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Oakland Rooters Enthuse
Over Their Team's First
Victory in Present Series
Seals Work Hard in Hogan's Interest, but the
Commuters Breeze In Ahead, New Sprout,
Mister Ward, Aiding Materially
yesterday afternoon, but this old neighborly feeling business runs tor the
estimable Mister Sweeney and the end book, and if one Billyum Reidy can
prevent it the Oaks will not cop the pennant. Despite the fact that Bud
Sharpe's tossers look like the original candy kids headed for pennantville, the
nearest and dearest neighbors of the Oaks are doing their little best to bump
the transbay lads into second place.
The Seals fought a game uphill battle
yesterday, and the aforesaid Billyum I
Reidy was the sorest man in Alameda I
county wh'en Yohe was nabbed in an
attempt to swipe second in the ninth
inning, thereby ending the festivities.
It was the Oaks' first victory of the
series, nnd the transbay fans enthused
accordingly. When the Oakland fans
enthuse they enthuse some.
It was a stormy session, but prob
ably the storminess was instrumental
in helping the Oaks to register. Right
in the first inning the war clouds
gathered. Bill Leard, first man up for
the Oaks, held a heated debate with
Umpire Hildebrand over an alleged
strike, and Bill's language was so
warm that Hildy wagged him to re
tirement. It was a tough situation
for Cap Mitze, as his lineup was al
ready shot to pieces. Pitcher Tyler
Christian being forced into the fray in
an outfield position at the start of the
Mitze looked over the available tal
ent on the bench and decided to take
a chance with Vincent Ward, a busher,
who donned an Oakland uniform yes
terday for the first time. Mr. Ward
was delegated to attend to matters in
left field and Tyler was brought in to
It was Ward's vicious swipe in the
seventh inning which brought In the
two runs that Oakland needed, and it
vaa the same Mr. Ward who grabbed
Corhan'B line drive to the fence in the
fourth inning , and doubled Mclntyre at
flrst, the latter digging out for second
•H the assuraac* ot his coachers that
tl;e wallop was a safe one.
Ward was one of the heroes of the
contest. The other was Bertram Coy,
who hoistci the pellet over the fence
in the sixth inning and stuck the
Oa'r.'o in the tally column with a brace
o? runs. Abbot having been perched on
the s'-conu cushion by virtue of a safe
swat hr-.i a steal.
Mularkry and Planning, the rival
;i!;cher?:, had an interesting duel, but
the 3<\'U livavor was taken out in the
c!*ht') i:u;iii£ to let Baker bat for
him. Up to tiie ninth Malarkey pur
v«>**d >'i 6e< vuriety of curves, but the
i-v-n'iß ;;ot next to Ma offerings in the
i:Jnt.:i ;::k1 grabbed four bingles, wbict)
urouKi.t in n brace of tallies.
The Oaks breezed into the tally
column in the sixth inning:, when Coy
put. a Tanning: offering over the fence
cli'se to the big bull sign, scoring- Ab
i.'.tt ahead of him. The Seals came
rijjht back in the seventh and put the
ecore in a knot. Zimmerman singled
and purloined second. Corhan bit oft
a safe ono, which scored Zim. Cor
han went to second on the throwln,
and to third on Yohe's death. Bill
Malarkey then out loose a wild pitch,
and although Catcher Mitze threw him
self bodily on top of the rushing Cor
han. he was a moment too late, and the
score was deadlocked.
The seventh was the big noise from
an Oakland standpoint. Cook copped
a bingle, and on the play at first base
the Seals gathered around the umpires
and eased their vexed feelings. Mc
latyro came all the way from left field
to ease his, and did not return. He
was delegated for clubhouse duty by
Mr. Ilildebraml. McAvoy took up the
vacant position in the left pasture.
Christian was safe when Wuffli
vl the throw to get Cook at sec
o::>:. .M.i'.arkey and Mitze passed quietly
away, an.l then the chance was offered
Buaber War«l to enter the hall of fame.
Mr. Wiird WM willin', and his con
tribution of ii two saoker to right field
RMjarcl both' runners. Just to show
that he was a reol ballplayer "Ward
atola i'.ilrj. and then busted into the
run coluina !>y meandering home on
Al'boit's 'v/o l>nse clout.
;;•tiired to be on ice. but
the BeaH eairie l«ack with a great
Bpurt iv th*- nin til. and almost tied
the score. Mundorff started the fes
tivities by singling, but was forced at
second by McAvoy. Zimmerman and
Corhan hit safely in succession and
McAvoy breezed to the pay station.
Yohe's clout brought Zimmerman home,
but the Yohe party became too am
bitious and died on an attempted steal.
Here are the facts and figures:
AB. R. BH. PO. A. E.
Wuffli. 2b 4 0 12 :*. I
Mundorff r. f 4 0 10 0 0
Molntvre", I. t a 0 1 1 0 0
£immennan, c. f 4 2 2 O 0 0
Corhan s>s 4 1 2 3 3 0
Vohe. .?b 4 0 1 0 0 0
MeArdle, lb 3 0 0 R 1 C
Sehralrlt, c :! 0 0 ft 0 fl
Panning, p 2 0 0 1 3 C
•Baker, p 1 • <> 0 O <)
UcAvuy 1 1 0 0 O 0
Total 32 4 8 24 10 1
•Batted for Fanning in the eighth. m
AB. R. BH. PO. A. E.
Leard 2b 0 0 0 0 0 C
Abbott, 1. f., o. f 4 1 2 2 <» •
Hrtlins, 3b 4 0 Or? 1 1
Coy r. f 4 1 1 1 0 C
Tiedemanu, lb 4 0 <> 7 1 <
Cook bs 4 1 2 I 4 1
l-hrtstUn c. t 3 1 0 \ 1 fl
eitw <• 2 0 1 .«' 8• «
Mali.rk.-y, p 2 0 0 0 0 3
War<l c. f 4 1 1 2 2 J)
Total 31 5 7 27 J2 3
San Francisco 000000 2 0 2— i
F.as.-liits 1 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 4— &
Onklanrt 0 0 0 0 0 2 3 O x— f
Busebits 0 1 1 0 0 2 o 0 x—'t
Five runs and sevpn Mts off Fanning in sever
innings Home run—Coy. Trvo base hits—
Cook. Ward, Atibott. Sacrifice hit—Malarkey.
Btelen bases —Zimmerman, Abbott, Ward. First
baae on railed balls—Off M;il*rke.y 1. off Fan
ning 1 Struck out—By Malarkey 8. by Fanning
B Double play—Ward to Tfedemann. Wilr
i/it'-he*-—Malarkey (2). Time of game— 1 boui
and 50 minutes. Umpires— Hildebrand aoO
Entries for the Olympic
Meet Close Today
The entries will close today for the*
annual track and field meet of the
Olympic club athletes, which will be
held Sunday afternoon at the park
stadium. This is the first of a series
of meets that the club Intends to hold
during the next few months. After
Sunday's meet all others will be open
to local athletes at large.
The meet will be In the nature of an
interbranch competition. Every branch
of the club will be represented by
teams. The track and field men com
peting will be given severe handicaps
to offset the lesser experience of the
men representing the swimming branch,
the handball artists, the football squad
and the baseball men.
Commissioner Pete Gerhardt and Cap
tain Harold Maundrell will announce
the entries and handicaps today. The
officials for the meet will be as follows:
K(?fer»-e. Judge Graham: Judges of finish—
r* C. Stewart. Frank Foran. Douglas F.r«<kino,
Phil Wand; .-mtuunHer, Hoctor McMabon; timers
— J. A. Haniinerfinith. F. J. Con-, John Elliott.
A. of course. K. (i. O'Kane; in
spectors—Judpe ShortaH. Harold Maundrell, J.
Tal Kwlnp, Bob Me Arthur: starter, George
James; scorer. William Cntnack.
White Sox Making It
Red Hot; Series Tied
[Specia? Dispatch to The Call]
CHICAGO, Oct. 17.—A rally in the
ninth inning, when a triple by Mattick
•tvas responsible for four runs, gave the
Sox an 8 to 5 victory over the Cubs
here today and niade the city series
stand at three wins for each team.
Three homg runs," by Zimmerman, Col
lins and Weaver, kept the fans up on
their feet. Score:
R. H. E.
White Sox I I.S 0
fnhs •" 1 o
Batteries—La nj:c Hnrt Walsh, S<<halk: Cbcaejr,
Richie and Lavender, Archer. Umpires—Uwous,
Connolly, Dineeu and Eason. <»
W. 1,. Pet.
Oakland 113 70 .~.«S
Vernon 11l HO 581
1 on Angeles 107 85 557
Fortiand 81 I*3 4HT,
San FranrUeo. . S3 10S» 43S
Sacramento 67 118 302
Oakland 5, San Francint'o 4.
l<oß Angrcles t>, Portland 0.
Vernon 11, Sacramento 5.
Oakland at San Franeleeo.
Ternon at Sacramento.
Portland at !.«« Angeles.
McCredie's Flock Liberally
Daubed With a Six Ply
Coat of It
[Special Dispatch lo The Call]
LOS ANGELES. Oct. 17.—Today's
ball game between Los Angeles and
Portland was a decidedly one. sided
affair. In fact, It wa*s all Los Angeles
all the way. The score at the finish
was 6 to 0, and the Seraphs owned
the 6.
Stiter pitched for the visitors and
was touched for only seven hits. To
convert these hits into six runs the
Seraphs found easy. Leverenz was on
the mound for the Angels, and while
Portland swatters got to him for nine
hits, there was nothing doing in the
run line.
The Beavers are playing snappy ball
and were entitled to a better showing
than they achieved. The plays broke
against them in every case, while a
beneficent providence seemed to have
the fate of the Seraphs in charge.
Two runs and two hits marked in
ning No. 2, and two hits and one run
was the result of inning 3. Four and
five were fruitless, but In the sixth it
went like this:
Metzger doubled to the score board.
Page out, Bancroft to Norton, Metzger
going to third. Driscoll singled to
right, scoring Metzger. Core walked.
Driscol stole third. Core stole second.
Boles filed to Cunningham. Lev*rent
singled to left, Driscoll scoring. Core
was safe at the plate when Fisher
dropped Cunningham's perfect peg.
Howard out, Baker to Norton.
The particulars:
AB. R. BH. PO. A. E.
Cunningham, 1. f 4 0 1 1 1 O
Doane, c. t 4 0 0 2 0 0
Rojjern. 2b 3 0 1 1 2 o
FltzgertM r. f 4 0 1 2 0 0
Norton, lb 3 0 O 12 0 1
Baker 2b 4 0 1 2 2 o!
Bancroft, ss 3 O 1 2 4 0
Fisber. c 3 0 3 111
Suter, p 3 0 1 1 2 0
Total SI 0 9 24 12 2
AB. R. BH. PO. A. E.
Hnwflrd. lb 4»1 1 10 1 o
Berger, ss 2 0 0 3 1 6
Daley, c. f 4 0 0 1 0 0
Metsger. 3b 4 1 2 I 1 0
Paire. 2b 4 1 1 2 4 1
Drlscoi! r. f 3 2 1 O 2 0
Core. 1, f 3 1 0 1 0 0
Roles c 3 O 1 7 3 0
LeTerenr, p 3 0 1 0 3 o
Total 30 G 7 27 15 1
Portland 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 o—o
Banehtrs ...1.1 2 1 1 0 0 2 I—9
Ixh Angelca ...... 0 2 1 0 0 3 0 0 x— t;
Basehlts 0 2 2 0 0 3 0 0 x—7
Two bay hits—Boles. Howard. Metzger. Firpt
bane on celled bulls— Off Suter 4. off Leverenz 1.
Stolen husps—Howard. I'ape. Drlsroli, Corp.
Struck out—By S*ut«*r 2. by 7. rtoubl*
plays—Bancroft to Norton: Leverena to Boles to
Berger. Wild pitch—Suter. Time of gatue—l
hour and 40 minutes. Umpires—Finnoy and
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SANTA CKCZ. Oct. 17.—The second game for
the county championship between Santa Cruz
and the NVatEouville Giauts will Iks pla.verl off
Sanday. The home team will be boutcreil up
by the inf'usfcm of somr outsMe tHl»nt. anions
thorn beinx i'itcher KanUirler. Into of the
Victoria Northwest league team. Watsonville
will run a (special f-vursion here. und Mana
jrer Snowrfen promises to briug fully 000 rooters
I 11> the county scat.
vor yrig-v , --. %kX— ">' *>•• ij - '-■'J'^ ,3^'^
Willie Hoppe, who Is
Up Against Frankie
Kirk This Evening
Both Lightweights Promise Fast
Boxing; Whole Program at
Dreamland Is Good
One of the* most sensational four
round lightweight battles of the year
is looked for this evening at Dream
land between Willie Hoppe, the tear
ing lad from Butchertown, and Frankie
the sailor from Vallejo. Both
lads have perfect ring records' and the
fans expect to keep on their toea every
minute of the time that they are in
Hoppe looks like the best lightweight
the game has produced since Willie
Ritchie came to the front. He is fa&4,
and a great hitter and starts after his
man right at the outset. He has con
quered all comers up to the present
time and a victory over "Kirk surely
will win him a place among the 20
round performers in the near future.
Hβ <ertainly is entitled to this chance.
Kirk has beateu all comers over
every distance from 4 to 20 rounds.
Most of his fights have been won by
knockouts and for this reason the Val
lejo fans will be at the ringside to
back him against the local whirlwind.
If Kirk is half as fast and half as' ef
fective as his boosters say, he will
give the Butchertown boy the hardest
argument he ever has had.
The other Butchertown favorite. An
tone La Grave, will go against Jack
Fitzgerald, the Denver welter weight.
La Grave has been a consistent per
former sdnce he became a welter weight
and will rule a favorite over the Den
verlte. The latter appeared in this
city several months ago and made a
good impression. He is fast on his
feet and a good two handed fighter.
Lee Johnson, the colored feather
weight from Oakland, is coming back
after a long rest to take on Abe Label.
The little smoke is about the cleverest
boy of his inches on the Pacific coast.
Label can hit hard, but he has the
reputation of being ,an in and out per
former. This is his last chance. If he
does not show what he has he will be
barred for all tim* by the supervisors.
For a heavy weight attraction they
have matched Rufe Cameron, the giant
local negro, and (Bailor Schafer, the best
of the big fellows from Vallejo. Cam
eron Is a good defensive fighter, while
his opponent is one of the slam bang
performers who keeps going all the
time. It looks like an even go, with
the edge slightly in favor of the local
The other boute are as follows: Wil
lie Meehan vs. Montana John Thomas,
middle weights; Buck O'Neill vs. Red
Nerval, lightweights; Tex Welsh vs.
Young Mitchell, feather weights; Jack
Carrot! vs. Jim O'Donnell, middle
weights; two ring warmers between
well known local performers.
The first bout will start promptly at
8 o'clock in order that the fans will be
able to get home in good season. The
fiprhterf- will be ready with their gloves
on to step right into the ring and there
will be no delays.
[SpcciaZ Dispatch to The Call]
NETV YORK. Oft. IT- —Oee "f the bis; fea
tures of the annual' Lriah-American cltil> rally
st.lfiiip park Sunday will be the
half mile ra<'<\ In which Sl*l Shepairt of that
plob bopee Tir» bi-cnk tiit- BUO y;u-<] record and
licat Ted M>T«Hlitli uf Mercrrslmrs ai.-atlemy.
Both cinder petli stare are training bard, and
are in good shape.
[Special Dispatch lo The Call]
NEW YORK, Oct. 17—Tomor
row uipht Johnny Coulon, ban
tam weight champion of the
world, merle Kid Williams of
Baltimore here. This bout be
tween little men la the class of
all the teanon'i flatle entertain
ments. It him been months In
Kid WilliamH came here from
Baltimore, heralded as a com
ing champion, and the little
tow headed fellow* has made good
most thoroughly by beating all
the good bantam* put against
him. He ban been well tried out
and ban whown much improve
ment In fighting form.
•■I have been tipped off that
this boy ii* the good**, anil I am
not going to b> caught napping."
say* Conlon. "I never worked
harder for a b«»nt, and in ray
present shape I am confident I'll
defeat Williams sure. ,.
Unanimous Choice of P. A. A. to
Represent Coast at New
York Convention
George James will leave for New
York November 2 to represent the
Pacitlc association of the Amateur
Athletic Union of America at the an
nual meeting of delegates from all
over the country, which will be held
at the Hotel Astor November 8. James'
selection as the local delegate was
unanimously agreed on at the meet
ing of the P. A. A. last night at the
Olympic club.
The basket ball committee of the
association reported that a special ef
fort was being made to organize a
referees' association for the coming
basket ball season. This will be a
big boost for the game and will be the
means of supplying competent officials
for all the games during th e season.
The San Francisco and Oakland
Young Men's Christian associations
and St. Mary's college donated their
basket ball courts to the committee
for the annual championship games to
be held in January and February. The
gymnastic championships were defi
nitely set for November 7 and will be
held in the Berkeley Y. M. C. A. gym
The boxing championships of the
coast will be held at the Los Angeles
Athletic club November 7, the. local
association sanctioning the event.
A committee consisting of President
John Elliott as chairman, H. Hauser, D.
Brown and E. Pelxotto was named to
approach the Oakland board of edu
cation and place the matter of the for
mation of a public schools athletic
league before the board.
Santa Rosa to Have Its
First Dog Show
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SANTA ROSA. Oct. 17. —The first an
nual dog show of the Santa Rosa Ken
nel club will be held here in the pa
vilion Saturday. The club was only re
cently organized, but It has secured 170
entries of the very finest bred dogs in
central California for the show. Many
trophies have been provided.
There are a number of fancy stock
raisers in Sonoma county and it was
through their efforts that the club was
organized and the show planned. There
will be 40 animals entered by Sonoma
county owners.
Some of the finest d,ogs owned In the
millionaire colony at and near Bur
linsrarne have been entered, as well as
many from San Francisco and other
bay cities.
OAKLAND. O<-t. 17.—The baseball trem of
Oakland lodge No. 2."i2. Ii 0. B. 8., will play the
Snn FrnnHwo <vmiin!ttee of 50 at Gro»e street
nark November '.i. The gamp will lw> called at
E::;o o'clock. The proceeds of the game will go
toward the benefit of the Daughters of Israel.
AI.AM.KDA. Oct. IT.—The Indoor bnseball team
of the KujilcH , drum iHXQf «nd the team of the
Ba.v.Slinve ilub will lurct tomorrow eveolng ii
the oM ear baru at the west end. Dice Peterson
will umpire.
Those Hogan Maneaters a
Dangerous Factor in the
Oaks' Pennant Prospects
From Homer by Fi'ongswah Hosp in the First
Inning the Tigers Literally Eat The
Hapless Solons Alive
have been playing during the present week, the Oakland dopester who is
trying to figure how the Oaks are going to capture the pennant had better
jot down a clean sweep for Vernon, as Hap Hogan's Tigers are having about ,
as much trouble in winning as it is to count six straight. The Tigers hung
up win No. 3 today by a score of 11 to 5. From the way the two teams
started out, one would think a world's
title were 'hanging in the balance.
The Tigers grabbed three at a jump
and Van Buren chalked up two.
Vernon kept going, while Van's crew
stuck fast, and when the score ha(t been
run up to 10 to 2 by the seventh,
neither team cared what happened.
Easy fly balls were evaded by the out
fielders, while the pitchers grooved 'em
over. It was an inspiring sight, in- _ . . . _
Francois Hosp put the Tigers on easy
street in the first inning, when he drove
out a home run with Carlisle and Bay
less on bases. Jimmy Lewis only hit
the ball for half the journey in Sacra
mento's half and brought in O'Kourke
and Swain, who had singled.
Johnny Williams insisted ■on filling
the bases at the opening of the fifth
by passing Carlisle and Kane and let
ting Bayless get an infield hit. Brash
ear grounded out. letting Carlisle over,
and Hosp brought Kane and Bayless
Two home runs, both by the courtesy
of the outfielders, were made by
OTiourke and Hosp.
Swain did his bsst to get Hosp the
perquisites that go with a homer in the
ninth, but Francois failed to touch
second and, although he made the cir
cuit, was called out. The score:
AB. R. BH. PO. A. E.
Carlisle. 1. f 3 1 1 4 0 0
Khiip. c. t 3 2 1 1 0 0
Rdtlpss. r. f 5 3 3 4 0 0
l?ra*hear. 2b 5 3 2 O 4 0
Hosp. ss 5 I 3 1 4 2
T.itschi. 3b 4 0 1 1 2 0
McDonnell, lb 2 0 O 14 0 t>
Ajsntnv, c 4 0 0 2 0 0
Braekenrjdge, p 4 1 1 0 3 0
Total 39 11 12 27 13 2
AB. R. BU. TO. A. E.
Shinn. r. f 5 0 1 1 O 0
Va>i Bnren. lb 5 1 1 It 1 O
O'RMirke. 2b 9 2 3 4 4 1
Swain. 1. f 5 1 3 2 1 O
C. f 5 0 1 1 1 Q
Orr. ss » 0 1 2 7, f>
Trelan. 3b 3 0 0 0 3 0
Cheek, c 4 1 1 5 1 0
Williams, p :{ 0 I 1 3 t>
•Heistor 1 0 0 0 0 0
Total 3f> 5 12 27 19 i
•Hoietrr batted for Williams in the ninth.
Yernnn :? 0 0 0 3 ft 4 ft I—ll
HasfhiU 2 0 2 0 2 0 4 « 2—12
a El Sirod has the \
I flavor of Havana |
I especially grown to |
I make a cigar "just s^
1 DUtrilfutora SAN FRANCISCO.
[Special Dispatch io The Call]
Sacramento 2 0 0 ft O 6 0 1 2— 5 I
Basehite 3 0 10 10 12 4—12 |
Home runs—Hosp and OTtonrke. Three base
Two base lilts—Crashear, I>>tcl«.
Williams. S:icri3oe hit—Kane. Stolen Imee*—
Carlisle. Brashear. Brackenridgc. Orr (2). '"h** I ,*
Struck out—By Williams 4. by Braokenrld»e V*
First base on called balls—Off Williams .", oft i
Brackenridsre 2. Double plays — Cheek to '
O'Rourke. Orr to O'Rourke to Van Buren. Brack- I
enridjre to Hosp to McDonnell, Orr to O'Rourke. i
to Van Buren.. Brarkenridge to Hosp to McDon
nell. Time of panic—l hour and 50 minute*.
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