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X t?rws and 10% c for half bbls; 60 lb tubs
.-asMs, $7.
n l.ard »nd Oils. Western Meat brand--
Tiereee. ; -■ 50« (per etae), $7.35: lOs, $9.15;
*. $"-'■ W-30; compound lard, tierce*.
-f ■ 12*1, < ' ase , > - * 4 10s. $6.15; ss,
9b w: Tfllow cooking oil. 58c per
white rooking oil, 60t per gallon; salad
per gnllon.
•aiifornia I'ure Lard, If. & L. brand—Tierce*,
11 : cans. I to a case. $7.13: 4 to si case. $114(0;
-.. t> to a c-p.se. 18.85; metiium. 18 to a
$8.93; small. 20 to a case, $0.
*ni* Compound Lard. H. U. Brand—
b«Rle ; 9..-c; cans, I to a case, $4.,58; 4 to
*«.!"0; tins, ij to a case. $6.15; 12s $6 23
Mβ, $e.ao per case; M. & L. salad oil
t baela, «;.>; M. l. cooking oil, COc for
■Bd --Sc for yellow.
Beef—Eitw family, family and mess beef
pec lib!. '
Kxtra prime in barrels. $21: pig pork,
-v feet. 13.80 ncr half bbl. $2.25 foV 23
Ib keg* and $1.50 for kits.
Meat Market
Slaughterers' rates to dealers and butchers
Mn as follows:
Beet— lQ\r<il\c per ] D for steers, 9 ] 4Qlo>4c
Veal—l©Vi©lie tor large and 12U@l3c for
•n— Wethers. S'4@r»'4c: ewe», S@B%c.
- L»mbß •••• vi iii ... „,[. i D _
Uw.jb-O ;■! —ftigr'o
The foilonin,; quotations are for good, aonnd
k. Uclivered in San Francisco, gross
No. 1 st»eris. orr-r 0"-0 His. ><»r •
900 ibe, tecr.nd quality, all
\' •: •.hin, llndesirable rteers,
No. 1 cows aud heifers. ' '\ r q :>';c; second qual-
Itj •; common to thin, undesirable
CMC?. ?>>li@4c.
Desirnbie bulls an<l ttaj ■"; half fat
or thin biilis,
«~m!tcs—Lightweight, per lb, 6Vi@"c; medium,
; heary. r.
Sii'-f-p—Desirable wethers, ewes, 3';
Milk I.»mb« .V,'as'.c p»r lb.
llk^s—Hard crrain fed, weighinc 100 te 150
*'.'■: 150 to 225 lbs, 7% 223 lbs
end up, 7^j7%c.
holesale Fiab Market
Tialibut whs in rather light oupply and Irrher
Otherwise there waa notbinc new.
iper lbi—Halibut. eodosh, Sc:
red rrx'k. :•«•; black rock. 6c- yellowtuil. 7<?;
barra-uda, ft.-; sand dab*. 8c; sale's, 6c; kinsflsh.
•c; »rp. Tic; smelts, lie; tomcode. 10<': «ea
b»K<: 12'jc: perr-h. 6c: snehovies, —; mackerel,
Zt : belt. 10*'; pike, sc: catfish, 10c; craw
fish. -0e; crabs. $;; per dozen.
there qncrations represent ba«i« f. o. b.
» -or cleaned tsh, boxed and iced.
Butter, Cheeae and Eps»
IKb tilhv's deliveries of butter, rono
■ f til- preceding day. sbowt4
» \c< rras.' ..if i.vcr ."■<> pec iiui. Uμ mnrkct for
frrsh pixide w«s dwidedly Pasy. TUcre was
- un>l of hutter sold under tbe i':»Il on
thr rtohaiiKc. which Indicated tlmt every oa* was
, ample supplies. Offers to sol! fre*li
utres and firsts ai tbp quoted rates met with
n> !c~pojivn :liii i i}! o niarkft ffu eccordißjlj
d< weak insteady of stoady m< <>v tup
pt -dinj; <la.v. Storage extras remained firm
at the pr"vioiip]y qoot«cl rate. The cheese
■ v.;iv in a satisfactory shapp end new
d Oner and first flats were half
higher. X\>«lnes«lay - 8 wpnkDess Jα eggs proved
temporary, for ti>ore wa< a jroofi
• ■:• mx>ds yesterday which rhanged
th" entire situ.itimj. ftxtne rfcovcred the one
rm ; pmoedißg fI«T and pullets
Wff firm at Tv r> lfceut advance. Sl"raK p
C""-: were weak, but there was no change
- Oβ fhr exchange wore a= follows:
F::-^—10 Case* of extras at 41'..r. 10 at 420
,■»■=«< of selected pullets at :<oo n <h>7.>-n.
—Twenty-five new California fancy rla;s
a pound
R'v-eipts were aO.C'OO j>ounri> »•' batter, 40.000
■ ei-e ami 400 ca v '
;!owing are official quotations, established
by --sirs. bWs «nd offers on the floor of the Dairy
• change. Trices in the «treet, while goTerned
hi- 'he eirhanpe quotations, generally range from
Vie to 2 l f_.c higher, owing to the Tarioue charges
t > h?> added: .
O O c © c ?
p — s 5 e» , 3
- ■ extra* |3lV
: 31 »,4c
The average quotation* for extra butter for the
week ending Saturday. October 12, wax 04»ic a
Chrrse— Fan< y California flat?. IT F Pr n>.
steady: <I<t flr«t*. IV. firm: do seconds i:l'_<.
firm; fancy Voune Agtericaa, firm: do
m>. firm; bregma f!ai«. 16c. steady; d<t
Tonne Am«>ri:i* lie, firm: New York fancy. 20
fly; Wisconsin twins, iTc. steady;
■ •-. 18c. steady.
-Califoroia fresb, per dozen. Nα -
i H
Jl.f I
? I £ I r.
!Si |28e
38c |42c lie
Kes Mnrkft in >>arhy Countlee
[Sfeciai Dispatch io The Call]
■ ■■ •. 17 Tkere were no .jnota
•' f;;> in the Potaluma market today.
the San Francisco prices, hut j
nothing here ta they intend to pay
- [M-tcei imr tWUy's delivery, and this
Snt 'iay the rule li:i< fee* into ♦■ffocr.
■ to be trooWe a« soon a< the
foe! Ihe real inside vinrkinp:
■-• homo. It fs il<fcnded on the ground
'■iiminates speculation. It doea n far
!i';rcrs are concerned and place*
■ •nviabln position of the pea shell
■da T win. tails you lose. The delivery
. it. In the poultry market the delivery
_ it and prices are on the up grade: ail
- are up f6e to ft: ducks are higher as
- oeos and ■ lived no
Portland Butter Market
POBTLAND. Oct. 17.— Butter —Oregon
Potatoes', Onions and Vesctnblrsi
of miscellaneous vegetables
led to move Dβ freely at well maintained
.-• :-iny end the market generally was
• n fair Vbapc for ilic selling interests. Tomatoes
««re :iu exception, beiltf >lightly lower <>n in
c-ressed arrivals. With receivers 6.V a
sny ,r ;l s a top pries nnd onlr favored brands
i'-r| stock sold above that figure. The
Ige of poor and unsslttWo stuff in the
<>f other vegetables wa« smnll an>l
iJljr c\ erything "received Sfild within the
-mis rif values. Bostseaa in potatoes ;
■ - was confined to the narrotret p«
mlti and the market would have be<-n
stagnant bat for the filling of small
orders for local renting want».
ocm (i>»r ctlt—River P.urtanke, Boe7rtc:
do. J1.25ei.35: Oregon do, $131.10; j
twert potatoes. $1.6M|1.73. «.
. (per eu)—Yellnw. 40(S>0<-.
ibles —Green pea*-. oer !h; tomatoes,
T per Mγ; do fancy. 7.">@Bsc: cucunchers,
2."i ncr box: garlic. 2<3.'Sc per lh; eggplant.
I ttr box; cabbage. 40'fioOc per ctl: esiill
" - '>] per dozen; green peppers. 40<?j85c
1 .. carrots. 73c per sack: string beans. ?,fßi
I Hi: lima beans. s@6c. per Ib; summer
si S1 <771.7" r*-r 1>ot; green okra, 40fff'Wic
per box; rhubarb, 50@75c per box; celery, S9#
40c per dozen.
T Drdduwm and Citrus Frnltsi
The situation In fresh fruits was generally
aj Pectory yesterday and after ttn* wants of
early buyers were supplied the nfarket lapsed
Into .iijllncss and remained weuk all day. St(>cks
*>f apples <ontinued to accumulate, and although
fancy northern reds and ■ few varieties eC
htjrb'y colored C.ilifornia fruit were ttetd at high
nothing In that lino could- be called firm.
■In fact, the market was dWtinctiT wea* and
-. with sellers \<. Illlng to meet buyers
h«!f way io stimulate baatneaa. Qffed
ilmiwt v.hi'l!y of cold storage
ui,;.li Was coDiin? out of the Ice houses
Jn poor condition. A few small lots of frewfc
fr'iif cauae In from Oregon aud aolfi. at ?Ktl.lO
a box. White ti;:s were in limited supply and
continue! t<> bring iiijrh prices, while blacks were
plentiful and rathir easy than otherwise. Re
ceipts of the Intt«• '• from Hie river iticlu<l<il me
riff thai ba<l to be nH ebe»p. Good
- were scarce, bet there wsa plenty of
Bd Hint ciiid few iK^ugbt
si cms. faabeDa end aoackt
did better, there being souse shipping
Inquiry, while ;:l! other varieties in crat.-s and
«j There nn not mucit call
" er*" much in cvi
• m;>. The canners were bnyina;
Uag |3 for sm;ill and f(5 for
■bleb made the market Crm.
■iwberrles. Sr.fti S per chest; rssp
r ehei»l : huckleberries, 4<gßc
- $7..VJ@B per bbl.
■ ■! vii ; carriers, GO
Plums ox for late red.
,/S! per iiu\. rto river boxes,
I 7,v Riiite. 80eia 1.10.
r box)— Fancy 4 Uer reds, ■
(30 California St. Tel. Doußlea 2487
it. Fraucia Hotel. Tel. Douglas 3»8-*
Ufebers of New York Stock Exchange
IMoaeer Hotme
rrlvmte Wire to Chleasje
nnd Xetv York
R. E. MVLO A H Y. Mannser
Tvitli some selected bringing |!,10/<7!.2*:
4 tier led Peariualns, 30(<Ifl."c; bellflower
for Ci'y and 4 t!<T uiW 0048
75e for 4U tier; greenings. BoetTßr: Nrwtown
pippins. Boc@sl for 4 tier atxl Cs<2"o for
tier; commou to choice fruit, 40©60 c; crab
apples. 65<675e.
Pears (j>er box)— Winter Nellie, • $101.."0, In-
eluding wrapped; other Tarleties, 50<aS5c.
Quinces _s(ic(gSl per box.
Pomegranates—[email protected] per box.
Persimmons—Sl<sl.2s per bor.
Melons—Nnttntg melons. 25Si5Oc per bo*: »pe.
cial packs, 63©73 c; watermelons, l'" f
Graces fper crated —Muscat (5041 "s<": Mnlaca,
nOtfiW: tokay. 50®60c; black. 40<g60c; Isabella,
Jl/.jl.i'."; cornichon, 60@75c; eeedlese.
lugs. 75ch*1 --■"> for muscat, eCc®sl for lokay
and OOfeTJc fur black; wlue grapes, i>t-r
Citrus Fruits fper box) —Valencia oranges.
13.25Q3.90 for choice end $3.7&<tf4 for extra
choice; grapefruit. $2.5005: lemons. $5@5 50 for
fancy and $2(Jj4 for other grade*; Mexican limes.
Tropical Frult«—Banana*. S\Q4Uc pet lb for
Mexican, $1.50f?1.T5 per bunch for Hawaiian and
4>.i®s> per lb for Central AmericaD; piueapples,
$2|52.50 per dozen.
! Dried Frnlt. Retain*, Mats and Honey
Large operators in dried fruits report a little :
better feeling in peaches, which are quoted at
a slightly higher range of prices. ■ Otherwise
there is nothing new to report. ' '.-
Prunes— Fall shipment. 1912 crop: Santa Clara
">'-■..<• per lb for 50a to 90*. with 40s &C and 30s
2c hlghtr: outside prune?, 'ie less. ... , •'»:;?.
Other fruits, fall shipment, 1912 crop:
Stand- , Extra
50 It) boxes— ','< ard ' Choice : Choice Fancy
Evaporated apple? .... . r .a 4 e 6<- ■ O'.'C
[Apricots . Be tU« ' R%e Pic
Peaches ......r;... 4*, cie ' s*ic •8e =
I ears ............: ssc ■ «»;c 6*iC : K'-je
j Nectarines ......... S%e fc ; 6 l fc
Raisins—Loose muscatels. 2*ic 3 Vie and 4c for
2. 3 find 4 crown. respectively: 2 " and 4 crown
layers. 95c $". and $1.2.", respectively: 5 crown
Dehesa clusters $1.70: C crown imperials. $2.20;
seeded, 1 Ib hoses, be for fancy and 4..c for
i choice, for October shipment: do November ship
[ ment, 4>,c for fancy and t%e for choice, with. :
I the usual differential for 12 ox boxes. - - .
* Nuts (jobbing prices to the trade) — Pecan*. 15
f}l7c; filbert*. l&QlSc: peanuts. rxSGc; plnenuts,
14r<?) 16c; California chestnuts. lOfiil.V.
• New crop—Almonds—Nonpareils. lt>\':<" I X L
14' V f: iNo Pin,; Ultra. 14c; Drakes, 12'-jc: Lan
gnedr.es 11 '..<•: walnuts, f. o. b. shipping points.
No. 1 softshell. 14c: do hardshell. 13V4C; No. 2
hard and soft shell. 10c: budded. 16 1 -e. .
Honey—Fancy water white comb. 13 (j^l6c: dark
to amber. i;i ! »'/> 14 1 >c: river comb. 1 1 'it I" •_c;
water white extracted Bflß%e per lb: light am
ber. amber, eVsSTc; lower grades, s££
6 v ic per lb. .
Beeswax—2T'iS3oc per lb for light and 23@
2(k for dark. •. ■-. -, ":-i: .
Poultry and Game
The Held enforcement of the hng*limlt law by
the deputies of the fish en<l same commission
ha* practically stopped the sale of wild ducks, '
and it is impossible to get -an; accurate line on
prices, for the reason that the birds are sold by
the sack and only the buyers or consignees may
open the sack*. One concern that was operating
under an injunction restraining the fish and game
commission *from interfering with its business
disposed of its consignments yesterday at $Sftil">
a sack, the outside price being obtained for limit
bag- of desirable birds. Most of the birds re
ceived were seized .by the commission deputies.
and a ,5 a consequence it was practically Impos
sible for (he average buyer to purchase a duck.
The poultry market was easy as a result of the
recent heavy arrivals from the middle west. X
cars of chicken* having come in from that source
since ihe first of the week -
Poultry (per dozen* —Hens. [email protected] for email.
$5@G for large and fSfalO for extra; young
roosters. $fifgf...".O: do extra. $7Q9; old roosters,
$3.00fe4: fryers. fS£S.SO; broilers. 84^4.3<> I for
large and $S|s3.oO for small: ducks. [email protected] for
old and $s<§7 for yonni: pigeons. $1.50; squabs.
j52.50@3: geese, $2r??2..">0 per pair; young tur
j key*. 244jnBe per lb: Belgian hare*. $4ST. .
Came— Hares, $1.50@2 ier dozen; gray geese,
j $4@3 per dozen.
Beans and Seeds
Beans (per ctl) —Lima, $5.ftM{5.70: bayos.
[email protected]: large white. : : $4.20ft/C4.3i>: small
white. $4.50@4.«0: pink. $4tfr4.12 , :.: cranberry.
$4.20(54.00: blackeye. *.:.40<a3.50; red, $404.25;
red kidney. $4.1004.20; garvanzas, #[email protected];
horse beans, [email protected].
Seeds—Mustard.—: flaxseed, nominal; canary,
Z%t: alfalfa. 16<318c; rape, l&@2%e; timothy,
nominal; hemp, ."'ie; millet, 2>4@2%C per lb. ;
Dried Peas—Green, 93.25 per ctl.
. Flour and Farinaceous Good*
Flour (net per bbls—California family extras",
[email protected]: do bakers , e»tra*. 54.90@5.."i0: su
perfine. $3.60; Washington family patents. ?4.8O;
do bakers , patents. $4.70: Dakota patents. $7.50
for old and [email protected] for new wheat; Kansas
patents, old wheal. $6.25.
Farinaceous Goods —In 10 1b sacks are quoted
as follows per 100 Ib«: Graham flour. $.1.20: en
tire wheat flour. $",30: buckwheat flour. $3.30;
so'f-rislng buckwheat flour. $6.50; wheat meal,
$4: rice flour. $0.5.0; rye flour, $3.90: rye meal,
$3.80: corn meal, yellow and -white. $3.20; extra
do, 53.50: oat groats, $4.50: buckwheat groats,
SS.Wt; hominy. $3.70: cracked 1 wheat. $4.10;
farina. $4.30; pearl barley. $G!g.C.OO; split peas.
$6 for yellow and $7.50 for * green. .In 25 lb
I «-arks. 10c lower for all, and 20c lower for 50
Ilb sacks. ' .
'■■-J;W'-. '"■ • .-'■ '■•-'■• ' ' ' : • '
Hay and Feedstuff^
Bran — $2."fa26 per ton.
Shorts— i>«>r ton.
Middlings— per ton. • ,
Feedstuff'—Rolled barley. $31@32 per Ion;
I rolled oats for feed. $41(g42; corn meal, $42&4." 1 .;
I cracked corn. $42(g43; chopped feed. 19@23:
evergreen <hf>pfee<l. -$21 ; per ton for car lots and
$23 for pobbing; oilcake meal 20 ton lots $30. 10
ton lots $30.50, 5 ton lots $40, small lots $40.50;
c-ocoanut cake or meal at mills. $27 in 20 and 10
and $27.50 in 6 ton lots, jobbing $2<S; alfalfa
meal, carload lots $17.50. jobbing $18.50; red star
i alfalfa meal, $15.50 in ear lots and $19.50 job
bing: Stockton mealfalfa, $17.50 in car lots and
$18.."O Jobbing: Modesto alfalfa meal, $17.50 in
car lots and $18. jobbing; caproca oilcake meal,
$16.50 per ton: viporator, per ton. $22. '
Hay (per ton) —Fancy wheat hay, $2: , .''a24: No.
1 wheat and wheat and oat. $20g|22; ;; ""I to
choice do. SIRQIO: lower grades, $12 16: barley
and oat. $16®IS: choice tame oat. $19@22: other
do, $154118; wild oat. $12@16; stock hay, $o<g
U: alfalfa. 11.50^14.30.
Straw—so(S.6sc per bale.
Hides, Tallow. Wool and Hops
Hides —Culls and brands sell about J , -j f? 1 c
under quota!i"n a . % Rejtvy and medium . salted
steers. W. 2 r Q'i'<r, - light, ■ 14(gl4Vic;'- cowhides.
j 14(?J14 I .c: stags. 0• -*(. 10'-: salted kip, Iβ®
I 16% c; salted Teal and salted calf, 19 l /i@2Oc;
(lrv*hiil*'s, 24<&2d0; murrain. 23fe24c: dry salted
hides, lCc: dry ; calf and real. 30@30%c; dry
kip. 25Q28c: dry istags. I«ei6%c; sheepskins,
shearlings. L'O'a4oc each;. short wool. 40@ti0c;
medium, 70@90c; long- woo!, ; f1Q1.2«; lambs,
■ for' long ami 30$jJ60e for sliort wool;
horwhldes. salt. $'_'.75'f7;'! fur large and $2fi52.50
for medium, 75c«0;51.25 for small and 23@50c
for colts; borsehides, dry. fTQt.JRt for large and
51.3063 for medium. s*.ic'<7sl for small and 25<§|
50c for colts: goatskins, prime angoras, 7'm'>7sl;
medium. 85e50r; long hair goats, 33c: , medium,'
20c; small. 5f«,10c.
" Tallow—No. •-1 rendered, bbl*,. Z>% f&Gc; cans
anil rir'ums. ."'irg.5c..,.--, .. .■
Greage—2%@3Mie per lb. -'. . :
Wool—Fall clip, MendociDO and Hanboldt. 11
<aisc; ' Sltkiyou, 13«®17c: - California;. northern.:
lft'ffiric; San .Toaquin. s-'", 1-' ; mohair.' good
quality. per 11.. . ..;-
Hops-California, 1912 crop, War,,- per n, ;
I Oregoo, 20c per lb..' , :
Horse* and Mule*
The following quotation* for horses and mules
are furnished by the Butchers" and stock Grow
ers' Journal: ■ ~ '■' ''■":-.: >
Desirable drafters. 1.700 lbs and over. .?".00iQ350
Light drafters, 1.550 to 1.650 1b5...... 225®250
Chunks, 1.350 to 1.500 lbs v..;:;,... 195Q230
Wagon horses. 3.250 to 1.350 lbs ..... 15O@180
Delivery wagon horses, 1,050 to 1,250.. 110<^12S
Desirable farm mares ..;...... 1000125
Farm workers v.v...",:..:Y.......V 7o@loo
830 lbs, 4 to 7 years $758125
1,000 lbs, 4 to 7 year 5................ r.V.fft 175
1,100 lbs. 4 to 7 year 5.."............... 150@20Q
1,200 lbs, 4 to 7 years ..:.::... .. 200^230
Over 7 years old range from .sls to $25 lower.
Note —Shippers to this market must have horses
close to type, with age. bone conformation and
style, to command extreme quotations.
" General Merchandise
Bags—Standard Calcutta grain bags, ICa 10..••
wool bags; 47..>• for 4 and 45% c for ;{i , lbs;
fleece twine. 9(<j9V.e per lb; beaD bags, S'-.c.
' Coal (\wr ton of 2.000 tons)— Pennsylvania an
thracite egg. $10 per ton; 1 Wellington |g; New
Wellington. $S: Australian bouse. Richmond, etc.
--$8: Pelaw Main. $8: standard Richmond. $8; Cum
berland. $15 in hulk and $16.50 in sacks, coke,
$16 per ton in bulk and $17 in sacks. •
4 Oil ;(quotations?are. for ; barrels) —LlDseod, ■" --,c.
por gallon for boiled and 73c for raw. 5 hbl lots
lc,less, cases 5c more: liaker's AA castor. cases'
5 gallons $1.11. 10 gallons $1.09: coflHßWeiai cas
j tor lin cases. ftOc: - China nut. cases. \ 75* V«- per
gallon: cocoaout oil. in barrels. 77%(8|85c per gal
i.[i: ccounin. oil. in barrels. 77 ! '■ fu_si,- for XXX 3
7."if<;7S , jc ; for No. 1 <im! 72'l.WTc,,- for No. 2 - ac"
cording to quantity: extra bleached winter , sperm
oil. KOo: ; natural 1 winter■; sperm : ; oil. - 80c; : natural
whale oil -Vie: : pure lard oil, 8."c: winter strained
lard oil. Vie', pure neiitsfoot oil, 83e: i No. 1 neatu
foot oil. Csc; herring oil. 50c: c salmon oil OOf
boiled flsh oil. 50c; paint oil. 45c. :. '
Coal Oil, Gasoline, etc.—Water white, iron bar
rels or ururnu. 8c: 150 degree oii. • iron barrels or
drums. \ 9c; ; ; special do. 10c: pearl oil. in cases, ,
I6e: ! astral. 15c. H star. Me; extra star. lRc; Elaine,
2S%c: eocene, LSc; red crown and motor gasoline
iv bulk Jb'ac in <:as,es 25V,c: engine distillate, in
dram* f>•»c, in cases 7c n.o:e: gas machine gaso
liue. in bulk 34VjC, in cases 42«; varnish makers'
I and painters' naphtha, in ■ bulk 17% C. in cases
24J4C : -x.;.. r -,:.-. ,/■;.-./•- v ". /
'Airpentine—ln cases, «'i2c: 30 case lots lc less;
drums ami iron barrels. B6c; Arotvirps, cases 30c,
j iron barrels or drums 23c per gallon.v> .■■ >• :-.t
*■$ Rosin — V $10.50: (i. $10.58; H. $10.00; I,
$10.7(); 11, $10.ii0; WG, $11.30 per barrel of ,280
pounds.; ■■ '■■ .--,.-■ ■■■-..■..■--■: -. - . >■■■ : .-'-,-.-V-'--:■.:
V Red and White Lead—Red. K'.''iOc: white. S'4
®S«ic per lb; do 5 and 10 ton lets. Sc and TUc
I respectively.': ■" '■*"■. • X ■■■- ■•■• ': ' "■ •
The Western '• Ssuger Refining-:? comimny quotes
as follows, net fl cash: - • Fine granulated. s.2ii<-:
coarse granulated. 5,20 c: froiMinnilntcd. S4Me;
IH. & E. ' crystal doralaoe, .} ; lb cartons lln 'cases;
9c; do 2 lb cartons Iα cases, 9.50 c; monarch bar.
l.ttcj inhlete, itt hair bbln, fl.TOci Aβ in ■ Ib
boxen, *.!>soi f*ubp», C.4sci tnenarch tw> w der#n,
B.aOol XXXX twwrtpr*d, s.3Cci candy (jranHlated,
H.nOci ovnfvetfoner** A. 3.20 ft peet granulated,
fici extra C. 4.TOPJ golden C. 4.60cj t», 4.50 c.
Barrels and BO lb bs*«. lOc, half bbU bese*
r.i■>■ moi-p |,n r Kio ibf, than for bags of 100 lb*
n*ti Bar In H.i sntl 4u lb tins $1.70 more, in 8
«nd 10 lb tins $3,8 a more per 100 lbe« than price
for this grede ia ifKJ Iv bags.
The Cnllfornla and Hawaiian Sucar neflning
rotiinaur qootea r* fi-pnwn , Oraitiilated basl*.
5.20 c; C, 4 i<. floe Ktni'dnrd, 5.20 c; coarse dry
granulated. 8.20 ci oonfeetloDerV A. 0.20 c: berry,
5.2Uc; powdered. 5.80 c! cube*. 5.45 c; "Hlgrsde
bar. G.ffec; bricks do half bbls). 5.70 c: bricks (in
Sβ lb boxes). MCtej l<. k K. crystal dorolnos (5
lb cartons In case*). He; H. h K. crystal domU
nos (2 lb cartons in eases). 11.50 c; extra fine drr
granulated (100 Jb bags only), 6c: extra C,
4.7U--; golden C. 4.00 c; yellow D. 4.60 c. Addi
tional per ICO lbs: In hhle and 60 lb bags, 10c
more; half bbls, 25<" more; boxes. SOc more for
all erades. Bar in 85 and 40 lb tin*. $1.70 more;
in 10 lb tins, (2.33 more. Minimum order, car
load weight.
\*ew York Prodnee
NE\.' YORK. Oct. 17.—Hops and hi(Je« ateady.
Petroleum—Steady: refined New York and
riilladclpliia. bulk, $4.65.
Sugar—Raw, quiet; muncorado, 89 teet. 3.61 c;
centrifugal. 96 test, 4.11 c; molaatee, 89 test,
3.36 c: reflned, quiet.
Butter—Firm; creamery seconds, 27@2Rc;
thirds. 25@26c; held extras. 30% c; Imitation
creamery firsts, packing stock, cur
rent uuikp. No. 3. 20@22c.
Cheese—Quiet; ekime, 3Vi@l4%c.
Eggs—Firm, nnchanged.
Evaporated Apples—Dull.
Cblcsgo Produce Market
CHICAGO. Oct. 17.—Butter—Steady; cream
eries. 24'i.(g29c; dairies, 22M>@27c.
Kggs—Steady: receipts. :'..490; at mark, cases
included, 19@20c; ordinary firsts, 21c; firsts,
CUrese—Steady, daisies. 17ii@1" v >: twins.
I'-.'clTc; young Americas, 17 I ,i@lT 1 -jc; long
horns, 17'.4g17^c.
Lou IkufUm Produce Market
[Special Dispatch io The Call]
LOS AXGELES. Oct. 17.—Receipt* of produce
in the I.Oβ Angeles market today were: Ksgs.
r>o esses: butter, 48.784 pounds; cheese, 4,175
pounds; potatoes. 3,725 sacks.
Butter tper lh>—Pricee to trade, .".c üban
quotntiins. California creamery, extra, 3'ic;
creamery firsts, 32^C
Eygs (p<T (loeen i—Candled. 44c: case count,
'>nd«. 25c: pullets, 29c: outside, 27rtJ31c;
eacteni —Minnesota and Dakota, 38c; Kansas,
Nebraska, lowa and Missouri, 32c.
Cheese (per lbi—Northern fresh. 17% c: east
ern singles. 'iflVjc; eastern twins. lOVjc; eastern
Cheddars, 21!,ic;" eastern longiiorni. 21c: Oregon
daisies, 18c; eastern daisies. 21c; swiss. im
ported. 33c; Swiss, domestic block. 22c: Roque
fort. 45c; cream brick. 20c; litnburger, 20@21c;
Kdam, $B.!?o'f?'iO.sO per dozen.
Beans (per ctl>—No. 1 pinks. $4.S»iigs; No. 1
lima. $5.75@6; Lady Washington. No. 1 $5.10
f«5.25; small whites. [email protected]: parvanza,
I $4.50: lentils. $6.50fd7: bayos, $4.50r ( i5; Mexi
can reds, $4.50: blackeyes. $4.255?4.50.
Potatoes (per ctl i — Highlands, local
Burbanks. So@9oc.
Siti'ft Potatoes (per ctP —New yellow, $1.50
ttoeken nnd feedorx. $4.2r«@T.4?i: oows ami h«Mf
ors. »2.90rt?7.90: calvrs. $7.50^9.75.
Hogs— Kcrpipts. LVt.fxiO: markpt steady to shade
lower. Light. $5.»50'u9.15; mixed. 9&MQ9.30;
liravv. [email protected]: rougli, $S.r>[email protected]; pigs,
st talk of snips fSwSB^.IS.
Shrop—Receipt?. 22.1V10: market strong to 10c
hieher. Native. western. $3.7"><a
4.Vi; re*r]ings. $4.fi5(5C; lambs, native, $5@
KANSAS CITY. Mo., Oct. 17.—Cattle—Ke
ceipt*. 6.000. including £OO southerns; market
steady. Native steers. [email protected]: southern steers,
$4.10(g6; southern mw« and heifers. 93.2605:
native cows and heifers $3.25418.10: storUers and
feeders $4.">0(Q7.W: bulls. $£8005.25; calves,
S.">@o: western steers, $, r .<5j5.00; western cows,
«.■:.-. 'n6.r.0.
Hogs—Receipts. S/000; market steady to wenk.
Bulk or sales. SS.fiO(gS.f»o: beflvy. $880«65.9&i
packers aud butchers. [email protected]; light. ?S.sof§i
S. 80; pigs. Jti..%0(^;7.r.0.
g&eep— Receipts, 18.000: market (steady to 10e
hlsuer. Muttons. lambs. $0577.">0 :
range wethers and yearlinsn [email protected]; ranjje
ewes, 52.."V<}@4.2-*».
SOUTH OMAHA, Oct. 37.—Cattle-Receipts.
4.500: market slow, steady. Nat've steers. $6.25
©10.25: cows BiMl heifers. $3.s<Hte.6G: w*>«tern
steers. S.'.^i &.:\f>: Tc\,is ateer*, $4. TOfaQ. MO: range
cows and heifers. 53.20rt}0.2.".: ci»nner«. 93Q4.25:
slockers and feeders, calves, $5@
9; hnlls, Mags. etc.. $4.2505-35.
Hoc;s —Receipts. 5.200; market steady to ">c
lower. \lPKxy. $5.40frß.7.': mixed. 18.7005.75:
li?hf. *8.7r./^.S.«so : i,ig<. tc.htua 5.."0 : lmlk of
sales. $8.7008.75.
Sheep— Receipts. 14.300; market 10r ( iir,f higher.
Yearllogs. f4.K-"i«,"..")0: wethers. $4194.80; ewes,
s: , . .:>f"i ».:;0: lambs. ft.Jtp#7.49.
Portlanil Livestock Market
PORTLAND. Ore.. Oct. 17.—Cattle—Receipts,
400 head: market firm: khatee siecrs. $o.7">''a7:
sorxl steers. [email protected]: medium steers. $6<fi;
8.25; i lifiice cows, $K(SO..-iO: eood cows. $7i,TJ\ift}
."».7.": meUium cows. choice calvee,
$7(38:73: Rood heavy calves, $6.2j<8f7; bulls.
$3@5; stags. %4.TS<9SJSi.
Hogs—Receipts. 500 head: market firm: light,
$8.2508.75: heavy, $74*7.50.
Sheep—Receipt*. 2.. i' 1 0 heaii: market steady,
yearlincs. S4.2r.fj4.RT>; wethers. $O.ROW 4.-50;
MM, 52.7." ,, "!; laralis. $3.5.j^;5..'>0.
Cotton Market
M:W YORK. Oct. 17.— E. F. Hutton & Co.'s
Wire says:
"Very little interest wns :-hown In the cotton
nierkct today nml fluctuations" were narrow and
unimportant. The lienvv Texas rains, frost in
North and South Carolina, the bullish Cordill
summery oi the crop in ihe eastern states, and
reports of a better spot demand at the south ap
peared to mak" no impression on sentiment, so
general was the belief in a large crop and ulti
mately much lower prices. These estimate* now
ranjre from 14.500,000 bale* to more than 15.
--000.000. Rumor had it during the late tradinc
that th# National Oinner* , report would show
(;.r,.-,n.non hales cinned to October 17 asrninst
I ~.7<H).o<tn last year. If these are correct
! the iudicated crop is nhm;t 13.M0,'M0 bale<. fig
| nn-d M the average of the total crop Binned to
;|ii-. <\»ir for the last seven yenrs. nnd aKo on
the i-riHllest pereentace of the crop ever pinned
ilurin; this ppriM for tiie last five years. Should
the <rnp turn out to be no larger tlimi th'« very
UMjch biffher priors will probebly be
between now and the turn of {he year, a* the
] sbnrt interest N very larsre."
Sput ctd-e,) qniet J"id unchanged. up
! landv, 10.7."> c: do culf. lie: shlps. 500 bales.
I Option. Onen H||th Low CU«e Oct. 10 aj»o
[oh . . ii>.i» ion ic.in io.f>2 lo.oi n.oo
! Nnv . . loon lo.iß io.o» 10.04 lo.or, p.on
j Dec lo.'.'i io.hii io.-M io.:u 1O."O p. 17
i Tan' to (s ie.se lO.W lo.nn lo.si n.o: 1 .
1 j. -»» io.4<? io.lβ n.oo
Mnnh . . lO.fiO 10.r,f» 10.5 C, JO.fift 10.r.R n.IS
Mar ...10.74 10.74 10.64 10.fi" 10.88 fl."1
.Tune 10.70 10. R7 f1.35
.Tiilt ...10.79 10.79 30.71 10.74 10.71 !».4O
Autr 1 0."0 1O.R» %£7,
Sept 10.60 10..VT »^0
St. I,oul« Wool Market
ST. IX»T"IS. Oct. 17.—W00l —Steady. Medium
grades combing and clothinp. 23> / A'S2ec: light
fine lS@2lc; heavy fine, 13@18c; tub washed,
2711 He. ..
Ifew York Coffee Market
NEW YORK, Oct. 17.—X. F. Hutton & Co.'s
wire «nvs:
•'After a quiet bnt steady opening the coffee
market became more active and firmer today on
eoverinc of shorts, foreign buying and trade sup
port. The steady ruling of European markets.
liffhter Brazilian receipts nnd further unfavorable
crop accounts from Bmzll were the factors on
the advance, which appeared to meet compara
tively light opposition aside from scattered real
izing and a little local selling."
Option— Open High T>ow Ciose
October 14.23 c]
November 14.25e
Daiatabat 14.20.- 14.25 c 14.1»c 14.2tej
January 14.8e
February 14.23e
.\farch ti.Wa 14.55e 14.,°,0 c 14.32 c
April 14.37 c
May 14.40 C 14.4:.c H.r,!»o J4,44c
.luue 14.44 c
July 14.4L'<r 34.40 c 34.40 c 14.43 c
Aucust 14.45 c
h*eptPtnber 14.41 c 14.47 c 14.47 c
Sales--65,250 bags.
New York Metal Market
NEW YORK. Oet 17. -Copper—quiet: stand
ard spot 17.20 c bid: October and November:
and December, 17.20ei7.50c; electrolytic, 17.62
817.87; lake, 17.eaai7.87c.
Custins", 17.23#17.57e. Copper arrivals at
New York today, 1.000 tons. Exports this
month. 12,§56 ions. London copper dull; sjK)t,
£7(i 7s «d: futures, £77 7s cd.
Tin. easy: spot. 49.C*»e$r»Oo: October. 49.0 T.
fa V.k'Xjc; November. 49.07(8 Local ex
change sales tin 2o tons. London tin firm;
£226 15a; futures. £i'2ti.
Lead— Steady, r>o7 , ■•di .".2oc. Local exchange
sales lead 400.000 pounda. London lead. f.'l.
Spelter—Quiet. "i.TtCidl'.Wc. Antimony, quiet:
CnokKon's, 10 ft 10.12 c. London spelter, £27
12s Gd.
Iron—Firm. No. 1 northern, $t«'(7 IS.r>o; Xo.
■• northern. Sl7. t>ofi I s . Cleveland warrants, 6Gs
7...d in London.
Naval Stores—Turpentine , and Roaln
SAVANNAH. <ia . <>'t. 17.—T'lrpcn! me firm,
::^'»ivj4<ic- ssles. receipts, iil7; Khipments,
•_'.2(il: stn.-ks. S2.eSO.
Kosin—Firm; sales, 1,900; receipts, 1,500;
4.400J *Uk)i*. i 01.90 0; Qu«ite: B.
$8.40; D, |f1.45; B. W.Wee.Wj f. g».H.
I. $o.m- K. *e.os<Sie.7Wi M, |T:Oflj Xi |i.Co;
WO, $&isj WW, $S.4fl:
SACRAMENTO, Oct. IT.—The follow
ing are the automobile registrations
to October 17, 1912;
MB43—tb«na« f. Benwtte. IMH4 P street,.Bao
raw*utn> Forii.
54944—A. J, Rich. 12t» Butter street, Ran Fran
Hsco; Cliaiuiers.
MS4s—John A, Brit tun. 445 Suttw street, Sen
Francisco: Cbalmere.
WB4C—A. K. Hpect. oir, Van N*s* arenne, San
rranctwo; rhaluiers.
84*47— J. a. Hofmnnn. 2232 Fifteenth *tr«et, Stn
Kranclsro: Kaiubler.
84849—Joseph Martlu. Postal Telegraph bulldinf,
Han Franclaco: pope-Hsrtforrf.
S4B4^—Dr. Morrln Herwtein, 803 Butter strtet,
Baa Francisco; Loco.
84550— Ira Crixou, i'alace hotel,iSan Francisco;
84951—Irene W. Xewmaa. 82Ji Anxa street, San
Francisco; Regal.
84S52—Julia Morgan, 734 Fourteenth street, Oak
land; no make.
84853—John T. Scott, Adeline street, Oakland;
84854— Pmismii Tea eompanj. 533 Eighth street,
Oakland: Flanders.
84855— Nelsoa N. Seotchler. 8092 Hlllegass ave
nue. Oakland: Marion.
84SSe— Harry W. Kichardson. 824 Haight STenue,
Alameda: Keo.
84S57—A. A. Tb'el. 222« Sacramento street,
Berkeley; Orerland.
84W8—City of Berkeley. Berkeley; Regs!.
84858—Green B. Hartman. l>a Grange, Stanislaus
county; Studebaker.
84SC0—James Rafter, Stanislaus coun.
84SC1—J. W. Troxel.-SUndish, Lassen county;
R4Rfi2 —Strand & Landrsm, Merced: Orerland.
S4SG3—Fred Grevie, Prize. Colnna county; Orer-
S4BC4—S, E. Portal. 4<i Went San Fernando
street. San Jose: Feri.
A Storor. box 891. Turlook: Orerland.
84S06 —Dr. Ij. A. Ving, I 5» Wxtto street. Eu
reka ; Buiok.
84Ser— Harry K. Smitii. 21 in Eighteenth street,
Bakersfleld: Pathfinder.
S4SCS—Dr. B. L. Carpenter, .">l4 E street, Por
tcTTille: Orerlsnd.
S4?6o>— Ben Hastings, Chico, Butte county; Orer
84870—Charles Fellows, 613 Fifteenth street, Mo
desto; Ford.
S4STl—a. Stewart. Carniel, Monterey county;
SIS72—A. Msinard. X* South Plumes street.
Willows: I. H. C
,^4S73 —C. H. Froflirh. 353 Pacific street. San
Frsncisro: Daracq.
g4S74_Kdward L. Spiceel. 104." Sanchez street.
San Francisco: Orerlaud.
84873—Standard Oil company. 4(51 Market street,
San Francisco: Kissel truck.
54576— Marie Bateman, 1433 Filbert street, Oak
land: Starer.
S4S77—Hobbs Parsons. Fresno: Ford.
54878— & Harding, IWO I'dfiflc arenue,
Santa Crii7.: Ford.
84S79—Thomas Bleir. r>ol East Main street.
Stockton: Studebaker.
S4SSO— 0. W. Gordon, R. F. D. 1, Lodi; Stude
S4RBl—Frank Martin. Madera: Ford.
84882— F. V. Feist, 14 Sanbora arenue, San Jose;
$4883—5;. h. Becker, 2047 StiUman street, Se!
ma; Ford.
S4SR4—I. M. Philhrook, Lakeside, Ssn Di«go
fountv; Ford.
84gg5—George L. McTarlaae, care Bancroft &
Sone. Merced: Overlan-1.
Kif.se, —K. C. Graham, Lindsay, Tu!are county;
S4BB7—James V. MoFarland. 70« Carondolet
street, I,os Anßelcs: Buick.
S4SSB--Joseph A. Fritts, Maricopa, Kern county;
S4SS9—State of California lii.eliTrey commission.
Forum building. Sacramento: American.
S4S9o—Waterhouse 4; Lester. 5:J4 Howiird street,
San Francieco; Stevens Dayton.
S4S9l—McCulloußh & ProTision rompany, ."10
Davis street. San Francieco: Ford.
S4S92— Georprc S. Hill. 601 Hearst building. San
84S93—William Donold. G" , . , Church street, San
Francisco; Oldsmobile.
848S>»—T. H. Cβmp. 1022 Haight street, San
Francisco: Oldsnaobile.
84895—Charles Bowden. 71S Golden Gate avenue,
SAii FTancisco; Ford.
S4Bof—Mrs. Anna C. Martenstein. 12;> Seven
teenth avenue. San Fi-anci«r<i: Reo.
S4S97—Samuel T. Bush, Monailnock building. San
Franrisco: Buick.
BJS9S —Amalgamated Sheet Metal Workers' union
Si.. 104. 224 Guerrero sfreet. San Fran
lisco: Reo.
S4S99—Sparry Floor company, 102 Clay street,
San Ftamisfo: Ford.
84900 —Sunset Lumber - (.ompftor. Flret end Oak
streets. Oakland: Knor initk.
84901—Kinism I'chida. nf»S'!*in Pablo nvenue,
Oakland: P«>p<* Tribuiitp.
84902— F. W. Wridc. Mewnt Eden, Alameda
county; Columbia.
! HM&—H. A. Sfhnfor. Mount Eden, Alameda
rnmity; Maxwell.
84904— W. H. Dewhiise, Fowler. Fresno county;
8490r—A. F. Duncnn, r?75) P.lri'-k'tr.ne avenue,
'Fresiim Buick.
841KiO—Mr*. H. W. Uutln, SaJlaM, Monterey
county: Maxwell.
84007—Hane Bros., Occidental hotel. Sant» fio^a:
84905— Warner Bros.. 1103 Bell street, Pasadena;
84909—Ed Merrjtt, Petaluma, Sonoma county;
84910—Grand Central bakery. 246 Pacific avenue.
Santa Cmi: S'tudebaker.
S49ll—Edwin J. Cooler. San Luions, Monterey
county; Bufck.
S4ol2—Robert I.ipton. len Reed street. Snn -To«e:
S49IS—J. H. Harr«ll k Co.. .10 South Second
street. San Jose: Defr.iitrr.
84914— J. E. Shirey, H79 Anjtus street. Fresno;
84015— H. R. Hill, Linne. San Luis Obispo coun
ty: Kord.
S49IG—J. M. Aiken, Willits, MeadociM colunty;
S49l7—Damnn Cooley. • 907 Rialto avenue, San
Bernardino: Pope-Tribune.
54918 —Georsc Heap. Ninth and G streets, San
Bernardino: G-B-C.
8491f>—,T. Harold Barnum. 442 Third street. San
Bernardino: Studeb&ker.
84920—Cbnrles McAlvainc. 705 r> street, San
Bernardino; no make.
81921—John Brydon. 620 Seventh street, San
MB2) Of. P. Baker. ST> South Whitney street,
San Jo<=e; Reo.
5492H--Alsrrt A. Sturmcr, 2300 X street, Sacra
mento; Buick.
S49U4—William Shepherd. 41 Crescent avenue,
Snn Francisco; Hart-Kraft truck.
S4923—(ieoree A. Greene. 2809 Pine street, San
Francisco; Charron.
84926—Harry M. White, 3101 Fruitvale s/renue,
Oakland: Rojtsl.
84927— Afelvin A. Shade. M. TV. 2577 San Pshlo
avenue, Oakland; Oriole.
8492S—Pesda Bou«ch. 1141 First street, San
Dlcgo; Studehaker,
8492!)—Wiley B. Allen company, 1031 Fifth
street. San Diego; Sludebaker.
84930 —Balloon Dye works, 955 Fifth street, San
Diezo: Studebtkor.
R49.°.l—J. J. Streets. Ventura: For.l.
S4W2—F,!i Ltokey. box 07C. Upland; Warren.
84033—John B. King, Slmmler, Kern county;
84934—Claud Tucker, Oranpe street, Red
litnds; Ford.
8493"—C. J. Sehoemaker, e<sl Sixteenth street,
Morced: Overland.
84936—Fred Stclline. Del Mar. San Diego coun
ty; Studenakrr.
84937—C. R. Colbuni. Chula Vista, San Diego
county; Studebaker.
Nttt-U. K. >fctcftlf. Hotel Coronado. Coro
nado; Studebeker.
84939— J. G. Tucker. Fallbrook, San Diego coun
ty; Studebaker.
84940—Charles Kelly. 3348 A street, .Tan Diego;
S494l—r. A. Ros?, 2035 State street, San Diogo;
84942—San Diejto Union, Union bid?;., San Diego;
84943—Brings & Briggs, 1312 D street, San
Diego; Studebaker.
54944—,t. H. Cantor. National City. Stndebaker.
84945— J. E. Boydstun. care Boston store, Sau
Diego; Studehaker.
R494e—E. J. Drussel. N'apa;
84947—Bryant H. Howard. Spreckels theater
bldg.. San Diego; Studebaker.
S494B—w. H. Brasbter, 1360 Fifth street. San
Diego: Studebaker.
54949 —California Fruit exchange, Newcastle,
Placer count: Studebaker..
84950—Ciirran & March. 208 Balboa bldg., San
Francisco: Overland.
84951 —Nels P. Jensen. 12 Highland avenue. San
Francisco; Overland.
54952 —H. K. Seiby. care Tnbbs Cordage com
pany. Kohl bids:., San Fn*neisco: Cadillac.
84953—Alfred A. An'ianbeutt Jr., 202:j Viola
street. Oakland: Buiek.
94954—8tt TrwjedeJe, Mt Twcntioth street. Oak
land: Pope-Toledo
8495.". —J. C. Worner, 420 Perkins street, Oak
land: Buick.
8495C—S. Tuornton. Key Route inn, Oakland;
84957— N. J. McNamara. San Mateo; Carrercar.
Agents of the state fish and game
commission yesterday morning seized
11 sacks of wild ducks being deliv
ered by the Wells Fargo Express rom
pany in this city, in care of the Inde
pendent Game Transfer company. The
birds were placed in cold storage to
await the hearing of the cases next
Woiicr yesterday berod a wamuit for thf ar
test of D. G. Warrteld Ml n churffe of obiajniug
money uitlpi- N. M. MelroJie,
beikltag, who nffow to tlie complaint
says that Warflcld represented blmself sk the
owner of I,os Angtlch piupertj , valued at $5,000
and obtained $26,
Organization Protects Its Name
by Refunding Money Stolen
by a Member
Local No. 30 of the
Walters" union last
Wednesday night re
ceived & report to the effect that one
of lte members has misappropriated
$44.66 of his employer's money, and,
nn Investigation proving this to be
true, the local, .not wishing , to have a
slur cast upon it because of the act of
one of Its members, voted to refund
the amount to the employer. The de
linquent member will be disciplined, if
not prosecuted.
It was reported that M. P. Scott,
a former president of the local, is con
lined In a local hospital, where he
has had to undergo a serious opera
A committee, consisting of the presi
dent, secretary and business agent was
appointed to confer with a newly or
ganized association of Italian waiters
and cooks, working in the Latin
quarter, with a view to having them
become members of the existing cul
inary craft of this city.
Six applicants for membership were
elected and obligated and five new ap
plications were presented.
* # *
In the absence of President Mc-
Carthy, Vice President W. H. T'rmy
presided at the meeting of the Build
ing Trades council last night.
Reports were received of referendum
votes Jn smeral unions on the sub
ject of declaring all election days as
nonworking days in the building
trades. The vote thus far is opposed
to the proposition.
O. Fraurucni, a contractor who re
fused to comply with the working
rules of the council, was declared un
fair and placed on the council's "bla>-k"
list. This contractor, when approached
by one of the business agents of the
District Council of Carpenters, who
asked him to live up to union rules,
ordered him off the premises and. It
was reported, struck him with a piece
of 2 by 3 scantling.
Lodge No. 68 of the Machinists' as
sociation adopted new bylaws last
Wednesday night. These Include a
number of changes made necessary be
cause of different conditions presented
to the organization.
The lodge voted to discontinue its ,
support to the Labor Clarion, the organ
of the Labor council, and substitute
for it Organized Labor, the organ of
the Building Trades council.
D. P. Haggerty, one of the delegates
from this lodge to the State Federa
tion of Labor, and elected president of
that organization, will present his re
port to the lodge at its next meet
The lodge will give its annual ball
in the auditorium next Saturday night.
It was reported at the meeting of
the Waitresses' union last Wednesday
night that the social committee has
completed all arrangements for the
annual ball to be given Saturday night,
November 2, In Majestic hall.
Seven applications for membership
were presented and two elected candi
dates for membership were given the
obligation of the organization.
Local No, 722 of the Glass Bottle
blowers' union has elected the follow
ing- as its officers for the ensuing term:
Frederick Schaffer, president, \V.
Chard, vice president; Albert D. We?t
wood, recording secretary; W. Morri
son, financial secretary; H. Walker,
treasurer; G. Keller, conductor; C.
Stubs and A. Mott, guardian?.
* * *
John I. Xolan, %eoretary of the I>abor
council, has beerP invited to address a
meeting on '"Home in Taxation."
to be held at L'l9 Crescent street on
the night of Wednesday, October 30.
under the auspices of the Holly Park
Improvement club.
The annual ball of local No. 13,10")
of the Klevator Conductors and Start
ers* union will be given in the even
ing of Saturday, October 26. in the
assembly hall of the Pythian Castle
at Valencia and McCoppin streets.
Branch 5 of the Amalgamated So
ciety of Carpenters, at its' last meeting,
paid $3. r > to members on the sick list,
accepted three members on
cards and received three new appli
Local Xo. 68 of the Plasterers' union
has elected Richard Downing, Timothy
Sullivan, Ernest Murby, J. Duffy.
Charles Gustafson and James Corbett
delegates to the San Francisco Labor
Health Officials So Declare, but
Report Decreases in Cases
"The number of cases of rabies has
decreased to a ratio of half the high
record of July, reaching the lowest per
centage monthly sinco the outbreak
last February," said Dr. "Wilfred H.
Kellogg of the city health department
in charge of this branch. "It is on the
steady decrease, but we fear that we
■will always have rabies with us, as is
the case in the east."
Doctor Kellogg made the above
statement In explaining , application
made yesterday to the state board of
health for free antirabies treatment for
six persons bitten by dogs in this city.
Among those bitten was Dr. C. W. Kahl
of 803 Douglas street. The treatment
is merely preventive, and none of the
cases developed rabies. **
Speaking of the situation, Dr. R. O.
Brodrick, health officer, said last night.
"The record of cases is down to its
lowest point, and we expect it soon to
reach a minimum. There were no cases
the week before last, and only two
cases last week."
Births, Marriages, Deaths |
Birth, marriage and death notices pent by mall
will not be inserted. They must lie banded in at
either of the publication offices and be indorsed
with, tbe name and residence of persons author
ised to have the came published. Notices re
strictfrd eiuiply to the announcement of the eTent
are published'once in this column free of charge.
♦— ♦■
! Marriage Licenses
Thf> following marriage IktM t» were issued
Tiiur-iiay. October IT, MIS:
E&LCI —OBLCCCHI—r«*tia Bald. 24. and Mary
Detacehl. 21, both of 12.':.t .s< venieenth street.
BROUGHTON —H.VSSON— Crescent A. BroogbtOO,
2:i. l-'ruitTslc. and Ella Bum, 1". Vallejo.
CARKV- BERLIN—EImer E. Carey .!r., 2S, San
Joae. sod Kmma M. Berlin. 25, Santa Cruz.
ERICKRON— HADEEN— Theo.lorc Erickson. 31.
."•4 Chcsle.r street, and Mary 2t<. C.4
Sumnfr street.
FARRELI'^—MCCARTHY—John Fnrrf>ll, 27. and
Annie McCarthy. 25, hnrii of 43.S Tenth street.
riELDS—KORTBN—Henrr l>nminic rields, 21,
573 Diamond »tre*t, and Edna H. l^,
I *2 Hfiirr Ktrert.
QIANOI.l —FIORI -Anjelo <:i.inoli. 23, and <;in
<"ppin« Fiori 2">. hotli >>f Sontii S:»n Fr«nci»i-o.
6WAETXBY WICST — Anthnnj T. <;wartne.v. SO.
and Cnra I. AVcvt. 38, both »f Mountain Wf-vr.
BAl'OßX—etXMrt- I.ars Hcoften, 27. mvl ( ntii
ctine Scott, '■'•■'.. l>olh <>r 2 Rim-on .«mrt.
.fARVIS-- NKWTOX— S.vtlncr H. H. 2t>,
nnd Ron M, Nt-wton, 27, both of ZoU Hi^blaud
Offlen ud salesroom corner Tea N>ss find Sae
ranento (former Walter building). Phone*—
rrmnklln 2264. Home C 6553; residence. <>0S Asfr
tey. _
Bs& j£^c
Just In—Wclglit 1.200 to 1,700 pounds.
G. LINDACER. 122 Clara at.
KAMPHOLD—KARLSON—Edward A. Kamphol.l.
25, 2847 >ris»ion street, and Linda M. Karlson.
20. 3237 Nineteenth street.
MARTIN—KEMP—John H. Martin 25. and M:;•
dred E. Kemp. 23. both of San Francisco.
MEVER—THONESEN— Henry J. Meyer. 22,
2;fl>2 Geary street, and Inge C. Thoneeen, 2-,
OBERTELLO—TORRE- Nataie U. Ohertello. T.O.
60 Salmon nlace, and Daima Torre, Iβ, 1".7
Varennee place.
QUADE—LANGK -Albert Quade. 29. 22.10 Fill
more street, and Emma 29, 1900 rill
more street.
SANTOS— RITERO—Jose G. Santos 3.">, and
Franclsca Rivero 24. both of 52 Barman place.
SARRAILLE—KOLRCADE—-Jean Sarraille, 27.
185e Polk street, and Isabelie Fourcade, 21.
1529 Hyde street.
TAYLOR—DAVIS—CIement A. Taylor. 2". 880
O'Farrell street, and Beulah T. Davis, 21. 086
Bush street.
CREN—HOLLinAT—George N. Tren. TO. and
Amy V. Hollidny. .*?7. both of 140 Wool street
YON SYDOW— -MAIXZER—Hans yon Sydow, 4S.
and Anna Mainrer t>o, both of 1219 Scott
WOULDHAVR — LYNCH — Thomas Wouldhave.
r>o. r>9 Sixth street, and Mary Lynch, XL. MO
Octavia street.
The marriage licenses were issued
Thursday. October 17. 1912:
hillo. 29, and Marie Campanella. 23, both of
Ht'FFMAX— HARPER -Maurice C. Huffman. "4.
Healdsburjt. and Dora M. Harper, Wlllits.
NF.LSON—O'TOOLE—WaIter A. Nelson. 31,
and Anna O'Tocle, 19. both of Oakland.
ROSA—MOCKKL—An'tbony Rosa, 26, Roseville.
and Hermina Meckel. 26 Oakland.
SHRADER— LKIMERT— Bert n. Shrader. V.2.
and Lillian B. 23. both of Oakland.
STEADMAX—OSBORX--George Steadman. 20.
and Maud Osborn. 22. both of Alameda.
WOOD—HAXFORD—John \. Woo.!. J.i, and
Erma C. Hnnfoni. 25. both of Oakland.
HOLMS—-In this city. October 16. 1912. to the
wifA of George S. Hollis. a son. (See death
I notice.)
SMALLWOOD— To the wife of H. Smallwood
<nef Kiins». a >-on.
Oct. 17. -James ('. Bennett of Ind..
who came to I.os Angeles as a delegate to the
national Grand Army of the Republic encamp
ment. died today In a local hospital of in
juries received two weeks ago when he fell
from a streetcar. During the war he belonged
to former President Benjamin Harrison's rc>;i
ment. tbe Seventieth Indiana volunteer regi
M. J. ADAMS. BANKER—Sllverton. Ore.. Oct.
'"■—Martin J. Adams, president of the Cool
idge <t McClalne bank, died today from heart
trouble, aged ~",. He was in business Uere for
4."> year-, and was a native of Portsmouth. 0.
He was never married, and is survived by two
Oct. 17.—Henry Austin, lawyer, editor and
author, is dead here, following an operation.
He was 54 years old.
Barnett. Xan'-y .. . .".SiMeSweejran. Hurries. 4.">
Burknardf, Herman.. SOjMark*. Ell —
Brosnahan. Cornelius— Moore. Huch R 2."
Caiu. Mrs. Maria S.. — | Nlemeyer, Henry W. W
Coyle. Henr.r — Oleen.* Martha O - JT
Ferrari. Gulia 7ftj()ates. Mary 6.".
Flanigan. Mary 38 Pol mere. William l>. 1«
Fortin. lacy M SB Uaabe, F. W R4
Gilbride. Margaret . 82 Redmond. Daniel J . .".:.
TIoIUs (Infant i HoKenbcrg. I.miis .. —
Kahulia ,",n Strieker. Frieda A.. 17
Klovesahl. Krnst T.. R2 ;Swanso D , Charles... 70
I.eahy. Catherine ... 74 Tronoff. E. A 19
J.ynch < Infant v Ward. Thomas 2S
J.ueey, Nellie oft Wilson. George G... —
McKay, Mary AgDes r>7 Zarr, Clara.. o%
BARNETT— In Sto< kt.->n. October Iβ, l:» 12.
Nancy, dearly heluTed wife of Solomon Barnett.
and loving mother of Kdwnrd. Abe. Hairy and
Roeabcll Barnett. anil loving daughter of
Jacob and Sirah Newman, and heloTrd R let ft
<>f Mrs. M. ttemboid, Mrs. Canton. Mr*. 1.. N.
S<-h«art7. and Mrs-. A. Coram. s> utira e$
London. Eufiiami. ayeil ".ft yearn.
Friends nnd acquaintances are respectfully in
*ited ta attend the funeral today (Friday i.
October IS, at 10 o'clock a. m.. from tho par
lors o£. Theodor Dierks & «'■>.. 900 Devisadero
street corner of McAllister. Intorment Salem
cemetery, hy electric funeral car from Turk
and Stelner streets.
BROSNAHAN -In Oakland, October 17. 1912.
Cornelius M. Rrosniihau. loving Ivi»hand of
Annie Brosnahan. iui-I brother of Mr?. Eliza
beth Austin.
Friends are inritod to attend a requiem
high mass, celebrated for the ttptmt <>f his
soul, commencing at S o'clock a. m. Monday,
October XI. st St. Francis de Sa'.eg <lnir.lt.
Remains .it his hue residence, 197t; Franklin
street. Interment private. Please omit
BITBKHAjRDT -In this city. October 17. lftll , . at
the city and county hospital. Herman Burk
ryirdr, a native of Germany, aged T>o rears.
CAIN— In tttif 'ity, October 15. 1912. Mrs. Maria
*!. Cain, beloved wife of John 3. Cain and
mother of Mrs. Annie R. Raymond. William
.7. Cain and Mrs. Theresa M. Desmond, a na
tive of California. A raemher of McKinnon
Institute No. 3, Youiic I.r.rties' Institute, and
St. Ann's Confraternity of St. I'eters church.
Iriends and jtoqnaintance* are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral today (Fridayi,
«t BI3Q a. in., from hrr Lite residence. 12">0
Alabama street: thence to St. Peter's church,
where a requiem hijrh mass will be celebrated
fnr the repose of her soul, commencing at 9
o'clock a. in. Interment Hcly Cross cem
COYLE —In tr,;-: city. October 17. 3P12. ll<>nry
I'oyle. loving father of William. Frank anil
George Coyle and Mrs. John T. I!e>;«n, a native
of Ireland.
Friends and MqtatatXOTM rtre respectfully in
rfted to attend the funeral tomnrrmv iSaturday >.
at ft:3o o'clock a. m.. from his !ate reefttrnre,
14»n Newconib avenue (formerly Fourteenth
arentM South I. thence to All Tlallnwte i-hurch.
w!i"rp a requiem hieh mass will celebrated
for tlx- repove of his soul, cnmmenclnji at 10
O'clock a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery,
by carriage*.
FERHARI--F.nterp(l into rM*. in thl* clly. Oc
tober 17. 1 f>l IT . Oalli Ferrari, dearly beloved
wife of the late Andrea Ferrari, find tetove4
mother of Constantino Ferrari mid Msria <ihi
orsso. a native of Genoa. Italy, aged 70 years.
Friends and ai quaintan.-o; «ro respectfully tn
rited to attend the fumral tomorrow (Saturday •
October If>. 1!>12. at (1:30 n'ctoek a. m.. from
Ihe residence of Andrew Fer
rari. IStS Twenty-ninth avenue Poiith CRhj
Vi"Wi. thence to Corpus Christ! ctarch, wheris
a requiem h'sh ma. , * will bp celebrafxi for this
repoeg ~f kia soul, commencing at 19:30 o'clock
a. m. Interment by carriajte.
FLANIGAN -In this city, October 17. Jni2,
Mary Klanls-an. dearly beloved wire of Jere
miah J.- Flanigan, a native of Ohio, apeij r,s
Friends and acquaintance* are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Saturday i
October 19. 191' J. at 1:1." o'clock p. tn.. from
the funeral parlor* of Valente. Marini. Mamie
& Co., ft4B Green street between Columbus aye
rtue and Powell street.
FORTIN—Tn thU city. October 1". 1012. Lucy
Jlarle. dearly beloved wife of I<ouia I. Fortin,
and loTing mother of Louis Albeit Fortin, a
native of Canada, aged 35 years 2 monttm and
13 day*!.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to n'tend the funeral services today
(Friday*. October If*. 1012. at 10:30 o'clock
a. m., at I lie parlors of Vnlenfe. Marini. Marais
& Co.. .'J44S Mission street above Thirtieth. In
cineration at Cypress Unn crematory, by
Southern Pacific train lenvinjr Valencia and
Twenty fifth streets, at 11:30 o'clock a. m.
I GILBRIDE— Tn this city. October 17. 1f»12. Mar
garet, beloved wife of the late Patrick Gil
briile. and devoted mother of Brrnarrl F.,
Michael W., Roderick A.. John C and Ani'te
Gilbride and Mrs. James M. T.yn-h, Mrs. Ed
ward Hoean and Mrs. Dennis J. Snirrue, a
native of Kilkenny. Ireland, aged S2 years.
Frienis and acquaintances ore respectfully in-
Tited to attend the funeral tomorrow iSaturdayi.
at S:."(! n. in., from her late residence. 704
Fourteenth street, thence to Mission Dolores
chin ii. wtowe :> requiem high mass will be
<'elebiateii for the repose of her soul, at !)
a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery, by
HOLLIS- In ihi« October Iβ. 1912. George,
infant «rm <>f Gtotgm S. and Wilhehnina Hollis,
and brother of Kdith Kmily Hollis.
KAHtJLIA In t!iis city. October 15. 1912. at the
city and county hospital, Kabulia, a native of
Hawaii, aged 30 years.
KLEVEBAHL-— In this city. October 17. 1012.
Rrtmt T. KleveMbl. beloved husband r.f I.iiaie
Kleve-ifdil. and lovinj; father of Carl. Ernst
and Minnie Klevesahl. a native of Heidr. Hol
siein. Gerniany. asred 82 years 11 month* and
Id day*.
I Fiiiieral notifp hereafter.
offers special inducements to
those Trho bare removals to
make from city cemeteries
Office and Salesrooms, 1140 McAllister at
Pays highest price for all kind* of furoiter*.
merchandise, etc. Houses bought in ttttlr en
tirety. Qoods «013 on commission.
Phone—Park 860. 92«32.
2&£ 388-340 Fell ft. A^ 3 ?
Arrlred—l ear maree and horses: S span blacks.
3 span browns 2 span gray*; ages 4 to 7 yeara:
weight 1.350 to 1.800 lb#.; wheelers and leader*:
all well broke; end others: some good farm mares
and horses. JOS. LEVY. Phone Market 3877.
LEAHY—In th ; s City, October Iβ. 1012. Cather
ine. beloved wife of the late .lamps I.ealiy. and
loving mother of John li., Edward D.. Mic'iisM
P. ami Patrick W. Leahy, Mrs. D. Donahue.
Mrs. M. Judge ami the Iβto Desnia J.. James
V. and Nellie C, Leahy. ■ native of Ireland,
aged "4 paan li ikoetba and Iβ day?.
Friends and acquaintance* are reepeetfnlly
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Satar
dart. October Hi. jit 0 ». va.. from her late
residence. 742 Florida street near Nineteenth,
tlienee to St. Charles Borromeo church.
Eighteenth and Shotwell street?, where a re
quiem high ma*s will lie celebrated fee the re
pose of her •Oα!. comaeoclng at 9:30 a. tn.
Interment Holy ("roes cemetery, by carriage.
LYNCH—In this city, October Xβ. J«hn D., In
fant son of Jeremiah am! Hannah Lynch. and
brother of Michael J. and Joseph P. Lynch, a
native of San Francisco. Cal.. aged J day.
LTJCEY—In Redding. Cal.. October 13. 1312. Nel
lie I.ut-ey. dearly beloved wife of Dennis
I.tieey, and devoted mother of Nellie and Daniel
I-iioey, ami loring aMer of Daniel Hoare and
Mr*. 'llcaley, a native i> f Macroom. County
Oortr, Ireland. seed M year;:.
Frienus and acquaintances ar» respect fully in
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow i Saturday '.
o.tohof ir>. 1813. at 0 o'clock a. m.. from the
funeral parlors of Green, Ryan & Donohoe,
nortbeast corner of. Sixteenth and Gttwrtra
streets, thenco to St. John's ehnrch. St. Mary's
avenue near Mission utrett, wher" a reouiem
high mans will be celebrated for the repose of
h*>r soul, eoinmoni-injr at 0:"0 oVlook n. ni.
Interment Holy Cryss cemetery, by carriage.
McKAY —In Freestone. Sonoma county. October
17. IMS, Mi-- Jlarr Agnes McKay, i— "bi
dattgfcter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael McKay.
sister nf Patrick p.n<\ M'ehael McSaj and lira.
William Donegaw of Freestone. Mrs. Daniel
MeSweeney of San Francisco and Robert >♦•
Kay of Santa Rom. a native o' Tomalt*.
Marln county, aged ."." years 1 month and I*
days. f Si -«..
Friends and acquaintances are respertfuTlf
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow <$ntnt.
day* at 10 o'clock a. m. from the residence of
lier pariMita at Freestone, thence to St. Philip*
church at Occidental, where a requiem big*
maaa will be celebrated for th* , repose of h+t
foul. eommencinjr at 11 a. m. Interment I. O.
O. F. cemetery, Sebastopol. C»l.
McSWEEGAN—In this city. OetebOT 1«. Wl2. a%
the dry and county hospital. Charles MeSwWk
pui. a native of California. as;ed 43 jeara.
MARKS-In this city, October ts, IJ>l2. WU
brother of Joseph Marks and the late Sim"*
xnd .Take Marks nnd Mrs. Frances Livingston,
a native of Germany.
The funeral services will take place
(Friday), at 10 o'clock a. m.. at the Argonaut
club. Post und Powell streets. Interment pri
vate. Kindly omit flowers.
MOORE— In this city October 13, 1912. Hurt
Ray Moore, a nntive of Oklahoma, aged 29
year's. A member of Fleetrir-al Workers' Union-
Notice of funeral hereafter. Remains xt thi
mortuary chapel of the Golden Gate Undertak
ing: Company. 247.". Mission street near Twenty
first. Remains will be sent to Oklahoma Cityv
NIEMEYEK—Tn this city. October 17. l!>ll
Henry W. A. Niemeyer, beloved husband of
Mnienret Niemeyer, and father of H. TV. Tj.
and 0. C. W. Niemeyer. a native of Germanr.
ayed fiO year« 2 months and 7 days'.
Notice Of funeral hereafter. Remains at th*
parlors of the Western Addition Funeral Direc
tors, 1724 Pevisadero street between Sutler
and Bush.
OATEB— In this city. o<-tob*r 16. 1012. Mr«.
Mary Oatet. beloved wife of the late Martin
O.ites. and loving mother of James and Mart'.n
Oates and Mr.-. 1,. J. Coolon. Mrs. J. Manser.
Mrs. E. Butler. Mrs. R. Fhilline and Mrs. B.
Konlek. n natlvo of Countj- Roscommon, Ire
land, aged 65 years.
The funeral will take place tomorrow (Sat
iirdayl, at S:4."i o'clock a. us., from the parlors
of J. C. O'Connor A- Co.. HB-SB4 Valencia
street, thence to St. Teresa's ehnrch. where n
rcquienj high mass will be celebrated for the
vopose of her soul, eommencinjr at 9:"rt o'clock
a. in. Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
OLSEN-In Oakland. Cal.. October IT. 1012.
Martha O. Olsen, niece of Mr. Mathes Olson
find Mrs. M. Hansen of Oakland, C*L, a na
tive r>t Norway, aged 27 years 9 months and 2t
POLMERE— In this city. Or-t.ober If.. 1912. Wil
liam P.. beloved son of the late Willism and
Josephine Polmcre. and brother of Tola. Josrph
ine and Ruth Polmere. a native of San Fran
dace, aced U years and R months.
Friends anil acquaintances arc respectfully in
v'Khl to attend tlv» funeral servi.-es toda.r
(Friday i October l<v 1&12. at 2 o'clock p. tn..
at Uis late residence.. 2711 Plamned rtreet,
Glen Park (take car No. 10. in Guerrero
streeti. Interment Cypress I.awn cemetery.
HAABE—In this citr October 17. ISI2.
ir-k William, dearly beloved husband of H«r
trrrsc Raabe, and "lovinjr father of Mrs. Au
gusta Foss and smndfather of Walter and
Olive Foss. a native of BaMJOT. Germany,
H?ed 64 years <? months and 23 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend ih<- funentl to»»>rrow (Satur
day i October irt. af 1" p. in., fwi** the parlors
'■f'n. F. Suhr * Co.. '-010 AflssUjti ftrcet be
tween Twenty-fifth and Twenfy-pirt*. Intpr
nifiit Mount Olivet cemetery, by atlt«nf>bi!e.
REDMOND- In this city. October 15. 1312. Dan
iel J., beloved brother of W, .T. Redmond f4
Oak Point. Wash., aged 35 year*.
Remains, at the parlors of William O'Sntif'- ,
tieesy ft Co. r..-.1-r..V. Valencia street, to b#
shipped today i Friday) to McMinpviltr, Ore.
ROSENBERG—In this city. Oetobwr XT. 1012.
Ijouis, dearly beloved husband 8f Claxll!*' ,
Rosenberjj. xnd father of Camill*. Aline *ad
T.eo Rosenherg. and brother of Sen M. fend
Harry D. Rose»ihorc.
Interment strictly private. Ftease e«wft
3TRICKER—In s?an Lorenzo. Cal.. r»ieda A .
dearly beloved daughter of (.ottlleh L. *a<l
Anuti Strieker and eleter of Louie. J(fjn.
George. Henry and Mary Strieker, a native
of California," aged 17 years 8 month* and 4
Friends and acquaintance!! etn respectfully In
vited to attend the. funeral service* to£ay
(Friday). October IS, 1912. at 2 p. m.. at ber
lHte residence. San Lor?nzo. Interment Sen
I Lorenzo cemetery.
SWANSON —In this city. October ir>!2.
Charles Swansr>n. a nnHve «f Sweden, ejred 7<»
yrn:-. A member of Carpenter , *' onion No. 22..
Friends anil n<*rinaintan<-r# •Tβ reepectfollr
invited to attend tbo funeral services today
• Friday*. October I*. 1912, at 11 o>lock a. m..
at the* parl'irs of th<» Western I'ndertakttij
company. 12.".c Valencia street, thence to Cr
press Lawn remeiory for infprment. by ll:-iO
o'clock a. n. train from Twantj fifth and Va
lencin streets.
TRONOFE -Iβ this city. October 1", Emanue!
A., dearly he'ivml -on «f John and Anna
Tf.ni.fr. and Urtoft brother of Charles. Then
dore, Helen atd I.empie Tronoff. a native of
San Jose. Ca!., agf-d 19 ypars 9 months and 25
Friends ami acquaintances are reepectf'iUy
inTited to attend ihe fungal tomorrow iSatur
dayt. at 2 p. va-. Imm tli«- parlors of Suhr &.
WieboWt. Valencia street n»ar Tw«BtJ
fifth. luterment Mount Oliret cemetery, by
"WARD—In this city. October 12. IJM2. Thomas
Ward, a native of County Lonstford. Ireland.
aged 28 yearn. A member of the Riggers'
and Stevedore? , I'nion.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully ic
■vited to attend the funeral today (Friday*.
»t 8:15 a. in., from the parlors of the United
Undertakers. 2606 Howard street near Twenty
second, thence to St. Peter's cburen for serv
ices, commencing at 9:45 a. m. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery.
WILSON —In San P.runo. Cal.. October Iβ. 1812.
George Gabriel Wilson, dearly beloved eon of
Mary A. Ferguson and the late John A WH
son. and" devoted brother of Isaac. Franklin
J Harry A. and C. Alexander Wilson an«l
Mrs. MhVt J. I.cc. Mrs. Emma G. Holmes,
Mrs. Gertrude B. Miller and Mrs. Catherine
G Lynian. a native of San Francisco.
Heiatives and friends are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Saturday),
October 19, 1912. at 0:30 a. ra.. from hi= laf»
residence. Green avenue San Bruno Park,
tbence to St. Bruno's church, where a requiem
mass will be celebrated for the repose of bis
soul, commencing at l<) o'clock n. m. Inter
ment Holy Cross cemetery, by automobile*.
ZARR —In this city, October Iβ. 1912. Clara,
widow of the late Charles Zarr. and Ifvrin*
mother of Rena Ruth Charles and Willien.
Zarr and Mrs. J. A. Brooks. Mrs. A. ('. Breyer
Mrs. William Petersen. Mrs. Joseph SberWOCol
and Mr*. E. J. Flood and Carl Higgins and
the late Weaver Higgins. a uatlTe of Callfor
Uia. aged 58 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respeetfnlly
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Satur
day), at H a. m.. from the narlni-s of Me
■Brearty &. McCormlck. MS Valencia stroef
near Twentieth. Interment Cypress Lawn
cemetery, by carrlatre.
SAVE HALF the Fnnerel Expense.
Market 711 i Oakland 4045
Independent of the Treat.
fttrniib for $*~j. embalming shroud. »!1
tpt mounted. <'loth casket. bear«°
and two catritgee and gi»e persona!
ron $75 tnt the ce>ket *\<\ne, and ail
their price* are
Goflsau Funeral Serric* Savee Yeu Half.
Aatf. *nrt)u!«oce. carriages and for hire.
« Van Nets At«. 8210 Webster 8t
305 Celumbni Are. Phone Oafe. 404&

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