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Alcatraz Island
Helen Richards
Many of you on your way across the
bay to Sausalito have passed a crowded
looking little island. This is Alcatras.
fl „ u a !_ az - ?*_•*•. old form Alcatrases,
tmvlr ,„ cut ln V™ ston e of the old
™ to inhabit the island. There is a
"7 a "? ar * old Alcatraz combined in
th£* *£• "w Weßt . thlr *S. of course, is
island w^lV 6 pr,s . on on to P of the
ah f',, With Pretty garden in front.
hiliiirht m 8 ! 11 J°l this Karden was
front* of if fi , acl . ? f, ; r ? m Fort Mason. In
t.n .« of U ,8 _ th « lighthouse; with its
••n '„,?,." and liKht that ca n bo seen
-0 miles out at sea.
*ne_- ,a i_ t * all t glay , builai ngr behind the
t? &1* the barracks. Farther up there
, exch anse, and higher still the
__?_f___.2n a afters, ters a l nd the hospital. You
£?£__?t all these, however, from a dis
tani c, but the older and more interest
ing part is probably unknown to you.
l he road going up from the dock leads
'hioiigli an old sallyport. In it is a
O raw bridge, which makes you think of
olden tines. There is a pair of wooden
doors thickly studded with brass bolts.
in them also is a small door, from
Which comes the name, "sallyport." The
wails of the tower over the drawbridge
are from six lo eight feet high, with
sms in them here and there, just wide
enough to put a gun through.
. J Here are several rooms underground
m which originally ammunition was
stored. Now they are used for various
purposes, but they have lost none of
tnelr interesting features, nevertheless.
Where They Grow
Matllda Goldberg
Teacher in geography during the
study of southern states —Annie, where
do cocoanuts grow?
Annie (confidently)—ln the gulf
She Knew
Alice Pittman
Teacher—Which is the ben way to
••e stars?
Pupil—Fall downstairs.
Grace McDonald.
Question —If we call an Tndian a
redman, what would an Indian call a
Answer—White squaw.
A Natural Conclusion
Alice Pittman
Teacher—What is the masculine of
Twenty* boxes of paints will be given
away next week in this department
to the Juniors, boys and girls, who
sencl In the best colored pictures. The
drawing opposite may be colored with
either paints or crayons, and must
reach the office by Wednesday after
noon. This contest is open to Juniors
10 years of age or younj-'er. Write
your name, age and address in the
dotted lines below the picture.
Prizes were awarded to the follow
ing Juniors, who painted the picture
in the paper. October 19.
Raymond V. Carey, 326 East Walnut
street, Lodi.
lloriense Medina, 3224 Galindo street,
Graylon I-andes, box 22, Healdsburg.
Feres Hill Clifford, 530 Halle street,
Louise Floyd, Healdsburg.
Charlie Bubioa, 2718 A Folsom street,
Pan Francisco.
Margaret ChriMtensen, route 1, box
94, Castro valley.
Toma-le Well*, route 1, box 28, Stock
Roberta Fldler, Dunsmuir.
Alyee Carpenter, Dunsmuir.
Virginia Burrows, 558 Eleventh ave
nue, San Francisco..
Genevieve Twogood, 1212 Twenty
third street, Sacramento.
Beatrice Fisher, 420 North Sixth
street, San Jose.
Robert Hiiiebraad, 1508 Hudson ave
nue, San Francisco.
Jack toffee, 1330 Pine street, San
Alma Wlillama, Hopland.
Holier* Trout, 1164 Shotwell street,
San Franc lace.
Sophie ItoetttrerwhauMen, 2914 Sacra
mento street, San Francisco.
Louisa Ceorge, 2423 Fourth street,
r.n keley.
Anthony Stase, 729 Green street, San
A Village on the Van
The village of Dragon, Colo., Is going
to move. That is not an instance of
what the school teacher would call me
tonymy. The inhabitants are going to
move, of course, but the village itself
is going to move, too. Moreover, it is
going to move out of the state. Such
things have happened once or twice
before. In this case the building of a
railroad is responsible. The road did
not come through Dragon, though there
was a little railway there and railroad
shops and roundhouses. The place for
such a town is on the main line, and
.-v the whole thing is to be carried to
it.-; new site. The houses will be
loaded on flatcars, whole or in pieces,
as may be convenient, and drawn 12
miles away into the state of Utah,
Where the little settlement of Temple
noa stands. The railroad people think
this will be cheaper than putting up
BOW buildings at Temple.—New York
Daily News.
From one of the Denman cartoonists
What She Will Be Later On
Matilda Goldberg
Teacher—Define "mettle" and give
me a sentence to illustrate.
Mary—Mettle means spirit. Example:
When I die I shall be a mettle.
All Is Not Gaunt That Leans
Matilda Goldberg
Teacher —Define "gaunt."
Teacher —Give me a sentence to illus
Johnny—l will stand erect. I will
not gaunt against the deslr when I
This is the picture to be colored. Paint it in water colors or crayon and send immediately to the
Editor of The Junior Call
NAME , Age... ~
ADDRESS „.. v.
A Geographical Blunder
Thusnelda Sozin
"Mamma, what is color blind?" asked
little Nell.
"Inability to tell one color from an
other, my dear."
"Then I guess the man that made my
geography is. color blind, because he's
got Greenland painted yellow."
Higher Up
Matilda Goldberg
President of Jane Adams club, calling
meeting to order—No talking across
the floor.
Little girl—May we talk across the
Swatting the Fly in Korea
Flies are the staple produce of all
parts of Chosen and make life simply
miserable for the Japanese residing
there, says the Japan Weekly Mail.
Flies are also well known to be
mediums for the spread of epidemics.
l_ast year the authorities of Cholado
offered to buy files, and encouraged by
their success they will repeat the ex
periment this year. Dast year the
police were asked to take the trouble
of buying files with money supplied
by philanthropic contributors, and 4.68
koku (one koku Is equal to 5.13
bushels) of flies were bought from May
26 to December 2 for 212.97 yen. This
year s.l'' koku have already been
bought for 268 yen at 3 to 4 sen a go.
Docal taxes were appropriated for a
portion of the expense required.
The. flies are burned on being pur
chased. Rats are valued at 3 sen a
head on the mainland, but flies have
never been known to exist in such Im
mense masses before as to acquire
monetary value.
Picturesque Errand Boys
Iv Switzerland there is so much ice
and snow for so long a time that the
little . errand boys who in this coun
try would deliver their parcels either
on foot or bicycle take to their skis
and carry their parcels in great baskets
on their backs. They acquire such
skill in managing their skis that it Is
perfectly easy for them to go on their
daily rounr*.s in this fashion. One of the
interest!!.-* sights that one sees In this
most interesting country is the Swiss
baker boy on his skis and with a huge
basket of bread strapped to his back.
He wears a short coat and a warm
woolen waistcoat, short trousers, warm
woolen stockings, often white, and a
cap, and very often in spite of the
biting weather he wears no gloves at
all, at least if he is going only a short
A Queen Without* Worries
Queen Itanavalona of Madagascar is
like the little girl who, asked what she
would do If she were a queen, replied,
"I would sit on my gold throne."
This absolute and dusky ruler of
nearly 4,000,000 people takes her sov
ereignty very lazily. She has no chil
dren to care for, nothing to worry her,
and spends her time wearing Paris
gowns, munching betel (a Madagascar
confection), gossiping with the ladies
of her court and playing cards. She
is said to be an intelligent woman, hut
seems to be sadly In need of a mis
sion.—Philadelphia Inquirer.

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