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Former Police Commissioner,
"Red" Kelly, "Kid" Sullivan
and Others Involved
After Prisoner Is Identified Fully
He Gets Liberty With
out Bond
'•'.rmation given to DiS*
trict Attorney Flekert an<
I'(Strict Attorney Maxwell M'Nutt, who
is handling the investigation. Kelly was
standing In front of his resort in Pacific
■' when a man passed whom the
■ ■afe proprietor recognised as one of the
Pol: Ueorj <'. K»lbbl
Drolette and bouts Boletto
were standing a short distance awty
from the entrance to the Midway cafe
when Kelly called to them, asking the
trio of bluecoats to arrest the
The man started to run. but the police- j
n:en had no difficulty in placing him
A< the time, according to McXutt's
last night. Kelly positively
Identified the man, who gave the name
ry Stone, as being one of the two
led him and his wife in
'"lis street. Roletto and
■ took Stone to the central
police station in the hall of justice and
took him before Corporal of Police
■ Smith, who was in charge of the
a house at the time. Kelly went
with the policemen and again charged
With being one of the robbers.
Boletto and Kalmbache talked the mat
er with their superior officer,
Corporal Smith. One of the policemen
with vagrancy
complaint, wide fa would
it possible for him to gain
lease on $.'>on bail.
some qikk KAMBUVima
of 'barging Stone with rob-;
I of the positive identiftca
madc by Ivelly, Smith ordered
Stone placed in detinue. The detective
department was "not informed ol the
arrest of Stone at that time and did not
Of it until later on.
>!■ N that when Stone was
iy prison by Boletto and
was heard to make the
, ing remark to Boletto:
"Y»:i don't look to he i bad fellow.
I want you to tell Billy Peru to
tell Kid Sullivan that I have been ar-
The arres' of Stone took place 1 on the
■ '■. a little after 5
k. That same afternoon, accord-
; :is? to MoNutt, "Kid" Sullivan was seen '
ing about the tenderloin and late
c afternoon he was seen in consul
0. with Joseph Sullivan, a former
■police commissioner.- in Bddjr street
*noar Taylor, while Sammy Brooks, a
confidant and messenger of .losrpft Sul
livan, stood h yliort dn-tanre away.
Thp private Investigators employed
by the district attorney* office wit
nessed the meeting between Kid Sul
livan and Joe Sullivan.- Later on Joe
Sullivan was seen to beckon to Sammy
Brooks, his confidential man. The two
a-Jong onversatlon.
Breaks left his employer and went
Kelly's place In Pacific street.
McNutt asserts that the information
d by tim district attorney's office
is to tin effect thnt Kelly was pmm
the return of bis jewelry if ho
would fail t<> identify Stone. At the
time Kelly refused to make any agree*
ny nt. Lati r on. after talking the. mat
ter over with his wife, he gave his
tentative approval of the plan. In the
meantime Mrs. Kelly was taken to the
city prison by Detective Arthur Ifac
phee, who was detailed on the rata,
beinp on duty when the report of the
• ry was received at the central
station, and the woman picked Stone
out as one of the robbers from several
men who were standing in a line.
Despite this second positive identi
«/as not charged with
ry. That night Detective Mac
arrested Walter Poster, room
and companion of Stone, and
I him in McNutt
j< i that an • (Tort whs mads to
transfer Macphee to another case and
take (he Kelly robbery from him. His
knowledge of the internal workings of
i he detcci regime of
Captain of Detectives Wall and Cap
tain Jack U'Moara, secretary to Chief
White, is said by McNutt to have
prompted Macphee to rebf
procedure, and he was allowed to
■ main on the case, although he was
[fowed tc change either Stone or
. but was told to wait and try to
■■.inch" them more firmly.
McNtrtt says that as the flays went
on Kelly and his wife grew less peat*
tive i'l their identification of Stone, and
for Foster they disclaimed all
knowledge of ever having seen him
before. Finally Kelly and Mrs. Kelly
w as not the man.
was Wednesday, October !>. At
'■io<k that night Stone was
• • barged srtth vagrancy and the next
morning he came up before Police
.ludge Waller on a charge of vagrancy.
Detective Macphee attempted to have
tone held under heavy bail, and was
asking the judge so to order when he
was interrupted by a messenger from
some unknown person and was called
from the courtroom. During his ab
sence Attorney Lipman. a well known
police couTt practitioner, asked that
Stone be released on his own recog
nizance. Judge W«!ler released Stone
ami ordered him to be in court today.
Assistant District Attorney KcKutt
• (plains that, lie did not want to inter
fere with the workings of the alleged
beraers, because to do so would warn
•m that his office was following their
Kelly was not In the mood of deep
despair that characterized his mien
during the days preceding October 10.
To inquiring persons who asked him
iiow he recovered hla Jeweled Plagle's
pip be replied that he found it in a
pawnshop He would volunteer no
other information concerning the re
turn of his Jewelry,
Alarmed St the trend of affairs and
because of knowledge coming to him
that trouble was on foot in the shape
of an assistant district attorney who
was quietly investigating condition's in
i lie police department. Corporal of Po
inith went to Maxwell McNutt on
lay that Stone was released from
custody in Judge Wellers court and
hold a long and Interesting conversa
tion with the assistant district attor
McNutt says that Corporal Smith
3'ei-gpired freely during the interview
.(iid that Smith said several times in a
own manner:
"My God. iiu sorry I am mixed up
in this. '
McNutt stays that Smith denied know
Death Comes to Rider
Trying New Motorcycle
[.Special Dispatch to fh* Call]
SAWTA ROSA. Oct.: 13—-Kttore
niiolhii, aged 3«, who coniM from
* family prominent tc the Italian
colony here, n»» Instxntljr killed
fhl« afternoon while experiment
ing with a newly nun-hawed »»•
Ottollnl wa» riding on the
roiinty road when, at a point a
mile and a half east of Santa
Rosa, he. attempted to make a
Mharp turn. The machine *»■
trn vrliisg too fast to make the
The rider collided with a tele-
Kranh pole with *u<-li force <l»at
hi* beau wa» rnvrd in from tem
ple to chin.
ins anything of the affair one minute
and the next e:pres;3ed his regret for
being concerned i:i the affair.
Tn speakins of tha interview with
Smith. McKutt says:
"1 have long known Corporal Smith.
T knew him and his general record
while he was a patrolman at the cen
tral station tn Kddy street. Smith told
ma that he was in consultation with a,
superior officer in reference to the
booking of Stone and of the identifica
tion of "Red' Kelly. This superior of
ficer. Smith told me, was Sergeant Ar
thur Layne. Layne's refutation in the
police department is enviable. He is
known as a man of absolute honesty
and one who can not be diverted from
prosecuting evil doers. Smith told me
that Layne advised him to get the loot
from Stone under any pretense and
then to chare* him with robbery.
"I told Smith that he need not worry,
provided he was innocent of any wrong
doing. 1 asked Smith why be did not
order Stone charged with robbery, but
to this question he made no answer.
"The Thursday that Stone was dis
missed in .Judge Weller's court I called
on Police Commissioner Theodore Roche,
whom I have known for 18 years, and to
him I told the history of the Kelly rob
bery as it has come to me. Roche said
that lie would call the attention of the j
police commission to the affair. That. ]
night the commission did meet and the i
matter was talked over for a consider
able time. Roche came to me and aske,i j
me not to take the matter before the |
grand jury until the police commission |
[could have an opportunity of clearing!
•up the tangle in the affairs of the police j
'department and to remove and punish.
jany evil doers. T told him the commis
■s-'on would be permitted to conduct its
OWB investigation, and that I gladly;
j would co-operate with the commission- !
: I
"I do not propose to allow politics !
jor any set of men to prevent my going
; through with this affair. Roche fold
ime that the police commission would
' take tip the matter with Mayor Rolph,
j and that if such conditions as l had
' described to him were found to exist
jin the police department there would
\be more than one removal, and that
j Chief White's head might be among
i those to be decapitated. I know White
j has many powerful friend?, and that
i they have come to his support many
j times. I do n-«t charge White with
"On the contrary, j believe he is
honest enough, but 1 do not believe
he chooses the right friends. Former
Police Commissioner Joseph Sullivan is
allowed too many favors in the police
department. 1 am sure, also, that the
real imminent danger to the morals
of the police department exists in the
prrspiKf of a trusted man in Chief
White's office.
"I don't care -who the guilty ones are.
You may believe me when I say I will
take this straight up to the grand jury.
As a matter of fact, already I have pre
pared a lons list; yes, a list of names
as long as my arm of men who will he
up before lbs prand jury Tuesday night
and at the meetings that may follow. I
do not purpose that this investigation
shall conclude with the mere transfer
of a few policemen to the fog belt and
the removal of a few detectives from
the upper office. 1 am not after the
small fry, but I intend to break up
fhip ring of grafters that I believe ex
ists in the police department. District
Attorney Fickert has instructed me to
go ahead with the Investigation and to
punish every one concerned.
"It wss called to my attention some
time ago 111 at Kid Sullivan was in
financial straits- I saw him the other
day and T noticed that the former king
of pickpockets and brothel owner has
bis shirt bosom illuminated with a
many carat diamond, and that he has
s few more about his hands and on a
watch foi>.
"Another peculiar thing about the
present reign of Kid Sullivan is that
his old time associates, the pickpock
ets anil hunkomen, are no longer on
his calling list. He ha« stricken them
off. Now he will have nothing to do
with theni, but he is out for bigger
game and has taken over the cham
pioning of burglars and highwaymen.
"A well known dive keeper and con
fidant of criminals has told me that Kid
Sullivan has split $10,000 with his
'friends' for protection and expert ad
vice since September 1. T also notice
that there have been very few arrests
on these charges during the time men
"I don't want to give out all of the
details of the reports brought to me
by the private detectives, but I will
say that I think we have sufficient
evidence to convict several well known
police officials, policemen and others
well known in the tenderloin of this
city of crimes that may result in their
being sent to the penitentiary."
President of the police commission
Jesse Cook last night refused to dis
cuss the proposed action of the board
of which he is president in reference
to the action that may be taken.
The district attorney's office has long
suspected that certain officials in the
police department were protecting high
waymen and burglars in return for a
division of the spoils. Since the let of
September the police have made but few
attests in felony cases of this nature,
and it was because of this that District
Attorney Fickert has been quietly in
vestigating the workings of the police
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 13.—-The state
ment that "Francis J. Heney of San
Francisco led in the efforts to dis
comfort the speakers" at the turbulent
political meeting in Loa Angeles Sep
tember IT appears to be unwarranted
and unjust to Heney. While John M.
Harlan was speaking, there were con
stant interruptions and much con
fusion in which adherents of all three
of the leading presidential candidates
appear to have participated. Heney
was present, and followed Meyer Liss
ner forward when the latter went to
the stage on the invitation of Harlan,
but he should not be charged with
leading an attempt to disrupt the meet
Qult-k Lunch on El Capitan.
The Southern Pacific has installed
lunch counter service on the steamer
El Capitan, plying between Vallejo
Junction and North Vallejo. Passengers
via this route can now obtain luncheon
while crossing the bay.—Advt-
Balkan States Reject Powers'
Mediation and Warn Turkey
of Hostile Coalition
( untiuurd Erom Page!
night or Monday appear to be due to
the uncertainty* of telegraphic connec
tions. It is explained that the notes
were handed to the respective legations
list night and will be delivered Mon
The combined movement of the Bal
kan allies along the northern and
northeastern frontiers of Turkey began
today, while a lull occurred in the
fighting around Scutari.
General Yukovilch, commanding the
northern army of Montenegro, carried
Byelopyle b\* assault and has pro
claimed Montenegrin authority in
Novi-Bazar or old Servia.
Christians are fleeing from the
Turkish interior to join the invading
armies. Hundreds of soldiers in the
uniform of the moslem empire marched
through Sofia under escort today.
They were at first thought to be pris
oners of war, and were jeered at by
the observing crowds until the Servian
escort explained that they were Chris
tians drafted into the Turkish army
against their will, and who deserted
on the first opportunity.
In Sovik. near Monastir. the military
commander tortured and mutilated
three Christian girls who were accused
of praying for the success of the allies.
The girls managed to escape through
the connivance of a Christian soldier
In the Turkish force. Their story, told
to one of the officers on the staff of ;
General Mertinovitch, has inflamed the
Montenegrins to fierce indignation- The
officers are urged to proclaim "no j
Greece has mobilized a force of 125,
--000, which wiirbe on the march across
the frontier tomorow, and a reserve
corps of 30,000 will follow as soon as
equipment is complete. According to
a dispatch from Athens, there is no
lack of volunteer material from which
to expand the trained corps to full
war proportions.
General war in the Balkans is now
only a matter of a few days. The re
plies of the Balkan states to the
powers' note, virtually rejecting inter
vention, will be delivered at the va
rious capitals tomorrow and at the
same time notes practically in the
shape of an ultimatum will be sent to
Turkey, demanding autonomy of the
Macedonian provinces.
According to a reliable dispatch from
Home, the Balkan coalition will make
a demand that it will be impossible for
the porte to accept, namely, that the
reforms be executed under control of
the' Kuropean powers and the Balkan
states, and. as a pledge, that the porte
assent to the immediate demobilization
of the Turkish forces.
It is understood the porte will be
given until Tuesday to reply, there
fore there is every probability that
general hostilities will begin before
the week ends.
A Sofia dispatch reports that the
movement of the Bulgarian army has
already begun. The Montenegrins, con
tinning their advance, have captured
Byelopelye, an important strategic
point northwest of Berana, after des
perate fighting. They now are on their
way to Sienitza, 30 miles northeast of
Byelopolye and close to the Servian
frontier, against which they will direct
an attack. It is In this direction that
the Montenegrins expect to join hands
with the Servian army when it ad
vances from the north.
According to a Constantinople dis
patch, Ks.sad Pasha arrived in Scutari
today with reinforcements, raising the
garrison from 12,000 to 20,000 men. Tf
this news is true the Montenegrins will
ba>re a difficult task in capturing
Porte Provokes Hostilities
Whether for the purpose of furnishing
provocation for war or to show the
Balkan allies that Turkey can not be
intimidated, the government is acting
with an aggressiveness''calculated to
bring on hostilities. The embargo on
Creek ships, the detention of Servian
ammunition and the seizure of Bul
garian railway cars, all constitute bel
ligerent arts.
Creek and Bulgarian nationals in
Constantinople, numbering 1,000 or
more, have been subjected to treatment
designed to irritate those two nations.
Several Turkish women are going to
the front to attend the wounded. This
will mark the beginning of a new era
for the sex.
A consular telegram reports the kill
ing of 12 Bulgarians in Kuprili, Mace
donia, by Turkish soldiers. Massacres
in Macedonia will be an inevitable
feature of the war but it is asserted
here the Turks will not begin them.
Late advices say fighting continues
around Berana. The Montenegrins ad
vnncing toward Cusinje, Plava and
Arona, on the southeastern frontier,
are encountering much resistance and
losing heavily.
Severe fighting has occurred in Tushi,
where the Turks are displaying great
bravery. It is reported that the Turk
ish forces in the country between Lake
Scutari and the sea have stopped the
advance of the Montenegrins.
It is announced that the, porte In
tends to purchase the foreign cargoes
aboard the detained Greek steamers.
Costa Rican Graduated in Archi
tecture at Santa Clara
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SAN JOSE, Oct. 13.—Jose F. Salaxar
Quezada, a student at the University
of Santa Clara, registering from San
Jose, Casta Rica, and one of the first
two students to be graduated from the
University of Santa Clara with a de
gree for architecture, has submitted
plans in the international competition
for designs for the new Central Ameri
can peace court to ho built by Andrew
Carnegie at San .lose, Costa Rica.
The proposed building Is to replace
the p*&c* palace donated by Carnegie,
and which was destroyed by an earth
quake in 1910. after it had been in ex
istence only a year, and Is to be built
of steel and reinforced concrete.
The Quesada family has a palatial
home here in College Park.
Bones of Blond Eskimos and
Lamps Included
SEATTLE, Oct. IS.—Forty-one cases
of curios and relics gathered by Dr.
Vlldjhmar Stefannson, the Arctic ex
plorer who discovered a race of blond
Eskimos in Victorialand, were un
loaded yesterday from the schooner
Transit, which brought them down
from Point Barrow, Alaska, and are
being prepared for shipment to New
York, where they will be placed In the
American Museum of Natural History.
Included in the shipment are two cases
of human bones and skulls, there be
ing 61 of the latter, soapstone lamps,
cooking utensils and other valuable ex
hibits pertaining to the mods of liv
ing of the natives.
9 <$, <$> fr <$ «t> *> # $> <*»
Johnson Machine Is Denounced
SAN LI I EGO. Oct. l*>-John »• Spreckela, former republican
national committeeman tor California and proprietor of Tbe *•*
Francisco Call and the San Diego Union, says that he will support
Wilson for president and Kettnor, democratic candidate lv «M»
district for consre**. I» ■» snthortsod Interview, Npreekels ••*•'
The Johnson-Lissner progressive party haa kUletJ thr
republican party in our state for their own political advance
ment and selfish ends. The republican party could have
adopted every essential reform within itself, hut that did WM
suit the Johnson crowd, which wanted all public onVea (©I
itself. The so called progressive patty promiftd lh« ptQpU
freedom from boss control, but the state ha* nrvn in all ii =
history been so completely under boss control in i» l« t#4ty<
and our state administration is the most lavi-di and v«»,tiy Wt
have ever known.
Being disfranchised as a republican and unahla to tretf »•"
my own party, I see no other alternative but (.. tmpfpfl if"
democratic ticket as a protest against bossism, UtflVftginCl
and political chicanery. The republii an j.aiiv WfJIJ U rioftf*fl
ized, will prolit by its mistakes and give us the be*t «t*v. iiiiimi
v.c ever had or will have.
I ?hall support Kettncr because he CM act omplnh »*»*« Hi
a democratic congress, which T believe the next ON* «iitcly will
be. than any congressman of any other party,
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unless he could vote for progressive
candidates. Therefore in order to
make this stupendous system or
fraud effective, progressive candi
dates must in some way be Placea
on the republican ballot so thst
progressiva* masquerading as re
publicans might vote for them.
This necessitated additional corrup.
and fraudulent practices even more
reprehensible than the others. TnS
law of California requires that a
candidate for nomination at the
primaries must make affidavit
showing the party to which ha
belongs; that he. intends to amil
ate with that psrty, and that ne
will vote for a majority of its can
didates. ~ .
If a supporter of Roosevelt in
tending to support him and affiliate
with the progressive party matte
such an affidavit then he made a
false affidavit, and if he made «
knowingly and willfully h« was
guilty of perjury. And whether he
made the affidavit willfully or not,
his continuance on the republican
ballot as a candidate after he had .
determined to support the pro- |
gresstve candidates was fraudulent
and in violation of the letter and
the spirit of the law. and his nom
ination might be successfully con
tested on that sround.
Fnder the peculiar law of Cali
fornia, the candidates for the legis
lature, nominated at the primary
election, are made a convention to
nominate candidates for presiden
tial electors at the coming elec
tion for their parties. By mak
ing affidavit that they were repub
licans, candidates for the legisla
ture, who were in fact progressiva,
were nominated on the republican
ticket. * » * Thus, by fraudulent
affidavits, they have pained control
of the machinery of that party of
which they are not members, in
the interest of the candidates of
another party.
By voting as republicans. the
progressives also secured power to
select the state central committee,
not of their own pavrty, but of the
republican party, t-o which they do
not belong, and the candidates of
which they are using every effort,
fair or foul, to defeat.
The senator quotes from the resolu
tions of the state central committee
declaring the nominations of Taft and
Sherman fraudulent, and endorsing the
candidacy of Roosevelt, and declares
that "no kind of sophistry or evasion"
can conceal the fact that this whole
proceeding is fraudulent. It is pitiful
that a great movement for reform in
politics in California that had achieved
so much and promised to do so much
more should have been brought to
this sorry pass."
The right and honorable thing for
the progressives to have done, he says,
was to place their candidates on the
ticket as progressives, by petition, so
that every voter could vote intelli
gently for whom he pleased, knowing
Project Will Give Sacramento
Extensive Frontage
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO, Oct. 13— Work began
yesterday on the construction of the
deep .water canal which will eventually
plve the city of Sacramento two miles
more of water front than at present.
The canal, although being con
structed by private enterprise, will be
of great benefit to the city because sec
tions of the land along the proposed
canal are owned by a score or more In
dividual firms of the city. The plan ts
to construct a canal 2.950 feet in length
with a depth of 24 feet and a width of
300 to 400 feet. A big section of the
frontage on the proposed canal Is
owped by the Sacramento-Slarra rail
road, a Smith Lumber company project.
The Pacific Gas and Electric company
and several other large corporations
own sections of the frontage. The
work will be completed In two years.
It will cost approximately $300,000.
SAN JOSE, Oct. 13.—The democratic
county central committee has arranged
a three day campaign In this vallay
commencing Thursday at noon at Palo
Alto and closinar with a big meeting
at the Garden theater in this city Sat
urday night. W. R. Jacobs, James D.
Phelan and Mrs. V. do Witt Warr of
San Francisco will make the campaign
with the local candidates, and will
spoak at Palo Alto, May Held, Mountain
View. Santa Clara, Mllpitas, Sunnyvale,
Campbell ami San Jose.
A Unique
Window Display
for Collectors
Shakespeare Editions in
great variety, Elisabethan
and contemporary dramat
ists -all in fine library edi
tions and bindings-on ex
hibition until October the
eighteenth. Descriptive list
sent upon request.
Paul Elder and
Company • 239 Grant
Aye. San Francisco
The Best in Books * Art
whether he was voting for a repub
lican or a progressive.
"The enorinltv of these rrlm«s
against the franchise," the statement
continues, "Is emphasised and made
more apparent by the ruling of the
supreme court of the state thst It has
no power to prevent this usurpation
by the progressives <»f the rights and
powers of the republican party. It
results that the progressives, who are
crying out "Thou shalt not steal." have
by a ays4.ems.tic course of fraud, cor
ruption and perjury stolen the right
of the republican party to a place on
the ballot and deprived thousands of
voters of the right to vote for the
candidate of their choice within their
own party."
In conclusion the senator says that
progressive republicans can not con-,
sistently support Taft, because he was
not fairly and honestly nominated and
does not represent progressive princi
"To conscientious progressive re
publicans," he ado's, "who believe in
honesty in politics, and stand for right
principles, Roosevelt Is equally im
possible. He is in no proper sense a
tried and true progressive. He is too
new a convert to progressive principles
to trust with the leadership of a new
party if its object is to advance and
maintain those principles."
The best service progressives can
render to their party and their coun
try, says Senator Works, is to vote for
Wilson, "who is a real and sincere pro
"It will help to teach dishonest
manipulators of politics a wholesome
lesson," he adds.
m m 111 Don * ta^ c lifes e,evator ( !
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Leader of Bahai Religion De
clines to Heed Accusa
tions of Nephew
f eaflsasif Prom Pssje 1
it,un iMiiuy of them have been Baha
laia for h. doxan years or more. Others
have adopted the belief sine* the teach
er (■*!«« i,, nun Praoetece two weeks
"A b«**uiiful Boul • mm* into onjr faith
I ofecuy or IsMt weak, or test month."
I* tbe way Uicty i|e*< rlbw tbe conver
sion „( a now ' ft lertfl
Th« Hshauta i„ Bftt> Krenchsco hold
With Abdul Baha Abbas in bts opinion
of i|, e nmpi\9W, fihua ITllah Belial. The
Iftttsr, bewsvsr, has prophesied a serl
fHia fllvi«i» i( , anions; tba follower* of the
»<o»v«„„«, M i uhlss* Abdul Baha etxplains
'<<i«m >,1 bfs t*a< Mngs which are not.
II i« said, i»» ateordanos *»tth tr»a word
-f H«hs iilsh. tba founder of the faith.'
A>«|m( tisti* i« ar-r-uaad of suppress!ng
* |jsrt of th* "Hook of My Covenant.
YltJeh is it.* hr.iy hook of the Bahslst*.
written l»v >h» founder He also Is
•bnrs-i.,1 with departing* from the. letter,
»hd spirit of tbe teachings of BaJha Ul- j
lab and with usurping powers no* con- j
fort-ad upon him In ronection with ;
one of the rjueatlons, which asks why '
i Urn Persian teacher usurps this author
ity, tha nephew quotes from the flound
er as follows:
"Whoseevar claimeth a mtsslotn be
fore the completion of 1,000 years from
his manifestation is a lying Importer."
Hah* UlSah. the founder, according to j
the literature of the movement, was the
manifestation of Ood to the peoples of
all the earth, regardless of raco and]
It Is recorded that "«ach of the pro
phetic teachers taught of the conning
of one great teacher, and of the estab
lishment of tho universal religion. The
Jews await the coming of the Messiah.
the Christiana the second coming of
Christ, the Moslems the corning of the
Mahdl. the Buddhists the coming of the
fifth Buddha, the Zoroastrians the com
ing of Shah Bahram, and the Hindus
the return of Krishna.
"The Bahais tsach thst the spirit of
these promised teachers is one and the
same, and they believe that in Baha
Ullah this one spirit of truth was mani
The present teacher, Abdul Balm
Abbas, in the eldest son of Baha Ullah,
who died in 1892. For 40 years prior
to 1308 Abdul Baha was held a prisoner
in the Turkish penal colony of Akka,
Just north of Mt. Carmel in Syria. By
command of his lather he Is the spir
itual gtiide of the Bahais.
Since coming to San Francisco he
has addressed many large gatherings,
and it is reported that there are many
new believers. He will leave here to
day for the southern part of the state,
but expects to return to San Fran
cisco later in tho year.
SACRAMENTO, Oct. 13—Rev. Hd
ward C. Philleo of Santa Cruz preached
the annual sermon at the state con
vention of the Women's Christian Tem
perance union here this afternoon.
Judge Ruess of the Juvenile court of
Oakland delivered an address in the
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