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Alameda County Tax Associa
tion Makes Strong Appeal
to Voters
Provisions of Three Amend
ments Held as Injurious and
Costly to Residents
OAKLAND, Oct. -'7.— An appeal to the
voters of the state to vote against the
three measures at the November elec
tion, which make possible the creation
of a registrar of voters in Alameda
county, has been issued by the Tax
association of Alameda county. The
association is s permanent organiza
tion formed by leading business and
professional men for increasing the
efficiency of government at lower cost.
At the las* regular session of the
legislature three acts were passed
which purport to make it possible for
the counties of a certain class to have
a registrar of voters and fixes the com
pensation lor him and his assistants.
These acts since have been placed
before the electorate by referendum
petition and appear on the November
ballot as the third, fourth and iifth
They are the only ones appearing by
virtue of the referendum and comprise
two new sections to the political code,
to he known as 414 De and 414f»f. and
amendments to section 4232 and to sec
tion 4013.
The Tax association says such acts,
if passed, will saddle an additional ex
pense on .the tax payers of Alameda
county without say direct benefit, and
are in themselves special legislation.
The appeal in part follows:
"The tax association recommends
that the voters of this state vote
against the three measures dealing
with registration because, in practice,
the matter involved is special legisla
tion and applies only to Alameda court
ty. Further, it does not cure any of
the existing evils so necessary of cor
rection and increases the cost of reg
istration in Alameda county without
any resulting benefit.
"Registration, as conducted under
the existing laws, is tainted with po
litical activity, is disgracefully inef
ficient, and needs complete reorganiza
tion. Until some measure is passed
by «he legislature correcting com
pletely existing conditions, the tax as
sociation recommends that the present
method of registration be continued
rather than substitute a law or laws
that in no wise betters the present
system and in reality increases the
cost in the one county actually af
fected IV the operation of the pro
posed plan.
"In presenting the recommendation
tv the electorate that it vote 'No'
against the three measures on the bal
lot by referendum petition the tax
association pj'eeents the result of sev
eral months' study and investigation.
"The new law changes nothing now
in force. There remains the supervisory
as election commissioners, the same
system of registration, and the same
conflict of respective authority of su
pervisors and the county clerk at pres
ent and the registrar of voters in the
"Tlie compensation in every county
but Alameda is prohibitory and forces
the respective supervisors to continue
the county clerks in their present
duties. There would thus be but one
registrar appointed in California, that
for Alameda county. The compensa
tion fixed for the registrar in this
county and his chief deputy is ex
cessive. In San Francisco county, with
a population in 1910 of 416,000, the
salary of the registrar is $2,400 and
his chief deputy $1,800. In Alameda
county, with s population of 246,000
in 191". the proposed salary for the
registrar is $:j.OOO and for his chief
deputy $1,800."
Excellent Program Given by the
Vocal Section of Body
OAKLAND, Oct 27. —The singing
section of the Oakland Turn verein
held its nineteenth anniversary cele
bration in Germania hall this evening.
A well selected concert was given, and
the program w;i.s concluded with
dancing. Among the singers were
many who have been leaders at various
festivals on this coast, and who have
gathered many silver trophies. Prof.
•I. H. Dohrmann is tlie leader of the
Oakland and San Francisco singers.
The following program was given:
Overture. "Lovtf Tales of Hoffman".J. Offenbach
(ai ••Al.emlMer" C. Attcnhofer
<bi '•/.ieh' Hlnaus" Alt. Dregert
EBsgeri of the Oakland Turn Verein.
Barytoi EtM Boa is the Home far
Me" F. Mills
r. v. Moore.
Violin (do (selected) Dr. Charles Sehwarz
t»i "May .Morning" L. Benza
fb) "Booory" Serin
Mrs. Clare CPelllsstoa.
"•_* Haben _wei Bluemleln Oeblm-bt"
H. .Sehrader
Sin;;e!> of the San Franelsro Turn Verein.
Orcbecta, "Wssj" Morse
"Unaere Heimath Unite l-'ost" If, Neumana
Oakland Msenaercsor, E. Rehor director.
Hass !-010 (scleeted) Adal Engel
"Something Pawing on" Richard Lenz
in i ••.Vaotitzmiber" A. M. Storch
On "Wfes Mahefui War"..Goal Wolkg-uiut
Sinxera of the Oakland Turn Verein.
Varied Program Carried Out for
Music Half Hour
BERKELEY, Oct. 27.—The Cecilia
Choral ciuh. under the leadership of
Percy A. R. Dow. gave the half hour of
music in the Greek theater, on the
campus of the University of California,
this afternoon at 3 o'clock.
The chorus consisted of 125 trained
voices. Mrs. Zilpha Kuggles Jenkins
acted as soloist. Tlie accompanist was
Mrs. Robert M. Hughes.
The varied program follows: Beetho
ven's 'The Glory of God iv Nature,"
Elgar's "As Torrents in Summer"; so
prano solo, Miriam's Song of Triumph,
Iteinecke. Mrs. Jenkins; Sullivan's
'The Long Day Closes." the Bridal
chorus from Cosren'a "Rdse Maiden";
"Hear My Pr«.\er' (Motette), Men
delssohn. Mrs. Jenkins and the Cecilia
Choral club, and the Hallelujah from
Beethoven's "The Mount of olives."
Opportunity" is gently rapping at
> our door. Read the free watch offer
in lower right hand corner of the first
Ifc-ant page in this puper.—Advt.
County Teachers
Will Assemble
In Oakland
OAKLAND, Oct. 27.—The annual ses
sion of the Alameda County Teachers'
institute will begin in Idora park to-
morrow morning and will close on
Wednesday evening, after one of the
most elaborate and interesting pro
grams that has been put on at any con
vention of the local educators.
George W. Prick, superintendent of
schools, has announced that an effort
will be made to amuse the teachers
this year, as well as to instruct them.
"This will be an innovation for the
teachers and one contributing to their
pleasure during the session," he said.
"All the sessions will be open to the
A bulletin for the guidance of teach
ers has been issued. It reads:
"Reports of absence or tardiness of
teachers will be mailed to the county
board of education before November 9,
absence to include any time lost, either
at the beginning of the session or be
fore the close of any session. No attend
ance report is required for teachers
who have not been absent or tardy. In
the cities of Oakland. Alameda and
Berkeley principals will report to the
superintendent of each city, respect
ively, and the city superintendent to
the couMy board. In the schools out
side of these cities, where the schools
consist of more than one room, the
principal will report. In schools of
only one room the teacher will report."
? The prograi% contains a large num
ber of instructive features and many
numbers of music. Among the singers
will be Mrs. Zilpha Ruggles Jenkins.
The program follows:
Vifi|<>nofilo concerts, (a) allegro. il>> cantilena
iGottermaam) Mr. anil Mrs. Karl Oriemiuer
"TMePospente" ("F»a«t**J (Oooawd); <a» "The
I*«t Arrow." [In "White Waters. - " (el
'•Spirits of the Waters - ' (H. J. Stewart*.
legend* "f rllP Vowastte Lowell M Itcrifleld
Mr*. Mabel 11 ill Reilfiel.l at piano.
"California Teachers' Association." bay sec
tion A. J. Cloud secretary
"The Lducaticn of the Will." (hi "Will Pcwer
Only Through Willing" Kdward O. Sisson
(at '-Midwinter Idyl" (Ed. l\ SeuneWleri: ibi
"Serenade," from cello suite in F (Victor
Herbert i Mr. and Mr« Karl Orlenaoer
(aF "A Dream So Knir" (Metcalft: ibt "Kgrp
tian War Boa*" I Ha.ilev».. .Lowell M. Retinoid
Mrs. Mabel Hill Redneld at piano.
"Helen Kollar—An Account of Her BOScatios"
(at "Jewel Aria." from "Kaust" (fkwnotl); f5)
•'Dream Tbiough the Twilight" (Jgtraoss);
( c ) •• \>rgeWithes Staudchen" (Brahms)
Miss Helen Heads'
"N Paal Steindorn* at piano. 0
(a') "Berceuse." from ■•Joeel.rn" (Godard); (b)
"Remembrance of Prague" IHochi
D. f. Rosebrook
Paid Stelndorff at piano.
"Panisbtnent" C. E. Rugh
(a) "Allah": (hi "Thou Art So Like a flow
er": (el •Danza"; (d) "Just You. Pear, and
I" (Chadwickl : Mls« Helen Me«ow
Paul Steindnrff at piano.
(al "The Rosary" (Xevln): (bi "Le Secret"
(Hazel) D. I. Rosebrook
Paul Steindorff at piano.
"Reading and Thinking" Edward <). 81—OS
Hu-isarfan rhapsody for violoncello (Popperl..
Karl Grienauer
Mrs Karl (Jrienauer at piano.
"Vision Fugitive." from "Herodiade" (Mas
-iirii; fa] "June" (Rum melt: tb» 'Kuil
U_j a Dream" (Hensehel t: (c) "Morning
Hvmr." (Hensehen Lowell M. Kedfleld
Mr*. Mabel Hill Redneld at piano.
"Prontal'l.- Associations for Busy Teachers"...
Blcbard a. Hoone
"Cavatlna" (Gouno<l-<;rienaner>: "Scherzo dcs
Bas(|i;es" (Piattil. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Grlenaner
BOftga for barytone— (a) "Break.oh. Sea." from
TenDTMu (Metealf); (bt "On the Road to
Mandalay." from Kipling (Speaks)
Lowell M. Redneld
Mrs. Mabel Hill Redneld at piano.
"Tlie Education of the Will"; ibi "Spontane
ity and Suggestion" Edward O. Sisson
(at "CoSK What Will. You Are Mine Ti-lav"
(Henry Hadleyi; f») "Songs My Mother
Tauglit Me" ittrorakl: (<■) "I I'lueked a
Wuill" (Henry Hadleyi; (d) "The Cuckoo"
(Liza LebBSSSI Mlsa Helen Masow.
Paul Sitindorff at piano.
(at "Trumpetir of Sakkingen" (Nessler); (b)
"Kin Vote!" —Phantasle (Hartinanni
Mr. D. C. ftosebroofc.
Paul Steindorff af piano.
"Some Recent Professional Literature"
Richard G. Boone.
i;n -Sea Dreams" (Metcalft; do "Boat
Bong*' (Harriet Waroi; (,-t "Swl'.iging M
the Appie Tree" (Alma A. Crowley i ; (<!»
■I Hear Ymj Calling Me" (Marshall)
Miss Helen Masuw.
Paul Steindorff at piano.
(a) "Inflainmatus"-— Stabat Mater (Rosainl);
(bl "Columbia Polka" (Rollinson)
Mr. D. C. Rosebrook.
Paul Steindorff at piano.
"T'.:e Art <-f Questioning" ..Edward 0. Sisson.
"Estudiantina d.acomei Item Quartet.
Contralto solo tat "The Rosy Moru" iLandon
Ronald): (b)'"Turn Ye to Me" (Old High
land Melody, Ruth Waterman AsdarsOß.
"Dawn Now on the Hilltops" (Saint BaaM);
"Hail. Smiliug Morn" I Sj.offorth
Sierra Quartet.
"TOe Kdueation of Hie Will" . .Kdward O. Sisson.
"Carmeua" (H. Lane Wllsoni .. .Sierra Quartet.
Soprano solo, "I.ibestreu" (Brahms)
Zilpha P.uggUs Jenkins.
Tenor tsto, ''Go Not. Happy Day"—From
Tennyson'"* •■Maud" (Wbepley)
• Carl Edwin Anderson.
Quartet from "Riaoletto" Sierra Quartet.
Sierra mixed quartet—Zilpha Ruggles Jenkins,
-oprano: Riuu Waterman Anderson, contralto;
Carl 7-Mwii) Anderson, tenor: Lowell U> (MS
Redfieid. barytone; Mabel Hi!/ Rcdfl'ld. ac
••Teaching of the Mother Tongue." with special
reference to reading and composition
C. E. Rugh.
(at "La Zingara" (Donizetti >: ib) "Qunndo
men vo" —La Bo_FBM (Pacctell
.Miss Elizabeth Wilcox.
Paul Steindorff at piano.
<a> "Dream of Love" (Listt-Grienaaer): <bi
"Gultarre" (.Moxzkowsktt
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Grionauer.
"The Vocation Motive In Education"
Richard G. Boone.
(al "An Open Secret (R. 11. Woodman!: ib)
"Philiis Has Such Charming Graces" (Wil
son): (c) "A Birthday" i Frederic H.
Cow en)... Miss Elizabeth Wilcox.
Paul Steindorff at piano.
(at "Mnonlicht" (Grieosser): do "Dance of
the Elves" (Popper)
...Mr. and Mrs. Karl Grienauer.
"Tlie Teacher an.l the I_rger Life"
Edward O. Slsaon.
The High School Teachers' association of Ala
meda eftuuty, through its executive committee.
has provided the following program for three
half day sessions:
General high school session at the common
school assembly hall. Eleventh and Grove streets:
S. E. Coleman, president of the High School
Teachers' association of Alameda county, chair
man. „
!:.•?(>—"Tendencies in Secondary Education,"
Dr. E. 0. Sisson.
2 ■•Tlie Intermediate School." Prof. F. A.
Lange. I nlversity of California: James E. Addi
cott, leader of the discussion.
B—'Tfce Control of School Athletics." F. S.
Boaseter; C. L. Bledenbaeh, leader of the dis
A!l sections meet in the Oakland high school.
Tw'ifth ami Jefferson.
Lnglish (room ID—Miss Anna R. Wilder,
chairman. General subject. "What Can English
Accomplish in Training for Oral Expression?"
Discussed in the following papers:
• 'Development of Oral Expression in the Oak
land High School." Miss Emma J. Bret k.
"The Place of Reading Aloud In Teaching Eng
lish." D. Winter.
"Public Speaking." Miss Ethel Caldwell.
History (room 13) —Nicholas Rlcciardi, chair
"Pacific Coast History." Prof. Frederick J.
Taggart. Ustvsrsjty °f California. Discussion
of the paper: J. W. Cooper. leader.
"The Teaching of Government in the High
School," Prof. Thomas H. Reed. Lnlversitv of
California. Discussion of the paper. J. R. Sut
"The Historical SigniflcsJice of the Republi
can Convention and the Progressive
National Convention," Arthur Arlett, delegate to
Ixitli conventions.
Modern languages (room 30) —Mlas Amelia H.
Newmark, chairman.
Subject. "The Aims ~f Modern Language
A— "As an Introduction, to the Life aud Culture
Mrs. Zilpha Ruggles Jenkins, I
j who will sing before the Alameda
\ County Teachers* institute.
of n Foreign P*fl**S. M I Illustrated by sterenptl
coq vii'\v>-i. ptof. Clarence I'aschflU, I'nlversity
of Oil'Tornia.
I'— A* h Practical Aaaet In tlie Pupil's Future
Life." Miss Louise Whitehead.
;;—--.vs a Mental Dlsrlpllße," Miss Florence
M. Henna.
Science (room 2T) —William 11.
"Quantitative Kvper'ments in the Chemistry
Laboratory." B. A. Perkins: Miss 11. I). F.
Bftub. leader of the dlscpaelOD.
"The Laboratory .Notebook: Its I'se .and
Abuse." Mi-; IL-i>e .lonian; V. L. Mlnehart,
leader of the dJscaistloft.
Mechanieai arts, manual training: and draw
ing moni 30\ —W. A. Tonney. chairman.
1:30— "Avrrienltm'ai Bdncation In Secondary
Senools." Prof. William li. Ilutumel, University
ot California,
2—"Studies iii Vocstksnl tiuidanee," James
i:. Addicott.
2:80 -'-Industrial Drawing in Cerman Second
ary Schools," F. Sebrai<lt.
Practiia! Thoughts on Vocational
,-aiiers aril] be followed by a general dis
Commercial (room 9)— E. B, Washburn, chair
I:36—"The Bsalnes* Office and the School,"
J. R. Munsell. ejtlef clerk, Bradstreet's mercan
tile MSeney. San Frurnisco.
2:40— "From Theory to Practice," Mrs. Fran
res Kt'tinker-Kay nio*id.
J:i:t>-"Bookkeepinj; in the Bigs School."
•:tS—Business meeting.
!i:J(> —«;eneral subject. "The Relation of the
Work of Each Department of the High School
to that of the Other Departments":
"Bngtiah,*' Miss Gertrude Henderson and Miss
Emma Breek.
• History." Haven W. Edwards and G. W.
'Foreign Languages." Miss Mary B. Clayes.
"Science," S. B. CoU-maii and Miss Hope Jor
"Mathematics." Miss Thirmuthlg Brookman
and H. D. Brasetield.
The subject of each paper will be open to gen
eral discussion, so far as time p«rmits.
: Bishops and High Officials Con
duct Ceremonies
BERKELEY, Oct. 27.—The consecra
tion of two Episeopalean churches —St.
Marks. Bancroft way and Ellsworth
i street, and All Souls ' hapel, Cedar and
Spruce streets —was held today. Blsh
: ops and high church officials were pres-
I ent at the ceremonies.
The services in St. Mark's began at
!11 o'clock this morning. Bishop W. F.
; Nichols acted as the consecrator and
' also delivered the sermon. Special
| music was rendered, the choir being
j augmented by voices from other choirs
jin the parish.
All Souls' consecrating ceremonies
. were held at 8:38 o'clock. Bishop Nich
] ols again officiating. Archdeacon Emery
of the diocese of California delivered a
! brief address. Sacred music was sung
jby the choir under direction of 11. J.
j Barron.
From All Souls the clergy of the
: parish and visitors proceeded to
St. Clement's, Russell street and Clare.
! mont boulevard, where a vesper service
; was held. Although all of the churches
:of the parish are free from debt. St.
j Clement's was not consecrated because
jit Is considered as a temporary struc
| ture.
Milady's Handbag and Baby's
Bank Alike Spirited Away
OAKLAND. Oct. 27.—Mrs. J. F. Ber
rong. 4419 Grove street, reported to the
police this morning that while dining
last night In the Avenue cafe, Sixteenth
street and San Pablo avenue, she was
robbed ot a handbag containing jew
elry and $30 in gold. The handbag
was taken from the table. N. Nutting
ham, 861 Fifty-second street, reported
the theft from his room last night of
a revolver valued at $10. The theft of
a watch valued at $10, from his dress
ing room in the Broadway theater, was
reported by Joseph S. Carter. Miss
Bentina Arasa, 1944 Franklin street,
reported the theft from her apartments
last night of a suitcase. While shop
ping yesterday afternoon Mrs. A. Hall
grem, 2421 Twenty-fourth avenue, was
robbed of a long coat. Burglars last
night visited the residence of Louie
Glaiberman, 540 Sixth street, taking a
child's bank containing $15. Clothing
valued at $45 was taken last night
from the rooms of Bruno Neilson and
L Leihl, 1256 East Twelfth street.
OAKLAND. Oct. ,27.—Adrian Yule, a
negro, aged 17, and George Eaton, aged
15, were arrested this afternoon while
hitching up a horse and buggy belong
ing to L,. Sewell, UP.l's Magnolia street,
which, it is alleged, they stole a week
ago and secretsil behind a barn in a
| vacant lot at Twenty-sixth and Mag
j rolla streets.
Yule will be charged with violating
his probation, having been found guilty
of a statutory offense months ago.
Eaton was turned over to the proba
tion deputy.
The boys, it is charged, stole the
horse and.buggy Sunday and have en
joyed many rides. Patrolman Jack
Sherry and Charles Hunley caught
them just as they were getting read
to start on a trip. The Eaton boy has
been rooming at the Sewell home.
Oct. it. —A meeting of the «vntrHl District
Property Ownera' mho will t>e hel<l at the
Metropolc liotel Tnaradsy evenin*. The club Is
a new o'sriuiixatiiMi. which etabrseel tho new
telail flistiiet. Notieea have been sent to
property owners of that section by E. B Whit
ney, secretary pro teui., notifying them of the
meet iu£.
Husband to Fight
And Wife to
Be Nurse
OAKLAND, Oct. 27.—Miss Lucille
Harpending. girl who is
to march away to war with her hus
i band, was married this evening to Alex
! under K. Pavellas and will leave with
him tomorrow for the scene of the
j trouble jn the Balkans. S
The ceremony was performed at the
' home of the bride's parents, Mr. and
| Mrs. A. Harpending. 2607 Fruitvale ave
| nue, by Rev. Kallistos Pappageorgo
i poulos, pastor of the Greek church in
' San Francisco. It was an elaborate
'■ ceremony and fraught with much ro
-1 mance, inasmuch as the wedding had
! been hastened several weeks in order
' that the young woman might go with
the patriotic bridegroom to the scene
jof hostilities and act as a nurse while
;he carries a gun.
Tne Harpending home was decorated
after the ancient Greek fashion, the
flags of that nation playing a promi
nent part. American flags were also In
evidence. Carnations, American beauty
roses and chrysanthemums were used
lavishly, the ceremony being performed
before a bower composed of these
The bride's sister, Miss Genevieve j
Harpending, acted as bridesmaid. Oeorge |
B. Pspbageorge, friend of the bride- '<
groom and editor of his paper in San i
Francisco, acted as best man. The j
bride was attired in the conventional \
wedding gown. Following the cere- j
mony a wedding dinner was served to
relatives and intimate friends.
Pavellas is a native of Nauplia,
Greece, and has been in this country a|
number of years. He comes from a j
distinguished fafhlly and is intensely
patriotic. Since locating in San Fran- !
Cisco he has purchased The Elrenikos, I
which in English means The Pacific, a •
Greek newspaper. •
He first met Miss Harpending at a i
social affair in San Francisco a year;
ago, and an engagement wag announced
for a wedding several months hence.
The difficulties that finally plunged his
country into war led them to hasten
the wedding in order that Pavellas
might carry arms for Greece. Miss
Harpending is from a well known fam
ily of the Fruitvale section. Her father,
A. Harpending; is one of the early set
tlers of California and is a mine owner.
Annexed District Bodies Take
Up Cudgels for Beautifica
tion and Betterment
OAKLAN%V;Sct. 27.—The members of
the Tax Payers' Improvement club have
taken up the cudgels in the sidewalk
construction question now being
thrashed out by the frontage owners
on the west side of Thirty-fifth or
Redwood avenue. The dense growth
of redwoods along that thoroughfare
has been thinned out, and the residents
are endeavoring to have some sort of a
walk put In before the rainy season Is
on in earnest.
The Central Improvement club has
received a request for co-operation in
a San Francisco-Oakland Terminal rail
ways complaint from the Elmhurst
Board of Trade. The corresponding
secretary was ordered to advise the
Elmhurst people to affiliate with the
United Improvement club east of Lake
At the meeting of the Galindo Im
provement club a committee was ap
pointed to confer with the civic bodies
in the east end section on /the organ
ization of a joint committee having
power to conduct a campaign of edu
cation to deal with the proposed mu
nicipal water district. This question
also was thrashed out at the meeting of
the United Improvement clubs through
the water district investigating com
The attention of the members of the
Bona Terrace Improvement club is be
ing occupied with the purpose to make
Bona Terrace the highland beauty spot
of the Fruitvale park area. At their
meeting this week the club went on
record as being In favor of the beauti
ficatlon of the street as soon as the
Fruitvale avenue opening has been
The meeting of the members of the
Laurel Grove Improvement club was
devoted to a discussion and considera
tion of the home rule in taxation
amendment. The members listened to
remarks on the question by Mr. and
Mrs. G. B. Rounsevell, who spoke in
favor of the measure.
The school board has granted the pe
tition of Mrs. Nellie C. Lane, president
of Garfield School Mothers' club, to
construct an auditorium in the Garfield
school building.
Mrs. Cornelia J. Ragland Dies at
Age of 66
OAKLAND, Oct. 27.—Mrs. Cornelia J.
Ragland is dead in her home, 53 Bella
Vista avenue, after a week's illness.
She was 66 years old, a native of Vir
ginia, and the wife of Dr. J. B. Rag
land, a prominent physician in Oakland
until his retirement a few years ago.
She lived here nine years, coming
from Louisville, Ky. Besides her hus
band, she leaves three children—W. B.
Ragland and Miss Rose Ragland of
Oakland, and H. E. Ragland of Cincin
nati, O.
Funeral services will be held at 3
o'clock tomorrow afternoon In the un
dertaking chapel of James Taylor com
pany, Fifteenth and Jefferson streets.
Interment will be in Mountain View
OAKLAND, Oct. 27. —A number of
well known speakers will be heard at
the open meeting of the Alameda
County Child's Welfare league in
Chabot hall at 2 o'clock Monday after
noon. Misa Ethel Moore will speak
on the proposed amendment, which
seeks to legalize racetrack gambling.
She will urge her hearers to vote
against the measure November 5. Dr.
M. K. Foster will speak on the value
of open air schools. He will be fol
lowed by C. W. Childs, on heating and
ventilating of schools. Miss Beeler,
a teacher, open air school No. a, in
the Fruitvale district, will speak on
open air schools.
Mrs. Alexander K. Pavellas, I
| who was Miss Lucille Harpending. j
Alameda County Association's
Ninth Annual Show Will Be
a Record Breaker
OAKLAND, Oct. 27.—The largest and
most important exhibition ever given
by the Alameda County Poultry asso
ciation will be lfeld in this city, begin
ning November 25 and closing Decem
ber 1. It will be the ninth annual ex
hibition of the organization and will be
of particular Importance this year, as
the American Poultry association will
hold its annual convention of the Cali
fornia branch In connection. Delegates
from the latter body will be in attend
ance from all points In California and
many of them will act as exhibitors as
All preparations have been made, in
cluding the Issuance of the premium
list. A copy will be sent to any one
communicating with the secretary, C.
G. Hinds, 535 Forty-second street. Cash
prizes are being offered this year in
place of the cups, and this has stirred
poultry fanciers to unusual Interest in
the event. All things considered it is
believed that this exhibition of fowls
will be the most successful ever held
In the county.
The regular monthly meeting of the
association will be held in the poly
technic business college on "Wednesday
evening. The lecture will be important
in view Of the approaching show, as it
will deal with tlie preparation of birds
for exhibition.
BERKELEY. Oct. 27.—A reception
will be tendered Archbishop P. W.
Rlordan by the Catholic students of
the University of California in Newman
hall Wednesday evening, October 30.
Ashley H. Conrad, president of the New
man club, will act as chairman. The
other members of the committee are
Miss Edna Wheeler, Miss Vesta White,
Miss Ysabel Foraker, Miss Hazel Hund,
Miss Hazel Fitzer. Henry L. Knoop,
Harold Pierce, J. C. Ruddlck and Frank
J. Cunningham. The reception will be
gin at 8 o'clock Archbishop Rlordan j
will deliver a short address A musical i
program also will be given. *
ALAMEDA, Oct. 27.—Rev. Father
J. J. Hennessy, who for seven years
has been second assistant to Rev.
Father P. A. Foley of St. Joseph's
church, has been assigned by Arch
bishop P. W. Riordr.n to be pastor at
Danville and Walnut Creek, in Contra
Costa county. He will leave for his
new parish Thursday of this week.
Rev. Father Hennessy came to Alameda
from St. James' parish in San Fran
cisco. During Lis stay here he proved
himself to be a tireless worker.
Oct. 27.—Supervisor Kre.j w. Poos of Berkeley
■will speak on "The Work of :i Supervisor" at
the Young Women's Christian association hcad
qnarters." Fourleenth and Gastro streets*, to
morrow pvenlnß. The lecture Is one of a series
being given before the members of the associa
tion on the general aubjeet of practical politics.
ALI TKOUPE: 15 Arabian Acrobats; PAY
ION AND COPELAND. "Fun in a Dining
the Drug Stora"; THE GREAT HAZZARD &
CO., Artistic Roller Skatert; OLLIE AND
FLO WALTERS, the Act Dainty; Special
Extra, RED SOX VS, GIANTS, Motion Pic
Mats. Daily at 2:30. Nights at 7:15, 9:15.
Sundays and Holidays—Matinees at 1:30
and 3:30. Nights at 6:30 and 8:30.
PRICES—IOo. 20c and 30c. Bozes and
loges reserved for Matinees and First Night
Stinur. Price 50e.
Women Plan Sale Before
Thanksgiving to Carry On
Work Among Children
OAKLAND, Oct. 27.—At Fifth and
Peralta streets is an attractive club
house with spacious living room, sew
: ing room and gymnasium where 60
' women under the leadership of Mrs.
\ Robert Watt are helping to solve the
problem of a neighborhood where 17
nationalities are crowded together.
Other than that furnished by the
Oakland New Century club there are
no Influences for the social and in
j tellectual salvation of the boys and
, girls.
Beginning with the babies there is
! a kindergarten under proficient teach
-1 ers where 6.3 little folk gather each
! morning. If a pupil is absent, there
jare visits to be paid and causes to
Ibe learned and ofttlmes deeds of mercy
Ito be performed.
Mondays 75 girls crowd the club
! house eag:er to learn the art of needle
work under volunteer instructors and
plans are being perfected for a grad
! uate garment class.
i In a few weeks the boys' Interests
: will be served by the establishment
'of a gymnasium class through the
I courtesy of the Y. M. C. A. and teams
| will be entered in competition with j
j other gymnasiums of the city.
Word has been sent out that as
! soon as funds will permit a fully
equipped playground is to be placed
in the neighborhood of the clubhouse
by the playground commission, the
project having 'been warmly espoused
for several years by the clubwomen.
But this work takes considerable
money to carry on. Only occasionally
do ihe clubwomen ask the public aid.
Opportunity is to be given twice this
winter to contribute to this worthy
effort. The Oakland New Century
club announces a Thanksgiving sale
of dainties for Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday ; preceding the
.which will supply the feast table with
the time honored dishes. The sale will
be held uptown.
With the exception of a mortgage
of a few thousand dollars trre club
is free of debt. That this obligation
may he discharged, the first charity
affair to be given In Hotel Oakland
will be arranged by the women of
the Oakland New Century club. Mrs.
J. N. Porter is chairman of the com
mittee in charge of the function, which
will be in the nature of a card party.
January 9 is the probable date. Plans
are being made to accomodate 1,200
guests. The new ballroom will be
Used for the card tables.
Friday afternoon at 2:30 in the head
quarters in the arcade of the Key
Route Inn, the Oakland center of the
California Civic league will continue
its study of the social evil under Mrs.
Mary Roberts Coolidge. The commer
cial aspects will be considered in the
address. The normal class is open to
the women of the city for a small fee
which is used to defray current ex
Since Mrs. Cora E. Jones assumed
the presidency of the center two
months ago, 125 new names have been
added to the membership roll. The
October list of new members Includes:
Mrs. Russell I.owry |Mlss Kate Kirkpatrick
Mrs. George Meeker I Mists Carrie Moryer
Dr. Sara Shuey I Miss Ellen Parker
Mrs. T. C. Sohoensteadt Miss Alice Kussau
Mrs. Sarah Thompson Miss Nellie Schane
Mrs. If. I* Norman Miss Alice Graham
Mrs. Fred Turton Miss Phoebe Haruden
Mrs. Charles Tabor Miss Helen Henry
Mrs. Louis Welnmann Miss Emma Kane
Mrs. 11. L. Whitehead Mrs. E. George
Mrs. Eva Broad well Mrs. G. Alfing
Mrs. I\ R. Chadwick .Mrs. .1. lumbar
Mrs. Fred Dorsar I Mrs. John Gordon
The center numbers 500 members.
With Miss Edith L. Booth as chair
man, the following were named on
! the reception committee for the open
I meetings of the center in Chabot hall
the second and fourth Fridays of each
S Miss Florence Locke jMiss Augusta A. Clow
; Mrs. C. L. Case iMi*s Cynthia Leet.
Mrs. J. 11, Crump J.Mrs. A. G. Anderson
The first open meeting in November
will be devoted to a discussion of
"Oakland, the City Beautiful."
* * *
An hour in a salon of Marie An
toinette is announced for the Tuesday
afternoon reception at Ebell. The pro
gram will be In the nature of a harpsi
chord and song recital contributed by
Miss Frances Pelton-Jones and Paul
Dufault. Miss lima Chase will be the
receiving hostess, assisted by:
Mrs. A. C. Posey Mrs. A. H. Glasscock
Mrs. Charles L. Smith Mrs. Anna Parcells
Mrs. Guy C. Earl Mrs. J. R. Scupbani
Mrs. I). B. Huntley Mrs. Charles E. Palmer
Mrs. William V. Kett Mrs. Cora E. Jones
Mrs. C. E. Cornell Miss Eva Powell
Miss Janet Haight Mrs. R. 1.. Levensaler
Mrs. George S. Laekie « Mrs. T. C. Coogan
Mrs. E. D. Yorker Miss Irene Rutherford
Mrs. Hay.yard Thomas Mrs. Frnnk I.each Jr.
Mrs. E. N. Engelhardt Mrs. Elizabeth Chambers
¥rs. Arthur L. Adams Mrs. W. R. Bassick
Mrs. J. It. Fan-el I
The Oakland- club will vary Its' us
ual program Wednesday afternoon
with a thimble bee. The hour will
be most Informal, the members and
quests being asked to bring their
Christmas needle work and to remain
for a chat over the teacups. There
will be a brief program of song. Mrs.
F. R. Chadwick Is chairman. Mrs. H.
Hufschmidt will be the receiving
Health Is the foundation of all good
looks. The wis© woman realizes this
and takes precautions to preserve her
; health and strength through the pe
i riod of child bearing. She remains a
j pretty mother by avoiding as far as
i possible the suffering and dangers of
j such occasions. This every woman
i may do through the use of Mother's
j Friend, a remedy that has been so long
in use, and accomplished so much
good, that it is in no sense an experi
ment, but a preparation which always
produces the best results. It is for
external application and so penetrating
in its nature as to thoroughly lubricate
every muscle, nerve and tendon in
! volved during the period before baby
; comes. It aids nature by expanding
the skin and tissues, relieves tender
: ness and soreness, and perfectly pre
pares the system for natural and safe
! motherhood. Mother's Friend has been
! used and endorsed by thousands of
| mothers, and its use "Will prove a com
( fort and benefit -»j«,rr- »,_. e
ito any woman in
need f such a
remedy. Mother's ~&/ZMj0/n£j
Friend is sold -t U/MVIIV
drug stores. Write for freo book foi
expectant -ioth«tr3, which contains
j much /aluable nformation.
Natural _ Jfc
Alkaline £jmk
Water w^
_f f/l«
Not Genuine
/ without the word
I Try It.
1 No condiment can equal It
§ for delicacy of flavor.
■ A perfect seasoning for Soups.
m Fish. Steaks. Boasts. Gravies.
« Cbops and Salad Dressings.
m An Appetizer
■ John Duncan's Sons, Agent*, N. V
J v„it DR. JORDAN'S««^
7 f~~\ Weakness or any contracted disease
m vjo positively cured by the olde»t
T VJ?' specialist on the Coast Established
(tsj&&\ fifty yean.
1 "feSSw \\ Consultation free and strictly private.
£} B Iff Treatment personally or by letter. A
/_JLa positive cure in every case un
vfltSKy dertaken.
• J_HjC Write tor book. PHILOSOPHY
fpZyJ Ot* MARRIMiC, mailed free-(a
{\\ ijj vahtebl. book for men.)
1844 Sutter st.. S. F.. Cal., near Buchanan.
Two Mocks East of Fillmore.
Consultation free. Estab. In U. 8. In 1882.
Our Famous Herb p" alMv "ly cures diseases of
Stomach, Liver, *U Dysentery,
Kidney. Heart, W gg Rheumatism,
Lung Trouble. JifeSvH Diabetes.
Catarrh. Cough. \ m WJjfl Cancer. Piles.
Headache, Fever \-3j_T Impure Blood,
Dtzziuess. i'Wttstli,
Nervousness, ■*»__• Rupture,
Asthma, Skin Diseases.
Constipation, Chan Toa dislocated Bone«.
Out-of-town patients cured at home. Write
for symptom blank. Hours 9-8: Sunday 0-5.
To Look Young
snd feel young — keep the
blood pure, the stomach right,
and the bowels regular, with
Beecham's Pills
(a bnxci vdtb full direction*. 10c & 25©
_ IfiMPV Is a deceptive disease —
ft. I Line I thousands have it and
TDflllßl P don't know it. If you
1 l\l/UDL.Er want good results you
can make no mistake by using Dr. Kil
mer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney
remedy. At druggists' in 50 cent and
$1 sizes. Sample bottle by mail free,
also pamphlet telling you how to find
out If you have kidney trouble.
Address Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingham
ton. N. Y.
W.T.HESS ( ° f 2?S_e? B , HOM '
Phone Kearny 232
Residence Phone West 9489
Want their employes to save
money and are anxious to
assist and promote the man
or woman who can wisely
manage their own incomes.
No paper in San Francisco
has such a high standard of
news value as The Call, and
this same news value makes
the standard of advertising
worth while—and employes
of business houses, in fact,
every person who persistently
reads and uses
The Call's
Classified Columns
is doing something important
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Subscriptions and advertise
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San Francisco at the follow
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Ham & Oswego
Open Until 10 o'clock Every
Blake's Bazaar
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