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5T35?1S. Mf>ss pork. $l7.r,OQn.7n. ■ Lard fin'
10 87>i ' Saorftribs tfoose). $10.70(3.':
v r*'™ clearance of .wheat stnd Hour.were equal"
P{ . -li.uoO bushels: * primary 5 receipts;,,"2,200.000
, >hasla>Js, compared-art tt» StiS.poo bushel? ■ the "corre-*
■spOiMUnj: day a;j-««ar-ajre;: thi-.ivisiWeisnpply of
wiitat us : the Uciied State* increased 3,334,000:
I»as.»>is lor the woek-N Estimated,receipts I , or to
morrow—Wheat. 50 cars; corn, 450 'cars;' oats
1(jG cars; hogs, SG.000 lead.
'- Jlew York Grnin Market ~'i f'- :
( NKT r X0RK. Nov: 2G\—Flour quiet and lower.
wees irregular.I No. -2 1 red,*$1.0T»if -rle-s
vator and C:o; l>. ; afloat.V-Futures'closed ,
lV'U%e jiet lower.; Decembt-r-closed: : atiaivkri
May-closed'at l)0%c. " ■ " . 1
-Visible Grain j Supply<*.-.;.
NJVW YORK. Nov.* 26.~The visible supply of
sxain ia. the United*States Saturday,--, Noveni
her 23, as corupile4'by the New York Produce
was as • follows ;■--.. :. .-•-.v^•*«>.* x:,*i
Wheat, 53,3Ca;€00 bnsheJs, increased 3,333,000;•
wheat -■ in » bond, ' 4,224,0<KV bushels, increased
1.18S.O00;"; corn,' , * 1,533.000 bushels,- decreased
*>2. -i.OW;. oats. 12.001,000" bnslwls, "decreased :
-ftrtts in »w)nd.;:52.0mi)u.sUels. decreased
G3.0GO; rye, l.fMO.000 bushels/,decreased .7,000 :■
barley. 4.174.000 'bushels," decreased- 450.000;:
l ' 00ft '. -03,000 ■ bushels,", decreased
\or«hnest AVhent
TACOMA," V Nov. 26.—Wheat—Blnestein, ■ Sic;
forty-fidd, .79c: club and fife.. 7*,,. red".Russian,'
"<■"• Car receipts: Wheat 11, barley 20, f corn
3, oats <t. bay 49. , • :
SEATTLE. 'Nov. - >.—Wheat—Bluesteip, SO'/>c;
forty-frf.i, 7SVic; club,'77',-Sc;;rod nu*sian,*75Vic:
nfe, Yesterday's car receipts:- "Wheat
42, oats 0, bartcy-17,*. bay t48;'flour <10,» rye'
", corn 1. pliwp""" ;•';"'. ' ' '
- OREGO.N" -
PORTLAND. Nov. 26.—Wheat (track prieesV—
Club, rrc;-blus«ein, SO@Slc; forty-fold.-77©7Sc;
red Russian, 76c;- valley. TSc. Car receipts:.
Wheat ICO. barley, 14. flour 18, oats 22/ hay 15.
'.'".Minneapolis'Grn!n Market
MINNEAPOLIS.. , . Not.-.'2C—Wheat—December,
- 9"Ts<«Sne; Hay, S5~5©So"eC. 'Cash—No;* 1 hard,
S2Tgc: Xo.l.northern,* Sl@S2%e; No. 2 north
ern, . 7SK-fifS0?'4c: No.. 2 hard Montana,
No. -3 wheat, 7CJ'Ss@78-&e. '-.
Liverpool "Wheat';
LIVERPOOL. Now. 26.—Wheat—Spot steady,
intures easy. December. 7s 4 d: March, 7s3Hd:
T, 7s 1%&
J) is I nth Linseed Market
. , PULUTII, Miun., Nov. 20.—Unseed— track.
5 $1.31%; to arrive, $1.30%; November,'--$1.33%
bid;. Dr-cemlHT, $1.20% bid; Januai-y, "Jjl.30 1 /
asked; Jlay, bid.
-——-—. —______—. —- _——____»._
Local Makets
» » v
Receipts of Produce November 26
Flour, qr sirs.:.. 7.05llSIolas.=es feed, = . sk3 . 567
Wheat, otls ....10,t(20:iveather. rolls ... 3r ( 0
Barley, rtls .... ctls .... 1~>
'Oats, ctls , ...I.. 'GOOlHiiie^.' 1 Nα" ....... l.Kir, 1
Beans, - sks ..... 3,7OO'PeIt», : No • 3,<K)H
Corn, ctls.::.... 7C«;I-*«"e. bbls....... :\IQ
Uye, ctls .: 030:Suyar, ctls ....... 2.200
Br.: i . sks ..;...' ' SfJOjUraudy, cab*" .... S.200
Petatoes, ska ... 2.100; Wine,; gals . .30,000
Onions,• sks ..... 270;Coal,■ tons- -..:... '■ 00
Ilay.i-tons . : ■■ l30;LuBil;er, M ft.... - .80
Hops, bales ...; 93-Paper, bdls . 635
Wool, sks ' .. --13*Apples bxs ..... 2.120
Feed, eki .. I,2C0;Eaislnsf bxs ..... 6,000
Rolled oats, sks.. 235fLivestock. No -22-3
Alfalfa meal,- sks ■ 4GS;Broomcorn, bales.. 2iO
COAST: * -.
Eeans. sks ....;.;.... :...;... 5,717
Wheat,; ctls -..'.".Ti.OOO'iOatsr etls ......: S.000
Flour v qr sks 4,SG0|Wheat, ctls • ... ..23.205
? - Provision*
Hams (per lb}— California H. H. brand. 19c;
M. & L., brand. 20Vic; picnics. 12 Vic: I Primrose,
~0 l /2c; eastern star. £0c; skinned, 20Vic; moQ
arch. 17Hf?USc; pleales. - 13c. ■ •
4 to-C" lbs. 23c; eastern star,
4 to 0 lbs." 27c; 0 to S !b*, 2(ie: S to.10 lbs. 23c;
10 '■ 1- lbs- 24c; cured :bacon, 25V'»c;
Arrov. s m 10 lbs,"-24v.c; UO Ib8,'23Vl>c;
medlnni biiwn, I8!4c; lijrht mediunt, lGUe:*licht
•irrgiilted bacon, S to 10 lbs, 21c; 10 to 12 lbs,
2OC. : • .': '. \ '.. :,. : . >
California Eacon—M. & I.. brand. G to"S lbs,
26Vjc: StolO lbs. L , ,c; H. H. bran . 4" to S
lb842SHC; S to 10 lbs, 22V>c. - n -
Cottolene— Half hbls. lO"|c; 1 tierce, 10?4c;"2
tierces, 5 tierces. 10%e per lb; -Calif en?.
lOH-c for -1 tierce. 10%c for 2 tierces.'10^Je'- tot
5 tierete and 10%c for half bWs; GO lb tubs,'
cases, S7." , . ". ' -- , -, :-.<■;. a-'.<
Kastern Lard Rnd Oils. Western Meat brand--"
Tierces. l3Vic: 50a (percase).$e.S8; J 10s,--5S.53;
r)S.:$S.63; 3s. $S.7O: cc-mpound lard. tierces.Oc;
r.Os Uh'V case), 54.G3; 1 Us, $5.S3; 5s. $3.93; 3s,
$■&; yvllow cooking Oil 56c per-* gallon; " white
cooking oil, 58c per gallon; salad . oil, C2c per
gallon. ;■■-'••■. .-. f» ■"?"-■.-■■■.-.'-;■ *■'.,■■•>,■■-.■■"-,■: :
California, Pare Lard, M. & L. brand—Tierces,
k 13V.C-, cans, 1 to a case $7.13; 4 to a case,
■,. Jll.50r large tine. 6 to a case,- $S.S3; : medium, 12
' to a case. $3.93; email, 20 to a case'.- $9. ■'-'-■* "i
California f C9iap<>pnd Lard,; H. H. '- bresd—
Tierce basis, $c; cans,.i 't& a .caseV S4.SS: 4 to i
case.'ST.OO: tins, - G to a , case, ?6.15; 12s. $6.1i3
per case; 20s, S0.30 per case.; M. & L. salad oil;
tierce "basis. 63c; M. & L.. cooking oil;; GOc for
white and 5Sc for yellow." . • • "
Beef—Extra family,-" family and mess beef,
?22'ptT bbl. • r ■;*: ;.'-/ .-.-:■;.; ■.-»,-■■■
—Extra prime ■ In barrel?. $21; pig pork,
S.'6; piss , feet, 53.50 per half fcble,, $2.25 for 25
lb kegs and $1.50 for kits. : "...I .
Meat - Market
Slanghtcrers' rates to dealers and butchers are
as'follows: ' : '; ■ ■■ ■;;-" ' .-"■■•* ■ : «;'
Beef—llSll*ic per Lb for steers,.' 10(g.llc for
cowsjnJ belfers. ... ,::
for large and 12ii@13c for
Biat . ; ' ■ ■:.
Mutton—Wethers. •; ewes, 8@8%c.■"
Lambs— per lb. ... K ' , ;"
Dressed Pork <perlb)—10^@ll^c.
The following quotations are for good, Bound live-
Etock. delivered In San Francisco, gross weight: <i
No. 1 ' Bteers,. over 000 lbs,: 0 % <?i 0 ?4c per; lb;
utider 050 lbs,"; 0^4 (gGUc;: second quality, all
■weights, thin, undesirable steers; 4%
' ■ <ii5c. - ,. ■ . •-,:■ ' ■ ... - ■ -' .':■"' ,■■'- ,*.:-•'■■
1 cows and heifers. • second qual
ity, , 4?4©3 4 c; c,otaaien to thin, undesirable cows,
Desirable bulls and stags, o@3Uc; half fat or
thin bulls. 1% @2%e ' ,* - .- ' •
Calves—Light iefct, per lb, medium;
e<36¥/c: heaTy. 5g6c. •" , . ■ %*•&:-.
—Desirable wethers, 4i-i@4Vjc; ewes, Z\i
eSHc "<■ . --. : ■ •" :: -.'. •■-•. • . <, .
y* . Milk Lambs— per IK ' ■ ... • . ..: . v '
Hops—Hnrd grain fed, weighing 10O to 150 lbs,
6%j@7c; 150 to 250 lbs. 7@7VIc; 250 lbs ■1 up,
C%@7c.;\-- -■; : /. ' .",-- •• ■ . ;_ .
Wholesale Fish Market
■ There were no changes; in ; the quotations ■ for
fish yesterday, the• market'belag.steady, with the
demand And supply about balancing. -~ : ' .;
Prices ? (per . lb) —Salmon,- lie* halibut,' —;
chicken halibut, : 12Vic: codfish, Sc; red rock, lOe;
black '■ rock. 6c; yellowtail; .So: ■ barracuda,*.. 9c;
sand dabs Sc;,snjes,.Cc;.-klpgfish. 7c; carp, —;
Kmelts. - 12l»ic; : silver smelts, — • tomcods. 10c;
ftriped bass, -12**e: perch, >'-+:. mackerel, —;
white, bait,' 10c; -shad,. <■_; pike, Cc; catfish,
12 crawfish, 25c: :/ .— :
.'The above quotations represent f. ' o. b. prices
for cleaned fish, boxed and iced. . - : .
Butter, Cheese and , : Eggs
The tradition in the egg business that prices
are' certain to weaken immediately after. Thanks
givtng seems to have" a ' firm ihold oa ■ dealer--, »for
every,one in the street is uneasy : as future
of the rnarketi'and the disposition'.to .unload pur-'
plus stocks/ no : as to get from"under,* fs Increas-'
Ing -at -the ■ expense- of - vsleesv: On" the exchange
yesterday ■ several .'hundred" fnostly- extras,
vrpf<£t unloaded at decftntn^prtew,-itlie
tDHTiMnent" t'eing '.broujrbt. , sffefruf • byjexpeetatiOJis;
" ?BfI Jt'redlctions ■ of a lower Ejtrass
one ' cent ' and selected ■ pu!l>ts '; two cents lower
yesterday, making total declines of 2Vi
respectively in two days.':'Butterssteadied: a
little, and extras ; recovered the | half cent lost on
the. preceding "day. Recent 'fluctuations in this
market have- been '; narrow 4and '.insignificant; as
tbf> price always moves upland down;'erratieailv
490 California St. t>l. Douglas 24ST
"t. Fraud* Hotel. Tei. Duuslax 3952
Members of New York Stock Exchange
l'loiieer House
I*rlviile Wtre to ("lilcaso
imil Xpw York
R. r:. M I I. C A H V . Minneer
Main Office. Hills fiJtlj;.. S. F.
OHioo«: tljos Anjr* , '"*. San
UicKO, CoronaUo. l'or!lun«J, Ore.;
Seattle. Wash.; \ antojiver, B. C.
Private Wire, Chicago. Xew York.
$100 BONDS
Cell or writp for our magaxiae, "Safetj- and J
Frofit." describinp seyeral SHK> iv.nde that yield
4% tO O%
Government I. 1 = >• pnMic utility I
Many ltet«d OB Ne«f York
to buy or -
j , 1 f '.'Opy uf on:
as- 1
■-.> for ebeese !

: ' >ws:
. KtMW at 33c a pound.
: ■
iv eases) of selected pnl
lets a; ...
; Ilaoed by Kales, bids-aud offers on the floor of the j
, Dairy exchange. Prices in the street, while jrov- J
I erned b> . as€ quotations, generally range;
j from I s . iiigher, o\> various :
, .■:■■!!:
Grades— -,
■ : i: i: I - !i
Prim* firsts.
Sic 31c
i Storage exrras;3lV.c'31c :U^c ! 81%c I
; cv; ra nutter |
'• a pound.
■ -iif'.irnia !i

; firsts. 37c. Hnu; I
Sc, rirru: New 'i
steady; '
fresh, per dozen, case* in- ■
' K - ■ M
. <

■ S. \
:. ■ .
Portland Butter Market
PORTLAND, Nov. 26.—Bnttor—Oregon cream
ery extras :<. "a^sc.
Ess Market in Nearby Counties
ii I'ispatch to The Call
PETAI.I MA. Nr. v . 2R.~Th:> egg market is
n 1 after m-t-ipt of T.-ai
Frandsco I'airy and Kgg cxc es today
dropped lc on extra r§ncU aud 2c ou -
pullets. Independent' dealers aud speculators
] paid off oa Monday's deliveries at the rate Of
42Vic for evtra ranch and Sl'aC for selected pul
lets. The delivery was hfavy for the time of
year. In tbe poultry market quite 1 number of
turkeys were offered, but Uie delivery on Ti.e
a a i
SANTA lIOSA. Nov. 20.-Wh<>n advices |ad
v from San Francisco this lnonnHß
Bleed 42 I ,i ! c ]i«:r doseu for first
j grade i a - pnllet grade.
fioiii ih* prices paifl ena
tbe r» r, - ; Iβ I'tr <!i.wn for tirst crttd«
and 2c ! : ge«md grade. Butter increased Vfcc
per pound today and was quoted at 33c. Heavy
fowls of various kinds are being
these days, necessitating
extra express cars on trains to that city. Re
ive fallen off rapidly.
SANTA CKUZ, Nov. 26.—Ego continue to de
• ■ -.virii the Juffreased supply. 1
Fβ: Extras of best grade,
-H< ; lju - . 33c;
I'otatoes, Onions ;ii»d Vesftal»!es
Arrin :ue Bontbern grow
ing cii.-'. - i< often the
lay, anil a scarcity of striettj
• stock ca -ased iirmness in KtUt lives.
! Moot of the peas and beans offering were of poor
aid hard to sell at any prices, while at-
I tractive lots found prompt sale at high figures.
Cucum: •('!'. and the extra den
ijjb.l • .iir game active buying of
Celery, tomatoes, etc. Tim the
lete as it possibly
i with •» vis;!.;., supply in •■■
c the normal dealers were
period of dallneS* and bed
l rock prices. The sa on tone.
Potatoes (per ml) —Elver Burbanks. 30@60c: i
- • :.45; Ort-gou do, sweet j
! pota: 1.30.
Onions- (per ctl) —Yellow. 25@45c.
Veger per lb; tomatoes,
box, orates ■
ctl; cauliflower,
7Dc per bos;
• t-lri:ig
and v.: er lb; lima bean
per lb: -' - per
bos or crate; rhubarb, 4<g.Sc per lb;
I 45c per dozen; sprouts, 2(giSc per lh: artichokes,
' 75c<]$l per dozen; mushrooms, 10@20c per lb.
Deriduonii and Citrus Fnilte
narrow I
leereaee in tl
ling as :> matter of
:. of tin preeetllng dsy. A
I ni'ijnri: U.-tvlnK , laid in sufficient ;
. were giving most <>f tfafsir !
time and attention to tiurt*j . Re
if sirawberrfes and raspberries continued !
light, and, although both were in fair demand, \
the trade refused to pay the high prices exacted
preceding day and receivers were obliged
;o lower their asking rates. Grapes were in
free eopply and, as the offerings lacked keep-v
iv qualities, soUere; try ■"- tv interest
buyers t;r shading pri i• pt apples ;
and oranfjes were •to keep the market
without any
new arrivals, uxa\ eetlj un
d. In fact. 9 are fjo un
wieldy that the aapply shows hardly any
diminutiun from day to day, even when there
is a large volume of business in progress.
Berries—Strawberries, malindas. etc., $s. ~j&rq>~
per chest; banners, $B<j§9; raspberries,- $S@ 13
per chest: huckleberries. 4<g7c per lb: eranber-
B0 per bbl for iate Howes.
Figs—<■"• ■... s,">" i.er Ikjx.
Apples (per box>— Fancy 4 tier re<is. :
wltli aoma selected bringing [email protected]; 4 tier
red pearmains, 4o«f(;oc: neilflower, Ssc@sl for
; 4 tier and UO@7sc for I'j tier, Qreen
white winter pearmains. 7
Newtown pippins. 85c@$l for 4 tier and
for 4Vj tier; common to eho'-cq fruit, 3
lady apple*, $1.75@2 for large aud 7
small boxes.
Tears (per box) —Winter Nellie, SlJil.jO, in
cluding -wrapped: other varieties. 50cfe$l.
••?».$! .L' 3 per box.
noons—[email protected] per bOs. i
t.te) —Isabella. 7Xc@sl;
; small boxe?. :;"-v.3oe; lug
■ 75.
Oitrne X , raits (per box) —Valencia oratig-cs,
I; navels, $2(93.50; do extrv far
tangerines, $1.75#2; grapefruit, S- , .
for fancy and $1.50@3 for other
grades: Mexican limes, $4^4.50.
Tropical Tniits —Bananas. ;'>fi2-*: per lb for
Mexican, $1.50@2 per bunch tor Hawaiian acd
_c per lb for Central American; pine
apples, "|[email protected] per dozec.
Dried Fruit, Raiftins, >»:<» and Honey j
Dried frolt hnnoi to report i
volume (il the market
it) mud) I>' ! ihnn usnal at
,c of tile year,
t purchases <rf prunes, and premiums
j for the larger sixes, Which are in urgent demand,
j continue to strengthen. In fact, 30s are practi
cally cleaned up. there being no l3rge lots offer-
Ing In any quarter. Standard and choice apri
cots continue to advance, and, as mentioned some i
re no extra choice or fa
i: Santa ( per n»

Other fruits. 1012 a
50 lb hoses— ard Cbo!
Evaporated apples
AnrScots _
Peaches W4e
Tears .' 5%€ 6Wc 7'ic
Nectartoef 9%e Cc f>•■ _,c
Hai«!n. , s— \,, '-. 4c and 4
12. •'! and 4 crown, t aod 4 crown
.Tv: G crown imperials, $2.20;
for eta)k'*». Wtfi tbe U§u
■ ■
r •
Nuts (Jobbing prices to the trade!— Pe r ,.'
I filberts. 13i<|15c; peanuti; plnenuts.
: 14@lSc; California chestnuts, Sigllc; Italian <10,
New crop: Almo'rxl.-j—Nonpareils. I j
X L, \'.'<i ie<-: N> Plue f Dcakee,
. H'-e: walTnrrs,-f. o. ft: stiip
riel ': •, '■• I -
2 bard and *>ft shell, I
] foil, ! , — Fancy writer white comb, 1-V
ember, ] river rombV 11*1?
per lb:
liieht ai : lower
Beeewax—27% @Soc per lb for light a.
B«C for dark.
Poultry and Game
If'any 'eiers of (V ■■i fi ex- |
riiaak«f:iving trade I
■alng fairly
:tvr arrivals.
Early dellvec'os were estimated at l.'o tons, but
• c t.i'il'alily heavier, and supplies
c early trade
rket was a 1 buffrt willing to
■26c a pound fir tbe best selections, but
affr the f.rft enmer? had filled tip and the
cream of the offerings had ) .-en flisn.ved of the
- pr.'i'l- \
•te thr» e.irly
Ime y"iu!tr I
. • ,
ade .sellers vi
for the lafj
■c was not much i>f auftUiiiß tL
I below 28c. i: w; i p :.- rtrHj I
close tif- bainej« thnt r»rmrtie«l}.v all of
the holiday shipments had come in. Live birds
were in fair request i' r >r shipment to nearby points
and prices for them did not weaken, as expected.
The otbi ; v were quiet but s
Poultry fper i Hen* t i ,r r " for small. "$C
extra; yoonj
'-:)-y- ami $:!
and $6
live turkeys, I I turkeys. 23
t< fur-No, j
gray I
Id fiuclis are ilesa are '
unable to dttpoae of them satisfactorily, «Wtßß
u> ilie rigid enforcement of Jl;t- gMsae i»v..-.
neans an<i Seed*
The speculative actlrjtj In t>eans seems to have
..irily. and the market ia incline"!
<■ the moment. I'inks tad bkickiyes
-. iiti.v lower.
■ -■■ ctl) —Lima, 55; bayoe,
3. -J."; Urge white. $4.15<g4.25; small white,
;.S5: pink. [email protected]; cranberry, $4.20®
4.35; blackeye, $3.25<®3.35; red. [email protected]; red
kidney. S4,lo*a 4.20; garvaazas, [email protected]; horse
- 8o per ctl: cti
• tn, $3 per ctl.
Flour and Farinaceone Goods
(net i>er bolt—California fnrniiy extras,
5.50; do bakers' extras, [email protected]: super
-: Washington family pateuts, $4.90; do
' patents. 54.70; Dakota patents. $6.40(0,'
;;i:isis patent*, o'.-.l wheat. $B®C25.
Farinaceous Goods—ln 10 lb sack? are Quoted
Unihnm ftoar. $2.90; en
-",; buckwheat flour, ?■•'
■•iictwlie.it flour. eal, $4;
1.50; rye fkmi
\r-,v ili"'.
$3.50; oat groats, si 60; b leicwlie&i groats, f>.s< , ;
li'.aiii'y. $5.70; eraeke.l wii.at. .*
$4.10; pearl barley, 55.50(f?.6; split peas, Iβ for
yeUow and |7.50 for green.. In 25 il> wdM 10i:
lower for all and 20c lower for 30 lb sacks.
Hay and Feedstuff*
Somerg & Co. in tbeir weekly review of tbe
:' hey dor) ( k were some
reeeiviae of
late, a I
:..■ we (iwinj.' in i.ir very dull de
manti. tbe heavier receipts and the prospect >>f
excelleet green feed in the northern part of the
siate l&e local market is for the moment lower,
it being now impossible to obtaia the prices whwh
were prevailing several weeks ago. ' Although
comparatively little stock is«held In first hands
In tho country, a good portion of this hay is now
being offered for sale, although for the most part
at prices prohibitive Tor shipment to this mar
ket, V decrease in receipts would naturally tend
to strengthen tlKu-sitiipt; \
■d, but at present there is nothing
to indicate mere active tradrng. Alfalfa lias
been arriving in limited quantities by rail, tin:
I tactically cleaned op. Trices
on alfalfa are w«ak also, there being quite a
large quantity offered at reasonable prices at
points m ti.e northern par,t of the San Joaquiu
valley, which district had an excellent crop this
Keen—s2s(B26 per ton.
Shorts s-j, _> per ton.
Middling*- s.;;;w;;r> per ton.
FeedstttSfe—Koiled barley. per ton;
corn meal, $39.50ft<!
cracked con 10.50; chopped feed,
rgre< n chepfeed. |21 per ton In car
! $23 for Jobbing; oilcake ine:u. 20 ton
ta $38.50, 5 ton lots $10, small
ut cake or meal at mills. $27.50
for u>. if. , * far Q ton end $28.50 for small lots;
alfiilia meal, carload lota Slf.SO, jobbing |18.50;
red star alfalfa meal, $17.30 in carload lots and
*1.5.00 iobning: Stocktoa mealfalfa, $17.50 in car
lots am! $18 EI Modeeto alfalfa meal.
.*i7.:,u in cur lota aoa |IS>SO Job Wag; ■
oilcake meal, $16.50 per toe; vigors
> , _.
Hay (per ton)— Fancy wheat hay. .y-; ■;-.: No.
1 wheat and wheat and oat. -
do *l7".!l<'; lower gradi ; barley
ami oat. ?18<(! LJ): choice tame ont. t
other do, s'j; ■;!■•: wild oat, ;' ck Lay,
$10 ill.-,0: nifitlLU. $12(514.50.
Straw—e< bale.
Hides, Tallow, Wool and Hops
: brands sell about -vtglcun
a«»r <fHel*tion«. Heavy and niediftrn salted steers,
stags, ■
ted calf. 10
25c; iinirrsiiu. 23(5
.. •:■ ; loDK wool, $1
lambs, 70<&$r>o for long and 3is<f£6oc for short
wool: hotsebldes, salt, 52.75&3 for large and $2
(g'2.50 for medium. [email protected] for small and 25@
r»(W for -. dry, 52®:2.25 for larje
,i. 50c@$l lor small and
jfime ane. ;
@$j ;~, -:us. 38c; me
iliu!it. 26c We. c
Tall<>w—No. 1 rendered, bliis, s%@'<Jc; canff
and ,dr!i-.
<;rV:. j< , per lb.
Mwidoclno and Humboidt, 14
ornla, hortlseta, 10
San Joeqnin, S(<i.l2e; mohair, good quality,
: ..c per lb.
Hops—California, 1912 crop. 19@21c per lb.
Horses «ad Muled
T!if' follow Ing Q'iota;ions tot '1 mules
an> fiirnishfd hy the Kuteue--
<:rs' journal:
Desirable drafter?. 1,700 lbs and over..?.
Uslit <JJ 500 to 1.050 lbs --
ChTlnks, 1,350 to 1 >'
Waeoo horses, 1,250 to 1.330 lbs
Delivery wagon horses, 1,050 to 1.250.. llu«al2 1 S
Desirable farm mares 10)<g123
Farm workew 75@100
930 iIWT- 1 n> 7i yours t n_>fiJl2is
-. 4 to T peers 12.V«.175
7 years
Over 7 yi-.irs eld rtfuge
Note—Shtpperjs to this marl-.■■■
style, to tommind extreme quotiitious.
General Merchandise
Bags—Standard Calcntta grain bags, 9VtC on
the spot and '• , .' -■ for June-July. 1913, de
livery; wool . for 4 and for 3%
■cc twine, . bean bags.
Coal (per inn of 2,000 lbs)—Penney!ranla an
tlirm-ite egg. ?i' ; i"' r ton; Wrillrifftoo, $S; New
Wellington, $*: Aui- - fr.ili;!u house, Richmond, etc.,
*8; Petaw Mnia, $!>: standard Hichuiond, $8;
Cnmbertand, Uo In bulk and ?lt!.o0 in sack-:;
•coke, fls per'•n in bulk and $17 in sack.
Oil are for barrels)— Linseed, We
per gallon for boiled and 6Jc for raw, 5 bbl lots
lc less, cases 5c more; Bakers' AA castor, cases.
5 gallons $1.11, 10 gallons $1.09*. commercial
castor Vina nut. cases, i
pei , gallon: oil In barrel*. 77- ffxie for
,\X\". 7~<i~~-\-- for No. 1 and 72 , i@70e for
No. 2, t , ? qnantitj; extra MetKbfld
I wkiter sperm oil,
80c; pal
75c; p«i ■ oil, S.V: !
6Se; berries oil, 40e; bo '. We; pslet
oil. 3P®4oc.
Coal Oil, Gasoline, etc. —Writer white, iron
barrels or drome, 8c; 130 degree oil, iron bar
rels or drums, 9c; special do. 10c; pearl oil, in
cases. 15c: astrnl, 15c; star, 16c; extra star,
ISc: Elaine. 26{4c; eacene. l€c; red crown and
■.-aj-oline. In bulk &Bs&c, ia cases
In drums ia c
: ■■, varnfeh tnake*s' and painters' naphtha,
in bulk 17V.C. in C(
■ntlne —Iβ ees -■. 0 *■■: li
dnu&s and Iron baifreH", 57c; Arororps, ca
-F, $10.10; Q, $10..j3: H, §10.15; I.
$10.Tβ; M, $10.S<J; \VG, $11.10 per barrel of
2SO poucids.
Bed and White I>nd— Red. white,
c per lh; do 5 and 10 ton lots, 7 :
KnpaOT qiir>tei<
as ffill'nv';: BtmciTfs. small. Wl
I i ii> boxM,
Ilh boxes, < J' , .', <•: oases.
;ii)!, 7 i<:: narrow
silvt-r Kin;?. :«■; i
Seal middles, Ll@llVic; seabrisht blocfap,
. atsl blocks, BHc; Crown brand, tablets,
tablets. B%e; 5 lb boxes fancy boie
leM, 11<!; 2 lb boxes fancy boneless. 12c; half
l-.W.i pfcWefl cori. SO each; Alaska rod salmon,
Hal? bbls. $c e«<?b.
Tbe Alaska Codfish eonepany pr.otes as follows:
Is, ?mall, \\ ixil.'. ."><> Hi Nal(>. se;
nwriilar, lar.ti , . wh
irsre. wliol
, l>; ) 11. !. ■'• ■.. ■
b, lie; .Wifet
Pacific belle, 1 lb
tablet*. 9%e: choice bits. ll@l2c; pickled cofl,
bbls. $11: do half bbls. Sβ.
Cordage—kfa&fla, Sc: sisal. 7o; uisal bale rot>e.
Ss4* per ; v j: manila bale rope. Sc per lb net caab,
p.o disfnntit.
Quiclisilv per ftrislc.
Tlie Western Sugar I' pany Qivites
as. fol!< Fine pram
prannlatetl, 5.20 c; frnii grannlated, ~>.2('-c:
' a cases,
D.riOt-: nionan
T,."n: tablets, in hi p 23 fh
boxes. 5,95 c: wrder*^,
S.3flg; XXX.v candy jri-auulated.
■"i.SOc: conf' a ctron>rs' A. .".20c: granulated.
sc; extra C 4.70 c: folden C. 4.We; I), 4.50 c.
Barrels and ' . elf bbls 25c. boxes
50c more per 100 »•< ftan for hairs of 100 lbs
net. liar in 55 and 40 !b tins $1.70 more, in S
and 10 !b tin's R.SS more per 100 lbs ttian the
price for this prade in WO lb bag*.
and Hawaiian Surar ReSiiltig
coropan follow*; Granulated ba«Ui,
5.20 c: 0. & n.200: cofcrsf! dry
5.2(%: confectioners' A. rt.2'V: f)f>rry,
5,20 c; powder nibee. f3.4Jc: '-Hlgrade' , '
bar. 5.55 c; brick? half hhlsl. 5.70 c; bricks
Uβ 25 lb boxes), *3.95 c: H. & E. crystal domlnos
f5 lb cartons .Or: do (2 lb earfoi* in
■extra finf dry crannlatPri (100 lb
. «.Toc; jrolden C, 4 60c ,
\\ llow i>. 4."(>■■. Additional per ion lbs: '
' re: half bbls, 23c
r all grade*. p a r in
*0 lb tli lore: in 10 n> tine, $2.35 more
id weight.
l.os Angeles Produce Market
in! Pitpaten to The Call
LOS ANGFLKS. Nov. 26.—Receipts of produce
on the I-γ- lnpele« market today were: Epps 37
cases: b - ! pounds: ehecse. 010 pounds:
inion*. 20i") sacks: sweet
apples. 3J286 boxes.
The o !ne was rather feature!'
morninjr. All - werf in pood deraanrt.
Bern- ! pink. $4."
linw. i 1 r.fttly Washington. $s.i(irtj
5.2.1: s; - enrvanzas
•!>'x:can r£Hl,
5c per 1!.: wax. 3@
-. !>OcfP?l: sweets.
- . How. $1.50; local. Burbanjss, 80g90ci Ore-
I Kon $l.infil.ls; Salinas, ,[email protected]; Lompoc,
«1.4005 LSO.
Rotter (per Ibi—Price to trade 3c above quota
('ilifornia creauiery extras, 3Gc; creamery
firsts, •';-'.'.
ij).r d»r.>—Candled. 50c; case coont, 40c;
27c; pullets* Sle; outside, 2T@3lc. East
ern—Minnesota asd Dakota, 38c; Kansas, Ne
braska, lowa and Missouri, 36c.
Cheese (per lb>—Northern fresb. 20e; eastern
singles, 19'oc; eastern twius, 1&% C: casters ched
ilars, 2ii..r; eastern longhorns, 21c; Oregon
'■ daisies. 18c; ewiss, don: tic block, 23c; Hoque
i fc*rt. i.'c: Ktlam. $&[email protected] per dozen; cream
I brick, 22*/ -,'iv; lirabixrgt-r. 234j t 23c.
>t>vv York Produce
» >:-\v TORK, Net, 2tj.—Hops—Quiet.
W ..:; -Oaiet.
Petroleum— Steady. •
Sugar—Haw, steady. Muscovado, £9 test,
■ 3.55 c; centrifugal, 90 test. 4.05e; molasses, SO
! test. 3.30 c. Refined, steady.
butter—Firm. Receipts. 4,0t35 tubs. Cream-
I cry held, extras, 3.'J<g>S:-;i- a c.
Cbeese —Steady, unchanged. Receipts, 2,419
Kegs—lrregular. Receipts. 8,001 cases. Re
: frigerator, BpeclaJ nuurke, fancy, local storage
Braporated Apple* " Qwfet.
-.:(•.-!— Stcai ty.
ApTicotg—Finnerl Choice, lO'/Gc; extra choice,
I lie; fancy,
leeches— Firm.
Cbit-aso Produce Market
CHICAGO, Nov. 2s.—©utter —Steady. Cream
\ erics. 2'.*(u 'A 1'?':; .li'.irics, 26@31c.
Egg9—Steady. fteeelgte, 2,244 cases. At
mark, cases Included, 82@25c; ordinary firsts,
j 21c: firsts. 27c.
c—Steady. Daisies, twins,
ICe; ¥oihik Adeticae, i<.; <n ..'O'i-' , ; loug
, lGiifJilti'/jC.
Livestock Market
CHICAGO, Nov. 26.—Cattle —Receipts. 5,500;
market strong. Beeves, $5.53@11; Texas steers,
[email protected]; wesfrn steers. !C"4oftJ!>.ls: stockers
aori feeders, $4.2.V'f7.W. cows and heifers, $2.73
@7.50; calvs. SU.r.O'?/ u>.
Hrceipts. . steady.
LlgJst, $7.3«@7.50; mixed, [email protected]*: heavy,
7.8714; rough. [email protected]; pigs, ?D.7sfti
!7.60: bulk of sales, $7.0307.80.
Sheep—Receipts. 30,000; market steady. Na
| tive. $3.30Q4.33: western, yearlings,
! $4.6045.50; lambs, native western
[email protected].
KANSAS CITY, Nov. -JO.— Cattle—Receipts,
11 *. ii** i*. induiliiig :\ ( h) southerns: market steady
and str<n:g. Native steers. $G.00fii10.75; south
er:- steers, |[email protected]; southern cows and heif
er-, 5::..-.ii >n .-,.',(•; native cows and heifere, $T5.50f(?
: B.a»* stockej* aed feelers, [email protected] bolit, -<4
li-x's. $r>.so'ut»..">o: west.ere steed, $5.'304 i
S.so; wester;! cows, ?3.50i8C.7^.
Hogs—Receipts, 19,000: market steady to
l-w*ak.' Bulk of sales. $7.50Q7.i0; heavy, $7,639
7.75: packers and butchers, $7.55(5'7.73; light
$7.45®7.70; pigs. $G.50@7.
Sheep— Receipts, 17.000; market steady. Mat
.:.7."'-( t.c.ii; lambs.- |[email protected]&; range weth-
I ers and y earl Inge. $4#S; taage ewes. %',«t i.:>y,.
SOUTH OMAHA. Nov. 2ti.—Cattle—Receipts,
4,500; market active, sfron*. Nutive steers. $@@
10; cows and heifers, $:?.7.'>ft;0.75: western steers,
steers, $4.50*gC30; cows and
: heifers, $ . 1.23; stoekers
j and feeders, $4.7". $5@9; bulls,
stags, etc., 94.25@€.
Hogs—lleceipts, 12.00(.); market 10(gjl5c Hjwef.
Heavy, [email protected]: mixed. [email protected]; light,
7.50; pigs, [email protected]; bulk of sales,
[email protected].
-Receipts. 12.fX>0: market -steady to
Rtroag. yearlinae. $4.7-5^5.8i»; wether*, W.OOftJ
T. 40.
PORTLAND, Nn. 2^.^—Cattle— Receipts, 200
market ftrm. Clioiec steers. 7..">0; good
steers. $«i.804z(J.85; mertiura -ten---. $6<c56.23';
16.50; gocKl cows. $5.50%5.75)
medium cows [email protected]>; choice calves, $7.50@
5.50; good heavy calves, $6<<J7; bulls, $8(g5;
stßff<. $5(«6
Hogs—Receipts. 1.300 head: market steady.
Light. $T.85ftf.95; heavy. $H.7.j<37.25.
300 head: market firm Year
■s, [email protected]; ewes, $3
>! I*< I. 1.1, A N ICO t S >I A RIvETS
Cotton Market
NEW YORK, Nov. 26—£. F. Hutton & Co.'s
v.lre fays:
■"After breaking 10 points during the first hoar
today the cotton market turned very strong and
advanced about 40 points. Some of the sold out
bulls were credited with trying to get their o«>t
d>!) bsek, and the Scarcity of offerings surprised
trtdera e.rM caused c ecraroble to cover nmong
local short*, and then- was also exteusive cover
ing by commission hotis--s. 'rho undertone con
reyy firm. nnd tßere were many predtc-
I tlorrs around the Kng of materially higher prices
; before the governr. Uie at 2
1 p. m. December 12." There appeared to be nothing
1 fresh in the ne-ws to account for the bullish ac
i tivity. but there were, however, a sufficiency of
i bullish theories around tae ring to account for
even a greater a<Jv&e<! than actually occtirred.
There nrt t! c the mills of the
world liave li-ti.ajly. Ikh»-:li£ more white, cotton
I for forward, <liiliv*r.v i!i;i; 1 the crop has fur
nished 5 ri intfrest has
i nst;rt» buslnese with sotith
ern hold afejrecia'tfi the strength of their
1, with the iden iv view of high priced
'.osed steailv, 20 points up. Middling up
lands, 13c; do gulf. 13.25 c. Sales. 3,400 bales.
Option— Open High Low Close N0v.25 ago
Nov " 12.50 12.34 0.03
Pec 12.. T. l-"s 12.25 14.63 12.3e 9.0S
.Tan 12.44 tSOS 12.34 12.fit 12.42 8.62
y,-b I2.nr> 12.54 B.M
M.'ieh ... 12,48 12.73 12.08 12.4.'» 8.84
May 12.43 I'.'JiS 12.: M 12.fC! 12.43 8.00
.Tunn 12.59 12.45 9.1'!
Jnlv 14.34 t2M J2.26 12.SS 12.35 9.f)8
Ab« ULIi 12.40 12.t8 12.4! l 12.:30 9A7
sej.t li.es 12.00 11.92 12.d<; 11.0.". :I.ls
Oet 11.J4 ij.BB tt.ee 11.s;: 11.74 Klfl
Boston Wool Market
BOSTON. Nov. 2«. —With rapidly depleting
binp. «nd values holding-firm on all lines, the
w<iil trade la becoming interested in
the 1013 clip.
Trading in the old stock continues on brond
■ -nt with a Slight ile'-rense. in th« •>!!;(•
'of the transfers. MedTurrr nearby fleecet are
«:i!<l to he very senrce. a'th'Migli the bighef
grades sell readily, in territory sto- , ; tie Iβ
ouiry f.'Ters both oriel 1 ;-; bags aad graded
wooft. Texas and California woele ire doll.
Scoured basis:
Texas—Fine, six to eight months. 5S
fine, 12 months. R3@6sc: fi-'\ fall, 47@4Sc.
i^ilifnniia—Northern. 7i\fdo2c: middle county,
; snnflieni. *7®tSe: fall froo. '
- 1 ,-ist
ern elnfhitfg, flSc; valley Nn. 1. "><<.
Torrii ■ ■ • ■ <l7c: 'fine medium
Clothing, :.-■>/s!ir: half !> ! i combing; (
Ightbfl blood eonibing; o7('ioS.c: quarter
blond combing. ~<",'ft'•'><-.
I'ullfed—Flee A, 00c; A supers, 56@5Sc.
London AVool Sales
LONDON, Nov. 26.—A large number of buyers
attended the wool auction sales today. The EBOd-
I crate selection offered met wHth spirited bidding,
j nnrl owing to the smftllness of supply prices sold
Ir> to 10 per ceßt higher. Americao buyers bought
Mght nierlups.
Tlio offerings today we« 7,171 bales.
New York Coffee slnrket
NEW YORK, Nov. 26.—1 i. F. Hutton & Co.'s
wire says:
"Sentiment changed materially over night and
prices this morning opened firm. Shorts were ac
tive buyers and tlip volume of business was con
elderably larger. Tbe advance was largely the re
morP buHisii new-; frftm P.r.'izil regarriinc
(lie next crop. Private onKles frf>m Eurcrx
that Ifte g-overnuieni of Brazil had estimated tbe
in vj s.i".ii»> crop nt only OjuKt.MO r.ags. There
<"sr 1111 jU<• late yosf'/i'tlsy nftetmtm froiu .&
< Rffly^lfi'h.honjK! plSf.tfu: the faxt
• 8.500.0W bags' trfitsi was
taken as sfioflg ci'iMrniai ion of the recent private
reports which claimed that the crop bad beea
strioußly damatred."
Ontinn— Open Htffh Low Hn?.--
Novemrier 13. flop
I>ecprnbcr 13.45 c 18.56 c 13,4 pC IS.Sfii
Jamuary .• la.UOc
ry 13. (TKc
March 13.85 c 13.f»2c 13.83 c 13.88 c
April 13.07 c
Mny 14.00 c 14.0*; 13.95 C M.O.'.f
fane 14.01.0
July U.<"-<-- 14.14 c 14.00 c U.YM
August 14J3s 14.13 c 14.13e 14.1."c
September 14.14" 14.21 c 14.13 c 14.15 c
October 14.20 c 14.20 c 14.20 c 14.19 c
Sales, 188,000 bags.
A>w York Metal Market
NFW YORK .\"*v. 2ff. —CopjpeT— Yitm. Stnnd
urd Kpot. l7.H'r bid: November to February. 17.10
17 KJc: tlecfvi'lvtic ;iiul lal-i-. ' 7 .<"■_'■'.,'<« 17.57V-'-o:
•:i : mij:, 17.25#17.37 l Ac. Copper erriyahi. $5
!;x;i:.ri . I'i.!>3s tons. LondiM copper.
steady. Spot. £76 17s Cd: futures. £77 12» Bd.
Hip—Dell. r t0 ■! "!>■■'■ [email protected].
" : " "■ £22fl IS : futures, £226
Lead—Steady at 4.1'@4 "sc. London lead, £17
17s ed^
Spelter—Steady a r [email protected]. London spel
ter. £28.
Antlrnoriy—Quiet. Conkion'ii, $10.50 c.
Iroo—St»ad* and msebaneod. Cleveland war
rants 07s I'Hi in I.iii.ion.
Xnvnl Store* —Turpentine and Rosin
SAVANNVM. On.. KoT. 26.—Turpentine—
923, rdtceipts 1,321.
shipn'onts 148. stiX'ks ?.'■'
Boeio —Firm. Sales 2,330, receipts 4.300, ship
menr« 1,300, stork 143,100. Quotations: A. B
C. $5.67%; D, $5.70: B. $^.72V a ; p, $5.75: G
$5 SO; 71. I. $S.#s: K. $6.60; U, $7; N, $7.40 :
■- ..10; %VW. $7.80.^
St. re Sandrik to Paul Rapso, lot 15, block F,
Silver terrace: $60Q.
John A. Yakel atid w-lfe to Mny J. Morris, lot
i.i W line of Fourteenth avenue, 373 S of Lake
i 6treet. 525 t>v W 127:6; $10.
Homeland Building company to John H. Sim-
I mons and wife, lot la NW line of Brunswick
street, 129 SW of Oliva, SW 23 by NW 100:6;
John n. Simmons and wife to Kate Wiley,
same; $10i
Ose;ir Heyman & Brother to John Peter Mar
(juarusen lot in NW line of Lairtley street, 112
SW of Mateo, SW 34 by NW 100; $10.
Theodore Bulger and wife to Pedro Goyenecke.
lot in W line of Charter Oak avenue, IT3 S of i
Helena street, S 50 by E 100; $10.
Walter J. Rowley to J. W. Wright & Sons' j
Investment company, lot ia E line of Twenty- i
fourth aveinii.', 225 N of California street. N 25 j
by E 120: SlO.
Mary .1. Kvans to Tellula E. Burrlll et •».,' lot I
in N line of Gra.tt.an street, 75 E <>f Shrader, E j
25 by N 03: gift.
Churles w. Cross et al. to Sterling Realty com- »
pany. lot commencing at a point 127.i> W of
roorteeath avenue ,-iiiU 185 N of Kit'kbam street, |
W 20. N to point S5:. r > E of Fifteenth aveuue. B ;
to a point U7:t; W of Fourteenth aveaue, S to
beginning; $10.
Giuseppe Saugiiinetti and wife to Alex Wolfen,
tot in W Hue of Taylor street, 45 S of Union, 3 j
40 by W i>2:Q; $10.
Alex Wolfen to Pietro Tarantino. came; $10.
The McCarthy company to Virginia D, Heath <
and Roberta B. L. Heath, lot in E line of For- ]
tkth aveaue, 250 S of I street, S 25 by E 120;
grant. i
S. Ducaa company to Eskel .T. Janson, lot In W I
line of Gi nessee street, 100 S of Spreckels aye- i
n.ue, S 25 by W 100; $10.
S. Ducaa compajpr to Matt Johnson and wife,
lot in S Hue "of Stftples avenue. 225 W of Genes
see street, W 25 by s 100: $10.
Frank E. Browning and Herman F. Dexter,
trustees of the estate.of Jacob Browning, to city
and county of San Fruncisco, lot in W line of
Larkin street, 30 N of Ash. N 90, W 192:6, S t
120, E 82:«. N 30. E 110: 1108,250.
mien Foley to Catherine Craven, lot in E line
of Joaea street, 3j N of Jacksoo, N 47 by E 78:6; j
Em-H S Neuschwander and wife to Augustus S. i
balf of lot 40, block G, Columbia Heights j
tract: $10.
Bayview Land company to Richard O'Brien, -
lots 1 aud 2, block 571, Bayview tract, subdivi- |
sion 3; grant. '■ _
Sam* to. Louis M. Adams, lot 9, block 572, Bay
view tract, subdivision 3; grant.
Alexander and Robert H imiiton to Lieila Ham
ilton, lot In S line <>f California street, 137:6
W of Masou. W 65 by S 120; $10.
Josephine J. A. Downey to Mary L. Downey,
lot in W line of Cuurcli street, 05 N of
Duncan, N st> by W SO: $10.
O. B. and C. M. Hedstrom to Emma Wahl
ffren, lot iii W lino oi Kureka street, 121
N of Nineteenth, N 24 by W 83; $10.
Elizabeth G. Larzelere to Louise M. Sage,
one-half of lot In W line of Ninth avenue, 150
X of California street, W 120 by N 23;' $10.
Julia B. Kirk to Dora E. Kirk, lot at SE
corner of Morajra (Mi street and Great Highway,
E 110.92, S 100, W 105.58, N 100.12; $10.
Dont Christophersen to W. G. McDiarmid. lot
in W Hue of Oivier street, 100 N of Bos
worth, N U.- bj W 100; $850.
M-ttilda Grey to Geerse F. Voight, lot 21,
block 17, Fairraount; $10.
Marie Bntlimann to Denis Gleeson, lots 35
ant! 36, block 14, Lakeview; $1,000.
John A. Wheelan company to George E.
Bornell, lot in E Hue of Central avenue, 55 N
of Height st, N 25 by E 112:6; $10.
Elizabeth Macken to Lucille E. Otto, lot In
S"W line of Fifth street. 62:6 NW of Bryant,
NW 20 by SW 82:€; gift.
John Murray to John A. Hoots, lot 4 and N
r> feet of lot 5, block G, Sunset Heights; $10.
John A. Hoots and wife to Adele H. Becker,
Jot 4 and N 5 feet of lot 5, block G, Sunset
Heights; $10.
Joseph Bemliard and wife to Joseph Damm
and wife lot 30, block 9. Lakeview.
Estate of Amartda 11. Scales (deceased) to Wil
liam Hurley, lot at SW corner of n '';7 a«w
Castro streets, S 26:6 "*" 8:, $10.
Flora D. Tone io b.iy»n<>al Moore, lot In. W
line a* Bryant street, 213 S of Twenty-sixth,
S 25 by N 100; $10.
City Realty company to Henry J. Weismann,
lot in'W line of Third avenue, 150 S of Irving
street. S 25 by N 120; $10.
FrfUerfcfc W. r?rid;je and wife to Giuseppe
MagaashL, lo+ 51, bioeli 2. Park Lane tract: $lf>.
li. J. Horn to Tlioni.'is Horn, lots; 1272 and
1302, gift ratfp 4, and three :ither pieces; $10.
L<HiiSii Luiivvig to Adam Ludwi?. lot in E line
of Lexington avenue, 151 N of Twenty-first
street, X 44 by E 75, and two other pieces; gift.
Building Contracts
Peter Kocelj with V. Filippis—To erect a two
story frame resilience in W Una of Twenty-fifth
316 N of Lake street, X 26 by W 120;
G. C. F. pvhwarz with A. Dahlberg—All
work for one story and basement class C rein
forced concrete building in S line .of Bmh
4j E of Powell, H 23:«j by S G7:C;
$5, ISO.
James F. Dougherty with James Welsh—All
work for two story and basement frame resi- i
dence in E line of Fifteenth avenue, 275 S of
Clement street, S 23 by E 127:6; $3,100. ,
Wh'ttell Realty company with Rosarlo fle
Lucea —Grading, sewers, side sewers, artificial
stone sidewalk, basalt block pavement, concrete
walls aad posts, etc., for buildiug in Greenwich
street between Hyde and Leavenworth. arid NW
corner of Greenwich and Leavenworth streets,
275x137:0: $8,370.95.
Local Brevities
1 ♦
FKAUD ALLEGED IN DEED—Suit to set aside
a deed on the ground of fraud to satisfy a
judgment for $475 against the estate of Wil
liam Ladd was filed yesterday against Dorothea
Cameron, administratrix of the Lndd estate, by
the Willi.in) Nlcol company. The complaint al
leges that there if not enough money 10 tta
estate to satisfy the judgment an , ! that p den]
was illegally transferred by Ladd to prevent
creditors from obtaiuinc judgment. The deed
covers property at De Daro and Nevada
NUESE, FOEGOTTEN, WINS $3,000— A claim
for $3,000 against the estate of Mary Hoadley,
sister of the late Reuben H. Lloyd, attormey,
for mirsing and professional services was al
lowed yesterday by Judge Graham to Mrs.
Jennie Cram. Mrs. Cram testified that she
was told by Mrs. Iloadley that her services
would be p;iid by a bequest in her will.
Auna Wagner, 70SA West Ninth street, Ix>s
Aageles, Inis asked the police to find her
(laughter, Elisabeth Menzel. Mrs. Wagner is
dying aud wishe* to see her daughter. Eliza
beth Menzel, she says, may be married and is
thought to be in San Francisco.
Kou. a machinist, employed, by the» Southern
Pacific company at Sacramento, filed a petition
in bankruptcy yesterday in tbe United States
district court, with liabilities given at $1,'J50
and $394 in assets.
1 Births Marriages, Deaths j
Birth, marriage and death notices sent by inal ,
will not be inserted. They must be handed Id at
either of the publication offices and be indorsed
with the name and residence of persons.author
ized to have the same published. Notices re
siricted simply to the announcement of the event
are published once in this column free of charge
-• ♦
Marriage Licenses
» ■ '■■ ; — »
The follfwlr.tr marriajre licenses were issued
Tuesday, November 2S. 1912:
139 fair Oalcs street, and Florence Matthieson,
27. 44 Deai born p
BAKBCKJR—WALKER—SaaaneI L. Rsrbonr, 40,
12 Betirbon j>iaee, aod Lulu H. Walter. 40.
MarysviU<\ ' '
BLYTHK—THORNTON'—Rnss Blythe, 28, Seat
tle. W«eh., and Hazel Thornton, 20, 77 Wood
BRENNER—WOLF—WiIIiam E. Brenner, 21,
1625 gutter street, and Stella Wolf, IS, 111S
Ellis street.
roll. 30. 385S Twenty-Mth street, and May 0.
Worthinsrum. 23, 1710 Fell street.
CASTRO—JIEXNE —August *t: Casrtro, 21, San
.lose, nr.d Antoinette M. Hentie, IS, 1137 Do-
DBee&AfUV—ARIETTA—Ant«iIe Piosuardi, 20.
4t»S' Ure.cn street, aad »es#ie - ArJettu, .19. oWS
Yallejo street.
DRCRY—O'DELL— Henry E. Drury, 26, 28218
Bnchanan street, and Margaret M. O'Dell. 38,
SIS- Bafeer street.
DI'XXE—SHAXAHAX —Dennis Dnnne. 39, Ala
mffla, auJ EUei) Shanahau, 39, 2781 Greenwich
PKX—.MALONKY—Harry O. FcX, 21. 7*5 Do
lores Street, nud Mayc Maloney, IS, 3 Eliza
lii'fli stri'ft.
FLOATBX— DOTY—LcwJs E. Floaten, 27, and
[H.ty. - _'2. both <>f Denver, Colo.
FOSmEK—ALSTON —James Foster, 46, and Jen
nSo Alston. 30, both of Oakland,
GA-MHI.L— A, Gamble, 28,
Lus AtMCelee, and Emite Anderson, 31, Kern.
GCZZITTA—LENZI—Ieft Gimzitta, 23, 450 Fil
bert street, and Mandalena Lenzl, 23, 4d5
street. ,
lIESKE^ —ROSENBLATT —Simon Heskes. 23,
and With Uuhcublrrft, 21. both of 1380 EUia
JOHXSON—eDKRTIN —Gustavo A. Johnson 30,
Riiiiiiioiil. and Lena L. Guertin. ,'{6, Oakland.
JOUNSroX—TliOMAS—Edmund M. Johnston,
23, San \,\\\> OWspo, and Ethel L. Thwnaß, 21,
J373 Army street.
KELLY—McFARLAXD—Frank P. Kelly, 24.
JW3S Twenty-third street, and Eva MeFarland,
23. 1787 Sanche* street.
LYONS—LEARY —Panlfl Lyons. 30, MarysviUe,
and Hannah Leary, 27, 1705 Octavla street.
MCCARTHY—EG AN"—James F. McCarthy, 21,
422 Gou£b street, aad Catherine F. Egan. IS.
1117 Treat rm-nne.
NOTEMAX -STONE —William J. NotemaD, 22,
1123 A Alabama street,.and Elizabeth i. Stone,
is :u)T."> H#enty-fOHrtt) street.
PEMBROKE — KEN NKDY—William Pembroke.
21, 528 Third street, and Annie M. K«aoedy,
21. 1317 Florida street.
40, Fresno, and Maude G. Westfall, 25, Coarse
Gold. Cal.
RGB—BRUSH— George E. Rue. 28. Santa Bar
bara, and Haael E. Brush, 25, 4023 Twenty
sixth street.
STKIXER—SCULLY—Frederic A. Steiner. 25,
1470 San Brnno avenue, and Grace F.^culiy,
2T». 218 Graftrm avenue.
TBLTZ—MOSF.BACH—Francis E. Teltz, 24, Bnr
lingame. and Ruth hi. Mosebach,. Iβ, 3720
Army street.
ganowen, 25, 2023 Hyde street, and Violet M.
Forsell. 18. 1024 Greenwich street.
WALSH—DAVIS—Edmond Walsh, 2S, 3309 Fol-
Office and Salesroom*. !W5 Mission St.
; Pays highest price for alwklndg of furniture.
I merchandise, etc. Houses bought la their en
j tlrety. Goods sold on commission.
Phone—Sutter 1209.
som street, and Ellen J)avis, Zβ, 2040 H.irri
son street.
rOUNG CHAXPLEE—Louis Toung, IS. San
Luis Obispo, and Stella Chandler, IG, South
The following marriage licenses were Issued
Tuesday, November 26, 1912:
AHLBORN—ANDERSON—Henry Abloom, 34,"
San Francisco, and Elma C. Anderson. 23
DYKES—MIIXER— Benjamin C. Dykes, 25, and
Ada M. Miller, 22. both of Oakland.
l!;uu 2<.t. and Ida .M. I'riatzlaw, 20 both of
GKNAKO—VAI.ENTINA— Mntteo Genaro Jr.. 24,
and Lena vateotlae. 17. both of Berkeley.
--. and Maiul E. Wililaais, 21, both of Oak
MARCrS—NAISHULLER—Jacob Marcus, 35.
and Ida NalahaUer, 30. both of San Francisco.
WISE— DORFF— CharIes R. Wtt», 37, aud Josle
Dorff. 2S. both of Oakland.
CUSHMAN—In this city, November 24, 1912,
to the wife of David R. Cushmnn (nee Men
:>. 8 son.
MURPHY—in this city, November 23, 1012. to
the wife of Joseph Murphy (ace R.vden). a son.
Colo.. Nov. 28—Thomas" H. Stmonton, aged Sβ.
who came to Colorado in ISSQ. died here last
night. In early days Simontou participated in
the campaigns against the Indians as a mem
ber of the volunteer organization commanded
by Colo'ie! J.. M. ChiviDgton.
Atkins. John 63iKeegan. William F. 4S
Babbitt, Bettie ....77 Killeen. Hugh 66
Barber, James W... 3S> Loyola Assembly No.
Barnard, Frank 73 1. V M. C. D.(Mass)
Barry, Richard L...— McColgan, James ...44
Bell, Mrs. Funny... S7 McFJierson. Harriet. —
Bonelli, F.upeiie S. . — Manheim. Abnil.ain.. 83
Cosftilan, Daniel C..(M Mullen, Birt S —
sn. James ... 7oi Mullins.' Michael ...42
Denegri, Maria . ... C2i Newrrinn-Moscr,
Finki-ldey, Charles. .W, Blanch —
Fox, Saratf E 7J i Sparenberg. Henry... ."3
Fox. William C ",e!Studdert, Mrs. Mary, t>B
Handsehub. Mrs. M. So Tamony (Mass)
HanDon, Catherine.. — Twnaend. Mary A..—
Hay, Catherine C. 57 White. Elizabeth T. 45
Hobson* Daisy _ Wliitford, George ..50
Ingmanson, p. Beat] 21 Wynian, Abbie 73
Johusoii; Catherine.. 54K
AXKINS—In rbt« rity, November 2.1. 1012. John,
dearly beloved husband of Grn<-e and
loving father of Jatpo- ". «,,a Joseph K. At
kins, a rj" -c nt t'ennsvlvania. aped C 3 years.
.aeiiiber of Court Golden Gate No. BS7I, An
cient Order of Foresters.
Friends and acquaintances axe respectfully in
vited to attend* tfie funeral today (Wednes
day), November 27. 1912, at 8:30 o'clock a. m.,
fr<»m his late residence. 135 Erie street near
Mission, thence to St Charles choreh, where a
requiem mass will be celebrated for the repose
of his goal, commencing at 9 »'cieei a. m. In
terment II ily Cross cemetery, by carriacre.
COURT GOI-HE-N CATE No! »*7l. A. 0 F.—
Officers aDd- members of Court Golden Gate
No. SB7l. A. O. F., an- notified to assemble
at 8 o'clock a. m., to attend the funeral of
Brother John Atkins. By order
HENRY UXLNER. Secretary.
BARBEH—In this city. November 26. 1912.
James Walter Barber, a native of Maryland,
aged 3S years.
Friemfs and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral services Friday,
November 29, 1012. at 2 o'clock p. in., at the
chapel of N. Gray & Co., deary aud Devisadero
streets. Interment private,
BABBITT—In this city, November 26 1912,
Bettie Babbitt, beloved wife of the late J. P.
Babbitt, and mother of Mrs. B. C. Loomis of
Lexington. Mo., and Mre. G. M. Rathbun and
Frank Babbitt, a native of Virginia, aged 77
years 1 month and 28 days.
Friends are respeetfnlly invited to attend the
funeral services Friday,"November 29, 1912, at
2 o'clock p. tn., at the chape] of the Truman
I'fiiertnkrig Company, 1919 Mission street t>e
tween Fifteenth and Sixteenth. Interment Cy
press Lawn cemetery, by automobile.
BARNAED—In- this city, November 26, 1912.
Frank Bsuraard, father of Arthur F. and Flor
ence E. Barnard, a native of Nantucket.
Mass.. aged 73 years.
Notice of funeral hereafter. Remains at the
parlors of S. A. White, 1214 Eddy street near
BARRY—Tn this city, November 25. !!U2. Rleh-
BTd I*., beloved hnsbnnd of Mary
father of Lpttie and ("iara Barry? aad dB of
WfiHam and the iate Fannie Barry
brother of Johu and Lettte Barry, a native of
San Francisco.
The funeral will take place today (Wednes
day), at 8:30 o'clock a. m., from his late
residence, 3783 Seventeenth street, tbence to
Mission Dolores church, where a requiem
high mass will be celebrated for the repose of
his soul, commencing at 9 o'clock a. m. In
terment Hoiy Cross cemetery, by automobile.
BELL—In Oakland. November 26, 1912, at the
home of her son. 4JM9 Gilbert street. Mrs.
Fanny Bill, wife of the late Peter Bel!, and
beloved mothtr of l>. P. Bell, a native of
Newfoundland, ajred S7 years.
BONELLI—In this city. November 24. 1912, Eu
gene S. Bonelli, a native of St. Thomas Island,
West Indies.
Friends are invited to attend the
fnneral services today (Wednesday), November
27, 1912, at 2 o'clock p. nv.. at Oray's chapel,
Geary and Devisadero streets. Interment pri
.COGHLAN—In thi= city. November 2f> IOj?
Daniel C. Cognian (formerly a resident of
Columbia Hill. Nevada county, ral.i.
father of John P., Lester, Dennis M.. Henry.
Katherine and Frank CogfcJau, a native of
County Cork, Irelnud. atre.l tU years.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
COLEMAN—In this city, November 25, 1912,
James dearly beloved husband of Catherine
Coleman, and loving father of Mrs. Agnes
Kelly, a native of County Meath. Ireia'nd, aged
70 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funernl today (Wednes
day), November 27 i!U2. at 8:30 o'clock a. m.,
from bis late residence. !> Raclie street near
Crescent avenue, thence to St. John's ehurcli,
where a requiem bigli mass will be celebrated
for the repose of his soul, commencing at 9
• o'clock a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery,
by carriage.
DENEG-Rl—Entered Into rest, in ttiis city, No
vember 25. 1912. Maria, dearly beloved wife of
tfte late G. B. Deaegri. am! devoteU*mofher of
Antone. JJismo M., Richard and .Klena Denegxl
and Sirs. Rotnilda . Slortola nnd Mrs. Elvira
Franclii and of _.tlie late Aailrpw and Irene
Denegri. ami beloved sister of l'ro«j>er>-> .\r<>r
tola, a uatiy£ of Italy, .aged 63 years 5 mouths
and L'l days.
Friends and acquaintances ore respectfnTTT'in
vited to attend the fbneral today (Wednes
day). November 27, 1912, at 9:45 a. m.. from
her late rftside.nce. 766 Green street between
Mason and 'Powell, tbence' to Srs. Peter and
Paul (Italian) church, where a requiem high
mass will be celebrated for the renoot- of ber
sou!, commencing- at 10:f*» n. m. Interment
Holy Cross ctHnetery. by carriage.
FINKELDEY— In this city, November 23, ini2»
Charles, beloved husbryui. ot Utii:i-*',\ Fiaieldeyt
and J«m>''f"'<t nK K!Timi»
H'inkehley ari*' L..n<a "X\\vinn,j *n<! t'i.»
]Bte ; " ileitry linteLicy. a.nd btxrtbsr of-August
and Benry a B*tive-ef Fraaken
berg. Germany, aged 60 years 9 moaUis and
14 days. A member of Court America No.
T913. A. 0. F.
The funeral services will be held today
(Wednesday*, nt 2:30 o'clock p. m.,-from the
•funeral parkirs of Winker & l.nnt. 2600 Mis
sion street between TWenty-eeeond and Twenty
third (Mission Mawtiii- teinjfle"), liiider tße aus
pteea of Court America No. 7016,' A.- O. F.
f'liertiient [>rivate.
COI.'KT AMERICA NO. 7DIC. A. O. F.—Qffleers
and members are hereby notified to atte
funeral of our deceased brother. Charles Fin
keldey, from the funeral pariors of Banker &
Lunt. 2606 Mission street, today (Wednesday),
at 2:30 o'clock p. m. By ord*r.
W. D. BORADT, Secretary.
FOX—In San Jose, Cal.. November 24 1012,
Sarah Elizabeth Fox, relict of the iiite Dr.
Charles W. Fox, a uatlve of Missouri, aged
71 years.
Ftineral services will be held at Hotel V>n
dome, San Joee. today (Wednesday*. .Novem
ber 27, 1912. at 2 o'clock p. m. Interment
(private) iv Santa Cfara cemetery.
FOX —In thli city, November 22, 1012. V
C. Fox, beloved of Harry and I'.eisun
Fox. a native of Canada, agred 56 years.
The fnneral services will be today
(Wednesday >, at 2 o'clock p. m.. at the chapel
of Halsted & Cr>.. 1122 Gutter street. Inter
ment Mount Olivet cemetery, by automobile.
HAKDBCITUH—In this city. November 28, I!H2,
- Mrs. MariH Barbftra Haadschiih, l>e!oveti mother
of Mrs. Henry Krii! Sr., a nafive of Bavaria.
Germany, ;t«*d 80 years 2 montus ac<! :
Fr.euds and acquaintances are respec!fully in
vited to attend the funeral today (Wednes
day! November 27, at 10:30 a. n>.. from the
parlors of. - H.' F. Subr & Co.. 2919 Mission
street between Twtflty-flfth end Twenty-sixth.
Interment Mount OWvet cemetery, by carriage.
HANNON —Passed away at Sausalito. Novembt>r
20. 1912. Catherine, dearly beloved •
Michael nannon, arid loving mother of John A.,
William 11. und Margaret M. Haniuri and Mrs.
J. K. Clarke, a native of County Antrim, Ire
Friends aud acQuaiatances are respectfully in
vited to attend the fuueral tomorrow (Thurs
day). November 2S, from her late residence, at
10 a. m., thence to St. Mary's church, where
a solemn requiem mass will be celebrated for
E. C U kT i S
*! I»EKH
■ OfScp and MlMrooai corner Vaa Ness nnd 'a"
rameoto (former WuUtr lilllldingi, !'
Franklin £2ti4. Home CtiiGJ; it-xideaee. SOS A
Two eario.-uN l>ig Uraft Mures and Ur
po<i(l Was. r> n Ilorstw ■■
sound, weiirlit up to !.S"K» Few cv
Raneb Hordes ou<l Mares.
the repose of her soul, commencing ar
a. m. Interment Fernwood cemetery, San«
HAY—Parsed away in this city, at her Int.
residence, 34M Tue ity-fifth street. N
-ii. ly 12. Catberl It ('., dearly b
of the late William liny, .i id devoted
of J. C. nud Margaret Hay, a native i .
land, af|C(i 57 years.
Remain-. ;tt the parlors of Sekt & Wiebol..
1385 Valencia street uear Twenty-fifth.
HOBSON— In Berkeley, November 25, 1912.
Daisy, beloved wife of C. B. Hobspn, and be.
loved mother of Berulce Hobson, and daughter
of R. H. Beamer of Woodland, and sister of
Miss Blanche Beainer of Woodland. r>r. R.
Frederick Beamtx o< .Sau Francisco and J«i. H.
Reamer of Berkeley, a native of W(
INGMANSON—In this city, November 2e, 1912.
P. Enail Ingrryinson dearly beloved son of 0.
Fred an'l Bmily Ingmanson, a native
Francisco, aged 21 yean :j mouth
JOHNSON—In this city. 20. UU2.
Catherine, beloved wife of the late G<orge W
Johnson, and beloved mother of May, Wal
ter, George. William. Ed ia aid Aidi
son, a native of California, aged 54 years 3
months and 26 days.
KEEGAN—Iu this city. November 25, IH2,
William Francis Keegan. beloved toother ol
Mrs. Maggie Byrne, and loving uncle of Robert
F., William I', and-Charles J. Byrcc. a nativi
of Boston, Mass.. age,] 4"* years 5 roODtl
25 iliiy.-i. A member of Cracker Baker*'
Local No. 124.
Notice of funeral hereafter. Remains at the
residence of his sister. Mrs. M. Byrne. 3582
Twenty-fourth street near Sanchez.
KIIXEEN—In this city, November 25, 1612.
Hugh, dearly beloved husband of the late Anns
Killf.'ii. nti.i loving father of Mrs. Katliryn
LyoQ auU Mrs. George Cuaistock ami
Kill, en and the lute John KiTleen ami Mar
garet Ataßfer, a native of Ireland, agred • ■•;
years 3 jiioiirhs and 10 <iays. A (oeißber
Plasterers' Union', Local No. 61.
Friends and acquaintances arc respeetfv!
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow
day), November 29, at — a. m. from the
parlors of H. F Snhr & Co., 2filf> !
street between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth,
thence to St. Jamts church for services
meneing at 5:45 a. m. Interment Ho!
solemn reoi'|»ia hign mass for the repewe of the
of deceased tneaaoera of the Vousg Men.
Catholic l.'nion will v> •■•elebrated in 84
church. Masonic near Page sti>
10 o'clock A- m., ou Thanksgiving day. 'Mm
day, November 28. Celebrant, Rev. Joneph 1
Byrne, grand chaplslu. Member* nn>i i.
relatives and friends and the relatta
friends of deceased members arc renpeetf..
invited to attend.
McCOLGAN—In this city, November 2C n.
James, .dearly beloved BMbaod of Mary
Culgau, ami levlnS brother of vi , - ,, "::.
gao, and nephew ii Patrick UcOaigae,
of Ireland, aged 44 year**. A tnetubcr -..'
gers' and Stevedores' Union.
Friends and acquaintances are renpectfull
r ; r■•!] to attend riie funeral tomorrow ( I
day), November 2S, 1912, at » o'clock a .
from the funeral parlors of €hrwq, I
, Douohoe, northeast corner of Sixteen!
Guerrero street, thence to St. Joseph's eh
wi.ere a requiem high mass will be cclet>
for the repose of his nool, cotnoMKici i »
o'clock a. m. Interment Holy Cro
by carriage.
McPHERSON—In f this city*, November 2'! .
Harriet, widow of the late John M
and mother of 'Mrs. J. A. H
aader MePherson of Scotlaud, a native
Greenock, Scotland.
MANHEIM—In this city, November 20.
Abraham Manheim, at the Par-if,- r
Home, a native of Germany, aged 85 yeai
and 1 month.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfn'.l
vlte<l to attend the funeral today IW«-«1 •
day/, at 10 o'clock a. iv.. from fhe ehiyi
Halsted & Co., 1122 Setter street, In
Home of Peace cemetery, by 11:30 I. B. 0
from Third and Towusend str° •
MULLEN—In this city, November 24, 1912, ■
his late residence. ITS" Broadway, tJu,
Mullen, dearly beloved,son of Margaret A. Mi
l«n and the late P. S. Muilen. aud brutu*- , . v
Jv'oraian J. and Ralph A. Mullen.
The funeral will take place today (Wf dn- s
day), November 27, at 9 o'clock a. m.. fr.
St. Briirid's church. Van Nes.s avenue a •
Broadway. Interment private.
Mt r LIINS—In this city, November 2", 1912
Michael, belowd brother of Bry
Mullins, a native of parish of
County Galway, Ireland, aped 13
Friends and acquaintances
Invited to attend tue funeral tomorrow iTlmr
day), at 9:30 o'clock a. in., from the
of J. C. O'Connor & Co., 532 and 581 ValeC
street, thence to MiesJon Dolores chnrchj w; err
a requiem high mass will b; celebrated for Mip
repose of his soul, commenciag at — o'clock
a. m. Interment Iliiv Cross cemetery.
NEWMAN-MOSES—In this city, November 2!
1!'12 Ilia oh N<jVTHian-Mo«er. widow nf ti:
late Charles Moser, atrd b< ioved sister of Sire.
C. R. Kireher and Mrs. B, K. Spawr and tji
lite Joseph Grant, and beloved mother of Mrs.
I. Itoilritfuez, a uatlve of !?an Frsncisoo.
Friends an<l acquaintances are respect fully in
vited to attend the funeral today i..
day), November 27, at 2 p. m., from the pal
lors of H. F. Suhr & Co.. 2»19 Mission"str»ft
between Twenty-flfth and Trrenty-sixtli. In
termeat Cypress Lawn cemetery, by carriage.
SP.IPTNBESG—fasseI away, in this city. So
vember 24. 1912. at his late reeidenoe. "'■'>'■',:>
Twenty-third street, Henry, betoved t.uhanrt
of Julia SparenberK and devoted fat
Lillian, \ eronica, Bernlece snd 1 enlie Bfwren
berg, a native Of New York. i<red 53 years I
months and 4 days. A member of A.p;
Camp N<i. 006. W. 0. W.. and LaunUiy
\\ Bgon Drivers' Union. (New lork
please copy.
Remains will leave the parlors of A
Wleboldt, 1385 Valencia street netir .Twenty
fifth, today (Wedoeedayt, at 830 a. m.
thence to St. James church, where a icqtileiri
Q)nss v.il! b<- celebrated for the
of hi« soul, commencing at 9a. m. lirternienl
Holy Cross cemetery, by carriage.
STtTDDEHT —In Potaluma, Norembor 2.". 1912. at
4:30 a. m., Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Lawler Btlld
dtsrt, widow of the late Burton B. StwWert of
this city, and mother of Dr. J. B. Studrit-it of
Humbolrtt county, Frank P- Studderr ot Oak.
land and Mrs. Harry Edwards. Mrs. M. Nlek«»
aad Mrs. G. B. Rodd and Bert Sf.idrtert and
the late Mrs. Ang*lia Edwards of Petaluma. :i
native of Mount MeHoek, Que«ne comity. Ire
land, aped (!8 years 5 months and 25 days.
FirieiMi services at net l«te rintne. at
o'clock p. m., today (Wednesday). th
St. Vincent's eiiurcn. Interment at I
TAMO NT—An anniversary requiem
will be celebrated tomorrow (Thursday
ing. at 9:45. at St. Peter's clsurch for the
repose of the soul of late Joho Tamony.
Frie'(sr arP respectfully Intlted to attend.
TOWNSEND— In this city. November 20
Mary Agoey. dearly beloved Infant < ( X •<»*
son a;id Annie Trnvus»>nd. anfl , - jrraniV-
Mrs. BHen Jobuson, a native of 3aa Frar:
i. t\sj,(tti ."5 mo*>ttis
-t:«et .lntw«i»»
Cross cegpetcjFj.
WHITE—In Berkeley. Novetaber 26. 1912 p l-
beth T.. wife of the late Bflward P. Whit
and beloved mother of Miior. Tohn. Vi
and LPWt« White, and niece of Mts. M. C. 6JI
more of Berkeley, a native of niino..
-43 rears.
WSItF'ORD-In this city. November 2»
George frWbitfnrtl, beloved husband of Ma
Whitford. h native <>f aged iv \
-3 moaths ar.i! 21 dm -
VtieviQf and mem'
Court Star of the "West Vo
! Uackiaen** fwi
att«ad too funeral today (Wednesday), at
11:30 o'clock a. iv
chapel of Joseph Hngao lV
men to street st Prtlfe. "Tnt
cemetery, by carriage.
W*""AK—lt this city. November 20, 1912,
Abbie Wyman, beloved m .•■
Atherto !, and f-'ra-n'm. t!:er ol W
ford Jr., and Newton J. awl Stephen \V \
terton »':' i 54r». X AJmoud, a oative ■
Scotia, aged t3 yejirs
0?b «i!l le held today (Wednesday), at
1:30 o'clock p. ni.. at tli iew mortuary
of Joseph n«<fta i & So in, 17]e
street at Polk. Cremation (Strictly pritatei
CVnrons I awn 'eravtery.
*%YE HALF the Funeral Eipru<c
* Telephone
'"■ .irfcet T]i OaSciaaa 40-1
, ♦»* t*»e Truat.
' fnralcb for tTS. embalmiog «hroad, cli
ifr oji.iiut«r<i ciotii . ovt>ietl irasuet. he»r
and tw« • arna;;e» aflil glfe person.i
you STs for the cesltet alone, sod a.
? thtlr irrlws are oroporttooate.
i Godeau Fuueral Service S»ve» You Hal'
Vito urnnnlertce. parnaje* and antos for hlr>>
■I Van Mess Aye. £210 Webater St
iLS Coiumbus Aye. Phone Oak. 4Q4 3

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