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Oakland Market Keeps Up Flourish
369 Pefmiis Issued in Month
With Total Expenditure of
OAKLAND. Oct. 4.—Building permits
Issued for Sentemb** show the uuße
fc.dn/.over the corresponding month <>f
!ar lPii us n.-is marked the ac
tivitj£ of the other months of this year.
September peitnits show a total of
1835£49.69 expended, of which $659,830
went fin new const ruction, the rest In
alterations, additions and repairs. The
total for September, 1911. was $471,353.
Brain in bank clearings for Sep
tember. n<l L , . over tho same month last
yea? was $2,6t>2,81t.
Three hundred and sixty-nine per
mit^were issued In the month. Tho
greater number of these were for one
story dwellings, for which 109 permits
v re issued, at a cost of $185,273. The
Sts for two story dwellings totaled
with a cost of 1U6.561. A steel and
hrieg church building: swelled the
amount by $130,000. Alterations and
re P4p*S 1 mounted to $179,584.60.
Tlie most conspicuous feature of the
v. •eg was the transaction of one of the
st deals consummated for some
tim# This was the sale by Edson F.
Adajjis of a site for a new freight ter
minal on the estuary water front to
the "Atchison, Topeka ami Santa Fe
railiead. The transaction involves
51.0#J4.000. The land comprises four
bounded by Alice. Fallon
i'l'irst streets and the water front,
feet in extent along the
■water front. On this land the company
in fjcpecting to erect a freight depot,
a Mfr for the landing Of freightcars
fr<-iff barges and an industrial reserve,
fleal was between Edson F. Adams,
t-on&nlllng owner of the Oakland Dock
imd*VVarehouse company, and the Santa
Fe L>md atid Improvement company, a
subsidiary concern of the Santa Fe.
J. HE Hayden, industrial agent for the
lippHd company, represented the
Santa Fe.
TQje Realty syndicate has announced
thfgopening of Ardsley Heights for
day. This is one of the most de
tnra&le o< the many properties owned
by The ecrooration, and many home
seekers har- purchased lots with the
idear of improving them immediately.
■V. Morehouse. secretary of The
K.-.rity syndicate, said Ardsley Heights
carded more natural advantages than
any property placed on the market for
some time. It combines with ideal
si < air features, the additional advan
tag£of protection from the wind and
fogft from the bay. It is close to the
■'r ss center of Oaklan<l. within 11
minutes of Twelfth street and Broad
way. The tract is not an extensive
one,* there being only 37 lots in the
"We have never placed a tract of
,' ie size on the market that seemed
• ■ fit the requirements of the serious
Tded home seekers as does Ardsley
Heights," said Morehouse. "The trouble
with most scenic properties has been
the ""necessity for heavy grading, re
tairffng walls, etc., all of which are
beiftg eliminated in this tract. Bach
lot is practically ready to build on as
it stands,' and the grading bills will
be gjjjt a minor item. Our building re
strictions will be $4,000, consequently
a ffbod class of residences is assured.
We are making no effort to sell the
property to contractor.", or to out of
towja speculators, but are confining our
p >lifitation to actual bona fide home
tuiilgers who expect to erect homes
immediately or in the very near future.
Of fcburse we can not guarantee that
This, will be done upon every lot, but
the, rule that we have applied would
insure immediate improvements in
most of the lots. The property is
behK sold at considerably less than
thf'inarket value, but we feel that
t will more than make
up r>>r any loss that the firm may
sustain by selling at present figures,
for-the reason that we own a great
deal-, of the surrounding property and
will- help all of our other holdings."
Property in the Claremont-Rockridge
district lias shown market activity.
This is one of the most beautiful sec
tions of the cas»t bay properties, and is
I'ui'dir.i. up riipidly. The approach to
these J»rop*rtlea is out Broadway, turn
ing in College avenue to Claremont and
to the east through the golf links of
tlic Country club to Rockridge.
Frad K. Reed, subdivision manager
of in** Laymance Real Estate company,
commenting on this approach to Rock
ridsre. said: "There are probably thou
sand of people how living on the east
the bay who have never ta"kt-n
one*t)f the most interesting little trips
to be found in our city, a ride that
takes about an hour going and com
ing from Fourteenth and Broadway.
I to the trip out Broadway in
ro College avenue car and then
rnueh the beautiful golf link.s of the
<"largmont Country club to the eastern
side- of Rockridge—"'The Placo Heauj
tiful>" To those who have never made
this.trip the ride along Broadway, soon
to toe paved with asphalt, shows it
steacfy development of that important
street This part of the trip will be
interest. But the real charm
of th<? journey comes after transfer has
to the car bearing the disk
marJeed "Rockridge." A moment after
that car starts on its trip through the
Clarfcmont golf links the tired business
marr'can easily forgf-t the vexations
that develop during the day back there
a few blocks away where the skyline
is formed by office buildings.
"Tfie beautiful grounds immediately
surrounding the Country clubs home,
the far stretching golf links to the
right ;ind left, the magnificent home
and gardens of the P. K. Bowles estate
claißj his attention. And then th«;
grade of the car line is down, und one
needs no imagination to feel he is far
frorri any city. The groves of trees,
t), e erf ., i< bed. now nearly dry but soon
to be banked full, the shadows where
th« ters through the trees, the
quafl tailing, the alluring ravine that
becletne one on to explorations—these
one romes upon immediately, and tlie
throbbing heart of the city 15 minutes
avvaf might as well be 50 miles
• Right in the heart of this seclusion
he leaves the car. Several paths open
our He need not worry
T 14 choosing, for any path is right.
T eir step by step the plan of Rock
! dg a unfolds—the curving of the
streets the flower lined walks, the
mounting stairways with the graceful
toucH of Italian beauty in the design
ing and also in the balustrades —and
Viex» from Ardiley heights* new subdivision being placed on the market
by the Realty Syndicate-
at last he goes to ihe top of any of
several high places. And if the person
making this little trip does not feel
that lie has been epending an hour
most wisely, he can make up his mind
that the fault lies not with the
journey. Before him spreads the pan
orama of city and bay; back of him
are the hills mounting higher and
higher: immediately surrounding him
is a residence park nobly planned, no
farther from the center of town than
Idora park"
The building permits issued for Sep
tember are as follows:
Oassirfi-.iti'in — Pefmits. Cost.
One story dwellings lost 1185.273
Story slid a half tluellines 10 27.850
Two st< sy tlwellings :!4 116,501
Two story Beta •"> i , :;.w>
Ttuff story Hpartments - 50.<H>0
One story store 1 1.9W
Three story brick lodge liall an>l
store Imiklin:: 1 1!4,e.'>5
Throe story briok and i-om-rete
store and (Mm building 1 22.000
Three story brick hospital 1 50.000
Steel and brick church bnildinß... I 130,000
Brick sara.se 1 "• * ,00
Oorrusratod iron workshop 1 MB
One story offices 2 Itt
Planinp mill 1 , j ,^
Two story laundry t 8.560
(ireeniK'Uses 3 1.0.h
Workshops, tauk frames, barns... lo 2 '?
Garajres. sheds and stables 24 7,6&">
Concrete foundation i 1 jM
Alteraticns, additions, repairs. ... IHo 1i9.084
Total »• **«M4O
Total number of permits and total
I cost:
Permits. Cert.
! N>w (vmstrurttiv.n 2,,u $tr l ;i.s: l e
i Alterations, additions, repair?... .I<><) 178,884
j Tota , :{»« $5,!9,440 j
The following is the summary of per- j
mits applied for during the week:
rißftsification- Permits. Owt^_
!On* story *»*Ute|> «J •
St..ry iui.l a hnlf ijtvellinps - . ' '-.
Two •*** rtwelling« I* ±*a&
Tw. stnrv flats \ J['SS
TViree story 4S room apartments.. 1 ~.'-'" H '
One story brick store » 2S* j!
Oβ* story frame rtart 1 . f\"! i
Three story brick hospital 1 50.0« |
Timing mill *g
Workshop I l <*™\
;Gara(tes - _' ;
Tmek frames. f-horK. barns 9 „-AVo
Altdatious. aUditicu?. repair> 9 .'..-.l-
Total * I** 8 "
Deals in Berkeley
BERKELEY. Oct. 4. —With the open
ing of the fall term at the university
there has been a noticeable increase
in the building of new homes In the
hillside distrkts. George Friend, sales
j manager of the Newell-Murdoch com-
I pany. says:
"The scarcity of houses for rent has
been one of the important factors in
the development of the new residence
tracts, which, by the way, speaks well j
for Berkeley. NearfV every one who j
comes here to live becomes a perma- ■
nent resident. We have completed more
than 25 houses in the last 30 days in j
our Fairmount park, Northbrae and
Thousand Oaks station tracts. In fa<t,
the demanu has been so great we have
had to arrange with another well
known building firm here to handle
some of our building for us.
"The street work is being rushed in
our Thousand Oaks station tract and
will be completed in the next 30 days, j
We have made arrangements to spend )
even more rrumey for parking purposes
than we did in the first part of Thou
sand Oaks that was put on the market. J
We have ordered 250.000 geraniums and i
2,500 rare shade trees to be planted be
tween the sidewalk and the curb. When '
this is completed our station tract will
surpass anything we have ever offered.
Two important sales were made in this
tract last week, one to a well known
Oakland physician and the othor Iβ ■
prominent Oakland hardware dealer
who is having plans drawn for a .
beautiful $10,000 residence."
——.I -I. «»"" i.- .i ' "■
Suitcase Containing Articles Is
Stolen From Hotel
OAKLAND, Oct. 4. —Rufus Cameron,
a negro pugilist, reported to the pellet 1
today that a suitcase h(\ had left at tho
American hotel. Second and Jackson
streets, was stolen, and h< , has HBk*d
that a search be made for the contents,
consisting of a punching ha.g, a pair <>.
boxing gloves, a pair shoes, a pair
of boxing tights and a turklßb towel.
Charles Learn. 1714 Brush street,
hoard two-men at an eariy hour this
morning attPmpting to force an en
trance into his home by way of the
front door and turned on an electric
light, frightening them away.
Mrs , . R. C. Olsen, 1126 Fourth avenue.
asked the police today to find a hand
bag containing a small sum of money, ',
which had been snatched from her j
hand by a small boy while she was j
taking anal fresco lunch in Mosswood i
park with a number of women friends, j
OAKLAND. Oct. 4.—Ail natives of
Ohio, residents of Alameda county, are
urged by the Ohio Society of California
to attend a meeting at 7:45 o'clock
tomorrow evening- at the Key Route
inn, at which time arrangements will
be made for the reception of Governor
Harmon and his staff in San Francisco
next week. Harmon will come to se
lect a site for the Ohio building at the
exposition grounds. At a meeting of
the Ohioans in the Palace hotel a wish
was expressed that all former realdent
of Ohio now living In Alameda count
should participate In the , ccremonlp
of receiving him. A committee will b<
appointed tomorrow evening to par
ticipate with the Paniima-Paoiflc in
ternational exposition officials.
Students of Important Question
Show Why School Build
ings Should Be Used
BERKELEY, Oct. 4.—Two lectures
on the use of school buildings for so
cial centers, one already delivered by
J Eustace M. Peixotto of San Francisco,
j the other to be given in a week by
j Cyril A. Stebbins of the Chieo state
! normal school, comprise part of a
! study of this field of public education
jat the University of California. Peix
otto devoted his talk to the use of
urban schools for neighborhood pur
poses, while Stebbins will speak at 4
o'clock next Thursday on "Social and
Recreative Activities of the Rural
Stehbins will show the special fit
ness of the rural school for a social
, gathering place and forum. He has
i studied the rural problem thoroughly,
I both as a member of the faculty of
I the college of agriculture and of the
Chico normal school. He was an orig
inator of the junior gardening work,
which was carried on by him from the
university campus laet year and is be
ing continued in the northern part of
I the state from Chico, where Stebbins
, was called to the faculty this year.
% W4!> «''
sf JJ ockridge
%£. ,J "The Place
f\_J Beautiful"
Year? before Oakland's
homebuilders began seek
ing the foothills the sun
drenched slopes of Rock
ridge were regarded as
more beautiful than any
other portion of Oakland.
Two-years ago the work
began of building out
there the finest residence
tract in all California.
Along noble lines, worthy
of the setting, was the
work, begun, and through
out those two years that
' high ideal has always been
Today the completed
task is there for your in
spection. Whether you
go out seeking a homesite
or just to look it over, by
streetcar or by automo
bile, you will be well re
Take the College nvpnuo
car ♦<» riarcmont Omntry
club anil there irnuufcr to '
ltockrld»c car. It talcm
About 14 inlnutcM from
Fourteenth and Broadway
tit y<lll r junruf.v'N cntl.
Real Estate Co.
?4?2 Enadway Oik and
Miss Elizabeth M. Marsh Values
Chance in Marriage Lot*
tery at $25,00&
OAKLAND, Oct. 4. —Suit for breach
of promise has been brought by Miss
Elisabeth M. Marsh against James H.
Brown Jr., who saw Miss Florence
Vogelman-Ruthfleld Monday of this
week and married her on Wednesday,
according to the action filed.
Mies Marsh wants $25,000 damages
to i-ompensale her for the difference
hctvvcen her expectations and her bit
ter fate, as sot forth In her complaint.
Miss Marsh said that fche had every
reason to believe that Brown's prom
ises were sincere and that she received
a severe shock when she read the news
of his marriage to an unsuspected rival.
The Browns have gone on a honey
moon trip into the Santa Cruz moun
tains. Letters which Miss Marsh said
he had written to her will play an Im
portant part In the case if it comes to
"The other woman Is a member of
a musical comedy chorus," said Miss
Marsh, "and I think It must be a case
of sudden Infatuation on his part and
belief on the part of the girl that he
has money."
Miss Marsh lives at the St. Regie
apartments, Grov e and Twenty-fourth
RKKKELKV, Oct. 4.—Charles Mar
t.'llu, a musician of 5008 Telegraph
avenue. Berkeley, was injured seriously
this afternoon at Stanford avenue and
Lowell streets. Oakland, when he
leaped from teis automobile and was
struck by a Santa Fe engine.
The automobile wa3 riot struck. Mar
tello was alone and when he saw the
train coming he used the brakes. The
machine kept on and, fearing a crash,
he Jumped out. He fell against the
engine and was hurled to the street.
He was taken to Roosevelt hospital.
! ■ '.■'"'■' '
The Realty Syndicate owns over eight million dollars worth of property in Alameda* County.
We will .be subdividing and.selling off these properties for the next twenty years.
Therefore, when we make a statement to the public it is worthy of consideration for the
reason that the corporation has too much at stake to risk any misrepresentation whatever.
The Syndicate is not a fly-by-nigM real estate brokerage concern, we are not selling other
people's properties for the eomfnission we can get out of it —We are subdividing and develop
ing Our Own lands, carrying our customers w T it h Our Own capital—We have everything at
when we make a promise for we alone are responsible—you deal direct with the princi
pals when you deal, with such a corporation which facts make the following statement worthy
of your most serious thought and consideration.
Ardsley Heights offers the most sensible opportunity There are no narrow lots—no cheap houses —no unde
for the real, serious home builder of any tract or sub- sirable neighbors.
division that has been placed upon the local market in the By selecting your lot at the opening today or Sunday
past five years— you will have practically the entire tract to choose from,
The property enjoys every essential element of advan- and can therefore get just the kind of a lot you wish—
tage any sensible, serious-minded home builder could Tlle opening of Ardsley Heights affords the home
ask for seeker a REAL opportunity— •
It is close enougj, to the business center to enable.you ftft££*- £»£;*£«££ *?
to reach 12th and Broadway mil minutes- a , ong an almos - cont i nuou l s y series of parks P _A\ ld property
It commands a view of the bay and the hills of Pied- so situated ALWAYS enjoys a premium—
mont— ~ Today you can purchase a fine 50-foot lot in Ardsley
It lies in a warm belt where cold winds and fogs are Heights for $1,500 —A few years from now you'll not be
seldom found. able to get a lot in the tract for $3,000 —
The soil is rich and the gardens can not help but be R v all means see this property.
beautiful. Today or Sunday.
J The Realty Syndicate "BBSS? 1444 Broadway, Oakland L
~H 1 ;'■•'••'/ "'■ ■ ; ll*
Unique Continuation Course
Proposed to Help Poor Youths
Acquire Useful Vocation
OAKLAND, Oct. 4.—The , board of
education has tfcken preliminary steps
to establish a continuation school, to
be open eveVy day In the year, except
holidays, from 8:30 o'clock in the morn
ing until 9:3G, o'clock in the evening.
The school wttl be for the benefit of
children whose patents are too poor to
keep them In school, to fit themselves
•for skillful trades.
J. W. MeClymonds, superintendent of
education, strongly urged, in a report
submitted at a recemt meeting, that a
school of title kind be formed. The
plan was sybmttted to the committee
on elementary school* and from all in
dications will be favorably acted upon.
McClymonds , report dealing with the
inndvatio. , - says, in part!
Our night schools are falling to
meet tfce vrajate of many pupils ,
who leave school at an early age.
The nigrht school ought to offer
opportunities to children that de
sire It, to prepare themselves for
work in some trade. A young per
son no longer can learn a trade. Hβ
Is taught In tho briefest time pos
fiiblo to manipulate a machine to
that end that he may become a
money maker for his employer.
Vocational training: and voca
tional guidance make such a neces
sity. Some arrangement might be
made for the beginning of such a
school at the coming Christmas
time, without incurring more than
.1 limited additional expense.
A lecture bureau, the duties of which
will be to arrange tor Bpeakera at a
series of Friday evening , lectures, was
created on recommendation of Director
Annie F. Brown. The bureau commit
tee will • consist of Miss Brown,
Directors C. M. Orr and A. S. Kelly,
McClymonds, R. S. Wheeler, principal
of the Piedmont school, and F. S. Ros
seter, principal of the Fremont high
school. The lectures will be held in
Chabot assembly "hall, Fremont high
school, anaF Franklin, Grant, Washing
ton and Durant schools.
Fred O. Brown. Who
Has Been Missing
For Many Weeks
Despondent Man thought b}
His Wife to Have Ended
His Life
OAKLAND, Oct. 4.—The police were
asrked today to institute a search for
Fred George Brown, who has been
missing from his home, l'Ji2 Eighty
fourth avenue, since August 0.
The disappearance was reported by
his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, who
said her husband was despondent
shortly before he left, and she fears
he may have wandered to the Fruitvale
hills and committed suicide or met
some tragic death.
Mrs. Brown said her husband was
worried because he feared an attack
of pneumonia, that he could not bear
the thoughts of illness and the day
he left was especially downhearted.
Brother, Too, Painted Like Ser«
pent in the Garden
of Eden
OAKLAND, Oct. 4. —Mrs. Maud X
Eccleston and her former husband.
Louie Richard Eccleston, were in turn
denounced today as the author of the
I woes of Charles Hudson Eccleston, who
iis defendant to her action for $25,000
The Ecelestons vvptp divorced and
(Mrs. Ecrleston allege* Charles Hud
jf>on Ecdeston turned her husband
i apuinst her.
■Whatever you do, don't talie Mrs.
'Maud Eiclnstcn rp the type of C*lifor-
Inta "womenliood," pleaded Attorney M.
](". Chapman, wh<> represents the de
fendant, to the jury.
"Whatever you do, don't take Louie
Hudson Becleston as the type of Cali
i forniu manhood." pleaded Attorney N.
jC. Coldwell, who represented Mrs. Ec
| rleston.
"The Eccleston brothers turned her
J out, a lone woman, lik*» Hagar driven
I out of the tent Into the wilderness,"
said Coldwell
"Mrs. Eccleston and her husband were
happy together until the brother crept
into their lives like a serpent into th«
garden of Bdeit," ■&!<! Coldwell.
"Mrs. Eccleeton never loved her hus
band. Her attitude was mercenary
from the start. He loved lior for a
time then her coldness killed his af
fection," said Chapman.
"Louie Kccleeton, from the diverc
unce of his testimony here and at the
trial of his divorce action, sMould be
IB the prisoners' dock," said Coldwell.
Charles Hudson Kcoleston sat hack
and listened without change of expres
sion to the remarks about his brother
and his former sifter in law.
Instructions will be given to the jury
CHINESE BURNS IN FIRE -Madera. Drt. 4. —
Fire this morning destroyed a row of tmlldtaga
involving a loss of JIT.fHMI and burned a Clii
nt'sn t" It is supp'>s<v) th«t thf
fell asleep while smoking ami srt tlir> bedding
on fire.

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