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7c S%d; fntcres strong; October, 5s 2%d;
- -•ember, 5* 2' t u\
1 — . , «.
•a —■— ■ ■■ — •*•
Reeelpts of Produce October 9
T lour qr ska 7,SSsjHide*, No 220
Wheat, ctla 825jP*lts, No ISO
Harley, -tls 2.61S L!me. bbl* no
Oat!*, ctis 1.250{g-agar. ctls 4,200
Besus, sks 4,595 l ßrandy. gals .... I.OOQ
C«ra, ctls «00' Wine. Gils 45,500
r<natocs. ska ... R.7151C0a1. tons SO
o-ions. sks 3,sls!Lumber, M ft 120
*Ft»v. tons .".RliPaner, Mis 1.905
Shnrts. fks * .".OOjApples. bss 1.300
• '■■•>*nmeal. ctls .. 690|Kaislns, hxs .... ;;.\»~*>
Wool , iw staves, cerds V>
.Mfalfa feed. sks. r,nO'Almonds, sks 930
I <*ather, rolls ... 120 Quicksilver, flasks 12
Hallow, ctls tOJHooey, cases 60
riour. qr sks 2.668 Middlings, sks ... 1,000
Wbeat, ctls 2.o6o'Feed, sks SSO
Barley, ctls 4.700! Wool. sks 3
t*ats, ctls 7.138
I decline of a quarter of a cent has been
nniounoed on cottolene.
Hams fper lb)—California H. H. brand. 19c;
M. ft I* brand, 30% c; picnics, 12% c: Primrose,
eastern star. 20e: skinned, 20% c; mon
arch. U'-jfalSc: pienk-s. 12He
Bacon—Primrose. 4 to 6 lbs. 28c: eastern star,
lbs, 26c: 6 to 8 lbs. 28e; 8 to 10 lbs, 24c;
IS lbs 2Se; sngar cured bacon, 24% c: Ar
*. t 8 to 10 lbs. 23U_,c: 10 to 12 lbs, 22% c:
medium snd light medium bacon. 18% c; light
dTv salted bacon, 8 to 10 lbs, 21c; 10 to 12
lbs. 20c
« afifornia Bacon—M. Sc L. brand, 6to 8 lbs.
36' ■•<-: 8 to 10 lbs, 25W: H. H. brand. 4 to 8
lb-.'2;; l ~c: 8 to 10 lbs, 22% c.
Cottolene—Half bbls. 10% c; 1 tlerpe. 10% c; 2
10% c; 5 tierces. 10% c per lb; Califene.
mi.c fn r 1 tierce. 10% c for 2 tierces. 10% c for
S tierces and 10% c for halt bbl*; 60 lb tubs,
10% c: cases, $7.
m Lard and Oils. Western Meat brand-
Tierces. 14c; :••:■•> fper case). $7.13*. 10s, $8.85:
5« $8.93; 3s, componnd lard, tierces. 9%c;
50s (per case). $4.58: 10s. $6.15; ss. $6.23; 3s,
vellew cooking oil. 58c per gallon: white
•-"oking oil, 60c per gallon; salad oil, 63c per
California Pure Lard, M. & L. brand—Tierce*.
14c; cans, l to a case. $7.13: 4 to a case, $11.50:
large tins. 6 to a case, $8.85: medium, 12 to a
ease. small, 20 to a case, $9.
California Compound Lard, H. H. Brand —
Tierce b**sls. 9%c; cans, 1 to a case. $4.88; 4 to
s case. $7.90; tins. 6 to a case, $6.15; 12s. $6.23
T>tr case: 20s, $6.30 per case; M. & L. salad oil.
tierce basis. 63c; M. & L. cooking oil, 60c for
xrhlte and 58c for rellow.
Beef—Extra family, family and mess beef,
$16.50 per bbl.
Pork—Extra prime in barrels. $21: n!g pork,
$26: pigs* feet. $5.50 per half bbl, $2.25 for 25
lb kegs and $1.50 for kits.
Meat Market
Slanghterers' rates to dealers and butchers are
ss follows:
Beef—lo%<g lie per lb for steers. 9%@10c for
cows and heifers.
Veal—lo%@llc for large and 12%(313c for
Mutton—Wethers. B%flft%c: ewes. SSB%c
S-priqg Lambs— 11 %c ncr lb.
Dressed Pork (per lb)—ll<ai2e.
The following quotations are for good, sound llve
stock delivered in San Francisco, gross weight:
Xo i steers, orer 950 lbs. 6ta6*4c per lb: un-
Or 9",0 lbs. 5%(g5*4c: second quality, all weights.
■ thin, undesirable steer*. 3%fi5!4%c.
No. 1 coirs and heifers. r.(35 3 4<**: second qual
ity, 4t/ ( common to thin, undesirable cow*,
r*esirable bulls and stags. half fat or
thin bulls. !"-ao2%e.
Calves—Lightweight ncr lb, 6%(57c; medium,
6t"»»«%e: i-»avy. ■*'**_*&•.
Sheep—Desirable wethers. 4'g4 , -i'"; ewes. 3%
Milk Lambs—s%!g"%c per lb.
Hogs -Hard grain fed. weighing 100 to 150 lbs
7»q17%c: 150 to 225 lbs, 7%@7%e; 225 lbs and
up, 757..:-. ,
Wholesale Fiah Market
Quotations for fish remained exactly tha same
yesterday as on the preceding day, the market
being -steady all around.
Prices (per lb)—Halibut. 12%e; codfish. Sc: red
rock, 0,••: black rock. 6c; yeilowtail. 7c: barra
cuda, 9e; sand dabs. Sc: soles. 6c; kingflsh. Sc;
rarp, Sc: smelts, 10c: tomcod*. 10c: sea bajw,
lie: perch, €c; anchovies. 4c; mackerel. 7c;
white bat 10c: pike. sc; catfish. 10c; crawfish,
20c: crsbs. $3 per dozen.
The shove quotations represent basis f. o. b.
Trices for cleaned fish, bcxed and iced.
Butter. Cheese aad Ears*
Conditions in the egg market are irregular and
uncertain, with prices moving up one day and
('own the next, according to the demand, which is
regulated by the retail cost. The fluctuation*,
however, are "narrow, seldom amounting to more
thsn %c or 1c a dozen. Yesterday the market
took an upward tarn, and the filling of a few
small or<!er« sect tbe quotations for extra* and
I pullets up %c. Receipts are running
abitit even from day to day.
The butter market had another of it* spasmodic
at weakness '•ester-lay. Receipt* were mnv
pararively light, but the effect* of Tuesday*
besvy deliveries were still apparent, and no one
t,» be in need of supplies while the ex
.bsnsc was in sess'on. At the close of the call
effera to sell extras at the quotation found no
takers, and the market was accordingly declared
weak. Cheese rematn»i! firm, and new California
fa "cv flats were %c hisber.
in the exchange w»re as follows:
tO '-sees of extras at 35c a pound.
ge-s--40 cases of extras at 39c and 10 case*
-ted pullets at 30c * desert.
•"*— 50 new California fancy flats at I6'<je
•> ; "und.
Receipt* were 42.500 poiicd* of butter. 10.500
poinds of cheese and l^- case* of eggs.
' llowine sre official quotations, established
I - -.ales, bids an-1 offers on the floor of tbe Dairy
Prices tn the street, while governed
hr tbe exchange quotations, generally range from
2'*c higher owing to tbe various charge*
t ."be adder]:
tit rmiii
: I : : 1 :
K-v.tr** s 0-V $4%c!38%cl35%c|36e S.'ic
, ...J3_e 32« [33e °.2.- !32o !32e
e*ctra*J30%c S0%« 31%< 3l%c'3l»4c|3l%c
The average quotation for extra butter fir the
week ending Saturday, October 3. was 31 5-6 c a
--—Fancy California fl»ts. 16*-..c per lb.
Htm; do firsts." 14**%. Ann: do seconds. tSfte,
f+rm; fancy Young Americas. 17 W. firm: do
"6e firm; Oregon* flat*. 16c. steady; do
»n*!ericas, 17c. firm*. New York fancy, 19
steady: Wisconsin twins. 17c. steady;
et*. t§e, steady,
Egg*—California fresh, rcr d'-sen, case* in
I 3 j*f I f If I £ I 8
'" ADES ~ I P 4 H H r i r i •
rs« t 3fli_c;»9e !8Sc I88%e.83%« 39r-
te-j pullets- 3©%c!30%c .".oe IMOe 2»it.c i 30<--
rage axtraaBS- ! 28c |38e 23c its 2*<-
•o pullet*..] ' 24'n- 'JJ s
Fars: Market in Nearby Counties
\ Special Dispatch io The Call]
PETALUMA. Oct. ft.—The egg market t<* stsw-
Iv working back into old r-untations of 10 day*
'go and prices were today marked np half a cent
<*i first grade eggs after receipt of transactions
nf the San Francisco Dairy and Egg e*c-banee.
dealers and speculators paid 3Sc
for flrst grade eggs and 28c for second* and pul
t«*-r* The delivery was light. Green t-r_ ts
getting very scarce in this section and produc
tion is dropping off. In the poultry market the
delivery is light and consists largely of b»ns
culled by reason of going into molt. Grains
show no change.
PANTA ROSA, Oct 3. —There was no change
t«dav In tbe local egg m*rk«t. On receipt of
advices showing the morning transaction*! on tbe
Ban Francisco Dairy Produce and Egg exchange
(B0 California St. Tel. Douffla* 3487
it. Francis Hotel. Tel. Douglas 3953
Members of New York Stock Exchange
Pioneer House
rrfvate Wire to Chicago
and Sew York
r. *E. MVLC A H Y. Manager
I^RSTO*V 4 1
SO Pin* Street New York
VS ,//
$20,000 WANTED
Box 5235, Call Office, Oakland, Cal.
» the local Sealers nil quoted 37% c per dOSCn for
first, grade and 88e per dozen for second or pullet
grade eggs. The offerings were freer than for
any day this week. o-n&lderable poultry is still
being marketed by the poultryraen, mostly culling
i out of the sto***** for the winter. Butter was
quotsd at ''.5c tor creamery and 26c for fresh
j ranch.
SANTA CRUZ, Oct. 9.—Eggs again adranced
j slightly in price today, extra** bringing from 37e
to 38<\ according to grade. Firsts have a good
| csll, but are still quoted at 2Sc. whll<» buyer*
I are paying 38% c for pullet*.
Potatoes, Onions aad Vegetables '
A crate of asparagus, containing 19 pound* net,
came in from Brawley In the Imperial valley yes
terday, and found a buyer at 8c a pound. Other
wise (here was nothing new in the market for
miscellaneous -vegetables, which was a humdrum
affair, with tbe demand moderate and supplies
of nearly all descriptions ample. Lima beans re- _
mainert firm on limited offerings, and green corn |
was scarce. The demand for the latter was very
light, however, and prices showed no improve
ment. Potatoes were Just about steady, with the
.leniand and supply about balancing, while onions
were in abundance and weak.
Potatoes (per ctl) —Elver Burbanks, 50_873c;
Salinas do, [email protected]; Oregon do, [email protected];
sweet potatoes, $1.30® 1.75.
Onions (per ctl) —-yellow, <s®soe.
Vegetables—Green pea*, 4®6c per lb; toma
! toes, 30(575c per bos: cucumbers. 40® 60c per
| box; garlic, 2®3c per lb: eggplant. 40®75c per
| box; cabbage, [email protected] per ctl; cauliflower, 50(9
■ 60c per dozen; green peppers, [email protected] per box;
i carrots. 75c per aaek: string beans, 2®3c per lb;
' lima beans, 6Sf7c per lb: summer squash. 89®
| 85C per box; green core. $1.25®2 per sack; green
j okra. 40® 50c per box.
Deciduous and Citrus Fruits
All but one of the river boats with consign
ments of frnits arrived late yesterday, but tardy
I -ieliveries had no effect on price* for anything.
I for the reason that there was a large carryover of
i river district products from the preceding day.
! l.ate arrivals of nutmeg melons were about 1.000
boxes, but the wants of the trade were supplied
before the belated supplies reached the store* and
most of tbe receipts had to be held over. Grapes
were In good request, and a feature of the mar
ket was a sudden rise in prices for Isabellas.
which sold up to $1 a crate and occasionally
Llgher. The other varieties In crates and lugs
sold at about previous orfees. Wine grapes were
steady, with stocks closely cleaned up. and »ome
receivers were inclined to hold for slighty firmer
prices. Aside from a saarp advance in price* for
fig*, there was very little chr.nge in orctutrd
fruits. Attractive lots of peaches sold readily at
satlgfactory prices, but trashy stuff was hard to
sell at any figure. Apples were still in burden
some supply, and, although dealers reported a
fair movement at the current low prices, the gen
eral tone of the market remained weak. The
recent importations of Baldwins and Jonathans
from the north sold slowly, the prices asked for
tbe fruit being too far above the cost of Cali
fornia apples to attract custom. Arrivals of ber
ries continued to decrease, and all varieties ruled
firm at about previous prices.
Strawberries—Malindas, etc., [email protected] per cheat;
banners, [email protected]
Other Berries —Blackberries. $6®B per chest:
raspberries. $5.50® S per chest: huckleberries, 5®
7c per lb; cranberries. $7.50(2 8 per bbl.
Peaches—Small boxes. 50® 75c; lug boxes. 60®
85c; carriers, [email protected]
Plums and Prunes—S".-e®sl.2s per box or crate.
Figs—Black. 75ctg$l per do river boxes,
[email protected]; white. 60®6Sc.
! Apples (per box) —Extra fancy reds in 4 trer
I boxes, $1®1.15; 4% tier Gravenstelns, [email protected]; 4
'tier red Pearmains. 60®75c; bellflower. [email protected]
|for 3% and 4 tier and 60®65c for 4% tier: green
ings. Go<3Ssc: common to choice fruit. [email protected];
! erabapples, 65©75e.
Pears (per box)— Winter Nellis, $1<g1.25 for
'wrapped; other varieties. 50®85c.
Quinces —[email protected] per box.
Pomegranates— ?5c®51.25 per box.
i Persimmons —flfrjl.2s per box.
Melons —Xutmeg melons. 40®75c per box;
; watermelons. $1(22 per dozen.
Grapes (per crate) —Muscat. 60®75c; Malaga.
40®60c; tokay, 50fe6oc: black. [email protected]; Isabella.
90c©$l: cornichon, Co®7sc; seedles*. 50(875c;
lug* 75c<g51.25 for muscat. 65c®$l for tokay
and [email protected] for black; v.lne grapes, $10® 18 per
Citrus Fruits (per i*ox) —Valencia oranges.
[email protected] for choice ,-i.nd $3.75(g4 for extra
choice; grapefruit. [email protected]; lemon*. $6®7 for
fancy and [email protected] for other graaes; Mexican
limes. [email protected]
Tropical Fruits—Eanan**. 3s;®4%e per lb for
Mexican. $i.50®1.75 per hunch for Hawaiian and
4%' a3c per lb tor Central American; pineapples,
, $2®2.30 per dozen.
i Dried Fruit, Raisins. Nut a aad Honey
There were no further changes reported in
prices for dried fruits or raisins yeateday.
Prunes,, peaches, pears and seeded raisin* were
easy at the recently revised quotations.
Prunes—Fall shipment. 1912 crop: Santa
aura. per lb for 50s to 90s. with 40s %c
snd 30s 2e higher: ontside prunes. %c less.
Other fruits, fall shipment, 1912 crop:
Stand- Extra
CO lb boxes— ard Choice Choice Fancy
Evaporated apples 5%e 6c 6%c
Apricots Sc B%e «%c O^c
Peaches 4%c 4V* 5%c 5%c
Pear* 5»-c 6%c 6%c B%c
Nectarines ........ sAc 6c G%c
Raisins—Loose muscatels. 3%c, 3%c and 4%c
for 2. 3 and 4 crown, respectively; 2, 3 and 4
crown layers, 95c. $1 and $1.25, respectively ;• 5
crown Deheaa cluster*. $1.70: 6 crown imperials.
$2.20: seeded. 1 lb boxes. 5%c for fancy and
4%c for choice, for October shipment; do No
vember shipment, 4%c for fancy and 4c for
choice, with the usual differential for 12 oe
Nuts prices to the trade! —Pecans. 15
©17c: filberts, 13® 15c; peanuts. 5(36; plnenuts,
14®18c; California chestnut*. 10®17c.
New crop—Almonds—Nonpareils, 15% c; I X L.
14%e ; Ne Plu* Ultra. 14c; Drake*. Lan
guedocs line; walnuts, f. o. b. shipping points.
No. 1 softshell. 14c; do hardshell, 13% c; No. 2
hard and soft smell. 10c; budded, 16% c.
Honey—Fancy water white comb. [email protected];
dark to amber. 13%®14%c; river comb. 11®
!!2%c; water white extracted. B®S%c per lb;
light amber, 7%®Sc; amber. 6%®7c; lower
grades. 556%e per lb.
Beeswax—27 > 4 ®30c per lb for light and 23®
26. for r'ark.
Poultry and Game
Tbe first shipment* of Wild fowls for the sea
son reached the local market yesterday, several
consignments of gray geese being received from
th* Baa Joaquin valley. The bird* were tn good
condition, and found prompt sale at $405 a
<Ir.zen. A case of dressed turkeys was received
late on Tuesday, but tbe stock *w*s not in the
best condition, asd the boat the receivers could
get for It was 23c a pound. There were no fur
ther arrivals of western poultry, but there was
enough stock remaining in first band* to supply
the market for several days. Receipts from state
points were liberal, and as the demand was
me'-eir fair, the market remained easy to weak.
Poultry (per dozen')— Hens. $404.50 for small.
$506 for large and $B®9 for extra; young
roosters. $6®6.36; do erfra. $7.5009: old roost
ers. 33.50®4: fryers, [email protected]; broiler*, 5404.50
for I«rge and $303.50 for small; ducks. $404.50
for old and $3®7 for young; pigeons, $1.30;
squabs, $2.2"03; geese. $2rg3 per pair; j-oung
turkeys. 24-f}26c per lb; Belgian hare*. $407.
Games—Hares, $1.5002 per dozen; Gray geese,
■4®*' per dozen.
Beau* and Seeds
Beans 'per ct!» —Lima. $5.60fix5.65: baye*.
$3.70418.80; large white. amall
white. $4.4004.50: pink, 34.15fijt4.25; cranberry.
$4.3.-.fij4.45: hiackeye, [email protected]: red. 34.10®
4.23; red kidney, $4.23(34.50; garvansa*, $3®
G. 2.": horse beans, $2.1002.20.
■Seed*—Mustard. —; flaxseed, nominal; canary,
3-V ; alfalfa. le-iflSc; rape, timothy,
nominal; hemp. Stye; millet. per lb.
Dried Peas—Green, $3.23 per eel.
Flour and Farinaceous Goods
Flour tnet per bbl>—California family extras,
$.".4005.80; do bakers' extraa. $4.9005.30; au
perflne. $3.60; Washington family patent*. $4.80;
do bakers' patents. $4.70; Dakota patents, $7.50
for eld and $5.6026.60 for new wheat; Kansas
patents. Old wheat. $6.25.
Farinaceous Good*—ln 10 lb sacks are quoted as
followa per 100 lbs: Graham flour, $3.20; entire
wheat flour. $3.30; buckwheat flour. $3.30: self
rising buckwheat flour. $6.10: wheat meal. $4;
rice flour. 36.50: rye flour, $3.90; rye meal. $3.80;
! corn meal, yellow and white, $3.20; extra do,
1 33.30; oat groats. $4.80; buckwbeat groats, $8.80;
hominy $3.70; cracked wheat. $4.10; farina,
$4.:10: pearl barley. $626.50: split peas, 36 for
yellow and $7.50 for green. In 25 lb sacks, 10c
lower for all. and 20c lower for 50 lb sacks.
Hay aad Feedstt'**-.
. Bran —$24f524.50 per ton.
Short*—s2B(93o per ton.
Middlings— $34££36 per ton.
Feedstuffs —Boiled barter. $30231 per ton;
rolled oats for feed. $41242; com meal, $424343:
cracked corn. 342243: chopped feed, 319223:
evergt-eer chopfeed. $21 per ton for car lot* and
$23 for jobbing; oilcake meal. 20 ton lot* $33, 10
ton lot* $30.50. 6 ton lot* $40, small lota $40.50;
cocoanut cake or meal at mill*. 327 in 20 and 10
I and $27.50 in o ton lots. Jobbing 328; alfalfa
meal, carload l-*>t« $17.50. Jobbing $18.50: red star
i alfalfa meal. $18.50 in. car lota aad $18.50 Job
b'-.jr: Stockton maalfalta, $17.50 In car lots and
$18.50 Jobbing: Modesto alfalfa meal. $17.50 In
'■■ car lots and $18.50 jobbing; caproca oilcake meal,
$1«50 per ton: vigorator. per ton. $22.
Hay (per ton) —Fancy wheat hay. $23224; Ho.
! 1 wheat and wheat and oat. $20(322: good to
choice do. $18219: lower grades. $1221*: barley
and oat. $16218: choice tame oat, $19229; other
do. $16218; wild oat. $14217; stock bay, 3*2
11: alfalfa. $11.30214.50.
Straw—4o263c per bale.
Hides, Tallow, Wool and Hon*
Hides —Coils asd brands sell about 3 ,i01c under
quotation*. Heavy and medium salted steers,
14H213C: light, [email protected]»4c; cowhide*. 14014%e;
■tags, it'i2loc- salted kip. salted veal
and salted calf. 19ty®20e: dry bides, 24225 c:
murrain. 2322*'': dry salted hides. 16c: dry
calf and veal. 30030'ic; dry kip. [email protected]; dry
stags, 162164 c; sheepskins, shearlings. 20040 c
each; short wool. 40260 c; medium, 70230 c: long
wool. $121-25: lambs. 70285 c for long and 302
60c for short wool; borsehldes. salt. $2.7523 for
large and $222.50 tor medium, 75c2$ 1.23 for
small and 25250 c for colts; horsehides, dry,
$222.25 for large and $1.5022 for medium. 50e
231 for email and 25250 c for colts; goatskins.
[prime angoras, [email protected]$l; medium. 35250 c; long
i hair goats, 35c; medium. 20c: small. 5210 c.
1 rendered, bbls. 5*4 06c; cans
and drums, SUfiSc,
Grea*e—2%@3«4c per lb.
•Wool—Fall clip, Mendocino and Humboldt. 142
i 18c; Siskiyou. 18217 c; Califcrals. northern, lOsj
I.V; Pan Joaquin, Stance; mohair, good quality.
20«27%c per lb.
Hops—California. 1912 crop, 18#20c per lb;
Oregon, 20c per lb.
Horse* and Males
The following quotations for horses sod mules
are furnished by the Batchers' and Stock Grow
ers' Journal;
Desirable drafters. 1,700 lbs and over. .$3003350 :
Light drafters, 1.550 to 1.650 lbs [email protected]
Chunk*, 1.350 to 1.500 lbs 193(3230
| Wagon horses. 1.250 to 1,350 lbs 150(0180
Delivery wagon horses, 1,059 to 1,250.. 110(3125
Desirable farm mare* 100«12S
Farm workers 75Q100
950 lbs, 4 to 7'years.. $75*9123
1,000 lbs, 4 to 7 yeara [email protected]»
1.100 lbs. 4 to 7 years 150®»00
I 1,200 lbs, 4 to 7 years 200®260
Over 7 rears old range from $15 to $25 lower.
Note —Shippers to this market moat hava horee*
close to type, with age, booe conformation aad
style, to command extreme quotations.
General M«rchandia«
Bags—Standard Calcutta grain bag*. 10% c;.
wool bags. 47% c for 4 and 45%e for 3% lbs;
fleece twine, 9<g9%c per lb; bean bags, B%c.
Cosl (per ton of 2,000 lbs'— Pennsylvania an
thracite egg. $16 per ton; Wellington, $8; New
Wellington, $S; Australian house. Richmond, etc.,
$8; Pelaw Main, 38; standard Richmond, $8;
Cumberland. $15 in bulk and $16.50 in sacks;
coke. $16 per ton in bulk and $17 in sacks.
Oils (quotations are for barrels)— Linseed, 75c
per gallon for boiled and 73c for raw, 5 bbl lota
lc less, cases 5c more: Bakers' AA castor, cases.
5 gallons $1.11. 10 gallons $1.09; commercial cas
tor in cases. 90c: China nut. cases. [email protected] per
gallon; cocoauut oil, in barrels. 77%@85c per gal
lon; cocoanut oil, in barrels. 77%@Rlc for XXX,
[email protected]%c for No. 1 and 72%@76c for No. 2, ac
cording to quantity: extra bleached winter sperm
oil. 80c: natural winter sperm oil. 80c; natural
whale oil. 53c; pure lard oil. 85c: winter atralned
lard oil, 75c; pure neatsfoot oil. 85c: No. 1 neats
foot oil. 65c; herring oil, 50c; salmon oil, 60c;
boiled fish oil, 50c; paint oil, 45c.
Coal Oil. Gasoline, etc.—Water white. Iron bar
rel* or drums, 8c; 150 degree oil. Iron barrel*
or drums, 9c; special do, lOc; pearl oil, In cases,
15c: astral. 15c; star, 16c; extra star, 18c;
Elaine, 25 %c; eocene, 18c: red crown and motor
gasoline, in bulk 18%e, In eases 25% c: engine
distillate, in drums 9%c. in cases 7c more; gas
machine gasoline, in bulk 34%e, In cases 42c;
varnish makers' and painters' naphtha, in bulk
17% c, in cases 24% c.
Turpentine—ln cases 62c, 10 ease lota lc lesa;
drums and Iron barrel*, 55e; Aroturpa, caaea 30c,
i-ron barrels or drums. 23c per gallon.
Rosin—F, $10.50: G, $10.55; H, $10.60; I,
$10.70; M. $10.80; WG, $11.30 per barrel of 280
Red and White Lead—Red. B%©9c; white.
S'4<3S%c per lb; do 5 and 10 ton lots, 8c and
7*ic, re*pecti-"*e!v.
The Western Sugar Refining company quote*
as follows, net ca»h: Fine granulated. 5.20 c;
coarse granulated. 5.20 c: fruit granulated, 5.20 c;
H. Sl E. crystal domtnos, 5 lb cartons in case*,
9c; do 2 18 carton* in cases, 9.50 c; monarch bar,
5.55 c; tablets, in half bbl*. 5.70 c: do in 25 lb
boxes, 8.95 c; cubes, 5.45 c; monarch powdered,
5.30 c; XXXX powdered, 3.30 c: candy granulated.
5.30 c; confectioner*' A. 5.20 c; beet granulated,
sc; extra C, 4.70e: golden C. 4.60 c; D, 4.50 c.
Barrel* and 50 lb bags, 10c. half bbl* 25c, boxe*
50c more per 100 lbs than for bags of 100 lb*
net. Bar in 35 and 40 lb tins $1.70 more, in 8
and 10 lb tins $2.35 more per 100 lb* than price
for this grade in 100 lb bags.
Tbe California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining
company quotes as follows: Granulated basis,
5.20 c: C. & H. fine Standard. 5.20 c: coarse dry
granulated. 5.20 c; confectioners' A. 5.20 c*. berry,
5.20 c: powdered. 5.30 c; cubes. 5.45 c; "Hlgrade"
bar. 5.55 c; bricks (In half bbT«). 5.70 c; bricks (in
25 lb boxes). 5.95 c; H. & E. crystal domino* (5
lb carton* in cases), 9c; H. tt E. crystal doml-;
nos (2 lb cartons in cases), 9.50 c; extra fine dry ;
granulated (100 lb bag* only). sc; extra C, !
4.70 c; golden C. 4.60 c; yellow D. 4.50e. Addi
tional per 100 ibs: In bbls and 50 lb bags, 10c
more; half bbls, 25c mor-; boxes, 50c more for
all grades. Bar in 35 and 40 !b tins. $1.70 more;
In 10 lb t'ns, $2.35"m0re. Minimum order, car
load weight.
Xew York Prod nee
NEW YORK, Oct. 9.—Petroleum—Steady.
Hide*—Firm. Bogota, 27%(g25%.
* Sugar—Raw. steady; muscovado. S9 test. 3.61 c;
centrifugal, 96 test. 4.lie; molasses. 89 test,
3.36 c; refined, steady.
Evaporated Apple*—Steady.
Prune* —Unsettled.
Chtoatgo Produce Market
CHICAGO. Oct. 9.—Butter —Steady; creamer
ies, 24%<3!29c: dairies, 22%@27. Eggs—Steady;
receipt*, 4.151 case*; at mark, cases Included.
[email protected]; ordlnsry flrst*. 21c: firsts. 24c. Chee*e—
Easy: daisies. 1t*317%c; twins, 16%_p17c; Young
Americas, 17%51"%c; longhorns, [email protected]%c.
Los Anceles Produce Market
[Special Dispatch to The Coil]
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 9.—Receipts of produce
in the Los Angeles market today were: Eggs,
125 caaes; butter. 18,396 pounds; cheese, 62
ponnd*; potatoes, 2,845 sacks; onions, 313 sacks;
apples, 2.641 boxes.
Potatoes are unchanged and are moving well.
Bunch goods of all kinds are scarce.
Beans (per ctl) —No. 1 pink*. 54.85Q5; No. 1
lima, $3.75*36: Lady Washington. No. 1. $.Vlo<£S
5.2."; small whites, garvansa. 34.50;
lentils, $6.50<57; bayos, 54.50fg5; Mexican reds.
$4.50: blackeye*. $4.2304.50; green, [email protected] per
lb: wax, 3<gsc per lb.
Potatoes (per ctl) — Highland, $1.10*31.25;
local Burbank, 00c<§$l.
Sweet Potatoes (per ctl)—New yellow, |1.50
Butter (per lb)—Prices to trade. 3e above quo
tatlona. California creamery, extra, 36c; cream
ery firsts, 32Hc.
Eggs tper dosen) —Candled, 42c: caae count,
38c; seconds. 23c: pullets, 27c: outside. 27®31c;
eastern — Minnesota and Dakota, 32c; Kansas,
Nebraska, lowa and Missouri. 28c.
Cheese (per lb) —Northern fresh, 17% c: east
ern singles. 19% c; eastern twins, 19_>_ic; eastern
cheddars. 21 %c; eastern longhorns. 2lc: Oregon
daisies, 18c; eastern daisies, 21c; swlse. im
ported. S3c; swiss. domestic, block. 22c; Roqne
fort. 45c; cream brick, 20c; llmburger, [email protected];
Edam. $8.50010.50 per case of 12.
Eastern Livestock Market
CHICAGO. Oct. 9.—Cattle—Receipt*. 14.50 ft.
Market steady, 10c higher. Beeves. [email protected];
Texaa steers, $4.5006; western steers. $5.80®
8.90; st ackers and feeders, $6.4007.60; cows
and heifers, $2.90*39.10: calves, 86010.75.
Hogs—Receipts, 20.000. Market strong to
shade higher. Light. $8.60(39.25; mixed. 33.60®
9.25; heavy, $8.4009.25; rough. $8.4008.66;
pig*. 84.75®7.75; bulk of Bale*, $8.9009.15.
Sheep—Receipts, 52,000. Market steady to
shade hisrher. Native. $3.2504.25; weatern,
$3.4004.25; yearlings, 34.25®5.ft5; native lambs,
[email protected]«.50; western. $4.7506.08.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 9.— dttle—Re
ceipts, 13,000, including 1.500 southern*. Mar
ket steady to 10c higher. Native steers, $6®
10.90; southern steers, $4.2506; southern cows
and heifer*, $3.25®5.25; native cows and heifer*.
$3.4007.50; atockera snd feeders. $4.6007.50;
bull*. $4®5.50; calves, $5®9.50: western steers,
$5®9; western cows, $8.5006.25,
Hogs—Receipts, 9,000. Market steady to
strong. Bulk of sale*. $8.40®8.«0: heavy.
$8.60®8.83: packers and butchers, 38.50®8.90;
light. [email protected]; pigs. $55007.
Sheep—Receipts. 18.000. Market steady. Mut
tons, $304; lambs. 35.25®8.70; range weth*r*
and yearlings, $3-5004.60; range ewes, $2*33.75.
SOUTH OMAHA. Neb.. Oct. 9.—Cattle—Re-
ceipts, 7.300. Market stesdy to lower. Native
steers. $6® 10.23: cows and heifer*. $8.90®6.65:
western steers, $5®8.40; Texas steers, $4.50® i
6.30; cows and heifers, 33.28®6.50; canner*.
$3®4.23: stocken and feeders. f4.ffOOS.IO;
calves, $509; bull*, atags, etc., $4.25®5.40.
Hogs—Receipts. 5.000. Market steady, closed I
weak. Heavy. $8.65®8.80: mixed. 33-70318.80;
light, 38.75®5.90; pigs. 36®8; bulk ef sales, ,
$8.70® 8.30.
Sheep—Receipts. 36,000. Market stesdv. !
readings, $4.3005.10; wethers, $3.5004; ewes, i
[email protected]; lamb*, $5.75®6.50.
Portland Livestock Market
PORTLAND. Oct. 9.—Catflo—Receipts. 100
head; market firm. Choice steers, $6.7506.90;
food steers, $6.25(36.63: medium steers. $6®
.25; choice cows. $606.25; good cows, $5.50®
5.73: medium cows f5®5.23; choice calves $7®
8.50; good heavy calve*, $6.25®7; bulla, |3®s*
stags. $4.75®5.25.
Hog*—Receipts, 200 head; market firm. Light.
88.2508.60; heavy. $707.73,
SJlecp—Receipts. 800 bead; market firm. Year
lings. $4.2504.85: wethers, $3.60®4.50; ewe*,
$2.7604; lambs, $3.55®5.73.
St. Louis Wool Market
ST. LOUIS. Oct. 9.—W00l steady. Medium
frade*. combing; and clothing. 23^®26c; light
ne, 19®2ic; heavy fine, 13® 18c; tub washed,
j 27®35c.
Loadoß Wool Sale*
LONDON. Oct. 9.—There were 6.712 bales of-
I ferad, »t the wool auction sale* today. Th* small
stock brought forward was readily absorbed and
. prices were firm, especially for coarse crossbred*
, and scoured merinos. The sales will close to
! morrow. American purchases to data emanated
to 6,099 bales.
Cotton Market j
! NEW YORK, Oct. 9.—8. F. Button A Co.'a
i wire say*:
i "Cotton opened lower today la coaseqnenc* of
wiaknssa in Liverpool, where some ot tad sellinc
j was caused by tbe unsettled European political
situation. Selling her* was quite active until
, price* had declined 'about 20 points from yeeter
i day's close and then rained slightly on bnyinf by
; spot interest*, spinners aad scattered covering,
' due to cold weather talk hi th* crop belt. Peli
1 interests a/ere credited with baying quietly and
•are said to have wired their friends to bay now
and on a scale down. Other than this there waa
'no change In the temper of traders and the gen
eral public."
Spot closed quiet, 5 points lower. Middling
uplands, 11.05 c: do gulf. 11,30 c. No sale*.
Option. Open. High. Low. Close. Oct. 8. ago.
Oct. ....10.48 10.48 10.38 10.47 10.56 9.49
Nor. > '- 1052 10.62, 9.53
Dec 10.71 10.74 19.62 19.71 10.81 9.67
Jan 10.64 10.68 10.55 10.67 10.74 9.47
Feb 3 rt -74 10.79 9.52
March ...10.78 10.84 10.71 10.83 10.88 9.59
May 10.88 10.92 10.S1 10.91 10.93 9.73
.Tune 10-92 11.00 9.78
iJnly 10.95 10.97 10.91 10.97 11.04 9.79
Aug 10.92 11.00 ....
Liverpool Cotton
LIVERPOOL. Oct. 9.—Cotton—Good business
done in spot. Prices stesdy. American middling
fair, 679; good middling, 657.
!Vevr York Coffee Market
NEW YORK. Oct. »,—E. F. Hutton ft Co.'a
wire say*: "The coffee market continued to
gain strength after the morning session on
liberal buying for both long and short account,
some of which was for Europe. There was no
new short selling noticeable, traders as a rule
not feeling disposed to take chances on that
aide in view of the present statistical position,
continued small movement and Ac firmness of
spots Leading longs met the demand on a
scale up, as they have frequently done on this
advance, and are likely to take their coffee
back on the easier markets.
Option— Open High Low Clo*e
October 14.15 c 14.24 c 14.15 c 14.29 c
November 14.20 c 14.28 c 14.20 c 14.37 c
December 14.35 c 14.31 c 14.25 c 14.39 c
January 14.26 c 14.2« c 14.26 c 14.28 c
February 14.25 c
March 14.35 c 14.43 c 14.35 c 14.41 c
April 14.« c
May 14.40 c 14.47 c 14.40 c 14.45 c
June 14.«3c
July 14.42 c 14.49 c 14.42 c 14.48 c
August 14.49 c
September 14.42 c 14.50 c 14.42 c 14.50 c
Sales, 116,000 bags.
New York Metal Market •*
NEW YORK. Oct, 9.—Copper quiet. Standard,
spot. 17.25 c bid; October, 17.25®17.50c; Novem
ber. 17.23ff117.37%c; December, 17.25ai7.32%c;
electrolytic. 17.62% ®17.87% c; lake. 17.82%®
17.87% c; casting 17.25®17.37%c. Copper arriv
al* at New York. 490 tons. Exports this month,
3,391 tons. London—Copper quiet; spot, £77 2a
6d: futnrea, *78 2a 6d.
Tin quiet; *pot 49.75<ffi50.25e; October. 49.65®
50.02% c: November. 48.50«a49.97%c. London-—
Tin steady: spot. £228 10»; future*. £237 10s.
Lead quiet; 5.10 c bid. London—Lead. £21 7s 3d.
Spelter quiet at [email protected] London—Spelter
£27 12*6 d.
Antimony steady; Cookaon'e, 10.12% c.
Iron firm and unchanged. Cleveland warrants,
60s in London.
Naval Stores —Turpentine and Rosin
SAVANNAH, Oa.. Oct 9.—Turpentine—Firm,
38®3S%c; sales. 616; receipt*. 982; shipments,
493; stock. 38,700.
Rosin—Firm: sale*. 1,727: receipts, 2,138;
shipments, 1.806; stock. 103.992. Quote: B,
36.35: D. 36.37%: E, $6.40; F. G, H, I, 36.50;
K. 36.65; M. 37.05; N, |7.65; WG. 3815; WW,
OAKLAND, Oct. 9.—A recent ordinance
providing: for an Inspection ot homes for
children and a register of the children
in charge is being enforced by the
health department, and a license of $20
is required from every institution of
this kind. Smaller homes are complaln
; ing because of the license.
Births, Marriages, Deaths
\>- •- - ' ■—''
* I —i . ■ —*.
Marriage Licenses
The following marriage licenses were Issued
Wednesday. October 9, 1912:
BRIGGB—McMULLEN—WiIIiam T. Brlggs, 49.
Shasta, and Victoria McMullen. 43, Uklah.
CONRAN—GLEEBON—Joseph Conran. 21. 1000
Sutter street, and Annie A. Gleeson, 18, 1000
Bush street.
DBLATOUB—JONES—Louis A. Delatour. 24. aad
Stella F. Jones. 22. both of 915 Polk street.
FREY-JENSEN—Alexander W. Frey. 31. and
Josephine A. Jensen. 34, both of 1303 Florida
GIFFIN—DALY—James W. Glfflo. 31, Richmond.
and Bertha E. Daly, 24/ 3429 Twenty-fourth
GRBENBERG—FALK—Harry Greenberg. 25. Los
Angeles, and Emma Falk, 23, Anaconda. Moot.
GRIFFTITH—McLABEN—MiIIen Griffith, 26.
Roes, and Camilla C. McLaren, 20, 1971 Jack
son street.
HALEY—ENNIS—John F. Haley. «42. Sacra
mento, and Edith B. Ennls, 38, San Jose.
HANSEN—ELLIOTT—George B. Hansen. 28,
4226 Twenty-fifth street, and Amelia L. Elliott.
34. 504 Valencia street.
HUGHES—BOHARNAN—Paris G. Hughes. 28.
447 Minna street, and Carrie A. Bohannan, 28,
1246 Seventeenth street.
LBSHER—YAGER—John Leaher. 44. 343 Bast
street, and Maud Yager, 30. Vallejo.
MeCARTnY—GRIFFIN—John W. McCarthy, 21,
3944 Twenty-fourth atreet. and Ethel M. Grif
fin, 18, 2922 Octavla street.
McKENZIE—FOWLES—John F. McKeazte, 24.
Clio, Cal.. ami Grace G. Fowles, 22, 181 Bart
lett street.
MANGAN—KING—CharIes S. P. Mangan. 25,
2540 McAllister street, and Mary A. King, 22,
2761 McAllister street.
66 Farragnt avenue, aad Goldie M. Scrimsber,
19. Daly City.
MOWRY—MITCHELL—WiIIiam J. Mowry, 22.
Half Moon Bay, and Rose A, Mitchell, 20, 214
Clara street.
OSfiMANN—YOUNG—Gnstave W. Osemsnn. 25.
11l Brazil avenue, and Celeetia P. Young, 20,
810 York street.
WILLIAMS—WELNER—Gay I* Willtsms, 24.
383 Ninth atreet and Frsnces F. Welner, 24,
48 Rues atreet.
ward. 43, 1411 Webster street, and Mary E.
Landson, 33, 1431 Webster street.
The following marriage licenses were issued
Wednesday, October 9, 1912:
BAPTIST—FBREIRA—Domingo* G. Baptist, 24,
and Mary D. Fereira, 18. both of Oakland.
BORGES—BNOS—Joseph Borges. 29. San Fran-
Cisco, and Helen Euos, 20, Hayward.
BRACE—BROWN—CharIes S. Brace. 29 Oat
land, and Bessie Brown, 29, Ashland. W'is.
BROWN—HOWARD— Lester M. Brown, 24 and
Pearl M. Howard, 19, both ot Oakland.
DURRER—WBITZ—WaIter A. Dnrrer. 23, and
Martha P. Welts, 28, both of Oakland.
LYTLifcV-CONKLIN—James U. Lytle, 29. Par
kersborg, W. Va., and Ada Conklln, 32, Port
land, Ore.
MELLO—BETTENCOCBT— Frank O; Mello, 38,
Berkeley, and Julia M. Bettencourt, 18 Oak
36, San Franciaco, and Florence Oakaon 29,
WILSON—McKEENER—Henry A. Wilson. 21,
and Evelyn S. McKeener, 16, both of Oakland.
BOYLE—-In thla city, October 8. 1912. to the
wife of Robert P. Boyle, a daughter. (See
death notice.)
BRUNNBR—MEYER— In this city, October 6,
1912, by Rev. G. A. Betrothal. Max George
Brunner and Adelaide Louise Meyer, both of
San Francisco.
FLOREY—RON—In this city. October 7. 1912.
by Rev. 0. A. Bernthal. Isaac E. Florey and
Sophie Kon, both of Oakland.
NOLAN—BRINZING—In this city, October 8.
1913, by Rev. G. A. Bernthal, Millard A. Nolan
and Bertha 8. Brinsiag, both of Caspar, Cal.
ROGERS—SINGER—Ia this city, October 8,
1912, at 8878' Seventeenth street, by R*y. c. E.
Irons, pastor ot Trinity Methodist Episcopal
church, Wilson Rogers and Amy J«*a Stager,
both of San Franciaco.
VAN ANTWERP—HERBST— In this city, Octo
ber 8, 1912. by B«v. G. A. Bernthal. Eugene
M. Van Antwerp of Oakland and Anna Herost
of Sao Francisco.
fleld. Wash., Oct 9.—Mrs. Kate M. Slmpkia'a
leader in women's dob and reform work in
Salt Lake City, aad wife of Rev. petat A.
Simpkin, died bar* last night. Tbe body will
be taken t» Salt Lake City far burial.
Allan, Annie M -rJMcKellar, Barry D.. 25
Allen, Jameo — Maekensie, Ret. A.. TT
Arhnckle. Catherine.— McLane, John H 70
Beatty, David 76 Mayner, Babette ...—
Boyle (Infant) Masterson, Laurence. 73
Campbell. Rollie ... 30 Mattaaovicb. Antonio 6
Caeassa, Carlo 68 Medley, Edward 8... 32
Castex. Andrew P... — O'Brien. J. 8...... 57
Cost*. David. 44 Nunes. Meouel P...47
Cummlngs. Anita ..26 Palmer, Vtoietta C. 47
Cuaeo. Joseph ...... 38 Qdnn, Mary —
Dnngan. Jam** A.., 50 Rosier. Jeaate F 47
Dumphy. Harry W.. — Sabatlno. Anton* ..» 39
Giesster. DanKt ....» Samson. Rudolph ...33
HeitmuUer, William. 29 Sender*. Heary P... 24
Hickey. John ,45 Sheehaa, Ansa L.... SO
Kennedy ....... (Maaal gaUlvsn, Catherine.. 66
Keman, Edward ~..** Yoantberg. Lnra A.. 22
Lalng. John ..- 49 Zambelich. Benjamin 27
Lawlor. Herbert A.. «|
ALLAN-io this ettF. October S, 1832. Aaale
yerta AUanjJ hfOmtA mother aff Ma*. Joan £
Porter and Charles P. th**. aad grandmother
of Mrs. Albert P. Jacob* and Mr*. Mm W.
Regfis, a native at Hew Baapasire.. a mem-
Office and Salesrooms. 1140 McAllister at.
Pays highest pries foe all kinds of forsltar*.
mercbandiae. etc Booses bought la their en
tirety. Good* said on conualsstsa.
Phoae—Psrk 860. 33833).
A H. TAYLOR CURTIS, Auctioneer *
A OP £
{ RUGS |
S TODAY AT 2 P." M. j
£ The Sutter Street Salesrooms f
* 532 and 534 SUTTER STREET )
k (Above Powell) $
J* IN THE HEARTH RUG SIZES the collection contains (
k Keshans, Saruks, Kirmanshas>Sennas, Bokharas, Kabistans,
k Irans, Beluchistans, Daghestans and Mossuls. a
\ there are Serebend, Feraghans, Camel Hair, Teherans, Karajas \
7 and Kirmans. J
$ there are Keshans, Kirmans, Saruks, Ispahans, Serapis, Kora- f
sans, Mountazans, Bijars, Khivas, etc.
4 NOTE—This collection contains only genuine Persian Rugs,
A direct from the Orient, and will be sold under full guarantee. A
} H. TAYLOR CURTlS—Auctioneer. $
ber of King Solomon's Chapter No. 170, O. E.
S. (Sedro Woollej, Wash., papers please
Friend* are respectfully invited to attend th*
funeral services today (Thorsday), October
10, 1912. at 1:30 o'clock p. m.. at tbe chapel
of the Truman Undertaking Company, 1913
Mission atreet between Fifteenth and Six
- teen to. under the auspices of King Solomon's
Chapter No. 170, O. E. S. Interment Wood
lawn cemetery, by automobile.
S.—Officers and members are hereby requested
to attend the funeral of our late sister. Annie
Marie Allan, from th* chapel of the Truman
Undertaking Company, today (Thursday), at 1
o'clock p. m. By order of
MISS S. A. BUEBCHER, Worthy Matron.
ALLEN—In this city. October 8. 1912, James
Allen, beloved brother of the late Rev. Ed
ward Allen, S. J., a native of Ireland.
The funerel will take place today (Thurs
day). October 10, 1912. at 8 a. m.. from the
parlors of Carew A English, 1618 Geary street,
thence to St. Ignatius church, where a, requiem
mass will be celebrated for the repose of hi*
«oul. commenefng at 8:30 o'clock a. m. Inter
ment Holy Cross cemetery.
ARBUCKLE—In this city, October 9. 1912, Cath
erine Arbuckle, dearly beloved aunt of Mis*
Margaret Cummlngs of Costa Rica. Mrs. Fred
C. Matthew*. Mrs. Charles F. Mason, Mrs.
Alex Young of San Francisco and Mr*. T. F.
Wohler of Sebastopol, Cat., a native of Stra
ban. Ireland.
Friend* and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funersl tomorrow (Fri
day), at 12 o'clock, from the residence of ber
niece, Mra. Alex Young. 4128 Twenty-fourth
street Interment Cypress Lawn cemetery, by
this city. October 8. 1912. David
Beatty, a native of New York, aged 76 yeers.
BOYLE—In thi* city. October 8, 1912. infant
daughter of Robert P. and Ellse F, Boyle.
CAMPBELL—In Trinidad, Colo.. October 8. 1912.
Rollie Crampton Csrapbell. dearly beloved son
of Mra. Belle Campbell, aad loving brother of
Otbel Campbell, a native of Spencerville. 0..
aged 80 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to sttend the funeral services today
(Thursday). October 10. 1913, at 2:30 o'clock
p. m., at tbe funeral parlors of Green. Ryan
A Donoboe, northeast corner of Sixteenth and
Guerrero streets. Cremation Cypres* Lawn
CASABSA— In thla city. October 8, 1912. Carlo
Casassa, dearly beloved husband of th* late
Rosa Casassa, and devoted father of David J.
and August Caaaasa and Mrs. Peter Ferrari, *
native of Italy, aged 68 years.
Friends and acquaintance* are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral today (Thurs
day). October 10. at 9:30 a. m.. from bl* late
dence TBI Filbert street near Mason, thence to
Sts. Peter and Paul Italian fburcb. where a
requiem high mass will be celebrated for tbe
repose of his soul, commencing at 10 a. m.
CASTEZ—In Sonoma, Cal.. October 5. 1912,
Andrew Pierre Castex, beloved husband of
Constance Castex (nee Brouquet). and beloved
father of Raymond Andre and Zoe Madalen*
Caste*, and beloved brother In law of Mies
Marie Brouquet.
Friends and acquaintance* are respectfully la
vlted to attend tha funeral services today
(Thursday), October 10, at 1:30 p. m.. from
tbe chapel of Juiios 8. Godeau. 41 Vaa Ness
avenue, where services will be held under the
suspices of Court Vlctoir* No. 7811, A. 0. F.
Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
COSTA—In this city. October T, 191 X .. «
Costa, dearly beloved husband of Rasa Costs
snd beloved brother of Emmaauelle Co*ta. s
native of Italy, aged 44 yean. A member of
Court Maxalal No. 134. F. of A. ef Sonera. Cal.
Friend* snd acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral today (Thurs
day). October 10. at 1 o'clock p. m., from the
parlors of Valente, Marini. Marals A Co.. 849
Green street.
CUMMINGS— In Oakland. Cal.. October 9. 1912,
Anita Cummlngs, beloved wife of Earre W.
Cummlnga, and loving daughter of the lste
Rosario Junta, and*-* sister of Jack and Bert
Junta aad Mra. A, Cardenalli. Mrs. D. A. Gato
and Mrs. F. H. T-arr, a native of Pittsburg,
Cal. aged 28 years 4 months aad 4 days.
Friends and rcqnalntance* are respectfully in
vited to sttend the funeral services tomorrow
(Friday). October 11, 1912. st 2 o'clock p. ra..
st Pittsburg, Cal. Remains at the funeral
parlor* of James L. McCarthy A Co.. 1625
Clay street Oakland, Cal., until 9:30 o'clock
s. in., today (Thursday). October 10, 1912.
CUNEO—In thla city. October 9, 1912. Joseph
Cuneo, dearly beloved husband of Mary Cuneo.
and devoted father of Edwin Cuneo, a native of
San Franciaco, Cal., aged 38 years 3 months
and 12 days.
Ftiends and acquaintance* are respectfully in
vited to sttend the funeral Sunday. October
13, 1912, at 1 o'clock p. m., from the parlors
of Valente. Marin!. Marti* A Co.. 649 Green
street between Columbus avenue and Powell
street, where services will be held under the
auspices of San Francisco Parlor No. 49, N.
S. G. W.
DUNPHY~In this city, October 9, 1912, Harry
tv., beloved husband Etta Dunpby. and lov
ing father of Barry, Lawrence, Grace and
AiTeen Dunphy, a native of New York.
cers and members era hereby notified to attend
the funeral of ear lat* brother, H. W. Dunphy,
tomorrow (Friday), at 9 o'clock a, m., from his
lste residence, 674 Sixth avenue, Richmond
District, By order ©f __
BUNGAY—In Atwond. Nov., October 4, 2913.
James A. Dungan. dearly beloved husband of
Maggie Dungan, * native of Indiana, aged 80
years snd 2 months. A member of Dillon
lodge. No. 23, F. A A. M.. of Dillon. Moat.
(Mueoula. Mont., papers please copy)..
Friends and acquaintance are respectfully
Invited te attend the funeral tomorrow (Frf
- day), at 10:30 o'clock a. m.. from the Golden
Get* Commandefy ball, Sutter atreet near
Steiner. under suspices of Crockett lodge No.
139. F. A A. M. interment Cypress Lawn
cemetery, by automobile.
QIESaXER— In this city. October 8. 1918, *t hi*
lste residence. 74 Dehoa street, Daniel Giessler,
dearly- beloved husband of Barbara Glassier,
and loving father of Frederick Glossier aad
Mrs. Charles Maurer and the Ist* John Giess
ler, a native of Heidelberg, Germany, aged
80 years 8 months end 5 days.
Friend* and acquaint*-"**** at* respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral today (Thurs
day), at 2 o'clock p. m„ from tbe parlors ef
Gantner Brothers, 424 Guerrero* street between
Sixteenth and Seventeenth. Interment Cypres*
Lawn cemetery, by electric*! funeral cat from
Twenty-eighth end Valencia streets.
REXTMULLM*—Ia Los Angeles, CaL. October 8,
Wliuam F. HelMKißerTlearlF hetoved sen of
wilhelmln* aad the late Henry Heitmaller,
and loving brother of Mrs. J. B, Meaning, Mra.
M. Lea end Mrs. Geor** feather* end Fred,
Henry aad Walter Hettu*u)W, a native of Sea
Franciaco. aged 20 year* 4 months and 18 d*ye.
A njeatber of National Parlor He. 118. N. ft
Friends and acquaiatoweea at* respectfully fa-
Tited to attend toe funeral toaotrnw (Frinay), *
2U& *»8444 fell at.
Arrived—l car mares an<%borse*: 3 spss blacks.
8 span brown* 3 span gray*: age* 4 to 7 years;
weight 1.390 to 1.800 lbs.; wheelers and leaders:
all well broke; and others; eorae good farm mares
aad horses. JOS. LEV?. Phone Market 3877.
October 11, at 2 p. m., from St. Paulu* German
Evangelical Lutheran church, corner of Eddy
and Gough street*. Rem*las at the reslde-no*
of hi* mother. 1602 Geary street. Interment
Mount Olivet cemeterr. hy electric funeral car
from Turk and Steiner streets.
The officers and members of National Parlor
No. 118, N. S. G. W.. are hereby requested to
attend the funeral of our late brother, W. F.
Heitmuller, from St. Paulus German Lutheran
church. Eddy and Gough streets, tomorrow
(Friday), October 11, at 1:30 o'clock p. m.
By order R. H. OHEA, President.
M. M. RATIGAN. Secretary.
HlCKEY—Entered into rest October 9, 1912.
John Hickey. beloved cousin of James Hickey,
a native of tbe parish of Kilcoe, County Cork,
Ireland, aged 45 years.
Remains at the parlors of Mcßrearty A Mc-
Cormlck, 915 Valencia street near Twentieth.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
KENNEDY—A requiem mass (month's mind>
will be celebrated tomorrow (Friday), at 7
o'clock a, m., at St. James church, for tbe re
pose of the soni of the late Rose M. Kennedy,
beloved wife of P. J. Kennedy, and devoted
mother of John V.. Frances C. and Marparet
A. Kennedy. Friends are respectfully luvlted
tn attend.
KERNAN—In thf* city, October 3. 1912. Edward
Kernan, a native of Massachusetts, aged £8
Frlenda are respectfully invited to attend tb*
funeral tomorrow (Friday), October 11. at 9:30
a. m., at Star of the Sea church. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery. Remain* at the parlors
of Ashley A McMullen, 325 Sistb avenue be
tween Geary and Clement streets.
ZAZBO—In Oakland. October 8. 1912. John,
dearly beloved husband of Jessie Lalng. and
loving father of Ruby and Edith Lalng. a na
tive of Scotland, aged 49 year* 9 months and
28 day*. A member of Clan Fraser No. 78,
O. S. C.
Friends and acquaintance* are reapectfully In
vited to attend the funeral services tomorrow
(Friday), October 11, 1912. at 2 o'clock p. m.,
at the family residence. 930 Kennedy street,
East Oakland. Interment Mountain View ceme
LAWLOR—in Alameda. October S. 1912. Herbert
Augusta Lawlor, beloved husband of Margaret
D, Lawlor, and loving father of Mrs. G. A.
Stone and Irvin T. Lawlor, a native of Mas
sachusetts, aged 62 years 9 months snd 10
McKELLAR—In Oakland, Cal.. September 29.
1912. Harry Duncan McKellar. belovsd »on of
Alexander and Nannie McKellar, and loving
husband of Dorothy McKellar. and father of
Marion McKellar, a native of Needles, Cal..
aged 25 years 4 months and 20 days.
Friends are respectfully invited to attend th*
funeral services at Aleatra*** Masonic hall. P*r
alta street near Seventh Oakland, under the
auspices of Alcatraz Masonic Lod*> No. 244. F.
A A. M.. tomorrow (Friday). October 11. 1912,
at 2:30 p. m. Remain* at his late residence,
908 Myrtle street. Oakland.
MACKENZIE—In Fruit-vale. October 7. 1912.
Rev, Alexander Ferguson Mackenale. beloved
husband of Elisabeth Mackenzie, a native of
Scotland, aged 77 year* 11 months and 23
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend tha funeral Saturday. October
12, 1912, at 2 o'clock p. m., from his late resi
dence, 2222 High street. Interment Ever
green cemetery.
McLANE—At South Valleio. October 9. 1912. at
803 Sheridan street. John Henry McLane, be
loved husband of Emily McLane of South Val
lejo. and beloved father of Charles Henry Mc-
Lane of Prescott. Aria., a native of Millers
burg, Pa., aged 70 years S months and 3 day*.
Frtrads and acquaintance* are respectfully in
vited to attend th* funeral services tomorrow
(Fridayv, October 11. at 2 p. m. Interment
held under the auspices of the Golden State
Lodge. L O. 0. F.
MAG-NER—in this city. October S, .1912. Bab- I
ette. wife of tbe late Mas Magner. and beloved
mother of Theresa. Emanuel. Grace and Nat
A. Magner and Mr*. S. H. Williams, a nativo
of Baden. Germany. (Stockton, Cal., papers
please copy.)
Tha funeral services will be held tomorrow
(Friday), at 10 o'clock a, m.. at her late resi
dence. 1678 Ellis street. Interment Hills of
Eternity cemetery.
MASTERSON— la this city, October 9 1912. at
his late residence. 2311 Sutter *tr«et.' Laurence
Master-son. beloved husband of Ellen Ma*t«r
aon, and loving father of Joseph A.. Lau-euce
C. aad Wesley Masterson and Mrs. Ihtlln
Wesss, a native of Ireland, aged TS years.
MATTANOVIOH—In thi* city. October 8. 1912
Antonio, dearly beloved son of Matteo and Ida
Mattanevieh. and brother of Maria. George and
Carlo Mattanovicb, and nephew of John and
Stephana Cebalo and Emma Mieiob, a native of
Zara. Dalmatia. Anarria, aged 6 years and 6
Friends and acquaintance* are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral today (Thurs
day), October 10. 1912. at 2 o'clock p. m.. from
the parlors of Valente. Mariai, Marala A Co..
349 Green street between Columbus avenue and
Powell street, thence to Church of the Natlv.
tty. Fell street sear Franklin, for blessinr. *
MEDLEY—In tbls city, October 8. 1912. Edward
8. Medley, dearly beloved son of John c. and
Martha J. Medley, aad loving brother of Mr*
H. M. CeoeV. Mr*. William J. Murphy and
Mrs. 8. P. Jones, a native of Petaluma. Cat.
agad 38 -rears 11 months and 17 days. A mem
ber of Army and Navy Parlor No. 307. N
S. G. W. (Sacramento papers please copy.)
Friend* and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral today <Tbars
day). at 11 o'clock a. m.. from th* chapel of
the H. F. Maaa* Company. 1335 Goldea Gat*
avanaa near Fillmore street. Interment Cy
pres* Lawn cemetery, by automobile.
w.—Tha" officers aad members sre hereby no
tified to attend the funeral of oar late brother
Edward 8. Madley, today (Thursday), October
Vl' J" U t' ck !!** *• ■•• tnta tha chapel
of the H. F. Mass* Company. 1333 Golden
Gate avenue soar Fillmore street. By order of
t r T,m*«m 3 J- * ofte -**. President.
L. L. HUNTER. Rec. Sac.
O'WURBV-tn Dongla*. Art*., J. B. OBrlan, be
loved father of Mrs. A. S. Bloeb, aged 37
year*. "
MUHIS— Io this city, October 8, 1912. Manuel P
Nones, beloved son of the late Jos* and Marin
Nones, snd loving brother of Mrs. Igoacia
Soosa of Crockett. Cal.. a native of Portugal
affed 47 yeata and 7 montha. *■"•»«•«.
B3TJOCB>—In Oakland, October 9. 1912. Ttolerts |
'offers spftdftl indßesßMls ts
thsse wme *st* removals to
■ate from city cemeteries
I Ofßce and salesroom corner Van Ness snd Sac
ramento {former* Walter building). Phones—
rrasklla 2234, Borne C 6553; residence. 303 Ash
' oatf.
By E. Curtis. Established 1902.
Tomorrow, at the Curtis Studio,
Van Ness and Sacramento, one of
the finest collections of household
belongings offered in months will
be sold. Among the principal fea
tures are a Baby Grand Steinway
Piano in an African mahogany
case; Parlor, Bed and Dining
Room Furniture in solid mahog
any; a Regal Suite of Louis XIV
design; Oriental Carpets and Rugs
that were bought many years ago
and are therefore better pieces
than are found in store stocks or
itinerant collections. There are
some high grade library pieces
in the lot, some attractive pic
tures, hangings and mirrors.
All these unusually fine things are on
exhibition today, so that the intending
buyer can critically examine every
piece in a perfect light and be pre
pared to bid upon it intelligently.
Comfortable seats are provided for
those attending, and, the goods being
consigned to the auctioneer, not
bought for speculation, the chance
for genuine bargains is an inviting
one. The Curtis Studio auctions
have an atmosphere not found else
where and are conducted along lines
that afford the buyer protection
against deception.
EDW. CURTIS, Auctioneer.
£& Jfe Jfes
Just In—Weight 1.200 to 1.700 pound*.
O. LINDA UER, 122 Clara »t/
hello:: come to the
cot/sty live, sunday, octobeb 13.
Ike Bottomley'g. SILL SMITH in Charge
C. beloved wife of A. E. I-almer. and mother
of Edmund C. and Violetta 8. Palmer, and sis
ter of Mrs. S. J. Gower and W. H. and George
H. Poulterer and Mrs.- Emma Brown, a native
of California, aged 47 years and 3 month*.
QUINW—In this eltv, October 7. 1812, M/ry
Quiun, beloved wife of the late Thomas QVran.
and loving mother of Katherine Qulnn and
Mrs. Craig and Charles and John Quin/i and
tbe late Thomas and Delia Quinn, a native of
County Clare. Ireland.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to sttend the funeral today (Thurs
day), October 10 1912, at 8:30 a. m., from
the parlor* ot fi. I. Kenny Company, 1632
Eddy street near Steiner. thence to St. Domi
nica church, where a requiem high man will
be celebrated for the repose of her sonl. com
mencing at 9 a. m. Interment at Holy Cross
cemetery, by carriage.
ROSTER— In this cltv. October 3, 1812, Jessie F.
Rosier, beloved wife of C. E. Bosier, and lov
ing mother of George Sells and Mrs. Arthur
Holmes, and sister of Mrs. E. H. Cor, a native
og New Jersey, aged 47 years.
Friends are respectfully Invited to attend tho
funeral services tomorrow (Friday). October 11.
at 10 a. m.. at Gray* chapel. Geary and De,
vl«adero streets. Interment private.
SABATINO-In this city, October T. 1312, An
tone Sabatlno, dearly beloved husband of Lucy
Sabatioo and "oving father of Myrtle, Herbert.
Route- and Adela Sabatlno and beloved eon of
the late Couo Sabatlno and Mrs. Severia Sa
batlno and devoted brother of Michael Sabatln-*",
Mr*. Ella Marino. Mrs. Katie Debenedetti. Mr«.
Nellie Mascherlnl, a native of Italy, aged 38
year*. A member of Mansaulta Grove No. lOfl,
U. A. O. D.: Columbia Circle No. 22. XL A. O.
D.. ard Carabinien* Real!.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend tbe funeral today (Thurs
day). October 10. at 10 a. m.. from bta late
residence. r*r**» Rroadway between Hyd* and
Larkla *treet*. thence to Sts. Peter and Pan'
Italian church, where a requiem high ma»* will,
be celebrated for the repose of hi* soul, com
meoclng at 10:30 a. m.
SAMSON—Tn thla city, October «. 1912. Rudolph,
beloved husband of Camilla Samson, and de
voted father of Hilda A. and Walter J. San
son, and brother of Mra. E. Elsenbach and Mr*
A. Aronateln and Miss E. Samson, a native of
Germany, aged 63 years.
Funeral and Interment alrb-tly private*. Tb»
family specially requests that aa flower* be
SANDEBS-In Nile*, Cal.. October T, 1812.
Henry P. dearly beloved son of David K. and
Addle Sanders, and loving brother of Mrs. I
S. I<ewla and George W., Cecelia J.. Eva E .
Belle T., Paul !>., D. Louie. Tillle C. Teddr
R.. Mark L. and Addle C. Sander*, and grand
son of Henry Sanders, and uncle of David
Lewin. a native of San Fr»nel*co. Cat. aged
24 years 5 months aDd 21 day*. A member of
Calumet Tribe No. 140, Improved Order of
Red Men. and Carpenter*" Union No. 10*2.
(Los Angelea, Cal.. and New York. N. V..
paper* please copy.)
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral today (Thurs
day*-, at 11 a. in., from tbe parlor* of S-übr A
Wleboldt, 1385 Valencia street near Twenty
tlfth. where services will be held under tbe au*
pice* of Calumet Tribe No. 149, Improved
Order of Red M#t. Cremation Cypre** Lawn
cemetery, by 11:30 a. m. train from Twenty -
flfth and Valencia streets.
BHEEHAN— In this city, October 5. 1912, Anna
Lettlcla. beloved wife of James W. Sneenan.
loving mother of William R. snd Maude M.
Sbeehan. and sister of Ella M. Stafford, a
native of lowa, aged 30 y«ars 7 months and 1
Friend* snd acquaintances are respectful'r
v»ted to attend the funeral today (Thurs
daF>. at 2 o'clock p. m., from tbe family re*i
dence, 121 Fourteenth avanu* between Cali
fornia and Lake streets. Interment Cypres*
Lawn cemetery, by automobile.
SULLIVAN—tn ttrls city, October 9. 1812, Catn
eriae. beloved wife of the late Patrick Sulli
van and devoted mother of Emily C. and N*lli<*
F. Sullivan and Mrs. Joseph P. Duffy, a nativp
of Drlmoleague, County Cork, Ireland, agad 66
Friends and acquaintances are respectful I r
invited to attend the funeral Saturday. Oct*,
ber 12. at 9 a. m.. from her lata residence
137 Bartlett street, between Twenty-aeeond
and Jrwentv-thlrd. thence to St. James choreb
where a requiem high maaa will be celebrated
for the repose of ber soul, commencing at 9:30
a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
YOUNGBERG—In Alameda. October 8. 1912.
Lara A., beloved wifl of Frank Young'oer*:.
and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rnddeli.
and sister of Ray and Alpha Rnddeli. a natlv<
of Indiana, aged 22 year* and 27 days. (Logic
**llle. Ky., papers please copy.)
Friend* aud actjuslntances are re*p*etfnlly in
vlted to attend the funeral *ervlc«s today
(Thursday). October 10. 1912, at 2 o'clock
p. m.. at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Jobn
E. Toungber*, 1403 Morton street. Incineration
(private) California electric crematorium.
ZAMBELICH-In this city. October 7. 1913, at
hi* late residence. 1271 Broadway. Benjamin J.
Zambelich. dearly beloved husband of Frances
Zambelich and loving father of Stanley Zambe
llcb and dearly beloved son of Ralph and Eliza
beth Zambelich and brother of Mrs. J. Rado
nlch, Marko and William Zambelich, a native
of San Fra*el*eo. 27 y**rs 11 months and
24 days. A member of Conrt Zenith No. 21,
F. of A.
Friends and acquaintance* are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral today «Thnr*
d*ri. at 0:30 a. m.. from hU late residence.
1271 Broadway, thence to St. Brlgid's church,
where a reqmeß high mass win b* celebrated
for the repose of fits soul, commencing at 10
a. m. Interment Holy Cro*» cemetery, by an
COURT ZENITH NO. 21. F. OF A—The officer**
aad members are hereby notified to attend tbe
funeral of onr late brother, Benjamin J. Zam
belich. today (Thursday). October 10. at 9:30
a. m.. from bis late residence, 1271 Broadway.
By order of W. P. ODE.v. Chief Ranger.
L. A. RICHARDS. Fin. Sec.
SATE HALF the Funesal Ex-pease.
Market 711 Oakland 4046
Independent of the Trvs-t
furnish for $75, embalming ahrond. sil
ver mounted, cloth covered casket, hearse
aad two carriages aad give personal
yon 875 for tha casket alone, aad ail
their price* are proportionate.
Qaiioa *aneral Bsf-tto* Saaaa Tea Self.
Ante aaabolaaea. carriage* aad antes for aire.
41 Tea Baa* Aye. 3318 Webstar yt
383 Oshßahaa Ana, Phone Oah. ♦843
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