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By His Perseverance He Laid the
Foundations for a Big, New
This is the day when all pa
triotic boys and girls remember
one great man.
Of course, all of ,the Juniors
know his name.
Christopher Columbus!
Over four centuries ago the
great Italian made his formal
landing on the sands of Guana
hani. After weeks of bickerings
and mutiny among the members
of his crews the dauntless admiral
made good his promises and
brought them safely to the prom
ised land.
Columbus blazed the trail to the
new world. For 18 years he trav
eled from country to country in
an effort to interest the various
rulers of Europe in his conviction
that the world was really round
and that by traveling due west
it was possible to reach the East
Indies. One after the other Italy,
Portugal and England refused to
listen, and finally the almost dis
couraged explorer applied to the
Spanish court.
Ferdinand and Isabella were at
that time seated on the Spanish
throne, and from the former Col
umbus gained scant encourage
ment. But Isabella showed her
self more than interested and
finally after spending eight years
at the Spanish court Columbus
was given three small vessels with
which to prove his claim.
On his return to Palos bringing*
with him gold and silver in large
quantities and a number of na
tives, resident on the islands which
he had discovered, he was greeted
by an enthusiastic concourse, a
demonstration entirely different
from that which marked his de
parture from the same port a few
months previous. At that time
he was hooted and jeered as a
rattled brain scientist, and those
who saw him set sail never ex
pected to lay eyes on him again.
He immediately proceeded to
Barcelona, where the king and
queen were making their court,
and was received with every mark
of esteem. He was installed in a
seat next his sovereign's own, and
in the presence of the entire court
related his adventures, his strug
gles and his victories. Honors
were showered upon him, but it is
a matter for regret that the great
man was later subjected to the
most bitter insults and humilia
tions at the hands of his enemies
and treated with the most cavalier
ingratitude by the Spanish mon
Columbus died in Valladolid,,
Spain, and until the Spanish-
American war, when Cuba be
came an American possession, the
famous explorer's remains were
interred in Havana. In 1898, how
ever, they were removed in great
pomp to Spain, where they now
rest, undisturbed, let us hope, by
the disappointments and heart
breaks that marked his daily life.
THE San Francisco CALL
ALONZO Fails As a Rat Killer
Takes Slide Down the Helter-
Skelter and Rides on |
Scenic Railway * |
The Junior Call, Third and Mar
ket streets, San Francisco, Oc
tober 12.1912.
Dear boys and girls:
I am just beginning to recover
from the effects of my wild ex
periences Monday night. You
know that was the night of the
newsboys' party over at Idora,
and, of course, I went along to
keep an eye on the boys.
We reached the park about 7:30
and immediately took up our
stand near the inclosure where the
feats of high diving were to take
place. We didn't have long: to
wait, and When Miss Lorenze,
who dives on horseback; Two
Feathers, the Indian girl, and
Mermadia made their appearance
the boys and Alonzo gave them
a hearty welcome. After the won
derful acts performed by the girls
there were a number of thriving
dives by boys from the top of a
IQS foot tower.
After the diving performance
was over we rushed out to try the
concessions, though many of the
boys went in to the open air shows.
I decided to take my chances with
the concessions, and so tagged
along behind.
"Hey" cried one of the boys,
"where's Alonzo?"
"Here I am," I barked, and
with riotous shouts the whole
crowd fell upon me.
"Let's take Alonzo on the
"Naw! Put him on the air
"Aw, what're yori talking about.
Let's slide him down the helter
In the long run I did them all,
even to coming down in the tick
ler. I rode the merry-go-round
and had the seat of honor in the
miniature train, then I took a ride
in one of the prairie wagons and
also in one of the swan boats. The
most exciting thing of all was the
slide down the helter skelter,
which from a distance looks like
a huge mountain.
You have to climb up to the top
of this mountain. There are ways
of riding up, but if you're a dog
you'll probably prefer to walk.
When you reach the summit you
see a couple of slides stretching
away downward. On the very
edge of these is placed a mat just
like the doormat at home, and
then in the middle of the mat you
are placed, somebody gives you
a shove and that's all you remem
ber until you hit the big, soft
mattress at the foot of the moun
tain. It's very exciting,' but I
can't say that I'd like it every
mornimz with my breakfast. '
Altogwher yo_ *rill see that I
had a grand and glorious time,
and that the newsboys' party was
a real, howling success.
I hope you will answer the.con
tests this week. With very best
wishes, as ever, ALONZO.

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