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re»s Rasstau, 7iic; valley, 79c. Car receipte:
Wheat 04. barley IH. flour S, oats 5, bny S.
Minneapolis (.rain; Duluth l-inxprd
MINSKAPOLJB. \<>v 0 Wheat -December,
*&% M:v. . Xβ, l herd. ST%c;
- nortlieri l 7 -': No. '2 northern,
\<>. :; wi >_V.
Flour- 1-irpt patents. S4 UV.i 4. •"'.,•: second pat
ents, $-4.me, rx.v a, - I i; sec
ond clear*. .«■_'.:'.'> ,; Z(W
Klax -ft.ST%.
l>l ITTH. Nov. B.—Wheat ('Mi track)— Kβ. 1
hard. 174 I DortberD. s«\c; No. 2
J»«rtl,eni. S!«ip : Montana. N<». 2 hard, to arrive,
- . December, vv , -*.-: >f«:-. 00% c.
>e« York <;r:iiu Market
KKW y«>UK, Nov. f> Flour Barely steedy.
Wheat—Spot steady: So. 2 red. $I.fM» eh-vnior
snd $1.07 f. o. b. afloat. Future* closed i,r<i;*ic
net higher; December closed at ;>7 and May at
-♦— 4.
Reve-lptii of Produce November 6
Flour, qr sks lIJK»TFeed. -U- 1..VW1
Wheat, ctis .... 1.350 Leather, rolls ..
Hsrley. etlc ... .r.MSi! t . fir,
O*t», etls sic. Hides, No
Beans. -.Us 12.55. - ! Pelts, No MB
torn, ctls »;<*► i.iin«>. !*ls 90
Bran, sks UnOjSugar, ctls 10.900
Middlings, sks .. -Jin Wine, gals M.IOO
Potsirifs. sks . . .11.lii-.n Cr.ii , . tons 120
Onirics, sks U.T-.\ 'Lumber. M ft.... £<*>
Haj - 587; Paper, bdh «>"*>
iStraw, tons .... ivj Apples. h\s 3.;i<>o
Hops, bales 4Oranges, lixs 4<K>
Wool, sk- 123iRais1os, bxs IM.SOO
Alfalfa seed, sk-. 4tm Livestock, N<> ... 370
Mult, sks ,-.<*.' Almond*, sks .... 2."
Rolle.i oata, sks. aeT'Starw. cords .... 100
fornmeal. etls .. 600'Broomeorn. bales.. 2i»«
Short=, sks ! >na SO
Mealfalfa, sks .. £40iBroomcorn •eed.aka .""i
Beans sks O.SOO
■ ". rjr sk*. .. .14.144 Mats, ctls 1 .RrtO
-v. ct!<. 3.853'8ran. sks 1'.r,27
ctls nO{Buorts, sks 716
ir, qr sks T.OROjOate, etls I.SOO
Wheat, ctli 11'.7<V. Fre-i, sk.- 400
Hams (per lb) If. IT- brand, lftc;
it. & r. brniv nic*. Primrose,
Sic; r«>; j skniaed. -lo; monarch,
I*" , : pi«*ni>.«. l"c
4 to i> Ihs. 'Z\r: eastern star,
•* lo 6 lbs. £7'"; 6 to S ii>«. gee; S to in lb*. 25c;
i 12 lb*, 24k , : sugar cured bacon. Sse; Arrow,
-"■■•c: Id to 12 lbs 2S',p: medium
Hnfl light milium Meon. lflUc: light dry salted
:>. 6 1" 10 St.*. 22e; 10 to 12 lbs. 210.
• 'alifornisi Ra>-on—M. & L. brand. *l to R lb.«.
- i.-. k> lt«. 25' • ■■: H. If. brstvl, 4 to 8
lbs 2 8 te 10 Ib*. 22
CettoU9Mb>-Halt bbls. W%c; 1 tierce, !©%e; 2
tierces. 10% c; 5 tierces, To',r per lb; Cnllfene,
tor j tierce. 10-%<- f<«r *2 threes. in»;r f«
f. tierce* and io%c for half bbls; 00 lb tubs,
30H--: cases. $7.
Eastern Lard and Oils, Western Meat brand —
Tier.es. 14>.,c: .".us (pet cane), $7.:>-. in*. $0.15;
$9.23; 3s. $9.::0; compound lard, tierces. £%c;
•per ruse). $4.RS; 10e, $6.13; -"s. :?s,
. yellow ■ i 58c per gallon: white
cooking oil, 60c i>er gallon; salad oil. 63c per
California Pure Lard. M. ic L. brand — Ticrc-e*.
TV': cans, 1 to a rase. $7.13: 4 to « rase, $11.!W:
ftt tins. 6 to a eaae, fS.'*-": medium, 12 to a
• . small. 20 to a casp. $0.
Olifornia Compound H. H. brand—Ticroe
J.iisfs. 9:.c: oane, 1 to a case. $4.88; 4 to a CB">e.
$7.W; tins. '•> t.> a caw. 96.15; 12s, Jβ.23 per
I - ee*e; M. ft L. salad oil,
p hasis. We; M. & 1., cooking oil, 60c for
whito and BBc f>r fellow.
Bopf —Extra fami'y. family and mess beef,
Extra primf , in barrels, $21: p'z pork.
|28; pige' feet, $*>.r>o per half bbl, $2.2.1 for 25
'.!. keps an>l $1.50 for |
Meat Market
Drtwtd l>eef remain* firm at the reeent'.y
ndvaiHod qootattoaa, with jobbers inollnert to
expect HiiAtiier rlee in prlp?*.- Lire rattle ar»
•"■inning forward so slowly that prices are
■ 1 Tiftr high record levels at any
ttlße. All other meat* stand n« before quoted.
Slaughterers' rates to dealers and batchers are
n- follows:
Beef— UQll r ic p*r lb for flpprs. 10<g;ilc for
eon fer*.
Veni _ tad 12%#13e for
Mutton—Wether*, «'»ff!iUc: ewes, S@SUc.
Sprine Lamb*—io>-.''tll'j.c per lb.
• -d Perk (twr Ibl— l l<s2l2r.
ietatl«M are for Rood, pound
■ red In San Francisco, groes
r O.'iO lbs. per lb;
r f'.Vi lbs. <:i t <v>i;i _~•; spoond quality, all
weights. .".'^*;,i.c; thin, undesirable steers, €$&
Vo. 1 eewn and heifers. second
quality. 4 1 »uinion to thin, undesirable
Desirable biillx n;id stag ■: half fat or
thin bulls. 11'■..'<■ .
Calves—Li?ht«eicht. per lb. f> ! ... fi ~r: medinm.

sheep— Desirable wethere, ewes.
■".'.. r.
Milk I.ambs—"i..*;;--, p prr 11).
Hoes —Hard jrrain fed. weißhlne 100 to 150 lbs.
ISO to 2"_ , ". lbs. 7 1 4 <i r f 7 1 ;' , : 21Ti Rμ and up. 7
\\ iiolcMale FiKh Market
[Iβ not slmw the least rhnnse
:■ rdfty. tlie market befog moderately active
: the ]rn(\*ns rleecrlpUotti steady to firm.
Prices (per lb'i—Salmon. 11<-: halibut. 12 ■■■ .
ken halibut. 10r; eodMt, 8c; rpd rook. lf>r;
lilHik r"ck. 6c; rellowful. So: burracuda. Be;
' daNt. Be; Holes, *;<•: kinfrfi«li. Ie; carp. 4o;
'». 1. 1 .. , ■: -i.vpi- smfll<. lOr; tonirods. Kx>;
til >f-iripfl IL"..'-: «■« bass--. 12% c; pprch.
: Mackerel. 7e: white bait, lOe; I
-lih<l. t;r-: i.ikp. ,jc: catfish, 10r; pompin.i, —; '
1 rrawfs*h.
Rhove qijotsiiHins represeat b«si« f. ... b
and i'-ci.
IJuHer, Cheese and Estrh
oarket for fresh ecpe remains vprv firm. '
Rting upward and the daily ar
- mmptloo almost as fast I
x< received, bat the rclnil tra<k> rej>orts a very i
I cfl\ for cold storage cools. Thp latter are \
weak, with prices remaining prm'tically the same
as when tl;e lir*t wltiidrawals from tlie Icehouses
were made, moro than a month ago. Frequenr
fluctuations In the qnotatkm* for fresh stock
may be expected, aa the market is likely to be
rular and inclined to seesaw when tlie cost at
mtall U high. Rutter '-onttnues to come forward I
Bely, but the demand well up to the average '
■ time of thp yeiir and the market eon- I
•factory rood it ton generally. The
la expected Jβ le>spn the nro<]tiction In some
triers, lo which event the market will gatlipr '
.isth. In the ebeese rtepartment new c«n- i
f"rn!a fancy flats are firm at a sham rise in the ]
11 -iics on the exchange were ax fo!-
Buit. m of extras at Xir a pound
new Tallfornia fancy flats iit IS' ,<•
0 at 19r a pound.
Bare* — 10 cases of «electpfl pullets at 4"''.r> and '
1 44c a desea. Also on Hie informal call 20
of extras at oi:i.,c a dozen.
Receipts for two days were TSi.fiOo pounds of
),ntter. 22.200 pounds of ibpesp and 1,20." cases
■' <SB*.
r>. roliowinp are of/lrial qnotations. eaUb
>,v sales, bids »nd ofTers on the floor of the
r exrhanzp. Prices in the street, while b©t
' dby the exchange quotations, seaerally range |
I T.p to 2'..e higher, owing to the Various j
~ps to be added:
BfTTffR. rf:rc podjcd
I O I O j
x t a I as a
Kitras : :i.-.i..<- :r;i..,- :::;■.,(•:;:> |83e ■:::;<•
Prime irets... 32c "I , " 32c 3Se [32c
Sic :;i'. c i;..- ::i \l c
Storxgt? pxti-H .,- :;i '...■::i i..,- ::i i
1 tie average .(notation for extra butter for ihe i
- Saturday, November 2, was :;:; 1 -•«• i
• ifornia fiats. Iftc per lb
Ursts. tee, sip.-idy: do secoeda. !."'..<•.
> : _fa:i.-y Young A met;.-.-.-. isi_.c. firm: do
■■•-. firm: Oregon tirvss. !7c. steady: <'<•
Vouog Americas, 17.-. firm: New York fancy. I
•: Wisconsin twins, 17c. steady; |
I'H-iil storage nats. 10,-. ;
490 California St. Tel. Dongla* 2487
si. FrnuciM Hotel. Tel. Doußlaa 3'.iS-J
Members of New York Stock Exchange
Pioneer Hoiine
Private \VI,f to ( UlcaKo
anil »\» York
R. K. HILt A H V . Manager
SO Pine Street New York
t K^s—California fresh, per dozen, cases in
) cltxted :


Kxtnls .-»]«• 5lc SIC •"'!(' •*■-<■ yjC
sri'tpii pattete|38c 143c :4-'- *1p v :'- l >l r
Storage t vtras'l'T- 27c S7c |2Tc '-'"•■ 2Tc
Ken* In \eerl»>- Counties
PKTAI.L'MA. Not. B.—Then- was no cbanJtQ
iB prices for pgpx today after recelet of trans
actions of tli.' Snn Praacticco Dairy and Egg
exchaoice. ladepeedent dealers and speculatowi
pni<l off on Tuesday's deliveries «t the rate of
SI ceata for extra cascb and 41% rente ten
■elected polleta. Tli'- SelHary waa light.
SANTA ROSA. Nov. r,. -o n rrcolpt of ad
vires from the trading in San Francieco, teeaJ
dialers tMieted qtiotations of .'iii'.jc per <!<>7.cri l>r
first (trade egtrx, 4:.V for aeceed er pullet grade
Hiui :;:;<■ per pound for better. The only eboage
whs In mi mlvantr cf a hiilt < <nt per <ii«cii in
second grade tjtgs. They are con ing in rapidly
;it tbe present tltnp hiu! eooetltate the principal
offerings of the poiiltryinen. B*eeipts are din iu
ishiug rapidly, owh.l' i>> the latepew of tbe lay*
ing season.
BANTA CRIZ. Nor. '.. Kgg'qucliiti'.ns are
again flui-tiiatiiig in price, deaJen today paying
for extras, an Increase of lc per iIo/.-mi.
He»t grades of pallets }tritijr 42. . uhili- Mrtfls an
quoted at 42i- per dozen.
Portland Hotter Mnrkrt
PORTLAND, Sot. ft.—Batter -Oregon rrcain
erjr extras, scUd j'.'«ck, SiV&c,
Knnnan City Provlmlonn
Kansas city. Nov. 6.—Batter Cw
80e; firsts, i'Bc; seconds. L'fic; narklag stock,
—t* , .
B(sa— Cxtraa, zte: firsts, ate; seconds, l*p.
Poultry—Hens. roosters, Be; -
!! ' j';1 ; ;c; youßf turkeys. 17c.
Potato?*, Onions and Vegretablea
The frost-; and raias haM> pructk-ally wound
ii;i the efopa "f fit-Id aad ganleu vegetables in
distri.-ts 'tributary to this iiiy and tlie Lo*
Angeles region will be the. principal source of
supply from mv on. Southern peas, betius. egg
plaat. peppers and summer squash are already
coming forward in quantity and prices are due
to improve, now that there" U no .om pet it ion to
N>eak of from products of nearby districts. Bay
tomatoeg are still much Iμ evidence and receiv
ers are experiencing rcmallii TltlU illfflculty in
disposing of general offeriuKS. Mushrooms are
selling at l.*) , ''i4i».- ■ pound. In the potato
market goo.l Salinas Burbunks are in demand
at stiff rates, the supply Ix-ing limited. Other
wise the market i* weak, with river goods sell
ing at low rates, and there i? no prfpeet for
improrement in tlie g«vieral situation. Onions
are cheaper than they have been for a number
Jof years and they, too. ar«- expected to remain
weak until toward tbe end of the crop season.
Potatoes (per ctli—RiTur Burhanks, 40f<71 ;.".■•;
Salinas do, Oregon do, :■
sweet potatoes, 11.30Q1.58.
Onions (per ctb—Yellow. 2SQ3SC.
Vegetables—Green j>eas, 7QlOc per lb for gar
den- and 3@fic for eo.itheni: tomatoes. 2scQ9l;
cucumbers, 7.VQJI per box for southern and
$I.!.'.*> for hothouse: garli. , . 2iij3<" per lb: egg
plant. 2@sc per )b; cabbage. i>. r .-tl:
cauliflower, 7.")iQ , 00' - per dozen: green peppers.
4!i'u7.V r>er box: southern. :\(a'tc p"r lb; car
rots, 5Qc per sack:: string beans. 4fs7c t>er lb:
Wax beans. .Vii'v per lb; lima bnuis. -4<(j.">.' per
tb; summer gqiinsh. soutlu-ni, TtiMßOt' per box;
green okra, 50g*7-")C per box; rliubar'n. >'./?•
per lh; celery, W<&soe per dozen: sptouts. 4s6c
per ib; artichokes, r>O./Vj.|l per dozen.
DeHduouM and Citrus Fruitx
The market for fresh fruits was a weather
affair bnsiiips* in nil lin.'s SOB
flued to narrow limits bpcausp of the storm.
and prices showed but little change from Mon
day's closing quotations. It was generally ex
pected that the rain would bring the s> :ison
for grapes to a close and receivers of that
fruit were working hard to dispose of the accu
mulated supplies before the market was tooled
with rain damaged stock, which will hp . nmiug
forward within a few days. The Isabella and
seedless varieties were quoted et steady price*.
while all other kinds could fee bought in largo
or small lota at round concessions. Offerinirs
of wine grappß were mostly odds and ends
that were gathered in the general clean v.p of
the vineyards, and there wem no regular prices
for such stock. Berries were unchang<4f as
to prices, which were regulated by the figures
pai<l for surplus lote by the eanners. The rafft
will practically wind up the berry season,
though small lots will probably continue to come
In for some week". Kigs an meeting with a
fair inquiry at satisfactory prices, while all
other orchard fruits drag. Stocks of apples
sl.ow hardly any diminution from day to day.
end no one is expecting any improvement in
fhi3 department of the market. A smiil! lot
of new crop navel oranges, that was 1
in unripe condition some time ago. was
yesterday at $.*[email protected] per box.
Berries—Strawberries. J4. per cheat; rasp
berries, S4.SOQ7 per chest: hockleberriea,
per lb: cranberries, $9<gll per bbl.
Plums— 4o®7sc per boa for late red.
Figs—7scfc4sl per box.
Apples (per box)— Fancy 4 tier reds. 75c@$l.
With some selected bringing t1.i0Q1.23- 4 tier
red Pearmains, 40<$00c: helleflower. Ko®9o<* for
3u, and 4 tier nmi onfrrT.v f.>r 4'- tier; green
lags. 50©75e; white winter Pearmains 7ufiJ»oc;
Newtown pippins. 85c@$l for 4 tier and :.",,;.-„.
for 4'j tier: common t'> choice fruit, 36®e«c
Pears (per box>—Winter Nellie. $lf>T.sO, in
.-Iti'ling wni[>rif.l: other varieties. nQKc
j I'omegrana tea—7sc @f 1.2.1 per box.
Persimmons— 7sc@Sl per !><>x.
Grapes (ppr crate,— Seedless, [email protected]: lo
belia. 73e<J|$l; queen. 6(M@6sc: other varieties.
25@60c; lugs. 40cO91: viae grapes,
Citrus Fruits iper boxi—Valencia oranges. W
@4; grapefniit. $:;«i4: lemons. |3.soi®ri for fancy
and fl.so@"> for other grades; Mexican limes,
Tropical Fruit*—Bananas. :i r -/n4i 4 n per lb tot
Mexican, $1.4002 for Hawaiian Rn.l
4< v .' per lb for Central American: pineapples,
$2fci/; per dozen.
Orled Fruit, Rainin*. \nta and Money
Tlip war in the Balkans has materially les
spii<ml the available supply of (ireek and Smyrna
I currants and the firmness at foreign primary
points has strengthened the situation in Cali
fornia seedless ntlalsa. Twenty-five ears of seed
less sultanas recently changed hands at firm
prices, and this firmness extends to Thompson
seedless. The upper grades of both varieties are
; said to he pretty well sold out. In the fruit de
partment apricots arc showing Increased firmness.
while prune* remain p.?*y. with Santa Clai
quoted at b basis of 3^c.
Prunes—l9l2 oreji: Santa Clara, " I ,c per IN
for .V>s to 90*, with 4uc to 50s %c and .".Ox te
40s 2e higher: outside prunes. ',<• lesa.
Other fruits. 1912 crop:
Stand- Extra
BO H. boxes— ard Choice Choice Fancy
Evaporated Apple* Mfc ,; '■<>■ 1; , ,<■
AprVcott P B»4e -'S-
Peaches 4'« c 4 n ,f .".' ~
Pears r>'jf i;i, ■ 7-. :i'..'
Nectarines ."■',.- iv- i;i.".<•
ISaislns—Loose caoscatels. 2 :l 4 *.-. '.)'■ .<■ ,\n.! Ie fee
-. '■', and 4 crown, respectively; 2. •'! aad 4 i-rown
layers. fI.V. $1 and $1.2.". resjiect i veiy: ."1 crown
Oebesi clusters. $1.70: R crown Imperials. $2.20:
seeded. 1 lb boxes. November shipments, l%c for
fancy an.l 4'ic for choice, with the usual dif
fprential for 12 ox. boxes: seedless r,iu.
■•'« W4 fl ic: do Thompson. 4- 1 ,«.">'»(• for BObteached
and .ViWO ,, .' , for bleached.
Nuts Mobbing prices to the Irade , ! —Pecans. 1"
''/17c: filberts. tsellSc; peanut*. tVQec: pinenots,
HfffilOc; California chestnuts. 8@llc; Italinn do
New crop: Almonds—Nonpareils, irwifli.'.c- 1
X 1.. ISQiee; Ne Pln= lltra. 14%#15c; Drakes,
\2\ji-: LanKuedoca, lUfc: walnuts, f. o. b. »hip.
f»lng noints. No. 1 soft-slipl! 11c ( \ n hnriKltc'll
No. 2 hard and soft shell, l(V: budfled,
Honey Fancy water whitp p comb, lS'jgific:
dark to amber. 1". 1 .ft; 1 t'.,<■: river comb. 11'</
12He; water whitP extracted. Sif/SL:,c per lb:
light amber. amber. lower
grades. r.*j(',i'.p per lb.
Beeswax —27 I !.'ffr;Oe per Hi for light and L'.'ifjj
2Hc for dark.
Poultry and (ianif
Earlr deliveries of dressed turkeys ypstprday
were r?i cases, and the arrival* eoaatated l.'irscly
of old hens, prices for which were rather w*k.
while young hens and gobbler* were In pond re
'piest st firm rates. As |j usually the ease when
the supplies of dressed stock balance require
ments, there Ik very little call for Kve birds.
Which are selling (.lowly nt declining prlcps]
and fhe trade is advising shippers to cea<=o for
warding them. The market for other kinds of
1 ton! try is in good shape for the sell Ing interest*,
with prices for all deserintions well maintained.
as a rule, and exceptionally fine stock continues
to command a premium in instances. Fjyr> can
<.f western chickens I-.htp been handled (h,m far
for the week.
Poultry 'per doien>— %ltrt4.T><\ for small
50.5f1&e.5A for lsrce and f,, r ~jtrn : y.iimg
roosters. $.'i..VK'H!,:,n; do extra. $7'«/0: old roost
ers. $4«fi4..V>: fryers. broilers. tH'.i \ rW)
for large and KUe>3,sf) for Rmall; ducks'. $4
f.>r old jinri for yonmr: r,iceons. $1 50:
•miah'. $2..V>ifj.'!: gppsf.. >2#2..V) per nair- live
tuTkeys. 19Crf23c per lh: drewed turkeys. 2T»/g2Tc
for yming and 21Q3*c Tt old: Belgtaa b«r«i .<«
•!■ dozen.
Curne 'per dozeni —Hares. fI.T.'.'JTC: cottontail 1
rabbits, $2'ft2."'.o: gray geese. S.T'oi?? l.rant. !
$2W ■'!: white geese. $1.."0'./2..V>: wild dticks nrn
nominal, as dealers are unable to dispose of them
satisfactorily owing to the rigid enforcement of
tbe game laws.
Beans and Seedn
Large besn operators report the market e.-isy. I
with business dull locally and at shfppfng points!
Owing to the limited movement from primary
points to the eest. receipts are running heavy
!iere. Large whites, bayos. limas and pinks «r.>
quoted lower.
Beans tper etl>—T.imn. 55.45a55.55; bayos
$.•'...'500 ri.4.": large white. $4.ir><!54.2.".: amall white
$4.XS&4.K>; pink. t4.7R4t.1.f10: cranhprry $1 *r>/ f j'
4.:r.: Mackej-e. red. $404.15; red
kidney. $4.1o« 4.20; garvanzas, $3(5;'..2r.; horse
!«nv ?2.101;2.20.
Seeds. Martawl, - flaxseed, nominal; canary
.■t%c: iilfi<lfa. leeiSc; rape, li.'.r.'iir: Hmothy,
Bomfnal; hemp. 'I'-.c: millet. 2 , per !b. '
Dried Peas—fireen. $."> )vr ctl.
Flour and Farinacc-oii* (inndn
Klmir met O cr bbl 1— California family extras.
$3.40€55v86; do bakers' extras, $4.(Ml«i|ij.2n; super
fine. $4; Waahiapton family patents. $4.90: do
bakeiV patents, $4.70: Dakota patents. $e.4ofg)
7.4(i : Kansas patents, old wheat, $e®'< ! --'•">.
Farinaceuus (loo<l>«—In 10 lb sacks are quoted
as follows per XX' lbs: (Jrahiim flour, $2.90; en
tire wheat Hour. $:>; biH-kwheat flour. $■'>: self
rising bßCkwhcat flour, $5.80; wheat meal, $4;
rice flour. $6.r>11; rye flour. $8.70; rye meal. $•.•&;
corn nieul, yellow anil white. $3.2<>; estrH <!o.
$JJ.SO; oat Croats. $i. titi; buckwheat groats. $8.60;
honiiny. $.'i.7<i; cracked wheat. $;{.!«>: farina,
$4.iej peiiri barley, split peas. $6 for
yellow and $7.50 for green. In 23 lb sacks 10v
tower for ail, and We lower for Bβ lh Back*
Hay and Fe-edntufTN
Boaaera & Co., in their weekly review of the
ha.v lituatioa, say;
'The only new feature we have to report
con. crning the lmy situation ix the weather con
il.tioiis. r)iiring the week there have been quite
a few showers, which, together with the pivs
eot itona, bave been of great benefit to the
faro'.ers, for plowing may now be done to r.d
vjititage aed, lurUiiTinore, green Feed will be
benefited, *
"Arrivals of hay <>n li>e S;in Francisco mar
kei daring tbe week amoaoted t» 2.215 tons.
AitboqKfa eoneiiienibk of this w-is, alfalfa, there
was a greater percentage of grain hay marketed
than f.-r several weeks previous. Prices remain
tiiici'anged. with the .■lem-jii'l (piit't. but very
little trading be lag d<»ne. *Tiieic are a few
lots of hay b< lag offered for sale in the
country, but the qmatity is small ami the
I prtcea which are asked are too Mgta t<> irgxrast
1 pitrchaae nn.l shipaieat to this market.
The demand for alfalfa .ontiiiues fairly
I active and shipment* sire gradually decreasing.
1 In .1 slioit tfnir now the river alfnlfa wiU prob
j iibly be clean.'.! up. Mt which time we expect
I higher prices, for the market in all other sources
jof supply are higher than the preae&t San
j rraneisco basin. Furthermore, alfalfa is so
j much cheaper ;lian grain hay it will probably be
; Mcd in greater quantities than usual during
' tli" coming winter."
Bran-- $2~>d! 2) ]>vr ton.
Shorts—|2*frt3o per ton.
Middlings—£.4ffir!:;s per ton.
Feedstuffs— Uolled barley, $.'! 1 1, 1 .V2 per . tOBJ
rolled oats for feed. $41@42: corn meal, $401/41:
crmcked c<.rti, ?4OW11: chopped feed,
cvPisiTcn .-hopfeed, f2l per ton in car lots and
$2-; for jobbing; oilcake nieiil. -.'0 ton lots $:'.*..".<>.
10 ton lots t&9, r> ton lots .$.'"».50, small lots $40;
.•iMoanut c«kf or meal at mills, nominal: alfalfa
meal, carload lota ?17..">0, jobbing $18.50; red
star alfwlfrt meal. $!*."•<• in carload lots and
$19.50 fobbing; Stockton nipalfaifa. $17*50 in car
lots and 118.50 lobbing: Modesto alfalfa meal.
fIT.SO in <-ar lots and $18.50 .lobbing; caproea
oilcake meal. $16.50 per ton: vlgorator, per ton,
Hay fper tonY— Fancy wheat hay, |53.50e
$24.90; Nil. 1 wheat and Wheat and oat. $ZiM
22.80; good to choice <Jo. $lOfri'-''): lower grades,
$i2s|l6; barley and oat. $18(310; choice tame
out. $20@22: other do. 517..".nr,j ir>; wild oat,
$160118.50; stock hay. $io<&11.5O; alfalfa, $12fr{
Straw— (U'Hij ,7oi- per bale.
Hides, Tallow, Wool and Hop*
Hides— Culls ami brands sell about i-jfq lc un
der quotations. Heavy an«i medium salted steers,
\4<-;t,ii7, t •: light, IWiU'ji': cowhides. ]4'tfl4'-e:
stag*. B%@l<V; salted kip. ifMilO'-.c: salted
veal and salt.,! calf, 19%<g£0e; dry hides. 24®
-•".(•: Murrain. 236!24c: dry salted hides. |fc; dry
calf; and vohl. ::nifj 30 $£<>:;-dry- kip. 25@2ttc; dry
>te>rs. lCahiI,':1,': sheepskin*.' shearling* W#4oe
abort wool. I'i(V/ d i, : medium, "oYiiOOc; lons'
wool. $1©1.25; lamb*. T0«8&c for Im and 30® j
cOo for short wool; horsohide«. salt. $2.7.". (n'.\ for
i large and 9262.50 for J - medium. T5f&51.23 ' for
email, and 25@50c for colts: = horschides. dry. $2
Q2.2S fur largo and $1,504/2 for medium. .'Oriij
$1 for small and' 25@50c ■; for colts: goatskins,
prime angoras, 7.V<ttsl; medium. 35fif.W: long
hair goats. 83c; medium. 20c: small. lOe. ; ;-.
Tallow— 1 rendered, bbls. s*4<gfr; cans-
I and drums %\ . r<;.'< .■> 1 . ,
Grease— 2Vi®SHc per lh. * .:-.".. ■?•» .-
Woo!- Kail clip, Mendoclno and Tlurabnldt. 14
f*. 1'"■ • Bbfctrea, 1 'I'rj ITf : California, northern.
ISe; San Joaquin, BQl3e; mohair, good qua!
--: ity. 20©2TV4c per lh. ,
Hops—California 1812 crop, 10@2lc. per lb;
i Oregon, VtytU per lb.
Horse* and Mule*
The following . quotation* for horse* and mules
are furnished by the Batchers' and Stock (J row
ers' Journal: , ' . »-. • ■s" ■
--■■ ,--■;',.-■■ HORSES ■: '■':'-- ■■- *•:,■'..-.:-
Desirable drafters. 1.700 lbs and n?cr. .fSOOrr; r.r.O
Light drafters, 1.550 to 1.630 1b5...... 2l'.v ( ; _'.~,n i
Chunks, 1.330 to 1.500 lbs ........... 1950230 ]
Wagon horses, 1.230 to 1.3.V) lb* ."....' 11HW818© '
i Delivery wagon, horses, 1.060 to 1,250.. '11063125 j
Desirable farm mare* ............... 10061123 '
Farm workers .........;....,.........- T.">@100 :
Oso.Jbs, i to 7 y«>Br« .............;.$756?125 i
I 1,000 lbs, 4 to 7 year 5....... 12.Va 17.".
1.100 lbs, 4 to 7 year5................i l.Wff2oo
1,200 lbs, 4 to 7 years. :..... 200@250
Of C| 7 years old ranß»» from $I."> to $25 lower.
i Not&Shippers to \ this | market • must have
I hordes 5 flow to : type, with age, bone 1 Wlfimn
j tion and style, to command extreme quotations.
. ' General Merohandl«e ':.
Calcutta grain h-Mzv are'weak at the recent
ly ■ reduced quotations, with all handlers report
in?: a dull market. ■.. ■ •.^
Bags Standard Calcutta jrrain bags. ffj'aiOc;
■wool baps. for 4, and for SStl t lbe;
; fleece twine, f".;!! , -!- per lb; bean bags. S'-jf. v>
Coal (per ten of 2,000: ljt>s>—Pennsylyanin an
; thracite egg. $10 per ton: Wellington. $8: New
j Wellington. SS; Australian house,: ; Richmond,',
etc.. "■ $8: PelHw Main. *S: dtendenl Richmond,
■ $S; Cumberland. $15 in bulk and $16.50 in sacks; ;
; ' "Up. $ir, per ton in bulk and $17 in sacks.
Oil (quotations are for barrels) —Linseed. 1 ' 6!lc
j per gallon for boiled and P>7c for raw. 5 bbl lots
lc less, cases .*<• more: Baker's A A castor. cases,
!"1 pillions fl.ll. in callous $1.09; commercial cas
tor . in: cases, i9oc;,China nut, eases. 751)85e i per
I pnllon: coeoannt ■ oil in barrels. 7"'-.<Br:Rle for
; XXX. 7.".'<j7si.. J e ' for No. 1 and T2Vj®T6c for
1 Xo. 2, according to quantity: extra j bleached
winter sperm : oil ROc: natural winter sperm oil.
80c: pure lard oil, S.V-; winter xtraineil lard
j oil. 75c; pure neatsfmx oil. S.V: No. 1 Beats
foot oil, fi"r: herring oil, 4()r. boiled fish oil.
<'•- : paint oil. 300 40c. "'-■ --
'-. Coal Oil. jrnsoline. etc. —Water .; white. iron
barrels or drums, (te; 150 decree oil. iron bar
rels or drums, !>c; Bpeeia! do. 10c; J pearl oil. Jn
eases. tSc: astral. Lie: star. 18e; extra stnr. I8e;
Kliiine. 25 1 : c: - eocene. I 1 4^, ; red crown and motor
I gasoline, in bulk IS %c,"An cases i.'i'Ae: engine
J distillate, in ! drums 9V.e. in eases 7c ; more; pas
I machine irasollne, in 1 bulk 34% c, in-cases 42c:
j Tarnish makers' «nd : painters' naphtha, in bulk
j li.c. in ease* 24..c. "C :
- Turpentine— In cases, 84c; 10 case lots lc less;
! drums and iron barrels. 57e; Aroturps. cases '■'•<'<'.
' Iron barrels fir drums 23c per gallon. ;" .v;
Rnsin -F. $10.10: (;. $10.55: U. $10.15; I.
! $10.70; M. $10.0©; WO, SI 1.10 per barrel of 280
i pounds. '-,"■ '-"-. -, «
Red and White Lead—Red, S%«a»c;,white. R'i
I ~• per lb; do 5 and 10 ton lot*, He and 7"ie,
respectively. ," ■. ■■■"■.••■■■" ■";■ '■'';-". /.;■■-;
! Pacific Codfish —i The Onion Fish company quotes
1 «<« follows: . Bundles.- small, whole,' 100 lb bales,
Eμ . easel*,*; resuhtr. large, whole. : 100 ]b ; boxes.
cases, extra, 100 lit boxes. ■ *>-";c; CMC*,
I eastern st.vie. 7 1 »« , : Anchor brand. % ,o; narrow
B«nce. R%c; Silver Kin?, , 9c; Golden State. «'.'.c;
White Seal, middle. Jl@llVtc; seiibriclit blocks,
fie: oriental • block*. S Ue; ■ Crown brand, * tablet*. ,
£>V-l>c; pearl tablet*. !» ; ,< :5 lb boxes, fancy bone
less, 11c; L , ;lb '. boxes fancy boneless. 12c; half
tiMs pickled? cod, ,s(i each; Alaska red salmon,
half bbls. $0 each. •
The Alaska Crwjrtsh company quotes as follows:
J Bundles, small, whole. '■ !50 lb bales. - ,V; . cases.
i rejralar. large,:. wUo!e. 100 lb boxes, ~ fiUe; , cases.
; extra large, ; whole. 100 > ]b boxes. < 7t4c; ~ cases.
eastern etjrlip, 100 lb boxes. - H4c; KtiKßtn brand,
7<?4c: narrow l'.irai:"!i. SVic: Monarch. 9c: - We?t
em Pride. % 8 c: Imperial. 00 :lb boxes. 11 1 c;; : Jo
40 lb boxes. "11 i:,c: >'■ Ocean Ware. « f»c; . Siberia.
SV... ; Star." 2 n> tablets. fM.>: Taciflc Belle. ;1. !b
tablet* l> 1 •' : - choice bits.'; U@l2e; pickled cod,
bbta, ; $11; "do half bids. $r,. ■ ' -
- i'ord;i2e—.Miuiila, Be; sisal, 7' 1 : sisal bale rope.
SfaS'/jc ,■ per : lb; ■ manila bale rope. He ; per lb net
cash, no discount. .: * .
Quicksilver — S4ft6s4l per flask.
r The. Western Sugar Refining company. quotes as
follows, net . cash: Fine granulated. 1 D:2o>-; coarse
nantilated. 4 '~2 0c; *; fruit granulated. , 5.20PJ M. ; A
K. crystal doininos. r, lb cartons in cases, fle: do 2
lb "' cartons in :- cases. , i).soe: , monarch ba ,, . 5.55 c;
tablets, in half bhls, 5.70e; do in 2". lb boxes.
r..or>c: rubes. i ."i.i.V; mooarch powdered, ■">..")■><•;
XX XXepowiiered, R.JJOc; candy L-rauithi t.d. r..30<-;
confectioners' A. 5.20e; beef jninulated. Tic; ex
tra «'. 4.70<- ;; -olden C. 4.CiOe: I). 4.50 c. Barrels
j and Bβ lb baes lOe. half bbls 23c. boxes 60e more
per 100 lb* tiiiui for hngn of 100 lbs net. Bar In
35 mid 40 ]h tins $1.70 mere, in 8 and 10 lb tins
$2."."> more per:100 ibs than price fur this trade
in 100 lb bajK. '. > e V •:;,..'■ ~,-. *"■;. ;\- .". '
Tlie California ; and : Hawaiian Sugar Refining
! company '.quotes ns . follows: :~,Granulated: basis.
j 5.30 c: i, C. k 11. fine . standard.. 5.20 c: coarse dry
j BTftmilated, s.2f*C; . i-onfectioners' A. 8.20CJ ' berry '•
i 5.28 c: lowderi'd. .*.:;<)<•: ' cubes.' r..4.",,>: "Higrade , '
! bar. 5.53 c; brick* (in half bhlg). 5.7Qc; bricks (in
25:1b >io\. S i. ease; 11. &• E. errata! domlana (5
jib cartons:in 'cases'!;'. 0r.;.; H. it E. crystal domi
bos ■(2•lb '■ cartons in leases).. fi.ro-; s extra fine I dry
( grnniibiied (100 lh bags tmlyl, r,,--_ extra C. 4.70 c"'
' golden ]C, 4,eOc; ? yellow ■ I). 4.50 c. Additional per
j 100 lbs: In bhl« and BO K. bags, 10c more; * half
libls. 25p ■■ more; : boxes. .Vie , more for all grades.
Bur in '■'"> and 40 lh tins. Si.7o more; In 10 lb
tins. .*2.:>."> more. " Minimum order, ■ carload
weight.'-'- •'.', "" -•i■ ; • ■ ;
,' . To* Ansvle* Prod 11 or ■
[Special Dispatch ;to The Call]
I.OS i ANGKJ.KS. Nov. f..—Receipt* of produce
In : the T.os Angeles market today were: F.ggs.
52 cases; butter. 14.020 pounds; "potatoes, ; 2.340
sacks. ■■:.;..:.: " .-.■ '■':>-:- :::'v4cwfu';S
- The street was - active this ; morning and . the
j brisk >.trade.■; caused a general • steadying on all
j quotations. ,:>-:■.''-,:■■. ■ :.•'■:■" ,-.■.■'•::::■ -■• t -,, ..-...;■;».■-,:...■:
The- : Irish potato ; market .1« firm at »0 % cents.
Some ;of i the dealers «re predicting •« t change lii
lochV potato conditions i soon. - r.. —_ ;C
;"-.-:;. Batter fper U»-Prices %to the .trade!; He. abore
quotations: J. '•■ California creamery extras, 3f>e
creamery firsts. S2Hc. '* '
E(W" (per flnK>l —<"*n<Ucrt. ; ,V)c; ease ; count. 40c
seconds. 27"; pullets. :Ur; outside. SUaie
e-is'.ein. Minnesota . «nd Dakota. ::hc; Kansas'
Nebraska, lowa and Missouri. ,'UV. - '
CheMe (per; lbt —Northern fresh. 2<te; eastern
singles. -J ir>K.r-: east,tii twins, lft'.j,-; •' eastern
Cheddars,"? 21% c; eastern •; kmgboro*, 21 f, : Oregon
dalsles.'is 18c; eastern daisies, 2)e; swiss. : im
ported. .VSi-: *wlss. : rlotnestlc. bloejni, 2'! c; Rogue
fort,*"4."i«: ?creamibrick. 221?23e; liinbtircer i ,>n &
1?,- ■■ !; Kdam. $*.RO«8llO.3<l per c»kp of 12. ■■■
Beaw (per ctl) —>o. 1 pinks, $4.0j®i.70; Xo.
»1 lime [email protected]: Lady Washington No. l. $5.10<§! i
5.25: small whites. garv» M a, $4.50;
lentils. $6.50@7; bayos, $4.50<g.>; Mexican reds,
14.50: blackeyes, $4.
Potatoea (per ctli—Highlands. 90c@$l; new
Tfiiiiw sweets, $l.- r >o; local Burbanks, 80<(890c;
Oretron [email protected]; Salinas, $1.65; Lompoe,
]\>tt York Prodee*
KKW YORK, Nov. 6.—Butter—Firm and un
Cheese -Easy: receipts, 1.432 boxes; state
whole milk frert white or colored specials. 17 %c.
i_- s -steady; western gathered whites,
Dressed poultry—Steady: fresh killed wester*
chickens, 12'<il*e: fowls, turkeys,
V,'n !':;<■.
tsugar—Raw quiet: muscovado 80 test. 8.55e;
centrifuge] 90 test. 4.03 c; molasses S9 test, 3.30 c.
Refilled steady.
Hides- Steady.
Petroleum Steady.
Wo ( ,i_Q ui et. rmiEn rßum
Evaporated Apples--Dull and nominal.
Aprteoti —Quiet.
Peacftta —Steady.
< hii-iie<* I>Hlry I*roduce Market
CHICAGO, Nov. 6. —Butter—Firm: creameries,
2* fit:'M '■-(•: dairies. 25*8 "oc.
Kggs — Steady; receipts, ;>.I4K eases: at mark,
u-luded 20@21c; ordinary firsts, 23c;
firsts '_''ir
Cheese—Weak: daisies. 17Vif?17Hc: twins,
iv-- t r,;i7<-: young Americas. 10%@17e; long
i horns, i'> ! - 4 ©17c.
Potatoes—Steady; receipts, nn cars: Michigan,
48i»53c: Minnesota, 47@wttc; Wisconsin. 45@K2c.
I'.mitry— -Steady;, turkeys, 16c; thickens, lie;
springs ILV.
Veal—Steady at ng?l4c.
UveMoek Market
CHICAGO. Not. c.—Cattle—Receipts, 27.000;
market steady to 10c lower. Beeves. 9&JQ6J
1«i.7.". : Texas steers, f4.40(fi;0.W: western steers.
[email protected]; stoekers and feeders. 14.30d57.35;
cows'ami h'ifiT*, $-'.75&7.40; caiTes, $Q.W$
10. r.O.
Hoes- -Receipts 24.000; market slow, ,%<§;
10c lower. Light, $7.4t><?|-7.93: mixed. $7.5(1(5.
Ifc; heavy. |7.354|8-05; rough. $7.35 (37.53: pigs,
bulk' of sales. $7.70(38.15. Sheep—
I Receipts 33.000: market steady to shad* lower, j
! Native. $. - !.50C«.4.05; western, $3.60#4.fi5: year
llags, [email protected]: lambs, native, $5.50<g7.40;
western. $0.65((i7.25.
KANSAS CITY. Nov. «.— Cattle—Receipts.
T/000, including .'!00 Boetfefetßs: market steady
to strong. Native steers. south
ern steers. pk.ZSQe.SS; southern cows and heif
ers, |[email protected]; native cow* end heifers, $3.25
©8; ItOCkers nti«l feeders, |4.50#7.16; bulls.
lMf«:o.2r>: calves, $3©9.50; western steers, $5@
8.50; western cows. $."..25f?£6.50.
Rogs—Receipts, 6.000; market B@loe lower:
bulk of sales $T.55©T.80; heavy, $7.73«?7.85;
packers end butchers. $7.60<&7.55; light, $7.40®
7.75; pigs. $5.30e6.30.
Sheep Receipts, 7.000; market steady. Mut
tons. $:<.75<&0; lambs, range
wethers and yearlings, $4(g-<*>; range ewes,
SOUTH OMAHA. Neb.. Nov. 6.—Cattle—Re
ceipts, 1,500: market l(>c higher. Native steers,
[email protected]; calves and heif"rs, |[email protected]; west
ern steer* $7iftS; Texaa steers, $4.sof?C>.2f>:
calves and" heifers. fß.26ee.BJi canner*. $:;(<$
4.2."; t-tockers and feeders, $-».7.v ( ; 7.7,": calves,
$6<»5.75; bulls, stags, etc., |4®5.60.
' [locs — Receipts. 8,600; market .VjHOe lower.
Heavy. $7.05«*7.52V-: mixed. $7.7f«r,i 7.5»; lljrht.
pigs, $«.25fr£7.25; bulk of sales,
[email protected].
Slieep— Receipts, 22,000; market steady.
Yearlings. $4.73©5.50; wethers. $3.75<g4.50;
ewes, $3.50(g4.2D; In nibs $6.50<g7..V>.
ST. JOSEPH. Mo.. Nov. 8. —Cottle -Rereipti.
2,400; market tdow. Steers. $<>.7."i?jlO.r>i>: cf>wp
and heifere, |9.50©8.50; calves, $4-60«5.2C.
Hops-Receipts. 3.600; market SetoTOe luwer;
I toft, $7.W: bulk of nnled, [email protected].
Sheep—Reeeiptn. 1,200; market in lamb« slow.
Sheep, 10c to 15c higher; lambs, $«[email protected].
rORTT,AND. Ore., Not. 6.—Cattle —Receipts.
lno- market steady. Choice steers, $0.75(^7;
j good steers, $6.2506.65; medium steers. $606.25;
etaiee torn*, *6frt«;.-'!r>: gixni wwn, $5.J50a5.75;
!!,i.|iiim cows. ISQS.2S; choice calves, $7.Q^β
8.30; g-KKi heavy calves, [email protected]; bulls, $a@G;
j stain. $4.7.-,',.■.-.•_■.-.
H.iss—Receipt*. 700; market weak. Light,
S7.:»"(( 7.s'l; beery, |0.C0^7.
Sheep —Receipts none- market steady. Year-
Ilngs, ?4. 25Jt4.00; wethers, [email protected]; ewee,
$i'.7ora::..v->; lambs, $.!.*OCtio,7s.
< ottuß Murket
NKW YORK, Nor. 6.— E. F. Hutton & Co.'c
wire says:
"There was heavy reaHstinir right after the
opening here, the Initial advance haying eatab
lUlieil new hiffli ground for the moTement.
Pell brokers were credited with selling. There
was active selling by Wall street, Liverpool.
Gwntbmey. Hents and Weld, but there was a
jrood demand on a scale down with Craig &
! McFadden. the leading buyers. In the afternoon
prices advanced sharply on reports of strong
southern spot markets. It is claimed that spot
cotton averaplnp between middling and strict
middling Is finding ready sale at better than
the price of March contracts as quoted in New
•York. In many instances it is bringing hs
much as |5 and 20 points above March and
some sales have been made as high as 30 points
above March. This is said not to be the
result of speculation, but nctual demand fur
the cotlon from day to day. It is COBtended
that the contract markets do not by any means
represent the price Hist is helng paid for
s|>ots in the south. There is not a grade of
cotton that is at present marketed in the south,
including strict low middling and low middling
that could be shipped t<< New York and de
livered on contr.-if-t without losing $2 or •s■'{.
On the better grades the loss would be still
greater. We believe in higher prices and con
tinue to advise buying on all breaks. The
present cold weather is adding damage to the
i roji prospects."
Spot closed unchanged; middling uplands,
11.90 c; do gulf, 12.1.V.
Option— Open High Low Close Xot.4 lOU
Nov 1130 H. 30 9.04
Dee 11.."3 11..V. 11..1.*> 11.r>4 11.58 !>.is
In 11.60 U.M n.42 lt.es ii.w> R.!>.-.
Kcl, 11.71 Il.«8 P.<K>
March .. |I.M IIJB 1 1 r >- H. 83 11.7* ft.oß I
Hear 11.80 11.89 11.i>7 11. \\M Mβ
June ll.Se 11.54 0.20!
July 11.03 11.03 11 72 11.02 11.«7 9.24
Aug. ... 11.57 11. S7 11.CS 11. «2 11. S2 o.lft
Rppt 11. «J» 11..V) 0.23
Oct 11.60 11.00 11.45 11.r.0 11.45 9.21
St. TiOiiln Wool Market
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 6.—W00l steady: mcliiim
graflos, combing nml clotliing. 23H@26c; light
fine, l!i'/l!1i-; licavr, tine, 13' ; '<t, 184 c; tub
washed, 27(§,00c.
Uverpool Cotton
CIVBKFOOL, Nov. C.— Spot cotton—Good busi
prsj done; prices firm; American middling fair,
7.21 d; good middling. e.o7d: niiildllng. 6.70« l;
low middling, e.r.Od; gooil ordinary, O.KJd; ordi
nary, B.eSd. Sales were 10.000 bales.
<>nlveston Cotton Mnrket
GALVBSTON, Nov. 6.—Cotton —Unchanged,
\m» York Coffe* Market
NKW YORK, Nov. 6.— E. F. Hutton & Co.'*
wire sflys:
"Developments in the European coffee markets
over our holiday were of a bearish character.
Houses with foreign connections were quite con
spicuous on :he Helling side and there was also
more or less liquidation on the part of local longs.
Bulls again showed a disposition to support the
market with good buying orders and this checked
the early decline. The weakness abroad, espe
einlly In Hamburg, was sfli'i to be dne to a dis
appointing spot tlemsnd from the country, al
though on the decline valorization Interests were
said to be buying in the Hamburg market."
Option— Open High T,ow Clone
[November 14.06e 14.05 c i:'..i)S<? 13. 82 c
[December l'i.ooc I3.fl<>e i3.SOc 13.78 c
I January 13.RSe
I February 13. Mt
! March * 14.04 c 14.04 c 13.88 c 13.Me
April 13.08 c
May 14.10 c 14.10 c 14.02 c 14.010
I June 14.03e
j July 14.10 c 14.10 c 14.10 c 14.0.V
August 14.07 c
September 14.14 c 14.13 c 14.12 c 14.0ne
October " 14.09 c
Sales —141,700 bags.
I.ocal Cofffe Situation
C. E. Bickford & Co's monthly review of the
coffee market says:
"BneioeM In this market during the last
month has been extremely nuiet. the little trad
ing indulged In being almost wholly confined to
sales from second hands, coupled with purchases
from Rrazil and New York. About 500 bags of
Antigua Guatemala coffee were pitted at 19>jc.
and similar quantities of prime washed and good
washed sold at 10c and 18&e, respectively, the
prtcea obtained being lartelj governed by the
prevent scarcity of supplies.
•New crop offerings of Salvador for January-
February shipment, at l*c for washed' and 17V4c
for current unwashed, have been received dur
ing the Inst week, but without resultant busi
ness as yet. While buyers admit the relative
attractiveness of these prices as compared with
the laid in worth of Rrazillan coffees, or other
varieties, they have not been inclined to actu
ally purchase needs for distant wants, and in
a general way nre more rigidly than erer fol
lowing the hand to mouth policy so long in
"The New York market chows an advance of
from %c 10 *ec on spot coffees, with practi
cally parallel conditions existing there as here,
holders being very firm 'In their selling ideas
and buyers being forced to pay the price when
necessity demands.
"Deliveries from first lisnrts since the first
ultimo include: SM bHg* Costa Rica, r,i> Hffc*.
ragua, 2,7.11 Salvador. ."...">">•"> Guatemala, ?,254
Mexican, aud 2,5§6 other kia<l»; iv all, 11,003
bags, against 15,831 last year. Market closed
Costa Rice—No stocks. Extra prime washed.
1846@18%c; prime ivaslied, IS'ilgiSUe: good
washed, good to prime washed pea
berry. 18@lSVic; fair, 17@JJ%c; commou to
ordinary. 1 r>'., (a ie%c.
Salvador —Sto<-k, 1.205 bags. Prime to extra
prime washed. 18«4<S 18'oc; good wa*hed, I'K®
18c: fair washed. 17>iW17'..c: good to prime
washed peaberry. good to prime semi-
WMslied. lT%@lt«4c: superior unwashed, YiVpQ
I 17% c; good green unwashed. 17 ! ,4@17>/'jc; gooil
to superior unwasfied peaberry,
common to ordinary, 14*4@ie\«e.
Nicirasnia—Nβ stocks. Prime washed. lSii<it
rair to extra good washed. !7K&LBc;
good to superior unwashed, 17<Jt!l" I , < c.
<;iintemala and Mexican—Stocks. Guatemala,
10.352 bags; Mexican. 150 bags. Prime to extra
prime washed. 18'if<il8%c; extra good washed,
18(gl8He; good washed, 17*;@lRe; fair washed.
17 V'<( I7iic: medium. ieVi@l"c; common to
ordinary, I 4s 4 r,iir>^ 4 <-; good to prime Mashed
peaberry. 18S»18'ic.
Hawaiian— Stock. ".GO bags. Fancy, 10@
I»MiC; prime, 18i...ral0c: good, ISVic; fair,
17-% (it 18!.'«<•; peaberry, 18ei8%c; low grades.
Ecuador—Stork. 175 bags. Current un
washed, 16$tftj;17e.
>ew York Metal Market
NEW YOBK, Nov. c.—Copper Firm: standard,
spot. lii.7.'>c hid: November, ie.80Q17.20c; I>e
cember. elect n>) j tic.
IT.sT'.c; lake, 17.02 17.87'jc; casting, 17.25
r<H7.:;7'._.e. . ~
Tin-Kasy: spot and Norembcr, 49.75@5<.V;
December, 49. 50e.
Lead -Quiet; [email protected].
Spelter -Quiet; 7.:>.Vft7.4."c.
Antimony— Cookson's, '0.50e.
Iron—Firm and unchanged.
\nviil stores—Turpentine and Roein
SAVANNAH, (is.. Nov. fi.—Turpentine—sß(3
"!>'■; sales. 410; receipts, S4O; sliipments. 220;
sloi-kH, 3.J.300.
Rani Firm: snles. 1.800: receipts. 2.B<V?;
shlptnentß, 1.e07; f=twks, 110.000. Quote: A. B.
C, I), fn.03Q6.15; K. Iβ.
8.15: V. [email protected]; G, $e.t2%ae.2&; H. $6.17 -
I. tOMi K. $*;.45; M, $7; N, $7.G0; WG,
$8.25; WW, $8.55.
Raten on Hop*
WASHINGTON, Nov. 6.—Western railways
will be permitted to increane the blanket rates
on hop-* from points of production in Washington
and Oregon to destination on the Missouri river
and to the eH«t, according to a decision Utsijod
by the interstate commerce com mission. The
new blanket rates which take effect today will
be $1.75 per 100 pounds in carloads, with a
minimum of 15.000 pounds and $2.25 per 100
pounds in less than carload lots. The Uakm
Pacific, Northern Pacific. Great Northern and
other roads are Involved in this case. Writing
the decision of the commissioner. Chairman
Prouty says that the roads have Justified the
advances on the ground that the former ratee
were too low in proportion to tiie co«t of service.
jl Births, Marriages, Deaths [
Birth, marriage and death notice sent by mail
will not be Inserted. They be handed In at
either of the publication offices and be Indorsed
with the name and reeidence of persons author
ized to bare the same published. Notices re
stricted simply to the announcement of the event
sre published once in this column free of charge.
CUMIN'S- In this city, November ?,, 1912, to the
wife of L. v. Cumins (formerly Maude Adams),
a son.
i JAUMAX —111 this city. November f>. 1912. to
the wife of Ira J. Jnrman (formerly Alma
Carson i. a son.
McMULLIX--MOORE—In San Jocp. Cal.. October
17. 1012. by Rev. O. I*. Shrout, Cecil' K. Ut-
Mania and CorlaM H. IfMVe, both of Sau
Ahrens, William V.. r>: pennon. Anne —
Antola, AnffHo 8 f-evy, Nathan 68
Blythe, Edith Lucy- % Levy. Abrarn 53
Boone. I'hillp 11. ... 0- dagee. Margaret —
Bradley. Charles 7: McCarthy, Michael..—
Brewer, Peter H 4 UeCowan, James ... 2»
Chamberlain ....(Mas*l UcL.igan. James 1... 7-T
Cook, Elizabeth J... ~: Meade, Harry 45
Crothcrs. George ... — Kick*. Anton 40
Curtis, David T (j: Norton. Thomas ... 35
Pober. Jo*«ph B. W. — Obersehmidt. F. W. . *".
Polison. James 7<i Peterson, Nine L... 35
Dougherty, Gordon B. 'i: , Shank. Frank A 3S
Gander, Helena C... 1C Sherman. Agnes —
Grant. Benjamin ... 72 Shield*. Robert ....77
Gnedet, Edward P..— Spaldtng (Infant!
Hnnnoniann. H. W. . 79 Thel*n, Otto .1 26
Hevener. Ella J,.... es Thompson, Robert.. SO
Hill. Frank R 22 TlminoDda. Thomas..—
Hiilis, John P 20 ftrer. Ell S ...74
Jacobs, Samuel 1... — Valentine, Ricberd.. 55
Kelnz, Conrad .<»»•• 4ft Wamburjj. W. T 35
Kelly, Martin — Ward, Gertrude G... 1»
Kennedy. John R.... — White, James 62
Kertcber. Albert E-. 52 Wilson, Joseph P... 30
AHRENS—In I>os Angeles, November 2, 1912,
William V. Ahrens, formerly of San Francisco,
dearly beloved husband of Clara l>. Ahrene.
loving father of Alfred EL, Edwin F. and
Homed 1.. Ahrons, ami Mr». W. D. Coulter
and brother of Mrs. P. E. Laminers and John
11. Ahrens. aged 53 years. A member of San
Francisco lodge, K. of H.
ANTOLA—In Angels Camp. Cal.. November 2.
1912, Angelo Antola, dearly beloved husband of
BOM Aniola. and devoted father of Arturo,
Silvio, Frederick and Olympia Antola and Mrs.
Louis Costa, a native of Italy, aged 03 years
and 8 months. A member of Galileo Grove I
No. :;7. U. A. O. D., and Golden Gate Lodge
No. ,•{. K. of P.
Friends and acquaintances arc respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral today (Thurs
day). November 7, 1!>12. at 1 p. m.. from the
parlors of Valente. Maiini. Marals & Co., 649
Green street between Powell and Columbus ave
nue. Interment Italian cemetery.
BLYTOT— In this city. November 6. 1912. Edith
Lucy, beloved wife of William Blythc, and
mother of Mrs. B. Stone, a native of England,
aged 37 years ] 1 months and 18 days.
Friends and acquaintances, are respectfully In
vfted to atteod the funeral cervices tomorrow
(Friday). November «. 19J2. «t 11 a. m., at
the parlor* of M.irtin & Brown. ISfiS Geary
street. Interment Woodlawu cemetery, by
JBOONE-— In Berkeley. tkmteMbef 30, 1912. Philip
R.. beloved hustiand of Mary Alice Boone. ami
father of Mrs. Ralph L. Phelps. Charles Philip
nml Harry Ilaskell Boonc, a native of Middle
town. Pel., apred 60 years";
Friends of the family are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral services thi? (Thurs
day) afternoon. November 7. 1912. Nt .*? o'clock
at tlie rhapel of the Oakland crematory, comer
of Howe and liatbe* streets. Oakland. Services
under the ausj'iics of Berkeley Lodge No, l'XrJ,
B. P. O. K. Kβ flowers.
BEADLEY In P.-scad'TO. November c. Hi 12.
Clmrles Bradley, ■ native of Xew Yurk. a.sed
-* ywtfi
BEEWER- In Paso Iloble.*, C.il.. Xnvember 4,
lt»12, Peter Henry, dearly beloved sun of Peter
Jacob and the late Katherlne Brewer, and lov
ing brother ol Mm. Otto Morgeneon. Mrs. Kate
McLean, Mrs. Henry Gerard and Mr«. Emma
Angelits mil t'ora, Edward and John Brewer, a
native of San Francisco. Cal., ajierl 4." years
and 2o days. A member of the Order of Owls.
Friends and uc<jiiaintances arc respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral today (Thurs
day), at 8:15 a. m.. from the parlors of Suhr
& Wieboldt. l.'iSj Valencia street near Twenty
rifth, thence to Ht. Patrick's church, where
mass will be celebrated for the repose of his
soul, at 9 a. m. Interment Holy Cross ceme
CHAMBERLAIN—An anniversary requiem high
muss (or the repose of Jhe soul of the late
Joseph Chamberlain of 220 Somerset street
wffl be celebrated at St. Elizalwth church,
Wiiylurid and Berlin streets, tomorrow (Friday)
morning. November R, 1912. commencing at
8:30 o'clock. Friends and acquaintances are
invited to attend.
COOK —In this city, November .", Iftl2. Elizabeth
J. Cook, mother of Lora A. Cook and Mrs.
Alice M. Swan and Mrs. Inea A. Noble, a na
tive of Bellinghiun. Mass., aged 72 years 4
months and 21 days.
Funeral and interment strictly private.
Please omit flowers.
CROTHERB —In San Mateo, November 4, 1912,
Georpe. beloved husband of Grace Ash ton Croth
ers, loving father of Amy. Sliirley, Alma,
(irnce. Frank. Ralph and Roy Crothers, a na
tive of St. Johns. X. B.
CURTIS— In Dinuba, Cal., November 4. 1912,
David T. Curtis, husband of I.uella Curtis,
brother of J. E. /'urtis of Tacuma Wash.;
J« L. Curtis of Turloek. Cal.: Mrs Oresta
Thorbury of Turloek. Cal.. and Mrs. Delia Cut
*tef of (Uendalo. I-os Angeles county, Cal., a
native of Pennsylvania, aged 60 years G months
and S days. < Modesto and Fresno papers pleas*
please copy.)
1 rloiuis are respectfully invited to attend the
funeral services, which will be held at bis late
residence. 144 Ninth street, Oakland, today
(Thursday), Novemlx-r 7. 1912, at 2:30 o'clock
p. m.
DOBER—At rest, in this city. November 8, 1912,
Joseph B. W., dearly beloved husband of the
late Charlotte Rose Dober, aud devoted father
of Mrs. Georjse C. Patterson-and Charles. Julia
C. and Joseph Dober. and grandfather of Charles
J. Mebach. a native of Pennsylvania.
The funernl will take place tomorrow (Fri
day), November S. at 9 a. m., from the resi
dence of iiis dangliter. Julia C. Dober. 15 Car
mel stfeet near Ashbury. tliencr to St. Agnes
church, where a requiem high mass will be
celebrated for the repose of his soul, commen
cing at 0:30 a. m. Interment (private) -at
Holy rrn«> eenx.-tery. Ny laitotiiohile. Kindly
omit flowers.
DOBSON —In this city. November 6, 1012. James
Oobson, a native t>f Missouri, age 70 years.
DOUGHERTY—In this city, November 3, 1912,
Gordon Beunett, dearly beloved eon of Anna
and Peter C. Dougherty, and loving brother
of Mrs. Charles d. I'milson and Mrs. H. C.
Welby and Simon and Marion Dougherty, a
native of California, nge.i 2;{ yearn 1 month* apd
4 days. A member of Brotherhood of Railroad
Trainmen. J. A. Fillmore I-odge No. 84»i.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral today (Thursdayj,
Office and salesroom corner Van Ness and Sac
ramento (former Walter bnildingt. Phones —
Franklin 2264, Home C 6353; residence, 808 Ash
388-340 Fell st. S-*P?
Arrived—l oar mares and horeee: 3 span blacks.
3 span browns. 2 span grays; ajree 4 to 7 years:
weight 1,350 to 1.800 lbs.; wheelers and leaders;
all well broke: and others; some Rood farm mares
and uorses. JOS. LEVY. Phone Market 3877.
4V-«_ 4[^—i«
.2*5 J^
Just In—Welpht 1.200 to 1.700 pounds.
G. LINDAUER. 122 Clara st.
November 7, at 10:45 a. m., from the parlors
of H. F. Suhr & Co., 201K Mission street be
tween Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth. Inter
ment Cypress Lawn cemetery, by Southern Pa
cific trail* from Twenty-fifth and Valencia
GANDER— In this city. November o. 1012.
Helena Catherine Gander, dearly beloved
daughter of Charles A. and Leonie Gander, and
loving sister of Gladys, Theodore, Alfred and
the late Charles Gander, a native of Ss>n Fran
cisco. Cal.. aged in years 4 months and 0 days
A member of the Young Ladles' Sodality of
'St. Anthony* church.
Frietids and aetjuaintances and Sodality
members are respectfully invited to attend
the funeral today (TUurKday). at 9:15
o'clock a. m.. from the residence of her par
rnt.-i. :;.{s:{ Army street between Mission and
Shotwell, thence to St. Anthonys church. Army
street near Poison, where a requiem high mass
wil] be celebrated for the repose of h
commencing at 9:80 o'clock a. m. Interment
Holr Cross cemetery, by carriages.
meml>ers are reapectfally invited to attend the
funeral of Helen-t ("Htherina Gander today
tThursday>, at 9:15 a. rri., from the residence
of her parents. ::.'!.*»:!"Army street.
GEORGE UAPI\ President.
GEORGE J. MAHIIN. Secretary.
GRANT— In this eitv. November 4, 10!2. Benja
niiti (Irnnt, brother of Mr*. K. B. Barney of
Bcy!e*vUle, R. 1., a native of Hh<nle Inland,
«i;ed 72 years.
Heuialns at the parlors of Lear? P.rothers.
2917 Twenty-fourth street between Harrisc*.
and Bryant. Notice of funeral hereafter.
GUEDET—In this city, November f!, 1012, Jβ-
L ward F. Gr.edet, loving husband of .Mary eiie
det, and father of I»ut<> F.. Philip Joseph.
Joseph H., Rev. Edward V. and I'anl .1. Guedet
nnd Sister Mary Ursula of the Sisters of the
Holy Family, a native of France.
The funeral will take placft tomorrow (Fri
day), at 8:45 o'clock a. m., from the parlors of
J. C. O'Connw & Co.. 532 534 Valencia street,
t hence to Church of Notre Daaie dcs Victoires.
Uui«h street between Grant, avenue and Stock
ton street, where a requiem high mas* will be
celebrated for the repoee of his soul, com
mencing at 9:30 o'clock a. m. Interment
iprivate) Holy Crons cemetery. Please omit
HAHNEMANN— In this city. November 3, 1012.
Harald Waldemar llannemanfi. a native of
Denmark, ajred 79 years <j months and 12 days.
Remains at the parlors of C«rew & English,
ieiB Geary etreet. Notice of funeral here
HEVENER—In this city, November f>. 1912.
Ella I/Riise. Hevener, a native of England,
aged OS years. A member of San Francisco
Chapter No. 19<V O. K. S.
Friends and acquaintances hvh r°)«pectfully in
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Friday),
November S. 1912, at 2 o'clock p. m., from the
parlors of Valente. Marini. Marais & Co., 3448
Mission street above Thirtieth, where services
will be held under the auspices of San Fran
cisco Chapter No. 190, O. E. S. Interment
Cyprees Lawn cemetery.
HILL—In Berkeley, November 5, 1912, Frank R.
Hill, flearly beloved sou of Frank and Jarsp.
Hill, and brother of James F. Hill, a native of
San Francisco,, aged 22 years 7 months and
20 days.
The funeral services will be held today
(Thursduyt. November 7, at 2 o'clock p. 80.,
fntii the family residence, 2137 Parker street.
Interment private.
HILLIS—In this city. November 4, 1912, Joha
P.. dearly beloved husband og Ellen A. HllHs,
anil loving father of James P. Hlliis, and be
loved brother of James J. and Mollie Hillis, a
jiatire of Kan Francisco, aped 29 years. A
member of the Brotherhood of Teamsters,
LUeal No. 85.
The funeral will take place today (Thurs
day >, at 10 a. m.. from the parlors of Mc-
Brearty & JlcCormick, 915 Valencia street near
Twentieth, thence to Mission Dolores church,
where a requiem hiffh mass will be celebrated
for the repose of 1)1h soul, commencing at 10:30
a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
JACOBS— In tbis city. November 5. 1912, Samuel
I. Jacobs, beloved husband of Fannie Jacob*,
and loving father of Mrs. Lee Hiteman and
Mrs. Charles Hermann and Ben, Sydney, Wal
ter and Arthnr Jacobs, a native of New Yoik.
Friends are respectfully invited to attend the
funeral services today (Thursday), November
7. at 3 p. m.. at Gray's chapel, Geary and Dβ
vlsadero streetß. Interment Eternal Home
cemetery, by automobile.
KEINZ—In Oakland. November 5, 1912. Conrad
Keinz, beloved husband of Josephine Keinz, and
father of Lillian Nowak, son In law of Richard
Nowak and grandfather of Olga Nowak, a na
tive of Vienna. Austria, aged 49 years 8
months and 17 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral this (Thursday)
afternoon, November 7, 1912, at 2 o'clock from
the chapel of the Oakland crematory, Howe
and Mather streets. Remains at the parlors of
Julius 8. Godeau, 2210 Webster street, Oak
KELLY—In this city, November 4. IDI2, Martin
(tiee Tot), beloved *on of the late Laurence
and Julia Kelly, and brother of Mrs. M. D.
D'Or. Mrs. L. Bernzott and Mrs. G. John a
native of San Francisco. A member of Com
pany D, First California.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully ln
m vited to attend the funeral today (Thurs
day), at 9:30 o'clock a. m.. from the parlors
of McGinn Brothers, 1523 Eddy street, thence
to Sacred Heart church, where a requiem mass
will be celebrated for the repose of his soul,
commencing at 10 a. m. Interment National
KENNEDY—In this city, November fi, 1912.
John R. Kennedy. beloved husband of
the late Mary Kennedy and father of
Annie, Robert, John, William, James
Stephen. FYank anil Joseph Kennedy «nd Mrs.
M, Mijrnola, a native of Massachusetts. A
member of Golden Gate nerle No. lil. F. O. E.
Notice of funeral hereafter. Remains at the
parlors of Barry & Scully, 927 Valencia street.
KERTCHER—In Oakland. Cal., November 6.
1012, Albert Edwin Kertchcr, son of the late
Valentine and Sarah Keteher, husband of Mrs.
Elsft Keteher, brother of Maria. Mary, Ann,
Addie, John. William and Joseph Kerteher. a
native of Ontario, Can., aged o2 years 3 months
and 13 days.
LENNON—In tills city, November 4. 1912, Anne,
dearly beloved wife of the late James Lenuon,
and loving mother of James n., Edward, Jo.
seph, Anna and the late Mary I.ennon. and sis
ter of Mrs. James McCaffrey and Michael Tin
uerau of Santa Barbara, a native of Ireland.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral today (Thurs
d.i.vi. Novembeiv 7. at 8:30 a. to., from her late
residence, t>22 Fell street, thence to Sacred
Keart church, where a requiem high mass will
be celebrated for the repose of her soul, com
mencing at 8 o'clock a. m. Interment Holy
Croat cemetery, via electric funeraK, car from
Thirteenth and West Mission streets.-
LEVY—In tbis city. November 6. 1912, Nathan
I-evy (Ed I>eavitt), beloved husband of Flora
Learitt, father of Sophia I<eavitt and brother
of Harry Leavitt of San Francisco and Mrs.
Sarah Neusbaum of New York, a native of New
York, aged 68 years 10 months and 3 days.
LEVY—In tbis city. November 5. 1912. A bra in
beloved son of the late Angelina and Eliae
Levy, and father of Millie and Rhea I.evy, and
brother of Henry, Joseph, Jack and David
Levy and the late Marcus and lieuben Levy, a
native of Hartford, Conn., aped 35 years 11
months and 28 days. A member of the Bar
Tenders' Uniou No. 41. (Salt Lake City papem
please copy, t
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral services today
(.Thursday I. Nove>nber 7. 1912, at l>) oYIiH-k
a. in., at the parlors of the D. I. Kenny Com
pany, lt'.riU Eddy street Bear Sieiner. Inter
ment at Hills of Eternity cemetery, by car
MAGEE--In this city. November .".. 1912, Mar
garet, beloved wife of the late John P. Ifagee,
and devoted mother of Margaret It. UEcgee, ■
native of Ireland. (Bcston papers please copy.)
The funernl will take place today (Thurs
day i. November 7, 1912. at S:4."> o'clock a. in.,
from the parlors of Carew & English. li'.lS
Geary street, thence to Mission Doloree church,
where a soiemn requiem high mass will be
celebrated for the repose of her sonl. pom.
mnclng at 9:.'!0 o'clock a. m. Interment Holy
Cross cemetery, by electric funeral car from
Twenty-eighth and Valencia streets.
KcCARTHY— In this city. November 5, 1912,,,
Michael McCarthy, a native of County Cork,
Remains nt the parlor of J. C. O'Connor &
Co., ;"i:!2-."i34 Valencia street. Notice of fun
eral hereafter.
McCOWAN—In this city, November 2. 1912.
Jamei McCownn, dearly beloved brother of
William C. McCowan. a native of Pittsburg.
la.. Bfod 29 years and II months. A member
of FiectnVal Workers' Union No. 151, and
Order of Moose No. 20.
Friends and acquaintances are respectful! v in
vited to attend the funeral Saturday. November
I*. 1912. at 2 o'clock p. m.. from the mortuary
chapel of the GoMen Gate I'ndertakiiiß Com
[mount olivet}
I offers special inducements to I
I those who have removals to I
■ make from city cemeteries I
Offlee end Salesrooms. 1140 McAllister *t.
I Pays highest price for all kinds of furnltnr*.
merchandise, etc. Boom* bought la their en
tirety. Goods sold on commission.
Phone—Park SOP. 526.T2.
Tuesday, November 12
14th and Valencia Sin.
Forty head of halter Rnd harnetw broke Mares,
young ami wand, ranging in weight from 9uo to
1,500 pounds.
Also a carload of single and dnnble gentle*
broke Horses, suitable for all pnry-
W. niOOIXBOTTOM, Auctioneer.
pany, Sffl KteM street near Twenty first.
Interment Mount Oliret cemetery, uj autouio
McLAGAN— In thi* city. November 5. 1912,
•i.mi's L. McLagan, beloved cousin of Mrs.
Sadie Churchill, a native of Seotlaud. a£ed 7-"<
years and 10 m< utlm. A member of Fidelity
l-odire No. 222. I. O. O. F., and CarpeaterV
Ini.m Nβ. 22.
Friend* and nr-qunlntancee are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral today (Thurs.
day), Nt v.'tuher 7, 1012, at 7 o'clock i>. to..
from tba mortuary chupfl of the Golden G;i<«
Undertaking Company, 247."> Mission street near
'fwenl.v -:irst. under the auspices of Fidelity
Lodge No. SSJ. I. o. 0. I". Interment CyprebS
l.a«D cemetery, by automobile.
MEADE In this city. November 6, IW2, Harry
Aieade, aced 43 yeare. 1
BemaiM at the parlors of Bunker & Lunt.
2BW Mission Street between Twenty-second
and Twenty-tulrd (Mission Masonic temple).
NICKS—in this city, November 2. 1912. Anton.
dearly t>eloved brother of John N. Nieka. a na
tive of lowa, aged 49 years.
Bcmafoa will be forwarded today (Thurs
day i, November 7. from the parlors of Suhr &
Wieboidt. IXsr. Valencia street mar Twenty
fifth, to Dubuqne, la., for interment.
NORTON In this etty, November fi, 10r. , .
Tkmua, dearly l>eloved son of the late Patrick
and Mary Norton and devoted brother <>f \\ n
liatn J. and Marsrnr<*t K. Nuton, a native <>f
Sun Francisco, Cal., ag«d i>s year* 9 months
aad -<> day*.
OBEHSCHMIDT—In Oakland. November 5, 1812,
at the Okßh Alteuliciiii, F. W. Oberschniid - .
a native of Hanover. Germany, aged 83 years
- months and 3 days.
I'rieuds and aiyuaimanree are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral services today
(Tbiiroda.r), November 7. 1912. at 2 o"c!rx-k
p. iv., at the German Methodist Episcopal
chorch, corner of Twenty third aTenue aud
East Seventeenth street, Oakland.
PETERSON—In San Ansrlino, Marin county. V
vember 4, Wit, Ninn Loaiee Peterson, beloved
daughter of Mrs. Louise Young, and loving
«iater of Edith Allen Young, a native of Brook
lyn, N. V., aged r>s years 8 months and 20
days. A member of San Francisco Chapter Sβ.
l'Jt!, O. E. S.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral services today
(Thursday), November 7. 1912, at 1 :;{0 o'clock
l>. 8., at tue parlors of Valeiite Mariui, Marais
&V ob, 344S Mission itreet above Thirtieth,
where services will be held undiT the UUplcea
of San Francisco Chapter No. 106, 0. F.. 8.
Incineration Cypress Lawn cemetery.
SHANK— "tn this city. November r>, IPI2. Frank
A., beloved husbiind of Amanda Shank, and aon
of Jerry and the late Anuie {Shank, broth. 1 !- at
Harry fihank and Mrs. W. F. Huff, a native of
Ohio, aged UK yewa 11 months and 5 days. V
member of Carpenters' Union No. 1081', ami
< "Vina Lodge No. Vto, I. O. O. V.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vlted to attend the funeral today (Thursday i.
at 2 o'clock p. m.. from the chapel <<t Halsred
& Co., 1122 Sinter street, under the atiaptees
of the Keneral relief committee, I. (>. o. r.
Interment Mount Olivet cemetery, by aotomo
SHERMAN —In this city, November R. 19X2,
Afaec, dearly beloved -wife of William sher
man, and loving mother of Willie Sherman,
and loving daughter of Frank and Margaret
o'Kane, and loving , lister of Frank, John,
William, Geofge and Raymond O'Kanr. Mrs.
Kddic Jones and Mrs. Frank Miller, a native of
San Kranoiaco.
Remains at the late residence. 2734 Foisom
street. Notice of funeral hereafter.
SHIELDS—In this city. November «, 1912. Bee.
ert Shiflds, dearly bPloved uncle of \;
and Sarah F. O'Donoll and the lntc Bebecoa
Greenan, a native of County Donegal. Ireland,
aged 77 years.
The funeral will take place Saturday. Novem
ber U. at 8:30 a. m.. from the reglrlei
liis nieco. Mrs. F. O'Donoll. 369'JA 1/.
Ktreet, thence tn Church'of Moat Holy u,
deemer, where mnss will be celebrated tat the*
i" pose of his soul, commencing at 9 a. in. In
terment Holy Cross cemetery.
SPALDING—In this city, Edna Grace, dearly he
loved daughter of Clifford 11. and Mary Hpald
ing and beloved siister of Tlielma M. and Alice
K. Spaldinar and granddaughter of Catherine
and the late James O'Kane, a native of San
Frf.neiseo. aged 4 months and 29 day-:.
The funeral will take place tomorrow (Fri
day) at 11 a. m. from the residence of tin
parents, 1014 (iiierrero street near Twenty
eighth. Interment Holy Cross cemetery, by
THELEN—In this city, November 0. ir>l2. Otto
J., dearly beloved son of Dorathea and tin
late John Joseph Thelen. and devoted brother
of Mrs. C. (Jrieb. Mrs. M. fVhmitt and (Hiarles
J. Joseph and Leonora Thelen and the int"
Minnie Thelen. a native of Glen Ellen s
county, aged 26 years. A member of Pacific
lodge No. ir>s, I. O. <> F., Oriental Encamp
ment No. ">7. I. O. o. F.; Templar R
lodge No. 19, I. O. O. F., and Court '
Xo. o. I. O. O. F.
Fronde and acquaintances nre rrspectfiilly
lnvited to attend the funeral tomorrow iiri
day) at 1:30 p. m., from bis lnte residence.
1312 Page street between LyOB street and
Central avenue, thence to I. O. O. F. Imll.
vrhere services will be held under ttie au*nlre<
of Pacific lodge No. IH, I. O. O. f.. at 3
p. m. Interment Mouut Olivet cemetery, t>v
THOMPSON—November 5. 1912. Robert, beloved
father of the late Frank Thompson. John !■:..
Robert C. and George H. Thompson and Mr«.
K. A. Stevenson, a native of St. Jonn. N. I!.,
aged SO years.
TIMMONDS— In this city. November 5, 1912. at
bla l.ito reeidenc*, 1830 Uaaonie • avenue.
Thomas, beloved husband of Johanna Tinimonds.
and father of J. ML, J. T.. Nellie M., Katbe
rine A. and the late F. J. Tlmmonds nnd Mrs
K. T. Tcrwilligcr. a uative of Ireland.
UTTEE—In this city. November .".. 101 _*. KM
Standard Utter, a native of Now York, aged 74
VALENTINX—In this city. November R, lyiL , .
Richard, dearly belo*«d basband of Ann
Valentine, and lovteg brother of the Uev. Pr.
Peter Valentine of Gaaafcao. Calabiia Ita!y;
I'rniik Valentine of I>.-ton. William T. V..len
tine of San Francisfo and Mary Valentine < f
falabria. Italy, a nutivo of Italy, agvd ''<
yoare t> months and " days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow i Friday i.
November 8, at 11 n. m.. froa'bffl Ini'
denee, H>u9 Post street between ;md
nrsn. Interment prlynte, by automobile.
WAMBURG -In Oakland, October ."A 1!»1L'. W.
T. Wamburjr. a native of Germany, aged •"..">
years, A member of Electrical Workers' I'nioii
Local 383.
I'ricnds and acqr.afntancps are resppctfully in
vited to attend the funeral aerrfeee todvy
(Thursday), November 7. 1912. at 2:.'U» o' clerk
p. ai., from tlie resideruf parlors of AJtdker « l -
Uodeen, 670 Fourteenth street between Grove
and Castro. Cremation Oakland crematory.
WARD —In this city. November .". i;H2. Oertmda
(}.. beloved daughter of Frederick ('. and El
Ward, and sister of Mrs. I. W. Mansfield. Mm.
M. 1). Eberwein. Mrs. Alice Wagar and Mr*.
M. W. Lazansky and May. Fred and Harry U.
White, a native of New York, aged 02 years.
WHITE —In this city, November ,"». 1012. Jamea
Ward, a native of San Francisco, aged TJ
years and 14 days.
Friends and acquaintances: are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral tflOiy
(Thursdayi. November 7. h>l2. at 2:30 •
p. in., at the pHiiorK of th<> Western Addition
I'lineral Directors. 1724 Devisadern street be
tween Better and Bu*b. Interment Cypress
I.awn cemetery, by automohlli's.
WILSON- In this ctly. KeveebCC 4. 1012. .]■ -»-].! i
P. (Scotty>. dearly beioved son of Flizal>etU
and the fete Junies "Wih-im, loving brother of
John. F.dward, Walter aud the Utte Ada, Fred
Miid Irein Wilson and stepbrother of Frank.
Boliie. Robert and Elma Coedroo. a native of
San P'raociHCo. aged .t<i yean 8 months and 1 t
days. A member of Material I :iion,
Iyocal No. —.
Friends and acquaintances are re-ipeetrn
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Friday 1.
November 8, at X a. m.. frotn tbe ftat-tora of
H. F. Suhr & Co.. 2919 M : s>i<>n street between
Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth, theace to St
Pi-ter's church. Twenty fourth and Alabama
streets, where serviee-. will be held at "
a. m. Iflt'Tiuent Holy Croea by
I ii ii
SAVK HALF the Funeral Expense.
Market 711 Oakland 4043
Independent of the Trunt.
furnish for $75. embalming shroud, sil
ver moimti (I, cloth cove/ed casket. hoarwf
nnd two carriages and give personal
you $7."> for the casket alone, «nd a 0
their price* are proportionate.
Godeau Funeral Service Saves You Half
Auto ambaiance, earrtagu aodaotot tor hire.
11 Vaji Ness Aye. 2210 Wabster St.
305 Columbia Aye. Phnne Oak. 4045

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