyde/beginning Mon
day evening, November 13, at S?o'clock:
An afternoon course will also 'i be "given,*
and individual instruction to those,who
desire it. ■ The topics' to be presented
by Professor X Boke ' will embrace /the"
law and the political organization for
voters ..and the/legal .status/of /women;
the purpose being to develop the lec
tures into a school of politics/Similar
courses'are being'organized at present
in Berkeley and: in Palo 'Alto. ' -
/^^\ Plan to Give, a
(^^y VI CT R OLA
A^Z^y. For Christmas
CJ There is certainly no gift that would give greater
pleasure to the receiver and the whole ; household for
many Christmases to come than a VICTROLA.
f We sell Victrolas from $15 to ; $200. Victor
Talking Machines, $10 to $68. Any Victrola or
Victor on moderate terms. ,
"HOUR OF MUSIC" Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock in our
Recital Hall. Public cordially invited. Take elevator lo Bth floor. ■
Sherman Ray & Co
* 7 ' 7 Kearny and Sutter Streets, San Francisco
"v Fourteenth and Clay, Streets, Oakland
HMHW-M* i-b-m ii \m iii i-M«aww^nßiMMa-HnM--HauHH-_n_aM---a^-w-Hi-r«-Mn-H__i ***mmmi^mmmmm
Manicure and Hairdressing Shop : v
"The Wistaria Bower"
X. Oriental Furnishings^— Attendants (No Apprentices) 7.7 7
Tea Served Free to ; Patrons ; Every Afternoon '•?
Facial : Massage Scalp Treatment |
Double Chins Reduce^
'• 'Ladies are invited to inspect" this unique shop.
Sachs Building kZSHms Fourth Floor
Appointment* Can Ba Mafia £jr-Tele phone.
No young woman, in the joy of
coming motherhood, should!*, neglect
to prepare her system ! for,; the phys-
ical ? ordeal y she fis to undergo. The
health -of both she and coming
child tdepends • largely upon the care
she bestows upon ; herself during ' the
waiting mouths. '-; 4 Mother's Friend
prepares the expectant mother's sys
tem for the com g event, and r its use
makes her comfortable during all the
term It works with and ' for nature^*.
and by gradually expanding all tis
sues, muscles and tendons, involved, -
and keeping, the breasts in good con-!
dition, brings the woman to the crisis
in splendid physical condition. The
baby too is more apt to be perfect and
strong where the mother v l has thus
prepared herself for nature's supreme
Junction. vNo' better advice could be-!
given a young expectant motherthaa
that she use \ Mother's/Friend ; ; it is a
medicine that has proven its value in
thousands of *-7" 'X^c;xA,X'A.{.A.yx'x*:-x
cases. Mother's TMT^^Tv*v__'_**
Friend is sold at JH_olll6l £s
drug '•i£ttj^'US^Zftf
•Write for free r J5E_fiRQjJ
book for expect- ■-- « -.-.,y?-yi -7y- „7v
ant 1 mothers -which contains i much
valuable information, and many sug
; gestions of a helpful nature. « i
Dr. - 7- Lyon's *:
fa L|on ©
* I PERFECT^ ; '
Tooth Powder
cleanses, preserves and beau
tifies the teeth and imparts
purity and fragrance to the
breath. Mothers should teach;
the little ones f its/dailyuse.,
Secure Health
while you may 1 ♦ The first good"
step is to regulate* the action of
.your sluggish bowels by early use of
gSCiidlil o
Sold Everywhere. - In boxes lOC. and 25c.

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