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Constantinople Declared in State
of Siege While Enemies
Are Far Away
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Austria declare to the Balkan
First, that the powers cnerget
loallv reprove any measure sus
cepjjble of causing a rupture of the
>nd, that, leaning on article
XXIII of the treaty of Berlin, they
mill take in hand, in the interest
Cf the Balkan peoples, the relation
of reforms in the administration
of European Turkey, it being un
derstood that these reforms shall
not. affect the sovereignty of the
an or the territorial integrity
of tha Ottoman empire. The pow
ers reserve to themselves liberty
of action for a collective ulterior
study of these reforms.
Third, that if war breaks out be
tween the Balkan states and tbe
Ottoman empire, they will permit
at the end of the conflict no modifi
cation of the territorial status quo
in European Turkey. The powers
will make collectively to the sub
lime porte representations similar
to the above declaration.
la declining to concur in the views
of the two powers, the Montenegrin
government declared that its patience
was exhausted. For more than two
months it had been protesting in vain
to Turkey, and resort to arms was the
logical sequence. Even if Montenegro
stood alone, it was added, she was un
able to act differently.
An explanation of the Balkan union
is given by an official who understands
the~ situation thoroughly. An alliance,
properly speaking, does not exist. Mon
tenegro is not alliad with Servia. But
Bulgaria, after signing a treaty with
Servia. concluded a second treaty with
Montenegro and a third with Greece.
Bulgaria, therefore, stands as the link
binding together the Ealkan states,
and it is Bulgaria that, plays the lead
ing; role.
Porte Receives Declaration
receiving his passports from the
Turkish government the Montenegrin
charge d'affaires, M. Plamenatz, handed
the following note in behalf of his
government to the Porte:
I regret that Montenegro has ex
hausted without avail all amicable
means of settling the numerous
misunderstandings and conflicts
■which have constantly arisen with
the Ottoman empire.
With the authorization of King
Nicholas I have the honor to inform
you that from today the govern
ment of Montenegro ceases all re
lations with the Ottoman empire,
leaving it to the arms of the Mon
tenegrins to secure recognition of
their rights and the rights that
have been ignored for centuries of
their brothers in the Ottoman em-
I am leaving Constantinople. The
royal government will hand his
passports to the Ottoman repre
sentative at Cettinje.
Shortly after the presentation of this
note, which was accepted as a declara
tion of war. a council of war -was held
at the grand vizierate. The session
continued late into the night. The noted
general Mahmoud Schefket Pasha, who
commanded the constitutional army and
was formerly minister of war, was
present. The city Is patrolled by
strong detachments of cavalry and in
fantry. A state of siege prevails, and
there is much excitement, but no
demonstrations are permitted.
The Ttirkish view, aa expressed by
officials, is that Turkey was ready to
enter into negotiations about the
frontier dispute with Montenegro, and
hence Montenegro's complaint on this
score was a mere pretext to precipitate
a conflict before the powers were able
to intervene.
Montenegrin forces early this morn
ing attacked Berana. which at noon
was surrounded. Skirmishes also are
reported on the Servian frontier and
with Greek bands in the neighborhood
of Disk.tta. An exchange of shots has
o'-<-urred near Djumabala, on the Bul
garian frontier.
Late tonight the Bulgarian. Servian
and Greek ministers were still with
out instructions from their govern
ments, but their baggage was packed
in the expectation of a rupture at any
State League Is Addressed by
Gertrude Atherton
SAX LUIS OBISPO. Oct B.—The first
annual convention of the California
Democratic Women's league was opened
here today with delegates present from
all section-** of the state. Miss Mary E.
Foy, president of the league, respond
ed to an address of welcome by Mrs.
Mary Ellis Riddle of this city, who is
the democratic candidate for the assem
bly. Miss Foy said that the organiza
tion would meet yearly hereafter, its
delegates to be selected by the county
Gertrude Atherton addressed the
gathering, taking as her subject. "Our
Friends, the Enemy." She said that
Colonel Roosevelt had never favored
woman's suffrage until he found woman
clothed with power to vote in several
states. She criticised President Taft
and urged California women to cast
their ballots for Woodrow Wilson.
The convention will continue in ses
n tomorrow and be addressed by
•jus democratic candidates.
Deeds Transferring Rights of
Way Transferred
[Special Dispatch io The Call]
EUREKA. Oct. S. —That the North
rn Pacific railroad, now rapidly
being completed between this city and
San Francisco, will he extended without
delay to Coos Bay, and thence to Port
land, became evident today when deeds
were plated on record transferring all
rights of way in Humboldt county
north from this city from the South
ern Pacine Railroad company to the
Willamette Pacific Railroad company,
recently organized. The latter company
U a branch of the Southern Pacific, as
shown by the fact that E. O. McCor
mick, E. E. Calvin and other high offi
cials of the Southern Pacific are like
wise officials of the Willamette Pacific
Order Given to Release Prince
Held on Ellis Island
WASHINGTON, Oct. B.—Acting Secre
tary Cable of the department of com
merce and labor today instructed the
immigration authorities at Ellis island.
New York, to admit to the United States
Prince Ludovic Plgnatelli d'Aragon.
Jnf Don .laime, pretender to the
Suai'iSh throne, held since last !*riday.
Massed Chorus of Children Ushers in Big Fair
Willits Exhibits Mendocino County Industries
Queen his of the Mendocino county far and four members of her royal x:ourL
♦ San Francisco ♦
(Sutro Poorest)
The One Property Benefited Most
By Twin Peaks Tunnel
£?/+%&s y^(^^>^ : ni AM showing tunno. with auRFAec
y^yv/ * L-/V IN connection at scventm avenue (FOREST HILL}
'/*//lZr> S/y /////7C x3\ «WM___CO'-r«aaiON-_4JN»_T AS SHOWN in report oi- **'**•< J.ARNOLD OK TWIN PEAKS -uinncu
t <* _-.^J!i
f\ ' * x ! v ,' "V' N^";^ > «^^<^*^?l^^<^^ :
The Laguna Honda Station and Western Portal of the
Tunnel Are Located in Forest Hill *
—When the Tunnel is com- sheltered from the winds be who has such a home. practically 80 city blocks
pleted you can be at your and fog. Nearly two lundred serious are being prepared for homes
home in Forest Hill in from —Aladdin with his magical minded men of 'San Fran- exclusively.
12 to 15 minutes from Powell lamp could hot cause a more o*» *»▼• s * lect «* J * eir ~Sh7 «« -f ft « rt?
and Market. pleasing-m or c delightful homesites in Forest Hill- outode and see how shel
t *TL» *h_ <_-. « transformation for the home come and be among them. tered your home waU be in
-Less than half the time it seeke _ tvn _ el aaA __ machine, q tVl a™ Par
takes to cross the bay; about 12 minutes travel. or on the sta-eet car, and ~^?S^^a£E?_ffl
-«• *- *—- »» SL%ou M d ectrFoS
?nAvJS£LS h-UTe time leaves h* desk in the center nues through this great Hill-this is the shortest
S?£_ ™Jsrf of a dust y- bus y city Wooded park ' and quickest route to Sutro
iVT^ to ?• chmo f° f and in less than a thousand _ oome and see this high- Forest,
the residence sections of the heart beats is whisked into class restricted property —Call at our office and receive
city by street car. * a land of sunshine—up in now. Forest Hill is the first an aeroplane view of Forest
—And such* a charming place *_* P ure treß \ l *"* amon lf residence park in San Fran- Hill and San Francisco to
to have a home! Up, over _** trees and flowers m cisco of sufficient magnitude gether with*book and infor
-500 feet above the city, Forest Hill. to insure an atmosphere of mation regarding this beau
nestled among the trees and —Happy indeed, will the man refinement and tone. Here tiful residence park.
The Hayes St.-9th Aye. Car Line Has Recently Been Extended
to Sutro Forest. Take Car No. 6on Market St. Direct,
... , '•■ I ■ ' - ~ »■■-■■ ■-■_-'■—*- , — a ....- ■..•*-.,..■ -, - ■ .
Unique Features Ar
ranged for Five Days'
WILUTJ?, Oct. B.—The Mendocino
county fair opened here tonight with
an elaborate program prepared for each
cf tbe rive days It will continue and
with several features distinctive to the
county. Vice President Robert New
ton Lynch of the California develop
ment board delivered the opening ad
dress and a chorus of 200 school chilr
dren sang songs. The pavilion is deco
rated with redwood bark, three car
loads of which were required for that
Special arrangements have been made
for Sonoma day Saturday. October 12,
when a 'queen's offering" will be made
by little girls 6 years old, who will
represent the various products of the
county. One will be dressed as chan
ticleer, representing the poultry Indus
try, another as a milkmaid and a third
as a sheaf of grain.
Queen Iris will have as her attend
ants the following:
Maid of honor, Ora Muir; maids,
Marion Hill, Nellie Bowen, Georglana
Mensor, Laura Perkins, Gladys Wade,
Hattle Muir, Addie RoscOe and Ber
nice Scholl.
Key bearer, Natalie Perry; crown
bearer, Elouise Provine: train bearers,
Genevieve Whited and Ruthie Provine;
buglers, Hubert Clay and Floyd Mc-
Elroy; buglers' escort, Luther Rowe.
In bankruptcy were filed yesterday in
the United States district court: William Mer
cer, a laborer of Monterey City, Monterey
county, whose liabilities are *}871.30, with no
assets; John A. Wagner, a local salesman,
•whose liabilities are $1,286.13, with $200 In
available nssets; Jacob Kngel, a local brewer,
whose liabilities are scheduled at $9,443.61,
with $4,533 in available assets.
l„-l-d_IJM VICHY
q Natural Alkaline Wafer n
H Not Genuine H
jHL without the word Jffjfk
1 v Nb ******""» *» •** m -*
Unexcelled for table use,
Standard remedy for Dyspepsia, Stomach | 5 ;i|P§P
pts_-____gß Troubles and Gout. Sli__ltf
"EBB* Ask your Physician
It Removes Dandruff—Saves the Hair
Dandruff is what starts most of the
hair troubles. It stunts the growth of
the hair, deprives it of life and causes
it to fall out.
Loss of hair and final baldness, fre
quently considered inevitable, can both
be prevented. Newbro's Herpicide will
do it.
Herpicide is the first and original
remedy compounded to kill the germ
that causes dandruff. It not only
checks the accumulation of dandruff,
but destroys entirely the tiny microbic
growth, which is the worst enemy to
good hair. *""
The intelligent use of Newbro's Her
picide gives new life and luster to the
hair and keeps the scalp clean and
—Want to Trade, Buy or Sell? Use CALL Want Ads —
healthy. The first application is enough
to convince you of Its value. Herpicide
imparts a feeling of cleanliness* is very
cooling to the scalp and stops the itcb
ing almost instantly. Being free from
oil or grease and possessing a delicate
and exquisite odor, Herpicide is a de
light to ladies of refinement. It does
not change the color of the hair a par
ticle. " "■•
Give it a trial. The Herpicide Co.,
Dept. S Detroit, Mich., will send a sam
ple bottle of Herpicide to any address
upon receipt of 10 cents in pc[Stagei or
silver to cover the cost of packing and
Newbro's Herpicide is sold at all
toilet goods counters in 50 cent anrt
$1.00 sizes. Your dealer wlll guarantee
it to do as claimed or refund your
™ Applications obtained at. the better
barber shops and hair dressing parlors.

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