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'owerman £. P. .... -
Heide of the hock W hpl*P Amirafp
Island tines, for 10 " IlcrC/M.tUrdlC
years has carried a f. • \r. 1
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( Continued from Page 9)
volvod you also. God pardon mo for
that. Yet, I believe 1 am doing right.
I 'ye got to believe it, or I could never
go on with this.
Will you try to understand, and for
give and foreet ? T
H J.
The One That She Wrote
\i:\\ York, September 30, 1911.
Vol'''' LETTEB came today. It was
■*• postmarked the 26th of September;
and when I saw the date and the hand
writing, I caught my breath. Is it really
ten veals since yon last unite to me .' Ten '
years since that letter came to me!
So, yon are coming to New York again,
and your wife is coming with you. And \
you want to bring her to call upon me. 1
Why, I wonder.' Not Hint it matters,
really. I should like to see her, I think;
tail 1 shall not he here. I 'in going to
run away.
You said once that you were a coward,
because yon wrote thai other letter to mo.
X'ow, i tell you that I am a coward, be
cause I am afraid to see yon.
You thought---you wrote —that 1
would forget you; hut in your heart, you
knew that I would not. Could I over
forget those wonderful summer days with
youf Yet, 1 have not been unhappy) f
have had my work ami my memories.
If is not often that I dare trust myself
to think; but 1 'm going to think now,
to let down the bars of my will and to
tell you all, without reserve.
You ''wonder that I never wrote to
you.'" Never wrote! I have written a
hundred letters, written out my very
heart and soul. But I could not send
them. On that warm September day. ten
years ago, with your letter before me, I
sat down and penned just two lines, to
let you know that I understood and that
there was nothing to forgive.
And then, my struggle began. It has
never ended. Sometimes I am victorious
for a little while, and then — the scent
of a flower, a glimpse of blue sky
through interlacing boughs, a bird sing
ing in the dusk; and the old sick longing
sweeps over me — the desire to see your
face, to hear your voice, to feel the pres
sure of your arms about me.
You "assure me of your friendship,
unchanged and unchanging." Friend
ship! It is your love I want. 1 gave you
up to another woman; but 1 could not
give up the desire for you. It is stronger
than 1; and all the long, lonely years
have In'eii powerless to weaken it. The
days we spent together, Boy, the dear,
wonderful days! And you thought I
could forget!
1 am glad that you are happy. I
wanted you to be happy. They tell me
that you are well and prosperous, and
that your wife adores you. That makes
me glad, too; for it shows me that you
faced your duty unflinchingly, and that
she never dreamed she was not first in
your heart.
But I can not see you, Boy. It is one
thing to know you are the husband of an
other woman; it would be another to see
you together. Have you ever suffered,
and been obliged to laugh and to talk?
Have you ever plucked at your very heart
strings, and smiled through your pain?
Yet, that is what you ask of me. And I
am neither brave enough nor strong
enough to do it. I love you; I always
shall love you. And that is all. t
The One That She Sent
New York, September 30, 1911*
MY DEAR Me. Edwards:
To my infinite regret, 1 shall be un
able to receive you and your wife next
week, as I am sailing on Saturday to su
pervise the production of my new play in
It is very sweet of Mrs. Edwards to
want to meet me, and I am glad to hear
that she likes my work. Above all things,
I should enjoy seeing you both; but 1
simply can not postpone my trip. Perhaps
on your next visit to \ew York, 1 may be
more fortunate.
With kindest regards and best wishes,
believe me,
Most sincerely yours,
Lucia Carroll Graham.
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