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Aunt Edna Entertains
Agnes Peterson
"(th, Ralph," cried Rose, "here comes
the postman." Running to the door,
she rooalved frona the letter carrier a
tetter. Peeping over her shoulder,
Halpb oxolatmad; "It's for father; do
•hurry, Rose, before he goes out." Mr.
Reyea generally received his letters at
his office, and mail at the house was
"Here's a letter for you, father," said
Ralph, who preceded his sister. Hla
father, who had been getting into his
coat, slipped it off again, and asked for
the letter. "Here it is," panted Rose,
bursting into the room and banding it
to her father.
"Well, children, here Is some good
news for you," said their father, whom
they were watching eagerly.
"Oh! 1 knew It was," Rose cried. "Do
tell us, father."
"Very well, dear," answered Mr.
Reyes," but first sit down and be quiet.
Well," he continued, after silence had
again reigned, "this is a letter Inviting
you to Aunt Edna's house to bar
Thanks-giving dinner. How would you
like to go?"
"Oh! you darling papa," cried Rose
excitedly. "Wouldn't we just love to,
"I should say we would," answered
Ralph emphatically. And well he
might, for was he not going to see his
cousin Jack?
"When do we go?" asked Ralph. "To
day is Tuesday."
Mr. Reyes meditated. "And Thursday
is Thanksgiving day; therefore, as Aunt
Edna says to come today if possible,
run to your room and pack your suit
The twins then scrambled for their
"All ready," cried Ralph.
"So am I," answered Rose.
"Come along then," said Mr. Reyes,
taking his daughter's suitcase. "We
will have to hurry to catch our train."
So they got fnto the carriage and were
driven to the station.
"There they are." shouted Jack, rush
ing toward Ralph and Rose, while
Julia caught Rose by the arm.
"Oh! and here is Uncle Ned!" cried
Julia. "Are you going to stay?"
"No, dear," answered Mr. Reyes, "but
I will be back for Thanksgiving day,
and as I must return to my office I
must take the next train back."
"Ah, here's the sleigh," murmured
Aunt Edna, starting for the door when
she heard the sleigh bells.
Then came the stamping of feet and
childish voices, laughing and chatter
"Here they are, mother, and Uncle
Ned, too." came Julia's sweet voice.
"Yes, here we are," echoed Rose,
rushing into her aunt's arms.
Mr. Reyes stayed for supper, at his
sister in law's earnest request and dec
laration that it was already on the
table. After being pressed to return
for Thanksgiving he left.
Being very tired after the long ride
In the train and the excitement of the
day. Rose and Ralph felt their lids
growing heavy as the night grew late.
Their aunt, a lovely woman of 28, see
ing their restlessness, sent them all oft
to bed. Rose*! at Julia's request, was
to sleep with her, and Ralph with Jack.
"Now, listen, children," said Aunt
ICdna. after breakfast next morning, "I
have found out that the ice on the lake
is sufficiently hard; therefore knowing
all Of you know something of ice skat
ing, I have procured each of you a new
pair of skates. You may go now, and
after lunch you can all go on Jack's
sled, if you have tired of skating. But,
remember, you must not bother me, for
I shall be very busy all day."
They all promised not to be a bother,
and thanking her for the skates, they
set out for the lake.
"Did you have a good time today?"
asked Aunt Edna, as they gathered
around the supper table. "Fine," they
After supper the children assembled
In the nursery and played games and
told stories and talked of tomorrow.
Then Aunt Edna came In and told them
to go to their rooms and prepare for
bed in order to be up early Thanks
giving morning.
Rose opened her bright eyes next
morning and looked about. At first she
did not know where she was. Then she
thought "Oh, I remember. Today is
Thanksgiving day and father is com
ing." Then she woke Julia and told
her, "Let's get up before Ralph and
Jack," she said.
Running down stairs who should
they see but Jack and Ralph. "How
did you get down so early?" they asked
In surprise, for they thought the boys
were still asleep.
"Oh, we just walked down," an
swered Jack saucily, "but come, break
fast is ready." So they went down to
the nursery, where they were to eat,
because the dining room was all fixed
for the big dinner.
"Here comes father," shouted Ralph,
who was standing on the front porch,
as the sleigh jingled up to the house.
"Oh, where, where?" asked Rose.
"Right here, darling," said a voice
behind, and she was lifted high off the
ground. Then, letting her down again,
Rose caught one of Mr. Reyes' hands
and Ralph grasped the other, and they
started for the house.
After Mr. Reyes had said grace the>
all sat down to the bountiful feast laid
before them.
"Doesn't tha} turkey look fine?"
ALONZO Visits the Fairy Tree
asked Rose of Ralph, rapturously.
"Yes." answered Ralph, "but Just
wait till after dinner; it won't look so
After they had had all the turkey
and vegetables they leaned back and
waited for the mince pie and plum
"Oh," groaned Jack. "I wish I had
not eaten so much plum pudding and
"So do I," answered Ralph, holding
his hands over his stomach.
•Tome on everybody," called Aunt
Edna, "there is to be a game of ice
hockey this afternoon at the lake, and
I think we '..ad best go now to obtain
gQOd seats. There will also be some
races; in fact, 1 believe that there will
be a regular program." The fact that
they were to go to the lake was a
pleasant surprise for everybody.
"Hurrah!" cried Jack, as one of the
boys of the home team drove a win
ning stroke thus defeating their op
ponents by one point. The game had
been a close one, and excitement was
at the highest pitch when Dick Fort
ner sent the stroke that won the
game. Instantly pandemonium broke
loose, and Dick's chums paraded him
about on their shoulders.
After the excitement was over the
racee were started.
Altogether it was a very exciting
and interesting day, as Rose- told her
father as they sped on toward their
home and the uneventful tomorrow.
How Mirko Won His Crown
Matthew Tarabochia
Once upon a time there waa a king
who ruled one of the countries in
Europe. He had three sons, and as he
wished them to have all his possessions
and his throne, he sent them to school.
For a while they did well, but finally
got tired and turned their backs on
study. Their father grew angry and
went to a room by himself and sat
near a window, looking to the east
toward the sun. One of his eyes was
always weeping and one was always
One day the three sons got together
and planned to find* out why their
father sat near the window, looking to
the east toward the sun. The oldest
son went In and asked him first. His
father's eyes glowed as he looked at
him. He took out his sword and hurled
it at his son, but missed him, and It
stuck in the door. His son ran out
and went to his two brothers, who
were awaiting him.
"What is the matter?" they said.
"Go and find out yourselves," was the
answer. The next to the oldest then
went in and asked hlrn. He met with
the same result. Then the youngest
son (Mlrko) decided to go in and find
out. His father hurled the sword at
hfm, but missed him, and it stuck in
the concrete wall. Mlrko did not run,
but pulled out the sword and handed
lt to his father. The father, seeing
this, told his youngest son. He said:
"One of my eyes weeps because I In
tended to leave the throne to my sons,
but as you left school, I can not leave
it to you. My other eye laughs be
cause 1 have a comrade who is called
'The Hero of the Plains,' and he keeps
cutting his enemy down day after
day, but they come back again
like weeds. He promised when he
killed all of the enemy he would come
to see me. This Is why I sit here near
the window, looking to the east to
ward the sun. I expect him every
With this Mirko went out and told
his brothers what their father had told
him. They planned to go in and ask
their father if they could try their
fortunes. The eldest son went In and
"All right," said his father, "go out
and pick a steed and see what you can
The son started off and after a
year returned, bringing with him the
top of a copper bridge. He went to
his father and showed It to him. "When
I a boy of your age I reached
that bridge in two hours," said the
father. "You are nothing but a soft
Then the next to the eldest asked
his father, and he was off. After a
year's absence he came back with the
top of a silver bridge. He brought it
to his father, who was in the same
"When I was your age," said the
old man, "I reached that bridge in
three hours. You are nothing but a
soft hero."
Then Mlrko, the youngest son, went
to try his fortune. He went to the
stable t,o pick out his steed. As he
was looking at the steeds a witch
appeared and told him to get the horn
his father used to call his steeds to
gether. "When you get the horn," she
said, "blow It, and all yonir father's
horses will come. Don't pick out the
most beautiful one, but pick out the
bow legged mare."
Mirko went and asked his father for
the horn.
"What man told you I had this
"No man." said Mirko.
"Then you are wise," said the father.
"It is down in the seventh cellar. You
may go and get it."
Mirko went down and in a hollow
hole in the wall he found the rust
eaten horn. He then went out and
blew it. A herd of horses came one
by one, and each one seemed more
beautiful that the other. From a dis
tance he saw the bow legged mare.
When Mirko put the saddle on the
more she became the most beautiful
They sped away over the silver
bridge, a gold bridge, a glass moun
tain, into darkness, and at last reigned
up outside of a tent. Tying his steed,
Mirko went in, and there lay a man
asleep. Mirko then sat down and was
soon fast asleep himself. The hero
awoke and saw this strange horse, and
looking around saw Mirko. "What a
fine soldier," said he. "He did not
kill me while I was asleep." Mirko
told him who he was and they shook
hands. Then they began to talk over
By this time the hero's enemies were
near the tent. Mirko and the hero
leaped out and mounted their horses.
One by one the enemies were killeo,
until at last there were none left.
• Then they decided to go back home.
As the king was seated near the win
dow he saw two men on horseback
coming up the road. He knew who
they were, and he ordered a great
dinner to be prepared. When they ar
rived, the king embraced lln-m and
they sat down to eat.
Then the hero and the father sat
down to talk things over.
Hi- then gave the throne to his
youngest son. Mirko.
After all this both of his eyes began
to laugh.

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