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Individuality and Strength Re=
vealed in 26 Paintings
W. F. Jackson Ventures Into
New Field and Marshland
Scene Is Product
Katharine Clark Prosser
The longr heralded Redmond exhibi
tion has come and the paintings of
which there are 26, are hung in the
Helffesen galleries in Sutler rtr«*t
They will remain on display until
Christmas eve.
The -work of Gvamille Redmond
shows individuality and strength, and
he lays on his pigments with a keen
technical knowledge. There is atmos
phere and feeling In his canvases. In
the matter of color his present dis
play shows a tendency toward a low
key and his pictures are handled in an
exquisite harmony of tones.
The g-ems of the collection are a
couple of marines, in the painting: of
which Redmond has shown himself In
a new light, these two being his first
attempt at sea studies. The larger of
the two is- simple in its treatment,
showing a stretch of inrolling -waves
under a dull gray sky. The entire
scene is cast in a lilac tone, the -white
nests of the breakers giving the only
hint of light to the whole. Its beauty
is irrefutable and stamps its author
a* one of the foremost American paint-
Phe smaller of the two !s very
similar to the one just described and
is treated in the same sympathetic
There are a couple of March scenes
-which are remarkably good. There are
also a number of oak pictures, which
?re particularly fine, and a group of
liny landscape sketches, which are
jewel like in their brilliancy.
W. 1". Jackson has rightly been called
the painter of flowers. After three
years of continuous study of the fields
of California, he lias come to be known j
at home and abroad for his exquisite
wild flower pictures. Most of his work
lias been devoted to a portrayal of the
fragile, golden poppy, but during the
last year he has branched out and in
• h.uled many and various flowers of
•id forest in blfl paintings.
His latest departure has 1 taken him
on a tour of the marshes around Sui-
Bun and an interesting example of his
more recent work is on exhibition in
lh« galleries nf Rabjohn & Morcom in
street. The canvas is a large one
and presents a stretch of marshland.
In the background rises a low rugged
Mil, jufct a hint of sunlight striking Its
barren slopes, while the flat swamp
spreading out in all directions la liter
ally carpeted in a golden mat of flow
< rs. Through its midst runs a broad
shallow stream, its waters carrying the
reflection of many shadows.
Jackson is a Sacramento man. But
1 hough his* permanent studio is located
in the capital, he is continually on the
move and spends much of his time
around the bay cities.
Among 1 the most interesting art ex
hibitions of the year are those which
have appeared from time to time under
the auspices of the Century club in
FYanklin street. "Art for art's sake"
has been the motto on these occasions,
and the art interest has been con
sistently fostered. The displays have
been arranged with a view tdward up
holding the highest standard, and as a
result have drawn before their canvases
the most fastidious of the city's art
The first of these combined a number j
nf pictures which originally appeared \
5n the Paris spring salon. These were J
followed up by a display of colored
etchings of remarkable beauty. The I
next exhibition was a loan exhibit of
miniatures culled from private eollec- j
tions, and among the more recent I
events was an exposition of the minia- |
tures of Miss Mary Helen Carlisle, the |
English artist. Last Wednesday a
*roup of Miss Carlisle's pastels were \
shown in conjunction with Miss Maren j
Froellch's salon picture "The Chinese!
Robe," The latter was first hung in I
the spring exhibition of the Paris salon
Ifcl 1910.
It is the present intention to continue
these exhibitions from time to time
throughout the year.
Carl Jonnevold Is showing a small
collection of paintings in the Rabjohn t
& Morcom galleries in Post street which
la well worth seeing. One of the oils
presents a marine handled in gray '
tones. A stretch of wide, fiat beach is I
shown, with incoming shallow waves. j
In the distance, half obscured by the
rolling, whitecapped breakers, msy ho. I
seen the sails of a small ship. Over- I
nead the moon, half hidden In a gray j
cloudbank, casts a shimmering lane of
light over the water.
Another pleasing thing is a bit of!
level green country with a narrow little ■
lane running through it. To the left
appears a clump of slim, feathery
topped trees, while overhead the sky is i
broken up into masses of. billowing I
white clouds, with here and there a
patch of blue breaking, through.
A shallow ravine is the subject for
his largest canvas, its sloping sid^s |
showing a thick carpet of shrubbery
and grass. In the foreground is a little I
pool, whose surface is bright with re- I
fleeted light, while the bottom of the
hollow is overgrown with a mass of
low trees. A group, of cows may be
seen grazing on the slope. The sky, its
blue'almost obliterated: by the masses ;
of cloud climbing up from the horizon i
betokens the approaching storm
■ '•■•'/ * 45- * " '
In the same gallery is a new canvas
from the brush of F. L. Heath, the I
Santa Cruz artist. The picture is a
largo one.. and depicts a spot in the
heart of the forest. Through the pir
ture runs a pathway bordered by huge
towering redwoods.. while a touch of
sunlight flittering through the branches
lends a golden radiance to the scene
I Music in Golden Gate Park
The usual band concert will be Riven
In Golden Gate park today under the
direction of Charles H. Cassasa.
Following is the program:
Anthem........'...... "Star Spangled Banner"
March, "S«*bodl" .M#ss»net
Waltz. "Natunwiniper" .ziehrer
Overture, *'Masimilian Robespierre, or the Last
Days of Terror" (by request) T..r:;...... 1Jt0jj
Mosaic, "BalJo in Maschera'V ...;...'.■...* \>rdi
Fsntasie,', "Lohengrin" ........; R. ' Wagner
Excerpts,. "Mme.. Butterfly"' ...... Puccini
Hamorewjue, "The Green ; Eyed Monster".. v
;..'..."...'....!;...."... ;........ Godfrey
Quartet and storm scene,. "Rigoletto'J. ...Verdi
Intermezzo, * "Nalla" .........."..... i..: 4De ■ L.!be«
March,"Gilmore'i Triumphal" . ....... Brooke
'-:' • ' " m —: ■ ',; •
The Lurline Ocean Water Baths. Bush
and Larkin streets, are the most sani
tary baths in the -world. Comfortably
heated. Ocean water plunge ; constantly
circulating and filtering. Inspection in
vited. Spectatorsi free. Open 7 a. m. 1; to
10 p.m. daily and Sunday. ,
Remarkable Christmas Sales Tomorrow at D. Samuels
We announce four of the most important sale events we have ever held—three of them devoted to ideal CHRISTMAS GIFTS
UMBRELLAS, SHAWLS arid SWEATERS and the fourth a great READY-TO-WEAR event.
In addition to these, every aisle tomorrow will be crowded with special sales tables—all holiday opportunities.
Umbrellas Greatly Underpriced 'The Greatest Shawl Sale Ever Held f A Great Sale of Sweaters
Here is a sale that will be found most tune-almost' "/ ,< "" in This City ' HH ' Every sweater in the store, without exception, decisively
<'-■- "■ ■-• , „ ■■■■■■/" , i i " i -"' n ■ • ,h >\ .-....:■>;./ ■:--^'-:. :'■ '■■■■. ■■■■■.'? -.>• ; i reduced for a crrcat Christmas Sale tomorrow. ;
1.000 umbrellas, to , below value. .: || Nearly .000 beautiful worsted shawls.in 25 different styles,; \ . Thcclea rance;reductions on- sweaters : that might be ex-
We purchased an entire sample line of about 1.000 bcautful all >made '*of the celebrated 'Columbia brand of wool-will be ; pectcd in January vvi n be given before Christmas, instead. The
„._„--_ . , , i - r i.- sold tomorrow at prices that will astonish. Ihe cheapest shawl; reductions are exactly as follows:
handles at a discount of 50%. \\ then selected the regulation . , - *-,™ i r 4i *. *- aa «r i r : -.- ," , V *',"«"
,■,. , „ . rmi IT ■-■ -- 4 i -it is worth over $2.00 and irom there up to Sb.OO. \\ c have di- None reduced less than ?5%, and where, the color and size
splendid qualities of silk serge; Union Taffeta and pure silk, v ided them tomorrow into two price lots. ' assortments are incomplete, reductions as s: high ■> as 33'/ 3 %.
and had them mounted for this special sale—thus we arc able / n^-: , „/ „ onn ! .-, ' • . . „ : There is not an 'ordinary garment in our entire sweater de
to guarantee the qualities. ■ f vAt 98c each—We offer 800 of these;attractive serviceable \ tment . As is wcU kno ' wn> we specialise on the finest sweat
to guarantee the qualities. ' ,- , , , -, <:, • , 1 i ■■■• - partment. As is well. Known, we specialize on -tnc. nnest. sweat-
- . • ■;...- shawls—all white ground, with blue, pink and red interwoven. crs^that' have;been shown in this city. Sweaters characterized>
These umbrellas for men and women (none for children) The 9Sc shawls will comprise all of the regular $2.00 and $2.50 by shapeliness, made of pure worsted-yarns and strictly full
have been divided into three lots as follows: \ values. ■ fashioned. Practically every style is distinctive enough to
-&^ir *— i ".+ , . .:.'': •...■ ' . . „- . ,', ™ •.». • please the most discerning woman. . . ,
All umbrellas values to $3.50 fri nj; All umbrellas values to $6.00 *1 iC ; - At $1.25 each— the entire balance, nearly 1.200, comprising \. v , - cwrntprs but every sweater— every rough-neck
wi"besoldat : *»* /wiUbesoldat .............;;W.«; shawls worth ?3.00, 50.50, $4.00, $4.50 and $5.00. • . : f £*g* XhtptfUfai silk^te^Slhc import £?
All umbrellas values to $7.50 Ci. iZ * . The values"arc so extraordinary and the time so opportune lish and Australian wool sweaters—-all the children's sweaters
will be sold at ..:.:..:... .: <pi.™ - that notwithstanding the very large quantity, the best numbers —all of the children's outfits (cap, leggins and coat)—none
Magnificent Handles of Every Description. /will sell early in the morning. v\^ 'T, -: reduced less than : 25% and many as high-as 3s}s%.
All Ready-to-Wear Buyers Should Be at D. Samuels' Tomorrow
We are going to close out at $29.50 a variety of high priced garments of every description from this season's stock. This :is not a general clearance sale,
merely this: We have gathered together what might be c termed accumulated garments, but which in fact are all practically new, handsome, high-priced apparel, to
be sold tomorrow at a price never dreamed of by the designer or manufacturer.
On sale at this price will be quite a few high priced coats, also a number of exclusive tailored costumes— one- dozen evening wraps — handsome
satin coats and velvet gowns—two lines of splendid afternoon and evening costumes —20 fancy chiffon dresses and the balance handsomely trimmed suits. >
Altogether there will be some unparalleled bargains to make Monday a memorable ready-to-wear day for all people, whose minds are not entirely on
Holiday goods—s29.so will be the price for all of these selected garments. ;>; -J ■; /^ ' . ■ - J. - ..',"!'.,, , ...
As to value, we will only state this $29.50 is very much -less than the cost price to us of any of the garments offered on sale. Not one has ever before been of
fered at reduced prices. Be down here early tomorrow. - ; ",' „..,...-. .. ,
Gloves—a Desirable Gift Specials in Specials in FURS
pur iove department is at its be uov Women's Silk Hosiery Women's Silk Underwear — _ *T ; .J. ,
|^|^Pii Plliii pure thread silk hose ; Turcltalia n silk Combinations in • Throughout :OUr entire *ur Department, without
where:. ' ! B^^t^Or^C^ d^^ A^ -wte or "ink; it neck no «2 fiC any exception, customers themselves may deduct 25%
Women's- 1-clasp English Cape, ? WWte^nd at .:.:.:.. "3C : sleeves; knee length Jss=val/ at.. fjW.Od discount off marked prices/This does not mean
Sll^i^^^^'^oiS^i Plf^mi :SS^i ' J% er>s genuine Italian silk ; some furs that we wish to sell, but every fur of any
Omen's I d clasp p/k:'Paris' Point' Embroi- .colored * floral design.,; or^i \| (A Vests, all- -.-colorings. , $3.00 : JL7 45 description in the entire department. Over $250,000.00
dercd Kid, White only ...... * I.l© Pair black embroidery. $2.20 values at.. V 1«W ' values at.. ....;........ .^hd^TXV ■ wnrfli Jr _ mflffnin^Tit fnr^ nil nviflp 'by "Revillon
Women's 2-dasp P. K. Paris Point Embroi- PURE THREAD SILK ; HOSE. * >T. , linrt , ' sSi« Vet, Hand' WOltil Ot : magmtlCent lUTS, all. made ; py ■:.:■ ICeVlllOn
dered. White only . ......... *1.25 Pair Richly hand embroidered with fl»^ jP. ; /XcJetei! Yokes in ail shhScs (I*l 1Z Freres" (the leading furriers ill the r World), Subject
Women's 2-clasp P. K. Over-earn Pari^ Point. finest floral designs; magnificent \f IK Crocheted \okes in all shades. %■ l\y \
Embroidered $1.50 Pair quality. $2.75 values at :....... t|/£tltJ j $1.50 and $1.75 values at. ..... tpi»i^t/ to this 2Ofo OISCOUnt. '
Open Evenings. /7 Merchandise Orders. *^^& J^^ '/7 Glove Orders. £/ /} Open Evenings.
cJjvamiicS^ djUamuced^ dJvamsieca^
A big stock of strictly high grade garments at prices that A'^fE!|
make Christmas shopping easy r^ *( rln
Silk and Net Dresses tjsjr
Extra d* 11 A.50 ' Values to <^fife
Special J) J^ \J— $25.00 H^|W
Corduroy Suits, Skinner satin lined. 4* 1 C f\ A !'m:1I Kill m
Soldats29.so $ ID.UU \^H|!jin
Serge Suits, beautifully trimmed. dj-| o cja NS^'ciLl
Sold at $22.50 ....................,... ...'..: ml'OzplJ Jpg * O
Mannish Mixture Suits; plain tailored. d*Q QC i^^> W/
Sold at $17.50 ...'. /.... .V..........V.,....... <J>i7.£JO j|]|f^||k
High class Novelty Suits. <t 1 Q £fi \ fi * 1 IMP/
Soldats32.so *pIZr.V\J \ I .; ||^/
COATS ' rUK3 IrH I ill
immense Assortment '• / :C- S Mi ill
$3.95 to $35 V 4 Off \1 \WM )
— ■ ;iftio*;
Value $12.50. Special 3^^^^^^^ O r fro AC
$695 Cldak and Suit House $195^ J 2 45
--•■ y ■■*■- --^ MARKhT NcAK JONtS I $3.95
; Stockton,Street,.Above Suitor
~ ~San Francisco I* . '
American Plan, 93.00: Day :
Kuroprnn ;Plan, fI.RO Day .
A Hotel with Every* Modern Convenience.;
Erery^Rocm Connecting with Bath. :
Hotel Harcourt
-. European t»d . American i »lans>. Elegantly' fur
nished, modem bouse. "First class table. . I
Cadillac Hotel
SWM }^w\ J i L^avenworth Streets.
■jmiSßgk^QyjQl American piau to per-
HJBSJHCfItt; HBB| man»nt gDests. $+.". and
'inffjMi i&BMMAJr up; Kurcpeaa plan, $1
«*** irwTn ii"*^ ptr day.
'-". ' .■■■•"• ' ■ - * ' ■'■■-■ ; :
;'■ New»*t «u<l Most Popular Commercial ' Hotel.:'.
,>| 17-10 Powell; Street *at .Market '",
It. Six stor'ieK of ■ solid loom fort. Ten first -rl ass
f eating houses'within^ one block. RntP» ft, ; $1.50
Ito $4 p*r day. 225 rooms; not a-darkroom'in
the house. '. ■ ■■ ';";/ '-...' :. ~" - ■ „;• . ■;: ~,
"F. !„. &A. W. TfRPIX. Prop's, Mtrr«. e = V .
(Former: owners Uo.ral and Hamilton hot*]*.)
■_, Headquarters for former • pafronw of the I,lek,
Grand", and /Ross'hotels. 190 rooms with bath!
Rate* $1 day up. 250 Kearny st. between Butter
and Bufiti. ' ' -' ' '' ' '.'.'*-" ■" '.' *' * * "-".TA."-"-
730 Eddy Street. ;< Sf. W. GREXJG.^rrop.
-- Hot: and cold water. Telephone In ; eVery, room.
Rates,"}soc. to . f1.50 I per: day; * $3■. to' $."> per;week::
with!private bath, $4.50 to ?T. From 'ferry; take'
Eddy street car- ■-.*.< :.; ■■•'•:>,■• .T ■ ■»':■:::'
■■ •■-•-• - ■ - . ■ •' ... t •
A Quiet, Refined lloumc of Ln usual
'-.':'. ':""" •."": :•" ;.-'Kxcellencey' v,;:'"-■? ;"-f"
•'..* American Plan, with batli. $4 a day. '/.
"' .'•' "' * ■""'■.• v(2'person* jf7) :": ■ -•', - '.:■';..- ■
, European 'PI gn.t with *■ bath. $2 day. 1
L ■■"•;■ ->- >(2;p*>r«on»,|s3.so) h „ -■'•■ :
f- ■- "; 1-■".•'"•■ PosttlTPly Fireproof. ::.':' ; ': x '
Half Block From Columbia Theater
Society eof California Piono*™ 1 bldg., Fourth *at
\- new. Market. -* California'siMost; Popular Hotel.
M 400 rooms, 200 \ bathn. ;; European« plan, $1 5 per
fluy and ap.,;Plninjr; room gnttim 500.'?*, Table
d'Hoteior.a'la'.CartecSPrTire, Bsdeslrpd. SPE
A. M. to 2 p.m.—siv.v EDWARD ROLKIN.
Manager. ■■ GEU. A. DIXoN, Assistant Manager.
. YOU SAVE KROM*2Sc to gi.r.o on I 0 lf7l'7"Ctf" kMf Jt/Ciff I YOU SAVE from 2.v- m $1.50 OX
!\«H PIBI MASK ! **• *■** ■ Oulll/iani I KACH PURCHASE
r y si fid 83 jpfl 39 n [ BB sk Jflf IS^*d3 Eb jBfc Hr^^M as Bfl ■■ [ a b fsl SB
SB t3m HJ BB SS . hB * aw& |HI ' N. fjj| EPS ifl b&\ Bi wH BST Is . -eL J ted EE7
■ Qjl fIH PK |H II BB fl|| jJ X IS I A. Jw H9 ckk Iff Is Je^smtS tH fir 41
■Holiday Specials That Are Money Savers
\ fgejh liirls' BOYS' PATENT omen's
I Wlffm Patent Colt COLT BLACK SATIN ||||
, A ITOIiIDAV NOVELTY THAT Hill BBS sßP?^^' ','■-■ '
r PLEASE THE . YOING '—Made , , :• ■' -.' -
L of soft patent colt; black velvet A' SMART .'STYLE FOR THE YOUXG ■;'-. i*
► 2fSim^a^??^l!KlStlS\ai CHAPS""f;f e t M r " 'Patent colt thb mT of the SEASOX-Made'
• sewed extension soles. #1 « vamps; dull kid tops; new "Stub of -all black, lustrous satin: new '
' Sizes 6to 8........-..v..v.*P I. IO Shape." "Hi Front" toes; sewed ex- "Stage Shape' extra • short vamps- «
t Sizes S^ to 11.. ..........10.00 tension soles'.' s CI *7C rlinin t«»«,:A- v> .; • .i , • p '
[ Sizes 11 \to 2;.... 1! ... 55.50 Sizes 9to 13 %.•-.......... $ I -75 S o fls< hi^h o"*^, l^ll!^^^
bYounjg,]adlea'.Blzeg,y2^-to^:-:.^00 Sizes 1 to. 5%...--........;... :...^a.OQ heels'. .V.^vtf? ? Cast>lll? $2.50
► Women's " Wool Men Vici Kid Men's "Dongoia Kid" I Women's Black and
f ; Felt" FanCY Christmas Gift ; Patent Leather Red Felt High Top Fur
> >*v Tnn InifAfc /f\ £?*** im:\ 1 1 I. milled Trimmed Juliets
I jfi\ lOp JUlieiS i \\ Slippers JLJB^^ bhppers jm*> *
l^glii 5 . i^6s c;
k .V. PRETTY STYLE THAT n . „. >s*/ \ EXTRA JloEvy^Sl EM V s*"^ ■
r A PRETTY STVI-E THAT „,--»,„. « " MEN'S HOMDVY Si n» •
► black -Wool Felt"; fancy i' ow"^ black vici kid- pers- high^pa^nt % ?^PE^, ¥ REMARKABLY i
h Gro Grain, interwoven rib- ***%, patent leather Front, patent"oolt trimmed IP V PRK Dr Mad% of
' bon top. "Coin Shape" toes;: 1J?.? lf'? ' tops; "Home Corn- backs;£ "Comfort" shaded v\ AC a *nd * r? d, beav<* l felt: i
I- fancy, felt bow ron vamp*: ii>^ sliape; light weight toes; sewed " snaped black fur trimmed -tops; .
.hand turned soles; tf* lift -sewed soles; c 1 ftfl Boles ;;. - '"756 Mp(illlin Round' :• toes;
military heels. 1.00 broad heels .... 91.00 -«;,,'; V', '"U V sewed soles; CC|% '
>..a-;.jp& tag "La^^^gftg rfgvefcfigJ S^a-ggg:
liP^iJS Boys'Semi-Seal Children's FuriMen's Vici Kid'
► Juliets j|| Holiday Slippers Trimmed Juliets Holiday Rorrieos^
WARM MoilXLvii MI.IP- X^ V * n\RM SIIPPKhsj THiT C^ ■'^^^f^'"- ■'.*
PERS THAT ARE HEAM H \ ARE \ "oi n MOB\ W L> -.w^ajtf^
f pniiiSKiii fc-u.S -r- Made in ;. . -l^^JV-- "■-'■■' - NECESSITY—- Infants' vred r '- v
; ga a swffi WAV-^ii^nsss! ra^ttssA-stia! sss^f^^ss;
\Sm^7wf l^ftlS ef^frnn ed Pafro n nt and RED AND OREE.V FELT kid Romeo- extra high'
V^^~T^";' RhaPe:J S??™tJSmi^ff^ont-^nrt: nED^XD'fiREE^FEIT kidr-Romeps;^ extra^high^
'™«- OUble " bow =on back- "Broad- fn«..»«J JULIETS—As above, with cut; elastic sides; brold i
vamps. :: ; common sense ffiVL 1 Hroa<l toes» sewed sewed leather soles; "Full "Comfort" toes; .-, sewed
■?urned-,01c 5 ......51.00 ?!«»"t. S.ii !... -. 50C Shape- toes; felt bow on soles; common -. f« 4A i
.turned soles JII.UU w"s "to SJa *#Ml# vamps • OC«% sons« heels «9 1.1 0 '
.Other ntyles:( 11 different i 5 Other «tyle»pric««l at Child's sizes. 6toll . OOC « Other vstylen, priced■•• at
' color*> at »1.35. »l.r>o, MI.TS. »1.00 »t.2r, wad »I.KO. ■ .-. Misses' sizes. 111 2 to 2..7« c »1.5Q, »3.00, ; f 2.80? and $3.00. <
S4/Vr4 CUkUS IS HERE— Bring the Children—Toys Given With Each Purchase]

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