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Perhaps no scientist has studied oysters more thoroughly than Dr. Julius Nelson,
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Oysters come nearer in composition to cow's milk than d>< most other meats
as all the four kinds of nutritients needed are present in good decree.
The sea salts they contain are useful in regulating and stimulating nutritional
They are the tenderest of meals and easily digested, and suitahle even for \
persons of sedentary hahits
In .iduliion to being easily safeguardedagainst accidental contamination, there
is no oyster parasite known that will live in the human system.
Oysters are clean feeders; they are practically confined to a selection of the
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"How many pairs of 'Hole- f^agp
proof are you taking, Nell?" Y.^
m\W they will all keep silky, sty- £yygj|
ML Wf l* sn an d perfect, without a 1 H
break or tear, until Spring. " §L mfcfWt
ss3 IS at horne —Autumn demands trim, ■ [j ?
Bjgrnljgfre neat, stylish Holeproof Hose. AMr 'm. ';■
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Reg. TT. S. -—- ~ *■"™~ —— ""~ ————__——— Pat.'offlce IBM
Pat. Office. 1900 ~ (gg) 2L°S!2
I 1 " —<*-*-*
IlnppineKH is often traceable to nn Advertisenie.it.
decided thai the sailor should be buried as
' Tin' Colonel of Koepenick,' 1 hud sent
s sealed envelope to the pastor by special
Dger. Tliis envelope contained a
lake Statement, dated a lew days before
the death of the sailor, in which I asked
thai those who knew me and who under
stood the philosophical meaning of my
adventures, should mail contributions ad
dressed to the owner of the (iernian five
Posl Office, London. The owner of the
hill I declared to be my best friend, and
assured the public that he would use the
money to clear my name from the stigma
"Naturally, the newspaper represents
tiveS were amazed when this document
was handed to them by Dr. Holinann.
They published it under scare heads, and
it was copied all over the world. I read
the accounts of my life and death with
great satisfaction; but after a. while they
had a singular effect on me. I was dead,
legally and socially; yet, there 1 was! I
began to feel as if I were a ghost. I told
myself that the despised adventurer, Wil
helm Voigt, was gone for ever; but that
some time his soul would reappear in a
new body. These illusions possessed me
to such an extent that T almost forgot
the circumstances of my 'death lied state
ment' and the publicity it had received.
"As I had only a few shillings in my
pocket, I started to earn my living at
cobbling once more. One morning, I woke
up in great excitement; and, without
realizing why I did so, I walked to the
Post Office and presented my five -mark
bill, Ser. X. 087354, at the General De
livery window. The clerk scrutinized me
with much interest, before he handed me
a huge bundle of envelopes containing
bills and money orders to the amount of
more than a thousand dollars. For several
moments, 1 stood dazed. Then, I turned,
walked back to my bare room in Man-
"Thus came to pass my resurrection.
I have used the money contributed by my
English sympathisers to come to America.
1 have bidden farewell to my past, and
am a much respected citizen in my new
environment. Just once more shall I
startle the world with a great exploit ;
but a century may pass, after my death,
before posterity will know that 'The
Colonel of Koepenick' and that second
adventurer were one and the same man.
{Continued from Page 6)
And now, the sound swelled in great
pulsating waves, beating against his ears
like the boom of surf on a sandy beach.
A man had climbed upon the pedestal of
a monument beneath the arc light, and
was addressing the crowd in impassioned
tones. Wilson recognized the voice. It
was that of Tom Potter, one of his
staunchest admirers and most loyal
Each sentence brought forth a storm
of savage cheers.
A second later, he heard the crash of
the outer doors of the hospital, as they
went down before the irresistible torrent.
With one bound, he was across the
room, and seizing the iron cot, dragged
it and its screaming occupant to the
corner farthest from the door. Then, he
wheeled, revolver in hand.
The corridor echoed with the thud of
hurrying feet, and suddenly the doorway
was choked with men, men whose faces
were distorted with rage and hate and
i the lust of blood.
"Well?" demanded Wilson harshly.
"What do you want?"
"You know what we want, Dave; we
want him."
"Well, you can't have him!"
'' The hell we can tf" growled a deep
I voice. '' Don 't you make no trouble, Dave.
You're all right; but we want that cuss
and we 're going to have him! "
There was a yell of approval; but
Wilson shook his head.
"Hold on, boys!" His voice was cool
and even. "You 're goin' too fast."
There was no indecision, no wavering
of purpose now. He was no longer Dave
Wilson, candidate for sheriff, anxious to
win aud to hold the favor of the men be
fore him. He was Dave Wilson, sheriff's
Highest Quality
Pa" "" ~~^, Vj .'
only 25c, never more, V**vti
never less We assert that "*s">A
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pr in any face powder If anyone in
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experience. |l
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m Buy a box of Freeman's Face [3
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jkl powder which sifts through the I
j puff as it. We will r Hf
send it free, upon receipt of / HL^
M the gold seal from inside /.3
I' the box and five stamps jga
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ta .|. B^Tali
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rj Perfume Co. Il ."*^A>?l'l^
J Cincinnati, Ohio . IHP^
j. : ..-J.'— ..J
i ! n
"NUBO" Shoulder Braces
For Men, Women and Children
__sfj__k luillt on the same scientific principle
shoulder Btscssbsln_*el_atfj tvs;.
J JT postpaid, . . . •—■*-'«_
/tl\ V__t>J/ they assist nature la its work. They
/ XK?Jr\wSxV_\. vs. n " st ' le lunys uitli pure,
(•1 »/ healthy complexion and vtgM that
\ '#1 Ma Price, 30c. postpaid
Site 1 Children Sue 4 Men and women, slender
" 2 Youths and misses " 5 Men snd women, stout
" 3— Stout youths and misses " 6 Men and women, sitra stout
REBORN CO.. Dtpt.B, 28 W. 15th Si., New York
\_V A Save 18.00 to (23.00 on
jrfflk Hoosier Heaters
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nT of Factory Prices. Our new lm-
H M provenicnts absolutely surpass
_S~~~B_—. anything ever produced. Save
••PSRSBSBpEit enough on a slnnlo stove to buy
_r~J_____3iH_k >'"'T winter's fuel. Thirty Dave
■ kB H FreeTrlal In yourown home before
I you buy. Send postal todzy for
I / Bui V large f ree catalog and prices.
| Burner IHsstlsr StOTtCo.. I '■! ' State St.. Marion, ho.
A large well known company about to spend $100,000 on
a tremendous advertising campaign requires the services
of a bright man or woman in each town and city. The
work is easy, pleasant and highly respectable and no
previous experience is necessary- We will pay a good
salary and offer an unusual opportunity for advance
ment, to the person who lan furnish good references. In
addition to this salary, we offer a Maxwell Automobile,
a Ford Automobile and over 83000 in prizes to the
representatives doing the best work up to December 31.
In your letter give age and references. Address, Ira riiar
Robinson, Advertising Manager, 1527 Doty Bldg.T
Boston, Mass.
» V „W 100% PROFIT
Men or Women — The t*st household line on earth—Hvery home
in city or country, every boarding-house, hotel and restaurant a pos
sible buy«r —Quick seller—last Repeater —Will soon make a
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