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Movements of Vessels Plying
Between San Francisco and
Ports of World
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-•"'Hid t.'s evening to complete its lumber cargo.
The st, :im er F. H. Leggott arrived in tbe her
eof this morning from San Fraucisco and is dis
charging freight at the North Bank dock. It
loaves for Grays Harbor tomorrow morning to
-©*•* lumber.
"■■> p 'oimubia river steamer Lurllne was sunk
last Bight i n collision with a barge. No lives
were lost. The Lurtine will be floated.
•*AN PEDRO, Oct. 19.—Independent company's
steamer Hanalei arrived this morning from San
Francisco direct, carrying 40 passengers and 370
tons miscellaneous freight and merchandise for
t re scent Wharf and Warehouse company and
cleared on return trip tonight.
Pacific Navigation company's steamer Yale
• rrlved this evening froru San Francisco, and
after discharging passen_-rs and freight pro
ceeded for San Diego.
Steamer J. B. Stetson arrived this morning,
out five days from drays Harbor via San Fran
cisco, carrying passengers and freight for the
Coast Steamship company and 900,000 feet
or lumber for various consignees.
The San Francisco-Portland company's steamer
__* c ***f arrived this morning on schedule from
I ortland via San Francisco aud Astoria with a
good passenger list and 1,200 tons miscellaneous
freight and merchandise. The Ro*e City will
clear on the return trip tomorrow.
Steamer Quinault arrived this morning, out
five days from Willapa harbor via San Francisco,
bri-glpg passenj-ets and freight for the West
Onast Steamship omp.iny mid 650.000 feet of
lumber for the B. K. Wood Lumber company and
After bavinß been cleaned and repaired at
Craig's ship yards. Long Beaeb. steamer San
Gabriel returned here, took supplies and cleared
for T'mpqua river via San Francisco to load
500.000 feet of lumber for Kerckboff Cuzner Mill
and Lumber company.
*■ Fight bids for the construction of the proposed
w reinforoed concrete wharf to be erected by the
city along tbe west side of the municipal dock
No. i were reopened and referred to chief Har
bor Engineer Hamlin by the board of public
"«*:. It has been rouchlv estimated that tbe
proposed wturf .which is to be 2.000 feet lons
and equipped with railroad tracks, etc.) will
-boat $1,000,000.
ABERDEEN, Oct. 19.—Forty thousand f-cf of
lumber, supposed to be a part of the deckload
of tbe steamer Daisy Freeman, which recently
met with a mishap on the Columbia river bar,
has been cast ashore at Copalls. 40 miles north
of here.
Barkentine Johu C. Meyer, which has received
a new mast and general"overhauling, will start
loading for west coast Monday.
Steamer Siskiyou, the Unrest vessel ever huilt
on -ray* Harbor, will be launched at the Mat
thews shipyard Hoquiam. next Thursday. Oeto*
he* 24. Five days late- the steamer Olympic Is
to leave our with cargo and with the Siskiyou
in tow for San Francisco, where the machinery
of the new vessel will bo installed. It will be
In commission about the first of the year.
The S!«kiyou is built for the E. R\ Wood
Lumber company at a cost of 1135.000 and will
be used In the coasting lumber trad*. It is a
freighter only, having no passenger accommoda
tions, and will carry ahont 1,100.000 feet of lum
ber. Captain H. H. H.insei. formerly maS'cr of
the steamer Shasta, wilj have the new vessel.
This steamer Is considerably larger than tbe
largest ever built before in Qraya Harbor.
Ip to this time the Daisy Csd-hy, launched
last year, and the Avaion. "launched this sum
mer, held the record, being the same sire, hut
SiatUyoa is about 10 feet longer, has greater
width of b.'iini and depth of hold. Its engine*
will dpvr;,.fi SOfi -era-power. When It leaves
tbe ways the Siskiyou will be rrady practically
for its machinery, most of the upper work
usually left until the launching being completed
already. The Siskiyou has been about six
months in building.
The Matthews company Is pushing the con
struction of the -tearuer 0. M. Clark, buildine
for Charles K. Higg'ns of Pan Francisco, and it
will be launched about the first of the year.
The ceiling of the vessel ls new being placed.
ASTORIA, Oct. 19.—The southerly gale which
lis section lHst n'gbt was by far the
of the season, and the officers of the
imcr Bear report the wind outside attained a
velocity of fully 70 miles an hour. There was a
Mtg westerly swell running, but the bar this
morning uas not as rough as expected. The Bear
c storm yesterday afternoon, and tbe
seas were highest off T.'mpqua. T_e Russian bark
Clan M.-iefariane. that was lying below Smiths
point, dragged tis anchor and drifted on the
sands at the north of the Chanel. During the
cele some logs crashed through the railroad
-le a short distance ea«t of tbe Hamuuod
. -her company's mill and knocked out three
W ents. The storm Is believed to have beea local
ay tbe coast, as it came up suddenly. The
Clan Macfarlane was hauled off the sand this
morning. It was not injured.
Steamer Bear - arrived this morning from San
rraneisco and Ban Pedro. It had a entail passen
ger list, bur a large amount of freight.
Steamer Bearer sailed this morning for Ssn
Traneisro and San Pedro with freight and passen-
Steam schooner Klamath arrived this morning
from San Francisco to load lumber.
TACOMA. Oct, 19.—Arrived—Steamer Canada
Marij. from Yokohama: schooner E. K. Wood.
m Hilo; steamer Buckman. from San Fran.
ateaatee C-seo, from the went coast; steam-
Imur and barge Argus, from Brittanla. B. C.
sailed—Steamer Frankhy, for Sydney. Austra
. a
From I Steamer , i Date
Portland & Astoria .. Csmlno ........[Oct.- 20
Coos Bay ,. Homer •'••> 'Oct. 20
FoHinshain Mis*ourian ,.*...Oct. 20
Hnnjboldt (Phoenix Oct. 20
>>*1. Crua Jb San Diego.. Nevadan [Oct. 20
Los Angeles Chebeils Oct. 20
Seattle ... -, President ...... [Oct. SO
>• tip & Taooma , Walton ........ Oct. 20
Mend<x-inr> & ft. Arena. Sea roam Oct. 20
1 o« jldmIm ft Way PtsiSanta Clara. ... Oct. 20
Orayv Harbor ...'.Santa Monica... Oct. 21
Fort Bragg ...... Jfnrt Bragg .... Oct. 21
Hiimboldt .........., ..iCity of Topeka.. Oct. 21
Wlllapa Harbor ....... Santa Barbara.. Oct. 21
Los Angeles ....... Hanalet .......Oct. 21
(San Diego & Los Ang.. Queen ......... Oct. 21
Kan Diego & Los Ant'., Yale Oet. 21
Port San Lola , Coos Bay . Oct. 21
Hllo ., Enterprise ..... Oct. 21
China & Japan ... China ..V....... Oct. 21
Los Angeles ........... Rose City .....[Oct. 21
Portland & Astoria (Bearer Oct. 21
Portland & Astoria.... Northland Oct. 23
Humboldt Vanguard .Oct. 23
Hamholdt ........... |F. A. Knburn...jOet. 2:;
San Diego & Loe Ang,..Willamette-....(Oct. 2-3
I»k Ancelfs.. ..IHarTard iOct. 23
Honolulu !H>>nolulan [Oct.,23
Portland A Astoria-., .iKlamatii .... Oct. 24
Fort Bragg. Arctic Oet. 24 !
Point Arena & AIHon..!Pomo .......... Oct. 24
San Diego & Los Ang.. Roanoke ....... Oct. 24
Seattle & Tacoma..... Bu'kman ...... Oft. 24
Balboa ft San Pedro... Kens«s City Oct. 24
Balboa & Manzanillo. .;Ai-apu)ro ..'Oct. 23
lira.vii Harbor ,,...... Norwood ...... .{Oct.; 23
I.os Aussie*....,,...., .Vale ............ Oct. 25
Honolulu ,......[Sierra ......... Oct. 25 1
Puget Sound .......... City of l'uebla.. Oct. 25 I
*an Dletro & Loe Ang. . President 'Oct. 25
Li!parai>o Stratndon ......iOct.;25 '
Angela .'.,.,,,... Araloq ,.,..... Oct. 25
fort Bragg. , ,Bn:asW!ck .....Oct. 26 i
San I>i-Ko i Los Aojt • Harvard ....... Oct. 26 •
Honolulu .......... • '- . .1 Virgfnian .. Oct. 20 j
Portland & Astoria .. Bear Oct. »
I.a, Angeles .....lBeaver •,...,..; Oct..2«
Portland & Astoria. .. . ! <;«=o. W. EMer. . Oct. 1 26
l«j liAtV
"l»:itc ! Sf-,■'>•-' ' I Destination Sa'is 'pier
Oct. 2o;Kurelca .......(Monterey ...; 6 pmj 13
Oct. 20 1'isoeaJx ...... (Los Angelas. 2pra l!i
Oct. 20 Cbehall* ......(Grays Harbor 10 am ....
Oct. -'" F. A. KUbara..!Hninboldt . .110 am 13
Oct. SOIPoino ......... Point Arena.] « pm 1 8
Oct. 21 Workman (Victoria .... 5 pia ....
Oct. 21 laqna .........illamtoldt ..; 0 am 51
Oct. l , ; Fort Uracjc ...'Los Angele*. 11 em 4
Oct. ZtjTahee ......... [Portland ,..J12; « la
Oct. aiiAvaloo .". ILos Angeles, a pm 10
Oct. 2t Arctic ........|Vort Br»FB..la |. in ! «
Oct. 21,Santa Barbara.|I,-w Angeles.II pm 16
Oct. 21 Vale ......,,.. >■"* Angel**. | 4 pnj 7
Oct. 21|President ....... Sen Diego...! 2 pm 9
Oct. 22 PenneylTaoi* . . ;i!altvia ,,.., 12 m 42
Oct. 22 Krapkuiouut ...Dunkirk ■::"... .... j ....
Oct. 22, Santa Clare .,. i<o* Augeleti 2 pro t -13.
Oct. 22 r-oiiopjn ,..,.%, Sydney ...I , . 2 pm! 21
Oct. 23 Rose City ..... Portland ... 12 m 40
Oct. 22't'matilla ,,.,.• :Pu»:et Soijnd.; 2 pm 9
Oc*. 2?.JNortbl«n<J --..... Lea Angeles. 2 pmj lt>
Oct. -23 Homer ....,., .Coos Pay .. 5 pm Iβ
Oct. 23 City of Topeka.lHumboUU .. 12 >q 11
Oct. 2.1Santa Moqica.-lGrayp Harbor 1 pm ...;
(ii 23 f WMatnett* . Port land ... 1 pm 51
Oct. 23[Jim Butler ...{Portland ... 5 pai 27
Oct. 23 Coos Buy .....|Pt. Jinn Lute. 4 puii 11
Oct. 23,'Se« Foaui ... :Mend»ci!!(> .. 4 pm 4
Oct. 23Brun»p|ck — Fort Bragg.. 3 ptn 8
Oct. 23!HarTard ...... san Diecor., 4 prat ' T
Oct. 23 Wilhelmlna .... Honolulu ... 12 ml 38
Oct. 23;Watson ....... F*f** Sonnd. 3 pmj 10
Oct. 23|BcaTer ........ Los Angeles. 11 am 40
Oct. 24;Klanjatl» .. il/OS Angeles. ; 2 pm 1 ."•!
Ort 24jKochflle . '. !Portland ... -> pm] Iβ
Oct. 24 Queen %......-: |san Diego... tl-em «
Oct. 24 Missourian r...|Salina erne.. 10 am 27
Oct. 24!Chas. Nelt>on-..iPuget Sound.; H pm S3
Oct. 25:Norwood ...... Los ..Angeles.I. 2 pui ....
ipct. 2S IL. Luckeiibuv*.. Balboa *•".••• ,12 in 36
> t. 25'Ro.inokt ...... Portlands...{10 am 13
"Oct. 23 Yale .,..-.' .. !<«n Diego...; 4 pin . «
Oct. 29 1 City of Syfinpy. Balboa ...., 42 m 42 4
Oct. 2e;Vao*uard ..-.-;.. Humboldt;'.'.. 2 pm 19 *
Oct. 2»i;Ourn«ae ....... Xan : Pedro... 4 pm 11 '■:
Oct. ?« naj-Turd ...... Anteeles. 4 prni .
Oct.' 2*8:b«riA ........|Hongkong ... 1 pm -12
Oct. - 2*' Koterwiee ...'. lllilt, ........ 12 « :w
Oct. 2*Pre*ident ... •. IM?et Sound. 2 pm »
Oct. 2« ! G*o. W. Elder. San Diego.".. 7 pmj 13
Oct.:Seila*oa'i;'."..*.;;. Guaymas ...| .... [ 12
■■;>.-, ■•■ ■ . ■ ■■•- • . -., .'. i : • ■ ■■■. ■"•. . ■ : ,
These reports are received directly- from -ha Pacific eoaat atatioas of the
Marcool Wireless company I
Friday. October 18.
STEAMER NORWOOD—Hence Oct. 1G for Grays
Harbor: 8 p. m.. 10 miles north of rwpq.ua
river: strong sout'i wind; squally and heavy
for San Francisco: 9 p. in.. 455 milea south of
San Frunclsco; al! well.
STEAMER MAVERICK -From El Segundo for
Honolulu; midnight. 962 miles from El Se
STEAMER ASUNCION- From Cordova for San
Francisco: 8 p. ni., ;»90 miles from Son Fran
STEAMER HONOLULAN- From Honolulu for
San Francisco; s p. m.. 1.380 miles from San
Frcm-isco lightship; moderate northeast wind;
rough sea.
STEAMER HYADES- Hence Oct. 17 for Seattle;
8 p. m.. 2 miles off Blunts reef lightship: mod
erate northwest wind; long northwest swell;
all well.
STEAMER MAVERICK—From El Serundo for
Honolulu; mtdßi.hr. _6- miles off El Se
gundo: weather clgudy.
Port San Luis: 8 p. _*~ 890 miles off Port San
STEAMER J. A. CHANSLOR—From Portland for
Monterey; b p. •*»., 76 miles north of Point
J-fhnclsco: 8 p. m.. 575 miles off San Fran
cisco; cloudy; north wind; moderate sea.
Saturday. October 19.
STEAMER 3. 3. LOGGIE—From Eureka for San
Pedro: went ashore at 2 o'clock this morning
one mile south of Point Arcuello: all of crew
rescued: crew, except one nian, who la ashore
at Point Arcuello station, on board steamer
Riverside, from San Pedro for Ban Francisco:
vessel and cargo total loss; broke in two. one
half on one side ef the point and the other
half on the opposite side.
FIBBKA. Oct. 19-
11:15 a. m.
STEAMER NAVAJO—IO a. m., 50 miles south
of Eureka.
STEAMER ASUNCION-12 m.. 227 miles north
of San Francisco.
STEAMER OLEUM -12 m.. 350 miles north of
Ssn Francisco.
STEAMER REDONDO—IO a. nv. off Rogue
Destination i Steamer i Date
Skagwav „ Wav Ports. Humbcldt : oct. 19
Valdea & Seward Ad. Sampson |oct. 2fi
i?kagway A Way Port*.;DolpMn JOct. 2D
Skaswav & War Ports, riookanc ! <»ct. 23
Sun, >!oon and Tide
United States coast and geodetic survey—-Tiase
and heights of tides at Fort Point. For city
front (Mission street wharfi. add 35 tniootes.
Sun rises S-H
"Sun sets _:2fi
Maaa sets 12:47 a. m.
Full moon October 25, at 6:21 p. m.
30..I 0:57 0.0 _:__{
21.-1 1:42: 1.0' »;«3|
22.. 2-7' 1.2' 0:10
2S..I 1:05 LSI 8:37
24.. 8:30; l.ti ___»]
35.. 4:1.'! !.«* 10:31
•'<• 4:49 2.2-10:49!
i 4.81 ]:.'.», 3-0 7:33i 4.3
5.0 2:3* 2.5 1 8:29 4.5
5.l! 3:11' J.9| 9:18 4.5
S.fj! .:45i 1.3 9:58 4.7
' 5.4 4:14 0,_!lO:4« 4.T
: 5.5 4:50' 0.-11:35 4.7
| R-TJ 5:30 —0.2'
_».. •* .-tit „._u*-:i-|
Tin,* Rail
United States Branch U.vdrographic Office. Mer
chants' Exchange. San Francisco, October
io. mi 2.
The time ball on the reof of tbe Fairmont hotel ;
was dropped today exactly at noon. Pacific stand
ard time (120 th meridian), or at Bh. 00m. 00s. I
tireeuwicb mean time.
r >;ttcn.tnt. I. S. N.. In Charge.
U. S. Branch Hvdros.apfeic Office
A branch of the I nit en Mates nvoroj-rapntc
nf-ce. located in tbe Merebapts' Exchange, Is
maintained In San Franciac© for the benefit of
mariners, without regard to nationality apd free
of expense. Navigators ere cordially Invited to
visit the office, where a complete set of chsrts
snd sailing directions of the world are kept at
hand for comparison snd reference, snd the latest
information can always be obtained regarding
lights-, dangers to navigation and matters of In
terest to ocean commerce.
Lieutenant. U. S. ML, in Charge.
Saturday-, October 10.
2 a. m.. stmr Atlas, Smith. — hours Iron-
Seattle: ballast to Standard OU company, with
barer*- O.i la tow: up river direct.
2 a. m., bsrge 93. Kirkwood. — hows frotn
Seattle; ballast to Standard Oil companj-. In tow
stmr Atlas; up river direct.
3:15 a. m., Br stmr Workman. Booth. 02 days
from Antwerp, vi* Honolulu 14 days, via San
Pedro u6 hours; merchandise to Balfour, Guthrie
_ Co.
4 a, m-. stmr Vangusrd. Odtand. 28 hours
from Hueueme; 5,000 sack, beana to E. J. Dodge
& Co.
4:25 a. m . stmr Eureka, Wsyland. TU hours
from Port Watsonville: passengers and merchan
dise to South Coast Steamship company.
5:15 s. m-. s'mr Whitesboro. Frederickson. If?
hours from Oreenwood: ir.0.000 feet lumber. 50
cords bark to L. F. Whit- Lumber company.
5:3. a. m.. stmr National City. Bostrom. 14
ho.irs from Fort Brag-; 300,000 feet lumber to
Union Lumber compsnv.
7:25 a. m.. stmr Roanoke, Pnrrington. fiO hours
frmu Portland, via Astoria 4S ho'trs: passengers
anl merchandise to North Pad-" Steamship com
7.40 a. m.. stmr Rninswl<*k. Wshlgren. 14
hours from Fort Bragg; 440.000 feet lumber to
Union Lumber company.
0:10 a. **~ stmr Hsrvnrd. Jrpsen. 17 hours 38
minute, from San Pedro; passengers and mer
chandise \o Pacific Navigation company.
0:20 a. m.. 6hlr. Star of Scotland. Larsen. 10
dnvs 22 honr« from I.srsen Bay: 44.000 cases
salmon to Alaska Packers' association.
10:15 s. m.. stmr Pasadena. M'-Govern. 17
hours from Albion: 330.000 feet lumber to Albion
Lumber company.
11 .V> a. in., stmr Doris. OKen. •*.« hours from
Santa Barbara; ballast to F. T. Krti*e.
11:309. ro.. sehr Fred E. Sander. Ekrem. 8
isys from Everett; l_M* poler to R. B. Pwayne.
12 m.. stmr F. A. Kllburn. Mcl-el!*". 21 hours
from Fureka; passenaeri- and merchandise to
Nor'h Pacific Steamship- company.
2:33 p. m.. stmr I'nimak. Hansen, 10 days .".
hours from Kodiak; ballnst to Alaska Packers'
2:40 p. m., slm- Geor.e Phillip*. fr<*m
Ventura; oil to Standard Oil company; up river
_:SQ p. m.. I*. S- slmr Maryland. Elliott, ft
days from Bremerton via Por; Watsonville; up
river direct.
.1:30 p. PS-. stmr Curacao. Harris. MM-j hetjr«
ii Pedro vis way ports: merchandise to
Pto-iSc coast Sieemsblp company.
4 p. in., hark R. P. Ritbet. Nil»«n. 2* days
from Hoiolulo: .V 9415 bags sugar to Matson Navi
gation company
4 p. tu.. stmr Mandnlsv. I.ofsirom, 47 ho>irs
from Sun Pc4wt: _-llaat to Hohh*. Wall A Co.
4:!0 p. m.. barcp 01. Monroe. :i days from As
toria: ballast to Standard Oil company; up river
direct; in tow tug Herci.-les.
4:15 p. m.. bktn Fitllerton. Fielden. 22 hours
from Port San Luis: oil to I'nion oil company,
in tew tug Dauntless: up river dire.-t.
Saturday, October 10.
Stmr F. S. Loop, Lancaster. Vancouver; Loop
Lutnler company.
Stmr Nebraska!-. Knight. Selln* Crua; Wil
liams, limr.n.l A Co.
Bktn S. N. Castle. Nielsen. Papeete via Mar
quesas; George A. Moore A Co,
Stmr Governor. foustua, geottl?: Pacific toast
Steamship '-on-jiany
Stmr North Fork. Nelson, Eureka; the Charles
Nelson company.
-'rat Tsurugisan Maru, Nakagawa. Port
land. Ore.: Mitsui company.
Stmr Carlos. Hansen, Portland; Olson A Ma
Stmr Harvard. Jepsea, San Pedro; Pacific
Navigation compaiy.
Stmr Yukon. Brennan. Seattle; Alaska Pacifte
Steamship company.
Friday. October IS.
1:30 a. «n., stmr Whlttter, Zolling. Port San
Saturday. October 19.
4 2-' a. m.. stmr Hornet. Marsen, Seattle.
SvSO a. ns.. stmr Vcoetia. Thompson. San
2 p. tn., -*>P s'tnt Shinyo Mam, Smith. Hong
kong, etc. via Honolulu.
2:20 p. in., .stmr Governor, Cousins, Seattle
and I'uget round ports.
2.2' ip. st,' stmr Westerjer, Kelly, Grjy-i
4 p. in., stmr Yukon. Brennan, Seattle and Ta
4 p. m., stmr N>braskan, Knight. Satins Crus.
4:15 p. «_.. stmr Harvard, Jepaeu, San Pedro.
4:20 p.' ni., -tiur G. C. Liudauer, Sandtnan.
Ofays Harbor.
4:53 p. _:., ;-tmr Daisy Mitchell. Smith. Qrajs
|:_5 p. m.. stmr Vangusrd. Odtand, Eureka.
6 p. in., etrur Centralia, Carlsen, Grays Har
8:13 p. m.. sitnr Deris. Olsen. Willapa harbor.
t.:4u p. iv., stmr Brooklyn, Svensea. Coquille
—^—— -. - .
STEAMER NANN SMITH—I2:3O p. m.. eft*
Blunts reef.
STEAMER GEO. W. ELDER—I p. ra.. 8 miles
north of Northwest Sfecl rock
BTEAMER ALLIANCE-Barboond outside.
j BTEAMER CATANIA—4 p. m.. 346 miles north
of San Francisco.
STEAMER SAN 70BE —g p. «n.. 1,327 miles from
Ran Francisco.
STEAMER TALE—Passed Point I_*ma at T:45
P- ai-
at midnight. o't. 19.
SEATTLE. Oct. 19.
STEAMER MR-GO-Off Smith island at 6
p. iv.
6TZAMXR EDITH—Off Part. Crescent at 7p. m.
STEAMER V'ASTTENAW—I4 miles from Van
couver at ?_n {i. m.
Taeoma at 1 p. ai.
ASTORIA. Oct. 19.
Tillamook light at S p. m.
i STEAMER PRESIDENT—9 miles south of Cape
Blanco at I p. m.: due San Francisco 6p. m.,
Oct. 2ft.
STEAMER MARIPOSA—Left Ketchikan st noon
for Juneau.
STEAMER ASTTNCION—S p. m.. 140 miles from
San Francisco; clear; light northwest wind and
STEAMER NANN SMITH—* p. m.. 23 miles
nortb of Point Arena.
STEAMER W. S. PORTER—<* p. m.. 80 miles
north of Ssn Francisco: moderate northwest
breeze: heavy westerly swell; barometer 30.02;
temperature 50.
STEAMER W. T. HERRIN— H p. m.. 01 milts
south of stan Francisco; baiy weather; north
west wind and sea.
! STEAMER HYADES—7 p. m.. 10 miles off Point
Jleoeta; moderate northwest wind; light head
«««; long westerly swell: all well.
| STEAMER GOVERNOR—* p. m., 23 miles off
St. Helena.
STEAMER YUKON—7 p. m., 5 miles south ef
Point Reyea.
i BTEAMER UMATILLA—B p. m.. 20 miles north
of Point Reyes; arrive midnight.
j STEAMER HARVARD—«:SO p. m.. passed rig
i-on point; clear; light northwest breeze and
1 sea.
7:10 p. m., stmr Excelsior, ffundberg. Eure.a,
7:50 p. ro., stmr Oarloa. Hanson. Portland.
5:23 p. w., stmr North Fork. Nelson, Eureka.
8:SO p. m., stmr Daisy Gads.*-, Deritt. Will
8:40 p. m.. star F. S. Loop. Lancaster, Van
o:''s p. m.. stmr Roanoke, Purrlngtoo, San
| Pedro. .
9:os p. »., stmr Novo. Matsen, Union Landing.
Ter ship Star of Scotland—Oct. 14. 10 a. »..
latitude 44:48 north, longitude. 133:35 west, ship
fctar of Holland, from Karluk for San Francisco.
Sehr fr«(j c. Sunder—Oct. 16, latitude 40
north, longitude 140 sehr A. M. Baiter,
fron) Grays Harbor for 1-eb'i.
o«,-..- ._ TELEGRAPHIC
Pf»l>T LOBOS, Oct. 19, 10 p. m.—Weather
foggy; wind NX: velocity 10 rollea an hour.
PARALLONES. Oct. 19. ft a. m.—Clear; wind
NW: velocity 16 miles an hoor.
POINT LOBOS. Oct. 19. 9 a. ra.— Hazy; wind
NW; velority 10 miles an honr.
POINT REYES. -Vt. 19, | a. ra.—Clear; wind
NTo : Telocity - - miles an hour.
POINT LOBOS. Oct. J9. 12 ip—Hasy; wind
NW; Telocity 12 miles an bour.
SAN' DlEGO—Arrived Oct. 19—Stair Willam
ette, from San Pacro.
J Railed Oct. 10—Strors lao.ua, Jim Botler and
Rainier, for San Francisco.
GREENWOOi>-#all-d Oct. 19—Stmr Alcstras.
for San Pedro.
TACOM A—Arrived Oct. 19-Stmr Ruekmea.
from Seattle: Jnp stmr Canada Mam. from Vic
toria; selir E K. Wood, from Hfio; Nor stmr
Cuzeo. from Victoria; stmr City of Puet>la, from
Seattle. ,
Sailed Oct. 19—Stmr City of Puebla. for Se
SEATTLE-Arrived Oct. 19. Ip. m.~Rr stmr
Maratna. from Vancouver; 0:30 a. in., stmr Cor
dova, from Cordova, etc.; 4 p. m.. stmr Al Ki.
from Sitka, etc.: 5:30 p. m.. stmr Argyll, hence
Oct. 15: ablp A. J. Fuller, from Uyak; brig
Harriot G. from Port Ha.den.
Sailed Oct. 18, 11:30 8 . m.—Stmr Dlrlro. for
SVagway: J p. m., stmr Edith, stmr Leelanaw.
for S.-irj Francisco.
EAGLE HARBOR--Sailed Oct. 19—Sehr Albert
Merer, for San OJepo.
PORT TOWN-END— Arrived Oct. Ift—Brig
Harriet G. from Be-in. sea; sehr James H.
Bruce, hence Oct. 9.
Passed Jn Oct. Ift—Snip A. J. ruller. from
lyak for Seattle.
TATOOSH—Passed Oct. l«. 6:10 p. m.—Stmr
President, from Seattle for San Francisco. Oct.
19. 6:30 a. m.—Stmr Melville Dollar, from Ta
eoma for San Dlegn.
NEAIjI BAY—Anchored Oct. I9~_ehr Forest
Home, hence Oct. S for Bfllinghgm.
PORT CRESCENT—Passed Oct. 19, 9:15 a. m.
Stmr Washtenaw, from Port San Luis for Van
■*oiiT#r; 0:30 a, m . stmr Argyll, hence Oct. 15
for Seattle.
PORT SAN LdS—Arrlyed Oct. 19—-Stmr Riv
erside, from San Pedro; 6:30 a. m.. stmr Santa
riara. from Kan Pedro; 6 p, n--. stmr Whittler.
hence Oct. IS,
Sailed Oct. l», 3 s. m.— Stmr Coos Bay, for
San Francisco; 7 p. to., stmr Ws. F. Herrin, for
: .:«■> p. m.. stmr Sinta Clara, for San
Francisco; 10 p. m.. stmr Rlverslija. foj* San
Francisco; 9 p. m,. stmr Whittler. for San Fran
SOUTH REND—Arrived Oct. 19—Stmr Gray
wood, from Seattle.
SEWARD—SaiIed Oct. 19—Stmr Alameda, for
SKAGWAY-Sailed Oct. 19—Stmrs Spokane
and Jefferson, for Seattle.
ASTORlA—Arrived Oct. 19. 7 a. m—Stmr
Bear, hence Oct! 17.
Arrived Oct. 19, il a. rn.~-.stmr Klamath,
hence Oct, 16,
Sailed Oct, 19, 7 p. m.—Stmr Beaver, for Sap
cons BAY -Sailed Oct. 19. 4:40 p. m.—Stmr
BreaUwnter, for Astoria.
EUREKA—Arriv I Oct. 19, 11 a. m.—Stmr
City of Tooeka. hence Oct. IS.
Barbotind Oct. 19 —Stmrs Despatch. Ravalli,
Acme. Washington, Phoepl. and Mayfatr. for
San Francisco; stnirs Welleeley snd Bowdoiu for
San Pedro.
Barbotind outside Oct. 19—Stmr Point Arena,
hence 0-t. 17: stmr Alliance, from Portland via
Cen« Bar.
WHALE BAY .BarebotT island)— Sailed Oct.
I—Sehr Allen A. for San Francisco.
EAST SAN PEDROT-Sailed Oct. IS, midnight
—Stmr General Hnhherd. for Eureka,
POINT LOBOS—Passed 0"r. 19, 7 a. m.--Stmr
Olympic, from San Pedro for Coi-imbls riyar.
FARALLONFS—Passed Oct. 19, 1 p. m.—Tbrea
masted hark, bound in.
nONOLl'LT*—Sailed Oct. 19. 1 p. m.—Stmr
Sierra, for San Franet«co.
NEW YORK—Sailed Oct. .g~Br a»mr Dorothy,
PHILADELPHIA—Arrived Oct. IS—Stmr Ken
tucfcisn. from Puerto Megieo,
stmr Condor, from Callao for , ■*■—*-♦
VICTORIA—Arrived Oct. 19—Nor bark Lady
ElisslH.ih. from l„>* Viljos. *
GIBRALTAR—Passed Oct. 19—Br stmr Len
nox, from Jioilo for Krw York
Passed Oct. IS—Br stmr Poleric, from New
}ork for Manila. mwm
lUttU}' tktSsi Oct. IS—Br stmr Inverkip. for
Nfw i ork.
ANTOFAGASTA—Arrived Oct. 9—Ger ship
r_r_*S*_ A _7*_ < -' p * P.**?*" 1 * "* rA »»mbla rlrer
( ALETA Bl KNA—Arrived Oct. 7—Br stmr
Falls of Orehv. from Newcastle ___
HONGKONG-Arrived Oct. 17-Br stmr Em
press of India, from Victoria.
MOLLENDO— Arrived prior Oct. IS—Br stair
Trojan, from New York.
NEWCASTLE (Aus.) —Arrived prior Oct 11—
Rn«s bark Professor Koch, from Breman
YOKOHAMA -Arrived Oct. 14—Jap stmr Ten
yo Mam. hence Sept. _7 via Honolulu.
Sailed Oct. 17—Br §tmr Keemun. for Pueet
sound. "
NEW YORK -Arrived Oct. 19—Stmr _a Ba
vole, from Havre; stmr Bait*'* from Liverpool
Sailed Oct. *9-~Stmr St. Paul, for Southamp
ton: atmr Pnns Frledrich Wilhelm. for Bremen
stmr Caronla. for Liverpool: stmr Vaderland for
Antwerp: stmr Prlnr.»ss Irene, for Naples- stmr
rioveiand. for Madeira: stmr Minneapolis, for
London. *
SOTTHAMPTON-galled O.'t. 19—Stmr St
Lonls. for New York. ■
CHRJSTIANSAND—SaiIed Oct. 19—Stmr Unit
ed States, from Coponlisgen for New York
i Date
Stmr Oaroino, from I*«vtlan<l ror gan Francisco
with W> passengers, lost wheel at B-.iO this
morning in latitude d4:l north. Irmjinide 184-5_
west; wants esaifitanee immediately. Advices
frora Portland state v**_sel has been pfoked up
and la being towed te B_p Francisco; stmr Wat
son standing by this motnlna; efforts are being
made to intercept the revenue cutter MefJullorh
bound from Seattle for San Francisco and have
it go to assistance of stmr Camino; tug Tatoosh
or n_r Gollab has been ordered from folumbla
river ami tntr Gleaner from Umpqua to assist
apee «f the vessel.
Stmr Watson, from Seattle for San Francisco,
has picked up disabled stmr ('ammo and is towing
it to S«n Francisco; tug Goliah la on the way t_
SOITH BEN*n (Wash.), Oct 18.—Sehr D#B
-ance from San Francisco Sept. 28 for Willapa
-arbor, stranded Inside Willapa bay on Empire
epit; itood prospect to take schooner off.
PORT SAN LUIS. Oct. 19.—Strar Riverside
arrived here today with crew of «t»r J, J. Log
gia, numbering 18 men and officers.
PORTLAND. Oct. 19— River stmr Lurllne col
lided with barge near Rainier last night and be
gan sinking; was beached in shallow water at
the month of Ce-wlirn river; extent of damage
Historic Book Bears Bullet Hole
on Cover
COLUMBIA. Mo., Oct. 19. —A dlctlon-
an- which belonged to Abraham "Lin
coln has Just been given to the State
Historical Society of Missouri by W. W.
Glass, a retired farmer of Maryvtlle,
Mo. The book Is called "An Univer
sal* Etymological English Dictionary
and Interpreter of Hard Words." A
bullet hole can be seen plainly In the
cover. On the flyleaf are the names of
members of the Lincoln family who
owned It at different times, Including
"A. Lincoln" and "Thomas Lincoln."
Thomas Lincoln was the father of the
martyred president. The book was
found In the attic of an old log house
on a farm in Hancock county. Illinois.
Glass bought the farm in 1879. On
adjoining farms there lived three old
bachelor cousins of Abraham Lincoln,
and these men used to exchange books
with the man from whom Glass bou„ht
the farm. The book went out of the
possession of the Lincoln family In this
OAKLAND, Oct. 19.—The following
program will be given by the Oakland
Park ban 4at Lakeaide park tomorrow
afternoon, commencing at 2 o'clock:
March, "The Knockers* Clnb" *«". E. Strong
Overture. "College Songs" Theodore Moses
Waltz. "Andalusi-n Dream of Love"
Carl Friedman
(s) Internaesao, "I Pagllacci" R. Leoncavallo
(By requeat)
(b) "The Roaary" Ethelbert Nevln
(By request!
Ornnd selection, '•Carmen" O, Bizet
Overture. "Felsenmuhle" (**Tbe Mill On the
Cliff") Relsslger
Paraphrase. "Schubert's Serenade"
, Arranged by Karl Horat
(By request)
"Woodland** Oastav Luedere
"Indian War Dance" Flcr-nan Bellstedt
"Grand American Fantasie" Victor Herbert
SAN DIEQO /^_*__%S
EUREKA ( a nß_r_ln
Berth and Meals ln.eln.HeH \n Ftrf
Lost Ani-elea. San Die-to. "Santa Barbara
President or Governor Every Monday, - p. m.
•Queen g-eery Thnreday, 11 a. au
•Ooly steamer calling at Santa Barbara.
Seattle (Direct), Taeoma. Iswomi,
Victoria, Vaaeo-ver, Alaska
President er Governor.. -rvery Sstnrdajr. -• P. ■•
Oty of PuebU er U»B tIU. .Brery T_ea.. 2 p. n».
Eureka t Hs.int»«ldt Bar)
Tepek#..Oct. 18. 23, 27; Soy. I. o, 10, 13 noon
Alaska Cruises, 1918, Lea*fe Seattle
Spo_an»..une 18: July 2. 18. 30: Aog. 30. 10 p.m.
Nome. St. Mlehael (Direct).
Sailings for Seasen lfllS will ha annoo-ced later.
Right reserved to change th!« sched-le.
TICKZT OrriCES— Palace Hotel. 653 Market St.,
1« Market st. and Broadway Wharf.
Telephone Kearny 498.
OAKLANT*— 1-M Broadway. Tel. Oakland 5-SO.
BERKELEY—2I2S Shattuek ay. Tel. Rerfc. 44. |
C. D. DL'NANN. Passepger Traffic Manager. j
Sails 12 noon Sails 11 a. _).
2_r| ______T____ ° Ct '
____ _____ Flr«t
A\^ m mm \ m W m m m^ m JL * s7 ''
r '"*s ___ 2il
$8.00 _fl_ksl»XM^_t-S]BMB__ S ''
BERTH and MEALS Inclotis-.
The Saa Fva»tei»eo -t Port!a„d 8. 8. Co.
A. OTTINGBR, Genersi Agent.
Tkt. offleo, 722 Mkt. op. Call; tel. Sutter _R*4
R-Cast at. opp. Ferry bld„.; tel. Sutter 2542
Berk"tey office, 2105 S'.iattuok; tel. J*«rk. 531
ftaframento, .las. Warraek. 804 X st.
6.8. 8-layo Rant (nev*>..
-*tu!-av. Oe.t_.er 19, t.«
8. 8 Ohiyo Mart <*ria Manila direct)
Friday. November 11. 1913
S. 8. Nippon Mam Mnt<*n-e-late service saleos
aeeomtnodetions at reduce*! rates)
Saturday, December 7, 1913
S. 8. Ten-e Mam Friday, Deeennlier 13. 1913
Steamers s.ill from company's pier. No. 34.
near foot ot flraonau st st 1 p. m. for Totto
hama and Hooekons. <*»llir»_ «r Honolulu. Hope
(Woeo) apd Nasrssa.l and Rbanehsl. snd eof
neHinf st HcmgV:on* with steamers for Manlls.
India, etc. No ear-o receive* o n board on day
of sailing- Round trip tickets at reduced rate*
For freif'pt and passage apply at office, fourth
Boor. Western Metropolis National Fh-,1- build
in*. «25 Market at. TV. H. AVERY.
Assistant General Manaeer
"chuantepec Route
R'SVlftr *■»*♦ F*r*l*l|. frrwit-s,
.ailing/ from New York -very six days,
making direct connections with Pacific
eteamers eailins: from Salina Crua.
Meg,, every si* days for Sjn Francisco.
TORK. Also to Mexican ana all prin
cipal l-uropaan ports under througb
ratea and through bills of lading. Sail
ings from Ban Francisco every ia days.
For rates and further particulars sip
eral Agent*. 8 Bridge street. New
Genera! Agents. PaHfle Coast.
810 Sanaome St.. San Franciac-.
Oil/Ma-.! i» nays «w A untralla
Splendid steamera (10,000 tons). Sonoma sails
Oct. _2. Ventura. No». J», and every 28 days
for HfINOLITLU. P*Nao FANGO 'Samoa* and
SYDNEY, -f-osr ratee. Round World. $60. Brst
class, $375 8d claas, via Ceylon. I_ypt, Italy,
etc. Btep»vers-
BOVOULU $l!0A7Jl-_S'vw. etc
673 MAEKET BT>E*CT. Fhene Sutter 648.
and* IN©w -Zealand
S. 8. AORAhGI tons* sails 11 a. tq., Nov
13; S. S. TAHITI (12.000 torn) -ail* 11 i. _
Dec. 11. And every 2S days thereafter. '"
H-qnb. ,OLf H* Oaa. Agta., 310 Cal, st.
Ticket Office, 878 Market at.} tal. Pogylaa 3100.
HAIUnI 111 11 8 - *%.. WILHELMINA _ai^.
HONOLULU ss_,"SU*A •__•*__
LINE sail* Not. 13. Nev steamera. i_,__o
tons displacement. Leave pier N_. j_ t _«
e'eloc- noon. K-und trip, 8110 and up. _t_-tci
atrviee to the voice--.
864 Market itraet. 8«a rraaawM, .
Realty Firm's Action in Deeding
Lands for Station Saves
Municipality $50,000
An agreement that will mean much
in the saving of time In beginning
work on the Twin Peaks tunnel and
that will effect a saving to the city of
approximately $60,000 in the cost of
the great bore, was reached yesterday
when the Newell-Murdoch company, the
realty firm controlling the Forest Hill
tract, completed negotiations to deed
over to the city free of cost 81 build
ing lots In Forest HIU southwest of
Twin Peaks.
It was anounced yesterday that the |
deeds to the city for thi- property will
be signed and delivered tomorrow.
Three of the lots are at the southwest
ern portal of the tunnel, and give the
city all the land needed for the portal
and approach.
The remaining IS lots are at Seventh
avenue and Dewey boulevard, where
the Lag-una Honda station, a* proposed
in the Blon Arnold tunnel plans, is to
be located.
Here, according* to the Arnold plans,
there will be a station connected by
stairs with the tunnel below, while the
proposed Seventh avenue surface ex
tension of the municipal railway will
pass through the station !n a deep,
concrete lined cut.
The 18 lots to be deeded to the city
at this point provide all the necessary
land for this station and the various
stairways and approaches connecting
the station with the surface line and
the tunnel below. The 21 lots to be
turned over to the city by the Newell-
Murdoch company vary In frontage
from 35 to 60 feet, and their combined
value Is estimated at $50,000.
Both the southwest portal and the
Laguna Honda station, as planned,
came within the Forest Hill tract, and
Through tho
Tlie -Tannnaa-Paolflc" Express and
The --!!»_'- Mail
Leave and are due to arrive Union
Ferry Depot from June 9. 1912
I-eave Through Trains Arrive
9:10 a -alt Lake. Denver Omaha. Chicago,
Kansas City. St. f-ouia 8:45 a
7:89p Belt Lake, Denver. Omaha, Chicago,
Kansas City. St. Louis 8:80 a
8:10 a Sacrsmento 8:S0a
7:30. .- do B:4Sp
9:10 a Stockton 8:80*
4:10p do 10:20 a
7:30. do 8:4.5.
Through Standard snd Tourist Sleeplna Cars »la
Dn. At Rio Grande and Burllngtea Rowte, via
Pjn. A Rio Grande and Rock Island Llnea. via
Den. * Rio Grande and Missouri Paclflc
Through trains. Observation Cars. Dining Cars.
Electric Lights and Eleetrfe Fans.
,it-jffS-M?\ Schedule Effective
July 1, 1912
Leave I 'VIA SAUSALITO jArriv-
I6:4oa,Petaluma, Hanta Rosa. Guerneville,
I Duncan Mill". Ca-adero t f :o i p
7:lsalSonoma, Glen Ellen 6:OS P
7-.4-P, Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Healds-
I burg Cloverdale. Ukiah. Wllllts.
j Longvale, •Sebaetopol 7.03p
S.loa'rr. Reyea. Camp Meeker. Monte
I Rio. Duncan Mills. Caaadero 7:33p
B:4sa'Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Guerne-
I vllle, Mcnjte Rio, Duncan Mills.
i Caaadero __**£__
J9:lsa!Sonoma, Glen Ellen I_ : XV P
tft:lsaiLagunltas, Point Reyes l_:O0p
10:45 a Petaluma. Santa Rosa, Healds
burg (to Sopotea and Glen Ellen
week days only) 3:05p
-:43p Tetaluma, Santa Rosa. Guerne
viile. Monte Rio. Duncan Mills.- 10:33 a
.2:4spiPoint Reyes. Camp Meeker. Monte|
Rio, Duncan Mills. Casadero f10:35a
3:lsp|Petaluma, Santa Roaa. Healds-!
1 bnrg, Cloverdale, Uklab. Wil-
I lite. ••Sebaatopol 1 - :S >_ a
| 4:4Bp]Sonoroa. Glen Ellen 8:30 a
5:15p Petaluma. Santa Roaa, Healds-
I burg t 9:05 a
+R:l3p ! Pt. Reyes (Sundays 7:1.1 p. m.i..! 8:33 a
Sausalito, Mill Valley. San Rafael—Daily
every 30 minutes from 0:45 a, m. until 9:43
a. ra.; hourly until 2:15 p. m., then 8:15 p. m.
and every 30 ralnnteg until T:45, then 9:16.
I0:4r. p. m. and 12:15 a. m. (On Snndaye in
addition—Every 30 minutes from 9:45 c. m. to
3:15 p. m., except .15 p. m.)
Fairfax—Leaves ft!-*-.. 7:18, 7:45. 8:13. 8:45.
0:1.-.. 9:45. 110:13. 10:45, 111:13. 11 43 a. as.;
112:15. 12:45. 11:13. 1:43, 2:43. S;l5, 3:415, 4:15.
4:43, 5:15. 8:4.1. 8:13, 6:43, f7:15, 7:45, 9:15.
10:43 p. m ; 112:15 a. m,
San Qqentin vta San Rafael—Leave dally at
9:13 a. m. and 1:43 p. m.
Tlburon and Belvedere-Daily every hour from
fi:4s a, m. until I:4S p. m.: then *<:15 n. m. and
every hour until 8:13. t-en 7:43, 9:13, 10:45 p. in.
and 12:15 n hi.
•Arrives 7:03 p. m. ••Arrives 10:33 a. m.
tExcept Sundays. ISuadaye only. 18aturdaya
only. JMondays only.
Paclflc Transfer Company's agents are author
ized to check ha-gs„e direct from residence.
™~ union depot, foot or market svasit ,• -
Ba-n-Trip, $l.aO;Csm-nad Trip. $t.90 V
;'* Lt.i-t frutltts ;p U. Its**. ■' I. Is. Mt I-aslpiis -y
Week-ay Saa.ay Weekday San-ay Wee-Jay 5-n-ay
9:4.a 8:45 a t 7:20 a" 11:50*1 7:20* 10:40 a
?:4Ba> 9:45s 1:.Pp11.:SI. : j'jOp 11:40*
*4:45p10:45a _■ 2:40p •: I*sop 4:4fp 1:40p
•>.t.':;-. II 1:45s 1 4:50p 2*.50p * _:3Sp 2:4t0
":..v.. 1:45 P...... " 3:50» ...... 1.40.
•v..--*v:: I 2:46 p...... 4:40pl 4:4t0
•Saturdaysonly, f Monday? only. i **ftMt. Tamalpais only.
- (Raussitto Ferry—Tel. Kearny 4980
Ticket Offices . 687 Market—Tel. Kearny 2751 ;
v* ( 874 Market—Tel. Dourias 4407
General Offee—MiU Valley, Ca!. Tel. Mil I Valley Sub. 81
"Taw. 11 Tsaalpals" irt "Miir I pj" art ilwiii ipsa Ist puts i
ii'ij i_' ■■■■ i ' ■■■ "■' •' -— "'i"''. Be*s-a_aB_ ' ■'--"" ■■ BR
h HIY A>D IXTEHURBAJ. HOUTB8 : ;; .'„••,
M-relaioncrftaVy InrdTVafisJo, Bapa. -U__l.a_
-I Boats leave 7jOO. _:45 a. at. 12*30. 3:20.
f :OO.B_SO p. m. Meals ala Carta. _■ .
Pock and office, North 2nd Ferry B_fl__3&
-.> • fuocaa: Kceras 400.; Goat, c 4708.
-. ' Sailing; every Thursday and Saturday. M
Keerv Tbursdsy st 10 A.lra. «
Prance (new!.. Oct. -1 '', I Prance(aewi.Nov. j2lj {§
La Provence,.J.©*/. v.-.7i* |La Toursiue..Nov. 28 j B
La I_>rraine. .Nov. 14 I La : Proveoce..Dec. :5 ; ■
Every Saturday at 3 p. m. -■ B
La Touraine-Oct. 2*l ? • Mexico .: Nov. 30 : ■
Niagara Nov. *_?■- Niagara Nov. 30 B
Bochatnbean Roehambeeu M
(new) , :-:..'. Nov. 9 ,'.. • (new) Dec. - 7 I
Chicago rr. Nev. 16 Cbiceg* Dec. Ii ■
nr_AzTBJlOB.. __elfle"Coaet Managers. 83. X
{tfs*t-K- Montgomery; street. San ' Ereaeiseo. 51
OABiy SrFick, tra __ae__et btheet. j$
the city engineer's office recently
opened negotiations to secure the
needed land. The immense increase in
property values that will be occasioned
by the opening of the tunnel led the
owners of the big tract to offer the
"land to the city free of cost. All that
remains to carry the deal to comple*
tion will be the turning over of the
deeds and their formal acceptance by
the city.
The conclusion of this agreement
gives the city all the property needed
in connection with the western portion
of the tunnel. It still remains neces
sary for the city, however, to secure
the land needed at the eastern portal,
as this Is in small holdings. Steps have
already been taken to secure this, and
it is believed that mutually satisfactory
prices will be set within a short time
and the property be taken over.
Death Takes Head of San Fran-
Cisco Printing Firm
[Specie/ Dispatch to The Call]
PALO ALTO, Ot. 19.—Edward C.
Hughes, owper of the E. C. .Hughes
Printing company in> Minna street, San
Francisco, and a resident of Palo Alto
for 14 years, died in his home. 969 Uni
versity avenue, at 1 o'clock this morn
ing. He was 53 years old.
Hu_h.es was born in New York No
vember 30, 1848, and came to Califor
nia in 1863. He located in gan Fran
cisco in 1887 and engaged in the print
ins, business. He was in active charge
of the company's affairs until a year
ago. when an affliction of the heart
Last- **) (Foot of Market Street) Arrive
/Subject to change without notice)
2.15 a Niies, Livermare, Tracy, Lathrop,
Stoekton, Lodi, Gait. Elk Grove, I
Bacr__*nto.Ro_>ville,Auburn.C.o-_x 10.40p
2.15 a Sacramento, MarysviUe, Biggs, Chico. 10.40p
6.40 a Richiaond, Port Costa. Martinez. An*
tioch. Bymn Hot Sprinss, Tracy.
Patterson, Newman, Los Banes,
Ingle, Kerm-n, Fresno II i>9p
6.40 a San Leandro, Hayward, Niks, Saa
Jose 6.50s
7498 The Statesman—Richmond, Va'iejo >
Junction, Port Costa, Benicia. Sui- il
sun. Einura, Davie, Sacraj-enu) — 6.5 Dp
7.00 a Elraira. Yacaville, Rumsey 7_R)p
7.20 a Goldfield Pass.—Truckee, Hasen, Wa- .
buska (Yerrington. Hudson). Mine, i
Toaopah, Goldfield, Lews, Keeier.. B.loa
7.20 a Richmond, Port Costa, Beaici-.Suiiun.
Dixon, Sacramento 7_>op
7_Jo_ Roseviile, Marysvilla (Orovilie), Red- •
diag, Duaarauir 10.40p
7-20- Davis, Woodland, Williams, Maxwell, i
Willowe, Hamilton. Corning, Red f
Bluff 7.50p
7.20 a Niies, Pleasanton. Livermore. Tracy,
Lathrop. Stockton (Oakdale), Lodi. I
Sacramento 7_top
7.20 a Tracy. Patterson, Newman, Los Banos, I
Ingle, Kermaa, Fresno 4.30p
7.40 a Richmond, Vallejo, Napa, Calistoga, '
• SanU Rosa, Crockett, Fort Costa.. 6.1 Op
t7.40a Avon, Walnut Creek, San Ramon, I
Livennere t6.50p
B.ooa Newark, West San Jeee, Lea Gatos, |
Wright. Feltoa < Ben Lomond, Boul
der Creek). SanU Crux "-SOp
MOa Port Costa. Martinas, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, (Stockton), Merced,
Bereada, Madera, Fresno, Fowler,
Selma, Traver. Goshen Junction
(Hanford. Armona). Tulare, Bak
erafield 4.308
8.40 a VisaJia, Lindsay. Porterville, Ducor.. 7.1 Op
8.40 a Yosemite Valley via Merced 4.30p
9.00 a Irviagtoa, Saa Joae 7.30p
9.00 a Niies. Pleasanton, Livermore. Stoek
ton i•Milton), Valley Spring, lone, I
Sacramento 4.30p
9.00 a Tuoljmne.Sonora, Jamestown, Angels 2.50p
9.00 a Atlantic Express—Sacramento, True- j
kee. Ogden, Salt Lake City, Denver, I
Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago 9.30p
9.00 a Tonopab-Goldneld Standard Sleepet,. B.los
9.00 a Vallejo Junction, Vallejo { 7^soJ
9.40 a Richmond. Saa Pablo, Pinole. Vallejo
Junction, Crockett, Port Coat*, Mar- |
tines, Avon, Concord. San Ramon. 6.10f
10.20 a SanFranciseo Overland Limited—Den
ver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Omaha,
Chicago 2.16p
10.40 a Vallejo. M_re Island. Napa •• !2-50p
10.46 m Stockton { l ls§
30.40 a Los Angeles Passenger—Port Costa.
Martiae*, Byron Hot Springs. Tracy,
Stoekton, Merced, Madera, Fresno.
(Hanford, Coalings, Visaiia), Bak
ers-eld, Los Angeles 7.10s
11.20 a Shasta Limited—Portland, Taeoma,
Seattle 8.60p
12.00 a Richmond, Port Costa. Benicia, Sui- 1 10.30 a
sua. Elmira. Dixon, Sacramento . f 11.10 a
12.008 Davis, Willi.ms, Colusa June, Willows,
Gertnaatowa, Orland, Hamilton— 6.50p
12.00n MarysviUe, Chico, Red Bluff 4.30p
i.OOp Niies, Irviagtop, San Jose 2.60?
,20p San Leandro, Niies, Centerville, New
ark. (Redwood). San Jose 7.50p
1.40p Newark, Alviso. Agaew, Santa Clara,
West Saa Jose IO.OOp
2.4-p Saa Leandro, Niies, San Jose 7.30p
B.oop Benicia, Winters. Sacramento —Wood-
land. Tudor. Yuba City, Marys-rille.
OroviHe H.IOt
8-20p Richmond, PortCorta.MarUnei, Byron i
Hot Springs, Modesto, Merced, Ma
dera. Fresno 10.40p
4sQop Port Costa, Martinet. Concord, Wal
nut t'reek, San Ramon, Livermore. 9.30s
4,00p Ri-'hmoal Valieja, Napa, Calistoga,
Glen Ellen, SanU Rosa 9.30 a
4Oop Niies. (Ceaiertrille, Newark), SunoL
Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy,
Stoekton. Lodi, Sacramento 12,50p
4.40p San Leandro, Hayward, Niies, Pleas
anton, Livermore 8.30 a
4.40p Irviagtoa, San Joss 9.30 a
4.4-p Tracy.Patterson, Newman. Los Banos,
Kermsa, Fresno , 10.40p
4.40p Valley Flyer—Port Costa, Byron Ho* ,
Springs, Tracy, Modesto, Merced.
Madera, Fresno, Goshen Junction,
Tulare. Baksrs-cld, Mojave, Los
Angeles 12.50p
■HOp Vallejo. Port Costa, Beaieia, Suisun,
Saorsmeato, Roseviile, Lincoln,
Wheatland. MarysviUe (Orovilie),
Gridley, Biggs, Chico II .30a
6.00p Davis, Ar_ue_ls. Williams. Willows,
Orlaad, Tehama 16.40p
6.00p Newark. Santa Clara, Weat Saa Jose. 9.30 a
6.20p Saa LeaaJr*. Lore a so, Hayward,
Niies, Pleasanton. Livermore,
Traey. Stoekton S.lOp
8.20p Owl Limited—Port Costs, Tracy.
Fresno, Los Angeles 8.1 Oa
6.20p Hayward, Viles sad San Joee 6.5-V
6.40p Eastern Express—Ogden. P>iebio,De_
ver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago 8.30p
0.40p Port Coita, Bsnicia, S'lisua, Elmira,
Sacramento, Colfax, Truckee. Reno,
Sparu • 8.30p
7j_op China and Jipsn Miil—Ogden,
Cheyenne, Denver, Kansas Cit>,
Omaha, Chicago 3.10p
7._Cp Port Casta, Bvran Hot S*>riass, Stock
ton. Sacramento, Colf-x, Truckee,
Reno. .. 3.10p
17.00? Richmond. (Vallejo). Port Costa, Mar
tines. Concari. Walnut Creek,
Pleasant m. .Vilas. Oakland a 12.45 a
B_Sop Oreeoa Express—Sacramento. Rose
vllle, Marvsvilie, Reddin?.i Klamath
Falls), Ashlanl. Portlaad, Taeoma,
Seattle, Sao_a*te l.lOp
•XlOp Mt. Eden. Alv-arado, Newark, Santa
CJara. San Jose 7.50p
9.40p Bakersfisld, MeKittrick, Haileton,
Monarch. Heron. Fellow, Shale 7.50 a
9.40* Riehtnoad. Port Costa, Tracy. Mo
desto, Merced, Mgdera, Fresno.
Hanford, Tulare. 7.50 a
9.40p Hanford, Armona, Lem-ore, Huron,
Coaling* 750 a
9.40p y'is*Ji%, Exetar. Lindsay. PorterviQp,
Ducorr-Famaso 7.50 a
Itt_top Portland Express—Davis. Wilbws,
Red Bluff. Weed, 'Klamath Falls),
Ashland. Rose_ur& Portland, ia- *
J corns. Seattle 7.30 a
»_THERLAN-S ROUTE-Fram Pacific Street Wharf
This route offers exceptional opportunity for Auto
mobilists to reach all point* on tbe Sacramento River;
! Coliinsviile, Emmaton, Rio Vista, laleton. Ryde. Walnut
I Grove, Votden. CourtUii Clark ?<i urg, Sacramento.
Steamer SeTtlnolo or Nivtjo, knves San Francisco 8.30
|a. m. d_ly except Sunday and Wednesday. arriving
Sacramento 7.00 p. m. Leav- Sacnmento 8.30 a- m.
! duly except Sunday and Wednesday, arriviag San
! Franasoo 5.30 p. m. Stopping in either direction at sll
points shown above.
Steamer Modoc or Apache, leaves San Francisco 1.00
I p. m. dvly, except Sunday: arrive San Francisco 11.30
\ p. tp- dally except Monday.
I •f**' 1 --*" ■*«.*l*» « Seminole, leaves Saa Prancisco
I [J.OO p. ra. dtilv except Sunday*. arrivins Sacramento
j 7.00 _ m. daily except Monday. Leave Sacramento
I i.OO p. ra. d-»irv except Sundays, arriving Saa Francisco
I *"? ** -■* *-*»--y cacopi a_»n_ay. No stops ea route in
___ar _u_ct___ _ j
compelled him to retire. He leaves a
widow, Mrs. Emma M. Hughes.
The funeral will he held Monday.
Interment will be in Cypress Lawn
[Special Cable to The Call]
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 19. —Throw-
ing a tightly corked bottle containing
iter name and address in the Ohio river
nearly Aye years ago. Miss Nora Lea of
104 East Gray street, Louisville, did
not hear from it until today, when she
learned that it had been picked up off
San Diego. Cal.
The finder, Charles Collins of 504
Phillips street. Toledo. O. sent Miss
Lea the slips of paper she had put in
the bottle, saving he had fished it out
of Coronado bay while on a visit to
Captain John F. C. Hedgewald, V. S.
A. (retired), of Louisville, will make a
report to the United States Coast and
Geodetic Survey, believing the bottle
passed down the Ohio, .into the Miss
issippi, through the Gulf of Mexico,
then across the Atlantic, Indian and
Pacific oceans before it was finally
washed up on the coast of California.
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
CHICAGO, Oct. 19.—Mrs. Louise Ver
milya, defendant in the pepperbox mur
der mystery, was reported tonight to
be dying in the county hospital.
About the criminal court building-
It was reported improbable that the
woman ever would be tried again.
Mrs. Vermilya never recovered from
her illness following her arrest on a
charge of murdering Arthur Blgson
nettee, a policeman, by poison. It waa
reported she had taken arsenic from a
"loaded" pepperbox used on
This she denied. She ia at liberty on
-via wu.<-_» i i_ir-«t-
Ltave (Third and Townsend Streets) * Arriv.
(Subject to change without notice)
t 8.05 a Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma.
Cemeteries. Baden, San Bruno t 6.3-8
6.30 a South San Franeisea, Saa Jose, Gilsoy,
(Hollister, Tres Fiaosl, Sargent, Pa
jaro, Watsonville, Santa Cruz 7.50p
. 6.30 a Los Alto?, Mona \ 'ista. Los Gates.... J8.45a
t 7.00 a South San Francisco, F»lo Alto, Saa
Jose, Way Stations 7.20p
t 7.06 a I.cs Altos, Moot* ViiU, Los Gatos.. 7.20s
B.ooa Shore Line Limited—Paso Roblee Hot
Spriags, Santa barbara, Los Angeles 95>0»
8.05 a May-field, Los Altos. Los Gates,Wright.
Glenvood (Eoulder Creek), Santa
Crui, Watsonville, Caitroville, Del
Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove.... 9.05s
9.00 a San Jose. Giirov. Sargent, Salinas.
Soledad, >an Miguel. Paso Rob.es
Hot Springs, Saa Luis Obispo..., 4.008
9.00 a Hollister. Tres Pines—Watson-nile,
Santa Cm-—Del Moote, Monterey,
Pacific Grov. 4.OC}
10.40 a South Saa Francisco, Burlingame, Saa
Mateo, Palo Aito. San Jose t 6.30«
10.40 a Los Altos. Monta Vista, Los Gatos.... 12.30p
11.30 a Wencia Street, Ocean View. Colma,
Cemeteries, Baden. San Bruno I ••«-■
11,40 a South San Francisco, Sag Jots t B._oa
1.20 a Satnrdsys only—San Mateo. Redwood,
May-eld. Mountain View, San Joes 1030*
! 1.20. Satnrdavt only—Los Alios, Mesa Vista.
Los Gatos" 15.2-P
< 2.00p Del Monte Eipreas—San Jose. fjihey.
Sargent I Watsonville!, Santa Crux.
De! Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove,
(Selinaa) 12.30p
2.058 Easton, San Mateo, Palo Alto. San
Joea 8.408
t 2.10 a South San Francisco, Red-rood, San
Jose '..-.. 11*308
'■ 3.00p South San Francisco, San Mateo, San
Jose, Gib-oy, Tres Finos. Salines... 10.10 a
• 3.00 a Watsonvills, Santa Crus. Castrorille,
Dal Monte, Monterey, Faeifie Grove 10.1 __
! 3.258 Burlingame, Saa Mateo, Redwood,
Paio Alto, Mayfield, Los Altos, Los
Gatos 540»
4.00 a Sunset Express—Tueson, Demiag, El
Paso, Houat-o, New Orleans, Chi
cago 9.1-8
4.00p Washington Sunset Route—Washing
ton. D. C.. New York and E»t 9.159
4.00 a Salinas, Paso Robles Hot Sprints,
San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara,
Ventura and Los Angeles 9.158
i 4.00 a Kansas City. St. Louis. Chicago t.!sa
| 4.20 a South San Francisco, Saa Jeee t 7.25 a
t 4.55 a Santa Crus Limited—Mayfield. Los
Altos. Loe Gatos. Feltoa, (Booider
Creek.)BantaCrus t 8.45s
f 6.OSf Burlingame. San Mateo, Psio Alto.
San Jose and Way Stations 9.454
t 8.208 Redwood, Arherton, Meale Park,
Palo A lto, M_>-eld, Mountain View,
Sunnyvale, Saa Jose t 9.00%
t 6.209 Los' Altos, Monta Vista, Los Gatos.... t 8.40 a
t 6.25s Easton, Redwood, Mountain Mew.
San Jose 1.1 Op
t 5.3-9 Loop—Valencia Street. Ocean Mew,
Cemeteries, South San Francisco,
23d Street, 3d and Townaead t 0.40n
5.40p San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood,
Psio Alto, Santa Clara. San Jose... 3.29 a
t 5.40 a Los Altos, Moots Vista. Loc Gates.... 7 20a
t 6.00 a Millbrae, Saa Mateo. Redwood, May
field. Los Altos. Lo* Gates 7 B.ooa
t 6.05p 23d Street, Visitacion. South Saa
Franci-co, Valencia Street t 7.! 5»
8.30p South Saa Francisco. San Jobs 6.458
7.40 a Tha Lark—Paso Robles Hot Springs,
Santa Barbara. Las Angeles 940 a
B.los San Jcse and Way Stations 7.30 a
IO.OOp Los Angeles Passenger—Salinas, Paso
Robles Hot Springs, San Luis Obis
po, Santa Barbara sad Los Angeles 8.25 a
IO.OSp South San Francisco, San Jose li.SSp
I 1.45p South San Fraanaco, Palo Alto, Saa
Jose... 7.45p
Te Oakland, 14th and -'ranklie Sts.—
6.15, 6.48 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minutes past tr.»
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.80. 9.15. 10.00. 10.45.
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 a. a_
Ts Alameda. North ens' Seuth Side—
6.15, 6.45 a. ra. aad then 15 and 45 minutes past the
sour until 7.45 p. in.; then 8.30. 9.15, 10X0, 10.45,
11-30 p. ra. and 12.15 a. ra.
Ta Oakland. 16th St.. and Berkeley via Shattuek Ays.
and Ellsworth St. Lines.—Daily—From 6.00 a. m., and
every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. m., inclusive; tbe a p. m.. 12.20 and 1.20 a.m.
Additional boat* Saturdays and Sundays only, 8.40
p. m.. 9.20, 10.00. 10.40 and 11.20 p. m.
To f srksley via California St and Wsst Berkeley. Alsany
via Ninth St Linss—Dailv— From *«.00 a. m.. t6.20,
•6.40. t7.00 a. m. and every twenty minutea tmtil 5.26
p.m.inclusive; then 9.00. 9.40, p.m.
12.30 snd 1.20 S- m. Additional boats Saturdays and
Sundays oniy. 8.40 p tr... ?..0. 10X0, 10.40 aad 11.-0
p. m.
To Vlcerit Stags, Pullman. Richmond— *6 40 aad 7.40
a. m., 0.2 C p. _.. 4.20, 5.20, 6.20 p. m.
Ts Oakland. Wtihinoton-Breadway. East Oakland.
Fruitvale and Melrose vis Seventh St.—Daily—From
6.00 a. n>., and every t-trrjty minutes until 8.20 p. m™
inclusive; tbea 9.00. 9.40, 10.20, 11.00. 11.40 p. m..
12.20 aarl i.20 a. m. Additional "seats Saturday and
S.aday only, 8.40 p. m., 9_o, 10X0. 10.40 and 11.20
p. m.
Hortashas to Oakland, Wishlnoton-Broa-wsy, Fruitvsls,
Alamods. North Side—Daily—From fi.oo a. m.. t6_o,
6.40, 7XO, 7.20. 7.40 8.00. 8.40 and forty minutes past
the hour until 5.40 p. m.; then 4.00. 4.40, 5.00. 5.20.
5.40. 6.00. 6.20. 6-40. 7.00, 7.40. 8.20, 9.00, 9.40, 10-KX
11-00. 11.40 p. m., 12.20 and 1220 a. m.
To Stonahurst*-*.6.00, t«.40, t7.20. 19.00. .10.00 a. eu.
Jl-O. p. m., J2.00. J 3.00. t-~», »4.00, -..00. »5.40 aad
South End of Ferry Building, for Brosdwsy Wharf.
Oakland —Week days 6.00 a. m. ana every nail hour
until 9.00 p. ra,, incluaive. Sundays and holidays
6.00 a. m. and evsry half hour until 11.00 p. m.,
Inclusive. Boots Isavs Broadway Wharf—Week days
6.15 a- m. and every half hour until 8.45 p. m. in
clusive, Sundays and holiday*), 6.15 a. m. aad eve""f
half hour until 10.45 p. ra., inclusive.
a for Morning. * Daily. p for Afteroooa
fSuaday excepted. JSundsy only. .Saturday only. ■*»
a Monday.
Union Transfer Co. autharizaf) (a eknk Baisafe diratf
from ruidsass __

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