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The San Francisco Sunday Call
--.-■-- .. . -'. .-■ -r♦. - :. ;.;:-■-;-'■;.---' ' _ _. '"' . '--.'''l'--.."■■.■'. I
/ Will some one please give me Will the good cooks of, The Call : . Kindly obtain a few recipes for :
a recipe for ,;. The -President's 'tell how to prepare and serve al- « making French; pastry. Thanking/,/
Fruitcake? A READER. ; : ligator-pears? f A/SUBSCRIBER.' you in advance, S. b.
\-.::, Mrs. B. l , Peters? * Box 1 77,: Valle jo *
. Roast Baronßoil four ounces of ; best : black
lentils (which, have been soaked) and two ounces
of onions in \ one pint "of water until -tender keep '
covered ;to prevent evaporation; pass through
a sieve and return to pan. - Sprinkle in two table
spoons *of tapioca; i add - one ounce ; of tomatoeß, - one /:
.teaspoon of curry s powder, a dessertspoon of thyme
"and half * that quantity of basil, *i two f teaspoons -of
- Worcestershire sauce, j four ounces of ; .vermicella, •,
one teaspoon of sugar, one of salt, one saltspoon of
pepper. Cook for a half.'hour. Then jadd*a*. half
pint of : cold corn, meal mush broken injo pieces
and; four ounces of bread: crumbs. Remove from
fire, add ;; two beaten eggs; ; . turn into lavishly but- ;
tered mold? which has-been' dredged with brown
bread* crumbs and bake one hour to a rich brown.
Turn out and serve with sauce superbe, c tomato
sauce or mushroom sauce.; V ; y t " : : ;
Stew ed Chicory— - vegetable must be soaked
.in -vinegar or lemony juice and water for two or
three hours :,before use to prevent bitterness. J The
outside ; leaves must :be i removed, the : heads tied in
•' bundles, and?;cooked for about *: a half ; hour in
plenty of salted water with lid off. , Make a white
sauce with one ounce of flour, ope and a half ounces *
of butter, one-half pint -of milk, v a suspicion of
onion and seasoning..- Drain chicory, cut; it up and
add =to the sauce. -Serve "in hot dish garnished .
with hard boiled-eggs and chopped parsley. '; : v
Sauce Superbe—One large carrot, one large
tomato, one large onion, two ounces of butter, 12 „
peppercorns, one blade of mace,; one 5 small; turnip,
one small celery stick, two tablespoons of pearl bar- /
ley, one teaspoon of salt, two cloves, one and a half.
pints of vegetable stock or water. Fry, vegetables, ;
cut in cubes, in two tablespoons lof butter until .
a good brown color; then add water or .'stock,
barley and ; flavoring. ? 801 l three-quarters \of an
hour, cut up ;tomato.and put In sauce. Boil a half ;
hour, longer, strain and use.. .„' ■ .'..'-
Sausage*— pound of dried bread soaked
In milk, water or vegetable stock for ' one or two
hours, then* squeeze dry; one small cup of boiled
rice or whole meal flour, two ounces of corn flour
panade, one-quarter teaspoon of-ground mace, one
teaspoon of chopped* parsley, one large egg and
a seasoning of f salt,. pepper or Worcestershire sauce,
a pinch of .thyme and marjoram. Beat* the bread
with a fork until there are no lumps; add the
"rest of the Ingredients and mix thoroughly.* Form
into sausages, roll" in whole meal flour and fry
golden brown. .> / " ' -
Cheese Bombs With;Spinach—Four eggs (whites "
left out), one gill of cream, one-half gill ;of milk,
two ounces of Parmesan cheese, one ounce of bread
crumbs (soaked), a good 'dash* of /;cayenne, one
half teaspoon of salt, one gill of white - sauce.
Stir Ingredients over fire until; thick; coo; grease
small molds and . fill with ; the mixture. Steam one
hour. Arrange on s border of ; spinach. ; Slice four
hard-boiled eggs; place In;center s and pour/ over
white sauce, then - sprinkle over grated cheese ; and
serve very hot. ./-;•'•'*;." <
Macaroni Croquet One ounce ;of ' cooked maca
roni, two ounces of butter, three eggs, four ounces ;
of bread - crumbs, one } teaspoon 'of , minced; parsley,
three-quarters of a pint of cream, one-quarter tea
spoon of thyme and 5 marjoram, one-quarter * tea
spoon :of : basil, winter ; savory and celery. Cut '
macaroni into small pieces. '801 l cream and pour
M. L. P., Box 76, Jackson
Shredded Ham With Currant Jelly Sauce— '/.
. half teaspoon of butter, one-third "cup currant
jelly, few grains cayenne, one-fourth cup of sherry,
one cup cold cooked ham cut In small strips. Put
butter and currant jelly In chafing dish. . As soon
as melted, cayenne, sherry and ham; simmer
five minutes and serve hot.
Deviled Bones— two tablespoons of butter in
chafing dish, add one tablespoon chill sauce, one
tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, 'one tablespoon
walnut catsup, : one teaspoon iqade mustard and
a few grains of cayenne. n Cut! four small gashes in
each piece of chicken : (using ; drumsticks, second ->V
•joints and wings of a cooked chicken). Sprinkle
with salt and pepper, dredge;with 4 flour and cook
in the seasoned butter ;, until well browned. Pour
on one-half cup of hot stock, simmer five > minutes i,,
and sprinkle with chopped parsley. ; <-.- ,
Oysters -a la d'Uxelles—One; pint oysters,, two -
tablespoons of chopped,mushrooms,-to tablespoons
butter, two tablespoons ; flour, one-half teaspoon
salt; one-half teaspoon lemon juice, few grains of
cayenne, one egg yolk/one; tablespoon 1 sherry.
Clean oysters, heat to. boiling point and drain.
Reserve liquor and * strain through cheese cloth; ,
there should be three-fourths cupful./ Cook butter
and mushrooms five ■: minutes, ; add * flour; and ; oyster
liquor; gradually, then, cook three minutes. Add
salt, lemon juice, cayenne, oysters, egg and sherry.
Serve on pieces 6f toasted.bread or zephyrettes.
Souffles aux* Rhum—Beat the • yolks •of 1 two eggs
until thick. Add gradually : six - tablespoons *■ of
powdered sugar ■ and continue beating. ; Beat the
whites until stiff and / dry; fold into the first .
mixture. Butter: the pan, turn in half of the
mixture, brown and fold.-. Be careful not: to I over- /-; .;
cook. The; center / should be .: soft h and,* creamy.
Other ! flavoring - may be : used in I place ;of ; rum./
Beef a la Caracas—Pick over two ounces smoked
dried beef and chop i fine. Add one« cup tomatoes, -"■:
one-fourth v cup ; grated; cheese/, few < drops of ; onion ;:
-"•" juice ~ few - : grains | each '* of '* cinnamon ~ and '-> cayenne. . *
Melt' butter, add mixture, and when heated; add -
three well beaten eggs. Cook.. until eggs are 'of ,
creamy consistency, : stirring 1 - and scraping from
bottom of pan. *; .'!," 7 - '
- Breaded Tongue With Tomato Sauce—Six % slices
of cooked v corned tongue, ;= one-half tomatoes,
one slice onion, . piece *: of / bay leaf, three table- ,
spoons " butter, three /tablespoons/ of'; flour,: one- ,
third cup dried bread crumbs, one egg/salt and
pepper' to taste. tongue should be : cut in
slices' a little less than one-half inch thick. Dip
in crumbs, egg " and crumbs, f and* saute; In butter.
Place on ' a dish and t pour" around i the: sauce. / Cook
the tomatoes, onion and .bay leaf 15 minutes;
strain and : add ;to ; the butter/ and flour cooked /
together. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
Celerled '-- Oysters— ; the ; oysters,/drain/ and 1
dry between 'towels (one :pint of oysters). Season 3
with salt and pepper, dip in melted butter, then in
fine cracker crumbs. Cook in hot buttered chafing
dish Arrange on toast, i pour. over white ft sauce ;
and 'sprinkle j with celery sauce//; Melt i two a table T >/
spoons butter,:: addv two ' tablespoons v flour, one- ;
quarter ; teaspoon /each/ of a salt - and -: pepper, , then
gradually or,; cup of ■ scalded milk.
' Fish a la : —One-fourth cup / butter, *
two and one half -tablespoons flour, two ; cups milk, .
-oiks of four hard-boiled eggs, A one teaspoon
anchovy i essence, > two I cups "cold: boiled f flaked fish. ::
Make-a * sauce -of butter, flour i- and milk. Mash
-oiks of eggs and mix withCanchovy; essence,"- 5 add
to sauce then add fish. Serve as soon -as heated.
nggßEf* • Run your scissors alon g tne entire left edge of the page to separate it from the paper. Cut along the dotted lines across top and bottom of the page. Cut along
IllflCu m m \M* w%J? • the dotted line across the middle of the page. Slip the upper half down upon the lower half of the page. Fold so that pages 1 and 8 form the outsides each of
the eight pages of the booklet will be in place. Each Sunday an eight page booklet will be published in this section of The Sunday Call. Use large needle and coarse thread to stitch each new
booklet in place upon the others. Thus you will make for yourself the most interesting cook book ever put together.
upon bread; : cover; when cold : addvmelted butter,
herbs,/ eggs > and ■" macaroni. ■' Mix* well- and ; season:
with cayenne, salt? and ? mace. > Shape, roll in _ egg
and crumbs and fry in deep fat ;or steam in indi
vidual molds three-quarters; of an ;hour. ; Turn
out and serve with white sauce.; / ;// - '■'" //*/'
•: Egg and Tomato 5 Fritter*—Six hard , boiled < eggs,
chopped; v one "5 egg raw; "six i teaspoons Vof bread t
'.■ crumbs, two teaspoons of minced parsley,/ six ; tea- /,/
spoons lof ; tomato j pulp, one-half ; 3 teaspoon lof salt v >
": one saltspoon of white pepper one / teaspoon o*-
Worcestershire -.- sauce. Mix dry r. ingredients ; with >\
• tomato, bind with half the raw- egg, ?shape,;roll' in
the other half of egg mixed with .teaspoon Of milk,
then 1 roll in crumbs. Fry until ; brown. ?'
Curried Haricot v Beans—One pound of cooked
seasoned beans, two teaspoons of curry powder, the
. juice of .one-half lemon, one ; pint* of I sauce superbe,
one * fried*, onion, one-half pound of £; cooked/rice.
. Put sauce, curry powder and lemon * juice in a
saucepan, stir .J over the fire for five minutes, add
-" fried, onion, beans, and cook *15 minutes. : Serve
with rice. ; Add salt iif needed. ■ • ",
/s Prtcanrtelles—Four ounces of bread crumbs, four ■.- .-';,
ounces of chopped mushrooms, one ounce of butter, -'
one-half ounce of grated /cheese/ one teaspoon of
chopped parsley, a' pinch of basil, a half i teaspoon *. /*-
of chopped lemon "rind',; one-third ■< teaspoon of salt -/;
and a good dash of white pepper. Mix dry ingredi
ents,; rub in butter and Dind with yolk of ?gg;
form ; into "balls/ or cutlets,* egg : and ;* crumb,, and
/fry.' "■* Serve with fried parsley. -.. •
Haricot Savory—-One pint of cooked haricots, two :,/•_
onions, six 5 sage leaves / chopped ;, finely, i one-half . V'
pint of white or; brown sauce/"four/ounces*of /'~
tapioca ■ (cooked); /two i, tomatoes, two ?,:■ tablespoons V.'/
i of bread crumbs, one tablespoon of fgrated, cheese, \;
one teaspoon of chopped parsley, a tablespoon of
melted ' butter, and " salt and pepper. Fry onions,
add tomatoes?(peeled and fried), place in pie dish :
with haricots,/ tapioca,, sage g and seasoning; * pour
over - sauce, ' cover • top . entirely -.with * cheese - and
bread .crumbs/ and lastly the melted butter. ".; Bake*
in moderate oven for one hour until top is golden
;■ brown. ■:./ '■"//v?-/.-//' ■\- /,; :-:;'> •/*/ ■■/ »; v//',/'":-/-''"-' :'■:./■■•"/',.■:-:
Mushroom Caunelonsi— ; pound of " mush
rooms, one teaspoon of finely.; chopped ; shallot, one
half cup *of water, milk or cream, -yolks of two
eggs, >' egg and s*. bread /;crumbs.":;one teaspoon «'•• of
minced ; parsley, two ; ounces - of .. butter,' lemon * juice,
six; ounces of short crust. : ; Wash*.and? peel, mush
rooms, chop/them. finely, 3 place in butter with •
■'■: shallot and ; fry $ until ; nicely browned, then add
; seasoning" and j liquid, v/ Cook* until mushrooms are
tender. Cool. Stir in lemon juice, and' egg. Turn
on plate and let ? get cold. Roll out pastry very
thin, three * Inches Jin « length and \ two " Inches " wide. .
Place mixture ;of ~ pastry,? fold over In ; shape of * sau- ;
sage. Egg and ; bread < crumb and fry light".brown.
Lentil Cutlets-One quart* of ■ water, two J ounces
of rice, one dessertspoon ;of chopped j parsley, 5 one -
pint of German lentils, one onion, one carrot chopped; /'
small, one ounce of fat, one-quarter teaspoon
thyme'and salt and pepper, tomato 1 catsup. as re
quired.- Wash, then r soak lentils . for 12 * hours." Cook
gently all ingredients together until.thick* and
tender. Turn t on a plate. When cold, form into
cutlets.*- Egg 1 and bread 5 crumb ?or i flour them - and /.
fry in; hot fat until a nice brown. "Arrange around /
a mound of mashed potatoes or spinach, with good
sauce poured around the base.
Miss ■-• Gladys Robertson,;! 1408 West St., ' Oakland
H O Cakes One cup; of sugar, one cup of oats,
one egg beaten with the sugar, vanilla to ' taste,
handful -of raisins. , Drop on greased; pan about i a
teaspoon of the mixture. Bake in a slow oven.
Berkshire -.Cookies— cup, of molasses, ; one
teaspoon, of soda dissolved in half \ a cup ;. of cold;
water, a dessertspoon of salt, one'tablespoon of
melted butter, one teaspoon of ginger, flour enough
to roll the -: thickness of an inch. Bake in a quick
oven" for about ;10 J minutes. ; ' - '* "''-.*
Chocolate Wafers —One cup of butter,.'. two I cups •
of; sugar,'* three 1 cups of» flour/ four!eggs, i two cups >
of, grated ' chocolate, one teaspoonv of i : . soda, ; one
teaspoon of % cream of i tartar, a little * salt, arV Roll
quite; thin * and bake I in; a hot oven. /*.-/ „ /: ; v
■ ■ Crystal Cakes — /cup ;of butter, ; one * cup of ;
sugar,l three cups ! j of cornstarch,"; one cup of i flour,
one heaping teaspoon 1 of baking powder, two eggs, :
white >- of i one ? egg, one teaspoon of grated \ nutmeg.
Beat ;• the butter > : and ->. sugar to a cream, /add. the
eggs, well- beaten, then sift in ; the /'flour, i corn-:
starch, baking-powder? and nutmeg. V; Mix into a
nice dough, nlf ' too"-. dry A add a very / little ti milk.
? Divide * into small pieces, pat them , flat, ; brush; them ,
over with* the beaten white |of; am egg and I sprinkle
over with v granulated ; sugar. Place * apart *on '{ but
tered - pans and ' bake •■ in a moderately ;' warm * oven '
until done. • '<>/- * ' " * ■■ * ;'' ;'
-"Rocks" Are Good to Eat—One and a half cups of
sugar, half a , cup of * lard/ half < a cup iof 'butter, two
eggs, one cup of sour milk, two cups of oatmeal,
three I: cups 2of % flour, one t, teaspoon' of baking ? soda,;
one teaspoon of cinnamon, half a cup of currants,
half a cup of Sultana raisins,?half, a cup iof;chopped,
« walnut meats. Beat the butter, lard and sugar to
gether until creamy, then add ! the eggs well beaten,
the - sour milk, oatmeal, raisins, t soda,>; flour, x cur- 1
rants and walnuts. Mix and* drop on a buttered
: pan and bake In a moderate oven until? ready. ;«//
; California 1 Cookies—One i cup *of butter, two i cups
of .white sugar, four cups of flour, one cup each of
seeded -or seedless/raisins, half -v cup ".; of sweet
milk/four one teaspoon each of lemon, va- :
nilla : and ■ soda,** one-fourth f of ra.teaspoon; of * salt; ■
cream'butter and sugar; add eggs s one at a time;
beat till dough/Is nice and smooth; -add! milk, lemon]
; and vanilla; ■» sift ? soda"and * salt with ■*■ one > cup p of ?
flour; add/ to % the > mixture \ and stir until smooth, -
;then add remaining 5 three cups of iflour/./Lastly,
stir . In' raisins ; thoroughly ground * through *a v meat
chopper./'Roll*out on well 1 floured board one-fourth'
of. an inch thick, sprinkle with sugar and bake 10:
minutes in : a moderate oven. i , • /// .**/-. <■'■.<■ %-%?\
Cream Cakes—One level tablespoon; \ of .•> butter,
one . cup of - sugar, ] eggs, one ■ teaspoon of t cinna- <
mon, one and? a half cups of flour/ one-fourth tea-,
spoon of /baking/powder and 10 finely minced
; almonds. ; Proceed" as for Christmas cookies/- Bake
in a-/ moderate oven. * ' * . . ' - . _ ; -
%',' Christmas"; Cookies rounding i teaspoons -; of;
butter/two« rounding tablespoons/of I lard, one J cup
of granulated sugar, one egg, one-fourth*cup of
'milk,*, one i teaspoon of baking powder, four cups of
flour/- Cream* shortenings and sugar I* together is and*
egg thoroughly, and other ingredients g and flavor
to? taste ;>; add flour J gradually. Put cookies ftonfta;
paper; to ; cool,/but be * sure not to let them "touch r
each other. - /; /~~:'/ : : ■'/*;;--'-. ;" --;'/'. ;:-./;-:- ' /:"-:,*;.-'.
/: Lady '= Fingers—Two : ; eggs, one cup :of ; sugar,". half i
a cup of sugar/beaten to a"*-cream*our.atablespoons ?
of /baking-powder, enough flour; to stir with 5! a
; spoon;/lemon Sto 2 flavor/ s For;? your molding aboard
take a llttle piece of dough with your hands, cut
offf our J inches in length and put closely on In but
tered tins. Bake in a quick oven.
€©€>&£ $©©&£
A Few Suggestions for Tomatoes
Mrs. J. M/! Lynch. 211 Day Street, San Francisco. \/ .
/ Stuffed Tomatoes —Select large tomatoes of even cup 'of sugar. - Mix and bake in small cups quickly,
size and scoop out a small place in the top and fill '•' This is ! a good dish ; for invalids. :
with a* stuffing made as ' follows: i Fry a small \ onion," Tomato Oysters—Pare '* four large tomatoes : and j
chopped fine, in a tablespoon of butter; when near- cook hem well Season one-half teaspoon of-
vly done * add * some bread crumbs, moistened with a> butter, pepper arid" salt to taste. Pour -, one quart .
> little milk *: or water, and season with pepper land -r— ; of boiling milk over a dish of crackers; then add
s * a lt -^ Pu^ a llttle l blt butter on each, then bake. he 'cooked tomatoes, with one-half teaspoon/of
Another, dressing is made as follows: Chop very SO da, dissolved in a little cold milk. '' * 'J, ;*;*.": ./','-*-.
,*•-•£? th^Vln^^biriTn^lfhip
fine, in a tablespoon of butter, and when nearly *£« usual way Then put them In a bow nd chop
done add the meat, some bread crumbs, pepper; and r* l^ , f J ne ; f® a *°? ™ i* a P « P ?>tfn a £?ttir with one
• salt, cook a minute, mix well, add the yelk of an v s -> i ? n A - *l«iL«i. fl ® «5 it vlv - AvV^^sa.''«uicie^il?«i
egg and fill the tomatoes; place in a baking dish, ? al « t*; aspoon Q °! SO « da Fry ° Q
f sprinkle 'bread ■crumbs• over them, with : some small '. *5 butter or lard. - Serve Vr^ir-«f iraan' toma
bits of butter, and bake. Use either as a garnish fn Fr *"«* B E'™!E£f =nHn P kl« nveAhem a Tun
or an i r*i<sh h» itaoif « - ... . - -..;■. ~ toes and six onions' and sprinkle over tnem a cup
or as a dish by itself ,* _ ' ' ' ; -, / of sal Let-stand-overnight/, Then drain thor-
Tomato Toast—Cook four ; tomatoes: and -two : oughly and cook; them in • two quarts of water and
small, onions, pared and cut fine,/for' three-quarters ,/:one quart :* of vinegar for 15 i minutes; then drain
of an hour. Drain off the water, add salt and pep- : again. Return to kettle,' add two quarts of vinegar,
per to suit the taste, two-thirds of a cup of sweet ,-; two pounds^of brown sugar mixed with one table- :
milk or cream, a piece of butter the size of an egg. spoon ; each of '• cinnamon, cloves, allspice, white -
Have ready some-.pieces : of ; toasted; bread and pour pepper and ground mustard, two tablespoons of
: the tomatoes over.fit/:,///,// // //, .:/*'. : v celery seed and one-half pound of white mustard
Tomato Salad—Six medium sized ; tomatoes, peeled - seed. -Boil gently .»for 15 minutes; then bottle and
and sliced; two hard boiled s eggs one raw egg, well iseal.: ."---;> .<**• >-■> *, •• . <, */-;». : .; -v : /
# beaten; one ••"■ teaspoon of y salt,% one-half j teaspoon Tomato Sauce —Take a tin pf. tomatoes <or fresh
of cayenne pepper, one-half ;teaspoon •- of sugar, ones, put in a saucepan with; one slice of onion and
> one steaspoon *of/ salad oil, one» s teaspoon of^two*cloves,- a little pepper and salt; boil about 20
;. made; mustard, one-half : cup ?of ?v vinegar. Rub the --f minutes;- then remove from i fire?] and strain It
:;yelks"to paste, adding by;degrees the salt, pepper, through >:a\ sieve.- Now meltvini another pan an
•' sugar,/ mustard" and * oil. Beat the raw t eggs to \a-* ' ounce of butter, and as it melts - sprinkle In - a ta- .
■ frothj and stir; in lastly the vinegar. Peel the to- blespoon of flour; stir It until it browns and froths
- matoes.s slice them a quarter of an; inch thick ? and */ a -little; mix the tomatos with it,"'and It is ready.
set the dish in a cool place while the dressing is H Fine for '■> chops or j meats of all kinds. ; ; . -
■ being made. After the dressing '•■ is mixed stir *lni/' Chile Sauce—-Eighteen s ripe /tomatoes, cut fine;
lumps of ice till it Jis very cold;, then * take <it out one green pepper, cut fine; one onion, cut fine; one .
and * pour" it I over > the ? tomatoes. -; - Set ?it; on . ice ' till '.-■ tablespoon .« of ' salt, one I cup c, of J sugary : two * cups of
; ready to 'serve, j;-*; -;:/ ■■ -;•■> ■:;/%./ : best vinegar, two tablespoons of all kinds of spices,
Fried Tomatoes—Select -firm,; ripe tomatoes, ? pare ;--•::- ground. Boil and-bottle for use. ;- : 1-.> V •'-.;.'* —
and slice them thick. /Season* with pepper- and salt? . Another Chile Sauce—Peel, and chop fine ;18 large,
and sprinkle flour over each piece. •*.*" Place them /»not overripe tomatoes and put them in a'preserv
a'(skillet '.that: has 'hot lard or butter in it, -and. fry ing kettle with two large onions, chopped fine; I two
'on ; both sides! a ilight; brawn. When done; make -a>v* tablespoons of salt, six chopped peppers, four cups
gravy •of one : cup! of*, cream,/ one * teaspoon of butter //of vinegar, i : one 'i cup of brown * sugar, *s two table
; and one tablespoon of flour to thicken *lt.Tf Let this V*: spoons of ground cinnamon and one tablespoon of
/ heat * through and pour 'It*: over L the tomatoes, - and V ground * cloves/ * ginger s and . allspice. -;, Simmer for
serve// -v o - ' : /; " ■ -/*: ■ ..« two hours, or until as thick" as - desired, then seal
;";■ Tomato Mustard—One. peck iof tomatoes and one ; In •* small jars. ■,/; -- : ♦../'.■': "
S teaspoon of •, salt. Boil ;in \ a preserving •> kettle . half Tomato Soup—-Scald and peel some ripe. tomatoes.
an hour; strain it through v a colander and return to put in a skillet, with some butter, sugar, salt and /
i: the kettle, with the following:/ One dessertspoon of/ pepper Met* them ? boil 15 or 20 minutes; then take
/ ground cloves, -one dessertspoon of / allspice, one r - one /pint, of sweet * cream or rich milk, stir " in' two
dessertspoon! of black pepper, one of ginger and one tablespoons of flour and .then; add »to the tomatoes,
of cayenne * pepper, about r: six i small onions and > a ; Let them come to a boll and then serve, **-;'
": little curry powder. /> Let* it boil? down ; considerably. Green Tomatoes for "Winter Pies (Southern)To
; then strain it i through a sieve and add ground mus- 25 pounds of sliced 5 green tomatoes take one gallon
,tardi until proper s thickness 5 is'obtained/and sim- of molasses and simmer slowly for four hours. Sea- /
- t mer for al , short time. / Bottle for use. •' " v son -with sliced lemons and "spices*; to taste. Will
Baked Tomatoes Cover the bottom of an earthen - keep well without sealing, * ; - ;,
* dish -• with«ripe tomatoes, sliced. Then ia ** layer 'of - 1 ;. ' Scrambled '.Tomatoes—Remove * the skins , from a
f bread-crumbs, ■; seasoned with pepper. Bait and but- dozen tomatoes; cut them up in i a saucepan add a
. ter. | Then another layer of tomatoes, and so i con- -little butter, pepper : and , salt; * when sufficiently
/tinue;till!the T dish is filled, letting the topmost layer boiled beat* up five or six eggs and just before you
vbe of the (bread crumbs. Bake 15 " minutes. serve turn them into the •, saucepan with « the toma
/ Tomato s Custard One I pint of » tomatoes, i stewed 'toes; and stir one way for two & minutes, allowing
and strained; two pints of milk, four eggs, one tea- them time to be done thoroughly. ;;;-■
-•-■■."■■;'■■<;.■-■■■;.■,■■:-»''■■••• : .:••;- .■■■*.■•■.,•■■"-.-".:- .■■-■'. - :■' -■ .- -■ - ■ .
. Mrs. Nelson Page, 1425 Poplar Street, Oakland.
' Hakamark —Violets and rose leaves } are:candied,
r* but whoever heard of * rose s* seed pods being made
I into I a preserve ? Yet :it is done in Germany, i where 9
the • red, ripe wild rose " pods are i usually ; used. Re- --
" move ? seeds? and \ hairy J filling, wash i and; boll until ">.
/soft; I then" add an f equal amount;; of sugar, and let
-boll.up again. Seal while hot. So you see there is
; something new .under \ even a : California skyif It -
did start from /"the? fatherland." f >;?///.. -//
;.-//' Chinese i Foy/ Yan —One can shrimps, \ one 'i small */
' onion,/three f: large • stalks of * celery, four i eggs, one ; I
green ; pepper,; two I tablespoons of ;* cream, one tea
■ spoon of k salt. Beat hard for 10 minutes, /v // //
; Nut 1 Bread Three f cups ' whole % wheat J flour, one- i
i half ;* cup Fof / sugar, three-fourthsfcup of /chopped V
.*. nuts, four rounding ; teaspoons i bailing * powder ; and,.
one teaspoon of salt. Mix all together and ; add one
egg,-beaten with one large cup of milk. Put in the '
'< tins and let raise \ for 20 1 minutes .in a warm ' place. ' <•
Bake 40 minutes Or longer. /. , " L •
:/ (These recipes t came from the, domestic^science "/
~c lass of the ; Montpelier Woman's club.) /; « ; ;,
< Manhattan Pudding—One arid; one-half cups of
; orange juice. 'i one-fourth cup s lemon juice, sugar toi/
taste,; one ? pint t heavy s cream, one-half ;; tablespoon /
l vanilla one-half % cup powdered sugar,/s two-thirds /
cup walnut meats. Mix the fruit Juices and sweeten
.to 8, taste/ Turn mixture in ;a; mold. Whip cream
. and sadd sugar, vanilla and nut meats; pour over »i ;
*: first \ mixture ? and f overflow ■? the * mold; * cover with •
buttered j : paper, fit lon - dover, pack « in. salt and * ice.* '!
Let stand four hours. <///«•* - ;V" ', ' /
/ For simplicity and every day good living the fol- ;
lowing will be found unexcelled: '* ,
~: Johnny Cake —One cup yellow corn meal, one cup .
sifted 'flour,* one-half cup sugar, one * and % one-half ,i
cups sweet j milk, egg size piece of butter rubbed in,
; one-half * tablespoon 'i salt, 4 one 2 egg* (beaten), v two y
- heaping 5 teaspoons baking powder. Bake half . : an /
hour. ' ' ...
V 5 Breakfast /or /Tea/: Cake—Two,, cups sifted flour, '
/ one-fourth cup I sugar, £ salt to % taste, , one teaspoon
baking powder, one beaten egg in one cup sweat ~\
**milk;**-.; Mix and bake In a stewpan about 20 minutes.
-; Break; do not cut it. ";/,:///;/ ' ■'■„ •///./ /-/ .*
/'-; Salad Dressing About a/ half * teaspoon of " mus- /"
.; tard stirred ;in water or vinegar, two tablespoons of
sugar, one tablespoon of» olive oil, pinch of salt ;to B
■ taste, one well . beaten ; egg, one , cup j good \ elder vine
gar. Mix, let boil up without stirring; when cool =
should be the consistency of good cream. ;;/;//
/. Unexcelled Cookies —One cup each of t butter and /
; sugar, creamed and flavored; one-half cup of milk,
I one beaten egg, one teaspoon baking powder, about B
; two t and', a half cups of flour. Keep just 'as soft as
can be handled and shaped. - J.,
;., Tomato Ketchup—Two quarts tomatoes, one
eighth pound each of | pepper, allspice and ? white *
* mustard t seed, one-half ounce cloves, one and a half
* tablespoons salt, one pine vinegar. Boil slowly one .-;
and a half hours. Cool and bottle. / v /;: -, -:/
Gingerbread—One cup sugar, one cup New Or
;leans molasses, one-fourth cup melted butter, two
* cups sifted flour, one-half I cup M sweet milk, two is
' beaten eggs, one-half teaspoon baking powder,
three-fourths teaspoon ginger, one-half tablespoon
S salt. Mix dry ingredients; then wet and add melted
/butter jlast*of all. .1.
Doughnuts—(Be exact In measurements.) •. - One :
and one-fourth cups sugar, two egg yelks * and one &
whole egg, one-half tablespoon salt, one cup sweet
I milk, three-fourths teaspoon ginger,/" three / tea- c
-spoons baking powder. Beat the eggs, add sugar *i
9 and milk/I 1 then sifts the dry ingredients and add
I our t and j a half I cups"; sifted * fleur. Let I stand I over- m
night to get real cold, or £ chill on Ice. Roll out one
Awarded: a Silver Cold Meat Fork ,.
fourth of an /Inch" thick c and fry,"in: deep, hot fat;
but not too quickly. The whole secret lies In keep
ing the fat just right, and -, you can ,do that on a
gas plate. / \ '/'"''/;..;;*;;..'../';;.; //,"-":■ / /;/
Best White Bread Ever Scald -a pint of good
: milk, add-two; tablespoons butter and two of sugar,
; one »of * salt; 1 stir until; butter » is ■ melted, then ; add
one. pint of cold milk or water. /Dissolve - one . cake
of compressed yeast (the moist kind) in a t cup of*
luke warm water and sift in flour enough so the
* spoon * will 1 stand a moment then '" slowly fall : over.
Cover and let: raise over; night. Stir "down 1 in' morn- s
i ing, - knead 1 only I sufficiently' to | shape into * loaves ;
let raise one * Inch, then •;• bake 1 in 4 moderate oven -45 -
to* 60 J minutes. /;;/;/ ./ / v v " " ' *
/ Lemon Queen Cake — and a half cups sugar,
one-half cup butter, one-half * cup milk, two cups
flour (sifted), three ; eggs, half *; a teaspoon salt,
rind and juice of one lemon. > Beat butter and sugar *
until ' light » and f creamy;' you may melt | the I butter.
Add' 4 yolks (beaten)/lemon rind and juice.*/ Sift one :
and one-half teaspoons baking powder In the flour,
add the milk and s stir well one way. Add beaten
white last of all I and -bake three-quarters of an
hour./.,.// //*•//-, /'/;:/" ,-;:/ ;.'-..•■-"■ : ~y '-./";'
?: Whole Wheat • Bread Without = Yeast—Three': cups
whole wheat flour, three heaping teaspoons - baking
powder, % half 4 tablespoon i salt, half ; ? cup sugar, .; one
beaten egg, handful ? of i seeded raisins -or ' currants,
milk or * milk ?, and >■ water % (about * one * and :a * half
cups). Mix to a light, soft dough and turn into a
greased, pan. Let - stand covered ■ about, ten , minutes,
then bake in a steady, ' not too hot, . oven , for 45
minutes. „
/'•• Orange t : cake—-One* -, cup ; sugar, one-half J cup but
ter, two cups sifted flour, two scant 1 teaspoons bak
ing powder, one-half scup milk, 'two i well . beaten
eggs, grated rind lof one orange. ; Bake in two
square layers. .*:>.*' -;*'*—;'/;; ;•■;.:-■ ' .■•
Filling—About two cups ' powdered • sugar -to
thicken orange juice t and?- spread between and on
top. v Lay thinly .- sliced i orange *on ' top ./ layer if f
served at once. /.. ;;• <•.-;../;; v ■--«. :.;,;;./-;-.
Baked" Apple 1 Sauce Slice .or .quarter the .' apples
in a" deep ? pan, add the usual quantity of sugar and
sprinkle cinnamon or nutmeg on top; add one ta
blespoon '* of r! water, - cover * closely !* and • bake" until'
soft. >■/>.:.•■.;;:.';■:*.-■-.■';:,-; i-/>./■-■-' ».»':;.■*;::-.' ; --:.---;--V/>•■//->.. ■'■'"■.
W/A'i Bit ; of . Advice—Drink » lemonade - instead » of .- tea
or 'coffee i and your nerves will thank you. ':, Make It '
this way: Juice i of,' two : large lemons *to i one quart
of water and four heaping tablespoons of sugar.
/■', Ice Cream—-Beat' four eggs* and stir Intos a quart
'of good milk, one cup sugar, j level teaspoon salt.
Cook over steam until it begins to thicken (it must
not boll); then set in cold water to J cool; then add
; one - pint I good; cream > and vanilla to taste. /S Pound
* Ice in a sack and pack in three cups, then one cup ;
coarse rock salt,* then three of i ice one of salt ! and •
:so en until full. Turn slowly at first. * Will {freeze
. In about 10 aota 12 minutes. Pack * and 5 cover 1 with '
ice and carpet* or heavy cloth. Let stand i three or
;four/hours.:/::,/-'-.;/'.. v //*/;...:*:*.t*.';; vro* ;."/;.-. * ;-...-.-. . * /■-■*;
Good Eggs—lf you wish truly fresh eggs you
must be on speaking terms with the hens. • Intimate
; acquaintance with the -.biddies'; gives fine results. I
have 70, and It costs but *20 cents ? a day .to; feed
the i flock. Yes, they " more % than pay "■ for ; their feed
right on a city lot, right : now, when moulting. - -
I// A Protest —Why people * put up J with ; the ' kind lof
; milk (?) t sold ' nowadays II? don't know. Z : Cows don't -
' give? skim milk, nor dirty * milk, yet it's s what- we
, get, even bottled, and pay 10 cents a quart : for.
Why, again, do people ■ eat ? and I allow children ito
consume the stuff sold*as*ice'crea--li? It Is such a
libel on the genuine article! / -•

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