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Horns and a Herald Show Los
Angeles' Appreciation of
1915 Exposition
Nothing But Smiles' Greet San
Francisco Delegation as It x' t
Speeds Toward 1 Phoenix ":
New Plans to Boost
Panama Exposition
. Plana for the large** aviation
field In, the world to, be con
structed in San \ Rafael ip time
for the exposition in 1015 are
being prepared -by M. C. Tunl*on,
aeroplane builder, and a number
of wealthy backer*. *p'^7l
-, ?pre*» and publicity committees
are asking trans-Atlantic steam
ship companies to fly a flag bear
ing* "1915" on all their ships*.
California development board,
encouraged by its success at Tu
rin, has transferred Its exhibit to
Berlin, and will open a permanent
headquarters in that city for the
exploitation of California prod
ucts and resources, and the pub
licity of the Panama-Pacific fair.
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
COLTON, on board special P. P. I. E.
excursion train, Nov. 9. —The reception
tendered the delegation of San Fran
cisco business men who are en.route
to the state fair at Phoenix, Ariz., by
the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
proved conclusively that the citizens of
that city are backing the Panama-Pa
cific International exposition. The Los
Angeles representatives showered
fruits and flowers on the excursionists
and then took them for an automobile
ride through the residential section^ of
their city.
When the special train reached the
outskirts of Los Angeles, a committee
composed of James Slauson, president
of the Chamber of Commerce; Secretary
Frank Wiggins and G. G. Johnson,
boarded the train and welcomed the
delegation. Baskets of fruit were given
each member of the party. Automo
biles were- furnished at the main sta
tion and the delegation paraded
through the streets, headed by the offi
cial herald, whose bugle calls attracted
attention to the exposition boosters.
* A. C. Rulofson, president of the Home i
Industry league, laid in a supply of
horns and the excursionists made more
noise than the herald. C. A. Cook,
manager of the Fairmont hotel, joined
the party at Los Angeles and brought
a supply of fans that were appreciated
on th* trip through the valley. Through
the courtesy of H. R. Judah, assistant
general passenger; agent of 'the South
ern Pacific railroad, the departure of
the train -was delayed an hour, giving
the boosters a chance to get better ac
quainted with the Augelenos.
S. Z. Osborne, W. H. Booth, Jud Sae
ger, J. v. Vickers, Dr. Walter Lindley,
Arthur Kinney, Carl McStay, William
Harrison. E. C. Cribb, George H. Pike
and M. M- Davidson of Los Angeles,
helped to entertain the San Francis
cans while in the southern city. 7 v
As no one on board the special could
play the piano well enough for. the crit
ical audience, W. S. Gannon had Eller's
Music company place a player piano
on the train. Five carpenters and as
many more porters were pressed into
service. The former took out a plate
glass window just to make things plea
sant for the delegation. 77;?
Almost every member of the party
gave away souvenirs. Before half the
Journey was over the delegation had
buttons, fans, badges, flags, horns, more
badges-, booklets and cards and every
thing given away was a boost for the
1915 exposition.
Tonight Miles brothers gave a mov
ing picture show in one of the cars and
plans were arranged to startle the na
tives of Arizona with a choice selection i
of yells, songs and noises.
Steamship Lines Asked to
Fly "1915" Flag to Boost ;
the : Exposition ' X
If the plans now r being prepared by
M. C. Tunlson;the "aeroplane builder
of Marin county, * with the encourage
ment of a number ©^capitalists across
the bay, are carried out, San Rafael,
by the time the Panama-Pacific ; inter
national * exposition opens, will* have
the - largest aviation field in the world,
and the world's fair in. San Francisco
will be the scene of the greatest: avia
tion meet that : has ever been held in
the history of aerostatics. 7-7 '.■■. -
'.• Tunlson, who is the? Inventor of a
monoplane, laid out the Dominguez
aviation field : and he proposes to * lay
out a field of 100 acres near the county
seat of Marin county in 7 connection
with a; large amusement park, having !
scenic • railways, concessions and the '
attractions usual to such recreation •
resorts. 7*7 ■
At the rate at which .aerial naviga- '
tion? is progressing ;is certain . that
by 1915 it will have developed to a
degree r not now Imagined, so ? that * the
directors of the falrrs_ arranging for
an aviation congress jto be held ; during
the exposition, are planning for f exhi
bitions I and* races, undoubtedly
will be I revolutionizing;. In. the science
of aerial transportation. '77 ' ? -
Invitations vl have been extended * by '•
Tunlson : and the 7 Marin-5 County Im- I
provement league to the leading •avi
ators >- to take their s* machines 4to ;* San
Rafael,? where 5 they -trill be accommo- f
dated with 1 hangars free, and? 25 avi- <
ators already have signified their ac
ceptance. ,-* ,;";- ■■';-; ,? .'-.■•■ ?.-■■ ■•; ,y,
It; is safe :to say that * by *•1915 flights '
from Harbor View tto."; the ian 3Rafael!
field will be ybf such ordinary occur- j
rence as to occasion i; no more comment i
than 7an 7 automobile '7 trip ; does at
present...7..,' P7 7' 7'"7. 7 7 '■"[■ .■ 7
The ■; press and publicity ■; committee, 1
• acting upon the suggestion of Presi- J
dent C. C. Moore, is communicating *
with the trans-Atlantic steamship com- :
panics with a view •to having 7 them ',
adopt and? fly a "1915" flag for the'
purpose of advertising the San Fran- {
cisco exposition. ] • XXA •
- A small white flag bearing the expo
sition date :in black has been flown
for cAme time by Moore and sLhers
.at .
Don't Be an Ohwhatstheuse;
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lovers' Contest Picture
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It makes no difference whether typewriter, pen and ink or pencil is used
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i All members of one family, living at one address, may participate In the
contest, .but only one prize will be awarded .to: that family.7; That is, if two
members of the same family ati the same address qualify among the * list of
prize winners, the one getting .the highest; prise 'will be recognized, but the
other will of necessity, have, to-forego his prize. '• Remember, however/ that this
applies only to.members of the SAME family, living at ONE address. It does
not apply, to members of . the same .family; living at different addresses. A con
testant who wants to know whether or not Jhe -can use his office address ;as ? his
address, because another member of his family at home is also working on the
contest, Is told that nothing could be gainedi by so doing. ? The two /can -work
quite independently of each : other, but if both qualified for prizes, only the one
getting the highest prize would be recognised. Both live at the same address.
on their pleasure craft, and It is ex
pected, in view of the benefits of
travel to be , gained by the Atlantic
lines from the foreign public visiting
the fair, that they will lend their aid
in this manner toward Its exploita
tion. .- *?7 y l .■'-■* * -
Among the lines addressed by the
committee are the North German Lloyd,
the Hamburg-American, the Cunard,
the White Star, the American, the At
lantic : Transport, .the Compagnle Gen
erale Transatlantique and: others.
The California exhibit at Turin,
which has : been the object of great
interest the last summer, at the Turin
exposition, is to be transferred to Ber
lin, according-to advices just received
by Robert Newton Lynch of the Cali
fornia Development board, ? who was
in charge of the exhibit until his re
turn recently to San Francisco.
The development board was so en
couraged by its success at the Italian
exposition that it has decided to main
tain a permanent . office /and • exhibit
in the German capital to interest for
eigners in the resources 'and products
of California and to advertise the 1915
exposition. 7
Santa Clara County Plans
[Specie/ Dispatch to The Call] 7 7
SAN JOSE/ Nov. 9.Permanent of
ficers, were elected by the' Santa Clara
county 1915 exposition 7 committee and
two plans for Santa Clara county's part
in the fair .were discussed at a meeting
of ? the county general «; committee 1 this
afternoon in the rooms of the San Jose
Chamber of Commerce. " " * •; ?,
One of the plans for the county ex
hibit calls for an? immense panoramic
painting of the valley jto be housed in
an immense oval pavilion, with growing
orchards< and towns,7roads and "fields
laid out in minute detail. ?V 7 *
Another is to devote a large part of
the fund to motion pictures of the val
ley and its industries. 77
Three Streetcar Robberies, Two
Burglaries and Holdup .
! Pickpockets on a . McAllister street
car yesterday robbed, Edgar May,7 1994
Golden Gate avenue, of $407
John Lidman, 79 Bruce avenue, re
ports the loss of $41 on a Mission
street car. ,
■ Burglars entered the home of Mrs. G.
Collins, 889 ;.'Oak'!street," and stole jew
elry valued»at $55: - *■ - ?- • 7
* Held up by two men at Montgomery
and 7 Jackson ? streets 7 early ; yesterday
morning,' Charles Brown of 450 Eighth
street, Oakland, was ; robbed, of $12.
The saloon of August Sunsmann, Polk
and Pine f streets, ;was entered by burg
lars yesterday morning and $25 ■-'.was
stolen from the cash register. - ?-*■
7. Victor ; Sallerin. 738 .1 Harrison street,
reported that 7 pickpockets robbed > him
of $7 on a Third street car yesterday. 7
i v Sheehy. -72 rear* of age. ; Hying at 4160 Twenty-'
/"- fourth . street,"l has ' been ; reported i missing, f no
left hi* home late Wednesday afternoon. He Is
- the father of Patrolman E. MeSheeby. „-,
The China and Japan
7* i 7' aWk^aw/] fl ? 7771W1 kn% I ■ Ih .■■"
DAILY 7:00 P. M.
From San Francisco
-... •■-'■ ■ •„' ': .■■■..■:-. - ..-,■• .... .:■;-.,■;■ * i. ... , ..-.-. ,-.■■■■■■.
* aav—_■—a—aw *
,-"?' l*-*';_^_____Si___il_l^S___^;;' •"■ *'?'?"--»•'' --* "r-';—-■'.*-;r---i-.* .
—■—■——«—•—«•'—■——WWmmmmmWMHHMWMMi —■_^M_—_M_M_______B
/••_:... . . ' , i .*. *.-..- -••-;-•-... "*_■**fs-*i*><e-*«»*H
-*--*-*-* ——_——— ■ _______— ; _—___—__—__- —^———
Doctor Charged With Using the
Mails to Defraud and Bail
Is Placed at $25,000
LOS ANGELES,7Nov. 9.—Dr. John
Grant Lyman, the promoter, now; in
prison in San Francisco, after a spec
tacular escape and flight from Alameda,
was indicted by the ' federal grand jury
here 7 today on the charge of * having
used the mail to defraud.. ? Ball was
fixed at 125,000. • 7
7 The indictment today was the result
of an operation 7 promoted ,by Doctor
Lyman7 In 7 land supposed 7to be con
tiguous- to the Panama canal. 7
Federal officials expressed the opinion
today that the filing of the f indictment
here would ' result in the dismissal -of
proceedings now pending * in! San I Fran
cisco ■ against Lyman, so that :he might
be J brought to Los Angeles at ■ one© | for
trial.? X.AxrX : AXx..A'i 77?' ;???'77K
*; Lyman conducted " his operations \ un
der the name; of the Panama Develop
ment company, a corporation? supposed
to have a capital of $1,000,000 i paid up.
Will overcome all distress from
a bad cold or the Grippe in
, just a few hours 7
THe; most 7 severe cold will be
broken, and?all ";' grippe misery i ended
after. taking a dose of Pape's Cold Com
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secutive doses are taken. . •'."'-
? Tou will i distinctly i feel/all. the dis
agreeable 7 symptoms leaving' after the
very first dose. -• , -
■■■:, The most"'miserable- headache,"- 5 dull
ness,? head and nose stuffed up, fever?
ishness. sneezing, running of the? nose,
sore/7 throat, mucous 7 catarrhal dis
charges.* soreness, stiffness, rheumatism
pains and other distress vanishes. .7.
„P ape's : Gold Compound is the result
of % three j years' ? research.' at .a cost 'J of
more f, than fifty thousand"? dollars ? and
contains '£ no ?; quinine, which we J have
conclusively demonstrated Is not ef
fective lin the 7 treatment' of colds '■> or
grippe. , 7, - >: - : , L :
j- Take . this harmless' compound *as ; di
rected," /with. the -J knowledge that * there
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cold or end; grippe misery as promptly
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s bad after-effects as a 25-cent package
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druggist in the world can; supply. 77
-TV! T|ZJC!'X^¥#^]VT« What does this picture repre-.
l/lJi^-1 ! iv/ 1 • sent?
_• m t/-^ ~r ~r rrSrv The title of a well known book, and also a
A \| W* \/ |3s|J • $3,000 house and lot to the contestant
/"\ j l|-_s J▼ ▼ JL-^JTV* getting the answers to the 77 pictures
most nearly correct.
Get In The Call's Booklovers' Contest Now! 7
Today the third picture in the contest is,published; Get the first two pictures from neighbors or- friends, and then i
follow the contest from day to day, saving.all the pictures. The contest is free to every one. You do not have to enroll, there
is no soliciting or canvassing in it— is a pleasant and profitable game The Call has devise, for its readers. Start now!
Ist Prize Bungalow and lot in QQ nflfl
IM rriZe Beautiful Burlingame wOjIHIU
■?"■ ■"■... -: y .■. -y'y"'■???■;.■ **y ■ .' ' ■ ' * 7 ' - * '*■ --' ■'' ■'■ 7 ■ -
t""% f^-D-Ll*-^ ''h. 4_? $ _?_*{£■ k«__ _H 7
JB| Bj"** 8"" *^__ f_*r_p*^_l
1 jl til yihyf^iiiigi^
Situated in the best; residence section ofTiurlihgame/ohe.blocklfrom the
car line to San Francisco and two blocks from San Mateo Boulevard-El
Camino Real. The house will be delivered in rthe best of condition, with side
walks laid and street, sewers and curbing work; done. Lot is:soxl2o. v
2d Prize iii^ coin $500
3d PRIZE Comp,ete Set owning Room S5OO
■ [' . '^■IgT^mT''~ilirriSyf This suite is made up of a side
-- ■7*l H^^^T^Tf-. " board, china cabinet, extension dining
1-pBT) I■' " table, six dining^ chairs^ and two arm
l*| gs^y^^aa.-^Si' dining suite is All are made of the
IpP^^^^Tl board, china cabinet, extension dining
|l _ 1' table, six dining chairs and two arm
_B *l^^^-SRSSr dining chairs.' All are made of the
Jl-I ■BjBBF^-UidlMWB finest selected quarter-sawed white
Safe p-^_?v^s^Plli .-_ras^__. oa ' 6fW*^*^ in the early English oak
- """**?. 5$ t^s- *" flo*Pif|jf the coast, noted for the excellence
("ST? iH_pj. i gg^nf 3 and honesty of its products, the firm
iNp^O" I^^% Post and Stockton Sts.
ft*- -« . *£__*' San Francisco
it h PRI7F 1 Order, for Silverware or Jewelry 00 nil
Till I EII-.1. 7 From the stock of ; £adke & Co. " MwUU
Fourth, eleventh and twelfth prizes pi||MC^^*^ftjj«s^
are selections to the value of $300, $125 Pfill a llnfl fill 7
and $70, respectively, from the rich Jew- M ri^QKfifi^Q*; ■!»
elry, silver ware and art stock of Radke 7 I .11 »Ail |B
& Co. Contestantss desiring to view the y Ax 7<! I|,.7|S
articles' from which selections may be _£^^^o_fe_^<s^^_^ W
made will be given every attention at
the store of $tl _IP_W"I _R_B
CitVDi«_^ Harper Bros. Library. Books to 00011
3 111 rriiC be Selected by Contestant i|uUU
M_f&*-\-"* __rav*^*l^^_H _H^ *9_s?? -^_^__h__f< -^n^—sEJHP?-- "<^
P'.y .■ _»s!_£ ffl_m IBll:''''ifflMß i_h_—jftr* -ftifiM ~a~Bs>. •iSa_l__BßKs "y. i
*^^^i:- sa^P-*-^!!-!^ T^-T^* *^^:-?*£3> ■ '?? _■!_&* '
> Fifth, sixth and: ninth grand prizes will be libraries of books' to the, value
of $300, $275 and $175 ? from : the * library 7of Harper Bros. :7 In this" library? are
included) the i best volumes*of fiction, travel, history, etc., of today and of ; all
time. Among the minor prizes also will be 50 $10 sets of Harper Bros.' books.
Harper 1 Bros, * books; may be seen at • any • first ' class book : store, where * they ■ are
on sale. Total value of book prizes ..;.'..'. 7......:...'. .7.7...'.;;.... 7. 91,250
__Silfli?^l 74h PDI7F I Columbia Grafonola Q 9 Efl
E^^pl I™ rwlfct Outfit, With Records M^UU
!__■ l__l __>*'! The various- Columbia 'instruments to -be awarded
JBS^kE %!■■„ successful contestants by.The Call represent the highest
__£_[ _^^ I* development in mechanical musical instruments. The
B^l« f^jC Columbia "Symphony*' grafonolas, seventh and eighth
fill rIULL outfit, With Records atOU
The various* Columbia instruments to be awarded
successful contestants by The Call represent the highest
development in mechanical musical instruments. The
Columbia "Symphony" grafonolas, seventh and eighth
_H_M!llliillli "1 prizes, and the Columbia grafonola "Mignon" tenth
JiiSßplifOlln-ilS^I prize, are known among- artists* for their sweet, true
Km Ifiillilnlilßil tone. Thirteenth prize is a $50 Columbia^ grafonola,
WSJm la 111 Iff I^P» I 'and there are 32 prizes, of phonograph outfits and
M- || . % Total Columbia instruments to be awarded, $1,100
911 DriTDO ®* jewelry orders of $25 each to be selected QCfJfl
CU rriZßSfrom the stock of the Baldwin Jewelry Co. $3UU
X , ' . ■ -: ' ' ■ . X
—8 __<t:^3BI SSSb Bg?f:fa»_H _ I ' -
■ IBSk^HI —MFSv^e^-^K—I _V^__n__r__Bl^_l^Vr* v#^^Bß _H ■*
Hff_fi Hu_«< ■ *___Bj_yTPPS_»_ohTE ' - ■ ***■"
BB^ra*> SbS MBfnPffjS~~_* , t3k^ - C__F^__rfi_li_P'- v?: *: *£ vleS—hl*^ ** * '^^^ '*, l^w^ti^^^i<t-fl*R^^Ss[3^BH *
' —MS^TWC7-._>&.-.'>?■>_g^**.!_ipßJs__l "~_~*?! W—n:7i^ ■^""Jfcfc' *• &&*R_r7T*—_i'
__^-^l£_M_l%£ /■*"£'■ - * Jm&* HUl****^uSG& rSm ■ i!*~*~ *?t " s>***-~-uiiT,~*lP*Tr5 >***-~-uiiT,~*lP*Tr fg—Hr mY—W
■BE___T_l BeP?X^_V___s£'' r'*••*sCr^?ii&> *j[..'?,**^b^_uj^«2__bb__l
A ffcviof the thousands of i art objects, pieces of i jewelry and fsilverware* from
which selections will be made to the value of $25 each'are. shown -in the illus
tration. All can be seen at the store of . , ..-apwfeMfe:-
THE BALDWIN JEWELRY CO., 29iKearny^ Street, San Francisco.
470 Prizes 4,* Mdit M,ik $1,000
Originated by, George? Haas & Sons, and specially priced at 80c r a pound. Ex
quisitely c flavored bonbons, with a coating of rich milk chocolate over delicious
ALMOST ALL ,~® .'" ~F~~I
BOOK LOVERS /^V,-- „ J 3* j.^ jf jM
ARE CANDY-/ /f v*l&& Cfoco&fct J?
LOVERS / A* v"'.•-' sjsarjnt*cfiico CamWJBmW. - ?
j The Call's Booklovers' Contest i
I Picture No. 3 ,■> ' j! ■
Write title and name of author in form below ;
Title,,. 77. ..[..:. ...... i.. .7 .V.T. .> ."...v..'... .. . ...;.'.';.. .. /
Author " • .• . .'.-»••• .'• . .. a ..•«>1.... ••• . ••*•*•!. . . m •* • . •'•!»;
Your Name . —
Street and Number. -.
_», . •' *; ............ \\\* I;
rV '.J ;■:... A- .'-■,:■ *■.■'.'•**■''", 7 " '..?■ * -."^ ■"'■ '* ■ '-A,. m ■■■'■:'■ ■ .■.',-!.' *■,■-. .;-"-r*»-. -J
City or Town ...... 7... 7................. ...'...
No. 3 Nov. 10, 1911 No. 3
A.s' ■ , «. * 7* .';-"* „ -
Wait until you * have all the answers to the pictures before sending
them in, for no partial lists will be considered.
Booklovers 9 Contest Rules
All persons are eligible to enter the contest except employes of the San Fran
cisco Call and members of their families. Each day, for 77 days, there will be
published in The Call a picture .which?will represent the name of a book. Be
neath this picture there will be a blank for the v contestant to fill in the name
of the book and author. -y V; ?v. •'?■;--.-:■."?:. *.' .-??■? "77 '■"-".' 7
* Cut out the picture and blank and fill in the name,and author of the book
"and your.name and address neatly and plainly -in the space provided.
7 No restrictions will be placed on the way in which answers to the pictures
may. be secured. ~ Each picture represents only the title of one book. If you are .
not certain of a title and wish to send In more than one answer to each picture
ANY* 3 PARTICULAR PICTURE. Incorrect answers .will x not I count against con-?
testants if correct answer is also given. More than one answer must not be put
on the same coupon.'.: Extra coupons must be used for extra, answers. All an
swers to the same picture must be kept together in sending In the set. ; - y >
V-'lt is necessary that pictures be sent in with the answers, in order that tall;
answers may be ? uniform. Additional ■ pictures; and coupons may be ; obtained at
The Call office, ■ by. mail or in person, j Answers will not be j accepted -unless I they
are properly filled out on the coupons appearing beneath each- picture. ■? Each
answer must be : written :on a separate coupon. * ■*.-■
y- When you have all 77 answers fasten', them, together and bring them* or
mail -them >in a neat ;*flat' packagenot folded -or rolled—to The Call ' office,
addressed to the BOOKLOVERS' CONTEST EDITOR. Prizes will be awarded to .
the contestants sending In the largest | number of correct solutions.- In the event
of two or more persons having the same number of correct solutions, the person
using the * smallest - number .. of ? extra - coupons iin his set of anwers will * be* de- ?
clared the winner. In the event of |two or more persons having; the same num
ber correct and using the same number of r coupons, awards will be; made on
the basis of neatness, but If the ties can not be decided 'in that way the value
of; the prize will be equally divided among s them. .:?. \ 7 -7*--.
-? ?. ? More than orte prize will ; not !be * awarded jto ; any one family to one address, ;
but each member of the family may enter *, the contest and submit-a, complete
set. ■'■ ' ■ >" * * ?' * ?•* * x > :'■'' ■"■;. i? *;■ '-'■?''. -? ■ ?; * ■ ■ '** - ,''' xx; ?; x^f.-x -. *- -•..---. --.
* ;*• Only one, complete set ': (comprising not more than .' 10 Canswers, to ? any one
picture) (of I answers -. may 'be = submitted by j any one > contestant. Awards i will *be l
made strictly according to the merit of each separate list. The names, of more
than one person must not be written on any one coupon *<-
All answers will be considered on their merits. The first filed will have
no ;, preference over-• the last filed, provided only that answers to be considered
must filed within < the time specified when the last picture appears.
-.. The awards •-, will be made by the Contest Editor and three well known
citizens whose < names *, will be announced later. '?* s: ? ;. •
7 ;':*? The correct answers Jto . the ■ series of pictures will be ' filed with a local trust
company or bank week previous to the close of ; the contest. - *:■/■>•
Entry to the contest may be made at any, time. : 7;
;. - The first illustration published November 8, 1911. v..—. ? 7?. ?.. \XA
!7 All communications or letters of inquiry concerning the contest should be
addressed ;to the Booklovers' Contest Editor, San? Francisco Call, San" Fran
cisco, Cal. • ,7 •-
A New Copyrighted Contest Cata
logue Goes on Sale Wednesday,
November 15
•*.--.: ;-■ .-. ■ ■ •■■-; .. ■. y. ■ y y :< ■.---.-... -„ ■„ .■ •■-,
; The Catalogue issued for the former contest is void and
'"! .' ■■■".'""."'-", ■"■.■*-" .'.»'- ■ -■■.-■_■.. x.':'■ x~x: -'X. ■'" :■'■'■' -• ■■',***'■'■•"■■ ."
, 7-7, 'Ax'AA *.77*--7 77'- useless. ■■ , -■
, •■■■■■'''•:. .-••■-■-■ ':'■''','.■ ■ "■ . i ■-. ■: '.:"'■..'..■■•y J - ■■ *.",'.,'.•.'•.'.■•-■..*-.,•■':'!.';..' ■' .....*„..'.• ».':.. - :. *» .....
*i > ;..' - '-■.;.'* . . ' ' - --. .■ '. ;""*." - •■ ' ' ' -'■''... ■ ' '■"." '..:-*. '■■ ...'.■ ... ■ r..., ......... . „ :: . -..,;■'..
-35 pictures will be given FREE with the new catalogue.
A catalogue of 4,500 book titles, with the names of their authors, has been
issued by the Booklovers' Contest company of San Francisco, and fully copy
| righted. Exclusively from this official catalogue the titles represented by the
77 pictures are selected. Therefore -THE CORRECT TITLES *f CAN TALL
And listen I With each catalogue will be given, FREE, seven certificates
good for the FIRST 35 pictures, with their coupons. In words, The
Call simply presents contestants with 35 pictures, worth many times the
I value of the catalogue< itself ; Each of the seven certificates is redeemable at
any time during the Contest for any five of the FIRST 35 pictures, with their
coupons. 7 ,7 ' , 7"' ,',.• . . *'-
You : may, not ? need ? these extra * pictures ■• now,, but you . will , need them
before the [contest ]is over to I replace pictures; lost, soiled ;or ; torn, or Ito make
extra answers, etc. , The - ; Call? admonishes contestants that it ■ reserves the *
right to T withdraw this remarkable free picture offer without notice.
i £^Thei catalogues go on sale at the ■■ San Francisco and Oakland offices of
I The Call next Wednesday, November .15, and with each catalogue will be *j
| given the seven certificates, redeemable at anytime for the first 35 pictures '
Better get a catalogue at once, because the free picture offer may with
drawn at any time. This remarkable offer is a new feature with the Book
lovers* Contest, and it may prove to be too great an expense in printing ■;
handling and redeeming the.pictures. We will test the offer for a while. ft
may be continued throughout the contest or* summarily withdrawn, .. r--h%/ST-

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