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fcTONEY •dTsnced salaried people pennaiseatly
emnloTed: io« rete; e**y terms: eooedeßtt»l-
P. P.'PRAKB. 201 Mech.nKV bid*.. S** M*?
4AA—Wife eerner*. either mea or women c««
sake a lo*d !n »tricte*t confident* «t the Eβ
ploTe*' Credit Co.. room 454 Mo»»dßocfc btd«.
A AA—SALARIED men «ad women *csomnxx!at»d
without deier or nablSeity. Home Credit and
ißTertircßt Co.. S2l PfaeUa bUig.. third Soot-
CAfiU !oane<l to salaried men on note withoot ln
toncr. MORHELL. 1»T Mooadaocfc Mdg.
MULKISD LOANS: other f>ror«os!ftoa»- San rr»»-
IHacoont Agency. 411 Pacific baUdlng.
v <;aTE Losts Office. 110 Ke-rny «.—
-«tes on Jewelry. W J HESTHAL.
MONEY TO LO AS—Real Estate
AMAA WO! lo*n kt amoaat at lowest tatereet
«a Bxtt, eecoed afld tilrd mrrtsage*; <*state»
la probate. eadiTided interest: deal directly
witfclWKS**: w> delay. R- McCOLGAN. 504
-604 C«U bldjf.. corner Ttlrd Md Market: phone
Deeg-lai SB. Tbe oMest established and le»4
int financial *e«"ncy oa the Pacific coaat.
LOAN 2T per cent rooce tl»a BANKS.
PHAPBT'RNE CO.. 715 Mooadeoek betldts*
A.V'V amooQt no rea! ectate. first or »ev-oa-i mort
t*ft%: do delay: rery lowest r*te»; !f yoor
property ii E*->rr?tce<l and yoe neet! maao
■eeey. cc« cc immediately. O. W, EECKEK.
Monadnoct bid*.. 6fil Marfcgt: teL Doagtas 2150
-1F yoe w»at f> borrow mosey oo mortrages. city
er eonctTT. talk It ore* with as. W> wi!l lead
yee - - lot. EnWARDS,
BKETVSTER A CLOVER M;! 1» bcr.ding.
MONEY f> !o*2 en OakUnd. Berketsr. Alameda
and Freitrale real estate at 6 and 7 per cent.
OEO W. ATSrr **W«y. Oaklacd.
For eereJopajeat of cocserratiTe mannfaptnrißC
eeterprtee*; eie«lleat epportsnities for progrea
»lt* caeo: rams from JI.OOO op adraata«eow>ly
placed. Fnlieet U
tar-"!! tfr--rded.
BrrTNFa * oc Xβ bltki.
Springfield Fire and Marine ln>
surance Company
OF SPRINGT ■» -f Mas&arbasett*.
• A. D. 1911. aed
fnr the year ending os that day. Published par
re the prcTislocs of section 611 of tfce
tl Code and conp.'.ed from the toaitl
fileU witts tbe Ivsmnmcm CofUtaaießer
of tbe state of (
A wwiil of capital ctock. paid sp la
rasb 53.000.00e.0e
Reel estate - r.... $."»e.000.0β
Lotu Oβ ncrtnift 1.440.386.00
Cash market n!-? of aH «e*ks
and bcods omnnl by company. T. 225 """ "
Canh ia company* office ST7.TI;
Cart ta banks ZU.eae.7s
Interest doe and a«rro*d 4S.TS4 **
Aa-ests' hal%ace* represesttaa; bo»t
-n sabceqoest to Octo-
I 5T9.3ee.09
se*et« $I'\ 407.847.e5
Ixmn adjested aed *aar-s S-50.048.09
IB coepesse 3^7.430, et
Lem resSeted. tar . 33.747.6*
Bmi ;--——- - tn r.-i* - -
. rear or lee*. $." - -
; more than pern year. $-'
1: reinsnraace pro rata 3.041.559.7*
T*x»s dae or actraed 'estiatatedi.. 90.000.00
:rh Rel&scraec*
company under tn ktj 231.9^0.04
- 13.165.90
Tctt: *5.537.140.04
Net ca«t mttmSts received for fire
prea bun $" 2±i Sβ 41
Received for taterest on mertsares C 1.220.53
from intereet and dlTi
<?ecds on bonds. Mock*. loans asd
fitaa all otaer aources.. 552.685.77 !
Received for r«BT> 15.000.09
ledper a«»*w 15.472.4"
lecofse from ail otber eocirces 2.491 .S3
- -• $- ■"■. :s
' r fire loaecß (ia
rtod:-. • ' 92 Lssses of pre
tl«os years i I
Eiiwawi at adjustment and aettte
eerst of lowe» S*
r«Tia»Bds to stodekoMer* 200.000.09
PmW or allowed for cmamiastoe er
hrekertye 983.408.79
'-r Mlar*e*» fees aw! otner
charge* for offl- -re. . 557.4e0.94
-? state, uatlocal asd local
taxes 138,745.28
Grcaai decrease la book T»!-a« of
ledger assert . 9.032.50
Grccs lose tm aale «r —twHj of
ledarr a«s»- L.418.59
v - ■ ■ - - ;:■- ■ . "; 2?~ :
AH other eip*«litcre» JT-
Total expeadttwes $5.3>
Lease* tecmrrwl dtirlec Oμ ?*ar. f3.006.051.49
Fire Eiski Premlsau
--•- » . s
- - -:e* derisa; tae
year 5W7.525.011 »" ;*: z'* -'
>-s«aat of risks
expired Aortas tbe
year K1.651.339 6.M2.755.03
N»: in fore*
rJecesNsr 31. 1911. 513.432.459 9.241.331.39
A. W. DA -Bt.
IT. J -ary.
T H. WTU.IA.SfiS. Treasarer.
Halm 1 "Iμ i" aafi «w<ins to before Kβ tk •
tay of Jasnary. 1912-
PERC M. Notary PaNfe.
Sprin?fiefd Fire and Marine In
surance Co. of Springfield. Mass.
r.ro. W. DORM\. Mar-arer; JOHN ■
DORM>. V»«l«taißt Mf—iir.
Parlfic Departnseel,
Kohl Boihline
Cor. (allforala and MoDtt«mfrr MIV«
Mare Island Notes
♦ _—__»
[sF«iei Dhpatch to The C
- " -
• ■*; -aral -■ • zywT*w eftrrwwn.
• "fcapleia C. Q. ' -z& wffi
■ Mr*' **» t«**i
htas from

Repairs <m tj>» «tiae -
to p'.aa*. Tfe* T«i«tr« «b tfcr 4**troy*i
•Me to le*»<» -
t«4er ftr«l ta* Virk*. . .
h<*» Sanger. ii>' \>k*nrg «~il
<X*fi» fc»r» Vf» fgntE#4 br tkP rar.i eflhrtat
Tl- - -5* .
t< » ■

r NMin bar.

• - • ' . -. - -
•-» «s*nriatVia '-'
J*«s Parkrr nraiMi ta Ere*

SLATX2 CArGHT - .. - Wa«lu
Prwwcoe Tbajrw. wiatcd f« eoeof
■wrttrr rf Jaaw* Pt>E<wk. a ckanCrv. *!wei
bedr <ra« focHi with ti* aarsn eroOM«
owMElrtK of Sp«**a-. tkpMaabrr i.'.. ■■
mmg :o I'ilssry. Alberta.
499 Ccifforaia «t. r>l. Dooclii MM
M. Fraaci* Hotel. Tel. Dwaclas SS^J
Metiers if tor Y«fc Stsck [xckaa?e
lMfaeer Ho as*
Private Wire to Cktrss*
•■4 Ttiew li'ork
R. E. M I' L C A H V . Miilicn
Letterman Hospital Patients
Hear News W hen Presidio
Is Deserted
Election day was particularly quiet
Presidio. Many officers were
guests at downtown cafes or theaters
I - The election returns
■were flashed at the Letterman hospital
for the several hundred patirr-.ts. Ali
r.ere were about 2M votes from
the Presidio reservai anting
tenant Colonel J. P. Gler.nan.
medical corps, and commanding officer
Letterman hospital, will leave
I r«W viay= on a month"s
of abeeace. He will visit reia
Captain Theodore Koch, roast artil
lery corps, for duty a. =
Twerty-seventh com
■ b in
fantry; Captain W. E. Short. Firs=t cav
alry, and Second Lieutenant Wii'.iam R.
White, reported back for d'Jty with
their resr-
Oeutenii- - t 1 coast ar-
I as a member
of Uμ .:tal to meet at
Fort V ' Scott
Leave of absenc- month Is
granted Captaia John B. Murphy, coast

-r.ant Dougla* B. Nether
wood, coast artillery corps, is relieved
and detailed as judge
>.te of the general court martial
appointed to meet at Forf Pteran*. Ore
relieving Lleotec
lM artillery <
Commercial News
_ ■♦
London Closing Stocks
Z -+ ;
- : ■ : " •-■•_•*•• a Kaaß . '- --.
Do t -- •[. X i Texas »S
vS > V Centre] IWA
ABaeooda ..
... ■■.'•.• '. ■ . M
Dok Ontario & West... 36 .
Caaadtaii P&c . <>-*.

I Chi O
IOM, Mil * .- : Hβ
iDe B»er« .. - -
fDea A -- Cataa PaciSe . ...:7-5%
I>o j»f a . : - -' -:
Erie . - Steel -• ■
Do I-
Do za pf'i 4." n~>basa 4*~
Grasd Tmsk .... -• « O- pfd - 15^
111 Central 133
The rate . • : i Ok opes market for
short 1 per ceßt aod f -
souths' t>.: - '
< ..n'Mtinn of the Tr*«eary
TTA> Eke eoedition of tl»
- iry it tin? N=;:cJiias of bast
aess today wa«:
. BS
la baoks aod Ph;l:ppus<» $27.4T«>.?94.
■ - :
. . - .
1.. •= --.:--■ " : - $2.2'C-MS ss »?a!nst
Tb« &rure« for wript*. ane
canal aad pobUc debt
BtaSM ttaa.
F.?f Market in >>*rby Counties
-. s.—Tben? was ao obai>f« in
Qμ pri Cβ ptM '"EP ' i*f aflfcl --- ■: el
-----•■_. -. - :-■•■■ -■■■ : nr sad Km
:-deMatdent dealer* as 4 speculators
• . ' -■ y_ ; < v , -*::•■- it ti» ri« >f 31c
-i i " vied pallets.
Uirht- A *te*«ly soaking
z. whJeh " -ase de
liveries of extra raaek, as all imM or dirty
♦EB* ?o tv tb* lower ft -rions in tbe
oarkor are see • » or nothing
!s beisf offered.
L*s AnjEe'.es Produce Market
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
■ -

sack*; bear- - -- - ;
The Hwrkct th rather dill ao»f featureless;
today. Irish potatoes are mortas ekwrly at 9>>c9
SI a i
Tbe <-sje market I* firm aad »oate
is BH>TiL>s et 2c higher than tie qnota:
tbe fst-hssirr-
Owing to the death nf H. V. Harris, treaearer
e< Use '■" . apaey. there was
co e*B oa the exchaage this loorainje.
Prit , ** to - -■ abore
- • -:.i- - ■ -r.■. tm M) bra*, Me;
■'sse r«ent.
aod DaVita. 3«c: ExaH
• 36e.
-aern fr«>h. !V- 3 @l9r::
ea«t»re 8f; i
teastcra tae-i . 10 4--: j
- - .
I: ■
-"• : E>!aoi. $>-s*.'■ <Yearn
Xβ. 1
■ > ■: -'.I ■■-:- "■ •- .-- - v t. :■ •.
: earTaoaa. $4.->';
) ieatib, 1«Il.". ; 45: M*i>caa red.
Potatoes .per et! — WV<gSl: local
?-"■:: *.;■•• •■-- ; *'■ :" " >*Ij3*s.
: i j;.20.
« hio.Tco Prndoff Market
- -m: reeeipta.
Aseeica«. : i :e^@lTc.
Ka*«era Uvcatock Market
oaeep tve^ v
re, 15.30
■Catt>— Re
- ti •
■ t« 5e
heary, $7.75
: llghl,
Sbeejp— Rp.- -'" i eg. Mat-
M " . rtage weth
- (Ht«; raoge ew*e. $2.3«>f|
' - -
-fer. Hee*7.
; " " its'".;.*.'
-ReoHpt*. 13.WW; nwrket 15fr2V hUtfcer
. w»r
■ . ■ " -
B««teai \* 00l Market
: i»e»tir wooi ii . ■ idea, V«te*«
: are saowlag a higher tesdeaey. aad seme wf ttse
The i»
■•i? brick. e»
- So Heetaaa. wiwle c«rt>r Seecas sell
foniU st-jck is <riMl
-.•- -. •■->.- -,■■:• : - f. to t aaaifeß,
- jMßia*. «Mg.«fe; tae fall. Jβ
.-: niddie c!M»ty.
z -a— a«ere No. 1 itapS*. G4fHSr; easteni
I eW::
<>»e«>; See etotfcfas. «oe«Sr : aa« me
- " '"- *MI b ■-■-: raaiMai «8e
£si«od ««bttg. SXgsec; eaar
i ter-Uood roefcir
IPagted—rtoe A. We; A supers. B
I -rprtol W hpat Market
*be«t—Sent #elf. X*.
I M*Eit-*j >»t ; T«
; Marets. T» ♦«►«!.
!.ivera«»l (otto a
i—i*«."t. «ad »ad
{aeas 4oac; prkca easier.
Maxwell Distributers to Open
Quarters on North End of
Row; Oldfield Here
The United Motors San Francieco
I company is the latest of the big motor
(car firms that will join the newly estab
ed automobile row toward the north
I end of Van Ness avenue. Fred Llnr,
president and general manager of the
company, announced yesterday that a.
deal has been consummated whereby
company has leased the lot at the
rer of Van Ness avenue and Cedar
avenue, a few feet from Geary street.
I and on which a three story and base
ment structure will be built as the new
j home for the Maxwell and Columbia;
' pleasure cars and the Sampson truck.
The new Doited Motors home will
have a frontage of 40 feet in Van Ness
avenue and a depth of 109 feet- The ;
.ding will be a class A structure. I
■ .i an attractive brick exterior, while j
interior will be fitted with all the
-st improvements that will make it
a most up to date automobile estab
"While we have not gone as far
north on the row as many of tfie other
dealers," said Unas yesterday In dis
cussing the new quarters, "we feel that
we have an ideal location. We are but j
a few feet from Geary street, which as |
soon as the city railroad begins opera- ,
tions will be the main thoroughfare j
town, and this naturally will bring j
- establishment to the attention of
} many motorists. We are going to spare
expense in fitting up the new quar
ters, and when they are completed we ,
L that we will have one of the finest
■ establishments In the country.
■The lower fioor will be devoted to
oar "display room and ofSees. Here the
ngs will be of a most elaborate
j character. The second floer will be
zed for our parts department and
warehouse, while the upper story will
be given over to the body trimming and j
painting departments. In the basement!
we will install our machine shop and
repair department. We will equip the
j machine shop wita the most improved
hinery, which will enable us to
r.. a ke quick repairs. There will be an
ranee to the building on Cedar ave
e, which will lead to the upper floors
and the basement. Building operations
have already begun, and we expect to
occupy our new home in about four i
months' time.
L:nz will leave for the northwest to
: i look over the situation in that
! territory for the factory. He will be
gone about two weeks.
* * *
California to Lead a» A«i* State —C.
E. Giltner. head of the sales forces of
Velie Motor Vehicle company of
Moiine, lIL, who Is at present in San
Francisco and is making his head
quarters with Max Rosenfeld of the >
Auto Sales company, the local Veil*
distributer, says that there is every ;
Indication that California will soon ;
take Srst place as an automobile state.
la explanation of this statement Gilt
ner says:
"While New York may have a great
er number of automobile owners, yet ;
It is safe to say that a large number
the cars registered are owned by;
travelers, or people who can not really j
be considered cttixens of the state.
With the coming of the fair, and the
great highway improvement work that
SOisg on in California. It is safe j
t> say that before 1?15 the state will j
be the automobile state of the union. j
Discussing the general automobile j
trade situation. Giltner says:
- g to be a sar.e year in ]
manufacture of motor cars- It Iβ ]
the firs- '■'■ manufacturers as a.;
whole shave realized the value of un
building for the trade. They are
.ding with the one idea of the fu
ture: that is. they are building fewer
cars, but are building a vehicle that is I
of greater value for the money.
'"The uncertainty of the national elec- ;
tion has had some effect, too. Manu
facturers fell that if there Is a change !
:he administration it will take six
or more to thoroughly under- ;
■i the policy of those who may be '
I elected. In the meantime, banks and |
-.ufacturers :■ will adopt j
extreme conservative policy, which. |
itself, will retard general business. By
' the time the political policy is thor
! ough'.y understood it will be time for
t another year's output, which means ;
-'. with the reduced number of pur- |
■sers caused by conservative busi- i
-s policy that the demand this year, j
in the east, will not be as |
'< great. I can say. however, that this
. not affect California as much as
: it does the east
"The orops here have been. I under
stand splendid. The farmers on the |
ust will have plenty of money and
purchase motor cars. The Pacific
let, and e*peciaUy California, is a
-ion that 5s most seriously- consid
ered by the motor car manufacturer.
c great wrealth and broad gauged
business principle, not only of the
business man, but the farmer, has made !
j it a great motor car mart."
* ♦ ♦
Barney Oldfield Reaches CMy—Barney
-«=ld. dean of the automobile racing
:f. arrived in San Francisco wester
to prepare for his appearance in
automobile meet at Tanforan Sun
day. Oldfield will race in Santa Rosa
rsday and San Jose Saturday. He
j has with him the new 300 horsepower
■ = front drive car. with which he
I says he is confident of hanging up new
i world's track marks.
A wire was received last night from
j Eddie Maler. Los millionaire
j sportsman and owner of the Vernon
j baseball club, stating that he bad en
gaged Gaston Maurice, a French pilot
sreat European reputation to drive
j bis 200 horsepower Renault "Select
Kid" in the coming meets. Maurfce
win arrive in San Francisco this morn
; ing and put his experts to work at
the job of tuning up the French mon
Maxwell. Buiek ar.d R- C. H. cars
I have been entered in the small car
nt at Tanfrtran. Earl Cooper, with
- stjtz, Fred Maione with the Prince
(Henry Benz and Harry Goetz in the
I Clno whirlwind have entered the me
m weight car events. Oldfield. with
Christie and Maurice with the
Maier speed chariot will fight it out
l in the free for al! eients-
* * ♦
C hauler in Towe—Walter G. Chans
lor of the firm of Chanslor & Lyons
company is in San Francisco in con
ference with Henry D. McCoy of the
same firm. He will remain here during
r»st of the week before proceeding
\e*r Re« Fartery Ma*—R. C. Rues-
leaving for the east, an
nounced that Howard C Harrie, wel!
known in the local automobile world,
has appointed Pacific coast Reo
factory representative. Harris will lo
cate his home office fn San Francisco.
Yeetertlaj-** Kir* Report
Id;d3 a. m.. box 59«—Two story frame.
1035 Ashbury street, owner unknown:
lose nominal ' cause, sparks on roof
frora adjoining chimney.
11:05 a. m., box 527 cor
ner Seventh and Ir«Mn streets, owned
and occupied h&- the Pacific Coast Glass
works; loss, sma!!; cause, crossed wires
setttng fire to roof.
Box 59«. 10:20 a. v, —Two story and
basement frame building. 1»55 As'hburv
street, ownpd by H. Vonderleit and oc
<mpfed by W. Fox. Damage to building
slight, to contents none. Caused by
carelessness vrith matches.
Box '.' : vp. m.—One etorv corru
gated Iron building, owned by the Pa
cific Coast Glass Works company and
occupied by same as a g!a<s works.
Damage to building stight. to contents
none. Caused by crossed wires.
▲BE2SEEX. Wm, I -Stumer Deity Mitofcel!
**• KNBtr <j. C. Uiiawr errirM in \j st«*n»er
Si«« Monica and *t. iirer S*B Jactnto departed
for tb* l»ne-*r &«tv<r.
President of International Iron
Workers Leads With Salary
of $12,240 a Year
The following Is *
list cf salaries paid
to the president of
the International body of the leading
trades organisations In this country:
\lma Workers.. . *12.M0
J I'uited Mine Workers 9-500
I Teamsters . 7.500
Musician* . 7.000
(Boiler tfakan 6.W0
' Carpetjt*Ts 6.000
j Sh«»e Workers BJjjß
, Elecrrioal Workers " *■ '^
[Hod Carriers... " 4..VK*
{Cm—ll fTUtlw 4.160
> Pb.to Eacrsvers 4.000
Barber* ... 4.000
! Machinists \" ['./. 5.900
t Brfek and Terra r«tta Worker? 5.900
Strarfiral Iron Worker* 3.500
I Shept Metal Wc*ker» 3-800
{Metal Lathers 3.800
I Painter* 3.<t00
I Blacksmiths '.".".'.". 5.500
j Plasterers ... 3.200
Hatter* S.»V»
I Uthogrsphers . . ' 3,120
•Metal Polishers....' S.OOO
|S»o»e Monsters 2.7«0
Paper Makers 2.700
Local Xo. 528 of the Cigar Makers'
union has received notfee from the
international body that durinfiT the
month of December it will have to
J take a referendum vote on 70 proposi
! tions relative to the constitution, some
In the nature of amendments and
others in the nature of alteration of
the wording of some of the sections.
Tht» is the first time In 16 years t tl
any change in the constitution ha* j
been proposed.
One of the changes Is in the obli
gation to the effect that a candidate
for membership must subscribe among
other things that he will "buy only
union labeled goods."
* * *
The Bar Tenders, local No. 41. last
Monday night appointed a committee
consisting of D. Regan, A. Condrotte
and P. Barling to act in conjunction
with !ike committees from the Brew
i c ' union and the saloon keepers' as
sociation to take action In regard to
the local option measure which is to
[be voted on December 10.
F. Sesma, vie* president of the In
ternational body, attended the meet
ing and addressed »t briefly. He an
nounced that he is visiting this city in
the capacity of general organizer and
he will remain here for an indefinite
The local paid $32 to members on the
sick list, obligated five candidates and
received five new applications.
Local No. 453 of the Carpenters' union
at its meeting Monday night donated
$10 to members who are out of work,
contributed a like sum to discharged
prisoners' employment bureau, paid 115
to members who daring the last week
met with accidents while at work; ob
ligated six candidates and admitted
three on transfer* from other locals.
The Carpenters" Ha.; association will
hold a meeting tomorrow night to make
a selection of a place for the unions
now in the bu Iding in Pulton street
to meet in. as they wiH have to vacate
by December 1.
* :* ♦
The Retail Delivery Wagon Drivers"
union, having been served with a notice
to move from the quarters now occu
pied by it in Carpenters' haJJ, because
the building -ts to be razed, a meeting
will be held on November 14 for the
purpose of selecting a new meeting
The Laundry "Workers' union last
Monday night elected and obligated
a class of 33 applicants for member
ship. The executive committee of the
union has postponed its regular meet
ing: until next Monday night.
Lecturer Says It Adds Interest
to History
LONDON. Nov. 5. —In the course of a
lecture on medieval architecture deliv
ered at the Victoria and Albert museum.
Banister Fletcher, F. R. I. B. A., dwelt
particularly oh tbe value of possessing
a knowledge of the architectural his
tory of Europ
Architecture i»» a visible exponent of
civilisation uniting and embracing ail
the other arts, and ail modern design
Is founded mainly upon the old models,
though made to conform to present day
He pointed out that architecture was
the basis of all design, and therefore a
knowledge of it was necessary to all
designers and students of art, and in
deed to the -whole community. No
novelist or author could set up a his
torical novel without reference to the
buildings his characters had Inhabited.
The journalist and the photographer
alike required tM> knowledge
The teaching profession was realizing
more every day that to make history
Interesting the student should be
taught not only what men did, but
what they had constructed, not only
what battles they fought but among
what surroundings they fought them,
what buildings they had lived in, and.
moreover, what churche* they had built.
Travel can not b<? appreciated without
the knowledge of architectural hletmr.
for to travel without it, was like hav
ing a book open before you that you
had not the ability to read.
Pictures in Royal Exchange Will
Be Taken as Basis
LOXDON. Nov. 5-—At the lord
mayor's show Ut* event* in the history
Qf London are to be deplete*!, the pic
tures tn the royal exchange being taken
as a basis. The first group will be
Frank O. Salisbury's picture. King Al
fred riding to inspect the rebuilding: of
the city walls In ••• A. D. William
the Conqueror "will be shown in the
second group, granting the city its
first charter.
In the third group lx>rd Mayor Sir
Henry Picard -will be shown on hi* way
to Vintner's hall with the five Kings he
entertained there in 1363. The kings
were those of England, Scotland,
France. Denmark and Cyprus.
The fourth group is to illustrate the
opening of the royal exchange in 1-579
by Queen EHjabeth. The incident
chosen will be the lord mayor and the
city dignitaries on their way to Temple
Bar to greet the queen. Iβ the fifth
and last group Charles I and bis court
will be represented ridfng to the Guild
hall in the year 1<541.
CRESCEVT— Pascej K<?r. 5, 7:30 *. m.—Stair
At:*s. with barge 93 la tow, b*aee Xor. 1 tor
EVEKETT—s*ii*e N*r. s— Srhr C. S. BtAs**,
tor Thoaas L. W«b4. t<se S»m Fraadaeo; bkta
Mery Whskf>tßMs. fer P«*rl tertew.
CORDOVA—«3 ><jt. 4—-Stmr Alamed*, for
SEWABI>--Saifetf Nor. s—Ster Admiral Samp
son, for S^ttl*.
— Smlitt Jio». *—G«r etmr Sefcora.
for Sac PaaeUeo.
Return Contest Promises to Be
Full of New Stunts* by
The Brooklyns will meet the Twenty
ninth company, coast artillery corps,
team in a return game of American
football Sunday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock on St. Ignatius stadium.
This encounter will prove to be an
interesting one and promises to be a
fine exhibition of the old game, as both
teams are in form now. In the last
game held between these two elevens
the soldier boys outplayed the Brook
lyns from start to finish, and had it not
been for the experience of the latter
the local champions would have surely
met their Waterloo.
The Brooklyns went to Vallejo last
Sunday to play the All Vallejo eleven.
and more than made up for their poor
showing In the previous game.
The soldiers are training faithfully
for their tussle with the Brooklyns, and
with their advantage In weight over
the local champs they expect to bring
home the bunting Sunday. Many new
plays and formations will be intro
duced, as in the previotis game with
their opponents, when the clever team
work took the Brooklyns by surprise.
The lineups will be announced later.
All Vallejos vs. Marines
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
VALLEJO. Nov. s.—Next Sunday the
AH Vallejo football eleven wiil meet
the Marine team of Mare island at the
The Vallejos met the Ma
rines last month in a practice game and
defeated the enlisted men by a small
score. Since that time the yard team
has been strengthened and should be
able to give the locals one of the hard
est contests of the season.
Births. Marriages, Deaths
Birth, marriage and death nonces tent by stall
will not be inserted. They must be handed is at
either of the publication offices and be indorsed
with the name asd residence of persons author
ised to bare tee same published. Notices re
stricted simply to the announcement of the ereat
are pa Wished cnee in this coiaaan free of coarse. ■
* _♦
Marriage Licenses
« *.
Tie following marriage licenses were issued
Tuesday, November 5, 191 C:
FARIS3—TIMMONS—Bert E. Faries. 29. and
Ada Tlnstn'a*. 22. both of Richmond.
GARAYALDE— Garayalde. 2S.
and Anas Casassa. IS, boch of San Fr&aclseo.
GRUMN—EMER—KarI Grama, 2S. and Laara
Emer. 25. both of Oakland.
i SCOTT—PARRV—CharIes W. W. Scott 25. and .
Nellie Parry. IS. both of Petaluma.
STOFFER—It rh * ci»y. November 4. 1912. to
tee wife of August Stoffer. a torn.
fflfix iirm »■ rmm, RowaftM 3, 1912,
Tsoasaa Udell axti Adeline Anie. boti of San
pbia. Nor. 5. —Selgfred Bebrecs. dean of Phil
adelphia musicians, acd prommeatly connected
la past years with many operatic ventures, died
at htf home here today. He was 72 y»ars old.
In 1567 he betna trav-eliag with the Max
Strakoeeb-Adelina Patti Concert company.
Later, he began in Chicago his career as as
operatic conductor with th<> Caroline Rlehlngs
Opera company, asd coctinned when that or
ganization combined with the Parepa Rosa com- .
pany. He organized a company headed by ■
Christine Nilsson. Pattl and Victor Maarel,
which sang •Ada" la tots country for the
first tin;*-
Abr«res. T)r. Marcas. 25>;!>tt, Afcram -Vj
Atitc'a. AcpHo Xtttnck, Jamos... M
i Bn>if?r, Peter 4»VM<-Lscan. Jaffi«>e l>.. tt
B-ffsgt™. Mabel U. —iMcLausblla. Settle.. —
Cook Elizabeth J. .. 72 :Maee», Margaret ...—
I Carti*. David T »» Nicks. Anton 4J»
', Dolvr. Joseph B. W. — Ober*-?hmidt. F. W.. 73
; DficKberty. tiordoa B 23'Patterson. R«t. A.ex-
DniEQßiood. tfamue'.. — acder —
fiacder. Helena C... lejPani. Harry W 48
Hinaetnanc. Harald. Nina L 35
Hansen. Henrietta... 35 Plnkß»y. Mary A —
H'Tea-r. E-la L — QaSgiey. James P.. 52
Hill, frank B 22!Rticass«. Überale .. es
! Hillis, Jofan P 29fSt. Joseph's Cntoo... :
, Jacob*. Satnqe! I —» iMasvi
Kelly. Martin — Spieker, J. J 58
[ Lennoß. Anne —Ward, Gertrude G... Iβ
Lttim. Eliza Ts, Wllsoc, Joseph P —
I-ydoi, James J B
ABB-AJIS—In Sac Anselnso, Ca'.. November 4.
1912. Dr. Marcus Abrams, dearly b»loT««l ha«
haad of Clara Abrana*, and dearly beloved aaa
of Jollos and Acjr»r> Abrams. and dearly be-
Prr»4 brother of Robert and William Abraem.
a natiT* or Elk Grore. Cal.. aged 29 years aad
1 month.
Tβ* fßseral frrl?** will b* h«!d today
(Wedße*<lay«. NoT«"njber 6, at 10 a. m.. at .
«*ray's (i+*ij aad Devisadero street*. "
Interment prtvare.
AKTOLA—In Ang*is Camp r*i.. 2.
1»12. Aogok> Antola. dearly b«*!Twd hatband of
Rrea Antola. and de-mted father of Artirrr*.
JKlrlo. Frederick and OlrmpU Antola and Mrs.
lyxsU Cnetm, a narire of Italy, aged 63 years
aad * moßths. A member of Galileo Gro*e
So. .T7. L T . A. O. D.. and Goidea Gate l-odge
No. 3. K. of P.
Friends and aeqsalcUaee* ire rwpectfnUy ia
▼tted to ettead the foneral tomocrow (Thors-,
&iy. Noreujlvr 7. 1912. at 1 p. m.. from the
parlors of Yalotjt*. Mariai. Mart!* k. Co.. «49
Gr»#a »treet between Powell and Coiambas a»e-
Bee. Interment Itaitan cemetery.
BKr,wi.k—lβ Pa*o Robi**. Cal., Xovember 4.
JSW2. P«"*r Omur. dearly beiored soo of Peter
Jacob and th* !*r» Kstbeilne Brewer, and \m.
fctg brother of Mr*. Otto Mergensoc. Mr*. Kate
McLean. Mrs. Henry G-rar-l and Mr«. Emma
Angelas and Cora. Edward and John Brewer, a
satire of San rraocisco. CaJ., ag**i 45 years
aad 26 days. A member of the (Mac of r>*\s.
Frieads aad acquaintances are re*p*»ctfn!ly in
»ft»«l to attend the funeral tomorrow /Thore
&mr,. at S:l5 a. m.. from the parlors of Snhr
4b WiebeWt. L%5 VaSewia street n««ar Tweety
flfth. ta*ace to St. Patrick/s ebweh. where
man will be c«i«brat»l for the rep«we of iris •
«w». at S a. m. Interment Hoty Crow ceaw
BTrrrr*eTO»—lα OSt -Uy. N-yr-mber 4. IM2,
Mabel Leoore Bafflogtoo. dearly belered wife .
of WinUm H. Boffiagtoa, belored sister of
Mrs. E. F. Uscoln. Mrf. Our leg L. FHbeT.
Mrs. R-j«!nir>h Hagen. Mrs. C. J. Hnrgan. Mn>
E Ror% and Javtw. Jofen. Ixnia asd G*org»
Haecki. and dangbter of tis» iato I>snl» aad
Johasrta a native of Califorcia.
Friecds aad acqnaiatasces are r»np«ctftjllT la
vite4 t<» attend the fnaersl today <Wedae«
«ay». at 1:30 p. m.. from the parlors of Mc-
BfcartT 4 M<"Corm!ck, 915 Tal*nc!a street ee»r
Twentieth. Istcnaent Cypress Lawn cemetery,
by automobile.
COOK—Jn this city, Noreaiber ft, 1312, Eiriabeth
J. Cor*, as<Mber or !/-« A. Cook and Mrs.
Alice M. Swan an4 Mr" Inez A. Nr*l*. a aa- 1
ti«* of Belliaghaai. Mass., aged 72 years 4
cjnetas aad 21 day*.
roßeral and !aterm*at strlrtly private.
PS«*«* et&tt flowers.
CITBT»—La Dinnha. r*l.. Nfn-eoiber 4. »12,
Da»id T. CortS*. b'i*hand of LeeUa Cnrtk,
brosher of J. E. Curtis of Tacona Wash-;
J. L. Corfte of Tartock, Cal.; Mrs. Or«»»ta
Tiserbery of Terlork. CmL. aad Mrs. Delia Ctet
ter at Glea.lale. Los Ang*i»s cooatj - . Cal., a
eattTe of PenaaytTania. aged e» years 8 moaths
■nd 8 'days. (Mogesto and Fresa.> papers please
plea** copy./
Frteßfis arc respectfally httited to attend tae
funeral gei > bjesv which wilt be heW at feiit Ist*
resideaee. 144 Ninfh street. Oakiasd. tomorrow
tTaor»day>, Norember 7. 1312. at 2:30 o'clock
p. m.
DOBEX—At rest, in tafs city >foraEil«?r 3, 1812.
Jqsepti B. W.. Nearly beiovml hmbacd of ta*
late Cbariotte Ram> Dobwr. asd d«T9ted fataer
of Mrs. Oe>yrx» & Patt*rseo and Ckaries. Jolia
C. and Joseph IV>t«»r. asd eramdfataw flf Charles
J. Mebech, a astir* of Peßssylraßia.
The fnaerai will take plac* FrWay. N«rem
ber 8. at 9 a. m.. from fh* rutidenc* of his
dsnrater-. Jolt* C. Dobor. 15 Carawi stre«t near
Acbbnry, taeac* «o Agaes raarch, where
a mtalem higa man wil? he cotebrate*] for tbe
r*p*w» of ci» sanl. <wainiee»-iiig tt 9:.% a. m.
laterawMtt «pit»atei at Hoty Crass ceosetery,
by aatooMitUe. Kia4iy omit C-wer*.
©OUGHEHTT— la Uis* citj, Koreaibet 5, 1312.
©fflr* and salesroom corner Van Ness and Sac
(former Walter building). %*?>*»-
Frsnkiin 229 i, Home C 6553; residence. SOB Aah
bory. ,
The Preliminary
of the objects in the Grand Art
Auction in the Hotel St. Francis
next week is now bn at the Curtis
Studio, Van Ness at Sacramento
— a superb collection.
EDW. CURTIS, Auctioneer.
J£«p? 335-340 Fell «t. yV"^
Arrf»ed 1 «ur mar*s and horses: 3 span black*.
3 span browns. 2 spaa grays: ages 4 to 7 T**rs
weight 1.330 to I.SOP lb*.: wbeelers and leaders:
all w«R broke: and others; some good farm mare*
and horse»- JOS- LEVY. Phone Market 3877.
,5S fe -3fe
Just Id— Weljtht to t.7f>o ponnds.
G. LIXPArER. 122 Clara nt.
Gordon Bennett dearly beloved s-vi of Anna
and Peter C. Dougherty, and lovins brother
of Mrs. Charles G. Paulson and Mrs. H. C.
WMI* »"<* Sim.-m and Mark>n Dougherty, a
native of California, aged 23 years 1 month and
4 days. A member of Brotherhood of Railroad
Remains at the parlors of H. F. Suhr & Co..
2919 Mission street between Tweaty-flfUi and
DRUMMOXD—Iα this city. November 4. 1!>12.
Samuel G. Drammoad. beloved husband of Lena
E Drummond, and lovUsg father of Alice P.
Drumoond. a natire of New York. A member
of tbe Paiatenr , a tm, Local Ko. 19. and the
\>;pran Fireman's Association of Saa Fran
Friends and acquaintances are respectful It «n
-rited to attend the funeral today (Wednes
day* at 8:30 a. m.. from the parlors of S. A.
White. 1214 Bddy street near Lag-ana, teener
to Mission Dolores ctnrch. where a reqniem
mass will be celebrated for the repose of Ms
sool, commencing at 9a. m. Interment Holy
Cross cemetery.
GANDER—In this city. November 5, 1912.
Helena Catherina Gander, dearlr belOTed
daughter of Charles A. and Leouie Gander, and
loving sister of Gladys, Theodore. AJfred and
tbe late Charles Gander a native of San Fran
cisco, Cal., a?ed 16 years 4 months and 9 days.
A member of The Youag Ladies* Sodality of
St. Anthony's church.
Friends and acqnstntances and Sodality
members are respectfully iirrited to attend
the funeral tomorrow (Thursday 1. at 9:15
o'clock a. m.. from the residence «f her par
ents. 3353 Army street between Mission and
Shotwell. tbeuce to St. Anthony's church. Army
street near Folsoca. where a retjulem high mass
wß| be celebrated for the repose of her s«ul.
commencing at o'clock a. m. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery, by carriages.
rAVXTifavu—in this city. Norember 3. 1912.
Harald Waldemar Hacnemann. a satire of
Denmark, aged 79 years 6 months and 12 days.
Eof nmeral hereafter. Remains at the
parlors of Carew & English. 1618 Geary street.
TAVRTif—In Alameda. November 5. 1912. Hen
rietta Hansen, beloved daughter ot Mrs. Mi
tflda Hansen, and sister of George A.. Oscar
H. and Herman W. Hansen, a native of San
Francisco, aged 35 years and 3 months.
r.ds aad acquaintances are respectfully in-
Tlted to attend the funeral services tomorrow
(Thursday', Novr-tnber T. 1912. a; 11 o'clock
a. no., at the funeral chapel of C. H. Weaver.
2322 Santa Clara »T«3ae. Interment California
(electrict crematorium.
lEVE3TER—In this city. November 5. 1912 at
h»r lat»> residence. 870 Post street, EUa Louisa
Herener. a native of New York.
■ of fnneral hereafter.
SIX—In Berkeley. November 5. 1912, Frank R.
HliL dearly belOTed eon of Frank and Jane
Hill, and brother of James F. Hill, a natlTe of
San Francisco., aged 22 years 7 months aad
20 days. .
Tbe funeral services will be held tomorrow
{Thursday*. XoTember 7, at 2 o'clock p. m..
from the family residence, 2137 Parker street.
Interment prlTate.
£HXIS—In this city. November 4. 1912. John
rf\ dearly beloved bosband og Ellen A. Hiill*.
and loving father of James P. Hilits. and be
lov-d brother of James J. and Molhe HiUls, a
native of San Francisco, aged 29 years. A
member of the Brotherhood of Teamsters,
Local No. S3.
The faaera* wiil take place tomorrow cninrs
day). at 10 a. m.. from the parlors of
Brearty tc. McOoriaick, 915 Valencia street near
Twentieth." tbecce to Mission Dolores church,
where a requifm high mass will be celebrated
for th« r»po*e of I - maaencing at 10:30
a. m. Interment Hoiy Cross cemetery.
ACOBS—In this city, November 5, 1912. Samuel
I. Ja»*9b». belored hiisbeod of Fannie Jacobs,
and loving father of Mrs. Lee Hiteman aad
Mrs. Charles Hermann and B«"3. Sydney. Wal
ter and Arthur Jacobs, a natire of New York.
Xotlce of faneral hereafter. Remains at
Gray's chapel. Geary and DeTisadero street*.
CTI.LY—In this city. XoTember 4, 1812, Martin
(nee T«t<, belored eon of th* late Laurence
and Jolia Kelly, and brother of Mrs. M. D.
Yin. Mrs. L. BerMott and Mrs. G. John, a
native of San Francisco. A member of Com
pany D. First California.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully ln-
Tlted to att»nd the fnneral tomorrow (Thurs
day, at 8:30 nVlock a. m-. from the parlors
of McGinn Brothers. 1523 Eddy street, thence
to Sacred Heart chorch, where a requiem mass
will b* celebrated for the. repose of his sool.
commencing at 10 a. m. Interment National
cemetery. •
X3TNOK—In this city, November 4. 1912. Anne,
dearly beloved wife of the late James Lennon.
aad loving mother of James H.. Edward. Jo
seph, Anna and tbe late Mary Lennon. aad sis
ter of Mrs. Jam** McCaffrey and Michael Tln
aeran of Santa Barbara, a natire of Ireland.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow i Thurs
day >. November 7. at 8:30 a. in., from her late
residence. 622 Fell street, thence to Sacr*d
Heart chnrch, wher«» a mja'em high mass will
be celebrated for the repose of her sool. cora
meoclng at 9 o'clock a. m. Interment Holy
Cross .cemetery, via electric fni><»ra! car from
Thirteenth aad West Mission street*.
XVT—In this city. November 5. 1612, Abram.
bek>v«d son of tbe late Angelina *od Ellas
Levy, and father ot Htllfe and Rhea Levy. an4
brother of Henry. J'**ph. Jack and David
Levy and the late Mar<~n« and R«>tih»n Levy, a
native of Hartforfl. Conn., ag»d .V> years 11
moQth* and 2* day*. A rn'mtXT of the Bar
Union No. 41. (Salt Lake CSty papers
please copy. I
Friends and acquaintance* ar» r»*pp<tfi]tly Jq
■ > attend the funeral "wrvices tomorrow
• Thursday). November 7. 1&12, at 10 o'clock
a. m., at tb* parlors of tbe D. 1. Kenny Com
pany. Ift32 Eddy »tr«»t npar Stein«T. Inter
ment at Hills of Eternity cemetery, by car
-YBOX—In this cltr. November Z, 1312, Jaae*
J., dearly beloved hocband of Barbara LyioD.
a native of Couaty Galway, Ireland, aged 37
Friends and acqcaintanc.es are respectfully ia
vlted to a»toiid th» faneral today (Wednes
day i, November c, 1312. at 8:30 o'clock a. m..
froej bis Jat» r»«i'i<>n'-«, 595 San Braoo avenn*
corßer of Efgfcteentia *tre*J. theace to St.
Charles cbnrcfa. where a hirh mass
will be celebrated for tbe repose of his sool.
cotßinenc'.sg at 9 o'clock a. m. Interment Holy
Cress cemetery, by carriage.
.mnr—ln West Berkeley. November 5. 1912.
Eliza, wife of the late George Loan, and *►•
loved mother of Mr*. Jennie McKay an<i
Lane, and grandmother of Jessie, Mabel and
George MeCoQoeli. aged 73 years.
teZTTTRJCX—In tbte city. November 3. It»I2.
Jaaae*. bekved hntbattd of HeSen McKfttrick.
aad devoted father cf Alice. Gertrade. Mar
garet. John. Mary. Helen and Thomas Me-
Kittrk-k and Mr*, r. M. Rogers sad Mrs. E.
P. O'Keeffe, and brother of Joba *w4 Talmas
McKittrkk. a native of Massachssetts. aged
59 years and 4 months.
The fnnerai will take plac* today «Wedß<>»
-day*. frem th* parlors of Ta---«*b«1 ft Cβ.. IMS
street, theoce to S*rred Heart caerrb.
where a reqatesa mass will b» celebrated for
tbe repew nf h<i s«nL eorameoclag *t 9 o'ctock
a. m. ißterment Holy Crws cemetery.
CcLAGAX —In ?b « city. November 3. 1312
Jam*. L. McLagsn. belnved ceteia of
S««if» Cbnrcbill. a native of SraOaJML ax»-i 7"
years aad 10 A teenber of !
ls->*.e» No. 222. I. <> O. F.
Friends aad seqaaintaaces are re»p«4t felly lα
■ ■ r■> attend tbe ffiaeral toeiorrow iTbnrs
dai'. November 7. 1912. at 2 o'cijrfc p. m..
from tke mortuary cbar*! of tbe G«!d*n Osre
I"nd*rrak{ag Oirapaay. 2475 Miwioa
Twerty-Srst. under tlie auspices -vf y
I»dce No. 222. I O. o. F. Istermest Cypress
Lawa by aatomobi!*.
CeLATJGHUS— Iβ this city. November 4. 1912.
v dearly belnved dauthter o< Mary
aed tae late Patrk-k McLaegnHn. aad lovjcit
»4««r of Joseph F. McLaacbita and Mrs. Aaaie
T. Me Adams and Mrs. i. H. Doaoeoe a native
oiiprs special indcremeats to
tho*e who hare remoTals to
make from eftj cemeteries
Of See end Salesrooms. 1140 McAllister st. /
'■ Pay. Urb«t price for all kinds of J*****-
J merchandise, etc. Houses bmj«ht in use- en
tlrety. Goods cold on commission.
Phone—Park gen. 526.T;.
11. TAYLOR CTRTIS, Auctioneer?
# Continuation f
Sale Today i
' —IN THE—
a Suiter St. Salesrooms
I 532=4 SUTTER ST. *
v v
; i r.nlr sboot ooe-haif yesterdaj-. A
Q end will conclede today. f*
v The prsn.l CarT**l and Ta- if
■ > bles. Cba'r? <*r-l r?>>ip.«".s. anti.jTie and i
9 moiern Satsuraas. Silver. Itchp*. Pore*- V
tatne. Br" - - Kaibroiderles, >
: Netsukes. Jade. etc.. etc. f?
' A NOTE —This collect sod was na-ie by • A
V gentleman wbo iiTed 28 rears in tb» T
A Orient. an<l contaias pieces not proenrabk A
V in any market. ¥
* H. TAYLOR CURTIS. Auctioceer.
. rited to *tf~y •*« f-:n<ral today iWedn**
dayi, Xovemtti ". a' a. m.. fsrtn
parlors of J. J. t V. •■* ■ ■
street between Seventeenth and E:-
to St. Jo*e;>hs • hurcb. , r2«h aa«l i , :
ard streets, where a requiem tigh. w *
eeiebrated for tbe repose of fcer soul. c*r»»
ineneing at 9 o'clock *. sn. Interment Holy
Cross cemetery.
MAGEE—In tbis <-ity. Noreab*r 5. 1312. M*j«.
garet. beloved wife of tbe late John P. ifag«e.
an>i devoted mother of Margaret K. Mag**, a
native of Ireland. (.Boston papers please copy.)
The funeral will take place tomorrow (Thar**
day), Xoveinber 7, 1912, at S:4O o'clock a
fr«Hn the parlors of Car*w tc English. '.- '
Geary street, thence to Mission Poiore* chur<~\
where a solemn requiem bigh mass will b#
celebrated for the repose of her goal, com
nsDcing at 9:30 o'clock «. m. Interment B
Cross cemetery, by electric funeral car : I
Twenty-eighth and Valencia streets.
KICKS—Ia this city. Xorerober 2. 1912. Ant<O»
dearly beloved brother of John X. Xicfcs. a na
txre of lowa, aged 49 years.
Remains will be forwarded tomorrow <Thnr»
-<lay>. Xovemb*>r 7. from the parlors of Snhr &
Wleboldt. 1353 Valencia etreet near Twenty
fiftt. to Dubaqne, la., for interment.
OBERSCH3HDT—In Oakland. Xovember 5. I
at the German AUen&eira. F. W. Oberschc.
a native of HanoTer. Germany, aged T3 years
2 month* aod 3 day 3.
Friend* and acquaintance* are respectfully ln
vi-ed to attend the funeral service* tomorrow
(Thursday). November 7, 1912. at 2 o'djck.
p. m.. at the German Methodist .
church, corner of Twenty- rafrd ar.- .» ;
East Seventeenth street. Oakland.
PATTEBSO3T—In Chicago. 111., 2.
1912. Rev. Alexander Patterson, beloved brother
of Isabella and Martha Patterson.
Alaineda. Xevember 4. 1912 Harry
Wells, beloved husband of Sarah H. Prnl. an.i
loving father of Mabel Jane and Byron H.
Paul, a native of Xew York. 4S years.
(Bnffalc. Rochester and New York paa*ri
please copy. •
The fnner«l win take plac* t«day (TVe»lnw»- gf
day). Xovember 6. at 2 o'ctock p. m.. f
his lat<» resilience. 1220 Regent street. A!»
-meda. Incineration (prlv«tej at California ci**
PETEKSOH—In San Ansetnw Marfn cocnrr. lfc»
Temb«?r 4. 1912. Xina Lonis- Peterson. belo»e»l
daughter of Mrs. ly-aise Y'oang. and lOTiwjf
tar of Edith A?len Yoan?, a native of Brork
lyn. X. T.. aged 35 years 8 months an;
days. A member" of San Francisco Chapter S
Friends and actjaaintanre* are
Tited to attend the funeral services
(Tnorsday). XoTember 1. 1912. at 1
p. m., at the parlom of Valente. MarinF. MaraK
A Co., 344% Mi<wion etr*et abre
wher« serricee tril! be bel«i nnder tt* BIMH
of 9an Francesco Chapter Xo. 19«. O. Sβ. i
Incineration Cypress Lawn cemetery.
PnraorEY—ln Oakland. Xorember 4. 1912. Marr
A., belo-red daughter of tbe late WUHam »n4
Catherine Pinkney, and sister of TT.
Pinkney Risedorpn and Joseph Pinkney. a ua-
San Francieco.
Friends and aeqaaintance* are
Tited to attend th» fnneral te<!ay >n>
day). Xorensber 6. at 9:30 »>V*<Tek a. na.. from
h»r late residence. 724 Kirkham street n*»r
Eighth, thence to St. Patrick* '•hnrrh. where
a requiem mass will be celebratM for tb*
pos* , of her wwl. commenring at Ift o>!«wk
a. m. Ictennent St. Mary's cemetery Oak
aUIGLET— In thi» cMy, Xorember 4. 1912. wH
denly, P.. beloved ho*han«} of Jni'a
Qnlgiey. and iovins soa of Patrick and the late
Mary Qnigley. and kurinjc brotlieT of Tbrr
Dr. John M . Mary T. and George H. QvitU-,
and Mrs. r. F. Geedett and tfce late Charl*-»
W. and Joseph A. Qci«!ey aod Mrs. J. lw
-MoMnrdn. and stepfather of Mr*. Adctoii Hoim.
Mrs. Charles White and Aetoae Hers*, a na
tive of San Francisco, aged 52 mrs 6 nostb*
and 21 days. A member at PurSof
N>-. ISO N R •";. W.; Cmrr tic—»a M
Xo. 227. F at A., and Saa Freacisw* LodM
Xo. 2. Knicfcts of the R*ya! .Ircfc.
Friends and acqaaintaoce* are •«.
Tited to attend the fsaercl tedar
day), from his late residence. 811 IJncots *</
<H street*. Ssia*et District, tbeoce to St.
Anne's ehorrh. where a rvmteta ni«h -
will be celebrated for the repose of hS s«el.
commencing' at 9:30 a. ra. Inf'iiiiit
Holy Crop* />»?oet*-rr, py rerriape
Officers and member*: Too are hereby awt'tVa
to attend the fnoeral cf «or
i«m« P. QuigJev. from fci» late rath
Lincola wev. today !Wedseedayt. a: I
a. m. By «r«j"»r g€
Oftkv»r» aDd member*; Yoa are hereby Br*i-
to attend tbe foneral of «qr late Iwntber.
James P. Qnlirley. from fei* re»i4e«w-». 811 lAa"
coin way <II street* tr«iay tWednesday!, at
© o'clock a. n. B T
J - RANK L BT'TLER. Remrdfni -
SIMASSA— In tii* ci»-. BoveoAn 4 002
erale Rimasea. dearly beloved Imsbaad «f Ran
Rimaaea. a native of Genoa. Italy, axed 63
Friends and acqiafatswes are {a-
Ylt*"d to attend ihf f-aneraJ tMay «tr«-te»Mt
day». Xcvpmb»r c. 1912 it 1 y. ». frvie tb*
parlors of Valeate. Marie!. Vara:* & Cα. &«
Green street. Interment Italian cemetery.
ST. JOSEPH'S mnON—Semianssal Mileei» bis*
mass rsf roquiec: for the deceased aaeaabr«-< f
St. Joseph's and deceased Mead* of th
living members will be celebrated, at St.
Mary's catcedral. tomorrow iTberwlay*. !
Timber 7. at 10 o'clock c.-m. A sertaoti apprv
prSate for tbe occasion will be preached by tbe
Very Rev. Thomas Cullec.
; SPILKKK—Id th!« ciry. N"T»mber 4. Wtt. J. J.
' Sp>ker. bnsbasd of C«*rr!etia A. aad
• f«tber of Warrea Spi«>ker *ai 3lr*. J.-fes S.
Drone, a native «f Ohio, aged 58 years S
mnntbx aod 9 days.
The faneral wfl] private. Friesdn w" ,
please not send fMKK
TAU)—In to « efty. Itinuntil 3, Wl2 GertreAe
G. belored daogiuer «f Frederick C. aad EeiQy
Wsrd. aa<i *ist»r at >ir>. I W. MaasS#id. Sir*.
M. D. Eberweis. \lr«. Altec Wagar aa«i )fr«.
M. W. Lazansky and M*t. Fred aad Hairy R
Ward, a Bative «f Saa Frasici*?**. axed 19
I yearn aad 1* days.
Frieads and aeqaahttaer*« are re»p— tfi*ily i». #
I to attea.! tbe fußeral sorriees :<wtnv«
-.-. \ member T. 1912. at 2:30 .»'rl«"k
p. m.. at tSt» f - W**t»re Additf^
reeerai Dtre«-t«r«. ITS* DeTb>adem street be
tween 3*»tt*r aad B«Mt. iMenseat Cjarese
Ijiwb r*Bj«>?»rT. hy a«tnao(Hl<»s.
yriLSOW— Id tfc - -aber 4. 1912. J<wer»i!
P.. dearly beior-4 s«o «f Eliebeth and tbi
late Jaxr, - „# j,^.
F* r "^Z. ,u * r eß<l ,k * Ut * A,| « «m
Irein Wilsoe. ami »tepi»retber «* Prank.
Robert and Elsra Coodnw. ewme.
Remaiit? at tbe pmrUm *f H. F. 5-ihr k
21? street between Twenty-ftfta
BATS HALF the P. D eral Eip», w I
--*-■" Oiiful i a
I*4epe»drat »f «W Trmt.
T« ITS for the <>«s>k»t , t
» ► Pimeml torrie * "*•*• T« 1 i

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