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Indorsing of Amendment for Planning Commission by
Supervisors Marks Another Victory for Civic Clubs
Another great victory for progress
has been won by the improvement
clubs of this city. The board of
supervisors have indorsed the amend
ment to the city charter giving them
pow«r to appoint a city planning com
mission. A campaign will now be
waged for its adoption by the people
at the election on December 10.
The proponents of this measure
maintain that planning is. necessary
for the beautification of the city and
for its systematic growth, and that
every dollar spent for this purpose
should be used so that the improve
ment made will eventually be a part
of a developed scheme of beautifica
The amendment provides that the
board of supervisors shall by ordi
nance create a city planning commis
sion which shall ascertain the cost of
and devise plans for the improvement
•ad beautification of San Francisco
and for that purpose shall conduct in
vestigations and recommend methods,
systems, plans and surveys to the
various departments of the city gov
ernment for the prevention of dupli
-4 ation and waste, the securing of
greater efficiency in municipal man
agement and making adequate pro
vision for the future growth, develop
ment and welfare of San Francisco.
The members of this commission
shall receive no salary or compensa
tion and are not subject to any prohi
bition forbidding officials from holding
more than one office or position.
The board of supervisors are to pre
scribe the number and qualifications
of the members of the commission and
to provide the funds necessary for its
It is planned to have the board of
supervisors provide that membership
on the commission be composed of rep
resentatives of all the departments of
the city government, labor unions and
civic improvement clubs. It is felt
that such a commission composed as
stated will be a great factor in the
development of the city and one that
will do much to promote the get to
gether spirit in the community. Seattle
has such a commission and has found
It a successful institution that has
accomplished much for the advance
ment of the municipality. Denver has
such a commission composed of dele
gates of the labor organizations and
the chamber of commerce. It is held
that the beautification of that city
dates from the organization of the
city planning commission.
The amendment would create a body
of representative citizens, thus keep
ing the city officials in touch with the
people more than they are at the
present time. Such a body would also
tend to develop citizens familiar with
the municipal government who would
in time become experts in the various
activities of the municipal administra
tion. That is something that is sin
cerely to be hoped for, as all students
of municipal government realize that
the lack of experts In American cities
has caused to a great extent the pre- j
vailing inefficient city administrations, j
This amendment If passed by the
people will do much toward giving us
& body of municipal experts such as ta
, f<-'und in the cities of Europe and which
for the better administration
to be found in the old world.
A large body of citizens giving their
time and attention to municipal affairs
can not help but be a benefit to the
entire community, as it will help to
educate the people along these lines.
The proponents of this measure in
tend to have the city employ a sec
retary for the commission that will
devote his entire time to a study, of
San Francisco's municipal problems in
the light of the experience of other
cities of the world, this information
to be placed before the commission
when considering* any municipal prob
lem. There is little fear by those con
nected with the improvement clubs that
the people will not see the advantage
of providing for such a commission
and expect that this amendment will
receive a large and fatorable vote at
the coming election.
The Mission Promotion association is
taking active steps to co-operate in the
movement to secure the best possible
character of pavement for the streets
in the Mission district. The direct
ors of the association participated in
the conference held this week by the
board of public works for the purpose
of discussing the qualities of the vari
es kinds of paving material now be
ing used and of those it is contem
plated to use in the future.
The association has strongly advo
cated vitrified brick pavements in sev
eral sections of the Mission and is
closMy watching the specimen block
this pavement recently laid in Pow
street between Ellis and OFarrell.
The board of public works is ex
perimenting with the latest approved
type of oiled macadam roadway in the
Nineteenth street boulevard, Which bi-
the MfssMon park between Church
and Dolores streets.
A specimen of combination bitumen
and concrete pavement will shortly be
installed in the southerly Mission, as
well as several blocks of carbolated
wooden pavement which have met with
success in other cities. After a
* thorough test has been made of the
different pavements, the association
will request the board of public works
and the board of supervisors to adopt
some definite policy in granting per
mits to contractors for the perform
ance of streetwork under private con- ,
tracts throughout the Mission district.
The unsatisfactory results obtained
on streets where the gutterways have j
been constructed of basalt blocks
grouted ■with cement has placed the
association on record In favor of laying
uniform pavements throughout the city.
as was done on the Mission road south
of Twenty-eighth street, where the
gufterways were constructed of as
phalt on a concrete foundation. The
insanitary character of the basalt block
gutterway is evidenced on numberless
strpets throughout the city, and the
association believes better results can
be obtained if all gutterways are con
structed of the same character of pave
ment that is employed in paving the
adjacent street frontage and that the
repair cost to the city can in this way
be greatly reduced.
The respective merits of basalt and
asphalt pavements will receive a good
t<?st on the northerly approach to the
Mission viaduct between Bosworth
street and Crescent avenue, one side
of Mission street at this point now be
ing in course of construction with a
basalt pavement and the other being
simultaneously paved with asphalt on
a concrete foundation. This course is
being followed on the recommendation
of the city engineer, the grade on Mis
sion street at this point allowing an
asphalt pavement under the provisions
of the paving ordinance now in effect.
The recommendation made by the as
sociation to the board of public works
relative to the arrangement of streets
in newly opened residential tracts has
been adopted by the public works com
missioners. This provides for a thor
ough discussion of the various subdivi
sion maps submitted for the approval
of the board before such maps have
been finally adopted. In this way pro
[ vision can be made for the proper ar
! rans«ment of streets and for the con
veyance to the city of euch lands as
may be needed for parks and play
ground sites and for school and engine
i house purposes. Such procedure will
! also preclude the possibility of allow
ing , cul de sacs in newly opened tracts,
which may at a latter date necessitate
extension for fire protection purposes.
The Central Ellis Street Improve
ment club Is doing all in its power to
hurry the construction of the Fillmore
street tunnel, and to that end passed
the following resolution at a recent
Whereas, we believe the project
ed Fillmore street tunnel will be
of inestimable advantage to the
entire city and county of San
Francisco and particularly to the
Western Addition district for the
reason that traffic to the Harbor
View district is now barred by
reason of the intervening Pacific
Heights and only accessible
by steep and almost prohibitive
grades, and
Whereas, we believe that the
opening of the Panama canal, with
its great commercial possibilities,
will result In Harbor View de
veloping into a great shipping,
manufacturing and commercial
center, and that a great deal of
this traffic will of necessity tra
verse through our district; now
therefore be it
Resolved, that the Central Ellis
Street Improvement club respect
fully petitions the honorable board
of supervisors to so expedite mat
ters that the construction of the .
Fillmore street tunnel will begin
at an early date.
At a special meeting of the Pacific
Heights Improvement club, called to
consider the controversy over the use
of the outer tracks in Market street by
I the United Railroads and the municipal
i Geary street line, the following resolu
tion relative to the matter was unani
mously adopted.
Resolved, by the Pacific Heights
Improvement club, that we protest
to the board of supervisors against
the refusal to permit the Sutter-
Jackson streets cars from running
to the ferry. There is no reason
why the people of this section of
the city should not have a through
route to the ferry, the same as the
people of any outlying district.
Resolved, further, that the board
of supervisors and the mayor be
requested to settle this controversy
by permitting the Sutter-Jackson
streets cars to run to the ferry and
waive the right to transfer at Lar
kln and Kearny streets.
The following petition has been
signed by the property owners in Sut
ter street indorsing the stand taken by
the Pacific Heights Improvement asso
ciation concerning the controversy
over the use of the outer tracks in
Market street:
We, the undersigned, business
men in the downtown district, in
dorse the Pacific Heights Improve
ment association and the residents
of the Pacific Heights district in
their efforts to secure a through
car service of the Jackson and
Sutter streets electric lines to the
Hotel Majestic company, Sutter
Hotel company. Hotel Normandle
company. Hotel Bristol company.
Hotel Berkeley company. Hotel
Sussex company. Hotel Regent
company. Hotel Alma company,
Charles C. Moore, Umbsen company,
Baldwin & Howell, A. Aronson
Realty company, Oscar Heyman.
Charles Wright Real Estate com
pany, Goldberg-Bowen company,
Wolf-Holman; Kern, Neilan & Co..
Inc.: W. A. Boody company, Davis-
Schonwasser company, Sloane com
pany. Basch Electric company.
Leach Electric company. L>evy
Plumbing and Heating company.
K. Fisher company, Donlon-Agruirre
Drug company. Alcazar Baking
company. Dr. D. A. Albert!, Dr. T.
I. Janes, Solomon Real Estate com
pany, Pauline Franklin estate,
Franklin Investment company,
Goodyear Tire and Rubber com
pany. Basch Furniture company,
L. D. McL>ean Grocery company,
Moore-Bonheim Motor Car com
pany. Newell Murdock company. H.
Eisert. W. B. McGerry company.
F. B. S"urryhne company.
The North Beach Promotion associa
tion at an executive meeting last night
at "Washington Square hall recom
mended a resolution presented by the
Vlttoria Colonna club, which calls upon
the city authorities to repair and
sweep, at least every Friday, the small
streets and alleys of North Beach. The
indorsed statement Recites that the
children of the district use these places
for play and. therefore, as well as for
other hygienic reasons, they should not
be neglected.
A communication was received from
the board of education, stating that
the latter had sent a letter to the su
pervisors, indorsing the request of the
association for additional lights in
front of the Jean Parker school.
At the solicitation of the Golden Gate
Valley Improvement association, the
school committee of the North Beach
Promotion association was instructed
to co-operate in the movement to se
cure a high school in the northern sec
tion of the city, as the removal of the
Ix>well high school had left the sec
tion without this educational need.
John Condit reported prospects on
the exclusion of the oriental school
from Washington street near Powell
At a recent meeting of the South
Central Improvement association res
olutions were passed unanimously lrir
! dorsing a suggestion made relative
]to the changes in the present sidewalk
' improvement law. At the present time
it is impossible for the city to induce
contractors to bid on this work, as it
is very difficult for the contractor to
collect his money. It is planned to
change this law so that the city will
pay cash to the contractor and then
recoup itself by placing the cost of
the work on the tax bill.
ButldlnK Contract*!
Estolla Altmark and William Van Herrick with
Joseph Caben — Sidewalk lights. Iron door, car
penter, plumbing, plastering, painting, glazing
and electrical wnrk for n three story concrete
building In W Hoe of thipont street, 77:6 N of
Pacific: $5,350.
Sam» with .T. V. Westerluod —Concrete work
on same: $2,610.
T. J. Crowley and n. P. Stolterberg with Mc
j Cabe & Brown and Rtghettl &. He»dman—Toan
i dation end concrete work for a nix etory and
! basement concrete apartment building at SB cor
ner of Bush street and Chelsea place: $9,880.
Jessie W. Stieelian with Bowers & Finn —AH
work except plumbing end painting for a two
story and basement frame building In W line of
Fifteenth avenue, HIS N <>f B street; 12.855.
Paulino E. H. Kabel with Petternon & Pers
eon—Alteration's and additions to a two story
and basement frame building in W line of Sf»lne.r
street, 114:10 S of OFarrell. S 22:8 by W 137:6;
Briileet Diaz with S. Stelnauer—Alterations
and additions to a frame building in S line of
Pine street. 10«:3 W of Webster: $1,750.
Sfephania Clarke with D* Rutte A- Merten—All
work except shades and art glass windows for
a flve r<v>m and h»R<*ment frame cottage in W
line of Twenty-fifth avenue. 250 N of California,
N 2.-. by W 120; H.tM.
Conrad and Theresa Young with New Era
Building company—All work for a one. and a
half etorr frame cottage on lot 12, block G,
Silver terrace: $l.!Ktn.
James Fenton with George D. Ollmour—,All
work for a two gtory and .basement frame bntlrl
ing (flatst in W line of Church street, 60: C X
•f Aruij; ?4,GOS-
William M. I>oj-Ie to Paul J. Doyle, lots 23 and
24. block 38. City Land association; $10.
Same to William P. Doyle, lot 24, block 35,
city land, and ooe other piece; $10.
William P. Doyle et el. to WHUam If. Doyle,
two-thirds interest In lot in E line of Capitol
avenue. 150 S of Sagamore street, S 35 by E
130; $10.
Henry Dederky Jr. to Cornelius Hyde and wife,
lot at NW corner of Lobos street and Plymouth
avenue. N 25 by W 100; $10.
Giuseppe Bonetti to G. Caleagno. lot 499, gift
map l; $10.
Sol Get* & Sons to Toyo Kobayasbl. lot In S
line of Irving street. 82:6 W of Twenty-sixth
•venue, W 50 by S 100: $io.
Jesse W. Schulu and wife to George Y. Mor
ton, lot at E corner of San Bruno avenue and
Thirty-sixth avenue South. SB 18:10. NE 100,
NW 25. SW 02. S W8:9; $10.
N. F. Nllsson and wife to Frederick Nelson and
wife, lot 25. block 3. Holly Park tract: $10.
Nils F. Nllsson and wife* to Emi! G. Hallqutet,
lot 26, block 8. Holly Park tract: $10.
San Francisco Land and Title company to
Frank Harding Van Brunt, lot in W line of Foun
tain street, 175 N of Twenty-fiftb, N 310 by W
125; $ . r
N. L. Bradford to Victor C. Fallgatter. lot in 8B
line of Parle street, 225 NB of Italy avenue. NE
25 by SE 110: $10.
William J. Fitzgerald to Rose M. V. Fitzgerald,
half interest in lot in N line of Francisco street,
114:8 B of Stockton. E 22:10 by N 68:9: gift.
Herman Schroder to Doris Schroder, lot In SB
line of Ssn Jose avenue. 40:11 Mi SW of Whipple
street. SW 30:8 ii. SE 133:3, NE SO, NW
13f1:2%; gift.
Rivers Bros, corporation to Maria S. Dorff, lots
38 and 30, block 31, Lakeriew; $10.
Charles M. Olsen to Joseph V. Dueloe and
wife, lot in N line of Twenty-second street. 50
"W of Douglass, W 25 by N 110; $10.
Urban Realty Improvement company to Louise
A. Dennis, lot 6, block 6, Ingleslde Terrace: $10.
Sunset Home Realty company to Lewis A.
French and wife, lot in E line of Seventh ave
nue. 200 N of Judah street. N 25 by E 120; $10.
Mission Terrace company to Frank A. Linn,
lot 2. block J, Mission Terrace; valuable consid
John Murphy to Jeannle W. Higgln*. lot 6,
block C. additions to Castro street addition aad
Glen Park Terrace
Joseph Weissbein and wife to Patrick Ken
nedy and wife, lot in E line of Hoffman avenue,
51:6 S of Twenty-third street. S 28 by B 90: $10.
Roeenfeld to George Symon et al., lot In
N line of Precita avenus, 250 E of Folsom street,
E SO by M 125; $10.
Thomas C. Butterwortb, by sheriff, to M.
Flatland. lot in W line of Treat avenue, 245 N
of Twenty-second street, >* 30 by W 122:8;
Harry Urma to Vincent Fllisetti, lot at SW
corner Nineteenth and Diamond street*, W 37:6
by S 85:; $10.
Thomas Scoble and wife to Milton H. Oook,
lot in W line of Sixteenth avenue, 200 N of Lake,
N 87:30, W 241. S to point 200 N of Lake, E
240; $10.
Louis Heilmann and wife to Henrietta Abra
hams, lot In W line of Fourteenth, avenue. 23 S
of Lake. S 25 by W 90; $10.
Virginia Ford to Thomas B. Lynch, lot at SW
corner Sacramento street and Presidio avenue,
W 75 by S 81:11«£; *K>.
Georgina L. McCormlck and httsband to Hngh
C. Keenan. lot in N line of Grove, 106:3 E of
Cole. E 25 by N 137 :«: $10.
Laura Squires to Henry Delagnes and wife,
l«t in SW line of McKinnon avenue. 100 SE of
Mendell street. SE 50 by SW 100: $10
Cecil R. Williams to Dewey Coffin, lot In S
line of Thirty-fourth street and W boundary line
Inorth k
Express Bailinr* Tuesday*
Fut Ma.il Sailings Thursdays ■
Sellings on SATURDAYS for W
and ■Sβ
JAN. Iβ. FEB. 20, MARCH 27 ■
By the S. S. "Grosser Kurfuerst" ■
OELRICKS & CO.. General Agent* ■
5 Broadway, N T. aSM
250 Powell st., jpp. St. Francis ■
Hotel, San Francisco. «|
Tel. Kearny 4794. Home C 5725. ■
New York—London Direct
London —Par!*, via Dover—Antwerp
New York—Queenetown— Liverpool
Boston—Qufenstown —Liverpool
HVY. & BontOß—Mediterranean— Egrypt
Montreal. Quebec, Liverpool
Pacific Coasrt Agency, 818 Geary Street
Phooe Kearny 3265 opp. St. Francis Hotel. S. F.
Sailing every Thursday and Satarilay.
F.Tery Thursday at 10 a. m.
La Lorraln*. .Nor. 14 La Lorraine...Der. 12
France(new>..Not. 21 France<new)..Dec. 19
L* Tnuralne..N'ov. 28 La Provence..Dec. 26
La. Prorence..D#e. 5
Every Saturday at 3 p. tn.
Chicago Not. Iβ Chicago Dec 14
Mexico Not 3o Virginia Dec. 28
Niagara Nov. 30 Niagara Dec. 28
Rocbantbeau Bocbambeau
(new) Dec. 7 (newt Jan. 4
FUGAZI BROS., Pacific Coast Managers, 630
Montgomery Street, Ban Francisco.
HHHMMps pnrta —London—Rotterdam
11 L»] W W»TVi '1 T"in Screw Sellings Tuee. 10 a.m.
*R.rndara Not. 19
lily Ia {I (If'l t Rotterdam Not. 26
UliiJLiUSy 'P/>tsdam Dec. 3
■ t.New Amsterdam Dee. 10
(Illjl *Xoordam Dec. 17
Pacific Const Office. 318 Cieary St.
of lands of Crocker Estate company, SE 835:31.
S 132:09, SW 234:83 to beginning of premises
to be described, S 3:60, NW 135, NE 37:64 SE
13.": $I*>.
Amelia C. Rodriguez to Woodman Realty com
pany, iot in S line of Twent.y-third. street. 300
W of Douglass. W 25 by S 114: $10.
Thomas Scoble and wife to Willis B. Cochran
and wife, lot in W line of Fourteenth avenue,
220 N of Geary, N 25 by W 127fi: $10.
R. C. Peppin and wife to Joseph Drendell,
lot in E line of Folsom street, 575 S of Preclta
avenue. S 28 by E 100.
John F. McGowan to Mary M. MeGowan, lot
•SANTA BARBARA v-"""c"-\
SAN DIEGO /<gfr"^\
Berth and Meals Included In Fare
l.o« Anaelen, San DleKo, * Santa Barbara
President or Goreroor Erery Monday, 2 p. m.
•Queen Every Thurtday. 11 a. m.
•Only steamer calling at Santa Barbara.
Seattle (Direct), Tacoma, Ttmntend.
Victoria, Vancouver, Alaska
President or Governor.. ..Every Saturday. 2p. tu.
Governor—Sat., Nov. Iβ, 4:45 p.m. Instead 2 p.m.
City of Piiebla or UmatUla. .Every Tnes.. 2 p. m.
Eureka (Hiunboldt Bay)
Topeka..Nov. 10, 14, 19, Sβ, 2S; Dec. 2, 7, 12 m.
Alaska Cruises, 1018. Leave Seattle
Spokan*. June 18; July 2.JU5, 50; Aug. 13, 10 p.m.
Nome, St. 3Ucna«l < '<Dlre«t>
Sailings. Season 19kt3 will be announced later.
Right reserved to change title schedule.
TICKET OFFICE— Palace Hotel, 653 Market
et.; Iβ Market st and Broadway wharf.
Telephone Kearny 492.
OAKLAND. 1226 Broadway; tel. Oakland 5680.
BERKELEY, 2125 Shattuck ay.; tel. Berkeley 44.
C. D. DCNANN, Passenger Traffic Manager.
Sails 12 noon Sails n " m '
Xov. lltb. .^fe** N#T - l2th "
First class Fir»t class
* ln - $7 35.
26 <-!,„ - ■'• Class
5600 * 5 3 5
BERTH and MEALS Icluded.
The San Francisco & Portland S.S.Co.
A. OTTINGEB. General Agent.
Tkt. office, 722 Mkt. op. Call; tel. Sutter 2344
8 East St. opp. Ferry bldg.; tel. Sutter 2842
Berkeley office. 2105 Shatturk; tel. Berk. 331
Sacramento, Jas. Warrant, 804 X st.
Tehuantepec Route
Reerula* , Fact Freight Service
failine from New York every six days,
makfrfg direct connections with Pacific
steamers sailing from Salina Cruz.
zll* every six days for San Francisco.
YORK Also to Mexican and all prin
cipal European porte under through
rates and through bills of lading Sail
ings from San Francisco every 12 days.
For rates and further particulars ap
eral Agents, 8 Bridge street. New
General Agents. Pacific Coast.
810 Sansome St.. San Francisco.
8 B. Shinyo Maru (newt
• . Saturday, October 19, 19M
S. ■».' Chiyo Mara (vt«M*nila direct).......
Friday, Norember 15. 191*
g s. Nippon Maru (intermediate service saloon
" accommodations at reduced rates)
Saturday, December 7, 1918
S 8 fenyo Mara Friday. December 13, 1918
Steamers sail from company's pier. No. 34,
near foot of Brannan st.. at 1 p. m., for Yoko
hama and Hongkong, calling at Honolulu, Kobe
(Hiogo) and Nagasaki and Shanghai, and con
necting at Hongkong with eteamers for Manila.
India etc. No cargo received on board on day
of sailing. Round trip tickets at reduced rates.
For freight and passage apply at office, fourth
floor Western Metropolis National Bank build
ing, '625 Market St. W. H. AVERY,
Assistant General Manager.
SPLENDID TWIN SCREW 10.000-ton steamers!
$110 HONOLULU !Km CL T A R !if SYDNEY $300
ROUND THE WORLD—S*OO Ist cabin; $J75 2d cabin,
vi» Ceylon, Enypt, Italy, etc Liberal stop-overs.
Honolulu sailings Sot. 1!>. Dec. 3, 1". etc.. 2p. m.
Sydney sailings. Nov. U>, O*>e. 17. etc.. 2 p. m.
Write or wire NOW for berths. Send for
folder OCEANIC STEAMSHIP CO., ,673 Market
street; phone Buttw 648.
U/\II/\I 111 II s - s - I-I'RLINE Kail* Nov.
HUNULULU 1;? ' S S - ■"""HELMIN-α sails
nails Nov. 27. New eteamere. 13,000 tons die
placement. Leave Pier No. 38, 12 o'clock noon.
Round trip, $110 and up. Direct service to the
26S Market st.. San Francisco.
1, block G, French & Gilman tract, and five
other lots; gift.
George M. Perine and wife to Gamboni Maz
zitelli. lots 1 to 3, block 29, Lake view; lots 17
and 18, block 18, City Land association; $10.
Elise Schultze to San Francisco Disposal com
pany, block 79, South San Francisco; $10.
Estate of Bernhard Getz to Ella Johnson, lot
at SE corner of Twenty-seventh avenue and Bal
boa street, 8 57:6 by E 100; $821.
Ella Johnson to Investment Realty and Home
company, same; $10. 4
William M. De Wolf and wire to Alta C. Stud
ley, lots 757 and 758, gift map 3; $10.
Through the
The "Panama-Pacific" Eiprrm and
Tlie "1915" Mai!
Leave and are due to arrive Union
Ferry Depot from June 9. 1912.
Leave Through Train* Arrive
9:10* Salt Lake, Denver. Omaha, Chicago,
Kansas City. St. Louis 8:45p
7:80p Salt Lake, Denver, Omaha. Chicago, ,
Kansas City. St. Louis 8:30 a
9:10 a Sacramento 8:30 a
7:30p do 8:45p
9:10 a Stockton ....8:30a
4:10p do 10:20 a
7:30p do 8:46p
Through standard and Tonrlst^Sleeping Cars via
Denver & Rio Grande and Burlingtttt Ttoute, via
Denver & Rio Grande and Rook Island»Llnes. via
Denver and Rio Grande and Mi«i«ourl Pacific.
Through Trains. Observation Cars, Diniug Cari,
Electric Lights and Eleetri<- Fans.
Schedule Effective
(*o§s\ Nov - 6, 1912
/ San Fram-leoo
Leave i VIA SATSAI.ITO ' ' Arrive
7:-t3a,Petalmna, Santa Rosa, Bealds- ;
i bnrg, Cloverdale, T'klab.
Willits, liongvale. »*Sebas
topol 7:05p
8:15 a Sonoma, Glen Ellen i J t6:osp J
I je:3sp f
8:15 a Pt. Reyes. Camp Meeker. Monte ( t6:S5p I
( Rio. Duncan Mills. Cazadero. ( J7:35p J
B:4sa,Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Gnerne
vllle. Monte Rio. Duncan ( t«:3sp X
Mills. Caasadero (leaves from! { J7:35p $
j Duncan Mills)
10:45 a Petalunia, Santa Rosa. Healde
i burg l 5:05p
1:45p Petaluma Santa Rosa, Guerne-i
J ville. Monte Rio. Duncan
( Mill* 10:35 a
H2:45p Pt. Reyes, Camp Meeker j
3:15p Petaluma, Santa Rosa. Healds
burjt, . Cloverdalp. Ukiah.
Wllllts. •Sevastopol j 11:35 a
4:4sp;Sonoma, Glen Ellen 9:35 a
5:15p Petaluma, Santa Rosa. Htfalds-i
j bnrg 1 B:<V>a
Sausalito. Mill Valley. San Rafael—Dally
every 30 minutes from 6:45 a. m. until 9:45
a. tn.; hourly until 2:45 p. m., then 3:15 p. m.
and every 30 minutes until 7:45 p. m., then 9:15,
11:15 p. ni. and 12:30 a. m.
Fairfax—Leaves t6:45, 7:15, 7:4.";. S:l5, 8:45.
fl:l.\ 9:45. 10:45, 11:45 a. m.; 12:45. 1:45, 2:45,
3:15. 3:45. 4:15, 4:45 5:15. 5:45. 6:15, 6:45,
7:45, 9:15. 11:15 p. m.; 12:30 a. m.
San Quentin via San Rafael—Leave dally at
9:1~> fl. m. and 1:45 p. m.
nburon and Belvedere —Daily every hoar from
e-.45 a. m- until 1:45 p. m.; then 3:in p. ra. and
every hour until 6:15, then 7:43, 9:15 and 11:15
p. m. and 12: SO a. m.
•Arrives daily 10:35 a. m. ••AJ-γ)ves Sundays
7:05 p. m.. week dHys 6:35 p. m. tExcept Sun
days. tSundays only. only.
Pacific Transfer company's agents are author
lied to check tjB£gage direct from resident.
Haund Trip. $1.90; Combined Trip, $2.90 T
U. Sμ fractal j U.Mitr Wnfc [ U. lit fmliife
Weekday SraUy Weekday SmwUy Weekday Sneday
9:45 a 8:45 a t 7:20 a 11:50 a! 7:20 a 10:40 a
1 45p; 9:45 a 1:40p112:50p 1:40? 11:40 a
* 4:45p'i0:45a 2:40» 1:50» 4:45p 1 :40p
11:45 a 4:50p 2:50p * B=3sp 2:40»
1:45P 3:50p 3:40»
2:45p 4:40p I 4:40>
•Saturdaysonly, t Mondays only. * Mt. TamalpaU only.
( Sausalito Ferry—TeL Kearny 4980
Ticket Offices ■< 687 Market—TeL Kearoy 2751
/ 874 Market—Tel. Douglas 4407
General Office—Mill Valley. Cal. Tel. Mill Valley Sub. 81
"Unn a f TualnU" acd "Miirl v" in ahn?s im far ptsts
Mar* Ulnd Naw Yard. Valiejo Nap*. X Helena. Caliatoga
Boat* leave 700 9:45 a m. 12:30. 3:20 fi 00. 8:30 p. m.
Dock and office. North End Ferry Bmldiaf.
Phone* Kenny 406: Home C 4708. Meals • U carte
I Kor Folder*, Tickets, etc., apply Pacific |
I Navigatlon Co.. 680 Market St.. 3. T. \
and New Zealand
S S AORANGI (M.UOO tons) sails 11 a. m.. Nov.
13; S. S. TAHITI (12.000 tons) -alls 11 a. m.,
Dec. 11. And everr 2S daja thereafter.
KIND, KOLPH 4 CO.. Gen. A*ti., 310 Cal, »t.
Ticket Office, 079 Xaxket at.: UL Doufflu 3100.
Block in Sunset District Near
Stadium Entrance Is Being
Finely Improved
I* IT. Grant, the well known Sunset
builder, Is completing 18 new, artistic
homes in Thirty-seventh avenue be-
tween Lincoln way and Irving street,
four of which have been sold before
--compietion. f
These residences contain six rooms
and garage and have ornamental
fronts. The marble entrances, hard-
wood floors, novel elm grain panelled
dining rooms, butler's pantry between
kitchen and dining room. outdoor
sleeping verandas and the latest lino-
cord wall coverings make these homes
exceedingly attractive. The combina-
tion basement garage has the unique
feature of being eight feet in height,
The houses are set back 12 feet from
the property line, allowing ample lawn
space with a geranium planted base,
Flowers are planted all along Thirty-
seventh avenue, giving it a beautiful
boulevard effect.
E. D. Lederman, president of the
Sterling Realty company, reports a
great many sales in the immediate
vicinity, and from inquiries which are
coming in daily at their office for
homes. j
L»n (Foot of Market Street) Arrive
(Subject to change without notice)
2.15 a Niles, LivermrJre, Tracy, Latarop,
Stockton, Lodi, Gait, Elk Grove, '
Sacramento.Roeeville,Auburn,Colfax 10.40p
2.15 a Sacramento, Marysville, Biggs, Chico. 10.40p
6.40 a Richmond, Port Costa, Martinet. An*
tioci, Byron Hot Springs, Tracy.
Patterson, Newman, Los Banna,
Ingle, Kerman. Fresno II .59p
6.40 a San Leandro, Hayward. Niles. Saa
Joee 6.50p
7M* The Statesman—Richmond. Vallejo
Junction, Port Costa, Benicia, Sui- I
sun, Elmira, Davis, Sacramento— 6.50»
7.00 a Elmira, Va--*ville. Rumsey 7 JUp
7.20 a Goldfield Pass.—Trutkee, Hazen, Wa
buska rV"errington, Hudson), Mina,
Tonopah, Goldfield, Laws. Keeter.. B.loa
7.20 a Richmond, Port Costa, Beaicia, Suisun.
LMxon, Sacranv.nto 730p
Roseville, Marj'sville (OroviUe), Red
ding. Dunsmuir 10.40p
JM* Davis, Woodland, Williams. MaxwelL
WiUows. Hamilton, Corning, Red
Bluff 7.50p
720 a Niles, Pleasanton. Livermore, Tracy.
Lathrop, Stockton (Oakdale), Lodi, 1
Sacramento 7.30p
7.20 a Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Los Banos, ' i
Ingle, Kermac, Fresno 4.30p
lAOi Richmond. Vallejo. N'apa. Calistoga,
SanU Rosa, Crockett, Port Costa.. 6.1 Op
t7.40a Avon, Walnut Creek, San Ramon, I
liTermore • ■ t6.50p
6.00 a Newark. West San Joee, Los Gatoe,
Wright, Felton (Ben Lomond, Boul
der Creek), Santa Cru* p .sop
840* Port Costa, Martinei, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, (Stockton), Merced,
Berenda, Madera, Freeno, Fowler,
Selma, Traver, Goshen Junction
(Hanford, Armona), Tulare, Bak
erefield 4.30p
8.40 a Visaiia, Lindsay, Portervilk, Ducor.. 7.10b
8.40 a Yosemite Valley via Merced 4.30p
B.ooa Irvington, San Jose 7.30p
8-OOa Niles, Pleasanton. Livermore, Stock
ton (*Milton), Valley Spring, lone,
Sacramento 4.30p
B.ooa Tuoliimne.Sonora, Jamestown, Anpels 2.50p
BDOa Atlantic Express—Sacramento, Truo
kee, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Denver,
Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago 8.30p
B.ooa Tonopah-Goldfield Sundard Sleeper.. B.loa
9JOO* VaDejo Junction, Valleio j 7 ;|oJ
Bv4Oa Richmond, San Pablo, PinoK Vallejo
Junction. Crockett, Port Costa, Mar
tinez, Avon, Concord. San Ramon. 6.10|
Mk2oa San Francisco Overland Limited —Den-
ver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Omaha,
Chicago 2.10p
10.40 a Vallejo, Mare Island. Napa >2.50p
1040 a Stockton. { 3;,0J
lO4oa Los Angeles Passenger—Port Costa,
Martinez, Byron Hot Springs. Tracy,
Stockton, Merced, Madera, Fresno,
(Hanford, Coaiinga. Visaiia). Bak
ersfield, Los Angeles 7.101
11.20 a Shasta Limited—Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle 8.50p
12.00n Richmond, Port Coeta, Benicia. Sui- \ 10.30s
eun. Elmira, Dixon, Sacramento f 11.10 a
12.00R Davis.Williams,Colusa Junc.WiUowe.
Germantown. Orland, Hamilton 6.50 c
12.00R Itorysviile, Chico, Red Bluff 4.30p
I.OOp Niles, Irvington, San Joee 2.50)
1.20b San Leandro. Niles, Centerville, New
ark. (Kedwood). San Joee 7.50 i
140* Newark. Alviso. Agnew. Santa Clara,
West San Joee IO.OOp
2.40p San Leandro. Niles, San Jose 7.30|
S.oop Benicia,Winters. Sacramento—Wood
land. Tudor, Yuba City, Marysville,
Oroville.. lI.IOi
820p Richmond, Port Costa. Martinez, Byron
Hot Springs, Modesto, Merced, Ma
dera, Fresno 10.40 p
4.30b Fort Coeta, Martinez, Concord, Wal
nut Creek, San Ramon, Livermore. 9.30s
4.00b Richmond, Vallejo. Napa. Calistoga,
Glen Ellen. Santa Rosa 9.30s
400p Niles, (Centerviile, Newark). SunoL
Pleasaauoa, Livermore, Tracy.
Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento 12 50p
440p San Leandro. Hayward, Niles, Fleas
anton, Livennore 8.30 a
4.40p Irvington, San Jose 9.30*
440p Tracy. Patterson, Newman, Loe Banoe,
Kermaa, Freano 10.40;
440b Valley Flyer—Port Costa, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, Modesto, Merced,
Madera, Frssao, Goshen Junction,
Tulare. Bakersneld. Mojave, Los
Angeles 12,50|
a\oos> Vallejo, Port Costa, Benicia, Siiisun,
Sacramento, Roeeville. Lincoln,
Wheatlaad, Mar>-sville (Oroville).
GridJey. Bizis, Chico. 11.304
■ BjOOp Davis, Arbuckb. Williams, Willows,
Orland, Tehama 10.40|
Bi)Op Newark. SanU Clara, West San Jose. 9.30j
San Leandro. Lorenso. Hay ward.
Niles, Pleasanton, Livermore.
Tracy, Stockton 3.10|
fb2Of Owl Limited—Port Coeta, Tracy,
Fresno, Los Anjsles B.loj
e}.2op Hayward. Niles and B%n J~>*e 6.50]
6.40p Eastern Express—Ojden. Pueblo.Den
ver, Kansas ■ "it v, St. Louis, Chicago 8.30|
640b Port Coeta, Bs-u-ia, Suisun. Elmira,
Sacramento, Colfss, Truckee, Reno,
Spam. 8.30|
vJOOf Qiina and Japan Mail—-Ofden,
Cheyenne, Denver. Kansas City.
Omaha. Chicago 3.10
JJBQp Port Costa. Byron Hot Sprinss, Stock
ton, Sacramento. Colfax, Truckee,
Reno... 3.10
XTJOOp Richmond. (Vallejo). Port Costa, Mar
tinez, Concord, Walnut Creek,
Pleasanton. Nilee. Oakland a 12.45.
&20p> Oregon Express—Sacramento. Rose
ville. Marysviile,
Falls), Ashland. Portland. Tacoma,
Seattle, Spokane 1.10)
9.00p Mt Eden. Al/arado, Newark, Santa
Clara, San Joss.. 7.50|
9.40p BakersSeld. McKittrick. Hazletoa.
Monarch, Moron, Fellow, Shale 7.5 ft
840p Richmond, Port Costa, Tracy. Mo
desto, Merced, Madera, Fresno,
Hanford, Tulare 7.50)
8.40p Hanford, Armona, Lemoore, Huron,
Coaiinga 7.50)
8.40p Visaiia. Exeter. Lindsay. Porterville.
Ducor, Famoeo ... 7^oi
MlZOa Portland Express—Davis. Wilfows,
Red Bluff. Weed. (Klamath Fails),
Ashland, Roseburg, Portland, Ta
coma. Seattle ... 7.30J
■ETHERLANDS ROUTE-From Pacific Street Whar
roots offers exceptional opportunity for Auto
aobilista to reach all point* on the Sacramento River
Colhnsville. Emmatou, Rio Vista, Isleton, Ryde. Wabui
Grove, Vorden, Courtland, Clarksburg. Sacramento.
Steamer Seminole or Naviio, leaves San Francisco 8.3(
a. m. daily eeceps Sunday and Wednesday, arrivin*
Sacramento 7.00 p. m, Leav- Sacramento 8.30 a. m.
daily except Sunday and Wednesday, arriving Pan
Francisco 5.30 p. m. Stopping in either direction at all
points shown above.
Steamer Modoe or Apache, leaves San Francisco 1.00
p. m. daily, except Sunday: arrive San Francisco 11,30
p. m. daily except Monday.
Steamer Nayajo or Seminole. leaves San Francisco
e.OO p.m. daily except Sundays, arriving Sacramento
7.00 a. m. dairy except Monday. Leave Sacramento
jj.oo p. m. daily except Sundays, arriving San Francisco
: iw*L*- ailyexoeptMond * y, Noet0 P"" routein
Extensive Improvement Wort
and New Car Service Mak*
ing District Popular
The large development work planned
and carried out by the Parkside Realty
company has been a great object lee-«
\ son in improvement of residence die*
trirts in San Francisco. The land «e
leeted by this company comprises a
large portion of the Sunset district,
i and when purc hased was drifting? sand
\ h in s entirely Isolated from the rest ol
j the city. Eight miles of car line*,
mO re than 15 miles of sewer system,
with a complete gas. water and eleo
trie service throughout the district
I have been constructed,
As soon as the necessary service*
were installed home building began
and has continued very rapidly during
the last two years. Buildings in the
course of construction at the present
j time represent a total value of over
$15,000 and a number of new buildinge
are started every week,
Announcement of the new schedule
car service going into effect January 1
has created additional interest
throughout the district, and many peo
pie who have been postponing the
building of a home are preparing , ta
start work immediately.
Leave (Third and Townsend Street*) * Arrive
(Subject to change without notice)
t 5,05* Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma,
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno t 6.35 a
6.30 a South San Franeisoo. Pan Jcae. Gilroy,
(HoUister, Tree Pinoe). Sargent, Pa
jaro, Wateonville, Santa Crux 7.50»
X 6.30* Los Altoe, Mona Vista. Loe Gatoe.... $9.45 a
t 7.00 a South San Francisco, Palo Alto, Sao
Jose, Way Stations 7.20p
t 7.00 a Loe Altos, Monta Vista, Los Gatos.. 7.20t
B.ooa Shore Line Limited—Paso Roblee Hot
Springs, SaoU Barbara, Loe Angeles 9.50)
8.05 a Mayfield, Los Altoe.Los Gatos. Wright,
Glenwood (Boulder Cretk). Santa
Cruz. Wateonville, Castroville, Del
Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove 9.059
9.00 a San Jose, Gilroy. Sargent, Salinas.
Soledad. San Miguel. Paw Robies
Hot Springs, San Luu Obispo.... 4.00 a
9.00 a Hollister. Tree Finoe—'Waleonville,
Santa Cruz—Del Monte, Montesajr,
Pacific Grove teo l
10.40 a South San Francisco, Burnngame. Sac
Mateo, Palo Alto. San Joee T 6.30»
10.40 a Loe Altos, Monta Vista, Loe Gatoe.... 12.30b
11.30 a \ ilencia Street, Ocean View. Cohna,
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno ' -35"
11.40 a South San Francisco, San Joee t B^oa
1.20p Saturdays only—San Mateo, Redwood,
Mayfield. Mountain View, San Joee 10.60P
[ 1.20p Sat'irdayponly—Los Altoe, Mon* Vista.
Los Gatoi 53.25#
2-OOp Del Monte Express—f-an Joee. Gilroy,
Sartrent {Wateonville). Santa Cnu,
Del Monte, Monterey. Pacific Grove,
(Salinas) 12.30 a
2.05? Eart.-m, San Mateo. Palo Alto, San
I Jose 8.40 a
ii t 2.fOp South San Francisco, Redwood, San
Jess t M.30«
I ; 3.00p South San Francisco. San Mateo, Sao
{ Joee. Gilroy, Tres Pinos, Saiinae... 10.1 Oβ
3.00p Wateonville. Santa Crui. Caetrorille,
• Del Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove IO.IOa
3.25p Burlingame. San Mateo, Redwood.
> Palo Alto. Mayfield. Los Altos, Los
Gatoe B.SOfj
! 4.00p Sunset Express—Tucson, Deming, El
Paso. Houston. New Orleans, Cki-
Icago 8.15#
4.00p Washington Sunset Route—Washing
ton, D. C. New York and East 9.15 a
i 4.00p Salinas. Paso Robies Hot Springe,
i t San Luis Obispo. S*nta Barbara, .
i Ventura and Loe Angeles. 9.15*
[ I 4.00p Kansas Qty. St. Louis, Chicago 8.15 a
I 4.20p South San Francisco, San Joee f 7.25s
i t 4 -55p Santa Crui Limited—Mayfield. Los
11 Altos. Los Gatoe, Felton, (Boulder
Creek,)SanUCms t 8.45,
I f S.osp Burlingame, San Mateo. Palo Alto,
San Jose and Way Stations 9.45*
[ f 5.20 i Redwood. Atherton. Menlq Park,
, Palo Alto, Mayfield, Mountain View.
Sunny vale, San Joee t O.Wfc
I 1 t 5.20p Loe'Altos, Mcnta Vista, Los Gatos....t 8.40 a
1 t 5.25p Easton, Redwood. Mountain View,
'I ban Jose 1.1 Oβ
, t 5.30p Loopr-Vajencia Street, Ocean View.
Cemeteries, South San Francisco,
, 23d street, 3d and Townsend t 640f
i 5.40p San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Joee... 3.25 a
; J 5.40p Loe Altos. Honta Vista. Los Gatos.... 7.20p
1 j t 6.00p Millbrae. San Mateo. Redwood. May
field, Los Altos. Los Gates T B.ooa
ij f 6.05p 23d Street, Visitacinn. South Sao
Francisco. Valencia Street t 7.15f
1 6.30p South San Francisco. San Jose 5.45*
, 7.40p The Lark—Paso Robies Hot Springs,
Santa Barbara, Loe Angeles 9.30 a
B.IOp San Jose aad Way Stations 7.30*
' IO.OOp Los Angeles Pawenger— Salinas, Paso
Robies Hot Springe, San Luis Obis
-1 po, Santa Barbara and Loe Angeles 8.25 a
' 10.05p South San Francisco. San Jose 11.55e
, 11.45p South Sao Francisco, Palo Alto, San
' Joee 7.45 a
• To Oakland, Mth and Franklin Sfe —
6.1.5, 6.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minutes past fhe ,
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30. 9J5, 10.00. 10.4&
l 11.30 p. n>. and 12.15 a. m.
To Alameda, North and South Side—
i 6.15, 6.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minutes past the)
i hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30. 9.15, 10.00. 10.44
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 a. no.
LOCAL FERRY TRAINS-Via Oakland Pier. '
I To Oakland, 16th St. and Berkeley via Shattuck Aw
' and Ellsworth St. Lines.- Daily—From 6.00 a. m.. and
, every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. m., inclusive; then
' 9.00, 9.40, p. m., 12.20 and lJ»a.m»
Additional boats Saturdays and Sundays only. 8.40
9 p. m., 9.20, 10.00. 10.40 and 11 JO p. m.
To Berkeley via California St. and West Berkeley. Albany
via Ninth St. Lines—Daily—From *6.00 a. m., t6.20,
P *6.40. t'.OO a. m. and every twenty minutes until 8.20
p.m.inclusive; then 9.00.,11.00,11.40p.ra
-12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boau Saturdays and
» Sundays only, 8.40 p m.. 1 -iO. 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20
p. m.
a To Vijorit, Stag*. Pullman. Richmond—+6 40 and 7.4*
a> n>., 3.20 p. m.. 4JO, 5.20, 6.20 p. m.
To Oakland, Washington-Broadway, East Oakland,
. Fruitvale and Melrose via Seventh St.—Dairy—Front
6.00 a. m., and every twenty minutes until 120 p. at,
J inclusive; then 9.00. 9.40. 10.20. 11.00, 11.40 p. m..
' 12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boats Saturday and
. Sunday only, 8.40 p. m., 9.20, 10X0, 10.40 ai«l 11.24
p. m.
Hortashoa to Oakland. Washington-Broadway. FruHvaio,
1 Alameda, North Side—Daily—From 6.00 a. m.. 16.20,
6.40. 7.00. 7.20. 7.40. 8.00, 5.40 and forty minutes oejl
1 the hour until 3.40 p. m.; then 4.00. 4.40. 5.00. 5.20,
5.40. 6.00, 6.20, 6.40. 7.00. 7.40. 8.20. 9.00. 9.4 a 10.24
1 11.00, 11.40 p. n>.. 12.20 and 1.20 a. a.
To Stonehurtt—l6.oo, +6.40, t7.20. J Q .OO. tIO.QO a. nv,
J1.20. p. m., X2JCO, J3.00, t3.20, »4.00, *5.00. »5.40 aad
i t6.20 p. m.
South End of Ferry Building, for Broadway Wharf,
j Oakland —Week days 6.00 a. m. and every half hour
until 9.00 p. n>., inclusive. Sundays and holidays
6.00 a. m. and ev?ry half hour until 11.00 p. m,
inclusive. Boat* leave Broadway Wharf —Week days)
6.15 a. m. and every half hour until 8.45 p. ro. in
clusive. Sundays and holidays. 6.15 a. m. and ever*
i half hour until 10.45 p. m., inclusive.
. ■■
a for Morning. *Dairy. p for Afteroooe>
tSunday excepted. JSnnday only. sSaturday only,
a Monday.
Union Transfer Co. authorized to check Baggage eftm
ttvn residence. - ~ {

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