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The San Francisco Sunday Call
Attractive Articles For Holiday Gifts To Be Made At Home
Boudoir Scrap Bag ef Pink Satin with Velvet Brocade Roses
Applied on a Pink Straw Foundation.
FASCINATING as ever from a fem
inine standpoint are the Innumer
able articles which women are
now turning out for holiday gifts,
and women will cease to be frivolously
feminine when they cease to take an
interest In these charming bags, boxes
and sachets and the whole harvest of
alluring trifles which constitute the
traditional Christmas present array.
Baby's bandbox is one of the most
of the holiday gifts which
are now being made In large numbers.
The gift includes a beautiful cap or
bonnet for the small Infant and a per
fectly darling hat box, made of card
board, painted In water colors with
pictures of cuplds and flower garlands
or bouquets or with smiling baby
faces or designs of little rabbits, birds
or kittens. The box itself is usually
white, but sometimes it Is tinted in
blue or pale pink. Then the decora
tion is In the contrasting color, pink
buds on a faint blue background, pale
yellow chickens on a pale blue ground,
little garlands of white daisies on a
pink box or white and pink cupids on
pink, blue or white.
The boxes are not very heavily deco
rated; the idea is to keep the designs
small and light, such as ssem particu
larly suitable to the infantile recipient.
Sometimes the word "baby," wreathed
in tiny blossoms, is painted on one
side of the box and constitutes the
only decoration. The baby's monogram
may also be used in a floral wreath.
The boxes are shaped like small
bandboxes and have lids which are
sometimes attached to the box by a
ribbon. Inside the box nestles the
cap. which is to set off baby's charms,
and this, of course, should be a miracle
of fine handwork wrought on the finest
Attractive bags arc always dear to
the heart of a woman, even if they
have no specific use, but are merely
objects of beauty, but when, as with
Work Bag of Yellow and Pink Rose Tapestry.
many of the bags this season, they are
also distinctly useful, the recipient of
such a gift Is always heartily grateful.
A most attractive as well as a useful
design for a work bag Is shown on this
page. The bag is made of flowered
cotton tapestry having a rose design,
the colors are rose and yellow, mingled
with faint greens and ivory. There
is another charming work bag illus
trated, which is made of pompadour
silk In pink and pale green, and there
is a third bag, one of the old fashioned
useful work bags, made on wooden
hoops, whose present claim to the In
terest of needle women comes from the
material of which it is manufactured.
This material is an imported challis,
having a white ground and a vivid
striking decoration in large sized
fruits. The fruits are red apples and
purple grapes, in wonderful rich and
glowing colors. So brilliant is the
bag that It has a distinctly decorative
value In a room, which of course would
not be the case if it were to be made
of some quieter or less beautiful ma
There is also a fascinating little
boudoir scrap bag made of pink bro
cade, with the base of pink straw, on
which large velvet brocade roses are
appliqued. A little bag for holding
the powder box is of flowered silk with
a large satin rose, also of pink, having
dark green velvet leaves at one side.
Desk sets of brocade tapestiy, chintz
and cretonne are as fashionable as
ever, and many women are making
them for holiday gifts. Tapestry in
rather dark tones is extremely smart
for these desk sets, which are finished
with a binding of gold galloon or
gimp to match one of the colors in
the design. To match these sets there
Is a scrap basket, also covered In the
tapestry and extremely attractive in a
room if the proper colors have been
chosen for the set.
Sets of boudoir sachets, very large
and handsome, are made of satin and
Wfinrf {J}™™*** *sflf^iSlOANE
Yellow Brocade Bag with .
Satin Roses and Green Velvet '
Leaves for Holding Powder Box.
brocade, pompadour silk, moire silk,
corded silk, and a host of other at
tractive materials. They are usually
quite plain, but are tied together with
handsome ribbon made into a large
bow, or a satin or velvet flower Is
tucked into the knot. It is the fashion
this year to make these sachets of
velvet brocaded satin, dark velvet
flowers on white or pale colored
grounds, so that no decoration is
needed for the sachets themselves.
Boudoir boxes are always useful, and
this season there is a new kind which
may be easily made by women who
have a knack for putting things to- ,
gether neatly. These boxes are round
or square or oblong, according to the
taste of the maker, and they are cov
ered with a wall paper that looks like
straw. For the decoration large flow
ers are cut out of other wall paper
and pasted on these boxes in a design.
These boxes will be much used for
holding Christmas gifts. The Inside is
colored in accordance with the cover
and may be lined with silk over sachet
cotton if the boxes are designed for
special uses.
For holding the manicure tools there
is a neat little device which is made
on a stiff row of rings, although it may
also be made of separate rings, ribbon
being so run through them that they
are held together and held stiff. The
various manicure tools are attached to .
this ribbon threaded lattice, which is
arranged with a loop so that It may
be suspended from the dressing table.
The most attractive lingerie pillow
of the season is a combination of Vene- •
tian lace and embroidered linen of the |
very finest quality. A broad piece of
the Venetian is placed in the front of
the pillow, and embroidered designs
are on either side of it and both ends \
of the pillow are finished with a fine ,
pleated ruffle of the linen bordered with '
a tiny lace edge. The lace and em- (
broidery cover is used over a satin j
one In pink, blue, ivory or yellqw.
Work bag of Imported Cftallars
with Fruit Design. ; -
AMERICAN peaches are growing
more and more popular In England.
In the last few weeks at least
three assignments of American peaches
reached London, one from Wenatchee
valley, one from the Yakima valley and
one from Colorado. The first two
consignments consisted of 700 and 2,400
cases, respectively. That from Wenat
chee was sold wholesale at a dollar a
crate and that from Yakima at 79
cents a crate.
These shipments are the more notable
because the American peach market In
England Is practically In its Infancy
Lingerie Pillow withj»teated Ruffle.
Coumckj of Wali.olc Ui>w.)
r'roui the Nor York Extlufnge
for Woman* Work.,
American Peaches In England
Boudoir Sachets with Maidenhair Fern
"Pillow of Black Worsted Embroidered
, in Red and Green. *
Tapestry Desk Set .Bound in Gold Galloon.
and partly because of this fact the de
mand for American peaches is erratic,
the people not yet having become ac
customed to buying peaches, as the
English peach has been and Is too ex
pensive for popular consumption.
The English hothouse peach is a
beautiful fruit and very expensive, sell
ing retail at |3.66 to $6.11 a doxen,
while even the English peach grown
outside sells for from $1.46 to $2.43 a
dosen, whereas the American peach,
as In the case of the consignments
from Washington, may be bought re
tail In London at 61 cents a dosen,
and the consignment from Colorado
t The Baby's Hat Box.
'"From tho New- York Kxthangi- for Wuin.iu's. Work.)
. Scrap Basket
Decorated with
) Quaint Painted
Pink Manicure
Holder Made ot
Rings and Satin
was retailing as low as three cents a
However, it is to be remarked that
the low retail price of these American
peaches is due not only to the cheap
ness with which they can be grown,
but to the comparatively unsatisfactory
condition in which they arrive in the
London market. Two consignments
from Wenatchee arrived In fairly good
condition, but that from Yakima is
stated by the broker who received it
to have lacked uniformity in packing,
the numbers varying in the cases from
54 to 72, and frequently were packed
too tightly.
Work v Bag of Pompadour -
Taff»»a with ; Plain Rose -
New Top Coat
MORE separate coats are being
worn this season than ever be
fore, the reason being, perhaps
that since many women have found the
simple one piece dresses so becoming
and useful they find it necessary to
have an outer wrap to wear with them.
The separate coats and one piece
gowns will not take the place of the
euits or the three piece costumes, but
they are useful In another way and
tor other occasions and are being es
pecially favored for young girls' wear.
There Is a complete change in the
style of these separate coats, both In
the material of which they are made
and the cut of the garment from the
topcoats of last year. By their collars
you shall know them, may well be said
of this season's coats, for the collars
Indicate the style of the garment. The
R.obesplerre influence is to be observed
in many of them, the sailor with short
lapels Ih front is much worn and there
are also coats made with high choker
bands. Plush and velvet are used for
most of these collars, but fur also Is
employed, although as a rule the coat
Is more useful without the fur. A fur
garment must usually be substituted
for it in the coldest weather, so that
It should be regarded as a garment to
be worn for the milder winter weather
and between seasons.
The coats are many of them made
mree-quarter length and have the
fashionable cutaway fronts. The round
ing of the -fronts may occur well
toward the lower edge of the garment
or may continue up above the waist
line. This is decided by what is be
coming to the individual. The backs
of the coats are cut in one piece, there
being only two seams, those under the
Materials for the top coats include
velour delaine, chinchilla, beaver cloth,
astrakhan cloth and numerous other
thick soft cloths, generally with soft
wooly surfaces. The garments are
much more universally becoming than
the polo coat of jas* season.

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