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CALL 213
Chronicle 204
Examiner 184
Both Quantity and Quality in The Call.
Bulgaria Signs Armistice With Vanquished Ottomans
Fall of Adrianople Is Announced From Both Turkish and Servian Sources
Compromise Will Replace 1832
• Commercial Treaty to Be
Abrogated January 1
Czar to Dispense With Maximum
Tariff Duties on All Imports
From America
WASHINGTON. Nov. 1 4.—An un
derstanding whereby a modus
vivcndl will be established
between the United States and
Russia to prevent a '-omplete rupture
•mmrrrial relations January 1.
when abrogation of the commercial
treaty of 1832 become? effective, has
been reported by Secretary of State
Knot and Russian Ambassador Bak
The exact details of the understand
ing have not been made public, but it
Is said that an adjustment has been
made that will prove satisfactory to
both countries. A great tariff war is
thus averted ami, incidentally, another
long and provoking debate in the presA
ing-re's*! has been avoided.
It was generally reported an a.a:rer>
f "nt had been adopted between this
government and Russia as the result
of conference* between Knox and Am
b.ipsaiior Rakmetieff. (rot it was learned
tonight that the result of the diplo
matic negotiations 'an not be termed
an agreement.
Tt is simply an arrangement for a
modus vivendi to he sealed by the ex
change of informal notes and will not
have to be ratified by the T'nited States
senate. In other words , the Russian-
American passport question, which is
the fundamental involved, is to be
passed on by the present administra
tion to Wood row Wilson. The only
effect of the understanding: between
Knox and Bakmetieff Iβ to preserve
the status quo until the new adminis
tration comes into power.
Even with the best of intentions on
the part of the negotiators, because of
the difficulty of rapid communication
between .Washington and St. Peters
burg, save by the unsatisfactory cable
method, it will consume little less than
the seven weeks that intervene be
tween the present date and December
21, when the old treaty expires, to ac- i
complish this mutually desired result.
Because of the extreme delicacy of
1h» subject and the possibility of the j
complete failure of the proposed agree- ]
ment if there should be public discus
sion and criticism, neither party to the
negotiations Ifl willing to throw any I
light on the details of the arrange- j
ment; in fact, it is even impossible to !
seeiire an official admission that the j
agreement Is within sight.
From such sidelight a*s is obtainable,
however, it appears that Russia has
not consented to modify its practice of
Continued on I'agre 2, Column 7
Btaftto CwtHtod Public lp
AMPta Wanted l^
Alameds Real Estate •13 i
Al!<»n. Wiley B 2
Amuaeiupnts •
Ap«rtuip'itß • • Vi
Awl)i!*ri« IS
A **» » er* U
Aslrology 12!
Attorney* W
Auctions •• !•
Avtnmobitm .5, 12 j
Hat«y tariiaees '- : j
BarN .md Supplier ...... 12 i
Blue B<v,k 4
8.-rUOrt !£eal fertatC 13
BurlinsHDic Real l>tatP 'J
Business t hacc* i:;
B'jslne*,. < MlppoK 1-
Bu«lnes« I'orKonals* 12
Beclima w nnte<] U
Button* and Pleating 12
Carjiet Cleaning 12 1
Carroll. Taul |j
Catarrh am] Deafness 1*
Children's Chairs 13
City Real Rstyte 13
ClflfrTOvant"! I' 2 j
Colaebta Pbooogxaph Co 2S
rottwres t<, I>ei 13
Connrry Rpal Ketate 13
( c rroJl 1 I
T>pafne«s mid Catarrh 12 |
Kentists 12
Ix-s k-'i] C*t HosyltaN 12
( »rriasf-> 13
I>r-p« Making 12
K-)ii<at!i.nal 12
KMfr. I'«titl / 2
Kmpki.vnipnt (»fflrp» 1U
LmplovrDf-nt WanlM lF<»r)]alr) 12 j
Kmploymont TN"an)pil i\lalf) 12
Female Uflp WantpJ 33
Fll»* nocut X!
Financial 1 ': u IS
n«tf« tn i.pt ia
For tsalp—Mlvoilaiicf.us 12
rtirntafcfd ApariniPni* ,13 i
Furnitnrr For Salr 13 I
f>jr« 1"
Sarincs Bank 18
iump, S. fc <J 7
Hiitr (teoia 1" 1
Hal*' Brof IS
Hayings Clothing Co |g
Hut ward Kfiil fotatr t:; I
J\tsn.r*. Ilarnoss. Wtt&nt 1"
Hotels 13 I
Rare Alchemy of Fairy Tales
Said to Have Transformed
Studio Into Prison
[Bj> Federal Wireless]
IXXS AXGELDS. Nov. 14.— Tales of
beautiful princesses, marble palaces,,
diamonds and wealth untold were the
gilded bar? that kept pretty Miss Pris
ci'la Bigger?, 17 years old, a prisoner
in the home of Giovanna Carvadossi,
a noted singer, for over a month, ac
cording to the story told by the girl
to the police when they visited her
in the city jail, where she is being
held temporarily as a witness against
Carvadossi. Late last night Carvadossi
was arrested at 935 West Twenty-fifth
street, where the police say he kept
the young women imprisoned in his
The police have investigated thor
oughly the circumstance of theialleged
imprisonment and say that Miss Big
gers is possessed of an intense desire
to become cultured. They will ask the
juvenile court to permit them to find
her a home.
"I came here from Texas to study
music," said the girl. "I went to Sig
nor Carvadossi and he treated me like
a princess. He said that I had a most
wonderful voice and that within a year
I would be a great singer. I was so
happy I cried. He told me to stay
right in hie house and he would pay
me 510 a month to do the housework."

Statesman Has Relapse and His
Family Is Summoned
WASHINGTON Nov. l-V —Senator
Isidor Raynor of Maryland, who ha.s
b«ren .seriously ill for some time at his
res : rience here, had a relapse tonight
and his son and other members of their
immediat* family were summoned hur
riedly t<"> his, beilskie. The senator lias
been suffering frorm neuritis.
Hulfrm A Co ' 15
luse. tx Uxtarmlsated i^
inTaliii Chairs \%
j j3
f-"ane on rvnjnfrr Preewty Wnntrd 13
l>»ga) anrl Offiria! 14
I.'xifnng HJBuaei Fur Hale 13
l>-pf and Fr«in.l • , j«
!/iimh«>r For f'ale ..}.. 13
Baths , jg
Mal«> \Yani*"l , i^
Maternity Homes ' ]2
Merrjmonial '.. y^
Moetings l.odf;<»R 1°
Misoellanrnn* Wants '. 12
M.inoy to ' j;;
Moner t" I/mn—Rral ............ Vi: , .. 14
SkfOMjr WantPd v
Musical rn*tnimpnts
Votary PebMe .......... \\ 12
Niirfips ' ' y*
Oakland Honshu U, l.Pt (liifnrnished i 13
Oakland Real Rstatp 13
Of flees and Stores to lα* .......'. \%
Patent Xttornera 12
Personals 12
Physicians 12
Property Wanted ..'..,'.'.'.....'. J?,
Proposals nnd Bid* it
Rallrofld Time Teblps 13
Kpml Krftai*- to Kxchange U
Rpdw.wxl City Rtal BMate '~'
RicUmond Rpsl &»ta1«>....» ....'.'.'!.' 13
FlooniK and Hoard Offered »».•«.'! 15
Rooms and Board Wanted ...»%. 13
Rooms For J3
Room* to Jjet (Furnished nnd T r nfurnieli«><3) '.'. 13
Rooe Bros J
SaiTHtnenti. Vallry Lands *. 13
Sal*>sme« nnd Solicitor* . 12
Samoels. P 7" ]g
Sianatorinm For Sale ' j^
San Matpo Real K«tste 13
Santa Gnu Xtf*\ Kftate .•. ir?
Schlitz Beer 10
S»-« i'iC MncMn«"s |jj
Sherman, Clay & «'o 4
Sloane i Co jj
Spirisiialieni -. 12
Something For Sametliiii"—To Rxrhongr 13
Stauin ering ~ 12
Steamfhip 13
S?if>?t>JWs .'. 11
Htor»tf an<i Morleg Vhiis 12
To (MW ~ 13
end Supplier |g
Trus<-f>s 12
Wood gJaaketa , is

Panic stricken inhabitants of Constantinople assembled in the square, before the great mosque of Sultan
Suleimanich. They have packed their household goods so as to be ready for flight should the allies attack the city.
The portraits are those of Sultan Mehmed V (at left) and Czar Ferdinand.
Lurid Fake Sidelights on the
Slingsby Case Won't Save
W. W. Fraser, M. D.
For the alleged falsification of a
birth certificate, the farts of which
were discovered and published In The
Call November 4. Dr. W. W. Fraser,
formerly a practicing physician of San
Francisco, is facing serious , charges
before the state board of health.
At tlie time the discovery was made
it was stated that a young couple, anx
ious to secure an heir at law to some
property they expected to Inherit, re
placed their own stillborn baby with a
lusty child that had come into the
world at about the same time, and the
obliging doctor made it possible by a
few deft changes in the record.
Althmigh the child lias since been
inve&ted with an imajrinary Kngrlish
title and made heir to fictitious estates
that never existed. Dr. W. K. Snow,
:-■*-< retary of tlie state board* of health,
has not required these fwked side
lights to urge him on to an Investiga
tion. He has working quietly for
the last two -weeks, with the result
that Doctor Frae«t"*i liten.se banes in
a prei-arioii,- balance.
According to his original findings, a
Stillborn child of lieutenant Cliarles
Henry Raymond Slingsby, a retired
British army officer, andvhiH wife, Dor
othy Morgan Cutler SlingSby, had been
replaced in its cradle by a foundling,
whose parents, unmarried, lived in So
noma county. The incident took place
in San Francisco in September, 1910.
Yesterday Doctor Smxw made further
search of the records and found that
there was neither a birth, certificate
nor a death certificate on file for the
supposedly dead Slingsby baby.
While the state board of health con
tends that it has established the par
entage of the child claimed by the
Slinfjsbys as their own, there is no cer
tificate to substantiate the statement
that Mrs. Slingnby gave birth to a
child. The corrected certificate of
birth in the office of Doctor Snow
shows that the much discussed baby,
Continued on I'age 2, Column 5
Friction With Secretary Mac-
Veagh Said to Be Cause
of His Action
WASHINGTON, Nov. 14.—Announce
ment of the resignation of T>ee Mc-
Clung as treasurer of the United States
was made by President Taft today.
McClung tendered hie resignation to
the president at a conference at the
executive mansion today, and its ac
ceptance was later announced by the
president from the executive offices,
with the explanation that McClung re
signed voluntarily. It Is believed that
Carml Thompson, now private secre
tary to the president, wtlt succeed him.
Mum as to Reasons
The treasurer declined to discuss his
retirement in any way today, but It
that his resignation came
as the result of continued friction with
Secretary MacVeagh. McClung was
one of the treasury officials named by
Assistant Secretary A. Platt Andrew as
having been in continued controversy
with the secretary when Andrew, in a
letter accompanying his resignation,
declared that the secretary and his as
sociates were not in harmony.
The appointment of Carml Thompson
to succeed him would be followed, It
is believed, by the immediate return
of Charles D. Hilles to the White House
as secretary to the president.
The, treasurer of the United Stales
is not appointed for a fixed term. Ac
cording to hie commission, he serves
until his successor is appointed.
Big Money Transfer
The resignation of McClung means
that the money and securities for
which the treasurer i> responsible must
be actually counted and receipted for,
This will be the greatest single finan
cial transaction in the history of the
world. When McClung assumed the
duties of treasurer he gave a receipt
j "to. liis predecessor for $1,250,134,
--946.88 2-3. This was the largest single
transaction from man to man on rec
ord. "While the exttct amount the
treasurer's fund is not- known, it is
expected it will exceed those figures by
many million^
f -
Democrats Add to Uncertainty
by Mandamus Proceedings
in Los Angeles
On the fare of the complete official
returns from all but San Francisco,
Lob Angeles and Yuba counties and
the unofficial returns from those coun
ties, Roosevelt has a plurality of 72
over Wilson.
Pending- the outcome of mandamus
proceedings started in Ijos Angeles by
the democrats yesterday, the official
compilation of the California vote can
not be made and the result must re
main in doubt. Unless the action in
stituted by the democrats results in
substantial changes from, the totals of
; the unofficial count in Los Angeles, a
divided California electoral vote seeme
The announcement of the semiofficial
returns for San Francisco yesterday
showed a net gain of 31 for Roose
velt. The completed canvass in Ala
meda county resulted in a gain of two
for Wilson.
Los Angeles Holds Key
The key to the mystery of the Cali
fornia vote is in the Los Angeles re
turns, and the announcement of the
Los Angeles officials can not be made
earlier than next week, and the action
brought by the democrats may result
in delay of another week.
In the figures showing Roosevelt
with a lead of 66 no account is taken
of the g«tn of 72 for Wilson reported
from Los Angeles.. That gain is unof
ficially admitted,, but the admission
will have no significance until the
canvass Is completed.
A private dispatch from Los Angeles
yesterday disclosed that the democrats
purpose to allege invalidation of the
returns from eeverai precincts on the
ground that they were opened in secret
four days before the supervisors met
as a canvassing board.
Electors Bring Contest
Miss Mary Foy and R. F. Del Valle.
democratic candidates for elector, yes-
Continued o» Page 2, Colmna 9
\ The weather
— Highest temperature, 60; ?
>svß>|Sf Tuesday night, 52. J
FOR TODAY—Cloudy; light I
gfjooH®uth wind, changing to rvest.
For Detail* of the Weather See Fife 17
President Sloan and Five Asso
ciates Quit the Concern
Wrecked by Black
PALO ALTO. Nov. 14.—Business and
financial circles were surprised this
evening with the announcement that
President D. L. Sloan and five other
members of the board of directors of
the Palo Alto Mutual Building and
Loan association had resigned, their
places being filled by other stock
The upheaval took place this after
noon, when Sloan opened the directors'
meeting with the statement that he
was ready to accept resignations, that
the management of the association
might be placed in the hands of per
sons more satisfactory to stock holders
and depositors. After receiving the
resignations of his son. Prof. W. H.
Sloan; J. J. Morris,-George W. Harms,
A. N. Umphreys and G. F. Gray, Sloan
stepped out of his chair.
Vacancies Are Filled
The vacancies were filled by the
election of Prof. C. 11. Gilbert, Prof.
A. B. Clark, Miss Clara Stoltenberg,
James Fraser and G. O. King, with one
more to be named at a future date.
Professor Gilbert was elected president,
the other officers remaining the same.
Representatives of the various or
ganizations interested in the Building
and Loan association and in the prop
erties of Marshall Black met and ap
pointed City Attorney Norman E. Mal
colm and Judge Monroe Thomas to in
vestigate the legal aspects of the case.
Plans also were made for opening the
doors of the association December I.
Forced Into Bankruptcy
In regard to the Marshall Black In
vestment company the committees prac
tically "decided it will be necessary to
force the company into bankruptcy.
No action will be taken, however, until
the legal committee reports. Those
present at this meeting were:
Attorneys Louis Oneal and James P.
Sex, representing Marshall Black;
Harry Corbaley and Judge Monroe
Thomas, representing the Marshall!
Black Investment company; Prof. J. O.
Griffin and George Mosher of the Palo
Alto Mutual Building and Loan asso
ciation; Prof. J. R. Slonaker and Nor
man E. Malcolm, representing the De
positors' league; Prof. C. H. Gilbert and
C. O. King, representing the Stock
Holders' league, and J S. Lakin and G.
La Peire, representing the private cred
itors of Black.
v •
- I
Arrest Ordered for Failure to
, Pay Night's Lodging
SACRAMENTO, Nov. 14.—L*ura Stein
miller was arrested today for a debt of
25 cents. She spent se%-eral hours in
jail, but was later released. She owed j
J. Toach, keeper of a lodging house, for j
a bed last night. The specific charge i
was defrauding an innkeeper. I
Bulgars Dislodge Nazim Pasha's
Headquarters and Occupy
Strong Position 21 Miles
From Constantinople
Serb and Greek Forces Menace
Monastir and Surrender of
Mussulmans There
Is Imminent
Developments of a Day
In Balkan-Turko War
Turkey formally appeal* to
fiuljcnria for peace.
Conqueror* demand tjie evae
uatioo of Adrianople, .Scutari and
Menaetlr aa a condition of agree
ing: to an arwiatlce.
Pall of Adrlanople in reported
from both Servian and Turkish
Another report aay* the Bnl
g-ars have occupied .No/I v
Paaha's headquarter*. 21 mile*
from Stamboul.
Servian and Greek arraiei* art
cloatna; In on Monaatlr and the
Monteneenin* have renewed their
attack on Scutari.
[Special Cable to The Call]
It is announced here that an
armistice was signed at midday
today. Turkey is stated to have
accepted the Bulgarian condi
BELGRADE, Servia, Nov. 14.
The ministers of the powers pre
sented the mediation proposals
to the Servian government to
day. The relations between
Austria and Servia are
in diplomatic circles as serious.
LONDON. Nov. 14.—Turkey now
has formally appealed to Bul
garia for peace, thus forestall
ing the tardy action of the Euro
pean concert toward mediation.
No armistice has been concluded;
difficulties have arisen about the terms.
It is said that Bulgaria demands the
evacuation ot Adrianople, Scutari and
Monatetir as a condition of agreeing
to an armistice.
Negotiations, however, continue.
The censorship is again exceed
ingly severe, and it is difficult to ar
rive at any correct idea of the mili
tary position.
Fall of Adrianople Reported
The fall of Adrianople is rumored
from both Servian and Turkish
sources, but this still is unconfirmed.
Another report say* the Bulgarians
have occupied Hademekeune, 21 miles
from Constantinople. If this" is true, it
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