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POLITICAL 1 I ri I frt
THEATRICAL 111 1 I■ 11 I
REAL ESTATE . 11l Li Iflf V
I?nTn t clal lILIIU
VOLUME C XI J.— NO. 125.
Opinion Rendered by Attorney
General Webb Will Protect
Secretary of State
Appeal to Court by Interested
Person Might Prevent An
other Political Trick
Loosely Drawn Election Laws
Give State Officials Chance
to Favor Progressives
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO. Oct. 2.—Acting in
/compliance with an opinion ren
dered by the attorney general.
Secretary of State Jordan will
treat the improperly certified petitions
filed on behalf of the national pro
ffree*iT« party candidates for electors
as valid and binding upon liim unless
the courts shall rule otherwise.
The opinion rendered by the attorney
cencral affords ample protection to
Jordan, and unless some person raises
the question of the insufficiency of the
.Icrk's certification the bull moose can
didates for electors will go on the bal
lot as the nominees of the national pro
gressive party.
Ova I irk at ion of Signers
Under a recent opinion from the at
torney general's office the section of
the election laws relating to the nom
ination of independent or partisan can
didates for public office were construed
to mean that no elector who voted at
the September nominating primary was
eligible to sign a nominating petition
for candidates for electors.
The clerk of Los Angeles county
certified 12.035 petitioners to the sec
retary of state. His certification was
merely that the petitioners were quali
fied electors. Hp did not certify that
had not voted at the September
try election, and subsequent de-
vfiopments disclose that he did not ex
amine the petitions on that score. Pim
ilar certificates were made W the
cler%s in San Bernardino. Santa Bar
bara. "Ventura, Monterey. Orange. Ala
menda, Santa. Clara. Kern. Sonoma and
ramento counties*.
4 The whole number of petitioners «SBT
»d by the clerks was 15,6»3. Only
4.«<io out of a total of 24.000 petitioners
w«r« certified as qualified electors who
had not participated In the primary
elections. The whole number of peti
tioners needed to perfect the bull moose
nominations is 11.S1T.
Webb Saves Situation
If the attorney general had not ruled
that the partial certifications from Los
Angeles and the other southern coun
ties constituted a substantial compli-
Aice with the law, the secretary of
state would have been bound to refuse
to put the bull moose elector candi
dates on the ballot as the nominees of
the national progressive party. Then,
if the supreme court subsequently
t-hould decide that the Taft ejector can
didates are entitled to go on the bal
lot as republicans, the administration
ticket would have no place on the bal
The attorney generaFs opinion is
nothing more than advice by which
Jordan will be guided unless the
courts are appealed to by some in
terested person. The "secretary of state
may be enjoined from placing the
names on the ballot as nominees by
petition and the.Los Angeles county
Herk brought into court to show cause
his certificate is not faulty and
Here is the opinion wired to Jordan
this afternoon by the attorney gen
eral: %
Replying to your telegram of Oc
tober 1, inquiring as to sufficiency
' prtificate of county clerk of
f Los Angeles county, and as to filing
v petition of progressive electors,
you are advised that certificate
complies with all requirements of
section I.ISB, and no reason appears
which would justify you in refus
ing to file petition.
Nothing in the election laws of thP
state of California requires the clerk
of any county to do more than certify
that the signers of a certificate of
nomination are qualified electors, said
Assistant Attorney General Robert W.
Harrison yesterday afternoon. In con
sequence of this fact, he continued,
the certificate of the county clerk in
T,os Angeles attached to the nominat
ing petitions of the bull moose electors
was valid.
Harrison said:
"The only question a*ked this office
was as to the sufficiency of this certi
orate, and this is the answer. The law
provides that .the certificate from a
county clerk to the secretary of state
does not have to recite that the signers
i ontlnued on Page 2, Coliun* 7
Model for Andy's
School Such Only
In Face and Figure
[Specie/ Dispatch to The Call]
PITTSBURG, Oct. 2.—The
Carnegie technical school is
without its "model Venus" to
day. She is in the home of the
Good Shepherd, having been
sent there this afternoon be
cause the court did not approve
of her late Welsh rarebit par
ties and other forms of amuse
ment in her cozy flat right un
der the eaves of Carnegie's cir
cumspect institution.
Two years ago Rosie Drew
came" from Connellsville, en
dowed only with the face of a
Madonna and with a form to
make Venus envious. She ob
tained employment as a model
in the Carnegie school.
After a time she moved into a
flat, cultivated the attentions' of
young men from the school and
learned to make the finest
Welsh rarebit in all Pennsyl
vania. A few days ago the vice
commission found out about
her, and today she was taken
to court. It will be two years
before she will do any more
Planter Found to
Have Been Slain
By Mexican Rebels
WASHINGTON. Oct. 2.—Confirmation
of the report that Hubert L Russell, an
American, was killed last Sunday by
Mexican rebels near Durango, in the
state of that name, was received at the
state department late today. The mur
der was committed by a band under the
leadership of Luis Caso.
Acting under orders from Mexico
City, federal troops are in pursuit of
the perpetrators.
Russell was manager of the San Juan
de Michis plantation, near the Zaca
: te<~as line, in southeastern Durango.
i This property belongs to Allen O. Mc-
Caughan, American vice consul at Du
rango, who at first was reported to have
been slain with Russell. '■
Judge Fixes Her Punishment at
35 Years in Prison
[Special Dispalch to The Call]
CHICAGO, Oct. 2. —Mrs. Lulu Black
well was found guilty of murder by a
jury in Judge "Windes' court today and
her punishment fixed at 35 years' im
prisonment in the penitentiary.
She was charged with having shot
and killed Charles Vaughn in front of
the latter's home on February 15.
Mrs. Blackwell is said to have been
prompted to commit the crime through
Lipton Off to New York Ready
to Challenge
[Special Cable to The Call]
LONDON , , Oct. 2.—Sir Thomas Lipton
has taken passage on the Caronia for
New- York with the avowed purpose of
'■lifting thecup" if he can frame an
acceptable challenge. He already has
spent more than $1,500,000 In the at
tempt and he has made a provision
whereby the task of winning back the
cup may be facilitated, even though he
is not the challenger. ,
Father and Mother Find Home a
Seething Furnace
BERNARD, Quebec, Oct. 2.—Ten
children of Alexander Gravel, ranging
in age from 18 months to li years,
of this place, were burned to death
today. Gravel and his wife were
away from home and returning, found
it in flames. They were unable to aid
tho children, whose deaths they wit
Judge Sentences Him to Re
formatory Until Majority
[Specie/ Dispatch to The Call]
ORGVILLE, Oct. 2.—Because Everett
Meline. a 14 year old Chico school boy,
slapped his teacher when she repri
manded him for playing "hookey,"
Judge Gray, as juvenile judge, has sen
tenced the boy to the Preston reform
school until he reaches his majority.

Bride of Three Months Mourns
Lieutenant's Death
—Lieutenant Robert Lounsberry, aged
28, quartermaster in the F!ret cavalry.
Second squadron, was thrown from a
horse today and Instantly killed.
Three months ago Lounsberry married
Miss Florence Ear] of Lake Mll'iS, Wis. i
THE San Francisco CALL
Ultimatum Is to Be Presented
Today With Demand for
Autonomy at Once
Hostilities to Follow Note to
Powers if Turkey Fails
to Comply
LONDON, Mt 2.—No ultimatum has
yet been delivered to Turkey from the
four Balkan states, but according to
the most reliable news such an ulti
matum will be presented at Constanti
nople tomorrow.
It will demand autonomy for Mace
donia, Albania, Old Servia and Crete
within three days. In the event of
failure to comply with this demand,
the Balkan coalition will repeat it, and
at the same time will address a col
lective note to the great powers noti
fying them that after the expiration
of another three days the Balkan states
will enforce the demand by recourse to
Thus there will be a respite of a.
week before hostilities begin.
This respite will be used by the
powers to seek to arrange a com
promise with Turkey acceptable to the
four states which, it is believed, would
prefer a way out without bloodshed.
No further news has been received
of reported frontier conflicts, but ten
sion ia extreme, especially because of
the seizure by the Turkish authorities
of the Greek vessels.
Turkey Calls "To Arms!"
[Special Cable to The Call]
hard at Bulgaria," is the Turkish mili
tary slogan as the threat of a general
Balkan attack becomes graver. This
war cry represents the central fea
ture of Turkish strategy, which is dis
closed by the present rapid movement
of troops. The right flank of the Mos
lem army, in the event of hostilities,
will be supported by the Black sea fleet.
Tt Is believed here that Roumania,
whose army is regrmrded *jb almost if
not quite equal %i that of Bulgaria,
will star f*et of the struggle, unless
pushed into lt\by RuSSie. Neutrality
on the part of, Russia, if war i-om«s,
and if it goes aWlnst the Balkan ag
gressors, the Turka 4o not expect. They
feel that Russia would come to the
rescue of its Balkan proteges, but this
probability only strengthens the fatal
istic determination of the Moslem war
After the issuance of orders by the
Turkish war ministry today for the
mobilisation of the Ttirkish army, the
committee of union and progress pro
claimed its whole hearted support oj
the government in defense of the em
Thirty thousand Albanians, through
their chiefs, Informed the government
of their readiness to undertake any
service in defense of the fatherland. ;
Russia Against Turkey
[Special Cable to The Call]
ST. PETERSBURG, Oct. 2.—Studied
efforts are being made by the govern
ment to allay the anxiety over the sit
uation in the Balkans, It is pretended
that the mobilization in Poland was
planned last spring and that It has no
relation to the mobilizations in Bul
garia, Servia, Greece and Montenegro.
Premier Kokovtzeff has gone for a
fortnight's holiday In the (Caucasus.
The government, It appears, is trying
to deceive the Turks Into thinking
that nothing need be feared from this
country in the event of a Balkan war,
whereas It is well understood here that
Russia never would permit the Balkan
states, which were created at the cost
of so much Rusßian blood and treasure,
to fall under Turkish sway.
It long has been the purpose of the
ciar's government to weaken Turkey
to the point of helplessness and this
purpose will show itseif even more
clearly than hitherto in. the event of
a Turco-Balkaii finish fight.
German Diplomats Uneasy
[Special Cable to The Coil]
BERLIN, Oct. 2.—The latest devel
opments in the Balkan crisis are caus
ing profound anxiety in Berlin. The
most alarming feature. In the opinion
of German diplomats, Is the fact thajt
the Balkan states apparently have
thrown off the restraining Influence of
the great powers and are preparing to
act Independently.
The German foreign minister, Alfred
Yon Kiderlen-Waechter, In an inter
view of the situation today said:
"The situation is so precarious from
a military point of view that
may break out at any moment. The
great powers, however, are united in
their determination not to permit any
change In the territorial position. It
is hoped that tho certainty of gaining
only glory and no acquisition of terri
tory If they are successful may at the
last moment exert a pacifying effect
on the Balkan states.
„ "The possibility of any great power
becoming Involved if war should break
out may be regarded as out of the
question. Hostilities will certainly be
Boasting of Brutal Crime Results
in Lynching Inside of—
Assailant of Prisoners' Frienc
Falls a Victim of Sum
mary Veageance
RAWLINS, Wyo., Oct. 2.—The details
of the lynching of Frank Wig
fall, the negro assailant of Mrs. Esther
Higgins, known &* the "prisoners ,
friend," by the convicts of the state
penitentiary here today, while Sheriff
Mills at the coanty jail was holding
off a party of wouldbe cittzen lynchere,
may never be known.
The sinister threat "the first man
squeals Is the next man hung" silenced
all the convicts and prison guards
examined by the coroner's jury. The
Jury gave up the task late this after
noon. All the jury learned was what
it knew before.
On the way to breakfast this morn
ing Wigfall jested about his attack
upon Mrs. Higgins. Wigfall was
brought* here for safe keeping late
yesterday, after his capture at Fort
Steele. During the early morning
today the citizens had surrounded th#
Jail and were still parleyfng with the
wardens at breakfast time, for Wig
fall's surrender into their hands.
The sheriff of the county Jail had
just saved Wigfall's life by slipping
Jiim out of the rear door and lodging
him in the st.-ito penitentiary. So the
negro felt safe in jesting about hie
crime before the convicts.
At breakfast the other prisoners,
many of whom remembered acts of
kindness of "Granny" Higgins, or
ganized by signals.
Guard Locked Up
When they were started back to
work and Wigfall wan started under
guard for the cell house, about a
hundred of the convicts broke loose and
followed the negro, catching him be
fore his cell guard rould lock him
up. The cell guard was shoved into
the cell and the key turned on him.
One of the convicts produced a rope
and while the others held the negro,
he tossed a half hitch over the negro's
head and made the other end fast to
the balcony rail of the cell house.
The negro was tossed over the rail,
and the convicts marched back to their
work. •.
Not until the cries of the imprisoned
guard in Wigfall's cell brought his
release was the lynching known in
the institution except to those who
took part.
Served Prior Sentences
Wigfall was of a low type of in>-
I telligence. He had served two sen
i tences for assault in this state.
His assault on Mrs , . Higgins was
particularly brutal. Sunday night he
broke into her house, chopping , a door
down with an ax. About dawn Mon
day lie left her in a pitiful condition.
A few hours later she crawled to a
neighbor's house and secured help.
Posses searched the hills all night
to find and lynch the man. Late last
night he was captured in an exhausted
condition by a justice of the peace
at Fort Steele, 15 miles from the scene
of the outrage. He was brought
secretly to the Rawlins jaiL Early
this morning the townspeople heard
of his capture end arrival at the jail,
and about 2 o'clock they began to
gather about the jail threatening to
lynch the negro. They were arguing
with the warden when the convicts
were hanging Wigfall.
President of Conservation Com
mission Investigates Charges
Against Its Secretary*
SACRAMENTO, Oct. 2.—Fallowing
the charges made by Surveyor General
Kingebury and by Statfe Forester Ho
mans that Lewis R- Glavis, secretary
of the state conservation commission,
has i been working in the interest of
big lumber corporations and the ene
mies of conservation, instead of in the
interest of the state of California*, the
state board of contvel has held up his
salary of $150 for the month of Sep
tember on the conservation commission,
but has allowed hie salary of $150 for
the month of September on the state
water control board.
Glavis Is secretary of both bodies.
Dr. George C. Pardee, president of
the state conservation commission and
former governor og California, came
to Sacramento to%ay for the purpose of
making a personal investigation of
the serious charges against Glavis.
Wall Street Financed Roosevelt
Morgan, Gould and Frick Liberal
Iα addition to He fund of $240,009 raised by E. D.
Harrinaft for Roosevelt's campaigo in 1904, it now trans*
pires that each of these foor mm contributed a large sura
to the same sack:
*J, Pierpont Morgan $100,000
Henry C. Friok.. - 100,000
George J. Gould 100,000
John D. Archbold 100,000
Trouble With Steering Gear
While Running Fast on
Level Road Is Fatal
[Special Dispatch to The Cali]
BAKERSFIELD, Oct. 2.—Mrs. Welter
C. Petersen was killed. Mrs. N. P.
Petersen, her mother In law, was seri
ously injured and (Henry Wlrth was
hurt as the result of the overturning
of an automobile running at high speed;
on the road from Inyc, Kern county.
175 miles nofth of here, last nirht.
The car turned turtle on a compara
tively level road, due to trouble with
the steering gear. The little child;
of the dead woman was Injured. The 1
condition of Mrs. N. P. Petersen, w»o
is the wife of a former Kern county
supervisor, is critical, owing to her ad
vanced age.
Barney Brady, another mountaineer,
who was driving an automobile party
some distance behind, gave first aid
to the injured.
tdSTEBDAY — Highest temperature, 80;
low tit Tuesday night, 60.
ately warm, light west wind.
For Details of the Weither See Page 11
Los Angeles Official Accused of
Contributing to Delinquency
of Minor Person
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 2.—Political and
civic circles here* were stirred late to
day by the arrest of City Prosecutor
Guy Eddie on a charge of contributing
to a delinquency of a oninor person.
Eddie was arraigned before Judge
Curtis D. Wilbur of the juvenile court,
where a warrant was issued. Eddie
was released upon his own recog
nisance until Friday at 2 o'clock.
The arrest was made under sensa
tional circumstances. A short time
after Mrs. Alice Phillips. 20 years old,
had entered Eddie's office in the city
jail butkllng Humane Ofiftcer D. F. Me-
Laughlin and several deputies broke
In the door, which it,is said had been
released from its hinges in advance,
and placed the prosecutor under ar
V The young woman was recently
separated from her husband.
IN 1904
Records of C. N. Bliss Show Har
riman Contributed $240,000
to Odell Campaign
AkCHBOLD GAVE $100,000
Mentions Three Other Finan
ciers Who Donated Like
Sums to National Fund
Senate Committee Hears
About Wall Street Fund
George 11. Sheldon, treasurer
of 1908 republican committee,
testifies that John D. Archbold,
J. P. Morgan & Co., H. C. Frlck
and George J. Gould each contrib
uted f 100,000 to the Roosevelt
fund Iβ 1004. He also states
that V: 11- Harrfman arave 9240,
--900 the name rear to aid the re
re-piibllonn campalgs In New
Ywrk state.
Senator Dlxon, Roosevelt man
ager, rherjcr* that committee Is
tfikifie; unfair advantage of the
colonel in the inquiry and fee la
scored by hie colleagues for at
tempting to elander them.
X, H. Hooker's statement that
Charles it. Crane contributed
970,000 to both the I,a Follette
and Wilson precooventlon cam
paigns is challenged and Crane
may be gammoned to testify.
WASHINGTON", Oct. 2.—Four
contributions of $100,000 each
from John D. Archbold of
the Standard Oil company,
J. P. Morgan & Co., H. C. Frick and
George J. Gould were made to the .
republican national campaign fund of
1904, according to records of the late
Cornelius N. Bliss, which passed
through tl-je hands of George R. Shel
don, treasurer of the 1908 republican
committee, who testified today before
the senate committee investigating
campaign expenditures.
Sheldon said Bliss gave him a de
tailed statement of the 1904 funds;
that he noted "these large contribu
tions," and that he was positive no
record appeared of the $100,000 Arch
bold contribution having been re
Harriman Gave $240,000
With equal positiveness he swore
that the records showed the disputed
Edward H. Harriman fund of $240,000
had been received by* Bliss for the New
York republican state committee, head
ed by B. B. Odell Jr.
"That fund of $240,000 was raised at
the request of B. B. 0de11, ,, said Shel
don, "and turned over to his committee
in its entirety. Mr. Bliss' records
showed it was entirely apart from the*
funds spent by the national com
Sheldon's statements were made dur
ing a lull in a day of wrangling be
! tween Senator Dixon, manager of
Colonel Roosevelt's present campaign.
and members of the senate committee.
Qixon charged the committee with con
centrating its activities upon the
Roosevelt funds and ignoring the finan
cial activities in behalf of all other
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Cigarettes I
Edw.Wolf Co. ■

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