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Pieasanton Welcomes Many Guests
■■ . . ______ ——' —— __________—__■aaaae —"*"*"—u
District Attorney Delivers Ad*
dress and Judges Award
Prizes for Birds
PLEASANTON. Oct. 23.—The Ala
meda county fair, the first event of its
kind to be given under the rr.anat:e
of the recently organised Aia
f'ounty Fair association, was
opened here this afternoon, the inittnl
exercises befng attended by many visit
ors from all parts of the county. The
111 continue until Sunday evening,
with special attractive feature* for
Is a result of the energy of those In
the arrangements, every
building on the fair grounds at the
teuton racetrack was up and i:!
readiness with its exhibit* la plenty of
to receive the egMmia* throngs.)
ig pavilion is decorated with j
bunting and electric lights. The main
buildings arc the pavilion, floral nail.
lUting, Ftock barns and hog
ainent among the tasty and
l [a that entered by the
ry Inhibition comtnip
slon . .- established a. complete
display from the Oakland Chamber of
Commerce, under the direction of Pre-
W. D. Nichols. The prominent
.- ( the exhibit Is a miniature ro
ll in fruit of the new Oakland
11. which is 15 feet high, made
entirely of fruit on a steel frame. The
• U ritv Chamber of Commerce
as a good exhibit occupying two
bootha representing the '"^V^meda
manufacturing Industry of A£f*f*;
with special attention to its home cUI
Placed by organizations
MDting the different cities in the
countThVvc been added to *___■**»
splendid displays by individual **
hib!tO>a Thief of these. !•»» *«*•«**_
- rrom the ranch of Mrs. Pbebe ,
Hearst, consisting of fresh fruits end
farm products. The exhibit is in
charge of W. J. Deakin. Mrs. Hearst
lias also contributed largely to the
splendor and success of the art gal
lery which is embellished with many
valuable tapestries, paintings and
pieces of antique furniture from
Hacienda," the Hearst home.
As was expected from the first, the
poultry and stock exhibits are among
Bneet ever shown. The famous
harness and draft horses are known
from one nirt of the country to the
other, and the stalls of thoroughbred
stallions and mares are atriong the best.
The stock exhibit stalls also contain
fins breeds of cattle, sheep and swine,
and many coops of prize winning birds
shown. The blrda are judged by
C. <t. Hinds and J. H. Crow.
riass and completeness also marks
the exhibits of machinery, home and j
farm products.
The fair was formally opened this j
afternoon. The opening address was
delivered by District Attorney William j
H. Donahue, \ ntroduced by j
A p. Le*ch i emeda County
Fair associat■
Following the exercises at the
pavilion the buildings were thrown
open and inspected. Though there are
naturally some exhibits that attract
the greater attention and are deserving
of particular mention, the managers
lave overlooked no item and the ex
hibition stalls and buildings contain
every product of the county, from land,
machinery and hand.
The school children of the Xivermore
and Pieasanton schools have some
r exhibits of school work which
have attracted attention.
program lor the rest of the
four days of the fair is full of inter
' esting .and educating features. The
horse racing, set for today, went o\>t
until Saturday. Thursday there will
be the free for *11 pace, and on Friday
the _:_0 pace, best two in three, and
a running race. The racers will be
re-worded with substantial cup prizes.
During the rest of the week there
will be lectures on subjects pertaining
to the livestock industry and hortl
o. Professor Howard of the.
Univerjiity Of California will deliver a
lecture on Ramie, the fiber plant that
produces three crops a year and when
a makes a cloth closely resem
bling silk. He will display the plant.
Tomorrow has been set aside for
Berkeley, Eden and Washington town
and Contra Coata county. Fri
day will be devoted to Fan Francisco,
Santa Clara and San Joßquin coun-
Saturday will be children's day,
with special features for the young
sters. There will be games, athletic
sports and a baseball contest. Sunday
will be motorcycle day. The amateur
events will include five mile, 10 mile
and 15 mile races, with a 25 mile race
for professional riders.
Apart from the fancy riding con
tests there will be an old fashioned
wiid west show, in which will appear
cowboys and girls and mustangs and
unbroken horses.
ything possible has been ar
ranged by committees from Fieasan
ind LtvermOre for the reception of
the many visitors who ere expected,
and the town has been attired in gala
costume with bunting and flags. The
streets have been strung with electric
lights. Throughout the five days band
concerts will be given, the music
being provided by Callahan's band of
Oakland. Many prominent city offi
cials and well known members of civic
and "boost" organizations registered
and attended the opening exer-
Berkeley was officially repre
sented by John A. Wilson and Chris-
Hoff. The Alameda county exhi
■:■ commission was represented by
Vice Chairman Frank A. Leach Jr., W r .
chols, Theodore Oier arid Secre-
I'aul Goldsmith. Saturday a large
vtion is expected from Oakland
under the leadership of the progress
and prosperity committee of the Cham
ber of Commerce.
The general arrangements are under
the Alameda County Fair association,
of which the following are officers and
dent. E. K. Hat!; vice president. 1. B.
Parses*; fcw-sarer, 11. I. M<»iir; •eeretary.
Tliomas H. Silver; itr_Ctm. W. 3. Deakin. 11.
P. Mohr. F. B. Basaett. William McDonald, N.
s B'H.-ic. Manuel Brown. O. N. Hirsch, T. B.
p. Stauzel. A. P. Leaili. James Cruik
Alameda county fair buildings at Pleasanion. The large two story
building in the foreground is the general exhibition room, the long low glass
paneled structure extending from this building to the right is used for the dis
play of the plants and flowers of which Mrs. Phebe Hearst is supplying a
large number from her Pieasanton home. The poultry building is at the
extreme right and is connected to the main building by a passageway
through the floral building. On the left can be seen the stock buildings.
■ following is the complete list
of the committees which contributed
toward the success of the fair:
Building and maintenance, the directorate:
Ram! audltinp. W. J. Dcakin, C. A. G-l*.
Leach and E. K. Strobridpe; cattle, wfl.
00(1, I. H. Parens. F. Stenzel. F. H.
.W. J. Martin. William McDonald; draft
11. P. Mohr, William Bond, N. S. R<v>ne
. Stengel; trotting horses and racms.
da Ryder. Will am McDonald. W. T. Me
-1- J. T. Sutherland: sheep and bogs. E.
Bishop. \. s. Boone. A. Philpot ami William
Bond:' poultry. W, W. Hirsch, W. H. Bissel and
J. Balros; hay and jjrrln. F. R. Fassett, c. 11.
Schwaeu. Martin Koopnian, M. Brown, 1.. J.
Cerloff, H. B. Cashing, F. SteUZel and H. P.
Mohr: fruits, nuts and vegetables, F. Stenrel. I.
B Parsons. H. V. Perry. O. N. Hirsch. F. C.
WiiiK.i. W. J. Pcaki'i. William McDonald. F.
U. Ka»si-tt Mii.l 11. R. < usbing; (trapes and wine.
■->■ Gier. H. l.achman, ft _, Creliin. P.
McXsllr and W. F. Schween: entertainment and
music. A. P. T.esch. T. H. Silver. J. W. Dough
erty. F. W. C_adbo_rne, C. A. Gale, W. McDon
ald and Dr. H P. MehrnSMaa.
Decorations »nd arrangements of exhibits. T.
R. Silver. C. H. Sobween. C. A. Gale. G. La
tban, J. S. (itl! and W. .1. Deakin: machinery
and manufactures, g, W. Elliott, J. Cruikshank.
.1. S. <;:il and .T. Obaribotirne; floral. L. A. Ger
man, A. P. I>eacb. J. W. Dougherty and H.
Lachrnan: domestic and arts science. Mrs. W. J.
Dcakin. Mrs. 11. P. .V-.hr. Mrs. E. E. Hall, Mrs.
N. 8. Boone, Mrs. Manuel Brown. Mrs. I. B.
Parsons. Mr*. William Bond, Mts. O. N. Hirsch.
SMrs. F R. Fassett. Mrs. F. Stenzel. Mrs. A. P.
L4MM_, Mrs. James C-ulksbank. Mrs. C. L. de
Rydfcr. Mrs. G. M. Pride. Mrs. C. L. Creliin.
Mrs. E. M. Kehar, Mrs. Peter Rock. Mrs. Ida
Petjen. Mrs. Irene Parden, Mrs. C. F.. Feosier,
Mrs. Joe Arondt. Mrs. H. B. Mebramnn, Miss
Helen A. Mphrmsnn, Miss Eds ("units. Kisa
Blanche Fsdie. Mrs. J. S. Gill. Mrs. M. F.
Banna, Mrs. a. P. Piokard, Mrs. Charles Gra
ham and Mrs. S. J. Wells.
» awards in the poultry and pigeon
were as follows:
Barred Plyraontb Rocks—Cock, E. P. Sahin first:
cockerel. E. P. Sabin first; hen. E. P. Sabin first;
pullet. E. P. Sabin first and second
White Plymouth Ri-ks - Pen. P. J. Strubey
first: cockerel. D. .1. Stru'-ey first: hen. W. T.
Mcßride third; pellet. G. C. Struhey first. James
Stsrffleid second. W. T M-Bride third.
Partridge Plymouth Rocks—Cdek, W. J. Head
first: cockerel, T. R. Quayle first; hen. W. J.
Head first ami second; pullet. T. R. Quayle first.
White Wy-mdotips—Cock. W. H. Blssell first
James Stansfield second and third: cockerel, W.
T. Mcßrlde first: hpn. W. 11. Blssell first and
fifth. James Stansfield second, Manuel Roberts
third and fourth.
■•er Wyandottes—Cock. James Stansfield first
second; ben, James Stansfield first and see
den Wyandottes—Hen. James Stansfield first
and second; pullet. James Stansfield first and sec
Buff Wyandottes--Cork. James Stansfield first;
hen James Stansfield first and second.
Black Wyandottes—Cook. James Stansfield first;
ben. James Stansfield first.
Silver penciled Wyandottes -Cock. James Stan«
fii'ld first and second; ben. James Stansflald first
and second.
Columbian Wyandottes- lien. James Stansfield
first -iurt spennd.
Single cr.mli Rh"de Island reds - Pen. W. W.
Hirsch first and ascend; cock. W. W. Hirsch
frst and second: cockerel. W. W. Hirsch first and
* com!. W. T Mcßride third: h'-n. W. W. Hirsch
find second and third; pullet, W. W. Hirsch
first, second and third.
Rose comb Rhode Island reds -Pen. W. W.
Hirsch first: cock. W. W. Hirsch first and sec
ond; cockerel. W. W. Hirsch first: hen. W W.
Hirsch first; pullet. W. W. Hirsch first, second
and third.
Buckeyes—Cock. James Stansfield first; ben,
James Stansfield first and second.
Ruff Cochins -C'»ck. James StaD*fleld flr«t: rock
erel. James Stansfield first; hen, James Stansfield
first and second.
Partridge Cochins—Ten, D. A. Cohen first; cVk,
James StansSield first. P. A. Cohen second: cock
erel; D. A. CoV.en first: hen, James Stansfield first
end second, P. A. Cohen third; pullet. D. A.
Cohen first and second.
Brown Leghorns— Pen D A. Cohen first; cock.
D. A. <J»ben first; cockerel. Mrs. Bond first, sec
ond and third. D. A. Cohen fourth; hen, D. A.
Cohen first: pullet. P. A. Cohen first.
White Leghorn*—Pen, L. Guddalle first. O. B.
Morrii second: cock. fl». B. Morris first; cockerel
0 B. Mnrrls first; hen. 0. B. Morris first; pallet,
<• V Morris first.
Buff Leghorns—Cockerel, M. Roberts first; pul
let. M. Roberts fir'!.
Red laced Leghorns—Cockerel. D. A. Cohen
Andaltisians- Pen. D. A. Cohen flr«t.
Black _f_Boreajs-<-Coefc, Jamo stansfield first
asd a*.court; Inn. James Stansfeld first and sec
ond: pullet. James Stansfield first.
White Mlnorcas —Cock. James Stansfield flrs<t
and second: hen. .!am<-s Stsrsfield first end second.
Buff Orpingtons—Pea W. 11. Bisseli first, W.
T. McTride second; crck. W. 11. Blssell first;
cockerel, \V H. Bisseli first, second and thfi-d;
hen. W. 11. Bisseli first and second; pullet, TV.
H. Bisseli first and second.
White Orpingtons— Past, W. H. Blssell first
and second: cock, W. H. first, second and
third: cockerel. Mrs. B. Ilagedom first. W. It.
Bis«e!l <ieeorrt and third: lieu. Mrs. B. Hacedorn
W. II Bf«sP!i second, third and fourth:
A Good Player-Piano
at $475
Our $475 Player Piano is not a "cheap player." In de
sign, material, workmanship and in music it is the equal of
any Player offered elsewhere under $600.
<f We know that the features of this Player Piano at
$475 are not to be had in any other instrument at any-'
where near its price. We know that it is the best
Player made at $475 —that is why we carry it. But
we want you to know these facts. We can write pages of
description, but all we might say would not convince you
half as quickly as to see and hear this instrument
yourself. Come in and hear it.
We Sell Player-Pianos on Very Low Terms
Sherman,Hay & Co.
Kearny and Sutter Streets, San Francisco
Fourteenth and Clay Streets, Oakland
| pullet. Mrs. B. Hagedorn first, TV. H. Bisseli
second, third and fourth.
Houdans—Cork. James Stansfield first; hen,
James Stansfield first.
Creepers—Cock. w. W. Hirsch first; ben, w.
W. Hirsch first; pullet, W. W. Hirsch first and
White Pit Games—Cock, W. W. Hlrscb first;
hen. W. W. Hirsch first.
American Pit Gamss—Pen, D. A. Cohen first;
cock. D. A. Cohen first and second; hen, D. A.
Cohen first and second; cockerel. D. A. Cohen
first and second; pullet, D. A. Cobea first and
, Dark Cornish—Cock, C U Griffith nrst; ben,
C. 1.. Griffith first: D. A. Cohen second and
fifth: W. .1. Head, third and fourth.
Capons—W. W. Hirsch first, second, third and
Brown China—Gander, W, W. Hirsch first;
goose, W. W. Hirsch first.
Embden—Old gander, W. W. Hirsch first;
young gander. W. W. Hirsch first.
White Chins—Old gander. W. W. Hirsch first;
vounc gander. W. W. Hirsch first; old goose,
W. W. Hirsch first; young goose, W. W. Hirsch
Toulouse—Old gander. W. W. Hirsch first and
second; young gander. W. W. Hirsch first and
s«H-or;\: old goose, W. W. Hirsch first and
second; young goose, W. W. Hirsch" first and
C.ray African—Old gander. W. W. Hirsch first;
voting gander. W. W. Hirsch first; old goose,
W. W. Hirsch first; young goose, W. W. Hirsch
White Museovev— D. A. Cohen third.
Pekln—Pen. W. W. Hirsch first: old drak».
W. W. Hirsch first and second: young drake.
W. W. Hirsch first and second; old duck, W. W.
Hlrscb first and second; young duck, W. W.
Hirsch first and second.
Colored Mnscovey—Pen. D. A. Cohen first; old
drake, D, A. Cohen first; young drake. D. A.
Cohen first: old duck, P. A. Cohen first; young
duck. D. A. Cohen first.
Rouen—Old drake. D. A. Cohen first; young
drake, D. A. Cohen first; old duck. D. A- Cohen
Indian Runner—Old drake, r. L. Griffith first.
M. E. Plro second; old duck, C. L. Griffith first,
M. E. I'!an second.
Pearl Guineas -Pen, D. A. Cohen first: cock,
D A. Cohen first, W. W. Hirsch second: cock
erel, P. A. Cohen first, W. W. Hirsch second;
Iv.'i. W. W. Hirsch first. D. A. Cobeu second;
pallet, D. A. Cohen firsc
Bronxe-fock. C L. Griffith first, D. A. Cohen
second; yearling, Mrs. B-md first. D. A. Cohen
second: cockerel. D. A. Cohen first and fourth.
Mrs. Bond second and third; hen, Mrs. Bond
first. D. A. Cohen second and third; pullet, Mrs.
Bond first. D. A. Cohen second and third.
Buff—Cock, D. A. Cohen first and second:
cockerel. D. A. Cohen first; hen. D. A. Cohen
first and second; pullet, D. A. Cohen first and
second. _
White—Cockerel. D. A. Cohen first; hen. D. A.
Cohen flxat.
Black beard tnmbler —Old cock, Brooke loft
first; old hen. Brooke loft first.
Inside tumbler-old ben, W. W. Hirsch first."
A. O. C. Jacobtne—Old hen, T. R. Quayle first,
E. F. Smith second.
Ttlack Jscoblee —Old cock, T. R. Quayle first.
Yellow .Tacobine Old hen, T. R.. Quayle first.
B*_ .tacobine Old cock, T. R. Quayle first, E.
1". Sui'th second.
White .Tacobine -Old cock, T. R. Quayle first.
Brook loft second; old hen, T. R. Quayle first,
Bruit loft second.
Fly or work homers—Old lien, W. W. Hirsh
Silver ptjPay pointer—Old oocfc, T. R. Quayle
first- old hen," T. R. Quayle first.
R<-d pigmy pointer—Old cock, T. R. Quayle
Silver pigmy pointer—Old hen, T. R. Quayle
Blue runt—Old cock. W. W. Hirsch first.
Runt cross—Old cock, W. W. Hlrscb first.
Runt cross—Old cock, W. W. Hirsch first.
Runt cross -Pen, W. W. Hirsch first.
White Africa owl—Old cock, T. R. Quayle
Silver Chinese owl—Young cock, T. R. Quayle
Bluo Chln»sc owl—Young ben, W. J. Head
first, T. R. Qnayle second: old hen, T. R. Quayle
first W. J. Head second: young cock, W. J.
Head first; old cock. T. R. Quayle first, W. J.
Head second. T. It. Quayle third.
A. O. C. Turbtis—Old cock, T. R. Qnayle first.
W. W. Hirsch second: old hen, T. R. Quayle.
first, E. F. Smith second.
Blue Turblts —Old hen, W. W. Hirsch first.
Red Turblts—Old cock, E. F. Smith first.
Yellow Tttrhits—Old hen, W. W. Hirsch first.
Blsek Turblts —Old hen. W. J. Head first, T.
R. Quayle second; old cock, W. J. Head first, T.
It <juavle second.
Dun Magpie—Old hen, W. TV. Hirsch first.
Black magpie—Young hen. W. J. Head first:
old hen. W. W. Hirsch first; young cock, W. J.
! Head first.
Satinehe—Old ben, W. J. Head first; old cock,
! W. J. Head first.
1 Blue beard tumblers —Old ben, Brooks loft
first; old cock. Brooks loft first.
Lady Amherst, ringoeck. silver, golden, pie
bald—Fish and game farm, Hayward.
Valley, gambel or desert, mountain, robin
white, Hungarian W. N. Dirka.
Virginia—W. N. Dirks.
I Mallard—W. N. Dirks,
Witness Testifies in Indianapolis
That Nitroglycerin Was
Bought !n Wagon Loads
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. Oct. 23.—How
J. B. McNamara and Ortle McManigal
carried away nitroglycerin by the
wagon load was described by Charles
C Riser at the trial of the accused
"dynamite plotters" today.
Kiaer. who now live.s in Tulsa, Okla.,
was manager of. a plant for the manu
facture of explosives In Albany, Ind.,
when, In 1908, he said, the dynamiters
began buying nitroglycerin from him
and hauling It away In wagons to
Muncie, Ind. The government, In charg
ing the 45 men on trial with complicity,
says "that the McNamaras resorted to
nitroglycerin in blowing up jobs after
they found dynamite was not strong
enough, and that they rented a house
in Muncie to hold the explosive.
John W. Ghilon, foreman of a con
struction company, described three ex
plosions on the same job in Cincin
nati in 1909. He said after two of
the explosions. Edward Clark, who has
pleaded guilty, visited the job, and
"If you don't put union men on there,
we'll fix you."
Ghilon described two explosions on
jobs in Cleveland in 1906. At one, in
September, on a railway viaduct, he
said, a satchel containing 12 sticks of
dynamite fuse and a clock that evi
dently had been thrown out of a pass
ing train was found.
William H. Medley, Fall River, Mass.,
a police officer, told of the blowing up
of a bridge across the Taunton river, in
April, 1908, when pieces of fuse were
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Archbishop and Suffragan Bish«
ops of Chicago Archdiocese
Hosts at Luncheon
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
CHICAGO, Oct 23.—Cardinal John
M. Parley, archbishop of New York,
Who is In Chicago as the guest of
Archbishop Quigley on his way to Den
ver, where he will be present at the
dedication of the new cathedral and
at the silver jubilee of Bishop Matz,
was today entertained at luncheon by
the archbishop, the suffragan bishop
of the archdiocese, the auxiliary bish
ops and the diocesan council.
This is the first visit of Cardinal
Farley to Chicago since he received
the red hat of the cardinalate in Rome
a year ago.
Among those who attended the
luncheon, at which the cardinal was
the guest of honor, were:
Bishop E. M. Dunne of Teorla, Bishop Muldoon
of Rockford; Right Rev. Paul P. Rhode and Right
Rev. A. J. McGavlck. auxiliary bishops of the
I archdiocese; Dr. Edward M. Hoban, chancellor of
the arclsdiocese: Vicar General M. J. Eitzsira
mons and Aery R_T. A. J. Tbiolo; Dr. A. Mueller,
secretary to the archbishop: Rev. l>aniel J. Rior
<inn. ;>antor of St. Elizabeth's church, and the
cardinal's party, including his Tlcar general, Mon-
Miritor Michael J. Lavelle; his secretary Mou
nijrnor JaOtaa V. Lewis of New York, and Rev.
Richard Brady of Denver and Rev. Edward
Clarke of Colorado Springs, the official escort
from the Denver diocese.
.—«.—i .
Kate Uandon of Mill Valley reported yesterday
that she lost her way while going to her son's
home at -HO Twenty-seventh street Tuesday
night and awoke In a vacant lot at Twenty.
►•Ixth and Diamond streets yesterday morning.
She says her purse containing $9 la cash and
' a pair of glasses was stolen.
Judge Murasky Denies injunc
tion and Trial Proceeds
on Its Merits
The petition of the American Game ,
and Transfer company for a permanent j
injunction against the state fish and ]
game commission to prevent consign
ments of ducks shipped by the com
pany from being seized by the com
mission, and to prevent other inter
ference with its business, was denied !
yesterday by Superior Judge Frank H. i
Following this denial, a trial was be- j
gun on the merits of seizures by the .
commission. Several witnesses were j
called, and the case was continued j
until today.
George Glovannini. formerly manager j
for the game and transfer company. I
testified that the ducks were shipped j
to him by different persons, and that i
the transportation of ducks was done
on his order. He said that the com
pany only had ducks on hand in excess
of the legal limit of 25 because ship
ments consigned to him for distribution
to other persons had collected in the
Joseph Ryan, a driver for the com
pany, was examined by Robert L_ Duke,
attorney for the fish and game commis
sion. Ryan said that he was given the
sacks of game as they came in and
did the distributing. According to his |
order book, a great many deliveries
had been made to a poultry company in
the California market to the order of
different men, but who were all in the
company, ■
auxiliary of I>mplo Tsr.il will tne*-t Monday i
afternoon, at 2 o clock, in th«t venfry rooms of i
TemplP I*rn*.(. Mr*. A. U. Kntutfr In rbarze
of tb*> entertainment. h*« «rrange<l the follow
ing program; Vora! m-ln. Mrs. T/ton Lewin; ,
planoinpnp. Miss Flora St«rn; recitntlon. Mr».
Henry Sylrlai yiolin oblig.to, _tlsa Dorita I
I_»cbiri»ti. j
I This HomeMade Cough i
I Syrup Will Surprise You
IStopfl Even Whooping Cough 11
d-ickly. A Family Supply
at Small Cost.
Hera is a home-mado remedy that
takes hold of a cough instantly, and will
usually cure the most stubborn case in
24 hours. This recipe makes a pint—
enough for a whole family. You couldn't
buy as much or as good ready-mado
cough syrup for $2.50.
Mix one pint of granulated sugar with
% pint or warm water, and stir 2
minutes. Put 2 1 /. ounces of Pinex (fifty
cents' worth) in a pint bottle, and add
the Sugar Syrup. This keeps perfectly
and has a pleasant taste—children like
it. I>n*ces up the appetite and is slightly
laxative, which helps end a cou-h.
You probably know the medical value
of pine in treating asthma, bronchitis
end other throat troubles, sore lung?,
etc. There is nothing better, Pinex la
the most valuable concentrated compound
of Norway white pine extract, rich in
guaiacol and all the natural healing pin-?
elements. Other preparations will not
work in this formula.
The prompt results from this inexpen
eive remedy have made friends for it in
thousands of homes in the United States
and Canada, which explains why the
plan has been imitated often, but never
A guaranty of absolute satisfaction, or
money promptly refunded, goes with this
recipe. Your druggist has Pinex, or will
get it for yon. Tf not, send to The
Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.

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