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Waratahs Tackle Olympic Rugby Men Tomorrow
Showing to Date Not Up to the
Advance Expectations ot
Local Patrons
Rugby Enthusiasts "From Mis
souri"; Watch Today*s Game
at St. Ignatius Stadium
"Within five years the Rugby playing
nations of the world will have to take
off their hats to America and acknowl
edge a team composed of players de
veloped in California to be without
a peer." .
That is a prediction the writer made
in The Call on August 14, 1910, and,
judging by the great strides the game
has made on this coast during the two
years since the prediction, it seems
reasonable to suppose that within the
remaining three years the prediction
still has to run it is going to come
very nearly true, and that by the
football season of 1915 we shall be
sble to beat teams from Xew Zealand."
South Africa, Great Britain and else-
Tvher*. just as Australia "was beaten
last Wednesday on Stanford held.
That brings us down to th« Aus
tralian team now visiting us. It does
■ em possible that a team with
such a reputation should be prey for
the Stanford team or any other local
tfam. How did the victory come about?
That i? answered by the aggressive
ness of the Stanford men, by their
ability to take advantage of their
opponents" mistakes; by their adapting
themselves to circumstances and play
ing the Australians at their own gam*.
and last, but by no means least, con
T have seen third rate teams In Aus
tralia and England make c. better
showing than the Waratahs showed
yesterday on many points. The Wara
tahs, for some reason or other, do not
nble to get Into their stride. There
Iβ a distinct misunderstanding in the
back field.
The ball is held too long before the
pa ps is made. It is all very well to
draw a tackle, but if the Australians
have not realized already that Ameri
cans are deadly tacklers, it is about
time they learned their lesson. Then
a the players cjyerrun their leara
..rrv:riK the ball, a fault that
they should not exhibit with such mo
notonous regularity.
Then we come to condition. The
Vv"aratahs. in Wednesday's game,
fhowed distinct sigrns of distress to
ward the end. The team has had every
opportunity to get into harness and
train, yet it does not show up to the
same advantage that it would with the
same amount of training in Australia.
The Waratahs have a reputation to
xiphoid, and it is such a reputation
th»t the one defeat by Stanford has put
■a considerable kink into it. Stanford
earned a hard victory Wednesday and
is deserving of every credit. The Aus
tralians now will realize how keen the
]>jcal teams are to win. Our players
are out for every victory possible. If
Australia has to uphold its reputation
the y present team will have to show
considerably more ability than we have
so far.
The reputation of the team is such
'hat on paper it should be able to win
rs games—and this without in any way
(i'sparasring Stanford's great victory—
by 20 or more points. The first two
arames were easy for them, but when
Stanford was met the onward march of
the Rugby game locally was first made
apparent to the Waratahs.
We are delighted with the Stanford
showing, and the victory will indirect
ly do more pood for Rugby in this
state than anything else; but that does
not get away from the fact that we ex
pect to see the Australians at their
best —which we have not up to the
Tomorrow the Waratah team will
play its fifth game of th*» series, and
the Olj'mpic club men are out for a vic
tory. Commissioner Harry McKenzie
■tnd C. LAumeister, acting as a selection
committee, have got together a fifteen
that will give the antipodeans all they
want on St. Ignatius stadium at
Shrader street. The game will be
called at 3 o'clock.
Special attention has been given by
the Olympic club to the back field, and
the men forming this part of the team
have been named especially with a
vjpw to opening up the game. Every
man on the back field knows his busi
ness and every one of the boys is an
adept at the open style of game. The
'orwarde are as husky a lot as can be
fn;n«i on either side of the varsity
The front row is particularly good
at hooking the ball, and if they can
irakf as even a break in this respect as
did Stanford, the back field men will be
given every opportunity to open up the
Kama and cut through the Waratah
back field players.
Floyd Brown may play fullback for
vmpic club. If not. Ruck Trow
brldg* v ill be given the berth. Buck
has made good in this position. Nip
will be on the right wing, while
Lunt will look after the other wing.
','harlie Austin will play the center
three quarter position. Next to Austin,
Amos Elliott, the former California
varsity hero, will be seen as outside
live eighth. I,oe Waymire will play th*»
•nside five and "Taffy" Phillips will hz :
,d t her pack.
The forwards will have Glascock,
Marisch and Haley in the front row.
Skov and Guerin in the second row and
7'auly and McKenzie as breakaways,
nan as lock. The Australian
. will be anounced today.
Y.M.C.A. Ball Tossers
Busy Tomorrow
OAKLAND. Oct. 10.—The baseball
tossers ol the Oakland Young Men's
Christian association will be busy on
the diamond ;igain Saturday, when
two games will be played. In the
monijng the 125 pound nine will play
the West Berkeley manufacturers at
Frultvale Recreation park. In the
afternoon the senior team will take
on th*> varsity nine of the University
of California at the U. of C. grounds.
The following Is the 125 pound play
ers* lineup:
Catcher, Moore; pitchers, Steinmetz and
Wurtx; first ba*e, Thompson; second bas<\ Bap
iista; third base. Hink; shortstop. Levy; left
n*M, Phillips; center field, Lorimerj right
tie! J, Woolfcy.

•Jacket ball int*ro!as=s at WilmercUns will he
"*arp<] off October H at tbe Jucksoa park
Record Entry List of Athletes
From Various Schools
of the City
The entry list for the annual track
and field meet of the San Francisco
subleague of the Academic league ia
one of the largest ever announced by
the local organization.
Kvery event has been entered by
competent men from the various
schools of tho city and a high class
competition la expected at the Golden
Gate park stadium tomorrow after
The entries are as follows:
(First three in each heat to qualify for finals*
First beat—Aeki, P. H. S,; Davi*, C. S. M.
A.; O'Brien. C. P. C; Sthlein, W. S. I. A.;<
Wedemeyer. p. H. S. |
.Second heat —L. Brotrn. L. H. S.: Wlcber-j
etrom. C. S. M. A.: We«tdorp. C. P. C.: Travis,
W. S. I. A.: Lery. W. S. I A.; Aoki. P. H. S.
(First two in e«rh beat in qualify for finals)
First heat—Borrhers. P. H. S.; White C. H.
8.; Jones. W. S. I. A.: Powers. C. P. C; Miller.
C. S. M. A.
Second heat—Wand. P. H. S.: Pfeiffer. C. H.
S.; Oniia, M. H S.; Miquen. C. P. C.J Lloyd,
C. B. at A.
Third heat—Wilson. L. H. 8. : Thiebaut. C. H.
8.; Manton. C. P. C.; Craig. <'. t>. M A.; Fee
ney. B. I. c.
i First two in each heat to qualify for final* >
First heat—Allsr>pp. c. S. ML A.: Fyue, C. P.
C; Kornfield, C. H S.; Mehr, P. H. S.; BaUly.
S. 1. C.
Second beat—Stone. C. s. M. A.: Allen. C. P.
C; Wolf, C. H. S.: Herrkh, L. H. iJ.; Maylor,
S. I. C.
Third heat—Forsyth, C. P. C.; C«hn. W. S. I.
A.; Geoppert. L. H. S.; Blackfield. P. H. S.;
McKenna, S. I. C
Seanian. C. P. C; Sinalibone. C. H. S.: Dennis.
C H. 8.; D. Brown. L. H. B.; Jacobs. P. H. S.;
Jaebne P. H. S.; Keith. C 8. 11. A.; Hal!. C, 8.
H. A.;" tforevau, 8. I. C; Bailly, ti. 1. C; Cae
avan, S- I. C.
Lloyd. C. 8. M. A.: Craig, C. S. M. A.;
Frank. C. S. M. A.: Nesbitt. P H. 8.; Jone*.
XV. S. I. A.; Glllln. M. H. S.; M*nton. C". P. C;
Keeney, S. 1. C.: Wilson. L. H. EL; Mathews. L.
H. S.: Frtxlrricks, L. H. S.; Thiebaut. C. M- S.;
Kelly. C. H. S.; Smith, C. H. S.; Mkjnen. C. P.
C; .Rutherford, C. P. C.
(First and s»«cuud in earh beat to qualify %»r
First beat —Wolongiewiez. C. B. If. A.: Colby.
C. P. C; Hatt. C. H. S.; Ore, P. H. S.
Second heat —Unchurch. C. P. C.: Squire*,
M. H. S.; Hinschfelder, L. U. S.; Williamson.
S. I. C.
Uall, C. S. M. A.; Labelle. C. S. M. A.: Keith.
C. S. ML A.; Cole*. Si. H. S.; Borello. S. I. C;
Morcan. W. S. I. A.; Sweeney, c. H ».: Regan.
C. H. S.: Smallbone, C. H. 8.; D. Brown. L. H.
8.; Tanaka. L. H. S.: Sloman, P. H. ■»• Hol-
Ueter. P. H. S.; Jacobs. P. H. S.; Gibbons, C. !
P. C.: Merriman, C. P. C.; Ruling. C. P. C.
(First three in each heat to qualify for finals)
I>3Tis, C. S. If. A.; O'Brien. C.'p.C: Sah
lein, W. S. I. A.; Westdorp. C. P. C.: Aoki, L.
H. 5.
Second beat— Wickstrom, C. S. M. A.: Leavitt.
C. P. C.; Mldgley, w. S. I. A.; Jackson, C. H.
S.; Aoki. P. H. S.
(Winners of each heat and two fastest second to
- qualify for finals)
First beat—Blaekfleld, P. H. S.; Coban, C. H.
8.; Pyne. C. P. C; AUsopp, C. S. M. A.; Gore
vaa. S. I. C.
Second beat —Dennis, C. H. S.: Forsyte, C. P.
C- Stone, C. S. M. A.; Radford, S. 1. C.
Third heat —Geoppert. L. H. S.; Mentz, C. H.
S.: Cohn. W. S. I. A.: McKenna. 8. I. C.
(First and second in each beat to qualify for
First boat— C. P. C.; Hirscafelder,
L. H. S.: Colby. C. P. C.
Second heat—Allen. C. P. €.: Hatt, C. 11. S.;
Farley, W. S. T. A.; Williamson. S. I. C.
Duncan. C, P. C.: McDonald, C. P. C: Day
ton. P. H. S.: Hollister. P. H. S.; IMd. V. H.
EL; Sweeney, C. H. S.; Borello. S. I. C: Recall,
f". 11. S.; Jonee. W. B. I. A.: Sechan. W. S. I.
A.; Colet>. M. H. S.; Kennedy, H. K. H. S.;
Mangeiedorf. C. S. M A.
r. P. C. —O'Brien. Leavitt, Johnson. Westdorp.
and Mariusik. XV. S. A.—Midgely, TtaTi*.
Sablein and Lerer.
A trophy for this event has been prfsented by
I. A. Mariner. t<> Income the permanent prop
erty of the school winning it three times.
C. P. C—Powers. Mlquen. Hauser. Manton,
Rutherford and Bonebeini. C. H. S.—White,
PfeiffT. Thiebaut. ti-r-r-. Smith and Kelly. L.
H. S.—Wilson. Matthew*. Fredericks end Wege
ner. C. S. U. A.—Lloyd, Craig, Miller. Frank
and Sibert. P. H. S.—Borcners, Sheeban, Nes
bitt and Wand.
C. P. C. —Uuehurcb. Sewall. .Seaman, Pyne,
Peterson. Alien. Forsyth, Gibbons and Lowie.
L. H. .S.—Fteld, Herriok. Geoppert. D. Brown.
Tanaka. Co!lun>. C. 8. M. A.—Kpitfc. De Guerre.
Allsopp, MK-rliuE, Hall. Stone ami Osgood. P. H.
S.—l-ee. Sloman. Jacole. BlaekfleM. Mohr and
H«>l lister. S. i. C. —Gorevan. Bailly. Crowley,
Lovotti, Radford. Canaran and Naylor.
Sf-wali, C. P. C.; Peterson. C. P. C; Pierson,
C. P. C.; C#Uine. Ss I. C.; Hiekpy. K. I C.
Ore. P. H. S.; Jolls, P. H. S.; Hatt. C. H. S.;
Cohan. C. H. S.; Booker. C. H. S.: Dewing,
C. S. M. A.; Osh-rne, 0. S. M. A.; Squireg, M.
H. 8.; Allen, C. P. C: Kennedy H. E. H. S.
HaustT C. P. C.; Rutherford! C. P. C; Sbee
fcan. P. H. S.: Wageaer. 1.. H. 8.; Gore C. H. S.
Forsyth. C. P. Cj I <wK c, p. c.; Wolf. C.
H. S.; Joile. P. H. S.; Blade. C. S. M. A.-
Wolongicwici. C. S. M. A.: yieW, L. H. S.;
C H. H.: !.*<•. P. H. B.
Blade. C. S. M. A.: Sewall. C. V. C: Peter
son. C. P. C.; Jon**, L. H. S.; ITtrscbfelder, L.
11. S.: Collins. S. I. C; Hickey. S. I. C.
Lerey. W. B. T. A.; Midgley, W. S I. A.;
L. Brown. L. H. S.: LeaTltt, C. P. C.; Johnson
C P. C.; Wedeineyer. P. H. S.
Schade, W. S. L A.; Farlry. W. g. I. A.;
Kennedy. H. E. H. S.: Webster, C 8. 11. A.-
Korntielil, C. H. S.: Wolf. C. H. S.: BalHr
S. I. C.: Unchurch. C. P. C.; Pvne, C. P fj;
Stjuiif.-. M. H. S.; Hfrrick. L. H. S.; Lee, P. H
S.: 1). yal, P. H. S.; Uore»aa, B. 1. C; Me-
Keuna, S. I. C.
[Not counting for points)
Biade. C. f. M. A.; Pet«>m>n. C. P. C.; Sew.
all. C. P. C.; Pierson C. P. C.
Waratahs to Tackle Our
Cricket Stars
The Australian TVaratah footballer*
will be seen in a new :ole Sunday.
They will play a cricket game at the
In the third inning of the game Yerkes of the Red
Sox tripled to center field, as a result of tehich
Hooper came in Teith the first run for Boston.
NEW YORK. Oct. 17. — Formal
rharftee agalnmt Horace Fopel,
president of the Fb!lodrlphl n \a
tlonale, based on hla alleged
assertions that umpire* bad fa
vored the New York club and that
this rear'n race bad been fixed
for that club to ■win, trere or
dered drawn at a npec!a| meeting;
here today of the National league.
Focp! will be Klven an appor
tunitj to substantiate him glgmed
Mtatements aceatdnc; certain um
pire* of unfnirnee*. The charicetn
alno will Include an accusation
alleged to bare beea made tbat
the manapr of the St. i.nuin club
weakened hit team by placing:
substitutes *o that »w York
eon Id win.
John A. Heydler, secretary of
the Icagrne, was directed to pre
sent the charees to Fo«el within
five days, and Fogel was Riven
five days to dram up bis answer.
The Irasiie trill meet here \ov
emher Sβ to hear his defense.
stadium against an ail star team se-
JeQteA from the California Cricket as
sociation. The game is scheduled to
start at 11 o'clock aoid the Waratahs
will be entertained by the association
at lunch at noon.
The local team will be a strong one.
Norman Logan of Alameda. one of
the best ail round cricketers in the
bay cities, will act as captain. Pat
Higgtns, now coaching the Rugby
men at Santa Clara university. will
represent Los Angeles. Higgins had
a remarkable cricketing year in the
south and has no less than five cen
turies against his name for the sea
son. Renwiok, who is coaching the
St. Matthews academy football team,
will be the San Diego representative
on the local team. He was well
known here a couple of seasons
and is one of the fastest batsmen on
the coast. Tom Price, the old reliable
wicket keep of the Barbs, will keep
the sticks.
The Australians will be captained
by Ward Prentice, captain of the
Waratah football team. Prentice Is a
high class cricketer —a sound bat as
well as good bowler. Carrol is an
other first class bat. Many more of
the footballers are experienced crick
eters, and an interesting game should
The full team named by the cricket
association will be as follows:
N. Logan (captain», Aiacneda; T. Price,
Barbarians: S. Stewart. Barbarians: P. HijZfrtns,
I»s An?eles: H Kenwick. San Diego; W. Wildy.
Alamoda; J. Laffert.v. Barbarian*; G. Kellet,
Barbarians; A. E. Oxenham, Golden Gates; A.
C. Spencer. Golden Gates; f. jCroll. Alameda;
M. Stahl, Alameda; E. Peterson. Alameda. Re
serves—S. Charltort. Barbarians: R. Stuart, Ala
tneda; A. Singer, Golden Gate*.
Denver U. Footballers On
Way to California
DKNVER, Oct. 17.—The football
squad of the University of Denver, 20
strong, left tonight for Salt Lake City
for a ganje with the University of
Utah Saturday. Saturday night the
team is scheduled to leave Salt Lake
for San Francieco, where a day will
be spent in practice. Then the players
will go to Los Angeles for a game
with Occidental college October 2C.
Basket bail practice starts at Mission bJct
next Tuesday. There are four veterans ol
last rear's team on the squad. Turner (guard)
Comstock (center). Larraanu <guard) and Gillei
• forward t being the radcM f<>r tiic comiug
r.i a Squires, formerly of the Lowel;
HO pound champion team, is registered at Mil
eion and will be out for the school quintet.
* * *
Baseball interelass has been going on at Wi!
oaerdlng during thf La*t wet-k. Tbe. '16 class
defeated the '14 men yesterday, 10 to 2. Adami
bhowed up in One form In the box for the '1C
men. pitching a winning; game and allowing l>ul
three hits. The cUes defeated the "U
men. 14 to 6. The final jeame wiU be playe«i
betwfen the "15 and the '13 trams.
* . # *
Tlie girls' tennis team at Lick school, knowr.
as the Lux team, has started practice in prepa
ration for the annual tennis tournament, whiet,
t« to be held at Jackson park in about 10 days,
Miss Genua and Miw Diukdman are two of tb«
veteran* from last year and they are wurkiug
hard to organize a first class team for tb«
coming season.
* * *
Herb KHrh is a (ionbtful quantity in th«
quarter miie. Herb placed second in this event
lust year In the eubleague meet for hie school,
t<ut li»s nut mad* tip his mind whether he will
be able Iβ rei>r.'*pnt Lick neit Saturday in tb«
tame true*. He looks gocM for a place if h<
is * starter.
* * *
The Commercial basket bailers yesterday de
feated the Lowell team by a ecere of 31 to 27
The game was clo>» and hard fought «U th«
way, the Commercial* only not Mug into the )ea<!
in the last few minutes of play. At half time
the score m> 22 all.
* * *
Captain Sohwarienbeck of Lick Basket bal
team is arranging to have • competent eoect
take the team in band. Practice has alreadj
started and the flrst serious work will be got
under way next week witli a coach. "Ureek -,
\>l«inf>ratoe is tnanacer of the team and will
arrange a serie* of preliminary practice garnet
las soon as the football seasyn is completed.
Merkle of the New York Giants safe at third base
on Meyers' hit in the seventh inning. Merfyle had driven
the ball into the left field stands for a too bagger.
Famous Reinsman Drives Kin*
ney de Lopez an Eighth of
a Mile in 0:14%
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 17. — Another
large crowd saw good racing at the
second day of the Exposition park
meet today. The free for all pace was
substituted for th j 2:08 trot and was
won by Hal McKinney after Manitoba
had taken the first two heats. In the
third heat the judges took down F.
Charles and put Ben Walker up
behind Haltamont, but Charles was al
lowed to drive tbe fourth heat, which
he won.
Dan Patch Jr. won the 2:08 pace
in straight heals. *n<S Albaloma dupli
cated the trick in the three year old
f. L. Borden, jH-esident ef the Pacific
Coaet circuit, won tile free for all pace
for amateur drivers With Cleopatra, a
San Francisco horse.
Budd Doble, the veteran trainer and
reinsman, was given an ovation when
!he appeared on the track and drove
Kinney de Lopez one-eighth of a mile
in o:l4'i- Summary:
Free for all pace. 3 in 5 heats, one mile, purse
Hal MrKinney. b. h.. Hal B
( Russeli ( 2-5 1 4 1
Jlanitoba * Spencer > 114 5 4
Haltamount » Charles > 3 2 2 12
Star Brino <Loom!M 4 3 3 2 3
Tcdily Bear (Daoieln'i . 5 4 ."> 3 dr
Time: 2:<H?i. 2:06. 2:O«. 2:07 U. 2:fi«\s.
2:08 class, pacing. Berry stake, $2,500. 3 ia
•">. one mile each:
Junior Dan Patch, t>l t>.. Dan Patch-
Zell fLootnl*) 1 1 l!
Maurice S (Wilson) 3 2 2
Chiquita fMahen) 2 5 4
Roan Ha! (Walker) 5 3 3
I Alberta <'" »g) ". 4 4 dr
Time: ::07, 2:071<.. 2:OTH 4 .
Three >eer old class, trotting. 2 In C. mile
heats, purse $1,500:
Albaloma. b. li.. I. l<. Borden tQuinni 1 1
El Bel Maden (Ward) 2 2
True Kiuney (Ma!*»n> 3 3
Time: 2:174.
Free for all pace amateur driven*:
Cleopatra, eh. m. Zolrck tSnn Krawisro
Drlrlnir I. t>. Borden 1 1
Josh S (Sam Wafklns) 3 2
Welcome Mack (H E. Bragg 1 2 3
Time: 2:12. 2:12.
Lexington Grand Circuit
LEXINGTON, Ky., Oct. 17.—The
championship stallion stake, pacing di
vision, for foals of 1309, and the Ken
tucky stake for three-year-old trotters,
were the principal races on the
program of the grand circuit meeting
today. The stallion stake was a two
horse event between John G. Cecil's
colt. Ward Dillon and A. J. Clark's
colt. Director Jay. The former won the
first heat, but Director Jay came strong
in the second and third heats and
proved an easy victor. Summary:
2:10 class, pacing, purs* $1.000 —Cinnamon
won. Fern Hal second, Prince X third. Best
time, 2:oS^i.
2:14 class, trottin?, purse $I.ooo—Peter Me-
Cormick first. Mack's- Mack second, Dγ, Wilkee
third. Be«t time. 2:09%.
The Kentucky 3 year old trot, Talue $2.0001
—Princess Todd won. Santos Maid second,
Fanella Witts third. Beet tine, 2:11.
The champion etallion itake. pacing dlTlslon.
Talue $2,200 —Director Jay (Morphy) won. Ward
Dillon second. Best time, 2:08%. Only two
Following Is handicap of the races at Salt
Lake today:
I FIRST RACE—Fire furlongs; selling; 3 year
' old and upward:
■ Index. Horse. Wt.
' U»f)2 RAMSY 106
1241 Miss Sly 112
1417 Pickaninny 112
1417 Tbe Fad 112
1415 James Blackstock !«
s 1209 Burning Busb 103
« 1427 Llfrun 101
I 1398 I.eda Lake 93
Rain*? will b« a loner *n©t. and last race won
t goln X away. Thistle BeHe possesses ail klode of
I speed. Sidney Peters has been workiug fast.
•SECOND RACE—Six furlongs; spiling; flllics
an'! niarce; 3 year olds and upward:
i Index. Horse. Wt.
1420 FREE 105
1430 EWE 130
! 14«5 Miss Korn 110
! 1420 Sadie Shapiro 105
» 1455 Ferrona 105
14X1 Lawa TO3
1303 Lotta Creed 110
I ' Free law race flnifhed «eroDcl and the filly
; will be benefited by that race. Madeline Mns
, grare Is jjatne. but her Ust efforts off color.
I THIRIi RACE—Six furlongs; selling, 3 year
» olds and npward; fillies and mares:
- Index. Horse. Wf.
3422 KIORA 110
12--H LADY MACY ■•■••• 110
1417 Ttibe Rose , 110
'' ISSO Beda 110
1 14OS Gerd« 10. T .
. 1427 Hazel C 10T.
1431 Florence Kripp ..105
1430 Lucille Allen 110
I Kiora won impressively yesterday and again
, figure* tn prove a repeater. Lady Maey has
' been freshened up. Fleeting Fashion game and
t ready fw best.
FOT7KTH RACE— Futurity coarse; all ages;
I puree:
i I Index. Ror<=e. Wt.
• 1423 *AY BTRXAK 11l
Tbe last race of the seaaon for
the San Prandero Yacht club
will he held over the regular
channel course Sunday. The
yachts Tvill start at 11 a. m. The
race is the one that bad to be
poxtponed from early in th e *ea
eon owing to lack of irlnda.
Tbe event v ill be a one cun
Mart, the rraatta committee
•tending the yacbtn away from
MeiKSN wharf. The handicap*
will be announced today.
EatrieM for the race have been
received from the skippers of the
following yachts: Annie, Caprice,
Challenger, .Monsoon. Aileen,
Pronto, Merry Widow, AmJgo,
V«n, Mary, Flour de I. if and
Vixen. t
1 ~
1424 DEFINITE . lot
! 142.1 XEULY „.. 90
Wi» Just Ked Qβ
leSS Mycenae ioe
1423 Ph ins \,*s
142» Pr. J. B. Berry 9U
Pay Strpak should tiacan; won galloping last
race. Definite might come to life. Trulj last
race good second.
FIFTH UACE—One mile; seUipp; 3 yeaT old*
and upward:
Index. Horse. w>
14CW BOTA „< no
1213 C. W. KE2WON .'.in
1428 Marlgot £»|
141'! G I<>7
142.S Aftermath mr
1240 CaMa 107
Ro.ral River 107
Itora In brst form would \*° a cii»<h. C. W.
Uennou bas lots of speed and consistent.
SIXTH RACE—SeTcu furlongs; selling; 3 year
rl X and upward:
Index. mm, wt
14/1.1 if>9
1430 TEMBROOK 104
1410 HANCOCK '.ion
1402 Froj? Eye 102
1431 Marie Cogbill 03
14<>9 Banthel 100
1409 'Dublin Minstrel io»
.... lv>ri(»n Prince 109
Roeerale should gallop, Tembrook looks tv
bold others safe.
« 1 *— .-, »
SALT LAKE, Oct. 17.—Results of today's
FIRST RACE—Fire furlongs:
Odds. Horse. Weight. Jockey. St. Str. Fin.
4-I—Bashful Retrie. 112 iNieoD... ."» 1 II
6-I—(I)BRIGHAM, 100 (Cayansgh) 2 2 2 n
7-2—(2JRETENTE, 109 (Mcßride) 7 4 3 n
Time. 1:02. Bettie 2 place, l show; Brijthem
2 place. 1 thow; Retente 7-10 show. Kilauea,
(3)Jennie Newman, Amelia B. Fleckney, Marie
({ore, also ran.
SECOND RACE—Fire furlongs:
Odds. Horse. Weight. Jockey. St. Str. Fin.
S-S—(I)BTOUT HEART, ll.> (X!el> 1 2 1 n*
fl-IO—(3)MR8. OAMP. 109 (BUI). 5 1 2 3
12-1 —Wheeler. 108 (Corey) c 5 3h
Time, 1:00 2-5. Heart 11-20 place. 1-4 show;
Gamp 2-5 place. 1-4 sbow; Wheeler 2 show.
Daylight. (*)Forge, Osario, GarTanro, also ran.
Scratched—Little Birdie.
THIRI> RACE—Futurity course:
Odds. Horse. Welcht. Jockey. St. Str. Fin.
8-5— (2)CHAS. GOETZ, 105 (Korsy) 2 112
11-s—(3> VISIBLE. 105 (Hill) 3 3 2ns
51 —Mandadero. 103 (Grota) 12 36
Time. 1:09. Goeti 7-10 place, 1-3 chow; Vis
lhle 7-10 place. 1-3 show; Mandarfe.-o 710 »how
Sweet Dale, (l)RuaaeU McGill, Prince Conrad,
also ran.
FOURTH RACE—Six furlongs:
OUds. Horse, Weight. Jockey. St. Str. Fin.
11-5— (1)L PANCSITA, 105 fMul) 1112
3-I—(3)JCEADOW, 115 iGroth) 5 3 2 1
C-I—Bert Getty, 100 (HilO 4 5 3 1
Time. 1:12 3-3. Lady Pancliita 4-5 place, 2-35
show; Meadow 9-10 place. 2-r> show: Gettr 7-io
[ i<how. Jack o' Lantern, (.2)Ttm l>, Josephine
Berry, r.iso ran.
FIFTH RACE-Fire furlongs:
Odds. Horse. Weight, Jot-Key. St. Str. Fin
7-2—(3)AUTO GIKX. lu7 (Taplln) 2 2 1 1:,
S-5— (2)SAXVAGE. 112 i.N1c01»...l 1 2 U
11-5 —I*e Harrison 11. 11l (Pauley) 4 3 3 1:,
Time, 1:00 4-3. Girl 6-3 place, 1-2 6bow-
Salrapp 710 place, 2-5 show; Harrison 2-5 show
(l)Bellenicker, Call*. Tembrook. Dorian Prince,
also ran. Scratched —Sam Connor, Order of
Dance. Helen N, Ray Eigan.
SIXTH RACE—Six furlongs-
Odd*. Hor»e. Weight, Jockey. St. Str Fin
3-I—(2)KIORA, 114 (Pauley) 2 1 13*
3-I—Tremargo. 114 (Xicol) 1 2 2 s i
o-l—aint Tucker. 114 I .Nelson i-. 6 3 33
Time. 1:12 4-3. Klora 1 place. 1-2 show; Tre
marKO 1 place, 2-5 show: Tucker 1 show
(l)Fa.»cy, l3)D»Tid Waxfleld, Oswald B, Sboot
iag Spray, also ran.
"Doc" Cook was presented with a $50 check
wljen be came to the bat in the second inning
and responded with a corking two bajjger. Cook
smote the big- bull sitfu at the Vernon grounds
six weeks ago. «
* * *
Vincent \Tard, the busher who played with the
Oaks and made groo<l. Iβ a cousin of Pnffy Lewis.
He has played in the Northwe«tern U<ague and
baa also been prominent in eemiprofessional cir
cles about the bay He X a likely looking
youngster ami shonid prove a valuable additiou
to the Oaks' roster.
# * #
Bill Leard lasted quick. With the count
one and two *»a him in the first spasm he nllppe.l
I'mpire Uildebrand some conversation which cost
him and even five spot and banishment from the
•* » *
Bert Ov w.>n a oonple of games for the Oaks
i Tin the borne run route at Sacramento lust week,
an>l Vie broke through with another yeeterday.
Maybe Hap Hoean ie fcorry he tamed Bert
loose about a .year ago.
* ■* *
Whiie the Oake were jr rabbi ne a tvin from the
Seals tU<» Vemon outfit was doinn unk'mJ thinpe
to the Senators, which leaTes the two leaders
as they were yesterday morning. The Oaks
are just one game and a half to the good.
* * *
were fttrooK fur Tbe Seals. Tbe Oakland fan
atic*. bowtxPT. were in the majority and rooted
B*rt Oey wan also tben» 5n the fl*ld. Ho
City Officiate ami Thousands of
Fans Greet Victors at Old
Faneuil Hall
BOSTON, Oct, lr.—Through streets
lined by thousands of spectators the
Boston Red Sox, worlds champions of
1912, paraded in automobiles today
from Fenway park to Faneuil hall.
where they were congratulated by city
officials and thousands of followers of
the game. The players presented
Manager Stahl and President James
McAleer with loving cups.
Airs. Snodgrass Didn't Faint
LrOS ANGELES, Oct. 17.—"1 don't
want my friends or any one else to
think I am a poor loser/ said Mrs. A. J.
Snodgrass, mother of Fred Snodgrass,
the New York National outfielder, who
was said to have fainted at a local
theater yesterday when the electrical
score board showed her sons costly
error. Mrs. Snodgrass says that she
neither fainted nor screamed.
LAUREL. Ml.. Oct. 17.—Results of today's
racing were a» follows:
First race— Taris yueen, 1" to B, won; Auriflc,
10 to 1. second; Brynarr, 4 to 1. third.
Second race—Lucean, .'JO to 1, won: Idle
Michael, 9 to 5, second; Black Bridge, 9 to 2,
third. J „
Third ra*"e~Pouble Frre. 4 to J, won; Seneca,
2 to 1, second; Pluvious, 1" to 5. third.
Fourth race—Dr. Pnenner, 17 to 10. won;
A'itaruaba 12 to 0, second; Cariton G, 4 to 1,
Fifth rac»— Kate K. n to 2. won: Anavrl, 6
to I, second: Golden Caetle. 20 to 1. third.
Sixth race—Torbine, 12 to 1. won; Adolante,
V> to 1. second; Irlch Kid. •". to 2. third.
Tomorrow's eetries ere as follows:
First race, *ii furlongs—Sand Hog 9S. Lβ
Sainrella 100. Frijolee 111. Bettie Stanley 103,
Coin 106, Mohawk Boy 105, Mary ADn X 10*.
Falconet 108, Frank Hndsoa 108, Skibereen 111.
Second race, selling, five and a half furlong?—
Gerrard 105, Insurance Man ICC). Honey Bee 105,
Star Actrese 1«»8. Latent Mβ, <V>nlief 110, Ra
gnesa 110. Mattie L 110. Kaiph Lloyd 111,
Schaller 11". Uncle Obie 113.
Third ra«*. six furlongs—.Tim Caffrey 10i.
Irene Gutnmel 1"". Royal Message 107. Triton
107. Judge Weleer 107. Hujrh'.e Quinn 110. Bene
dictine 110. Con Cnrran 110. Heilack 110. Gtl-
Mrt 110. Pepper Cotton 110, Highland Cliief 114,
Mongolian Uβ.
Foorth race, selliu?. *ix fnrlonps —Auto Maid
M, Tick Tack !H. Bodkin 101, Malatine 102,
Lady Sybil 110. Howlett 104. Blackford 107.
I'aniiff 107 Hand RunniDg Argonaut 107,
Kddie Ciraney 107. Chemulpo 90, Eltoo Bine Oβ,
Uttle England 110.
Fifth race, selling, one mile—Bonnclnjt La*s
r>7. Rey 97. Pardner 108. Chry?eii 100, Colonel
Conk 110. Warhorn 111. Hamilton 114.
Bixth »ace. selling, one and a sixteenth miles —
Be 102. O. V. Buster 107. Oem 109. Nadeu 108.
Lord Wells 110, Futurity 110. Beach Sand 112,
Fr«l Mnlhollmid 11" Snffrarist 115.
Will Guard 13,500 Institutions
Three Years Longer
The American Bankers' association
has renewed its contract with the Wil
liam J. Burns National Detective
agency to furnish protection to the
13,500 banking institutions in all parts
of the United States that need the effi
cient service of a detective agency to
guard their interests. The renewal was
voted upon by the directors of the
association at a recent annual meet
ing held in Detroit. For three years
the Burns agency has had the contract
with the bankers' association, the
largest single client of a detective
bureau in the United States, and the
renewal of the agreement indicates
the success of the Burns agency in
protecting the banks.
The American Bankers* association
has found that ft needs as great if
not greater protection from fraud
within as from without to protect its
members from embezzlements and be
trayals of trusts. It is difficult now
for a crook to commit a robbery and
make his "get away."
It is the policy of the association to
follow thieves to the ends of the earth.
If need be, and having unlimited finan
cial resources and the services of the
Burns agency at. its constant disposal,
the number of bank robbers who
escape the law is small.
Local Brevities
tracks caused a McAllister street car to skid
into the rear end of a Mission street car at
Uough aad McAllister streets early yesterday
morning. James Devine, a city employe, lin
ing at 802 Derisadero street, was badly
hruiped and Motortnan John McKenzie, 1903
McAllister street, was cut by flying glass.
DRITCDS TO ENTERTAIN—The tenth anniver
sary ball of North End grove No. 141, United
AnHent Order Pruide. will be held at Pythian
castle, Valencia and MrCoppin streets, on Fri
day evening. October IS. The grand march
will be led by Noble Grand Arch Joseph Law
rence of San Jose, with Grand Arch Druidess
Mrs. Carrie Fischer ot Oakland.
Lawlor yesterday sentenced Bwl Brown to 10
years and Eugene Howard to eight years in
San Quentin prison for holding up ICudolph
Berthan and robbing him of $100. Brown
served a prior term In the penitentiary.
nual ball of division No. 5. Ancient Order of
Hibernians, will be beld tomorrow evening at
158 Church street. The grand led by
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McCoaville. will start at
8:30 o'clock.
Ufi24 Green street, appeared before Police Judge
Weller yesterday aad swore to a warrant for
the arrest of Harry B. Naomann oo a charge
of stealing $KX>.
man living in Oakland, filed a petition in bank
ruptcy yeiiterdar in the United States district
• oiirt. Hie liabilities are scheduled at $383,
with no awets.
Beesejr. living at Qμ Alhambra apartments,
complained yesterday that he was robbed of a
»tickpin worth $;30 on a, ferry bout.
tered the apartment of Roy Yeaton. 2589 Sac
ramento street, jesterday and stole articles
worth $00.
Collegians Tackle the Blue and
White on Mackay Field
Lowell High Huggers Outclass
Poly, Applying Whitewash
Brush; Score, 32 to 0
[Special Dispatch Ut The CalVl
OAKLAND, Oct. 17.—After a stiff
ifernoon practice. Coach Ritter an
nounced the lineup of the St. Mary's
team, which goea to Reno tomorrow
night to play the University of
Nevada Saturday on Mackay field.
Saner, who ■β-as replaced by Magee
at half. Has been changed back to his
eld position with Maerre as nnderetudy.
Incell Is retained at first five, while
towneend ts to pfay the second posi
tion. Roth and Storta will be on the
winge, with Riordan at center.
Oeschger. another newcomer, occupies
the fullback positron. Magee and Sul
ltvan will substitute for the backfteld.
Hatt, Cummtngs and Randall will
occupy the front rank of the scrum.
Togmaztnni and Bruzzone in the mid
dle and Greeley, Guista and Guptil in
the rear will complete the forwards.
Hatt, Tognazinni, Greeley awd Bruz
zone are veterans on the team. Simp
son is the sub forward.
Accompanied by Coach Rittter and
Brother Cyril, F. S. C-, who will have
charge of the team in the absence of
! Graduate Manager Russell, the men to
niaJte the trip are Greeley (captain).
Hatt, Cummings. Randall, Bruzzone,
Tognazinni, Guista, Guptil, Simpson,
Saver, Magee, Townsend, Incell, Rior
dan. Roth, Stoltz, Sullivan and Oesch
Cardinal Off for Los Angeles
Twenty football players, accompanied
by Trainer H. W. Maloney and R. "W.
Wilcox, assistant to Graduate Manager
: Burbank, left tonight for Los Angel-.-,
where the Stanford varsity will play
the University of Southern California
team Saturday afternoon on Bovard
field. Coach Presley was unable to
make the trip with the team, but will
join it Saturday.
Lowell 32, Poly 0
The Lowell high Rugby team yester
day outclassed the Poly high team on
I the St. Ignatius grounds, winning by a
score of 32 to 0. The game was one
sided and Lowell tallied exactly 16
I points in each half. Dean, Taufen-
I bach. Hooper, Bender, Tissot and Oisen
I scored tries for Lowell and Hooper
I converted three of them. Hooper and
I Talfenbach both negotiated goals
from penalty kicks.
The will of the late Simon Newman,
founder of the town of Newman in
Stanislaus county, and a member of the
firm of Newman Brothers, yratn and
commission merchants of San Fran
cisco, was filed for probate yesterday.
Newman died at hie home at M7O
Jackson street, October 6. The estate,
consisting of realty, stocks and bonds.
Is left to his children. Louis J. New
man of Stanislaus county, Mrs. Rose N.
Blum, wife of Attorney Max Blum;
Mrs. Minnie N. Cahn, wife of Julius
Cahn: Edwin S. and Simon Walter N<?v. -
man of San Francisco. Juda Newman,
brother of the testator, is named as
Zacher mar bo able to get into the game
next week, fant Patterson is still very weak
and probably has played his last game of tlie
WOMAN PICKS FOCKXT — Raphael Phillips
401 Union street, was robbed yesterday by a
woman pickpocket of $10.50.
etren't won by shaky nerves or
minds dulled by black Havana
cigars. When you need your wits,
smoke light, harmless Havana and
domestic blends. Every bit as
delicious, but without the harm.
Try a
Gen! Arthur
Mad Cigar
10c and 3 for 25c
M. A. Gunst CS, Co., Inc.
If 1 -*.«I*WB> . I
If I r f*S- ' V
"Get the knack of the NOTCH" '
15c each—2 for 25c.

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